Three Dazzling Daughters - by BG9

>It's a five-hour drive. You're only forty-five minutes in. "Anoooonn! Adagio is on my side!" "It's MY side!" "You're in the middle, genius!" >Adagio yanks Aria's pigtail. Aria yelps. Sonata has been crying for five minutes straight. "Girls! I think this trip would go a little easier if we all just got along, OK?" "Tell Sonata to stop crying then!" "Sonata, Adagio's right - you really need to quit that." >Aria sneers. "Why are you crying anyway, loser? Is it because we passed a Taco Bell and didn't stop?" >Sonata switches from crying to mad instantly. "One time! ONE TIME I mentioned tacos..." "You really are the worst, Sonata." "No, YOU ARE!" >They fight to get at each other over Adagio. Adagio pushes them both back by their faces. You try to restore order. "Girls!" "Ewwwww, Adagio got her hair in my mouth!" "GIRLS!" "It tastes like cheetos!" "Ewwww, that's what Anon tastes like!" >They all laugh, momentarily forgetting their differences to mock you. It doesn't last. "How do YOU know what Anon tastes like, Aria?" "It was a joke, blockhead." "You love him!" "No I don't! Take that back, you slut!" "Aria! Watch your words!" >They all slump sullenly back in their seat. Adagio scratches her leg. There is peace for nearly a full minute. Blessed relief. "Just a little longer girls, and we'll stop for a break OK? If you're good, maybe I'll pick up some - what the hell is that?" >A festering, sulphurous smell permeates the car. Adagio smells it too. "EWWWW! ANON! SONATA FARTED!" "I did NOT! SMELT IT, DEALT IT!" "You're DISGUSTING, Sonata! You should live on a farm with all the other dirty pigs!" "IT WAS. NOT. ME!" "My MOUTH was open, pig!" >You frantically wind down the windows. Aria leans towards you. "I've been the best behaved, haven't I Anon?" >Sonata imitates her. "Oooooh I've been the best behaved haven't I Anon, please touch my butt and marry me." "SHUT UP, FILTHY FARTER!" "I DID NOT FART!" >They start fighting across Adagio again. >Only another four hours to go. >Then you get to dump them back into the portal they came from. >You drive for another hour and all of a sudden it gets quiet >Too quiet >You take a quick look back and you see it >All the arguing wore them out >Now they are all sleeping right up next to each other >Both Aria and Sonata have their heads resting on Adagio's giant cheese puff hair >Adagio has her head resting against Sonata's >You just couldn't resist >You pull over and take a picture of the scene with your phone >You had never in your life seen something so adorable >You looked at the road ahead >Could you really throw such cute things back into the portal? >You looked back at them again >Sure you were heartless, but even someone as heartless as you had some capacity for empathy >You begin to turn around and the jerking motion of the care wakes Aria up >Quickly noticing where she was resting her head, she scoots away, completely embarrassed and red faced >Aria finally speaks up "So Anon, where is it exactly that you are taking us?" >You contemplate what to say >You couldn't very well say that you found them so unbearably annoying you were going to throw them back from whence they came >"Just going on a little trip. Never you mind it. You girls look like you are famished. Let's get something to eat hm?" "Fine. So long as we don't go to Taco Bell. Sonata's taco farts are the WORST." >You laugh a bit and turn around >After the big fiasco at Canterlot High in which the girls tried to take over the school for vanity's sake, you agreed to take them in. >You noticed something strange though >Ever since their magical necklaces had been destroyed, there singing voices were not the only thing to suffer >It was almost as if they were getting younger >Adagio looked like she was 13, Aria about 10 and Sonata was close to 7 or 8. >It had been an entire month since you first noticed these changes and they hadn't seem to get any younger now. It must have been something to do with their magic being drained from them. >Either way, you kinda liked how they were now. Very cute indeed >As you were deep in thought, you almost swerved into the wrong lane, having to jerk the car back into place >Both Adagio and Sonata wake up >Here we go again. >Both Sonata and Adagio repeat, almost to the letter, what Aria did when she woke up >Sonata gets a sly grin on her face "So did you have fun doing Anon while we slept?" "BE QUIET YOU FARTING FREAK." "Anon! Aria is being mean to me!" "She started it!" >Aria goes over Adagio and give's Sonata a hard bite on her hand >And the crying begins "ANON! SHE BIT ME!" "Did not!" >These girls were really testing your patience >"Simmer down. We are almost at Sonic and then we can have a little break. I will tell you what: if you girls are on your best behavior and be nice to one another until we get there, I will buy each of you a cookie." >Sonata's eyes light up and Aria chuckles >But even Aria couldn't hide her enthusiasm >Adagio finally opens her mouth "Ok girls! We have to be on our best behavior got it? If you have any complaints, tell them to me and we can sort them out!" >What a little leader she was. So cute. Even the Dazzlings weren't all the bad now that you got to know them. >To your surprise, Adagio manages to take perfect control of the situation >Both of them tried to start fights with each other periodically, but Adagio calmed them down surprisingly well. >For someone who tried to mind control an entire school, she was quiet empathetic. >Just as you pull into the the Sonic driveway, Sonata lets out a loud fart >You knew this would break it >Adagio quickly turns to Aria "Remember Aria. Cookies." >Aria takes a deep breath and covers her nose "Right." >You make it and pull in >The girls get out of the car jumping with joy >Sonata is practically yelling "DO WE GET COOKIES ANON?" >"You bet. You girls did really well. I am proud of you." >Jesus you sounded like their father >The three girls high five each other and you go into the restaurant, staying true to your word >Sonata is eating like a fucking animal and Aria of course takes issue to this "Anon! Can you tell Sonata to stop eating gross!" >Sonata, with her mouth half full, replies "Shut up! You just want him to do you!" >Adagio has finally had enough "GIRLS! would you knock it off!?" >"Yeah girls. Settle down and eat. Sonata, eat like a human being please." >Aria sticks her tongue out at her >"And Aria, stop being such a taddle tale. I will handle it." "Yeah Aria, stop being a taddle tale!" >You begin to rethink your position on throwing them into the void again >After much bickering and anger, you take them home >"Ok girls, I think it's nap time." >Adagio looks taken aback "What!? I am far too old for a nap!" >Aria agrees "Yeah. But maybe that whiny baby Sonata does. She still wets the bed ya know? Like a little baby!" >Sonata's face flushes and her face turns bright red "Do not! Don't believe her Anon! She's lying! I don't wet the bed like a baby! I'm a big girl I swear!" >Aria laughs again >"Aria knock it off." >You turn to Sonata >"Be honest Sonata. Is it true? I promise I won't judge you, it happens sometimes." >Sonata shifts around uncomfortably >You look to the other two girls >"Can you leave us alone for a bit?" >Aria makes a sly smirk and leaves with Dagi, closing the door behind them >"So do you Sonata? It's perfectly fine if you do." >She nods >"You have nothing to be embarrassed about. You want me to let you in on a little secret?" >She tilts her head, still obviously very ashamed of herself >You whisper in her ear >"I used to wet the bed every night when I was your age." >She gasps "You did too Anon!?" >"You bet. And I grew out of it. I know you will too. Don't let Aria get you down ok? I'll have a talk with her too." "She is such a big meanie!" >All of a sudden you see tears in her eyes >Poor thing. She reminded you of yourself when you were a kid. Genuinely kind, but not very bright. And people were mean to you because of that. You weren't going to let her become like you. >You hug her >"I'm going to have a talk with her ok? But in the mean time, try not to let what she says get to you. If she's being mean to you just tell me/ I'll take care of it." >Sonata wipes her eyes "Ok." >"Now go get your jamies on." >She looks down >Right. You forgot that that was her only pair of clothes since the incident and since she had regressed 9 years or so, they were much to big. >"We'll figure it out." >You open the door and let Aria and Adagio in >"Ok girls, time for a nap." >Adagio looks more irritated now "I told you Anon! I'm not taking a nap! Only babies take naps!" >Aria crosses her arms "For once I have to agree with her. I'm not taking a stupid nap." >How can you do this tactfully. You needed them to take a nap so you could get them some better fitting clothes. >"Whoever takes a nap gets a special surprise. I have to go out for about an hour but if any of you are awake I can't get all of your presents." >They quickly shape up "Fine Anon. But I still don't like it." >You laugh >"Well I never said you had to enjoy it Aria." "And I won't!" >You let Sonata sleep in your bed, Adagio in the guest room, and Aria in the small room with an extra mattress. It used to belong to what would have been fiance' >Just before she walks in, you pull her aside >"Aria, you need to stop acting so mean to Sonata. I know she can get on your nerves sometimes, but that's not an excuse to make fun of her." "But she is the WORST! She is absolutely unbearable!" >"Do you honestly think making fun of her will help though? How would that feel if I said that to you? Like if I were to make fun of the fact that you have really bad gas?" >Her face goes a deep shade of red "H-how did you know?" >"We didn't go to taco bell remember? I've known for a while. But see? Wouldn't that hurt if I made fun of you for that?" >She looks down "I'm sorry Anon. She just gets on my nerves so much." >"I'm not the one you should be apologizing to. You need to go to her an apologize. But we'll do that when we get back ok? For now, why don't you just lay down and nap?" >She sighs "Fine." >You slowly close the door behind you >"Goodnight Aria. Sleep well." >She scoffs >Even though she put on a hard exterior, you could tell that she was a good person. She just had a hard time expressing kindness >You get back into your car and drive to target >Then you realize you missed something >You had never shopped for a girl before, let alone little girls with such varying personalities >What on earth were you supposed to buy for them? >You could tell the Adagio's breasts were just starting to develop. But what size bra could you possibly get her? >You walk down the isle nervous and pick out a training bra with a bunch of pictures of cats all over it >That should do >You keep looking in the girls section for things that might be cute or interesting >Then you find some heart pajamas that are just Sonata's size. She'd love these. >But this wasn't even near the end >You keep exploring, eventually finding some green pjs with guitars all over them. Perfect for Aria. >You the find some deep blue ones with with waves and sail boats on them. Not really Adagio's style, but it would certainly look great on her. >Now it was time to find some clothes for the three >Just as you keep searching one of the employees comes up to you "Is there something I can help you with sir?" >fuck it >"Yeah. I have three little sisters at home and am doing some shopping for my mom. I'm a bit stumped on what to buy." "How cute. How old are they?" >"7,10, and 15." "I have just the thing for you. Come here." >She helps you pick out a few excellent skirts and tops. 4 sets for each of them >The attendant runs off. Now all you need is to buy some panties for them. >Like this wasn't going to be awkward >You buy a few pairs for each of them in various colors. Fuck if you knew what underwear girls enjoyed >Just as you were about to check out you realize you nearly forgot something >Diapers for Sonata. >She wasn't going to be too thrilled about it, but you were not going to be changing the sheets every night. You were much too lazy for that. >You pick up a pack of goodnites and go to the checkout >over 200$ worth of shit >Why was parenting so expensive? >You could not believe the thought crossed your mind >You load all of it into the back and head home, scared that it might be burnt to the ground or covered in spray paint >To your relief, nothing is out of place >You go inside and hear crying >Quickly you race up to see what was wrong >If Aria did something to her you swore you were going to give her the spanking of a lifetime >Sure enough, it was coming from the room where Sonata was sleeping >You quickly open the door >Sonata is sobbing loudly and there is a very large wet spot on your bed "Anon I'm sorry! I didn't mean it I swear! It was an accident!" >"Shhhh Sonata. It's fine. I know you didn't do it on purpose. Come on. Let's get you cleaned up." >You lead her into the bathroom and start the shower >"Oh and Sonata. I got you a clean change of clothes, so when you're done just come find me." >She wipes tears from her eyes and hugs you, her pee stained pants completely covering you "Thank you Anon. I love you." >"I love you too Sonata." >You walk out and finish getting the clothes out of the trunk of your car >With the stealthy of 10,000 ninja's, Adagio taps your shoulder, making you nearly jump out of your skin "Oh sorry. I didn't mean to scare you like that." >"It's fine. I'm guessing Aria is up as well?" >Adagio giggles "Nope. She's out cold. By the way, what is that big mound on the table there?" >"I bought you guys some new clothes, seeing as you all only had the ones on your back. By the way, and I know this might be a bit embarrassing, but" >You hold up the training bra >"Is this the right size for you?" >Adagio giggles "It's perfect. I was actually about to ask you if I could get my first bra since mine are starting to grow but I was to afraid." >First? Did they loose their memories as well? >"Adagio, you can talk to me about anything ok? If you have any questions about puberty I will be more than happy to answer them alright? Never be afraid to ask." >She gives you a big hug "Thank you so much. You have no idea how much this means to me. Seriously." >You hug her back >"Of course Adagio. I just want you to be happy." >Just as you finish this heartwarming scene, a completely naked and soaking wet Sonata comes into the living room >"Sonata!? What are you doing!? Why are you completely naked and sopping wet!?" "You said when I was done taking a shower to come and find you? I'm not in trouble am I?" >You had no idea she would take it so literally >"Excuse me a bit Adagio." >You grab her shoulders and rush her back to the bathroom, wrapping her in a spare towel >"I don't want you to be ashamed of your body, but make sure not to be so open about it ok?" >She just nods "Sorry." >"It's fine." >"You get yourself dry and I will bring up some clothes." >You quickly run down the stairs >You see that Adagio has already started to snoop through the mound of clothes and has picked out the ones that were for her "Wow Anon. For a boy, you have really great taste in cute clothing. I love these." >She was holding up a pink tee shirt with an orange heart on the front >"I wouldn't give myself too much credit. I had someone at the store help me." >She giggles "If you say so." >You pull out a ruby red sweat shirt and a grey skirt from the pile as well as a pair of stark yellow panties and run back up again >You are now panting and covered in sweat >It's been a while since you had moved this much >You open the restroom door and find Sonata, once again completely naked and dry >Her hair is starting to frizz and get all messy >You give her the clothes and wait outside >"When you're dressed tell me ok?" "Ok!" >You hear her stumble around to get dressed, finally coming out >She looked so cute >You go into the bathroom and pull out a brush >"Just take a seat on the stool there. We need to brush your hair so it isn't all messy" >She does so and you slowly brush down >It's quiet relaxing >Even Sonata is starting to nod off >You see Adagio in the doorway with a big smile on her face "That's so sweet." >"Why thank you. I am a bit knew to this whole thing." >She shifts nervously "I thought about what you said and I actually do have a few questions. Is it alright if we have... ya know... the talk?" >"Sure. Let me finish brushing Sonata's hair and we can get started." >You make sure her hair is nice and straight then wake her up from her cat nap >"Ok Sonata. Make sure to tell Aria that the new clothes are on the table. If you need me, I'll be in Adagio's room." >She scowls at the thought of talking to her sister "Fine." >You both walk to her room and sit on the bed >"So what questions do you have?" >Adagio's cheeks begin to flush "Well... can you tell me about boys?" >You smile >"What would you like to know?" "Well... what are boy parts called? In fact what do they even look like? I've never seen it before." >"Boys have a thing called a penis. It essentially looks like a long tube with a sac at the bottom containing the testes." >Hr eyebrow perks up "What's a testes?" >You giggle a bit >"The testes are a pair of ball structures that contain the sperm. Sperm is used to fertilize female eggs and get the girl pregnant." >her eyes are as wide as dinner plates and she's completely absorbed in the conversation "How do girls get pregnant?" >Oh boy. Here we go. >"Basically... when a male reaches orgasm inside the vagina, he releases millions of sperm inside. Your immune system will attack them and only one will survive. Once the one makes it to the egg, it will use a special acid substance to make it's way to the center of the egg. Once the two are join, the egg will attach to the uteruen wall and slowly grow into a baby for 9 months." "That's.. weird." >"It is a bit weird isn't it? Any other questions you have for me?" >Just as Adagio opens her mouth, you hear a knock on your door >Ugh. What kind of fight did those two get into this time? >"One moment Adagio." >You get up and open the door >A tearful Sonata is standing there "ANON! ARIA IS BEING MEAN TO ME!" "I AM NOT!" >Ugh. >"Sorry Adagio, we'll have to pick this up another time." >You walk out and see Aria with a cold glare on her face >"What's going on?" "Aria is making fun of me!" "Am not!" "Are too!" "Am not!" >"GIRLS. Tell me what happened." "Aria called me a bed wetting baby!" "Don't be mad just because I am speaking the truth! You are such a baby!" >You feel an anger rise in you and snap >"Aria! Sonata! Stop this instant!" >They both go silent in shock. You had never yelled at them like that before >"Aria, we already talked about this. You need to stop making fun of something that she has no control over. And Sonata, you need to stop giving her fuel for the fire." >They both just sit there in silence >"You girls need to learn how to get along. You both are sisters and are the only thing that is ever constant. You cannot take that bond for granted!" >They both look at you in shock and you realize that you are fighting back tears >You hadn't talked to your family in years. You hated them and they hated you as well. You couldn't bare to see that repeat itself. Not while they were in your care >Sonata is the first to speak "A-Anon? Why are you crying?" >You wipe the tears from your face >"I'm fine it's just... you see girls I used to act the same way around my family. We fought and bickered with each other at every turn. We haven't talked once in over 4 years. You cannot let that happen to you two. I know sometimes having siblings is hard, but they are one of the only things you can always count on." >Even Aria is moved by this. You can see her eyes were hot and wet >You had to figure out a way to get them to bond better. And you had just the perfect idea for what to do. >It had been about an hour since your speech and you were now washing your pee stained sheets >The house was deathly quiet. You could hear a pin drop. >You couldn't remember the last time it was this silent >You place the sheets in the washer and walk into the living room >There was still a large amount of clothes scattered about on the table >You slowly and methodically folded them, trying your best not to think about your past >You see Adagio out of the corner of your eye >"Do you need something?" >To your surprise, she wraps a large blanket around you, no doubt from her bed "I'm sorry. About them. I know they fight a lot, but they do love each other. Aria actually apologized to Sonata if you can believe it." >"She did?" "Yeah." >"Well I think I have an idea for how to get them to start getting them to bond." "Oh? What do you have in mind?" >"It's a surprise. But just know that we are going out tomorrow." >You look at the clock >It's already almost 7 PM >"Let's get your girls something to eat alright?" >She smiles and nods >You knew you still had a few frozen pizzas in the fridge. It should be enough. >You go into the kitchen and start to reheat them one by one >"Aria! Sonata! Time to eat!" >They both run down to see you >In unison they say "We're sorry for fighting Anon!" >You make a weak smile >"It's fine girls. Come and sit." >You and the girls sit around the table and dig in >"Ok girls. Tomorrow we are going out on a little trip. Make sure to dress for hot weather." "Where are we going?" >"It's a surprise Sonata." "But I want to know! Can you at least give us a hint?" >"Sorry Sonata. I won't be able to give you a hint without giving it away. But trust me you're all going to love it." >Sonata is now getting so excited she can barely sit still and though Aria was doing her best to hide it, you can tell she was getting excited as well "I bet it's not going to be that cool." >Typical Aria, trying to play it cool to save face >You all eat for a bit and then you shove them off to their rooms >Except Sonata >You were dreading this part of the night. She was not going to be very happy >"Hey Sonata, we need to have a little chat ok?" >She follows you "What about?" >You hold up the pack of goodnites >"If you're going to wet the bed you will unfortunately have to wear this. Don't worry, I haven't told the other two." >Sonata's eyes begin to tear up "B-but Anon. I... It's not my fault!" >You place your hands on her shoulders >"I know Sonata. And this isn't a punishment. This is just something to help until we figure out how to fix it ok?" >She begins to snivel and tears start to run down her face. You give her a big hug >"I know this is hard. But just do it for a bit ok? I promise I won't think any less of you for it." "A-and you promise you won't tell Aria about it?" >you smile >"Cross my heart and hope to die." >You give her one of the diapers and she goes in a changes into her pjs >"I'm proud of you Sonata. I know this isn't easy for you. But I don't look down on your or think you any less of a person for it. Now come." >You lead her into your room and get into bed >She crawls in next to you and you both fidget a bit to get comfortable >Just as you were about to go into dream land you felt shaking coming from the other side of the bed >Oh Sonata. What were you going to do with her? >"You ok Sonata?" "I... I'm afraid of the dark." >You get up out of bed and turn on the lights >"Well I have just the solution." >You search through your closet and finally find it >The nightlight you had as a kid. You hadn't used it since you were 12. Hopefully it still worked after all these years. >You place it in the plug and thankfully, it lights up. You turn down the lights once again. >"Better?" "Yeah. C... Can I hug you to help me fall asleep." >"Sure." >You get back in bed and feel two small arms wrap around your waist and in a few short minutes, you both fall into a deep sleep. >You feel something shaking your shoulder repeatedly >You were still in a state between sleep and awake and just wanted to go back to dream land >You hear a muffled "Come on Anon! Let's go! Let's go!" >Then your memories hit you again and you bolt up in your bed "Good morning Anon!" >"Good morning Sonata." >You look and see both Aria and Adagio standing at the foot of your bed "We have a surprise for you Anon!" >"Inside voice Sonata. And what is it?" >Adagio pulls a tray that she was hiding behind her back >It's eggs and burnt toast "We made you breakfast." >You smile widely >"You three. What am I going to do with you? Thank you all so much. That's so sweet." >They push it forward to you and you start to eat >The toast tasted as if it had been in a nuclear reactor for several minutes and the eggs were so watery it made you gag, but the amount of love the went into it made it taste amazing. "Did we do alright?" >You had never seen Adagio look at you so intently >"It tasted amazing you three. You added the best ingredient of all. Lots of love." >They all smile and high five each other >"Alright. I am going to make my coffee and then we will go out on our little trip." >"While I make my coffee you girls take a shower alright?" >They say in unison "Right!" >Then rush up to the shower >You put a big cup inside you shitty coffee brewer and pull out a paper from 2 weeks ago >Might as well read something while those three took their time >Sure enough, it was only a few minutes before you could hear some bickering >You walk upstairs and see Aria and Sonata engaged in a slap fight, with Adagio trying to stand in between the two >"What's going on girls?" "We are trying to decide who will go first." >Of course Big sis Adagio was the one to stay calm and collected. You could hardly believe that this was the same girl who tried to rule the world for the sake of vanity. >"How about this girls. Do a rock paper scissors match. Best 2 out of 3. I will be the judge." "I'll just go last." >"Are you sure Adagio?" >She nods >"Well alright then. Aria and Sonata, you're up. Now when I say shoot, you throw out your sign got it? I want this to be a fair fight so make sure you give it your best." "Right!" >Aria and Sonata look intently at each other as if they were competing in the Olympics >"Alright. 1... 2.. 3... shoot!" >They throw out their signs, Aria with scissors and Sonata with paper >"And round one for the shower games goes to Aria Blaze! Now for round two. Contestants get ready." >They both assume their positions >"1... 2... 3... shoot!" >They throw out their signs, this time Sonata wielding rock and Aria using scissors >"And round two goes to Sonata Dusk! Now for the tie breaking round. Contestants ready?" >They get in the zone once more >"1. 2. 3. Shoot!" >The final round is decided. Aria had scissors and Sonata had paper. >"And the first shower belongs to Aria Blaze, with Sonata Dusk going second. Contestants shake hands." >They both begrudgingly shake hands and Aria walks into the shower >Man, having three kids was exhausting. But at least you could smell your coffee now. >"Now girls, you behave. I'm going downstairs to get drink my coffee. Just wait in line patiently. If Aria takes too long, come and talk to me." >They both nod >You go down stairs and pour your fresh coffee into a mug and start to slowly sip >Black. Just the way you liked it. >You kept reading the paper from two weeks ago >Nothing interesting whatsoever. How do people read this shit? >Surprisingly it remains quiet and you finish your brew in peace >After a bit you decide to go and check on their progress >Sonata has just walked out of the shower with a large towel lazily wrapped around her tiny body and Aria is busy combing her hair in front of a mirror that you had just outside your room >"How are you girls doing?" "Adagio just went in." >"I see. Let's brush your hair Sonata." >You grab a comb from your night stand and start to brush the seven year old's long hair, trying to avoid making knots >How the hell do girls manage this every day? >Adagio doesn't seem to waste much time and is out in less than 10 minutes >"You all ready to go?" "Yeah just give me on second." >Aria ties up her two long pig tails and turns around "Ready." >You look towards Adagio who's hair is still perfectly done >How on earth she managed that was beyond you. Women. >You walk them out too the car and each of them take their spots. Adagio in the middle, Aria on the right and Sonata on the left >Time to give them the surprise of their life >You began to drive to your destination with surprising ease >You didn't hear a peep from the back. It was almost uncanny >Of course, Sonata had to ask if you were there yet but it was quiet >Maybe they really did take your words to heart. >After about thirty minutes you reach your goal >The adoption agency! (just kidding) the pound. >You open the car doors and let them out >Already Sonata's eyes are sparkling with joy "Are we getting a puppy!?" >"Either that or a cat. But we can only get one so you girls need to decide which one you want." >"Now I want you girls to stay close. No running off ok?" "Ok!" >They all stay relatively close to each other as you walk down the line of cages housing barking dogs >The girls seem rather undecided at first but then come across one with a giant st. Bernard >The three of them seem to instantly fall in love "Can we get him Anon! He's so cute!" "Yeah come on. I think he likes us." >Even Aria can't contain her excitement anymore "YEAH I would love it!" >You all look at her, surprised that she was showing so much emotion and she quickly goes back to her tough girl act, crossing her arms "But ya know... it's up to you. Who needs a stupid dog anyway right?" >You unlatch the cage and walk inside. Poor thing looked like it was boiling in there with all that fur. >"Maybe we could get something just a tad smaller?" >But your pleas fell on def ears. They were already cuddling with it. They seemed to have their hearts set >You couldn't just say no >"Alright girls. We'll get him." >Aria practically jumps with joy. You had never seen her show so much emotion before. Who knew she was such an animal lover? >You walk to the counter and start filling the adoption form "I am glad you four came to adopt him when you did. We were just about to put him down because no one would take him. I hope you give him a good home." >"Don't you worry m'am. There is more than enough love in this family to go around." >You let the word rest on your tongue a bit. >Family >Your old one may have abandoned you and left you for dead, but you had a new one now. And you couldn't be happier. You couldn't believe you actually thought about giving them up. >You hadn't felt this happy since you were a kid. Sure it was hard and annoying, but you wouldn't trade it for the world. >You purchase the dog and in a few short minutes he was in yours >Since the dog was so big, you allowed Adagio to sit in the front seat so Aria and Sonata would have room >"So girls, have you decided on a name for him yet?" >Aria speaks up first "How about Oliver!" >Sonata squints "That's a stupid name. Let's name him Crayon!" >Aria falls right back into it "That's stupid! What kind of dumb name is Crayon!? You're the WORST Sonata!" "You are!" >Adagio butts in "Come on girls, we need to be diplomatic about this." >Sonata looks completely confused "Diplowatawhat?" >Aria lets out a heavy sigh "She means we should take a vote loser." >"Aria! Enough with the name calling." "Sorry!" >She says it in a very snide tone "So what name do you suggest Adagio?" >She thinks for a moment "How about... Alto." >You smile. You liked the sound of it. It would fit with the rest of the musically inclined names in your family "Ok, who votes for Oliver?" >Aria is the only one to raise her hand "Alright. Who votes for crayon?" >Sonata is the only one to raise her hand "Ok then. Who votes for Alto?" >Adagio is the only one to raise her hand >That went about as well as to be expected "Well then... we need a tie breaker." >They all look to you >"No way. I'm not having any part in this. You all have to work this out between yourselves." >Adagio sneers at you "Well then how are we supposed to break the tie? Everyone is only voting for themselves." >"How about this: we make it illegal to vote for your own name and you all have to close your eyes when you vote, that way nobody feels judged." >Aria looks skeptical "Well if all of our eyes are closed how are we supposed to know who voted what?" >"I'll be the one who looks." >You pull the car over >"Alright girls, close your eyes." >They all do so >"Raise your hand if you want Olive." >To your surprise, no one raises their hand >"Raise your hand if you want Crayon." >Again, nobody raises their hand >"Raise your hand if you want Alto" >All three of them raise their hands, even though Adagio knew that it was against the rules for her to do so >"Alright the winning name has been decided." >They all look at you with the intensity of 10,000 suns >"It's Alto." >Aria hides her pleasure and Sonata smiles "I have to admit, it does fit better than crayon. What do you say boy? Do you like Alto?" >The dog barks in approval >"Well it's settled then. Is everyone happy with this?" >Aria rolls her eyes "Yeah. I mean I suppose Alto will work." >You then see something rare and utterly beautiful >Aria's smile >It was the first time you had ever seen her genuinely smile before. It was stunning. >"Aria?" "Yeah?" >"You have a gorgeous smile. You should share it with the world more often." >Aria's face turns a bright shade of red and she quickly makes a frown "D-did I ask for your opinion!?" >She turns her head and stares out the window >That was just her way of saying thank you. You knew she really appreciated it. Though she put up a tough shell, her eyes told you what she really felt >You got back onto the road and drove all the way home >It was about five and you had already run out of frozen pizza. Not to mention it probably wasn't very healthy for them to have that every night anyway >"Ok girls. I'm going out to buy some food for us and food for the dog. I will be back in about 30 minutes. If you need anything using the home phone to call this number." >You write down your cell phone number on a slip of paper >"Make sure nothing happens while I'm gone Adagio. I'm leaving you in charge." >Dagi does a salute "Yes sir!" >You get back in the car and drive to the store >It only takes a few minute before you phone begins to ring >You didn't think the truce would only last a total of 120 seconds >"Hello?" "U-um Anon? I need your help! Please hurry!" >It's Adagio and the fear in her voice is palpable. You can practically feel her anxiety through the phone >"Adagio? What's going on? Are you alright? Talk to me sweetie." "S-something weird is happening! Please come home right now! Something is very wrong!" >"Adagio breathe for me ok? Take a nice deep breath." >She does so >"Now tell me what's going on." "I... well... it's..." >"Shhh. Its ok. Stay calm and tell me what happened." >The is a long pause an she blurts out "I'm bleeding really bad!" >Oh shit what did they do? >"What happened? Did you three get into the knives or something? Keep talking ok?" "N-no... I didn't actually cut myself... you see... it's.." >her voice becomes barely audible "It's coming out of my vagina." >You pull over and break out into laughter "W-what's so funny? Anon it's really bad! I'm not going to die am I?" >You regain control of yourself >"Sorry Adagio. I just thought you were in danger there for a second. What is going on is 100% natural. You have just started your menstrual cycle." >there is a short pause "My what?" >"You menstrual cycle. Don't worry I will explain when I get back. What are you doing right now?" >Her voice goes quiet again "I'm sitting on the toilet" >"Alright good. Just sit there. I am going to pick up some extra stuff for you and I will be back in a jiff. Sit tight ok? I promise you won't die. This is completely natural for girls your age." "You're sure? It's a lot of blood." >"Absolutely. Ever single girl has or will go through the exact same thing you are going through right now. You will be just fine, I promise. It's all a part of growing up." >She takes a deep breath and begins to calm down "Alright Anon. Please hurry though." >"I will. I will double time it." >She hangs up and you make your drive to the store, quickly picking up some MRE type meals, some dog food, and a pack of tampons and pads for Adagio >You go home at top speed and rush up to Adagio with the fem supplies >You knock on the door >"Adagio?" "Yes?" >"Can you open up? I have some remedies for you problem." "It's unlocked." >You open the door to see an anxious pre-teen girl covering herself, while trying not get blood all over her hands >You hand her a pad and a new change of underwear >"All you have to do is peel back this tape an put it in the center like so." "Can you please tell me what's going on here? Why am I bleeding so much out of my private parts!?" >You put your hand on her shoulder >"It's about how your body works. Basically you have about 300 million or so eggs. Every month your body prepares itself to get pregnant by lining your inner walls with really good stuff for a baby. Since you aren't having a baby every month your body will shed that stuff from your walls as well as the egg, thus you bleed. This will happen for around 2 to 3 days and stop." "So how long before it stops completely?" >"Well I won't sugar coat it. It won't stop until you are around sixty. The only other way to make it stop is to get pregnant, but after you have the baby it will happen again." >Tears well up "That sucks." >You put your arm around her and give her a big hug "I know. I know. But unfortunately that's life. You'll get used to it though, I promise. There is no girl on this earth who hasn't or will not go through what you're going through right now." "My stomach hurts really bad. Is that normal too?" >You nod >"Yeah. But I do have something that can help." >You pull out a heating pad from your bag >"Come on. Let's get you on the couch and get this heating pad going. We'll make it through this ok?" >She nods "Right." >You both walk down the stairs and help her onto the couch, wrapping her in a large blanket and putting the heating pad right on her stomach >"How do you feel?" "Better. Lots better. It still hurts but not nearly as bad as it did a second ago." >"Good. If you need anything let me know alright? I will be right here." >To your surprise she reaches up and kisses your cheek "Thanks. I love you Anon" >"I love you too Adagio." >You walk over starting the frozen dinners and see Sonata and Aria waiting patiently >"How long have you two been there?" "We just go here. I was in my room. Sonata was upstairs." "I was playing!" >She had the most cheeky smile. You loved it. >"Well dinner will be ready in a few minutes." >You put the meals in and watch them cook for a bit >Sonata tugs on your jeans "Anon? What's wrong with big sis? Is she sick or something?" >You giggle a bit >"No, no. She's just going through puberty is all." "ANON!" >Adagio heard you from all across the room >"Oops. Looks like your sister didn't want me to say that." >The timer goes off an you take out food >Nothing like microwaved chicken tendies with corn >"Adagio, would you like to eat over there or at the table?" >She groans "Here is fine. My tummy still hurts." >You walk over to her and give her her food "Can we eat over there too Anon?" >Sonata has the cutest puppy dog eyes >"Fine, fine. Just make sure not to give any to Alto. It will make him really sick." "Ok!" >Just as you were about to sit down with the girls you phone rings >Weird. You haven't had a call from anyone since you were in college. Probably just a telemarketer >You pick up the phone and answer >"Hello?" "Hi? Is this Anonymous?" >"This is him yes." >Something was familiar about that voice but you couldn't quite place it >Then it hit you like a bag of bricks and your heart fell into your stomach >"What the hell do you want?" "What do you mean? I just wanted to have a friendly talk with you." >"What? For alcohol money!? Or maybe you'd like to discuss how you walked out on me when I was 15 years old!? How was fucking prison huh!?" >On the other end of the line was your mom. A good for nothing alcoholic who had no shame. She would stoop to any low in order to get her booze. She walked out on you when you were 15, leaving you with your abusive drug addict father only later to turn up in prison. >She must have gotten out and wanted to scam more money off of you for beer "Honey let the past be past. You know I love you." >You felt a burning anger inside you >"NO! You do not get to fucking tell me you love me! Don't ever fucking call me again you understand me!? I am fucking happy now and I won't let you ruin that for me again! Get out of my life! I don't ever want to hear your voice again!" >You slam the phone down on the receiver >The girls are looking at you wide eyed >You had just ranted right in front of them "Uh... you ok Anon?" "Who was that?" >Your vision was becoming blurry from tears >It had been years since you last heard from her. For all you knew, she was dead. >You feel the tears start to stream down your face >"It was nobody girls. Nobody. Excuse me please." >You quickly rush to your room and for the first time in years start to cry >The anger you felt was indescribable. You had to basically grow up without parents. Not to mention your sister was no better. She was a complete narcissist who thrived on tearing people down. For your sister, the only thing that made her happy was when someone else was miserable and you were usually that person. >You slammed your fist against the pillow >Why now? You were just starting to become happy again for once in your life. And like the good mother she was, she had to ruin it. >Why couldn't she just leave you alone? Couldn't she see that she had done enough damage already? >You cried like you never cried before. It was if the tears and pain you had been hiding in your stone hear had finally broken free. >It had been at least 2 hours since you went up to your room and you hear a knock on your door >It's Sonata >"U-um Anon? Are you ok?" >You quickly compose yourself. You couldn't let her see you like this. >You open the door to see the little 7 year old in her pjs "Come downstairs." >She grabbed your hand before you could protest and pull you down the steps >The living room was dark but you could faintly see the silhouettes of Adagio and Aria >They were holding something in between them but you couldn't quite make out what >Sonata lets go of your hand and turns on the lights >You eyes go wide >They are holding a long piece of paper that says "We Love You Anon" in different colors >It was decorated in a bunch of girly things like hearts and rainbows and what not. >They all yelled surprise in unison >Damn it. Why now. >You could feel the tears welling up again >You usher them over and go in for a big hug >They weren't going to be like you. You swore it. >That night you couldn't get a lick of sleep >You couldn't stop thinking about your mom >Why would she call you now? What purpose did it serve? She knew you hated her guts. >You wanted to believe that maybe, just maybe, she was trying to make amends. >But in reality, you knew she just wanted more money to blow on beer like usual. She truly was pathetic. >All you could do was stare at the ceiling fan intently and stew on it >All the memories you worked so hard to repress were coming right back >They really messed you up and now your mom was determined to cause more hell on your mind >At 6 in the morning you got out of bed >The smell of Sonata's urine became too much to bare and you couldn't keep thinking about your mom or you'd have to hit your head against a wall >You had to focus on something, anything except her >Just as you step downstairs to brew your coffee you see Adagio >She looks beat. It seems she had just as much trouble sleeping as you did. >"How long have you been up Adagio?" >She yawns "An easier question would be how long did I sleep. To which I would answer barely at all. The cramps were just unbearable." >You smile >"Looks like we have a few things in common huh?" >There is a sense of tension between you two. >You both just stood there in an awkward silence before Adagio broke the ice "Do you have any more of those... ya know..." >You could see a dark stain on her crotch >"Yeah. One moment." >You went to your bag and pulled another pad out for her "Thanks Anon." >"You're welcome." >You went on to make your coffee. Hopefully that would put you somewhat at ease >Just as it's ready, you notice Alto coming around the corner >You smile a pour some dog food for him, petting him >Adagio sneaks in beside you "I think we made a great choice." >You nod and the awkward silence resumes "Who was the on the phone last night Anon?" >You sigh >"Listen Adagio. You don't need to worry about it. She won't bother us anymore. Just worry about yourself." >She frowns "Alright. But know you are just as deserving of happiness as we are." >She gets up and walks to the counter >You go to the coffee machine and pour yourself a nice cup of alertness "What is that drink you make every morning?" >"Oh this? It's coffee. It helps me stay awake." >She looks at it curiously "Really? Can I have some? It smells wonderful." >"Sure. But it is a bit strong, so just take a small sip." >You give her the cup and she takes a sip, almost instantly spitting it out "How on earth do you drink this!? It's absolutely disgusting!" >You laugh >"It's an acquired taste. Also, most people don't usually drink their coffee black. It's the strongest tasting type of coffee you can get. There are a lot of more mellow tasting ones like lattes and what not." >She hands you back your mug and gets a drink of water to wash the taste from her mouth "Maybe I could give those a try next time." >"No way. Drinking coffee at your age will stunt your growth. Maybe when you're about 19 or so you can." >She sighs "Fine." >"By the way Adagio, I've been meaning to ask you: do the words Canterlot High mean anything to you?" >She puts her hand to her chin "I can't say I know." >She really had lost her memory. She had completely forgotten about what she did and the terror she caused. "Why do you ask? Is that where you went to high school or something?" >It was too soon to let her in on her past. You would save that for a later date >"No, just curious. I just have heard a lot of bad things about it is all and I thought you went there at some point." >All of a sudden you hear her stomach growl >"Sounds like you're hungry." "I suppose so." >You go to make some eggs and hear the rest of the house begin to stir >Sonata and Aria were just starting to wake up >Adagio goes over to the window and gasps "What in the world is this?" >You look outside to see snow. You almost forgot it was mid December. Almost time for Christmas. >The first real one you'd ever experience >"That's snow Dagi." >You wrap your arms around her in a big hug >You thought she would pull away but to your surprise she gets closer, enjoying the embrace. You place you head on her cheese puff hair. >Even though it was nearly 6:30, the sun still had yet to shine >It was peaceful, seeing the fresh snow at night from the comfort of a warm house while cuddling your beautiful daughter >Did you seriously just think that? She wasn't your daughter! >You just try to forget it and enjoy the time you have >A groggy Aria comes in to the kitchen, her hair down and all messy with only one eye open "Morning Anon." >Good morning sunshine." >She lets out a groan. Obviously she wasn't much a morning person. >Sonata begins to crawl down as well >She didn't seem like a morning person either "Morning Anon." >She barely seemed conscious >"Look girls: we got some snow last night." >Aria cracks open her closed eye "Snow?" >"You bet. Come look." >They both slowly make their way to the window and look out in amazement >You'd think they had never seen snow before >"Haven't you three ever seen snow before?" >They look completely dumbfounded "Is that what all that white stuff on the ground is?" >Dear god they really had never seen snow before >"Yes Sonata. Girls get yourselves ready and into some warm clothing. We're going to the park." "Oh! Can we take Alto too!?" >There was some of that sneaky Aria enthusiasm again. She really loved animals. >"Of course he can Aria. St. Bernards are built for weather like this." >While they went to take a shower you went to look for a leash >You used to have a dog and kept it's leash for some reason >You found it and instantly saw it wasn't going to work >It was old and torn in multiple areas. Not to mention paper thin. You'd need something much stronger >Looks like some shopping was in order >Not to mention the girls didn't have coats >You were so glad that your grandfather willed you his trust fund. You never had to work a day in your life. >You had never seen them pop in and out of the shower so fast >Adagio once again employing some strange female voodoo on her hair that made it completely impervious to getting messy, split, or knotted within 10 seconds >You went through the usual of combing Sonata's hair and watching Aria pin her hair up and then you were on your way >"Alright girls, before we go we need to buy you some coats and a new leash for Alto. Then we can go to the park." >Sonata jumps eagerly "Yay!" >You all get into your seats, Adagio taking the front again so that Alto could have some room >You make you way to the nearest traget and lead the girls in to the clothing section "Ok girls. Pick out a coat that you think would look the best on you." >Giddy as ever, they begin to race around trying to find which one they liked best >After much debate with herself, Adagio settled on a bright yellow parka, Sonata a green pea coat with a bunch of pictures of cabins and pine trees across it, while Aria picked a neon pink motor bike coat >You picked out a boring ski coat for your own and a dog leash, while also letting the trio grab some gloves and hats >They looked absolutely adorable >You bought the goods and started to make your way to the park >You were going to give these girls the proper winter experience. No way were they just going to sit inside and game like you did as a kid. >You drove all the way to the park and it was just as you had hoped >Not a soul. The park was completely empty. >The girls hop out of the car and you clip Alto into the leash >You start to walk him but quickly he begins to walk you >He pulls hard, making you fall flat on your face, you can hear the girls roaring with laughter >Adagio calls out "You ok over there?" >"Oh yeah. Never been better." >When you get up you are covered in snow, making them laugh even more >You wished this would last forever. You were so happy. >"Alright girls. Step one to having an amazing winter is a snowball fight. >You pick up a mound of snow and shape it into a sphere >"You do it like so and then..." >You knock back and softly throw it at Adagio "Hey!" >She makes a snowball herself "Two can play at this game." >She throws it at you and Sonata and Aria quickly follow suit >You halt them for a moment >"Now before we continue this war, we need to move on to step 2: a snow fort. We also need to pick teams." >Sonata raises her hand and jumps in the air "I call being on Anon's team!" >you smile. She was such a daddy's girl >Damn it no! You are not there father Anon! >"Aria, Adagio? You two ok being on a team?" >They both smile cynically "Oh yeah. More than ready. Right Adagio?" >She just nods in agreement with the same look >"Before I do that, I need to put Alto someplace secure." >You walk over to your car, pulling out a large iron stake. You used to use it all the time for horse shoes. >You hit it into the ground and tie Alto's leash to it and start to build your fort with Sonata >After about 15 minutes you build a large wall with three square windows in the middle. It has rounded sides to make it easy for you to throw at them without getting hit >Sonata had been busy building tons of snowballs and she was doing it excellently >You look out to check on the progress of the other two >They had built a cylinder type structure that had a higher wall facing you >"You girls ready?" "Yes sir!" >"Alright. In 3. 2. 1. GO." >The snow war begins and the snowballs fly >Adagio and Aria start throwing at terrifying speed, you couldn't even break cover "What are you orders Captain Anon?" >You look at Sonata who has the most serious face >You play along >"Well Corporal Sonata they seem to have us pinned down with fire. I am going to need you to do a secret mission to sabotage them." "Yes sir!" >"I need you to be super stealthy, sneak up behind them, and catch them from behind. While they are distracted with you, I will hit them from behind as well. You ready Corporal?" "YES SIR." >Sonata begins to army crawl around the side, making her way to the back >You can hear Alto barking with excitement in the distance >She is surprisingly stealthy that little ditz >Adagio and Aria don't seem to notice at all >You keep up the pressure so that they remain focused on you >Finally, with a yell, she pops up from behind and pegs Aria square in the back >They both turn around. Perfect. >You start tossing snowballs and hit Adagio a few times >Oh yeah >"Do you surrender Adagio, Aria? Or are we going to have to take you the hard way?" >Without any hesitation Adagio yells "Over our dead body! The Federation will rein victorious! You dirty Rebel dogs will never take this outpost!" >"Have it your way! But the Rebel's will win! Corporal Sonata, enter phase 2!" "YES SIR" >Sonata begins toss more snowballs while you keep the pressure up from behind >There wasn't actually any phase 2. >Finally Adagio surrenders "Alright Rebels! You win this time, but we will claim vengeance!" >You walk out of your fort and just as you do a snow ball pelts you "Vengeance is mine!" >Adagio and Aria high five each other >You fell for it hook, line and sinker >"Alright girls. What do you say we go home and get some hot chocolate to warm us up?" >Sonata jumps "Yeah! I am freezing." >You walk over and pull the stake out of the ground and walk Alto back to the car and crank the heat up >Sonata wasn't the only cold one >As you got in the car it got silent quickly >Adagio was out like a light and Aria and Sonata were sleeping on each other's shoulders >They were so cute when they actually got along >You drove back to the house and they still had yet to wake up. >You walked Alto in and then 1 by 1 carried the three tired girls to their beds >You then started to make hot chocolate and some breakfast for the three. Pancakes would be ideal >As you started to make them, you thought about how it was you were going to get the girls' their Christmas presents >You also wanted to make sure that they got one for each other. It was just a matter of how. >Maybe you could just take them one at a time >But you couldn't leave Aria and Sonata home by themselves. Dear god. >Woken up by the smell, you see Adagio walk into the kitchen "That smells wonderful." >She can barely keep her eyes open and she is using all her energy just to remain upright >"What are you doing up Adagio? You look like you're about to fall asleep on your feet." >She nods off a bit and almost falls over "I didn't want you to feel like you were alone so I came to keep you company." >Your eyes get hot and wet >Even though she was almost completely asleep, she cared so deeply for you that she was willing to keep you company >"Oh sweetie it's fine. Just go to bed. You barely got any sleep last night. You need to rest." "Are you sure? I can -yawn- help you with the food if you want." >You turn off the stove and go to Adagio's side, picking her up >"It's perfectly fine Adagio. You need to get some rest ok? Take as long a nap as you want. I promise I will be just fine ok?" >It didn't look like she made it through your first sentence before falling asleep. She was out. >You go to her bedroom and tuck her in >"Sleep well Adagio." >You close the door behind you and resume your work on the pancakes >Adagio. She was such a caretaker. You had to wounder that if she was naturally so kind, what made her into the demon she once was >You keep working the pancakes. You weren't much of a cook so you had to look at the instructions constantly to make sure you were doing it right. >All that talk about sleep was making you tired now too. You were starting to nod off. The coffee must have lost it's effect. >You quickly finish making the pancakes and and lazily place them on the table >You were fading fast >Making doubly sure Alto couldn't reach them, you lay down on the couch and close your eyes, letting the sweet darkness embrace you >It only took moments for you to completely knock out >Sweet black nothingness >It only seemed like you were in dream land for seconds before you felt a shake trying to get you up >You crack open your eyes to see Sonata >Her pants are completely soaked through >You sigh internally and start to get up "I'm sorry Anon... I didn't mean it honest." >You run your hand through her messy hair >"I know you didn't honey. Let's get you a change of pants and then we can get you something to eat." >She nods and looks down >You go back to the mound of clothes which was slightly smaller now and give her a bright yellow skort and a new pair of underwear >"Are Adagio and Aria awake yet?" >You still had barely opened your eyes. The light burned like fire. "Aria has." >Adagio was beat. Poor thing. She deserved that rest. >"Alright. Make sure not to wake her alright? Also, what's Aria doing right now?" >Sonata shrugs "I don't know. She's still in her room. I know she's awake because I hear noise and all the lights are on." >"I see. Well you go hop in the shower. I'll see what Aria is up to." "Alright." >She gives your leg a hug and then runs up to the bathroom >You make your way down the hall to the extra room where the mattress was. >Aria's room, formerly belonging to your ex fiance'. >It still brought back a lot of uncomfortable memories just to walk towards. >You knock on the door >"Aria? You up?" "Yeah. What do you need?" >"Nothing just checking on you. May I come in?" "Yeah, one sec." >You hear a lot of scampering, as if she's in a hurry >She comes to the door with a bit of sweat on her brow and her cheeks a rosy red "Is there something I can help you with?" >"No, I was just seeing what you were doing." >You try to look over her shoulder but her body obstructs your view >"Is something wrong?" "Nope. Just nothing interesting to see in here." >Out of the corner of your eye you can see a black rectangle on her bed >You try to get a better view of it and she blocks your eyes again >"Aria? What is that on your bed?" >She's getting more nervous "W-what are you talking about Anon?" >"Aria drop the act. I know you're hiding something in there." >She sighs, knowing she's been beat and lets you through the door way >You go to her bed and look under the covers. >You were surprised by what you saw >It was a photo album. Your photo album. >It was the one you had from the time you were a kid to when you fiance' left you for another man "I'm sorry Anon! I didn't mean to pry! You just... you never tell us about your past and I was curious. I'll accept whatever punishment you give me." >You sigh and sit on the mattress >"Come sit next to me Aria. I suppose I do owe you an explanation." >She sits next you and you wrap the blanket around the both of you, opening the book >You point to the first picture. It was of you when you were only 4 months old with your mom and dad >"That kid is me and the two holding me were my parents. This was back when my parents were pretty normal and likable people who had an earnest love for me." >You point to the next picture. This was of you holding another baby. >"That's me at five holding my baby sister. And that was probably the point where everything went downhill." >You take a breath and collect yourself >"You see, something changed in my parents when they had my sister. My dad became very mean. He would call my mother all sorts of horrible things. This led to my mom developing a bad drinking habit." >She frowns >"By the way Aria, if this gets to heavy for you feel free to tell me to stop. Let's just say I didn't have an easy life growing up." >She shakes her head "No. I want to know this. I want to understand you better. Why you act the way you do." >"Alright. If you say so." >You point to the next picture. This was of your mom holding a beer with you and your sister holding hands. Your sister is glaring at you though. >"Here I was 7 and she was 5. My sister, even at a early age, was clearly screwed up. She was very mean and very manipulative. It was almost as if the only way for her to be happy was to see someone else in pain. At first her lies were pretty obvious, but she quickly got more clever." >You pointed to the next one of you and your sister in front of a lake >"We would go to a my grandfather's lake house a lot during the summer. My grandfather was the only man I respected in my family. He had lost his wife after she gave birth to my mother but he never let that slow him down. He was the hardest worker I have ever seen. Anyway, while at the lake house, my sister would torture me. Ya see, I was very similar to Sonata. Very kind, but not very smart." >Aria slowly nods "What sorts of things would she do?" >You pause for a moment. You hadn't thought about this for years. >"She would trick me. Like one time she said that she had a big surprise for me in the old shed but I had to go get it. When I went in she locked the door behind me and wouldn't let me out." >She gasps "That's awful! What did you parents do when they found out?" >"Nothing. They just told me to quit my whining and be a man. Of course for Annie, this was just like saying what she did was acceptable." "Annie was your sisters name?" >"Yep." >You point to another picture. This one was of you and your grandfather. >"My grandfather was the only one to look out for me during those summer months we spent with him. Of course, since my grandfather was my ally, he was Annie's enemy. >You notice that Aria was now huddled close to you, hugging you tight >You put your arm around her >"My sister would scream and yell at my grandfather, just horrible, horrible things. Like how he should just die so we could get his money and how that's the only reason we loved him." >You turn the page and point to the next picture of you, your sister and your grandfather. The only one who wasn't smiling was your sis. >"My grandfather was quit the stubborn sonofabitch and wouldn't back down. This enraged my sister because she was so used to people letting her have her way. She refused to be near him. In fact, this is the last picture she would take with the old man." >You skip through a few pages >"My dad would steadily become more and more abusive, even encouraging my sister to be mean to me. Sometimes they both would do terrible things to me together. This is when my mom just decided one day to leave without so much as saying goodbye. I would later find out she ended up in jail." >You sigh "You ok Anon? You don't have have to keep going if it's too much." >"Are you sure Aria?" "Of course. We can keep going later." >What sort of madness was this? You were getting therapy from your psudo-daughter >"Thanks Aria. What do ya say we get those pancakes?" "Sure." >You open the door and find a completely nude Sonata standing in front of you "I finished my shower Anon!" "Sonata put some clothes on! You are so gross!" "Am not!" "Are too!" >"That's enough. Sonata go put some clothes on and come back down. We're going to eat." "Ok!" >She scampers back upstairs and you get the plates ready >Fuck that was hard. You spent most of your life repressing that stuff. >You better check on Adagio while you are at it >You walk up to the room she was in and slowly crack it open >Out. She hadn't moved a muscle since you carried her back to her room. >You quietly close the door and set the table >Aria makes her way there and Sonata follows suit >You see that she tried to comb her hair and the comb got stuck but she was trying to play it cool >"Do you need some help Sonata?" >She nervously laughs "What are you talking about?" >"The comb stuck in your hair?" >She blushes bright red. Did she not know she had a comb in her hair this whole time? >"Here." >You put your hand on her shoulder and fiddle with the comb, trying to untangle it "Ouch! Ow! That hurts!" >"Just stay still Sonata. Almost out." >With a slight rip you wrench the comb out >Sonata has tears in her eyes and you pat her back >"There there. You're fine. It's out now. How did you manage to get this stuck in your hair in the first place?" >She shrugs "I was trying to comb my hair but then I lost it. It must have gotten stuck there." >This girl was a think as two short planks sometimes >"Alright. Well, while you girls eat I will get some hot chocolate ready." >They dig in and you start to prepare the hot chocolate when an idea pops in your head >You finish it up and give them each their mugs >"Ok girls, we need to do a bit of Christmas shopping for Adagio. We're going to the mall." >Aria raises an eyebrow "Christmas? What's that?" >Damn that amnesia >"Basically, it's a time when family comes together shares presents as well as the enjoying the time they have." >Sonata raises her fist in joy "Yay Christmas! What day is it?" >"The 25th. So it's about 2 weeks away. Now finish up so we can go shop for your big sis." "If it's the 25th then why are we going now?" >"Well it's supposed to be a surprise Sonata. You also wrap the presents." >You get up grabbing a paper and pen then start to write >Dear Adagio, the girls and I are going out to shop a bit. There is some extra pancakes in the fridge and some hot chocolate for you to heat up. If you need me call my cell. >Now was just the question of where to put the note. It had to be somewhere where she would see it >You walk up and put it directly on the wall across from her door >As you walk back you see the banner that read 'we love you Anon' laying on the ground >You just stay to admire it a bit "We ready to go Anon?" >Aria's call breaks your trance >"Yep, make sure to get your coats on." >You walk down stairs grabbing your keys and wallet and then head out >Aria and Sonata are surprisingly quiet. Usually about now they'd start fighting. >You hear crying start >Spoke too soon "ANON! I have to go to the bathroom." >Oh thank God >"We're almost there. Just hold it." >You finally make it to the mall and Sonata quickly rushes to the rest room. You talk with Aria while you wait. >"So what kind of stuff do Adagio like?" >She thinks for a moment "She likes more grown up things. I already know what I'm going to get her." >"What's that?" "A journal. The one she is using is almost out of pages." >"Well I'll be damned. I had no idea she kept a journal. When did she start that?" "She found an old one in the trash when we were wondering the street." >Time to see if she was suffering from the same amnesia her sister had >"Do you remember anything before that?" >She thinks hard "No actually. It's completely blank. The first memory I have was me yelling something at Adagio how the 'concert' went. Whatever the hell that means." >If she also didn't have any memories, it was safe to assume that Sonata didn't either. Magic is weird >"I see. So what other things does Adagio like?" >She puts her hand on her chin "Well I know she likes make up." >Perfect. You could work with that. >"Alright. Since you're getting the journal can you help me pick out some makeup she might like?" "Of course. Also can I ask you something?" >"Of course you can." >You see her get slightly flustered "Well ya see... I have been thinking about this for a while and I was just wondering if... well... instead of calling you Anon all the time I could call you" >Her voice sinks almost to a whisper "Dad." >You eyes widen "You don't have to if you don't want to. I was stupid to ever bring it up. I'm sorry." >You put you hand on her shoulder >"Not at all. To be honest, I have been thinking the same thing too." >Her eyes seem to sparkle "Seriously?" >"You bet. I just didn't know how to say it without sounding weird. Do the other two feel this way?" "I know Adagio does." >Just as she says this, Sonata walks out "Done!" >"Hey Sonata. Do you have an idea for what you want to get for Adagio?" >She shakes her head "No. I'm not really sure." >"Well then we'll just have to explore a bit. Let's stop at the book store first to get her a journal." >You all walk towards the book store and look around >Aria seems to take no time at all "This is perfect Anon. Look at this" >She holds up a large leather journal with a built in lock and key >"She'll love it. Now lets get a card for her." >Luckily for you this book store had a large selection of cards. Aria picks one with a cute Christmas puppy on it. >"Beautiful. Sonata you pick out one too." >Sonata picks out another cute card with a unicorn on it and you pick out one with a nice message on it >You were actually a dad now. And you never realized just how much weight that carried. How much it meant. >You were going to 100 times the father your dad was. When you died, these girls would remember just how much you loved them. They wouldn't look at you with hate like you will when your dad dies. >You purchase the stuff and walk out >"Makeup next?" "Sure." >All of a sudden Aria holds your hand >Who knew the tough girl actually had a soft side? >You all walk up a level to the Forever 21 and start to look around >"Alright Aria. I'll need your help" "Right." >You follow her to the makeup section "Now Adagio's favorite products are shampoos and the like with a second being lipstick." >That figures. Of course her favorite was shampoo. >"How on earth does she manage to keep her hair so well done?" >Holy fuck you sound like a woman right now "She has a lot of products she uses to keep it that way. You wouldn't understand. There is a lot of effort that goes into making us look the way we do." >"I'll take your word for it." >You look around a find a tube of dark red lipstick >"Do you think she'd like this?" "Oh yeah. That should do just fine." >"Now we just need shampoo of some kind." >You both keep searching and find some heavy duty shit. You were sure that some of the ingredients were used to make nuclear weapons. >"Ok Sonata. Have you thought about what she might like?" "A hat!" >"A hat huh?" "Yeah!" >"Well then lets find her one." >You find a run of the mill hat shop and let Sonata do some looking around >After a few minutes she comes up with two hats >One is a sea green skull cap and the other is a deep purple beanie with red hearts running around the rim "Which one should I pick Anon?" >"Well if I were her, I think she'd like the purple one more." >She nods and puts the green hat back >You finish off by buying a few rolls of wrapping paper and start the drive home >"Ok girls, we need to make sure Adagio doesn't see this. It needs to be a surprise." >They both say in unison "Right." >"So you two will go in first and I will go around back. Make sure not to tell her what you got her ok? That will ruin it." >They both nod >It takes slightly longer to get home, but by the time you get there it's about 4 >You rush the girls in and take the bags around back, opening the side door into your garage. >You put all of her gifts down and cover it with a big tarp just in case. >You open the door leading inside to find a still half asleep Adagio sitting at the kitchen table >"Well if it isn't my sunshine?" >She scoffs "Very funny." >"Hey Adagio, mind if I talk to you for a second?" >You look at Aria and wink >She returns the gesture, knowing what you're going to say "I guess. Let me get some water first." >You walk her back to her room and sit on the bed >"So Aria tells me that you two think of me as a father." >She spits out her water "What!? She was supposed to do it with me!" >She shakes her head "You don't think it's weird do you? You don't have to." >"On the contrary I would love that. You can call me dad all you want." >She gives you a big hug "Thanks Anon-I mean dad. You're the best." >"You're very welcome. It's the least I could do for all the happiness you have caused me. How was your nap?" "Much needed. I just don't know how well I'll be able to sleep tonight though. I was out for like 4 hours!" >"If you can't sleep talk to me. I have struggled with insomnia for most of my life so I am an expert in unorthodox ways to fall asleep." >She smiles "I will dad. I will." >You get up >"Well then, lets get dinner going shall we?" "Yeah." >You walk down stairs with Dagi following close behind >You seemed to have gotten home at the perfect time >Outside the blizzard was starting to rage and it has begun to grow dark >You looked through your pantry and found you were running low on food. >Of course, you still had lots of ramen from when you attempted college >It would have to do >You start to boil some water "What are we having tonight Dad?" >Every time one of them said that you felt your stone heart smile a bit "Aria did you just call Anon dad?" "Yep." "Why?" "Because he is our new father Sonata?" >You look back, interested to see her reaction >Her eyes light up like stars "FOR REALZIES!?" "For realzies." >You couldn't contain your smile anymore. It was too much cute for you to handle "Is it true Anon!? Are you our daddy now!?" >You nod >"You betcha." >Sonata jumps with joy. You didn't expect her to be so excited. She blurts out "I love you daddy!" >Love. >It floated across your mind >Not even your fiance' said that with such warmth and sincerity >"I love you too sweet heart." >That night you had never slept better >You always scoffed when people said it would work out in the end, that life would give you some sort of purpose >But maybe they were right. After all the pain, all the tears, you were finally happy and you finally had something to believe in. >You awoke early the next morning and went downstairs >You are surprised by what you find >It's Adagio, looking out the window crying >You quickly rush over to her >"Adagio? What's the matter?" >She turns to you, her face stricken with deep pain and eyes pouring a waterfall of tears "I-I don't know. I'm just really really sad. I don't know why I'm sad. I just am." >She runs over to you and hugs you tight >You don't know what to make of it "Dad... can you please promise me something?" >"Of course." "Promise you'll never leave." >You are confused now >"Why do you think I would ever leave you Adagio?" "I... I had a nightmare..." >You motion her over to the coach >"Come. Let's talk about it." >You grab a blanket and curl up with her resting on your lap >"What happened in your nightmare?" "I was alone. I was in a big field surrounded by nothing but snow. No Aria, No Sonata, no you. I know it was just a dream, but it was still scary." >You run your fingers through her hair >"Shhh. You're safe now. You can stay here for as long as you want. I won't leave." "But what if you do?" >This girl seemed to have a fear of abandonment >"I won't ok? I will always be here no matter what." >She stayed in your arms for nearly two hours, too petrified to leave >What must her life as a Siren been before this? Maybe she was living repressed memories. >After yet another hour, she gets the courage to get up but won't leave your side the whole day >To be honest it was kind of adorable. She was never not within 2 feet of you >Sonata and Aria were both confused by the spectacle >Even when the two asked if she wanted to play with them, she wouldn't go without making sure you were in the same room >You had never seen her like this before. She was usually so calm and collected >She was constantly making sure you didn't leave her side, almost to the point of paranoia >You pull her to her room >"Adagio what's going on? You are acting frantic." "I just don't want you to leave." >"I already told you I'm not. You have to trust me." >All of a sudden you see here eyes light with anger "HOW CAN I TRUST YOU WHEN EVERYONE ELSE HAS LEFT!?" >Her eyes widen in shock and she covers he mouth >"Where did that come from?" "I... I don't know. Dad what is going on?" >"What do you mean?" "I keep getting flashes in my mind. I see this... this thing in the mirror. Its a dragon but with hooves and a long tail like a mermaid. And it looks so angry. It just stares at me like it wants to kill me." >Could she be regaining her memories? Or was this a split persona? Maybe the Adagio that tried to take over the school still existed insider her. >And if the ladder was the case, did that mean the Sonata and Aria would go through the same thing as well? >No! You couldn't lose them! Not now! >Adagio puts her hand on her face "That monster is so angry. Is this a part of puberty to dad? Do all girls go through this?" >You shake your head >"Afraid not. It's time I told you the truth Adagio." "The truth? What do you mean?" >"About your past. Let me explain." >You run her through the events of Rainbow Rocks, as well as her true origins as a Siren "I-I did that? Why? Why would I..." >She had hot tears in her eyes, disgusted that she would even think to do such a thing >You hug her >"I know this is probably a lot to take in. Would you like to be left alone or would you like me to stay with you?" "Don't go!" >She hugs you tight >"Ok. I'll stay right here. Look at me. We will figure this out. But in the mean time, you must fight her ok?" >She exhales "Ok" >You begin to rub her back in an attempt to calm her down >You couldn't let her transform back into the monster she was >You would go to any length to keep what you have >You hear a knock on the door and this throws Adagio into a tizzy >"What do you need?" "It's Aria. Are you two ok in there?" >"We're fine. We just need a moment ok?" >Adagio is hyperventilating >"What's going on Adagio?" "I can't get it out of my mind! It's so scary! I don't want to die!" >You had never seen her so terrified before. It was almost unnerving to watch someone who was usually so calm break down like this. >"You're not going to die Adagio. Just take deep breaths ok? I will keep you safe. I promise." >She hugs you tighter than ever "Ok." >She starts to breathe slower and slower until finally she calms down >"How are you feeling now honey?" "I'm still scared. But better." >"Good. Well I'll tell you what: we need to do some Christmas shopping for your sister Aria. Care to join Sonata and I?" >Se smiles "I'd love that dad." >You stand up with her still refusing to let go of your waist >"It's going to be pretty hard to move with you on my waist like this. How about we just hold hands alright?" >She slowly nods and detaches, quickly grabbing your hand >"Alright. You're doing great." >You both walk downstairs and find Aria and Sonata looking intently at each other >"What are you girls doing?" >They don't take their eyes off each other "We're having a staring contest daddy!" "And Sonata doesn't even stand a chance." >You smile >"Well when the winner is decided we are going to go shop for Aria so I will need Sonata." >They keep staring at each other for a long while with Sonata finally breaking "Told ya I'd win." >Sonata just pouts in response >"Alright Sonata hop in the car. We're going shopping." "AWWWW but I want a rematch!" >"No butts. We go now." >Sonata huffs and finally walks to the door >She was awfully ornery today >Adagio taps your shoulder "Can I sit in the front with you this time dad?" >You still couldn't believe that they were calling you dad. >"Sure." >You all hop in the car and begin to drive >"So what sorts of things does Aria like?" >Adagio smiles "Don't tell her I told you this, but Aria is actually quite the girly girl." >"Really?" "Oh yeah. Remember that banner we made? She was the one who drew all the unicorns and hearts. She loves that sort of thing." "Yep!" >Who knew? Aria was quite the interesting individual indeed >"What sorts of girly things does she like?" >Sonata begins to giggle "She likes pink stuff. Anything with lots of hearts. She also LOVES clothes shopping. Oh and dresses" >For a tough girl, she sure had a soft spot. You kinda liked that. It was cute. >"Well I think I'm going to buy her a dress. What do you girls have in mind?" >Adagio seems to have already thought the whole thing out "That's easy. I'm going to buy her some sort of stuffed animal. She loves them." >"And you Sonata?" "Hmm... I could get her that blanket she was looking at yesterday." >"She kept looking at this blanket that had a bunch of hearts all over it. I can't believe you didn't notice." >You make your way to the mall once again, Adagio of course clinging to your hand >You make your way back to the Forever 21 and start to browse >"What sort of dress do you think she'd like Adagio?" "She likes really long flowing dresses. Mostly in pink or purple." >"Hmmm." >You wonder around and find the perfect one >Its a long dress the would extend down to her ankles. The chest was a royal purple with a big red heart on the middle and the waist was a long, semi-transparent pink fabric. She'd look stunning. >You grab it off the shelf and pay for it then walk to your next destination- the toy store >Sonata is spellbound "Can I get a toy too dad?" >"Nope. We are going shopping for you tomorrow. You can show me what you might want though." >She stamps her feet >She was so grumpy today >Adagio begins the browse the stuffed animal selection, not sure what to pick >You look back to Sonata, who's arms are crossed and has a big glare on her face >"Why are you so grumpy Sonata?" >She stamps her feet "Hmph!" >It looked like someone needed a nap. You were going to have to hurry this up before she threw a tantrum >Adagio finally picks a medium sized stuffed bear and you quickly purchase it >When you exit the store you notice just how festive the store is >Candy canes lined the halls, wreathes hung on most of the windows. You sorta liked it. It was cozy >"Sonata. Where did you see the heat blanket?" >She huffs again and refuses to talk >Good grief. >You'd just have to find it yourself >You begin to search store after store, Adagio not letting go of your hand once >After a good 20 minutes you find it >In the hat store, there was a box full of blankets, one of them was purple with a bunch of hearts in different colors inside each of the boxes where the stitches were made >She'd certainly love this >You quickly rush home, hiding Aria's gifts in the garage under a second tarp >When you go inside you find Aria in the kitchen writing in a journal. You had no idea she kept one as well. >"Have fun while we were away Aria?" >She quickly shuts the journal "Not really. It was pretty boring with you all." >You turn to Sonata >"you need a nap." "No I don't!" >"Come on." "No! I don't wanna!" >Ugh. She was being the devil today. >Adagio steps in "Come on Sonata. Daddy has had a rough day. Can you please just take a nap. I promise you'll feel better." "B-but.." "Please? For your big sis?" >Sonata sighs but gives in "Fine." >She marches upstairs and slams the door with all of her 7 year old strength "Don't worry dad. She's just cranky because she didn't nap today." >Such a little adult. You loved it. >"Thanks Adagio. I really appreciate it." >Just as you say that, you had the perfect idea to make a great Christmas perfect. >You walk over to your PC with Adagio still clinging to your hand >You hadn't used this thing since you took the Dazzlings in >You long on and see you still have a few old tabs from 4chan up >Ah the sweet memories of shitposting >You couldn't look of what you wanted with Adagio breathing down your neck like this >"Adagio sweetie. Can you give me some privacy for a moment?" >A worried look goes across her face "B-but I don't want to leave. I'm too scared." >You think for a moment >"How about you just sit across from me. I am looking into some things that will make a good Christmas great, but it has to be a surprise." >She looks a bit nervous but agrees "Ok. You promise you won't go?" >"I promise." >She sits across on the other side of the table and you begin to browse the web >Since money was no object, you knew you could pick something great >You find just what you're looking for and it would only be a 3 hour drive >You make your reservations and close your computer >"See? That wasn't so bad now was it? And trust me, it will all be worth it when you see what I have in store for you." "If you say so." >"Hey Aria, come over here." >She walks over "What do you want?" >"Well, we are going to have to put things on rush order. I am going to be taking you to a really cool place at the end of the week. So we need to wrap the presents, buy Sonata her presents, and finish the cards all in three days. You girls think you can do that?" "Of course we can dad." >"I knew I could count on you Aria. Adagio?" "Yep." >"Great. So who wants to wrap presents first?" >Adagio's hand blots up, willing to do anything with you so long as it meant not being separated from you >"Alright. Lets go." >The two of you walk into the garage and you pull off the tarp containing Aria's gifts. >"Which one do you want to wrap first?" "Let's go with the bear." >You take the bear in your hand and demonstrate how to wrap it, albeit not well "You're not very good at wrapping gifts are you daddy?" >"Well I never claimed to be perfect." >She giggles a bit >"Well if you think you're so good, why don't you wrap the dress?" >A look of determination goes across her face "What do I get if I win?" >This was a contest now? >"You get a kiss on the cheek, a hug and the pride of knowing you can do something your old man can't. And what if I win?" "You get a bigger hug." >She starts to wrap the dress with the precision of a surgeon >To your surprise, she wraps it almost perfectly >If you hadn't known better, you'd think she had been wrapping presents her whole life >"Color me impressed." >Adagio holds her cheek out "Well? I'm waiting." >You kneel down and kiss her cheek, giving her a big hug >"Well then, what do ya say we wrap up the blanket?" >She smiles and wraps it up tight "Does it meet your packing standards?" >Better than I could have hoped." >You both walk back inside >You didn't realize just how cold your garage was. The hot air in your house felt great. >"Alright Aria, you're up." >You then turn to Adagio, who was visibly dreading this moment >"It will only be a few minutes alright. I promise I will be back as soon as possible. You can do this." >She takes a deep breath "Ok. I can do this." >You pat her back >"I'm proud of you." >You walk out into cold garage with Aria and pull the tarp containing Adagio's presents >"Let's just leave the lip stick in the bag. Would you like to wrap the shampoo or the hat?" >Aria thinks for a moment "Let me take the hat." >"Do you know how to wrap presents?" "Of course I do. I'm like 10 years old duh." >As if being 10 qualified you for present wrapping >You went to work wrapping the shampoo and looked at Aria >She was much less adept at wrapping then her older sister >Her wrapping job looked like some kind of abstract art >"Need a bit of help over there?" "No!' >Well she certainly was still stubborn >You finish wrapping the shampoo and see that Aria only made it worse. She was now very visibly irritated >"Aria?" "What!?" >Yeah, she mad >"Everything ok?" >She throws the poorly wrapped hat to the ground "Why does this have to be so hard!?" >"Aria calm down. It's just a wrapping ok?" "Shut up!" >She storms out of the garage and slams the door >What the hell had gotten into her? This clearly wasn't about the wrapping. >You quickly finish wrapping Adagio's gifts and go in to find her >Adagio is at the table with a look of shock "What got into her?" >"I have no idea. Do you know where she ran off too?" "I her room probably. She looked pretty mad." >Great. >You walked down the hall to her room and lightly knocked on the door >"Aria? May I come in?" "NO!" >What was going on with everyone today? Adagio was hyper anxious, Sonata was grumpy and temperamental, and even Aria was acting out >"Come on Aria. The only way we're going to get through this is if we talk about it." "GO AWAY!" >You were getting no where with this. You were just going to have to give her some space to cool off. >You just hoped that this wasn't a sign that the old Aria was making her way back >You decide to go check on Sonata now. Hopefully she was feeling better now that she had taken a nap. >You walked upstairs and creaked open to door >And there she was. Out like a light. >At least something was going right. >You walk back down stairs and join Adagio >"How are the flashes doing? Any better?" "Yes actually. It's been a while since I've had them." >"Good. I'm glad to hear that." "So can you give me a hint about what presents I'm going to get?" >"Very funny Adagio." "Hey it was worth a try right? You look a bit stressed out dad." >"I suppose you could say that." "What's going on?" >What was she, your therapist? >"You don't need to concern yourself with that Dagi. Just worry about yourself ok?" >You were not going to burden your daughter with your shit. "Well then, I am going to go check on Aria." >"Are you sure? I could't so much as knock on the door without being yelled at." "I think I can handle it. Just watch." >She walks into the door and you watch from a distance >There are a few yells but it quickly calms down >You get closer just to see what's up >After a little while they walk out "Alright Aria. Tell him what you told me." >She looks down "I... I'm sorry for yelling first. And also... I feel like..." >Adagio looks at her sternly, telling her to spit it out "Ya see... I feel like... I feel like you don't pay enough attention to me. It feels like you only focus on Adagio and Sonata.." >Shit. >You felt your heart drop into your stomach >"Shit. I'm sorry Aria. I'm so sorry. I'll tell you what: after we grab Sonata's presents let's just go and have a little you and me time ok? We could go watch a movie or something. Does that sound ok?" >She really was a daddy's girl. She loved you very much. >She smiles and gives you a hug "I'd love that dad. I'd love that." >"So that means that you're in charge of wrapping up Sonata's presents. Are you ok with that Adagio?" "Of course I am." >She would make a great therapist when she grew up that cheese puff. Wouldn't that be wonderful? >Sonata seems to have bee woken up by all the commotion >She slowly walks out, her hair sticking up on one side and her eyes barely open >"Good morning Sonata. Feeling better?" >She just lets out a groan >"I will get some lunch prepared. You girls sit tight. Also Sonata, why don't you go take a shower?" >She lets out a lazy sigh and begins to stumble to the bathroom door "Ok daddy." >Sleep inertia is a dick >"We all good now Aria? If you have anything left to say, say it." "Yeah, we're good. I think I overreacted a bit." >"If you're sure." >Having made amends with Aria you walk out onto the front porch >New snow was beginning to fall >You hoped that you were being a good parent, you were new to this after all >You couldn't become the man your father was. You couldn't. >The fact that Aria said she wasn't getting enough attention from you shook you to the core. You knew it was irrational, but you just couldn't shake it >A hand presses your shoulder and you jump >Once again, it's Adagio "Why are you out here in the cold by yourself dad?" >"Don't worry about it Dagi. I'm fine. Just enjoying the snowfall is all." >She sits beside you "Dad do I look dumb to you?" >You look puzzled "No, not at all." "Then why are you telling me such a blatant lie? Just tell me what's wrong." >"Drop it Adagio." >She sighs "Well I'm not leaving." >Damn she was persistent >"Come. Let's get some food." >You open the door to a scream and run in >It's Aria with her hand covering her eyes >Sonata is once again in the middle of the living room, butt naked "Damn it Sonata! Why do you do this every time you walk out of the shower!?" >Looks like her nerves were still a bit frayed >You run over to Sonata >"Come Sonata. Go put on some clothes and then I will comb your hair." "I thought you said we were going to eat?" >Right. You nearly forgot. >You go to the kitchen and rummage through the pantry >Dick all. >Looks like you were going to have to either go out or improvise. >"How about we just order in girls? I seem to be running low on food." >Aria lets out a large sigh "But I am TIRED of pizza dad. Can't we have something better?" >"What would you like?" "I don't know. Something good?" >Adagio butts in "How about Chinese food. I have been getting a huge craving for that lately." >"Chinese food it is then. Let me just call them real quick." >You get on the phone and start to order and see Adagio and Aria talking out of the corner of your eye, laughing and smiling >At least they got some enjoyment out of each other. >"So what do you girls want?" >Aria tries to look nonchalant and sighs "Just get me some fried rise or whatever." >Adagio smiles "Just get me some Lo Mein." >You then call to Sonata >"What do you want from the Chinese place Sonata?" "Chinese food is gross!" >Ugh >"If you don't order something I will order it for you." "FINE! I will have ramen then you big meanie!" >You roll your eyes and order "Do you want anything sir?" >The voice sounded so familiar >But who "Sir?" >"Oh um no. We got everything." >The person hangs up >"Alright girls the ETA of the food should be here in around 15 minutes" >Sonata and Adagio have just been sitting in the corner mumbling and giggling >"What's so funny girls?" >They giggle even harder "O-oh nothing. N-nothing at all." >They giggle even harder than before >You smile >"What did you girls do?" >Aria puts her hand over her mouth to suppress her laughter "H-here." >She gives you a pocket mirror "Your back you goof." >You look to find a piece of paper taped to your back with the words "I'm a lozer" on it >The second you see it the bust out laughing >"Oh very funny. But I have a retort." >You start to tickle them, making them laugh harder >Sonata skips down "What's going on?" >You turn to her >"Oh nothing in particular just..." >You run over to her and begin to tickle her >"Just an attack from the tickle monster!" "Daddy stop! I'm ticklish!" >After about 12 minutes your door bell rings and run to answer it >Alto begins to bark wildly >You open the door and look in shock >It's Diamond Tiara >You hadn't seen the little shit in a long time >Clearly doing well for herself, serving fast food >"That will be 15 dollars and 25 cents sir." >You pay her the charge plus 5$ tip, then take your bag >Karma sure is a bitch >"Here girls" >You put the bag on the table and they dig in "Thanks Daddy!" >Sonata seems to be back to her normal self >"How would you girls like some cookies?" >Sonata jumps in her seat "YEAH" >Aria chuckles "Do you even bake Anon? The only thing you have ever served us is frozen food or take out?" >"I was never really given any formal education on cooking, let alone baking. But I can sure as hell give it a try. What do ya say?" >Aria laughs again "If you say so Dad. But if you give me food poisoning I'm going to stick another paper to your back." >"How did you do that so stealthily anyway?" "A ninja never reveals her secrets." >"Ohhhh so you're a ninja now huh?" "Oh yeah. And I'm gonna kill you in your sleep!" >"Oh alright. I'll make sure to sleep with one eye open." >You get to work >For some reason you had some chocolate chips and flower lying around >Like what could possibly go wrong? >You look at the long list of instructions and try to follow them as best you can >Aria looks at you covered in flour "You ok in there dad?" >You almost drop your mixing bowl >"Oh yeah. I am taking it to these cookies" >A puff of flour blows in your face, making Sonata laugh hysterically "Daddy you're so funny!" >You quickly finish up with the cookies and put them in the oven for the next hour >You go to sit with the trio, who are now done with their meal, while you wait >"So girls?" >Adagio looks up "Yeah?" >You were running out of ideas fast. This is the longest you had ever conversed with another human being, let along three preteen girls >"Uh... what's up?" "I just ran out of journal pages ranting about you daddy." >You laugh >"How many pages did my glorious presence take up?" "Too many." >"There was one thing I do need to talk to you three about and that's school." >Sonata lets out a whine "But I hate school!" >"I know but you girls need your education. Anyway, there is one problem: I need to legally adopt you in order for you to attend school." >Aria's eyes light up "You mean we are actually going to get to be your daughters!?" >She catches herself "I-I mean, yeah whatever. So what?" >"That's exactly what you would be. But this could take time especially since we have no idea who your biological parents are." >Adagio looks at you, puzzled "You mean our Siren parents?" >Both Aria and Sonata are completely confused "Sirens? You mean like the beasts in mythology that would tempt sailors into bad waters with their songs? What kinda weird role play are you too into?" >Fuck. You weren't ready to tell them yet. >You sigh >"Aria, Sonata. There is something you should know. It's about your past." "Our past? What do you mean? You're not actually going to tell Sonata and I that we're really Sirens are you?" >You look dead serious >You tell them all about the Rainbow Rocks incident and how they tried to take over the school >Aria is in shock and Sonata has a blank expression on her face >Aria finally speaks up "I can't... I can't believe we would do something like that.. Why? Were we really that vain?" >"Unfortunately yes." >Tears start to form in Aria's eyes >You put your hand on hers >"Listen Aria. Actually all of you listen up. The past is that past. All that matters is now and that you're not who you used to be. You surprise me every day with just how kind you are and I am proud of you." >Aria is still crying "Yeah. I know. I just can't believe I was so heartless." >"Listen Aria. You are not that person anymore ok? You are a beautiful, beautiful individual with a lot going for her. And soon to officially be my adopted daughter. I still love you. You changed my life in a way I will never forget." "Yeah Daddy. I know." >Just as she says this the timer dings >The cookies are ready >"Well I know just the thing to cheer us up." >You go and pull out the sheet of cookies >You forgot one important step. Adjusting for altitude >The cookies were now completely sunken in >"Surprise!" >Aria looks at you with a glare so fierce it could burn a hole through you >She then busts out laughing "Dad, you are so silly." >She takes one of the cookies off the sheet and takes a bit >She spits it out "And your cooking is even worse than you jokes." >You laugh >"Can I get an A for effort?" "Of course you dork. Well I'm off to bed." >"Well I think she has the right lead. Time for bed girls." >Sonata pouts "Awwww Dad! I want to stay up!" >"Sorry sweetie. It's way past your bed time. You need to get a good nights sleep." >She submits and walks up to change into her PJs >Just as Adagio begins to walk up the stairs she stops and looks back at you "I love you dad." >"I love you too Adagio." >She walks into her room >You begin to turn off the lights and hear something coming from Aria's bedroom >It's crying >You sneak next to the door and put your ear to it >She is sobbing hard in there and you manage to catch what she's saying "can't believe I did that!? I am are freaking monster! How could I be so evil!" >You hear her throw her pillow against the wall and cry more >She was taking this really hard >You knock on the door >"Hey Aria? Can I come in?" >You hear her quickly jerk about, no doubt in an attempt to hide her tears "U-uh yeah. Come in." >You open her door >"I could hear you crying from all the way out there. What's going on sweetie?" >All of a sudden you see her persona shatter >Her eyes once again fill with tears and the sobbing starts again >You sit next to her and put your arm around her, rubbing her back >"Shhhh. It's ok." "It's not ok! I tried to take over the whole damn school by causing chaos and disorder! Not to mention I am some freak dragon monster with hooves and a fish tail! How is any of this ok!?" >You hold her closer >"I know this isn't easy. But you are different now. The Aria I know would never do something like that. We all make mistakes. Sometimes they're big. But you're sorry now aren't you?" "Yes. And so ashamed.." >"Well then I don't see any reason to beat yourself up more. You made a mistake and you're sorry. It's what people do Aria. I don't care what you look like or what you are. You're not a monster Aria. You are a beautiful girl who will go places in life." >She looks up at you, tears still in her eyes and sniffles "You mean that?" >You hug her tight >"Of course I do Aria. I would never lie about something like that. Believe me, if I hated you, I'd let you know. My dad has heard it plenty." >She laughs a bit "Thanks daddy. I love you." >"I love you too sweet heart. Now you get some sleep. You and I have a big day ahead of us tomorrow." "Of course." >You start to get up when you feel a hand pull you back "A-actually daddy... Can you sleep with me tonight? I know it's really childish but.. I'm kinda afraid of the dark." >You smile >The tough, hardened persona she always carried was starting to fade >She was actually quite warm and kind when you got to know her >"Sure Aria. Let me just check on Sonata real quick and I will be back." >She looks down nervously "C... Can you leave the light on please?" >You walk over and kiss her cheek >"Of course I can." >You walk out of her room and quickly make your way up to your room >You open the door and to your surprise, Sonata was already fast asleep. You expected at least a little fuss. >Oh well, all the easier. >You quietly tip toe back down the steps and into Aria's room >"You ready to sleep Aria." "Yeah daddy. Also... I was hoping I could ask a favor." >"And what might that be?" "Well... ya see..." >She pulls out a bag that used to belong to your fiance' >Must have left it when she decided to have an affair >She reaches inside it and to your surprise, pulls out the children's bedtime story Goodnight Moon >She holds it out in front of her, her face completely red and her eyes closed tightly shut "Can you read it to me?" >You start to giggle "What's so funny!?" >"Nothing, it's just I never get to see this part of you. When you take down that tough girl act, you're actually quite the catch Aria." >Her eyes widen and she blushes brighter "U-uh... I didn't ask for you compliment. J-j-just read it to me ok?" >She tosses it too you >"I suppose it won't hurt." >You curl up next to her and open to page 1 >"In a great green room there was a telephone and a picture of, a cow jumping over the moon." >She snuggles tighter against you >"And there were three little bears, sitting on chairs, and two small kittens playing with mittens, And a little toy house, with a young mouse, and a comb and a brush and a jar full of mush, as well as the little old lady whispering hush." >Aria has her face rested against you, her eyes closed and a large smile on her face. >"Goodnight room. Goodnight moon. Goodnight cow jumping over the moon. Goodnight light." >"Goodnight mush. Goodnight nobody. Goodnight old lady whispering hush. Goodnight stars. Goodnight air. Goodnight noises everywhere." >You can hear a faint snoring emitting from Aria's mouth >She was out >You then close your eyes and fall into a deep sleep >You awake to the sound of a pot clanging the ground >Oh god what were they up to now? >You look to your side to find Aria had already gotten up and even made her side of the bed >You get out and walk out >"What's going on girls? I heard something fall." >Two hands quickly push you back "Go back! You weren't supposed to wake up yet!" >Adagio quickly pushes you back into your room and closes the door "It has to be a surprise." >You laugh a bit >"If you say so." >After about 15 minutes with periodic whines, moans and the occasional yell, they allow you to come out >Sonata hands you a big mug "Here daddy!" >You look inside to find coffee >This should be interesting. How could you possibly screw up black coffee? >You take a small sip and to your surprise, it tasted fantastic >Adagio looks at you intently "Well? How is it?" >"It tastes wonderful. In fact, I'd go as far to say that this is one of the best cups of coffee I have had in ages. When did you girls get so good at brewing coffee?" >Sonata opens her mouth "Well you see we-" >Adagio elbows Sonata's ribs "A good chef never tells her secrets." >"Well whatever you three did, you did it well. Thank you. This is just the thing to start my day off right." >They all smile brightly >"Well girls, once I finish this, we'll head out to get Sonata's presents." >But there was one glaring issue. You couldn't just leave a 7 year old at home by herself. How were you going to do this? >"However we need someone to stay behind with Sonata since she is too young to be by herself." "Am not!" >Aria flicks her head "Are too." "OW! That hurt Aria!" >"Adagio I was hoping you could do the honors, since I promise a special day for Aria and I." "But if I'm keeping track of Sonata, how am I going to get her present?" >"Simple. Just write what she might want on a slip of paper. I am sure we can find it somewhere." "If you're sure." >You give Adagio a pen and paper and she quickly jots something down >She hands it to you and you read it >A pair of pink slippers. That shouldn't be to challenging to find. >"Thanks Adagio. I will make sure to find it." >You give her and Sonata a big hug >"Ready Aria?" >She nods >You both walk out to the car >The snow had really come down last night, your entire driveway was covered in a white gloss "Daddy? Is it alright if I sit up front with you?" >You loved how often she called you daddy. Not even Sonata called you it that much >"Of course you can sweet pea." >She hops into the side of the car and you crank up the radio >"What sorts of things does Sonata like?" "Oh yeah know. Little kid stuff. Stuffed animals and the like." >"Any ideas of what you'll be getting her?" >You could tell she didn't really think it through "Just a stuffed animal or something." >"And that only leaves me. I bet I can find her a pillow or some such thing." >You make the 30 minute commute to the mall and begin shopping, finding the three items with surprising easy >Now all that was left was their surprise trip which you had already RSVP'd for. >They were going to freak when they found out. You could hardly contain it >"So what would you like to do Aria?" >She thinks a moment "Can we go to the arcade?" >"I sure don't see why not." >This was great. Not only did this arcade have games for her age, but you could also gamble a bit. One of your few guilty pleasures. >You drive down to the arcade and hand her some money >"Do you want me to play with you or do you want to go on your own?" >She smiles "With me" >You follow her around until she finds the perfect game >The money waster AKA the crane "Win something for me daddy!" >"Well I have never been much good at these games, but I will sure try." >You put in some change and start to move the crane >Aria watches with excitement as the hook slowly makes it's way to a plush unicorn >Your hook just barely misses it "Darn! So close!" >"You want to give it a try?" "Yeah! I bet I can totally beat you daddy." >She grabs the stick and you place a few more quarters in >With a careful hand, she swoops in with the crane, trying her hardest to out perform you >"You're doing great Aria." >A small bead of sweat drips from her brow and as if by magic, she not only gets the unicorn, but also another toy as well >You give her a great big hug >"I'm so proud of you!" >She giggles and blushes "It wasn't that big a deal. It's just a few stuffed animals." >"Are you kidding Aria? You did great." >She sighs "I... never mind." >"What Aria?" >She picks up the toys and points to the exit >You follow her out and sit on a bench just outside "Dad... I still feel like a monster. I know you said I wasn't but... how could I not? I may have human skin but I know what I really am. And that hurts." >You can see tears forming in her eyes. You had no idea that it hit her so hard. >"Aria I don't care if you're a human, siren, or multidimensional super beast. What matters is that you're my daughter and I will love you no matter what form you're in. I love you for the person you are. Not the skin you're wearing." >She hugs you tightly "I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't doubt but I just can't shake it." >"Look at me Aria." >She looks at you >"I love you. That's all you need. I. Love. You." >The waterfall starts again >Poor thing. You hated seeing her this way >There had to be something you could do. Something. >Finally you get the perfect plan. If this didn't cheer her up, you didn't know what would >"Aria, follow me. I have just the plan to make this day awesome." >She lifts her head up "Are you sure?" >You smile >"Trust me. You're going to absolutely love this." >You take her hand and being to walk her down the street "Aren't you going to tell me where we're going daddy?" >"It's a surprise. Just be patient." >Finally you make it. Aria's expression is priceless >It's a salon >"Well?" "H-how did you know I liked stuff like this?" >You smile >"I have my sources. Come, lets get you fixed up shall we?" >She gives you a hug so tight you feel like your ribs might break "Daddy. I love you." >"I love you too sweet pea." >Just then your cell phone rings >It's Adagio >"Hey." "Hi dad. I was wondering if you could order us some pizza or something? You barely have anything to eat." >"Sure thing. I left some money on the counter just for when you needed it." "Thanks." >She hangs up and you make a quick call to a pizza place >"You ready Aria?" >She nods >You both walk in and pay for a foot and nail job >"Have fun." "I will. I will." >Now cam the not so fun part. Waiting for her to finish. >Might as well make productive use of your time and look into how to adopt a kid >You take out your phone and begin to good search >Lots of paper work and screening. Lots of it. >You wish it could just be simple. Granted, paperwork wasn't all that hard, but you were a special kind of lazy >But it would all be worth it. Sooner or later they would have to go to college and become successful people of their own >You felt an overwhelming sense of pride >Even though your family treated you like shit and made you a useless man who survived on the hard work of someone else, you were going to make the three little ones in your care break the cycle >They weren't going to be like your parents or even like you >They were going to make it for themselves. You didn't know how, but you knew that some day they were going to make it big for themselves. And you would be there every step of the way >It brought a tear to your eye >It was amazing just how much change 3 little souls could bring to someone >You wait patiently for around a hour for her pedicure to be done >You realize that it was already Saturday. You'd be leaving for your Christmas trip tomorrow >Finally Aria makes her way out >She looks stunning >Instead of her normal pig tails, she has it done in one long ponytail >Her nails are ruby red and you can tell they added some makeup to her face that really made it stand out >"You look gorgeous Aria." >She blushes "Thanks." >You both walk out >"Well Aria, for a monster, you are quite beautiful." >She hugs you tight "Thanks dad. Sorry for dwelling on that so much." >"It's not a problem at all. What do ya say we go home?" >She nods "Alright Dad. Thanks for today. I really needed it. I feel much better." >"I'm glad." >You both hop back in your car and make your way home >Hopefully Adagio didn't run into too much trouble >You pull up and sneakily place Sonata's gifts under a tarp in the garage then walk in >The scene you found when you walked in almost gave you diabetes >Sonata was coloring in an old coloring book while Adagio was combing and doing her hair "Oh you're home." >Sonata bolts up "Yay daddy's home!" >Adagio quickly pushes her back down "Sonata sit still or you'll mess up your hair. I'm almost finished. You can hug daddy after." >You sit next to them >"Ok girls we're going to need to pack a few things." >They all look at your curiously >"Make sure to pack most of your clothes but especially your coats. You'll need them." >Sonata doesn't take her eyes off her coloring project "Anything else daddy?" >"Just the normal things like shampoo and such. We will be leaving at 4 in the morning." >3. 2. 1. "WHAT!?" >"Yep. You heard me. So we need to go to bed extra early tonight." >Aria is flabbergasted "But why? Why so early?" >"To beat traffic. If we waited to wake up at around 9 like normal we would be in traffic for literally hours. So this also means if you want to be comfortable make sure to bring a blanket and pillow." >Aria is still not convinced "But why 4? couldn't we go at like 5 or 6?" >"Can't do. We have to make time to drop off Alto and the kennel." >They all pout, not liking this one bit >"That means after dinner you need to go straight to bed." >The dinner that night didn't go great >They were all so busy pouting that they didn't talk >Aria kept playing with her food, Adagio remained silent, and Sonata just stared into space >Why were girls so emotional? >After dinner, Aria finally speaks up "Can you sleep next to me again Daddy?" >Sonata gets pissed "No! Daddy slept next to you last night. It's my turn now!" >Aria shoots her a glare of death "Shut up Sonata! Stop being such a baby!" "You shut up you big meanie!" >"Girls, if you can't solve this friendly neither of you get to sleep next to me." >They both glare at each other angrily >Neither of them seemed like they were going to budge >"Fine, I'm sleeping on the couch." "WAIT!" >They both grab your arms "I... I guess we both can sleep with you... But I swear if you pee on me Sonata, I am going to kick your butt!" "Shut up! Why do you have to always make fun of me! Stop being such a meanie!" "Maybe if you didn't act like an annoying like pest I wouldn't have to!" >And the tears begin >You sigh. It is far to late at night for this shit. >"Sorry girls. I'm on the couch tonight. It's obvious you two can't resolve your differences maturely." >Aria becomes enraged "LOOK WHAT YOU DID YOU IDIOT!" "THIS IS YOUR FAULT FOR BEING SUCH A BIG BULLY!" >Man they were going at each others throats tonight >What had gotten into them? >Even Adagio isn't trying to stand between them >Finally you snap "Girls! To your rooms! Now." >They say at the same time "But-" >"NOW. You have till the count of 5. 4" >They both look at each other and quickly run to their rooms >You really had to do something about this. It seemed like every time they made a peace treaty it was only a matter of time before they were clawing at each other again >They were like oil and water >Adagio sighs "Will they ever get along?" >You give her a small hug >"They will. But it's just what siblings do. At least they make up afterwards." "I suppose you're right. Good night daddy." >"Night. I will see you bright and early tomorrow morning." >You had a rough night of sleep >You couldn't tell if it was just the excitement or the anxiety of whether or not they'd like it >Probably both >At last, your 3:30 alarm goes off >Time for the oh so fun task of waking up the kids >You go with the easiest first, giving a soft knock on Adagio's door "Time to wake up Dagi." >To your surprise she opens the door, already dressed and ready "I've been ready for a while now. Also dad, I made sure to wrap Sonata's presents. You seemed to have forgotten." >Shit. You totally did. How the hell did she get past you without you hearing her? >"Thank's Adagio. What would I do without you?" "Parish under your own forgetfulness." >She smiles and closes the door >Now onto Sonata. This was gonna suck. >You tap on the door >"Sonata. Time to get up." >You hear a groan and a shift in the covers "F... five more minutes." >"You can sleep in the car. Let's go." >You open the door and start to shake her awake, but she remained stubbornly still "Just... just five more minutes daddy." >You sigh >"Well I'm going to wake up Aria. I expect you to be up by the time I get back." >She curls up against her pillow "I totally... promise." >You had never felt so unassured by a promise in your life >You walk down stairs and knock on Aria's door "Aria! Time to wake up." >She opens to door, half asleep with a comb in her hair "Almost ready daddy. Just let me finish combing my hair." >"Alright" >She closes the door and you go back to Sonata >Not to your surprise, she is still curled up nice and tight >You begin to shake her >"Come on Sonata. We gotta go if we're going to make it." >Finally she gives, rubbing her eyes and very slowly sitting up right >"Get dressed. I'm going to make some food." >You run quickly downstairs and make a few slices of toast for the road, as well as begin to brew your coffee >Adagio is already at the table waiting patiently >She looked so cute in her coat >"I'm going to go load the presents and the bags in the car. You make sure Sonata and Aria are out here." >She salutes you "Aye sir!" >You put on your steel toed combat boots and and start to pack in the car >It was cold as shit outside even with a coat >It was the type of cold that sapped the heat out of your very bones >After a quick packing job you walk back inside the house >Both Sonata and Aria are sitting at the table, though Sonata had her head down >You look around for Alto and get him into the car >"Alright girls, lets get going." >Sonata is having difficulties putting her coat on >So much so that she actually has it inside out, upside down, and backwards >Happens when you don't open your eyes >You quickly rush over and fix her up, picking her up in your arms >"You girls ready?" >Aria yawns "Yep." >"Oh and Adagio, can you get my coffee for me?" "Aye!" >She runs back to dutifully get your coffee >You carefully place Sonata into the back seat, buckling her in >She was out before her head hit seat >Alto sits right in the middle and Aria climbs into the other side with Adagio in the front "Here" >She gives you your cup of liquid gold >"Thanks Adagio. Let's get this thing started." >You start the car and put on some shitty country station >Adagio shivers and hugs herself "It's so cold." >"I know it. I have heater on but we need to let it catch up. But I do have this." >You press a button the side of her seat that begins to warm it up "Thanks daddy." >This seems to do the trick and Adagio starts to nod off >Even stubborn Aria can't keep her eyes open for very long >Now you just needed to drop Alto off and you could get going >And all the while it would be a nice, silent car ride all the way up. Things couldn't have worked out better. >You go to the nearby dog watching clinic and pay the fee the get back on the road >You loved being up this early >It was still dark and so peaceful >You begin to make your way up into the mountains. Only 3 more glorious hours of quiet to go >After an hour and a half Adagio begins to stir and slowly wake up "Morning Daddy." >"Morning sweet heart. How did you sleep?" "Alright. How long till we get there?" >"By my calculations, around two hours more or less." "Can we get something to eat then? Toast isn't really the most filling breakfast." >"I'm just about out of gas anyway. We will get something at the gas station." "Where are we?" >"The mountains of course." "Ugh we're not going camping are we?" >"Course not. It's much too cold to camp. We will be going some place a little nicer. The place I used to work during the winter months." "Where is that?" >You run your hand through her hair playfully >"Nice try sweetie. It's still a surprise." >Finally you pull to the side of a gas stating >You were now in the middle of buttfuck nowhere >You both walk into the convenience store leaving the two tired girls asleep in the car >They were just the cutest >The air outside was frigid, like walking into a freezer >"Make sure to pick out some snacks for the other two. They will undoubtedly want some." "Aye sir." >You look around and just pick out an Arizona tea >Adagio came back with some gummy bears, pop tarts, and a candy bar "The pop tarts are for me, the candy bar for Aria, and the gummy bears for Sonata." >You smile >"Good work." >You go in and purchase the goods then walk back to the car >Aria is just starting to wake up >"Morning sweetie." "Morning daddy. Have we arrived yet?" >"Nope. We still got about an hour and a half to go." >She groans and buries her head back into against the pillow >You toss the bar back to her >"Adagio got you this." >She just mumbles >"Say thank you." "Thank you Adagio." >You pull back and get back on the road, putting the radio back on "Dad? Why do you have such bad taste in music?" >You laugh >"Ya know Adagio, there are nicer ways to ask me to change the station." "It's just a simple question. I wasn't trying to change the station." >"Well then I see no reason to stop it my little cheese puff." "Little cheese puff?" >"You're hair." >She sticks her tongue out "Oh very funny." >You drive for a while and notice that Adagio begins to hum a bit >"Why not sing? If you're as good at singing as you are humming this should be great." >She blushes and twirls her hair with on finger "Oh I doubt I'm that good." >"Nonsense. Give it a try." >Time to see if her voice was destroyed forever or just a temporary side effect of the gem destruction >She takes a deep breath and begins to sing >It was like nails on a chalk board. You swear a few cilia in your ear died. >It was off pitch and mangled. It was if she became tone deaf. >She immediately covers her mouth "S... Sorry." >You place your hand on her shoulder and give it a gentle squeeze >"No need to be sorry. You just need some practice is all. Did you know that I used to be a singer back in the day? Damn good one too. I made honors choir. I'd be honored if I could teach you." "But I thought since my medallion was destroyed I lost all my musical ability?" >"I may be wrong here, but I think you can still learn to sing. I don't think the gem played into it. I think it only amplified your latent potential." "Are you sure about that?" >"It certainly won't hurt to put my theory to the test will it? You've got nothing to lose." "Ok. I will give it a try." >For the next hour you and Adagio worked on her voice. It was rough and slow going at first, but she was really starting to get the hang of it. You could tell that she would learn how to sing again in no time at all. >But you could tell she was getting frustrated "Ugh! Why does this have to be so hard!" >You rub her shoulder >"Adagio you're doing great. Don't beat yourself up. You have made a lot of progress." >She sighs "I know. It's just hard." >"Do you want to stop? I don't want to force you to do something you don't want to do." "No. I do want to learn to sing again. Maybe I can use it for good instead of evil this time." >"If you're sure." >You look around and finally see your destination >"Looks like we are just about there. Aria, Sonata. Wakie wakie. We're here." >Aria blinks her eyes open and Sonata stretches >You can almost instantly see the excitement spread across her face >You had arrived at the ski resort for a week of fun >Sonata presses her face against the window "Frozen North Ski Resort?" >Damn. She read well for a 7 year old >"That's right. Now lets check into our room and I can tell you all about what we're doing." >Aria smiles "I have to say this is pretty cool daddy." >"I am so glad you think so Aria." >She quickly puts on the tough girl act to save face "But not THAT cool. I mean there are way better places to be." >You laugh >"I'll take your word for it. Now go and get your stuff." >You all exit the car and get hit by a wall of cool air >You swear you could feel the fluid in your eyes freeze a bit >The three girls grab their bags and follow you inside >Just as you go to the reception desk you feel your heart skin to your stomach >There, at the counter, was none other than Sunset Shimmer. >Shit. Shit. Shit. >It was far too soon for this. She could still think the Dazzling's were evil! What if the other mane 6 counterparts were here too? >Might as well just throw caution to the wind >You walk up to the counter and Sunset is busy doing computer things >"Hello, I am here to get my room." "Oh yes. A Mr. Anonym-" >She stops cold when she gets a good look at the Dazzlings >She clears her throat and speaks rather slowly "Mr. Anonymous. Your room is going to be number 425. 4th floor." >She hands you 4 card keys and you begin to walk to the elevator >You glance back and see she already has her phone out, no doubt contacting the mane 6 >You hoped this wasn't going to be more trouble than it was worth >The elevator arrives and you all walk in >Aria tugs your sleeve "Daddy who was that woman?" >"That was Sunset Shimmer. She is the one the delivered the finishing blow to you three that destroyed your gems. Let's just say she doesn't know you've changed." >Sonata has a worried look on her face "She won't hurt us will she?" >"Not if I have anything to say about it. I will explain the situation to her." >The three hug you tight in a big sandwich >"I promise I will keep you girls safe. That is my first priority." >You all walk into the room >It was a cozy place with 2 beds >You couldn't wait for the fight about who was going to sleep with you. >"Alright girls. You stay up here, I am going to go explain this to Sunset." "Ok daddy." >"Adagio you're in charge. Make sure everyone stays up." "Aye sir!" >You walk downstairs and find Sunset, still at her post >You walk over to her "Mr. Anonymous. I don't know who you are, but I would like to know why the Dazzlings are here with you. You know what they did right?" >"I am aware. But they're different now." "Different how?" >"I have noticed a few changes ever since their gems were destroyed. The first is that they have gotten younger." "They did seem that way. Sonata especially. She looks like a toddler." >Damn would this woman let you finish >"The second is the amnesia. They can't seem to remember a single thing from before the Battle of the Bands." "Seriously?" >"Seriously. I have since then informed them about their past and all three of them are deeply remorseful. It took me two days to convince Aria she wasn't a monster. Even now I still think she doubts that." >She sighs and nods "Well I suppose something like that could happen. I mean it happened to me, ya know besides the age and amnesia part." >"I urge you to trust me. They are no threat to anyone anymore. In fact, I am planning on legally adopting them." >Sunset's eyes seem to almost bulge out of her head at the thought "Well I am in no place to judge. But promise me that if any of them act out or start showing signs of their former selves that you will call me?" >She hands you a slip of paper with her number on it >"I promise. I doubt I will need to though." >You see a look of disappointment on her face for just an instant "Well feel free to call anytime." >"I will thanks." >Damn was she coming onto you? >You push the thought out of your head >It was much to soon to find another love interest. You had be wounded far too deeply. >Even after 3 years, it was still a sore spot in your heart >You rush back up stairs to check on the girls >Luckily Adagio had managed to maintain order >The three of them had found some paper and pens and were now playing tic tac toe >They all look at you "So what's the word?" >"She understands the situation. We're all good now. But she may still look at you funny. Give her time. She doesn't know you three the way I know you." "Aye sir." >Aria lays her back against the foot of the bed "So what are we doing daddy?" >You check your watch >9:00 AM >Still lots and lots of time >"Well we have a few options. We will save skiing for tomorrow. So we can either go to town and shop, do a tram ride up the mountain, or we can chill out here. They have a pool and an arcade." >They all think for a second "I kinda want to do the tram ride." >Adagio seconds it "I agree with Aria." >Surprisingly Sonata has no qualms about it either "Sure!" "Where exactly does the tram take us daddy?" >"It will take us to a really great restaurant at half way up the mountain." "That's it?" >Adagio elbows Aria's ribs "That'll be great dad." >"It's fine Adagio. We can do lots of other stuff when we get there. We could take a Snowcat ride around the mountain, we could sled, or even both. How does that sound Aria?" >She smiles "I'd love that daddy." >"Well then we must be off. The next tram leaves in 15 minutes so get your gear on." >They quickly do so and you rush through the cold air to the tram >Just before you leave you see Sunset shoot a wink your way >Damn you emotions, getting in the way of everything! >You finally arrive and put your hands to the door >"After you ladies." >They all giggle and make their way on once you pay >For a small metal box it was surprisingly warm on the inside >The tram does a hard lurch forward and you begin your accent up the mountain >The girls look eagerly outside >Sonata has her head smooshed against the glass >You were surprised how little they were fighting. It was nice. Maybe they were starting to get along after all. >Hopefully this wasn't just a temporary truce. >Aria huddles close to you "This is beautiful Anon." >"I'll say. It's been nearly 3 years since I've been here last." >Cheese Puff also snuggles close "I agree. I just wish I weren't so cold." >"You're cold right now?" "I am FREEZING. Are you not?" >"No. Actually I'm burning up." >She looks to Aria who also shakes her head and Sonata is still to busy with the view to notice >After a 10 minute ride you arrive at the top >The Cloudsdale bar and grill >You begin to walk towards the bar but Sonata seems a bit sluggish >Poor thing must still be tired. Nothing a little food won't cure. "Daddy I'm tired." >"I know Sonata. Let's just get you some food and you'll be right back on track." >You walk into the bar with your trio and get some burgers >Sonata was panting >Weird. That walk shouldn't have taken that much out of her. >Hopefully some food would make her feel better >After a while the food arrived >Sonata didn't look so good >"Sonata? You ok sweetie?" >She shakes her head and doubles over "I don't feel so hot." >"What's going on?" "I feel like I'm going to throw up. My head is spinning." >Just then it became obvious >Altitude sickness. She must not be used to air this thin. >"You probably have Altitude Sickness. I'll ask for the check and we can go back so you can get more acclimated." >Aria is not pleased with this "What? But I wanted to go on the Snowcat!" >"Sorry Aria. If we let this go on Sonata could be in some very serious trouble. We have an entire week. We will do it I promise." >She crosses her arms indignantly "Fine." >Adagio looks very worried "She'll be alright won't she dad?" >"She will. I'll just ask reception for a tank of oxygen and she will be good as new. She will just have to take things slow." >You pay for the food and pick up Sonata doing your best not to move her around too much >Poor thing looked like she would puke any second >You wait for what seems like an eternity for the next tram, holding Sonata close to you >She looked miserable >Her head was in her lap, her arms crossed and her breathing had quickened "Daddy. My head hurts really really bad." >You rub her back slowly >"I know honey. We're almost there. Just hang in there. You are doing great." >You finally make it and carry Sonata in your arms again, running straight to the receptionist >This time it was Lyra Heartstrings manning the helm >She was kind of odd >"Hey Lyra. Can you get me a portable tank of oxygen?" "Sure thing Mr...?" >"Anon." >She shrugs her shoulders and gives you an small tank "What room should I charge too?" >"425." >You get back to your room and put the mouth piece to her lips, turning the flow on >"Just take nice deep breaths. You'll feel much better." >She just nods, closes her eyes and breathes >Aria is still salty. Maybe it was too soon for them to get along. But you weren't giving up that easily. "So what do we do now?" >"Would you like to practice singing again?" >Adagio begins to blush "Not in front of Aria." >"Well then in that case how about we do a bit of shopping?" >Aria raises her eyebrow "Didn't we already buy all the presents? And what about Sonata?" >"We aren't shopping for that. We're just going to buy food and stuff. And we'll take Sonata with us. She just has to take it easy for a bit. She'll be good as new in about 20 to 30 minutes." >You pick up Sonata again >She was already looking better. The color was beginning to return to her face. >You go down to the lobby and to your surprise the mane 5 were there >What are the odds that they were vacationing at the exact same resort at the exact same time you were? >They didn't look to happy to see you either >You place Sonata down against a wall >"Girls, keep watch over Sonata. I will take care of this." >They both nod and you walk towards the group >Rainbow Dash is the first to speak "So Mr... Anon? Care to explain why you are trying to adopt 3 evil sirens?" >You fill with anger at the statement. They were not evil and it made you angry that she would say that so bluntly. >"Don't you dare talk about my girls that way." >Rainbow Dash seems just as angry "Your girls!? Do you have any idea what they tried to do!? They are monsters!" >It takes all your energy not to tackle her to the ground for saying that. >You get right in her face >"I swear if you call them monsters one more time I will show you what a real monster looks like." "Oh yeah? Try it. I dare you." >Rarity steps in between you two "Now stop! This is no way for us to behave. But Darling, we would like an explanation. Just why do you want to adopt them? Aren't you afraid they will turn?" >All of a sudden Aria yells from across the room "WE'RE NOT MONSTERS! WE ARE HUMANS JUST LIKE YOU!" >tears are overflowing from eyes like a waterfall, her fists clenched tightly >You had never seen Aria so angry >The whole room is silent >You turn back to the group >"Like what she said. They aren't the dazzlings you knew. They are amazing people. Now if you'll excuse us, we have to get some shopping done." >You pick Sonata back up and storm out >"Come on girls." >They follow you out into the car >Aria is still crying quite hard >Poor thing really felt it deep >You turn back to Aria >"Don't listen to her Aria. No matter what she says you are a good person." "How do you know that!?" >She can barely speaking in between her sobbing "H-how can you tell me, look me in the eye, and say that I am not a monster?" >You look her dead in the eyes >"Could a monster make a person who hated life and wanted to live forever in solitude the exact opposite? Could a monster make someone as hateful as me feel love again?" >Her tears stop momentarily >"I love you. All of you. And no form will ever change that." >You start to make the commute into town in absolute silence >You checked back every so often and Sonata looked much better, though she still hadn't opened her eyes >Aria sat with her arm crossed, angrily staring out the window >She was pissed >Adagio just stared out the window, but not really seeing what was in front of her >It was like she was in a trance >Fucking Rainbow Dash and her big mouth. >You arrive at the market and get out >"Sonata honey. Sonata. Wake up." >She blinks open her eyes and sits up >"How do you feel?" >She gets a big wide smile "Much better. But I am starving." >"Glad to hear it." >Sonata gets up and does a big stretch "Daddy can we get tacos?" >"Sure." >She jumps in the air repeatedly "Yay!" >You look towards Aria and Adagio >Aria still has a nasty glare on her face and Dagi is still in a trance like state >"Come on girls. Turn those frowns upside down." >Just as you say that a white van pulls into the lot >The door opens and the mane 5 + sunset pop out >Fuck they followed you here? >You were so not in the mood for this shit right now >"What do you want?" >They all jump out of the van and Rarity elbows Rainbow "Hey Anon... Sorry about what I said before... I wasn't aware of the whole situation. But Sunset explained everything us." >You aren't sure what to make of it >You stare at Rara "I'm sorry too darling." >You move out of the way >"Don't apologize to me. It's them you should be apologizing too." >You can tell Aria is already revved up >She has got a cold glare on her face and her fists are clenched so tightly it looks like the skin may rip >Rainbow kneels on one knee "Hey girls. I'm sorry for what I said. I didn't realize all that had happened." >Sonata and Adagio both accept the apology but Aria remains firm >That was a real big cut to her self esteem to hear someone call her that and a simple word wasn't going to heal it >This frustrates Rainbow "Come on Aria! I said I was sorry!" "Screw you!" "What did you say?" >To your surprise, Fluttershy stands in between the two "Rainbow! Calm down. I'll take care of this." >Fluttershy kneels "Aria?" >Aria turns her head defiantly "Aria. Look at me. Can you do the for me?" >Aria begins to turn her head still glaring "We didn't mean it ok. We just weren't aware of what happened. I promise we will make it up to you alright? But in order for that to happen you need to accept Rainbow's apology and become friends." >Aria begins to tear up "But she called me a monster!" >Fluttershy runs her fingers through Aria's hair "I know. It must of hurt a lot huh?" >Tears begin to fall down her face >All she can do is nod "Well Aria, Rainbow is very sorry for calling you that. She didn't mean it." >Aria rubs the tears from her eyes and composes herself "Yeah fine whatever. Just leave me alone." >"Well now that that is done, do you have anything else you want to say? We're a bit busy." >Rarity steps up "Oh yes, one final thing darling." >She slips a small paper into your breast pocket and gave you a sly wink "Alright girls, our business is concluded. Let us go." >They all hop into the van and drive off >You pull the paper out and read what it says >Meet me in the hotel lobby at 10:30 sharp. Don't be late. >Was this a booty call? >You shake your head and push the dirty thoughts from your mind >No. There was no way. She just needed clarification. Nothing... sexual. >"Ok girls let's go inside shall we?" >You let out some nervous laughter and the girls look at you funny "You ok Daddy?" >"Y-yep I am just dandy Sonata. Now let's go." >She just shrugs and you all walk towards the store >You all walk into the store "Are we still getting tacos daddy!?" >You smile >"Of course we are." >Sonata jumps for joy "Yes, yes, yes!" >That seems to hit a nerve in Aria "Sonata! Shut up! Will you please just shut up for once!" >Of course, Sonata's eyes fill with tears >"Girls, calm down. That was difficult for all of us but we can't be snapping at each other like this." >Sonata desperately tries to hold in her tears >"Aria, I know what she said hurt you but don't hold it against her. Rainbow Dash tends to be rather impulsive and says things without thinking them through. She didn't mean it." >Aria just crosses her arms "Whatever. I don't care." >You sigh. It took 2 days to get her out of that funk and all it took was a sentence to put her back >"We'll talk late alright Aria?" "Whatever." >You and the girls walk to buy some tacos and this cheers Sonata right up >You all roam around getting some food and other supplies for the week, including some cheap swim suits for the pool >Then you get an idea >"Ok girls we're going to do something fun." >Adagio looks at you curiously "Fun how?" >"We are going to buy some special ornaments." >Adagio continues being confused "Special in what way?" >"You'll see. It's in a different store so let's finish with this first." >You quickly buy the rest of the stuff and get back into the car >"Ya see, there is a special shop here that is known for making amazing ornaments. We are going to get some for the three of you." >Adagio smiles "I'd like that" >You arrive at the shop and go inside >The girls are in awe even salty Aria >"You can customize your ornament to damn near whatever you want here. But first you need to pick a base." >They all search for a bit >Adagio picks out a ball, Sonata an oval, and Aria a Christmas tree outline >"Alright. Step two is to enter it into this computer here and pick the design." >They all go to different computers >Sonata of course fills hers with a bunch of tacos >Adagio takes a more abstract approach >She decorates hers with lots of wave lines, curious shapes, and a rainbow of colors >She lined it with four big stars with the same color as her cheese puff hair >Aria's seemed to match her mood >She made it have a black base with red stripes running every which way >But you noticed she actually seemed to calm down >Maybe she was an artsie fartsie kind of girl. She did draw the unicorns and hearts on the we love you Anon banner >When she finished the whole thing, her demeanor had changed drastically >She was still angry, but much calmer >Finally they all finish their designs >While you were busy admiring Aria's work from afar, Sonata has added a thousand more tacos in varying sizes >The girl had some issues with Mexican food >You walk over to the counter and pay the clerk and begin to walk out >Sonata is distressed "B-but what about the ornaments?" >"Oh they won't be ready till tomorrow. They still have to make it." >Sonata pouts "Awww. But I want it now." >"I know honey. But you'll just have to be patient. So how about in the meantime, we go to the pool to warm up. Then we will get some dinner going after that." "Ok!" "Aye sir." >You look at Aria who just nods in agreement >You all drive back to the hotel and you mind switches to Rara, making your heart race >No! You did not like her like that and nor did she! Stop it! >You reach the hotel and go to the room >Adagio grabs her suit and walks into the bathroom >Will Sonata, still with no shame to speak of, starts to undress right in front of you and Aria >Aria looks away in disgust as she starts to pull her panties down "Sonata! Not in front of us!" >She looks surprised "O-oh. Sorry." >She pulls her underwear back up but is still without a top >She was certainly something that Sonata. >Adagio finishes up surprising fast, still managing to keep her cheese puff hair perfectly done >You couldn't wait to see her poof get all messed up in the water. Ever since you found them you hadn't seen it messy once >Sonata goes in next shortly followed by Aria >You then go into change your swimsuit >All of a sudden you hear the door creak open and a lot of angry whispering >You turn around to see an eye ball peaking through the crack >Sonata's eyeball >Luckily you had only taken your shirt off >"Sonata? Can I help you with something?" >The door quickly shuts and you can hear more angry whispering >You place your shirt back on and walk outside >"Sonata?" >She is on the bed doing her best to act natural >"Sonata. May I ask why you were peaking through the door just now?" "W-what? I wasn't doing that! I was just um... sitting here." >Aria rolls her eyes >At least Sonata wasn't a very good liar >"Come on Sonata. I know you're lying. Are you curious about boys Sonata?" >Her face turns a bright shade of red "M... Maybe." >You look towards Aria and Adagio >"Why don't you girls go down to the pool. We will meet you down there." "If you say so daddy." "Aye sir." >They both grab some towels and head down >You look at Sonata "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to look! I didn't see anything I swear!" >"It's fine Sonata. You're not in trouble. But if you want to ask questions about boys then you can just ask. I don't mind." >She twiddles her thumbs together "What does it look like?" >"What does what look like?" >You were playing dumb, but you just wanted to see what she said "Y-you know... your private parts." >You smile "Boy parts are called a penis. A penis basically looks like a long tube attached to a sack with two balls called testes." >Her eyebrow raises "That's weird." >You laugh a bit >"Yeah I suppose it is. What else would you like to know?" "U-um... nothing." >That's about what you'd expect from a 7 year old >"Well if you're sure. Let head down to the pool. >You go back into the bathroom making sure to lock it this time and change, then head down to the pool >Both Aria and Adagio were chilling out in the hot tub >Aria looked the most relaxed she had ever been all day. >Only her head was out of the water and her eyes were closed >Adagio sat next to her, making sure to keep her poof from entering the water >Damn. You were really looking forward to seeing what it looked like messed up >"Hello girls." >Aria lets out a relaxed sigh "Hi daddy." "Hey." >You climb into the hot tub and Sonata follows you in, cuddling right up next you >It was so relaxing to be this way. So peaceful. >But you couldn't help the gnawing feeling that something was going to go wrong >It was just to perfect. To amazing. To happy. >And if your life had taught you anything, it was that life always pulled the rug from underneath you during times like these >You had been feeling this way for a while now. You just really hoped you were wrong this time. You couldn't bare to lose them too. >After a while of soaking you all go back to your room, eat dinner, and put the girls to bed >only 15 minutes till you had to meet Rarity for whatever she wanted to talk to you about >You decide to go to the lobby early >Those 15 minutes felt like forever. The suspense was killing you. >Finally Rarity come down >She is wearing a tacky winter coat >"So what did you want to talk about?" "I want to know why." >"Why what?" "Why you'd take the dazzling's in even though you knew what they did." >Mistrustful son of a bitch ain't she? >"I don't know. I did it because I could. There is no other reason than that. You all still don't trust that they aren't who they were do you?" "It's not that." >"Well then what is it? What could possibly warrant this much interrogation if not for the fact that you don't trust me?" "I don't know. It was silly of me." >"Are you done wasting my time?" "J-just one more thing darling." >"And what would tha-" >Before you could finish Rarity runs up to you and kisses you >You push her away >"Why did you do that?" >She's surprised "Because I thought you might like it." >You feel anger well inside you >"I don't need your pity. I gave up dating long ago." >Rarity looks crushed "But.. Darling-" >"Be quiet! Do you have any idea what it's like to have the love of your life for 7 years cheat on you with your best friend? Huh? Do you have any idea the scar that leaves in your heart?" >Rarity just looks down >"I am flattered by the gesture, but I will have to decline. I will never open my heart to another woman again." "B-but Anon. What a horrible way to live." >That made your blood boil >"Stop that. I don't fucking want or need your pity. This is how I am choosing to live. Because my heart is so unbelievably broken that dating another girl is out of the question. I will not be hurt again. I don't care if I have to live in solitude for the rest of my life. I am not dating. Period." >You storm off, leaving Rarity completely speechless >You hated it when people talked to you that way >Sure it was a feel good thing to have a lover, but it was just not for you. You had been tricked and hurt once and you were not going to be hurt like that again >You walk into the pool >Thankfully it was mostly empty >You strip down to your underwear and jump right into the pool >You needed to get rid of this negative energy >You swim back and forth down the long track over and over, your anger giving you the strength to move mountains >You were not only angry at her for talking to you in such a manner, but also angry that you blew up at her like that >You weren't the type to do that, not to mention she didn't deserve that >Why couldn't you just control yourself? >You swam back and forth until your muscles were practically screaming at you to stop and your lungs burned from the respiration >Finally you decide to get out, feeling mostly numb >You legs and arms hurt like a bitch and you slowly walk back to the room >You quietly make your way in and smile at the sight >The three girls are in the same bed, hugging one another and sleeping soundly >At least you could come back to something beautiful >Your heart wasn't out of love yet. >The next morning you were the last to wake up >The you awoke the girls were quietly playing a game of rock paper scissors >You quickly rub the sleep out of your eyes >"Good morning girls. You're up early." "Yay we woke up before daddy!" >Sonata erupts into giggles "Big night last night dad?" >"Yeah. You could say that." "So what are we doing today daddy?" >"I'm glad you asked Aria. We are going skiing." >Sonata looks confused "Skiing? What's that?" >Aria shoots her a glare "It's when you take two long, thin poles and slide on the snow with them dumb dumb." "That wasn't very nice!" >"Settle down. Now get dressed. We need to fit you all for boots and skis." >They get dressed and head outside to the car >You then drive to the ski shop >Sonata is amazed "Wow. These are weird!" "Those are skis dumb dumb." "Stop calling my a dumb dumb!" "Well maybe you should stop acting like a dumb dumb then." >And the tears start >"Sonata calm down. And Aria can you two just pretend to be friends this once?" >Aria turns her head "Hmph." >Sonata wipes the tears from her eyes >"Now let's get you all fit." >You see Adagio eyeing the snowboards "Hey Anon? Is it alright if I use a snowboard instead?" >"By all means Dagi. It will be a tad harder though. You alright with that?" "Aye sir." >That was such a cute quirk she had >You begin the fitting process >Adagio picked a snowboard that had a cheeto paint job on it. Turned out she road goofy also >Sonata picked some skis with a universe design on it, covered in stars and planets >Aria just went with simple purple skis >You got yourself some generic green skis and bought polls for Aria and yourself >Sonata needed to learn how to navigate without using her polls first in order to get the basics >The rest of the gear went without issue until you got to the poof >Her hair was going to be damn near impossible to fit inside a helmet. She might as well have an airbag in there. >You tried for a good half hour to fit that poof in there >Finally you went with a helmet the covered most of her cheese puff but left a little hanging out >Aria's and Sonata's helmets were easy enough, they just needed to take the ties out of their hair >Finally you get them all situated and start going towards the mountain >You were going to be doubly sure to keep an eye on Sonata so that she wouldn't get altitude sickness again. You even made sure to pack an extra oxygen canister just in case. >Hopefully you wouldn't need it though. You were going to take this nice and easy. >"Alright girls. We are going to start with that hill at the base of the mountain." "Aye sir." >You could see through her goggles how her hair could barely fit >At least if she feel her head would be safe >You take a small lift to the top of the hill and poll your way to the slope >"Alright girls. There are two techniques I want you to remember. The pizza and the french fry." >Sonata's mouth began to water "I sure would love some pizza right now." >Aria elbows her ribs but due to the fact that she has such a thick coat, she doesn't seem to mind >"You don't want to go down the mountain straight down. You'll go to fast and wreck. Instead you want to go side to side in long arcs. When your skis are straight like this we call it the french fry. Now when your turn or find yourself going too fast, you make your skis into a point almost like the shape of a pizza. This will slow you down. To come to a complete stop just slide with your side to the mountain." >This was clearly going right over Sonata's head >Even Aria and Adagio didn't seem to really understand it >Adagio slowly raises her hand "Can you maybe explain that a bit slower?" >You think for a moment >"I could. But better yet, why don't I just demonstrate. You three can follow me one by one. Don't worry. We'll take this nice and slow." >You slide down in perfect form, making a long arc, crossing your skis, then coming to a complete stop. >"Alright Adagio. You're up. Just do as I did." >Adagio slowly pushes off and begins to go down the slope >She looks completely terrified >Her legs are shaking but slowly she starts to do it >Just as she made her way to your side she falls "Shit." >"Adagio you did wonderful. For your first time that was excellent." >You extend your hand to help her up "Really? You mean that?" >"You bet." >You turn back to Aria and Sonata >"Alright Aria. You next." "Right." >You can tell she's a bit scared but is trying to hide it for her pride >She starts to go down with a bit too much speed and tumbles a bit, falling flat on her butt >"You ok A-" "I'm fine!" >She quickly pulls herself up again and moves forward >She takes a second tumble. And third. And a forth. Before finally making it back to your side >She didn't seem too happy >"Ok Sonata. Your turn." "Alright daddy!" >She slides down and to your surprise she does it perfectly. She doesn't even wobble. >She comes to you with a big smile on her face and a giggle "That wasn't so bad." >This did not please Aria. She had a big cold glare on her face >It looked like she was going to shoot beams from her eyes >You pat Aria on the shoulder >"Don't let it get to you." "Hmph!" >You really hoped this wasn't going to be a trend for the rest of the day. You hated when they fought. >"Alright. We are going to repeat this until we reach the bottom." >As you slowly made your way to the bottom of the hill, you noticed Aria was almost treating this as a battle with Sonata >Once she stopped falling, she then kept trying to out preform her by doing tricks such as sharp turns and sudden stops or going faster >And naive as she was, this did not escape Sonata's eye >Soon she started doing the same thing and both sisters were engaged in a silent competition >What were you going to do with them? >Adagio was also making some progress, but at a slowly >She was putting all of her concentration into not falling as every time she did, her poof got trapped in her goggles, obstructing her view >You make it half way down the mountain and rub her shoulder gently >"You're doing great Adagio. Just loosen up a bit. If you keep skiing with your muscles all tensed like that you'll ware yourself out." >She takes a deep breath "I know. I just don't want to fall." >"You'll be ok. There is nothing wrong with falling so long as you get back up and try again." >She smiles "Right." >You pat her back and she keeps on going, visibly calmer >Aria and Sonata however were still trying to outdo each other and their antics were getting even more extreme as time went on >Aria would try to speed up and Sonata would try to go even fast and then Aria would try to go faster than that >Finally you get to the bottom >"So girls, who won?" >Both Aria and Sonata turn a deep shade of red "Y-you saw that daddy?" >You laugh a bit >"I'm not blind Aria." "Sorry about that." >"It's fine. I actually found it amusing. But lets try to keep the whole sibling rivalry thing to a minimum ok? We're on vacation." "Right. S... sorry Sonata." >You eyes go wide >Did you ears deceive you or did Aria just apologize to Sonata of her volition? >Sonata has the biggest grin on her face "It's ok Aria. I'm sorry too!" >You smiled. They were so cute when they wanted to be >"Sonata how are you feeling? You don't feel sick do you?" >She shakes her head "Nope!" >"Great. What do you girls say we do 2 or 3 more runs before we get something to eat?" "Aye sir!" >You get back on the lift up and do run it a few more times >Adagio is once again back to her anxiety ridden self, and Aria and Sonata's truce was of course only temporary >They started slowly competing again with each subsequent turn >But at least they were starting to get the hang of it >Finally it was time for some lunch >"Alright girls. You ready to eat?" "Are we taking the tram again daddy?" >"Nope. We're using the lifts. The way down will have a fun blue for us to ski?" >Sonata has a dumb look on her face "Um daddy? How do you ski a color?" >Both Aria and Adagio simultaneously slap their hands to their faces >You giggle >"No sweetie. You see the runs are designated a color based on how difficult they are. They go green, blue, black, and double black for the most difficult. I figured we could try a blue since you girls are starting to get it down." >Adagio looks a tad worried "You sure we're ready for that?" >"Of course Adagio. I would never take you on a run that I thought was too dangerous. This one is actually pretty as far as blues go. You'll do fine I promise." >She takes a deep breath "If you're sure." >"Well then let's get going." >You travel up a few various lifts to get to the restaurant >They unhook their skis, Adagio her snowboard, and go in >Sonata and Aria both take off their helmets but Dagi hesitates >"Don't you want to take your helmet off Adagio?" "I don't know.." >"Just do it. Nobody's judging." >She slowly takes off her helmet to reveal a hair apocalypse >Her hair was stuck up in odd places and matted down in others >It looked as if she put her hair through a spin cycle >Both Sonata's and Aria's eyes are wider than dinner plates "I-is it bad?" >They look at each other in fear "No. Not at all. It looks perfect." "Y-yeah. What Aria said." >What had them so freaked out? They had never shown this amount of fear towards Dagi before "Well I'm going to go look in the mirror just to be sure." >You see their faces go whiter than ghosts >She walks into the bathroom >3. 2. 1. >You hear a loud scream >Oh this should be good. >You wait a while and she still doesn't come out >"Aria why don't you go check on her." >Her eyes get wider "I-I don't think that's a good idea." >"Fine. I'll do it. She did run into a unisex bathroom after all." >The girls stand in your way and yell in unison "NO!" >"What has got you two so worked up?" >"You don't understand Daddy. Adagio LOVES her hair to the point of obsession. When it gets messed up... well lets just say if that siren still lives inside of her, it comes out." >"How long do you think she will be in there then?" "30 minutes give or take." >"We don't have the time for that. I'm going in." "If you insist." >You walk to the door and slowly push it open "Everything ok Adagi-" >You are interrupted as a roll of toilet paper is flung at your face with surprising force making you close the door >"She's not very happy." >Both the girls shake their head >"So what are we going to do now?" >Aria crosses her arms "We just have to wait until she's done fixing her hair." >"I already said we don't have time for that. I guess I will just have to give some tough love." >You go back to the door and slowly open it "GET OUT!" >Why were you scared of her? >You walk in and see her hair is still a mess with only slight improvement >Tears flow down her face >women. "I SAID GET OUT!" >"Adagio there is no need to yell. Calm down." >Wrong words "I AM CALM! NOW GET OUT OF HERE!" >"Adagio it's just hair." >You really wanted to die didn't you? >She charges at you and hits you with her puny 13 year old strength "Get out, get out, get out!" >All of a sudden she breaks down into your coat and you hug her gently >"Adagio what's going on right now? I have never seen you like this." "I'm ugly that's what! I hate that Aria and Sonata are so beautiful and I'm so... not..." >"Where did you get that idea Adagio? You're not ugly." "Easy for you to say. You're my dad you have to be nice." >You rub her back as she cries >Who knew hair could cause this much trouble. The anxiety from skiing must have brought this on. >"How long have you felt this way?" "The better question would be when have I not?" >"I see." >You rub her back >"How about I do your hair for you? >She looks up curiously "You know how?" >"Not really, but I could give it a try. You look like you could use some help." >She smiles "I'd love that." >You pull a spare hair tie from your pocket and start fixing up her hair >You carefully craft it, like an artist making a clay sculpture >It wasn't amazing, but you certainly fixed it up >You had managed to make her hair even now and put it into a sort of ponytail >"Better?" >She looks in the mirror "Better." >You both walk out to find Sonata and Aria sitting quietly >"Let's eat quickly girls. Daylight's a wasting." >You all quickly grab some food and head back out to the mountain >Turned out that new hairstyle worked much better for the helmet Adagio was wearing >You'd have to get down relatively quickly if you wanted to get out before it closed at 3 >The first run was no issue but then the blue came >It was a tad steeper than you remembered. No trouble for an experienced skier such as yourself, but you could tell Adagio was sick to her stomach >"You're going to do great. Just do what I do." >She nods "Right." >You push off and and slowly but surely make your way through the run >Adagio fell only a few times. You could tell that despite her fear she was improving. >Aria and Sonata of course were still trying to outdo each other. They were even starting to try tricks and jumps. >You could tell this weight heavily on Adagio's mind. The fact that he two younger sisters were getting it so easily while she was still shaking in her boots hit her self confidence >Each run she was getting less and less confident in herself until finally you reached the bottom >"You girls did wonderful. Let's head back to the hotel." >You all walk back to the hotel and start to get dressed in more comfortable clothing >Christmas eve was tomorrow. This would not only be there first Christmas, but it would be yours as well >You parents never celebrated these things with you. Hell you didn't even know if they remembered your birthday. >You hear a knock on your door and go to open it >It's Sunset >Oh boy. >"What do I owe this pleasure?" "I could do without the sarcasm. Anyway the girls and I are heading back down but we decided to get you a little something." >She holds out a basket of flowers with a wide array of colors, each representing the mane six from purple to pink "You're not still mad are you?" >You take the flowers >"Nah. I had gotten over it a while ago. It's just been a long day. Thank you though. We very much appreciate it." >She smiles "I'm glad to hear it. See you around ok?" >"Bye." >You walk back in with the big basket and Sonata gawks at it "It's so pretty!" "Where did you get that daddy?" >"Sunset came by and dropped it off. It's really something isn't it?" >Aria pouts. Seemed that she still a bit salty towards Rainbow >You knocked on the bathroom door >Adagio had been in there for the last half hour, no doubt fixing up her hair >"Hey Adagio? You ready yet?" "Just about! I need to do one more thing." >You hear the sound of her rushing to get the final thing in and walk out >The poof was back and better than ever "What is it?" >"Well I was just going to say that Christmas eve is tomorrow and I was wondering where you'd all like to do. I already have a special dinner spot picked out." "What can we do?" >"Well, we could try the snowcat again. We could also go into town. They have a big festival for Christmas so they have things like bungee trampolines, zip lines-" >Aria raises her brow "Bungee trampolines?" >"Yes. Basically you are strapped to a harness with two large bungee chords. So when you jump you go 4 times as high." >Sonata has the biggest grin on her face "I WANNA DO THAT!" >Aria elbows Sonata "Not in my ear!" >She blushes "Oh. Sorry." >"Do you agree Adagio?" >She smiles and nods >Something was up with her but you just couldn't place what >It was if she was acting more timid than normal >You push it out of your mind. She could just be tired after all >"What do you say we play a few games huh?" "Games of what daddy?" >"Well they do have an arcade here so-" >You had almost forgotten. The ornaments! >"On second thought girls, why don't we run and grab the ornaments then we get get something to eat." "Aye sir!" >You get the girls in the car and drive them to the ornament store >You notice Sonata starting to nod off >She must have been exhausted. It was big day for a little 7 year old. >You arrive in front of the store >"Sonata sweetie? You going to come in with us?" "Y-yeah daddy just ehrm.." >And just like that she fell asleep >"Welp I'll just keep the heater on. You coming in Dagi? Aria?" >Adagio moves in uncomfortable way "I'll stay in here and watch over Sonata." >"Aria?" "Sure Daddy." >You and Aria make your way out of the car to go collect your ornaments >The snow is starting to fall and night is fast approaching >It was deadly silent. You could hear a pin drop. >The only sounds were your and Aria's footsteps crunching in the newly fallen snow >You walk in in silence and collect the goods >Aria looks at hers with disgust >"What's a matter?" "It's just... nothing. I love it." >"You can tell me if you don't like it. We can always craft a new one." "No. Actually I really do like it. For a second I hated but now that I see what it truly means, I love it." >"What it means?" >She looks into it with a beautiful grin "Yeah. It means that we are getting closer and closer to being a real family." >You smile >"Right. When we get done with this tip I will go to the adoption agency so we can get it going." >She hugs you "I'd love that. Then I can officially be your daughter." >"It would be my dream come true sweet pea." >She giggles "I love that." >"What?" "When you call me sweet pea." >She gives you a snuggle hug >"Well then I will make sure to do it more often. You need your daily dose of compliments sweep pea." >You pay the bill and walk out with Aria still attached to your hip >You loved it when she came out of her tough girl shell like this >She was actually quite warm and loving when you got past the wall she always put up >You walk back into the car and see Sonata is sleeping like a baby in the back seat >Adagio cracks a sly smile "Aria? Did I just see you hugging Anon's waist?" >Aria's face goes tomato red "W-what!? What are you talking about!? I-I would never... Y-you must be hallucinating or something you weirdo!" >Adagio starts to laugh "Oh shut up! J-just... Just don't tell Sonata ok?" "Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me. I think it's adorable though. So cute." "S-shut up Adagio!" >"Alright, alright that's enough girls." >Aria stares out the window with her face redder than lava >You finally arrive at some cafe' >"Sonata. Sonata honey wake up. We're at the cafe' now" >She twists and turns "J-just a few more minutes daddy." >She was so sweet looking you were tempted to just let her be >You decide to pick her up in your arms >Her cute little face rested on your shoulder snoring quietly >She didn't even make her hair into a ponytail so it just hung down >She was actually quite pretty with her hair down like that >You walk in and sit at a booth, Sonata still sleeping against your shoulder >Adagio smiles "She's so sweet." >"I agree. You girls... I don't know what I'd do without you. You girls have changed my life in so many ways." >Aria smiles "I'm glad daddy. We love you." >>24425692 (You) >After a short meal you head back to the hotel for some rest >Sonata raises her hand "I call sleeping with daddy tonight!" >Aria butts in "No! You did last night!" "But I called it first! Snooze you lose!" "I get to sleep with daddy you dork!" >"Sonata's right. She did call it first." "Too bad! So sad!" "You are the WORST Sonata!" >"Don't be mad Aria. I promise you'll get to sleep next to me tomorrow." "Whatever. I don't care." >After tucking the girls in you couldn't sleep >Something was nagging at you, like you were forgetting something but you just couldn't put your finger on what >You tossed and turned all night but nothing you did would let you sleep >Finally you got out of bed, put on your coat and walked out onto the balcony overlooking the mountain >You checkered you watch >4:30 AM >It was still dark as midnight outside but that made it more beautiful >You heard a wolf howl in the distance >It sounded like it was in pain. Not from a physical wound, but one of loneliness >You could hear the anguish in it's cry. Just like you before you found the Dazzlings >What made you deserve them? What did you do to deserve such beautiful beings? >You were finally happy and you couldn't help but hate yourself for it >Just as you were about to sink further into your depression, you hear the sliding door to the balcony open >"Adagio? What are you doing out of bed? You should be asleep right now." >She looks at you strangely "I was getting my hair done and saw you out here. Also... why are you crying?" >You didn't notice it until now but you had tears streaming down your face >You wipe your face >"I-it's nothing." >She walks out and sits on your lap, the poof getting in your mouth "You have seemed more sad lately. I can tell you try to hide it. But I can see it." >She could see straight through you "Why are you so sad?" >"Don't worry about it Adagio. It's got nothing to do with you." >She looks at you with dismay "But it does daddy! When you're sad, I am too!" >You smile and run your hand through her hair >"I'm find darling. Just thinking is all." "Fine. Well I'm still going to sit out here with you." >Once again the wolf's anguished cry rings through the darkness "That wolf. It sounds so sad." >"I had the same opinion." >You both just sit there, enjoying the silence and the beautiful darkness of the mountains >You rest your head on her cheese puff >After a while the sun starts to peak out from the mountains >It's gives off a brilliant pink glow as it slowly inches up "It's so beautiful daddy." >"That it is Adagio. That it is." >She rests her head against you "I wish it would stay like that forever." >"I do as well Dagi." "Daddy?" >"Yes sweet heart?" "Why can't we always live this way? Why does everything have to be difficult?" >You sigh. How the hell were you supposed to answer that? >"That's just how life is sweet heart. It's how us humans grown. If everything were perfect, what need would we have to move forward and progress?" "I guess." >"What's the matter? You've seemed a bit sad lately too." "I was just thinking back to that time at the restaurant. You know, with my hair?" >"What about it?" "You don't think I'm ugly do you?" >"No. Why would you think that?" "Well, compared to Aria and Sonata I have no where near the beauty." >"Nonsense. You are just as beautiful as they are. Come on. Both you and I need to get out of this depressive funk we're in." "And how are we going to do that?" >You get up >"One moment." >You search through your bag and find the chess set >"Ever played chess before?" >She shakes her head >"Well I'll teach you. This is my grandfather's set and he taught me how to play. When he passed on, he wrote in his will for me to have it." >You start assembling the pieces >"What makes it so special is that they are all made from pure marble." >She looks in awe as you set up the game >"Now let's explain the game." >You explain how each piece moves and how to win the game >Adagio seems quick on the uptake. It takes her no time at all to memorize how each piece moved >Even though this was her first time playing, you certainly weren't going to go easy on her >"You ready Dagi?" "Ready." >The intense match begins >You could no believe how fast she was picking it up >After only several moves she was predicting your moves and forming counter measures to most of your advances >But you certainly weren't going to give up that easily >You implement a strategy the allowed you to win almost every time. The only person who beat you using the skill was your grandfather who taught it to you >You soon move your remaining pieces into position >You had completely trapped her. Any move she made now would give you the perfect opening to put her in checkmate >All except one >You can see the wheels in Adagio's head turning >Finally she gets it and in a few short seconds moves her Knight to the correct position to avoid entrapment >You couldn't believe she pulled it off. For a first time player she was a natural >"How did you figure that out?" "It was simple. I just watched your eyes move and when it came to my knight you looked at it more intensely than the others. Also both your body language changed and your breathing slightly sped up. I also noticed your mouth twitch slightly." >She picked all of the up just from watching you? She was perceptive. >"Wow Adagio. Color me impressed." "Oh it was no big deal." >"Don't be modest. I know advanced players who can't even do that." >She smiles >The game finishes with her winning just as Aria and Sonata begin to wake up. >Sonata lets out a big yawn and does a huge stretch >"Did you sleep well?" >She nods "Are we going on the bungee trampoline today daddy?" "Of course we are you loser." >For Aria, it was too early for this shit. "I'm not a loser!" "Are too." "Are not." "Are too." >"Enough girls. We are in fact going today. So get yourselves ready. Daylight's a wasting." >Adagio perks up "Aye sir!" >You all go downstairs to the lobby for some breakfast then start to make the ride into town >Aria has her hood over her head. She still seems to be tired. >"Alright girls. First we're going to go on the zip line." "Awww! But I wanted to go on the bungee tramp!" >Aria pulls the hood further over he face "Ugh! Be quiet Sonata!" >Sonata crosses her arms and sticks out her tongue >You make the drive in and get out of the car >It was a bit warmer today, but not by much. You still needed to be dressed from top to toe in warm gear >"Alright girls. Let's get going on the zipline." >Sonata raises her hand >"Yes Sonata?" "Can I use the restroom first?" >"Ok. Go ahead." >She runs off to the restroom and you notice Aria is a tad nervous >"What's the matter Aria?" "Well... it's the zipline. You see me and heights don't really mix." >"Don't you fret Aria. I will be with you the entire time. If you'd like we could do the team zipline that way we can go together." >Aria smiles and snuggle hugs you "I love you daddy. You always know what to do." >You wait for close to ten minutes and Adagio speaks up >"You did!?" "W-well I think I did. I don't know. Maybe?" >Adagio begins to hyper ventilate >"Deep breathes Adagio. Just calm down and then you can explain to me. Take your time." >Adagio begins to breathe calmly as you approach the hospital >"Tell me Adagio. What did you see?" "A man. The moment I came in her hid in a stall. When you got in there he was still there. He was carrying a shovel and it had Sonata's..." >Adagio starts to tear up >"Breathe Adagio. You're safe and Sonata will be ok. Do you know what he looked like?" "He... He had long black hair and was tall. He was wearing a blue coat and black pants." >"Anything else? Like a tattoo or a piercing or something?" >She thinks hard "Oh yeah. He had a tattoo of the yin and yang on his right hand." >"Thank you Dagi. I am so proud of you. You are being super brave right now." >You pull out your phone and dial 911 and give the police a description of the man >It was taking all of your strength not to turn around and beat the guy within an inch of his life >He was going to pay one way or another, you'd make sure of that. >You finally make it to the hospital and Sonata is put into the ER >Both Aria and Adagio are attached to your hip and squeezing you so tight you can hardly breathe >The waiting was the worst part. You couldn't stand being in the dark >Finally one of the doctors comes out "I have good news. Sonata will make a full recovery. She just has a minor concussion and a few cuts and scrapes. All she needs is a little rest and she will be as good as new." >"One moment girls." >You get up and walk to a more private area "Did you notice anything else? We found her like that in a bathroom and there was a strange man in her proximity." >He sighs "Nothing too major. As I said it was just some minor cuts and a concussion." >"Alright. Thank you for your help." >You head back to the girls >"Alright girls. We can go back and see her now." >You all walk down the different rooms until you come to Sonata's "Where is Sonata? She's taking forever in there." >"Why don't you go check on her Dagi. I would go but ya know, being a boy." "Oh yeah. I will be back." >Adagio walks into the rest room and runs back out "Dad! Dad! Come quick! Sonata is hurt!" >You quickly run into the rest room and see Sonata on the floor >She seemed to have been hit in the head by something >What's worse was both her pants and underwear were pulled down and her shirt ripped open >You didn't need to be a forensic to know what had happened >You picked her and up, making sure to pull her pants up and close her shirt and run to the car >"Girls we're going to the hospital. They will be able to figure out what happened." "S-she'll be ok won't she daddy?" >Aria is petrified >"She'll be fine. But you have to be strong ok. We will get this sorted out. Adagio? Did you see anyone else in there?" >She pauses "Yes." >"You did!?" "W-well I think I did. I don't know. Maybe?" >Adagio begins to hyper ventilate >"Deep breathes Adagio. Just calm down and then you can explain to me. Take your time." >Adagio begins to breathe calmly as you approach the hospital >"Tell me Adagio. What did you see?" "A man. The moment I came in her hid in a stall. When you got in there he was still there. He was carrying a shovel and it had Sonata's..." >Adagio starts to tear up >"Breathe Adagio. You're safe and Sonata will be ok. Do you know what he looked like?" "He... He had long black hair and was tall. He was wearing a blue coat and black pants." >"Anything else? Like a tattoo or a piercing or something?" >She thinks hard "Oh yeah. He had a tattoo of the yin and yang on his right hand." >"Thank you Dagi. I am so proud of you. You are being super brave right now." >You pull out your phone and dial 911 and give the police a description of the man >It was taking all of your strength not to turn around and beat the guy within an inch of his life >He was going to pay one way or another, you'd make sure of that. >You finally make it to the hospital and Sonata is put into the ER >Both Aria and Adagio are attached to your hip and squeezing you so tight you can hardly breathe >The waiting was the worst part. You couldn't stand being in the dark >Finally one of the doctors comes out "I have good news. Sonata will make a full recovery. She just has a minor concussion and a few cuts and scrapes. All she needs is a little rest and she will be as good as new." >"One moment girls." >You get up and walk to a more private area "Did you notice anything else? We found her like that in a bathroom and there was a strange man in her proximity." >He sighs "Nothing too major. As I said it was just some minor cuts and a concussion." >"Alright. Thank you for your help." >You head back to the girls >"Alright girls. We can go back and see her now." >You all walk down the different rooms until you come to Sonata's >She has a breathing tube in her nose and opens her eyes meekly >"Hi Sonata." >Her eyes fill with tears "D-daddy?" >She holds your hand and starts to cry >You can see she now remembers the situation >You felt an anger well inside you >However made Sonata was going to pay, if not legally the physically >You just held her hand, not knowing what exactly to do "D-daddy! He-he-he" >She can barely talk in between her sobs "He tried to touch me! He hit my head and then he tried-he tried" >You hug her tightly >"Shhhh. You're safe. That man won't hurt you anymore. Daddy is here and will keep you safe alright?" >You rub her back as she buries her had in your coat, sobbing hard "I... I was so scared daddy." >"I know sweetie. I know. But daddy is here to keep you safe. I promise. No harm will come to you ever again." >Adagio and Aria stand back, having no idea what to do >You see Aria's eyes are red and wet >It is taking all of her strength to fight the tears >Finally she regains composure "S-Sonata." >Sonata pokes her head up "Y-eah Aria?" "I'm.. sorry. I'm sorry. I know I have been mean to you in the past but I do it because... because I love you and don't want to see you hurt!" >Tears begin to fall down her face. >Sonata smiles sweetly and nods "Thank you Aria. I love you too." >"Well this is quite a Christmas Eve huh? I promise tomorrow will be better. Come on Sonata. Let's get you back." >She nods "Can... Can you carry me. My body really hurts." >"Of course I can sweetie." >You lift her out of her bed and go to the front to fill out the remaining paperwork as well as a police report >Finally you were on your way back >It was taking all of your possible energy not to have an outburst. You felt powerless. Who knows how much this could have messed her up? >You walk out and lay her on the bed >"If you need anything at all Sonata, just tell me. I will be right here if you need me." "I'm just really tired." >"I'm not surprised you have a concussion. Get some rest." >You sit on the other bad and watch her "Daddy." >"Yes Sonata?" "My body really hurts. Like really bad." >"Here, let me get you some pain meds." >You go through your bag and pull out some over the counter pain medication, giving her some >"This will make you a bit tired ok? But it will help with the pain." "Ok daddy." >You go over to her and rub her back and see both Aria and Adagio walk over to you >Aria's face is redder than a tomato >"You alright Aria?" >She goes under the covers and hugs Sonata, who squeaks in surprise >Sonata smiles brightly "Thank you Aria. I feel better already." >This only makes Aria's face redder "W-well don't get used to it. I'm only doing it because you look like a dork when you're sad." >You can't help but giggle "W-what's so funny!?" >"Nothing Aria. You're just incredible is all." >Adagio sits on the bed next to you, putting her head on your lap "So what are we going to do now?" >"I think we're just going to take it easy for today. Sonata needs rest. So what do you girls want to do?" "We could always go to the pool." >"For sure. But we will need to wait for Sonata." >She had already clocked out. Sonata was fast asleep. >You yawn. Seeing her like that made you tired. The adrenaline in your system had finally cleared, making you super tired >Adagio and Aria seemed to be feeling it as well >"Why don't we all take a group nap. You both look quite tired. We can go to the pool afterwards." >You pull yourself under the covers with Adagio snuggling close to you "Goodnight daddy." >"Goodnight sweet pea." >You all fall into a deep sleep, temporarily forgetting the harshness of the reality you were in >You just hoped Sonata wouldn't wake up a completely different person afterwards >She couldn't be hurt. Not now. You were going to make this Christmas the best one she'd ever had. >You awake very peacefully >Your three blessings were still sleeping cozily >Aria and Sonata had only gotten cuter >Aria was snuggled close to Sonata with her had just above Sonata's >Adagio still had her arms around your waist >At least some good came of this awful day >After a little bit you snake your way out of Adagio's arms to take a shower >It felt good. It hadn't been since yesterday morning that you took one. They were quite the handful >After a long relaxing soak you make your way out >Adagio is just starting to awake "Morning dad." >"More like night Dagi. But good morning just the same." >She cracks a small smile and the sees her other two sisters cuddled up tightly "Those two. I don't know how I manage." >"You think it's bad, try being me. I have to raise all three of you." >She giggles and wraps a blanket around herself >"This should make you more comfortable" >You flip a switch and the fireplace turns on >Dagi cuddles up close to it warming her hands "Thanks Dad." >"Anytime." >It takes no time at all for Aria and Sonata to wake up >Once Aria realizes where she is, she quickly jumps out of bed, her face red "M-man that was so lame." "For realizies? 'Cause I thought that that was the best." "J-j-just be quiet ok!" >Aria quickly rushes into the bathroom, her face burning red >Sonata shrugs and gets up >"How are you feeling Sonata?" >She looks at you with the cutest pair of eyes "I'm alright. To be honest I don't remember most of it seeing as I was unconscious for nearly all of it. I just don't think about it." >Damn. You knew people who had gone through an event like that never recovered fully >And all it took her was a nap >"Alright. But if you ever need to talk about it I'm here for you alright?" "Ok daddy." >Sonata goes and cuddles up next to Adagio. She was feeling awfully lovey-dovey right now. >Adagio takes her in the blanket and the two snuggle hug each other >Aria finally composes herself and walks out, the tough girl act in hyper drive "What are you losers doing?" >She had her arms crossed and is clearly embarrassed >"Aria?" "Yes daddy? Uh I mean- What do you want?" >"Go over and cuddle in the blankets with your sisters." >She goes bright red "W-why!?" >"So I can take a picture of it. I want to preserve this moment." >She scoffs "F-fine. But I'm not going to like it." >You smile and pull out your phone >"Alright girls. Smile." >Sonata shows her big toothy grin, smiling ear to ear >It was a smile that could melt the hearts of tyrants >You snap the picture, even catching the rare smile of the Aria Blaze >"Great job girls." >Aria quickly gets out "Ew. I might catch your lameness." >She really was putting up the tough girl mask. It seems like this situation affected Aria far more than Sonata >Speaking of >"Hey Sonata. Let's change that bandage on your forehead. It's probably pretty worn out huh?" >She nods >You make quick work of it, pealing it off and sticking a new one on with only a few wayward winces from Sonna >"Alright girls. Gather around." >They all gather around the fireplace, Dagi and Sonna cuddling gently underneath the blanket >Adagio was such a protector >"Ok so let's get this Christmas Eve done right." >Sonata cocks her head to side curiously "How do we do that?" >"Well, we have to make preparations for Santa of course." "Santa?" >That's right. They weren't familiar with this world's lore >"Why yes. Santa. And if you were all good girls, he will fill you tree with presents." >Sonata's eyes glow "For realzies?" >"For realzies." >Aria rolls her eyes "I don't know. Sounds pretty f-" >Adagio hushes her angrily "Pretty fantastic if you ask me." >"Right. He makes a list of those who were naughty and nice and the nice little girls get presents." >Sonata's amazement knows no bounds "Was I good girl Anon!?" >"Of course you were Sonna. But remember the only way for Santa to come is to go to bed. If you wake up, you'll scare him off." "Aye!" >You run your hand through Sonata's hair >She cuddles closer to Dagi >She was so sweet >"Alright girls. Off to bed." >Sonata pouts "But I'm not tired!" >"I know Sonna. But you need to get rest. Remember, if you don't fall asleep Santa won't come." "Fine." >She looks up to poof hair "Can I sleep with big sis tonight?" >Adagio rolls her eyes "Fine. Just don't snore alright." >She giggles "Ok!" >You see Aria shoot them a look that you can't quite explain >Was she jealous of them? >"Alright girls. To bed." >You had to get them to bed quick. You were going on a super secret shopping mission for them after all. >After about an hour you make sure they are sound asleep and slowly sneak out of the door >Now you needed to buy 3 gifts, wrap them, and put them under the tree before it's too late >Simple enough >You drive quickly to the store to look around. You only had an hour before it closed >You quickly look around and stumble across the jewelry section >Perfect >You take a peak around and find three gems, each with the three sirens colors >You pay for a necklace and have each of their names engraved on them for good measure >They were going to love this >You cell begins to ring >Damn did they wake up? >You answer >"Hello?" "Hey sweetie." >You blood begins to boil. It was your mother again. >"I thought I told you I never wanted to hear your voice again? Or did you forget that?" "Come on honey. Come on." >She was slurring her speech. It had been obvious that she was drinking again. >God damn she couldn't even be fucking sober to call you >"What the hell do you want? If you want money for beer than you should hang up now." "Honey just... just slow. Slow" >She was so drunk she could barely talk right >"You have five fucking seconds to explain why you're calling me or I'm hanging up." "I lorve... louve... loove... you." >"Fan-fucking-tastic. It would be even fucking better if I could believe that. I hate you. No go back to drinking you piece of shit." >You hang up with a hard click >She would not ruin this for you >After taking a brief moment to cool off you quickly get some necklaces an high tail it home >You slowly and quietly inch your way to your bed, hiding the necklaces in your bag >You wanted to stay up and think but you couldn't. You had a Christmas to do for them. >It took you longer than usual but you finally hit the hay >Surprisingly you woke up the complete silence >Aria is latched on to your arm, a tiny bit of drool coming from her mouth and her hair a big fuzz >The clock red 5:30 >Perfect time for you to get up and start the preparations >You get up but make slightly too much noise, making Aria stir a bit then awake "D-daddy?" >"Oops. Looks like I woke you up. Good morning Aria." >She pushes her face back into the pillow "Good morning Daddy." >"As bright and cheerful as usual I see." >She groans "I hate waking up. Dreams are so much better." >"You got that right." "Daddy?" >"Yes sweet pea?" "Where did you go last night?" >Shit she was awake for that? >"Oh nowhere. I just went to buy a few books." >She looks at you with her adorable Aria skepticism face "You're a terrible liar daddy. I could feel your anger when you came home." >"Feel it?" "Yeah. I don't know how to explain it, but it was almost like energy and it was so strong it woke me." >Was this one of the sirens powers? To sense emotion? >You sit on the bed beside her >"Don't you worry Ms. Blaze. It was perfectly ok. Why don't you get ready and I will wake the other two" "Right." >She falls out of bed and crawls into the shower >You go over to Sonna and Dagi >Sonata is cuddle tightly in Adagio's arms. They were quite a pair. >"Sonata. Sonata. Wake up. Adagio. Adagi-" >Sonata bursts into life, nearly making you jump "I'm ready for Christmas!" >How long had she been waiting to do that? >Adagio slowly gets up, rubbing her eyes "Oh hey dad." >"You girls ready for the best Christmas ever?" >Sonata jumps out of bed "Aye!" >Was she starting to pick the up from Adagio? >Whatever the reason it was cute >You all go down on the floor on a circle >"Alright this is how we are gonna do this. We are each going to take turns opening the presents. We will start with Sonata and go left to Adagio and then Aria." >Sonata cocks her head to the side "What about you daddy? Didn't Santa leave you any presents?" >"Not this year. I wasn't the best guy." >You felt pain stir in your heart "What!? That isn't true! You have been the best daddy ever, ever, ever! How could he skip you!" >Sonata looked genuinely angry at this >"I lied Sonata." "What?" >"I lied. He did give me presents." "Really? Where are they?" >You smiles >"Three gems. They each have names too. Sonata Dusk, Aria Blaze, and Adagio Dazzle. And they are the best gifts I have ever received in my life." >Adagio smiles "Thank you dad." >"Why are you thanking me? You have shown me more love in a week than anyone could ever show in a lifetime. But enough about that. Let's open up the presents." >The girls each grab their presents and put them on their laps >"Alright Sonata. Open up your first one." "Aye!" >She takes her first present and tears open the paper >It was the slippers from Dagi "I love them Dagi! You are the best big sis I've ever had!"" >She goes to snuggle hug her big sister >Did she just call her Dagi? >"Alright Adagio. Your turn," >She takes a present and opens the one from you >She takes out the bottle of shampoo opening the cap to smell it "Mmm. It smells so good. This will work perfectly on my hair." >"I think there are some ingredients in there that could be used to split atoms." >She sticks her tongue out "Oh ha ha." >"Alright Aria. You're up." >Trying to look indifferent (and failing) she opens the present from Dagi. The long flowing dress with a heart on the chest >She holds it up, completely mystified >Just then, the girly Aria Blaze comes out "This is so pretty! I can't wait to try it on with the new makeup I've been sav-" >The whole group has smiles ear to ear as Aria's face becomes red "I mean this is so silly. I can't believe you guys thought I would enjoy this." >Adagio smiles "Then I guess we should take it back." "NO! I mean um... I'll keep if it means making you happy." >The group bursts out laughing. Aria was so silly >"Alright Sonata, you're up." >You take out your phone an ready the camera >Sonata takes the next present and opens it up >It's the pillow "It so warm and fuzzy Anon." >She gives it a big hug, cuddling closely against it >You quickly snap a picture to save the cuteness on your phone forever >Adagio is next and you aim the cam at her poof >She opens the one from Aria >She looks at it completely awestruck "Aria! How did you know I wanted this?" >She smirks "Call it intuition." >Adagio lunges in for a big hug catching her off guard "You're the best." >Aria gives her one of her signature snuggle hugs "Yeah, yeah don't get to comfortable with it." >You take a picture of the scene to Aria's dismay "Hey! Don't take a picture of that!" >"Why? It's cute." "B-but.. it's embarrassing." >"There is nothing embarrassing about showing affection to your sis. You two are cute." >She sighs "Fine." >You could tell she liked it she just wouldn't admit it. >"Well Aria you're up." >She takes her net present and opens it >It's the blanket from Sonata, covered in hearts "Oh my god this is the cutest thing!" >"Sonata got that for you." >Aria has a big smile on her face. She wasn't even bothering to hide her girly side any more "I love it so much! I love the cute hearts and just ugh. It's amazing! Thank you Sonaynay." >What? >Sonata cocks her head "What did you call me?" >Aria's face starts to burn "S-Sonata. What did you think I said?" >Sonata just stares at her with innocent puppy dog eyes "I liked that nickname big sis. It's cute." "U-u-um I didn't call you anything! J-j-just leave it alone alright? D-dork." >"You're really starting to come out of your shell Aria. I like it. You're a lot more fun when you take off your tough girl mask." >She just ignores and you all keep going >Sonata is up again >Sonata goes to unwrap her final present, the big stuffed cat >Upon second inspection it is almost as big as she was >She hugs it tightly "I LOVE IT!" >"Aria got it for you." >Sonata lunges for a hug at Aria "Thank you big sis!" >Aria scoffs "Yeah, yeah whatever you dork." >Dagi takes her present without saying a word and begins to open it up >It's beanie from Sonna >She places it on her head and smiles "Thank you Sonata. It's super cute." >You notice something change in Adagio. She seemed to have gotten more somber for some reason. >"Everything ok Adagio?" >She nods slowly "Aye sir." >You cock your eyebrow but keep the train moving >Aria now is the last one before you give them their presents from 'Santa' >She rips away the paper to get the blanket "Wow. This is pretty nice." >She curls herself up inside of it, enjoying the warmth "Not only is it super cute, but it's so comfy." >"Alright girls. Now for your presents for Santa." >Sonata's eyes light up "I'VE REALLY BEEN A GOOD GIRL!?" >Adagio gets annoyed by the noise "Inside voice Sonata." "Aye." >You go into your bag and pull out three boxes, each containing the necklaces >You hand each girl their box >"Go ahead. Open them up." >They all do at the same time and look mystified "Wow. This is really cool." "Aye! I love it daddy! Santa is so cool!" "Sonata, Aria. Look on the back" >The look on the back to find each of their names engraved "SO COOL!" >You had never seen Sonata so excited before. Even taco Tuesday didn't make her this happy >They each put their necklaces on >They look stunning in them. And it symbolized so much more. The start of a new chapter for them >A new chapter for you >Sonata jumps and hugs you "I love you dada!" >You smile and the other two come in for a big hug >"I love you all too. You three a the best things to ever happen to me." >Aria looks at you seriously "And you're the best thing to happen to us Dad." >The rest of the trip went on without a hitch and finally it was time for you to head home >Of course you made sure to get them up early so they would sleep through most of the ride >You didn't know what it was about car rides, but they seemed to love to fight during them >After grabbing your quick morning coffee, you come back >Adagio is already in the bathroom preparing the monster that is her poof >Sonata was still fast asleep, to your surprise hugging Aria tightly who was also asleep >They were so cute >You quietly knock on the door "Dagi? You alright in there?" >"Aye, sir. Is it almost time to go?" "No it's just that it got real quiet in there." >"I'm fine." >Now it was time to go about waking up the grouch and the little monster >You whisper "Girls. Girls wake up." >Aria begins to blink her eyes open and groans >"What time is it?" "5 in the morning." >This only makes her groan more >You move on to Sonata "Sonata. Wake up Sonata." >Sonata's eyes slowly open >"Daddy?" "Good morning sweetie." >She slowly sits upright, rubbing the sleep for her eyes "Morning daddy." >"Alright girls. Make a last minute check that you have all your stuff and then we will hit the road." >Aria buries her face into her pillow >"Can't we sleep for like 10 more minutes?" "You can sleep all you want in the car. Let's get up." >Even Sonata was sifting through her stuff now. Aria hated waking up early. Just like you did when you were her age. >only one solution >You pick her up in your arms and carry her to the car >When the cold air meets her she shivers >The car had already been running for a bit so it was plenty warm >You dig out her blanket and warp her up inside it >Just before you leave she manages to utter >"Thanks daddy. I love you." >You run back up and Adagio has finally made her way out "Have you both double checked your stuff?" >"Aye sir!" >"Aye!" >Dagi and Sonata lock eyes when they see they said it at the same time >You giggle "Everything accounted for?" >"Aye sir!" >"Aye!" >They gather their bags and put them back in the trunk, settling into their seats >Only one thing left to do. Make the adoption official. >You could feel your heart race and your eyes water just thinking about it >You were literally about to become a father! >Someone who was done with humanity, people, love, and life in general, was about to become a father. >You could not believe how life had turned for you >You never imaged that three demon seahorses from another dimension would melt your stone heart >As you pull out from the drive way you take a look at your three little girls >Aria was already out and Sonata was resting comfortably on her shoulder >Adagio was sitting next to you making the final touches to her makeup >She notices you >"They're really sweet huh?" "That they are. That they are." >You turn on some calming music from your Ipod and begin the long drive back >It didn't take long for the combination of calming music, lack of sleep, and relaxing scenery to put Adagio into a deep sleep as well >It was beautiful out. The snow had just recently fallen and there was not a car on the road >You drive for about and hour before the hunger strikes. The girls needed their breakfast as well. >Of course, this also meant that they would be given the energy to fight >You pull into some second-rate dinner in the middle of buttfuck nowhere and wake the trio up >By the time you're inside Sonna and Dagi were both semi-awake while Aria was a walking zombie >Some food should fix her right up >You all take a seat and order your little buddy Sonata sitting close next to you >She is wearing her blue gem as well. She looked adorable >Adagio puts her hand on her chin >"So now what happens?" "What do you mean Dagi?" >"I mean what happens next?" >She was awfully inquisitive "Well I suppose the first thing for me to do is finalize the adoption. Then you're all going to school." >Adagio seems puzzled "What's a matter?" >"I don't know." >She was awfully cryptic today too >It didn't take long for the arguments to start >Sonata began to snuggle against Aria >While it was clear Aria liked it quite a lot, she wouldn't drop her tough act "Sonata! Stay on your side!" >Sonata frowns "But I love you Aria. You're my big sister!" >Aria glares and looks as if she's about to yell >Just before you intervene, Aria does something surprising "Fine you big dork. Just don't get used to it." >Sonata's eyes light up and she cuddles up against her >Aria gives her signature snuggle hug "I love you big sis!" "I love you too Sonaynay." >Both you and Dagi giggle simultaneously >Sonata closes her eyes in complete bliss >Aria looks down and smiles, slowly running her hand through Sonata's hair >Dagi puts her hand atop of yours "Thank you daddy." >"Of course sweetie." >You make the rest of the car ride back in peaceful silence >By the time you get back and grab Alto you're exhausted >"Well girls, why don't you put your stuff back. I'm going to take a nap. If you need anything, just wake me up alright." "Aye sir!" "Aye!" >You loved how Sonata just parroted whatever Dagi said. She seemed to be taking the best qualities of the two and melding them to her own personality >She was really starting to mature >You slowly lumber up the stairs and fall asleep almost instantly >You wake up to the sound of pound footsteps >They are running all over the house >Dear god what were they up to now? >You get up and walk out the door >The three of them are chasing each other playing tag >As Sonata runs down the hall she spots you, her face lighting up "DADDY'S AWAKE!" >Immediately the footsteps stop as Aria and poof poke their heads around to see you >Aria has a big ole smile on her face. It was a smile that was contagious "Did you have a good sleep daddy?" >"I did indeed Aria." "It's about time too." >"What? How long have I been out?" "Like 3 hours now." >You looked out at the window and it was dark out >Sure enough you had slept for three hours straight >"You girls must be hungry huh?" >They all nod in unison >You run to the kitchen and start whipping something up >You only forgot one key detail: you suck at cooking >The closest you've ever come to cooking was microwaving pizza. But better late the never >Right? >You work feverishly trying to make some chicken you had, kind of just winging it (get it?) >Finally you finish >You call the girls in and they poke at it with their forks >Adagio surveys it closely "Um.. Dad? What is it?" >She pokes at with a fork, as if making sure it's dead >"It's chicken of course." >Aria crosses her arms "Are you sure daddy? Because it sure doesn't look like that." >"Positive. Just try it." >Dagi picks up a portion and slowly put it inside her mouth while the whole group watches in anticipation >She gags and spits it out, coughing loudly "Um... dad. Let's just order something ok?" >You smile >"It was worth a shot huh? I'll go order a pizza." >You call the pizza place when out of the corner of your eye, you see Dagi sulking >You could tell she feels bad >You finish the order and go to her side >"What's a matter Adagio?" "Well.. I feel bad. I didn't mean to embarrass you like that in front of everyone." >"It's alright Adagio. My cooking needs work." "You sure? I don't want to make you feel bad." >"Positive." >You all ate dinner and had a great time that night >You all ended up sleeping in the same bed, cuddling each other closely >Little did you know that trouble was just brewing around the corner. And it all started with the adoption agency. >The next day you wake up ahead of your alarm clock >First time for everything >You were so excited. >A father! You were literally going to be a father! >It was time to close the book on your horrid family, your cheating ex, and your miserable life >None of those things could keep you down now. Not while you had them. >You get up and race down to fix yourself something to eat >You had so much energy, you felt so alive, like you could move mountains >Then you realized this is what true happiness felt like >It had been so long since you felt it that you had forgotten what it was like >You hear three pairs of footsteps lumber down the stairs >All three of them were standing at attention like soldiers >Ever Aria didn't seem to be immune to the happiness to filled the room. She had the biggest cheeky grin on her face from ear to ear >"You ready to get a new father?" "AYE SIR!" "AYE!" "Yes!" >"That's the spirit. We'll make sure breakfast is done quickly so we can head right on over." "Aye!" >You quickly prepare breakfast and they scarf it down >They were just as excited as you were today >You quickly put them in the car and debrief them >"Alright girls. All I need to do is fill some paperwork out, do and interview, and then you'll legally be under my wing. I need you three to be on your absolute best behavior." "Aye sir." "Aye!" >"They may ask to interview you three as well and all you need to answer as honestly as you can ok?" "Aye!" >Sonata could barely sit still she was so excited >"I am so proud of your girls. This is going to be great." >You drive for about a half hour until you reach the agency. A remarkably ugly building. >You take the three and walk inside to the clerk who tells you someone will be with you in 5 minutes >You all wait on the bench, each with grins wider than life >Just as the bell dings for your number, someone steps out and almost instantly your giant smile drops to your knees >You look on as the black haired, blue eyed, woman walks over to you >The scar that ran down the side of her left hand served as proof that it was no look alike >It was none other than your mother >You can feel the color drain from your face as she asks to to follow her into your office >As you walk down the hallway, the girls notice your distress >Dagi pulls on your sleeve "Are you alright dad? You're a white as a ghost." >Sonata gasps "There are ghosts here!?" >Aria sighs "No dumb dumb" >You giggle. That is just what you needed. >"It's fine girls. Don't you worry about it. We will be out of here shortly." >You walk into her office and sure enough her name was inscribed on the door >Elizabeth Mouse "So I assume you here to adopt those three cuties there?" >It infuriated you that she referred to them as 'cuties' and even more so as if you two were complete strangers >But you couldn't let your anger get to you. Right now legally adopting the dazzles was far more important than speaking your mind to her >"Correct." "Well first you need to fill this paperwork out." >She hands you a stack of papers with the usual questions: SSN, medical history, financial situation etc. >When you finished you handed it back to her >"So now what happens?" "Well, now we need to process your paperwork. If everything checks out, then they're yours. After that we will need to meet with you on a weekly basis to check on how they are doing and if all is well you're home free." >"Alright." >She extends her hand to shake "Thank you for coming in." >You begrudgingly shake hers. How dare she think of you both as partners. >You take the three sirens and walk back outside to the car "Daddy? Who was the lady?" >"That was my mother Sonata." "She wasn't very pretty." >Aria gives her a hard elbow to the ribs and signals her to zip it "Oh. Sorry." >"It's fine. Let's just go home and forget about it alright." >Adagio looks at you sympathetically "Are you sure?" >You rub her poof >"I'm sure." >She knows something is still bothering you but decides to leave it alone >You drive them home in near silence >You had so many questions. Why was she there? Why would they allow a convict into an adoption agency, much less a known alcoholic? Why was she treating you as if you were some business partner? >Just thinking about it was making you angry >You put some music on to break the tension >Whatever happened, at least you had three new daughters now. There was still a silver lining to this. >You finally reach the house "Alright girls. We have most of the day left. What would you three like to do?" >Aria has a big smile on her face "I don't know dad." >She puts special emphasis on the 'dad' >You smile and brush her hair >"How about this. Why don't we go to the nature and science?" >Sonata jumps for joy "YEAH! That sounds fun!" >"What's your opinion Dagi?" "Yeah.." >Again with this somber vibe. What had gotten into her? >You walk back out towards the car and the girls take their places and you begin to long drive to down town >Aria and Sonata are in the back playing >But Dagi seems to be getting more depressed by the moment >But what in the world could be bothering her right now? >After a long while you make it to the museum and Dagi pulls on your sleeve "I need to use the restroom real quick." >"Alright but I will be waiting outside. I know I'm being paranoid but I don't want a repeat of what happened last time." "No! It's alright. I promise I can do it. If I need help I'll shout for you." >You cock your eyebrow >"Ok. But if anything happens you run straight to me ok?" "Aye sir!" >She scurries off to the bathroom while you and the other two wait >You seem to wait there for a while before she finally comes out >Almost instantly you can tell she doesn't look right >She is drenched in sweat, pale, and gasping for air >"Adagio? What's the matter? You look sick." "What? I'm not sick. I am just fine." >"You sure? You don't have to keep going if you don't want to." "I'm fine dad. Just trust me ok?" >"If you're sure." >You begin yo walk around the museum >"So which exhibit should we see first?" >Sonata looks around curiously then points "OH LET'S SEE THE SPACE ONE!" >"Alright, we'll go there first." >You walk through the giant tunnel covered in pictures of stars and planets, Sonata is in awe "This is absolutely amazing daddy!" >"I agree. They've updated this since I was here last. It wasn't nearly this cool the last time I was here." >You see Dagi trailing behind, gasping for air and clutching her chest >You protective instinct kicks in >"Adagio what's wrong?" >She is whiter than a ghost >She grabs your arm and whispers in your ear "It's just... my time of the month ok. I need to go to the bathroom again." >You are suspicious. You have heard of bad cramps but this was crazy >"When you come back we'll take you home." >Her face is nearly frantic "No! We can't! Sonata wants to see this place so bad." >"But if you have come down with some condition it won't be worth. You can go to the restroom, but when you come back we need to leave." "Fine" >But then you see it >As she makes her way to the bathroom, you see her eyes. >They almost look like they are crying out in terror. Like she's afraid of something. >Something was seriously wrong and she was too afraid to tell you. >Once she's out of earshot you kneel next to the Aria and Sonna >"Ok girls. I don't mean to alarm you but something is wrong with Adagio and she won't say what." >Aria nods in agreement "You saw it too then? That look?" >"Yeah." >Sonata just looks down sadly "Will big sis be alright?" >"You can bet your life on it. Now lets get going." >You go towards the bathroom and see Dagi is acting strange >She's digging through a trash can for some reason >Aria tries to go to stop her but you put your hand out >"Wait. We need to say what she gets out of there. I got a feeling it's linked to her odd behavior." "But-" >"Just be patient. We need to see what she gets." >Aria grumbles but waits >Dagi keeps digging through the trash and your eyes widen at what she grabs >It was a half smoked cigarette >What she pulls out of her pocket is even more surprising >It was a lighter >You get up and start walking towards her >Once she notices you, her eyes widen in fear >"Adagio? What are you doing?" >Her hands shoot behind her back "W-what are you talking about? I was just using the bathroom." >"We saw what you took out of the trash Adagio. You're not fooling anyone." >All of a sudden Aria steps forward "Adagio? Why?" >Her eyes are contorted in pain, almost as if she looks betrayed >Adagio doesn't seem to know what to say >"Come on girls. We're heading home." "But-" >"Now Adagio. And while you're at it, throw away the cigarette and lighter while you're at it." >She bows her head in shame and throws the two away >You march them out to the car >You couldn't tell whether to feel angry or sad that she would do such a thing >The drive home was in absolute silence. You could cut the tension with a knife. >Adagio wouldn't make eye contact with you the entire ride >Finally when you get to the house you stop the car just outside the garage >"Aria, Sonata. You two go inside. Adagio and I need to have a chat." >They both nod and silently and exit >"So. Is there something you'd like to tell me?" >She looks miserable "I'm... I'm sorry." >"How long?" "The since the end of the trip. after Sonata was... you know." >"Why did you do it? I'm sure I don't need to tell you how dangerous those things are." "Well... you see... after what happened with Sonata I almost felt like it was my fault. I needed and escape." >"So how was it that you came to cigs?" "It's all a bit hazy. But while we were in the hotel I found and unused cigar on the floor and a lighter next to it. So I did it out of curiosity and now we're here." >"I see. Well there will have to be a punishment for this." "I understand." >"You will be confined to your room for this week." >Then the dam bursts and she starts to cry "I... I just feel so much pressure! I want to impress you, I want to protect Sonata and Aria, I want to be the daughter who isn't a burden!" >Your eyes widen >She buries her head in her hands and she begins to sob "But now look at me! I am more of a burden then ever!" >You place your arms her >"Dagi? When did you ever once believe I thought of you as a burden?" "All the time! I mean look at me! When we went skiing you had to talk me down because of my hair, I couldn't protect Sonata, and now this! I am such a disappointment!" >"Dagi. I have never once thought of you as a burden. Never. I don't believe what happened to Sonata was your fault. How were you supposed to know that? And the other times, I don't see as bad. We're not perfect. Sometimes we slip and fall." >All Adagio can do now is cry "I'm sorry Daddy. I'm so, so, so sorry." >You rub her back >"Shhhh. So long as you don't smoke again, you have absolutely nothing to apologize for. I will always love you no matter what choices you make. Remember that." >She hugs you tightly and you spend a good 30 minutes cradling the crying girl in your arms >Finally she's used all of her tears "Thank you daddy. I promise from this point on I will never touch one of those things ever again." >"Good girl. Of course this doesn't change your punishment. You still have to be in your room for a week." "I freely accept it. It's the least I can do." >"You'll be able to come down for meal times and when you have to use the restroom." "Aye, sir." >You both get out of the car, Dagi holding your hand >Now you had to somehow explain everything to the other two. What a treat. >You walk into the house and Adagio lumbers upstairs into her room >You felt bad about it but you had to stand firm. You had a feeling she learned her lesson though >Aria and Sonata quickly rush to your side >"Alright girls. Adagio has be grounded to her room for the next week. You're not allowed to go up there." >Aria looks down "Alright." >"You too Sonata." >She nods. She looks real torn up. >You would make sure to check on her every so often, just to make sure she's ok. But mostly she needed to be left up there to think about what she'd done. >Sonata hugs you "I hope big sis Dagi gets better soon" >"She will. Don't you worry. I think after this week she is going to be a better Adagio than you know now." >You kiss Sonata's forehead >Most of the week went as expect >Dagi came down for meals, though she didn't talk all that much >On the final day of her punishment, you decided you would let her off at lunch for such good behavior >She took it like a champ >You also had to tell her the good news: your paperwork had been approved and now the adoption was official. They'd be starting school as early as next month. >You go to her room and knock >"Dagi! Since you've been so good I'm lifting the punishment. You can come out now." >You wait a bit hearing nothing >You slowly creak open the door >She's still in bed sleeping >But something felt off. You didn't know what, but you could feel it >You walk to her and take a look and nearly scream >Her eyes are wide open with drool going down her cheek and her hands around her belly as if in pain >You listen and she is very faintly breathing >You quickly go to the phone and call 911 still by her side >Her breathing was quickening. She was conscious but it seemed as if she couldn't move or speak >Sleep paralysis? A panic attack? What the hell was going on? >The ambulance arrives not a moment too soon and carts her off >You grab Aria and Sonaynay and drive straight to the hospital >They are both freaking out, Sonata crying "S-she's not dead is she daddy!?"" >"I promise she will be fine alright?" >You make it to the room she's in as the doctor comes in >"So what's the problem? Is she alright?" "She'll be fine. She just had a seizure is all. Luckily she didn't hit anything and was on her side. She'll be fine after some rest." >Dagi smiles at you "I don't feel so hot dad." >"I know sweetie. By the way, any idea what caused this?" "Seizures are not wildly understood but if I had to guess it would be stress. All she needs is a bit of rest." >Adagio gets up and walks out with you >You're all pretty shaken up by the situation and drive back in silence >"How do feel now Adagio?" "Like I've fallen off a building then got hit by a bus going 60. My head is also pounding harder than jackhammer." >"Well we will let you get some rest. Though I do need to fill you in on some things." "And what would those be?" >"Well girls, the papers have been reviewed and you three are now my official adopted daughters." >Sonata starts to squeal but Dagi puts her hand over Sonna's mouth "Shh!" "O-oh. Right. Sorry." >She lowers her voice to a whisper "yay!!!" >"This also means that we are going to be starting you up in school within the next month or so." >All of a sudden Sonata's cheeky smile turns into a frown "But I hate school." >"I know, I know. But it has to be done." >But the hard decision was which to go to. Crystal Prep Academy or Canterlot High >Both had their ups and downs >CPA was more expensive but they had less chance of being detected that way. You also heard that the girls there weren't the nicest bunch in the world. Though they also had a lot of great classes to prepare you for the real world >CHS was always an option but while it was cheaper, you had a way higher chance of being detected. The mane 7 may know of their innocent intent now, but the entirety of Canterlot High would be hard to convince. >You just didn't know what would be the best for them. You didn't want to make the wrong choice and regret it >Being a father was hard >"Girls you have a choice. Either you can go to Canterlot High or Crystal Prep Academy" >You go through ups and downs of both. Aria is the first to speak up "Well if I could choose... I would say CHS. We may have done some bad stuff, but we have friends now." >Aria cocks her head to the side "Have you heard what's been going on over there lately? Sounds exciting." >"I did." >You all arrive home and are greeted by Alto >Dagi looks pretty exhausted "I'm going to go take a nap dad." >"Alright." >Dagi lumbers back up to bed leaving you with Aria and Sonata >Sonata looks rather bored "LET'S PLAY A GAME DADDY." >"What do you have in mind sweetie?" >She doesn't seem to have thought this far through "Um... hide and seek?" >"I suppose when can try that." "I want Aria to play too!" >You look at Aria and she crosses her arms "Fine. I suppose I'll play." >"That's the spirit. Well since Sonata picked the game she'll decide who looks." >She says it instantly "Aria!" >You could tell this ticked Aria off "Why do I have to do it? You're so annoying Sonata!" "Am not." "Are too." "Am not." "Are too." >You let it go for a little while just to see how long it will take from them to stop. Bad choice. >Aria had enough and slapped Sonata straight across the face. Hard. >It was such a loud slap you could hear it across the house >You ready your ears for the onslaught of whining but to your surprise nothing comes >You look to see Aria's eyes filled with rage and Sonata was cowering with fear >For a second you are worried that Aria is going to start hitting but she surprises you again "Can't you take anything seriously? For once? Just once!?" >Aria's hands are trembling and tears are forming in her eyes "I mean look at you! Someone tried to hurt you, Adagio just have a seizure! Why can't you just take things seriously for once!?" >"Alright Aria, that's enough." >She grunts then storms off her room >What had gotten into her? >Sonata had turned into a blubbering mess, doing everything in her power not to cry >You kneel and give her a hug >"It's ok sweetie. Aria is just stressed out right now. Don't let it get to you." "I'm sorry daddy." >"Why do you need to be sorry sweet heart?" "I'm sorry for acting so dumb around Aria. I just... I just want her to like me. But it comes out wrong." >You brush your hand through her hair >"Aria shows affection in an odd way. She loves you plenty." "Really?" >"Really." >She gives you a big hug >"Good girl Sonata." >What a day it had been. Adagio had a seizure, Aria slapped Sonata, and now Sonata was crying >You had about as much as you could take from this day >Being a parent was hard work >Finally Sonata stops crying and you go to Aria's room, knocking >An annoyed Aria responds "What!?" >"Aria. May I come in?" "No." >You sigh. She wasn't going to make this easy was she? >You open the door anyway and you see her on her bed hugging her pillow >You expected her to be angry for entering her room but she just stares into space as if in a trance >You sit on the bed next to her, placing your arm around her >"What's going on Aria?" "I don't know. I just... I am so angry lately. I don't know why." >"You're pretty stressed. It happens. "I just wish I didn't take it out on Sonata. I know she means well but in the heat of the moment she just enrages me." >You rub her back "She's alright now. She knows you love her. But I think you need to tell her that." >You had to do something to lift the mood >This negative energy was just to much >Then you get the perfect idea. It was time for some bonding. >"Aria?" "Yeah?" >"Come follow me." >She cocks her head and raises her eyebrow but gets up to follow you >You call out to Sonata and she comes running down to you >The minute the two sisters see each other they look away, visibly uncomfortable >"Alright girls. You two haven't been getting along very well recently. Since Adagio is sleeping I think we're going to do some much needed bonding." >Aria crosses her arms, not fully convinced "And how exactly are we supposed to do that?" >"Simple. We're going to bake." >Both of their eyes widen "Bake? Are you sure about this daddy?" >"Positive Aria. Now, I haven't the slightest clue on how to bake anything. So it will be up to you two to work together to make the family something tasty." >Sonata and Aria look at each other mystified "What will we be baking?" >"Whatever you two want. It could be cookies, a cake, some pastries. Whatever you two decide I will get the ingredients for." >They both think for a bit "Well.. I guess we could make some cookies. Is that alright with you Sonata?" >Sonata gets a big cheeky grin "Yeah Aria." >"Alright. I will go grab the ingredients real quick. If anything happens you know the number to call." >They both nod >You get in the car and quickly run to the store, picking up the supplies and a recipe >You made it back in record time, just 10 minutes >Sonata and Aria are waiting patiently at the table for you >You place the stuff on the table and the recipe in between the two of them >"Alright girls. I will leave you to it." >Aria takes a good hard look at the recipe "Alright Sonata. Let's get this thing started." >Sonata smiles. She looks truly happy that Aria is connecting with her "Right Aria." >You sit at the table and watch to see what happens >At first they seem a little self conscious that you're watching them but they quickly tune you out >Sonata grabs a mixing bowl out while Aria gets the batter ready, each of them taking turns stirring >To your surprise, Aria gives Sonata a snuggle hug "Great job Sonaynay." >You have a smile a mile wide >That was so cute when she called her that >Sonata tries to think of a fun nickname for Aria but comes up short "Yeah... Aria... baria?" >Aria cocks her head to the side "Well you tried you little squirt." >She rubs her head and Sonata lets out the cutest little giggle >After a while more of stirring and playing, they put the cookies on a sheet and set them to cook for a while >Aria begins to tickle Sonata and she plays right back >Maybe you were just worrying too much >You hear some footsteps come down the stairs and Dagi turns the corner "What's going on in this-" >She stops mid sentence, awestruck at the scene playing before her >Aria and Sonata were actually having fun. Without either you or Adagio intervening. >Miracles do exist >You see Adagio is getting teary eyed and she looks at you >She mouths "Thank you." >You just nod your head back and smile >Aria and Sonata are wrestling now and laughing all the while >Finally things were looking up again. Hopefully they would stay that way. >But school was fast approaching. You were interested to see just where this would lead. -------------------------------------------- >a month and a half came and went without much incident >Aria and Sonata had both become quite great cooks >Ever week you gave them a new recipe and they tackled it >It was nice that they could finally bond over something. They were growing quite fond of each other now. >Aria had even learned how to play the flute in that time >Adagio had become quite the smarty-pants >Ever since she had learned that school would be starting soon she had been starting, she had been going on the internet and reading random fact sheets >She would come down every now and again to tell you some random fact >Then the day of school came. You had bought all the supplies and they were more than ready >You however >The day started early with you making them breakfast >For the first time, all the girls, even Aria, had gotten up right at 6 in the morning. >They were all excited. But you had some gnawing feeling in your chest. You couldn't figure out why. >You walk them out to the bus stop "You girls have a great day alright?" >"Aye sir!" >"Aye!" >"You bet." >You saw them get on the bus and drive off into the distance and a wave of sadness hit you >True, they were growing up and getting a start on their life. But now you were alone again. >It was selfish. They couldn't stay with you forever. But part of you felt like you were losing something dear, even knowing they would back in 9 hours. >You walk slowly back to your house as the pain in your chest gets worse >The sadness was causing you actual physical pain >You hop and the couch and watch some TV trying to do anything to get rid of the sadness. >Your innocent little girls were finally growing up into fine independent women >It filled you with pride but also with sadness >The day felt like it would never end. Every minute felt like an hour. You felt like you were going to be driven crazy with all this waiting. >Meanwhile, at CHS >Adagio, Sonata, and Aria arrive at school and walk off the bus >Sonata is actually a bit frightened "I wish daddy was here." "I know Sonata. But we can do this." "You promise you'll stick with my big sister Adagio?" "As long as I can. But we're all taking separate classes. We do have lunch together though." >Sonata feels sick to her stomach "I don't know Dagi... I'm scared. I don't want to be separated from you." >Aria grabs her shoulder "Listen little sis. If you can do this I promise we can make that three meat pie you've been wanting to make." >Sonata cocks her head to the side "But I thought the smell of meat made you sick." "It does. But if you can make it through this day, I will gladly endure it." >Sonata gets a big smile on her face "Ok. I will." >Three people walk up to them >Flash Sentry, Trixie, and Bonbon >None of them are happy >Flash is the first to speak >"Hey! Aren't those the girls the Rainbooms defeated a year ago? The ones that tried to control all of us?" >"The Great and Powerful Trixie believes they are. And she is not happy about it." >"What are you freaks doing here again?" >Sonata gets tears in her eyes and Aria blocks them "We've changed! We're not like we used to be!" >Flash is not amused >"Yeah right. You guys are freaks. Get the hell out of here." >Adagio's head begins to ache again. The evil siren part of her was making it's way back to the surface "Go... away!" >"Oh? And why would Trixie want to do that? It is you who should be leaving, monsters." >Just before Adagio lost control two people stood in their way >Sunset and Rainbow Dash >"They have changed. We've seen it with our own eyes." >"Sunset's right. We met them and we've seen that they are changed." >Bonbon doesn't bite "Yeah? And how do we know you're not lying?" >This makes Rainbow angry >"Lying!? Why you-" >AJ buts in >"It's true. If y'all don't believe it, then hear it from me. They have changed. You know I wouldn't say anythin' but the truth." >Pretty soon the rest of the mane 7 is now by their side >They still look unsure though and this makes Sunset mad >"Come on! Do you honestly think we'd lie to you!? I changed! Why is it so hard to believe they did too!" >"Fine. But if we see them doing anything, we'll stop them. Come on Trixie, Bonbon." >They nod and follow him away >Sunset kneels in front of them >"Don't worry girls. I, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity have all be assigned to mentor you. We promise we won't let anything happen to you." "Who is guiding who?" >"Great question Adagio. I am mentoring Sonata, Rainbow is with Aria, and Rarity is with Adagio." >She turns to Sonata, smiling >"Is that alright with you?" >Sonata wipes the tears from her eyes "Yeah." >Sunset smiles >"Come on. Follow me. I promise I'll keep you safe ok?" >Sonata looks at her two sisters, as if wanting approval "Remember Sonata. The three meat pie." "Aye." >The bell rings and Sonata walks off with Sunset >RD puts her hand on Aria's back >"Welp, lets get going. Come on Aria." >Aria glares at her. She holds one strong grudge. "Don't tell me what to do." >Dagi turns to Rarity >"Are you ready darling?" "Yes." >Sunset and and Sonata walk down the hall towards her first class >For the first time she was actually cowering. Everything was so new and frightening and all with someone she barely knew >Not to mention the entire way down the hall she could feel the glares of every student in Canterlot High burning into her >She just wanted to be with daddy again >"Sonata? How're you doing? Hanging in there?" >She clutches Sunset's skirt, trying to hide >"I know this is hard. But you'll get the hang of it. I promise." "You're sure?" >"Absolutely. Now, what's your first class?" >Sonata looks at her schedule "M-math... in room 218." >"Well then lets go. Look at me Sonata." >Sonata obeys >"I will protect you. I promise." "A-aye..." >"You alright there Aria?" >Still nothing >She had to be the most stubborn person Rainbow had ever met. >Finally the class starts >Nothing too interesting happened. Just passing out the syllabus, explaining the rules, and getting everyone their respective instruments >Rainbow endured Aria's silent treatment for three more classes and finally lost it during a break >"Aria! Come on! Why are you treating me like this! I have done nothing but try to be nice to you and this is how you treat me?" >Aria finally cracks "I'm sorry alright. It's just being in this new place with new people... it's stressful. I took my anger out on you." >"Hey, it's fine." >Rainbow smiles at Aria in almost a creepy way but she shrugs it off >Rainbow wasn't that kinda girl >Meanwhile Adagio and Rarity were getting along great >Apparently Rarity had sparked a love for Fashion in her "So is it hard to make clothes?" >"Well it is a bit of a learning curve. But practice makes perfect." "D-do... do you think you could teach me sometime?" >"Of course Darling. I would simply love too." >Adagio once again felt the glares on her. It felt as if the whole school hated her. >She just couldn't escape her past. >Her head had been hurting all day. She knew her former siren self was attempting to regain control. She was doing everything she could to keep her consciousness from slipping. >But it was getting more difficult >Damn she wished she had a smoke right now >This was the entire reason she started in the first place. To keep it at bay >"Darling? Are you ok? You look ill." >Adagio realized she was panting and breaking into a cold sweat "I'm fine. I just... need a moment." >"Well if you need help just ask. Remember was also have gym class next. I don't want you to over exert yourself darling. You sure you don't want to rest a bit?" >She was getting the flashes again. It was becoming nearly impossible to hold back. "M-maybe a rest would be good." >Rarity escorts her out of the class >Finally Adagio breaks "D-do you have any smokes I can use?" >Rarity looks taken aback >"Darling I would never have that. And you shouldn't either." "There isn't much time! I'm about to lose control!" >"Lose control of what Darling?" >But then it happened. It was finally to hard to push back >She felt like she was falling into a dark pit of which there was no exit >Was it finally over? After all this time she still couldn't change? >She let her dad, no, she let everyone down >This was all her fault. Who knows what her Siren side was doing with her body right now? >Maybe she just was doomed to be evil. Maybe she couldn't change. And she hated that. >Just as she was about ready to let the darkness consume her she head a faint voice calling her name >It grew louder and louder until finally she opened her eyes >She was on the ground, surrounded by a few people >Her ears were ringing like a church bell and her vision was blurry >"Darling are you alright? You said something about it coming and then you fainted." >The voice was muffled but it sounded familiar >She look around, still not completely recognizing the situation "R... Rarity? Is that you?" >Finally her eyes could see clearly again >"Yes sweetheart its me. We already called your dad and he's on his way to pick you up ok?" >Dagi got tears in her eyes >She was being a burden again. To think she was almost entirely consumed by the being inside her >Couldn't she do anything right? >Rarity gives her a hug "There, there darling. You're safe now. Nobody is going to hurt you ok. You're safe now." >This made Dagi cry more >She felt anything but safe >But just the art of someone saying that made her feel more at ease. She just couldn't wait to be in daddy's arms again. She hopped he wasn't mad at her >You get into the car and drive to Canterlot High >First day and things were getting all mucked up >But you couldn't deny you liked the distraction >You had been just pacing back and forth for hours being tortured by your own thoughts >You used to be able to be on your own for months on end, but now just a few hours and you were slamming your head against the wall >Finally you arrive and walk inside to find Adagio waiting on a bench >"How are you doing sweetie?" >She just shakes her head >"Come on. Let's get you home ok?" >You hold out your hand and guide her back towards the truck >The second the door closes, she speaks "Dad?" >"Yes sweetie?" "I need to tell you something." >You felt your stomach sink >Whenever somebody said that, it was always bad >"What is it?" "It's... well.." >She sighs "I need to tell you the real reason I started smoking." >You knew her story sounded fishy >"What was the real reason?" >All of a sudden you see tears enter her eyes "The Siren... she keeps coming back. She almost took control today. I smoke to keep it at bay. Whenever I smoked the headaches would stop and she would just disappear." >You sigh >This was quite a difficult situation. You were caught between a rock and a hard place. You could only imagine what it was like for her. "I'm sorry daddy. I really screwed this up huh?" >"No sweetie. You didn't. You overpowered her didn't you?" "Not really. It was only thanks to Rarity that I was able to escape. If she wasn't there... I... I..." >Tears start to slip down her cheeks >That gave you the perfect idea >"I've got it Dagi." "Got what?" >"A possible solution. We might not be able to solve it, but I know someone who can." "And who would that be?" >"Princess Twilight?" "You're not actually going to go into the portal are you?" >"No. Sunset has a journal that can directly link to their world." "Are you sure this will work?" >"We only have one way to find out. Let's get you home first. If you get any headaches tell me." >Finally lunch comes and Aria and Sonata meet once again >Both are confused when Adagio doesn't show "Where's big sis?" "I don't know Sonata." >Rarity comes in a bit late >"Sorry for running late girls. I had to make some touch ups on a few dresses. Anyway, Adagio had to go home for the day." >Sonata completely misunderstands this and begins to pout "What? That isn't fair at all! Why does she get to go home but I have to stay here?" >"No, no, no sweetie. She isn't ditching school. She had a really bad headache and fainted in the hallway." >Aria gives her a frown "You dope." "Am not!" >Aria is about to get into the 'am not', 'are too' battle when she feels a hand grip her shoulder >It's Rainbow's hand >At first Aria thought she was trying to keep the two from fighting but there was something about it >It wasn't a 'don't do that' touch. It was more warm and affectionate. >Aria couldn't deny a part of her secretly enjoyed it, but she brushed off Dashie's hand anyway >"Alright Darlings. Let's go get ourselves some lunch. Since you're all so new you can sit at out table. I know all of us got on a bit of a wrong foot when we first met, but hopefully we can make it up to you." >Rarity glares at Dash >"Right, Rainbow?" >Dash rolls her eyes >"Yeah, yeah whatever I get it." >The group goes to get lunch and sits at the table >Sunset is being unusually silent. She was off in her own space >AJ, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie find there way to the table as well >"O-oh. You two must be the Dazzling's... weren't there three of you?" >"Adagio went home sick Fluttershy." >Applejack extends her hand to Aria >"Ah know we've already met before, but this time I want to make it like friends. Howdy. My name is Applejack." >Aria apprehensively shakes her hand "Aria Blaze." >She does the same to Sonata who gives a more enthusiastic response "Hi! I'm Sonata Dusk!" >All of a sudden Sunset's phone rings >It's Anon >"Hello? Yes. Oh.. I see.. That's not good.. Ok. I'll tell them. Bye." >Rarity tilts her head, rather cutely >"Who was that Darling? It didn't sound to friendly." >"No, it was just Anon. Apparently there is more to this than we realize." >The beating around the bush annoys Rainbow >"Get to the point" >"Right, sorry. Apparently Adagio's fainting was due to her former siren self trying to usurp control from her. He wants me to contact Twilight to see if there is any remedy." >"No wonder she was so scared when she woke up. She must have been terrified that poor thing." >Both Aria and Sonata are speechless at this >Aria is especially frustrated. If her own sister was in danger, why didn't she say so? How long had she been struggling with this without her knowing? >Aria stands up "I have to go and check on her!" >Rainbow grabs her arms forcefully >"Don't. You have to stay here." "Do I look like I care? My sister is far more important than any letter on my report card! I need to make sure she's safe!" >AJ butts in >"She's right sugar cube. Ya can't go runnin' off to yer sister right now. If there's anyone who understands the bond between sister an sister it's me. I know yer worried, but she'd want ya to stay strong right now." "How do you know!? You've never known Adagio as she is now!" >"But I do have ah sister of muh own sugar cube. I know yer worried. But right now ya need to focus on bein' right here. You gotta trust that your pa will keep her safe. You trust him don't ya?" "Of course I do! But-" >"Then ya need ta let this sit fer now. Just take deep breaths alright? She'll be just fine, I promise." >Aria sighs and crosses her arms "Fine." >Sonata just remains silent, not sure what to think or say >The rest of lunch follows her lead. Nobody said a word until lunch broke out >Only 3 more classes. Then she'd be able to go home and see what was wrong with Dagi. Aria had to keep reminding her self of this each class >Sonata remained clammed up. It had been a while since she had been this quiet for this long >This was going to suck >Finally school got out and Aria practically sprinted for the bus >She had never wanted to go home so bad in her life >Sonata followed shortly after. She seemed almost depressed. >The bus took off and home couldn't have come fast enough. Each red light felt like an eternity. >When they arrive home, Aria rushes home, leaving Sonata in the dust >Sonata just stares at the ground, slowly sauntering back >She almost felt betrayed. She looked up to Adagio and respect her so much. She knew if she ever had an problem she would tell her. >Why was it that her own big sister, her friend for life, wouldn't do the same? Did she not trust her? Or was it because she thought she was a stupid little kid? >When Sonata finally makes it back, a fight was already ensuing between Aria and Adagio "I still don't understand why you didn't tell us that before hand! Don't you think we could have helped you!" "No! It's not that at all! You are completely misunderstanding!" "Then what was it then Adagio!? Did you just not trust us!? Is that what it is!? I am not a fucking kid you know! I can hear grown up stuff!" "SHUT UP ARIA! JUST SHUT UP!" "NOT UNTIL YOU EXPLAIN WHY YOU DIDN'T TELL ME AND SONATA!" >Sonata plugged her ears >They were really going at it. She had never seen them yell at each other like this before. "WHY CAN'T YOU JUST LEARN TO LET THINGS GO ARIA!?" "WHY CAN'T YOU LEARN TO TRUST US! FOR FUCKS SAKE ADAGIO WE'RE YOU SISTERS!" >Something inside Aria snaps "You know what? Fine. Don't fucking tell us. Get consumed by what ever crazed being you have inside of you. See if I fucking care." >Aria storms off to her room, slamming the door so hard it can be heard across the house >Tears begin to stream down Adagio's face >Just then you walk through the door "Hey Adagio I go the medic-" >You look at the scene before you, realizing instantly what happened >Sonata just stares blankly at you, her eyes now void of any emotion >Aria must have yelled at Dagi >You kneel down to Sonata >"How are you doing hun?" >She shrugs "Ok." >She had gone full stoic >You then go to check on Dagi >"Let me guess: Aria didn't take it well?" >All she does is shake her head and cry burying her face into you "I tried to explain it. I tried." >You rub her back >"Shh. It's ok. Aria cares about you more than you know." >She lifts her head up "Are you sure? Because it sounded an awful lot like she hated me and that she doesn't care" >Just the mere thought of Aria not giving any care at all about her made her break into more sobs >"I'm positive. Why else would she react so strongly? If you ask me, the fact that she did that proves how strong she cares. She may have expressed it rather negatively but Aria has a strong love for you. She isn't really angry. She's just hurt and scared." "I guess you're right. I should have told them. I'm sorry daddy. I'm sorry." >"It's fine. I'm going to talk to Aria real quick." >Adagio tightens her grip "W-wait! Can you... can you stay here with me? Just a little longer?" >"Sure." >A little longer turned out to be an hour >Sonata soon joined the party >Finally after a while they let you go and you went to Aria's room >Outside the door it was so silent you could hear a pin drop >You cautiously open the door, fearing a flying pen would poke your eye out >But there she is >The lights were out and she was sitting with her back to the wall hugging the pillow >She turns to you, her eyes puffy and red and her hair down >"Hey sweetie. Everything ok?" >That's all it takes for her to start crying again >She runs and hugs you "I... I can't believe I said that to her! Why am I so stupid when it comes to this!?" >"Aria, you're not stupid." >"Yes I am!!! Whenever I get strong feelings like love or sadness or happiness I always express them in anger! Why can't I just express them normally!? I told her I didn't care about her!? Why is it so hard for me to show affection!? Why am I always so angry!?" >You're taken aback >Where'd that come from? "Every time I try to show affection, whether it be Sonata or Adagio, it always comes up as anger! God they must hate me by now!" >Tears were streaming down her face like a flowing river >She had clearly be holding this in for a long time >She buries her face in her hands "Can I just not fuck up? For once?" >You sit next to her and hold her close >"Aria? Why would you ever consider yourself a fuck up? What would ever make you think that for a second?" "How about what wouldn't? Everything I do I fail at! Hell I still can barely connect with Sonata after all this time! Maybe I am just meant to be alone forever!" >You could feel your heart breaking. You had cried about these same things for longer than you care to remember >Only no one came to your aid >"Aria. I want you to remember something." >She sniffles, still crying loads "A-and what would that b-be?" >You look at her dead in the eyes >"Myself and this family love you more than anything else in the world. No matter what you do or say, that will never change. You understand?" >She just hugs you tight "I love you daddy. I love you." >You rub her back >"I love you to sweet heart. Let it all out." >Aria cries for a long while and before you know it, it's past their bed time >What a shit show today had been. First day of school and we already had tears. You didn't think it would happen this fast. >Hopefully tomorrow would be better >The next day the girls, rather reluctantly head off for the bus to school >They still hadn't completely amended things with each other and the awkward silence was palpable >Aria spent most of the day just going through the motions. She was smart for sure, so she didn't need to focus all that hard. >It was like she was on auto pilot >It was not until the end of her 3rd period science class that Aria's entire world would be turned upside down by a few words of a single conversation >She could never have predicted that her life would be forever changed by the outcome >Aria began to walk to her next class when she saw Rainbow talking to AJ >She walks up to her "Hey Rainbow Dash? Applejack?" >They both look at her >"What is it Sugar Cube?" "Well I just wanted to say... I apologize for what I did to both of you. It was really unfair of me and I was running on a lot of emotion." >AJ smiles >"It's fine Sugar Cube. Ah don't hold it against ya. I probably woulda did the same thing in yer position." >Rainbow nods her head >"I agree with her. I know you guys are all new here and people don't forget easy. No harm done." >Aria breathes a sigh of relief "Good. I thought you guys were mad at me for how I acted." >AJ checks her watch >"Oh fiddle sticks! I'm gonna be late ta muh next class. I'll catch y'all later." >AJ runs down the hall >Rainbow turns to Aria >"What class do you have next?" "A Lunch." >"I see. I do as well." "It sucks. Both Adagio and Sonata have B lunch. So lonely." >Rainbow smiles >"I'll keep you company." "I would love that!" >"Come on, we'll go to my super secret awesome lunch spot." "Alright." >They both walk out onto a hill overlooking the field and start to eat their lunch >"So what's up?" >Aria sighs "Adagio and I had a big fight with each other last night. We were practically screaming at each other." >"That's not good at all." "No. And what's worse is we haven't said a word to each other since the fight last night. I feel like such a burden right now. I wish I could make it up to her." >Rainbow thinks for a moment >"I think I might know a solution to your problem." >Her eyes light up "Really? What do I need to do!?" >Rainbow looks as if she is in deep thought again >"Well. I want to tell you, but I can't." "Why not?" >"You see, I am the type of girl who goes by the scratch my back and I'll scratch yours." "What do you mean?" >Rainbow gets slightly annoyed >"I mean you have to do something for me first." "What is it!? Money, your homework for a week, answers to a test? I'll do anything for her." >Rainbow smiles >"It's simple really." "Stop stalling and tell me what you need!" >"Well.. I need someone to make me feel less alone." >Aria looks confused "W-what do you mean? Do you want me to stay at your house or something?" >"I guess you could say that." >Rainbow leans in next to her ear >"What I want is for you to have sex with me. If you do that I will tell you how to make amends with your sister and save her from the demon inside her." >Aria's face goes the brightest red "Y-you know how to s-save her from that?" >"Oh yeah. It's not too difficult at all." "B-but... I can't have sex. I'm too young." >"You're the perfect age Aria. What are you? 9?" "10!" >"10, yes. And I promise I won't tell so long as you don't." "But..." >"You do want to save your sister don't you?" >Aria felt her heart sink into her stomach >She would do absolutely anything for her sister. If she could save her, than she would do this too. >"So what do you say?" "Ok. I'll do it." >"I knew you'd see it my way. Now meet me at my place after school." "But my dad will be worried if I don't come home." >"Do you want your sister to be safe or not?" "Yes." >"Then do what I say. And make sure you tell no one or I won't give you any information." "Right." >Rainbow writes down her address >"See ya there, cutie." >Rainbow calling her that made her sick to her stomach >But she had to save Adagio. She had too. >The rest of the day went by in an anxious flurry. She could barely concentrate at all. >She had never had sex. Just the thought of it made her want to vomit and to fly at the same time >She just wasn't ready >For the first time school felt like it went lightning fast. The clock seemed to be on fast forward until finally school got out. >She looked at the address and walked to Rainbow's house >Her heart was pounding so hard she thought it would burst >She timidly knocked on the door hoping she wouldn't hear >But of course she did >She had a wicked smile on her face >"I see you've come. Good. Come in." >Aria timidly steps inside, her heat beating ever harder than before >"Want something to drink? Some food?" >Aria rigidly shook her head "I-I-I j-j-ju-st w-want to get this o-o-over with." >Her teethe were chattering so hard he could barely speak >"You're a nervous little thing. I like that. Come up here." >Aria followed her up into her room >The lights were off and it was too dark to make out most of thee features of the room >Rainbow flicks the lights on >"Alright. Why don't you go sit over there?" >Aria does as she's told and sits on the bed >Rainbow sits right next to her and begins to rub her thigh >She jerks her leg back in response but with little success >Rainbow leans in, puckering her lips >She was going in for the kiss >Aria closes her eyes tightly and prepares herself >Finally their lips meet and Rainbow forces her tongue down her mouth >It felt like a slimy worm. She wanted to vomit. >Rainbow slowly guides her down to the bed, breaking the kiss >"Let's see you take some of those clothes off sweetie." >Again with the pet names. It sent shivers up her spine. >She just kept reminding herself of Adagio >Aria slowly takes of her shirt, revealing her red bra >Rainbow licks her lips greedily and traces her fingers along Aria's belly, making her shiver >"You have such a tasty belly." >Rainbow begins to lick her tummy back and forth >Aria felt sick. She could not believe she had gotten herself into this mess >Rainbow slowly reaches for the hooks of her bra and begins to peal it off >Every part of Aria wanted to scream and run but she stayed strong >Once the bra was off, Aria tried to cover her small developing breasts to no avail >Rainbow pried her hands apart and began sucking gently on each nipple >She couldn't deny it felt good but everything about it was wrong >Finally she starts to pull down Aria's pants to find her panties >Aria wanted to cry. She was about to look at her most sensitive spot >Rainbow pulls the panties down and kisses her labia >Aria finally caves and begins to cry "S-stop! Please! This is wrong! Stop!" >Rainbow lifts her head >"Nope. You gave me your word. Now it's time to own up." >Tears stream down her face and Rainbows mouth penetrates her folds >And they had sex >Every second was agony for Aria, all she wanted to do was run but her legs refused to work >Rainbow kept kissing her all over, calling her pet names, and even fingered her >She wanted to die. Just to make it all stop. >She eventually came along with Dash >Finally it ended and Aria rolled her naked body to the side, panting hard >At least one good thing came out of her torture >"So. What about Adagio." >Rainbow turns to her >"I can't tell you." >Aria felt an anger fueled by a billion hot suns light inside her "Why not!?" >"Because you caved half way through." "B-but I kept going!" >"Only because I made you. The deal was off the moment you caved." >Aria felt something inside her shatter >Tears began to stream down her face and she quickly got her clothes on, running out of the house >She felt so dirty, so disgusting >It was a feeling not even a trillion showers could wash away >She ran for what seemed like hours until finally she stopped out of exhaustion in field >Out of pure frustration she screamed as loud as she could and broke down into sobbing >She hit the ground over and over >She had so much anger inside her, so much rage >All the trouble she went through, the pain, the suffering, and it was all for nothing >Her innocence was gone, just like that and she had nothing to show for it >She couldn't possibly go home now. She was too dirty for anyone to love her again. She needed to be where dirt belonged >She cried for a good hour until finally she stopped, completely numb and tired. She couldn't move anymore. >Maybe she'd die here. Maybe this was the end. And she was ok with it. >Her breathing became labored and she could feel it >Death was coming for her >She began to close her eyes and drift into sleep >You were starting to get worried >It had been over 4 hours since school ended and she still hadn't shown up >It wasn't like her to do this >Sonata said she hadn't seen her since the beginning of school as well. Something might have happened. >You had already called the police to start searching, but that was over and hour ago and you were getting restless >Finally you break and go to the car >Luckily you had already put the girls to bed so there would be no distractions >You got in the car and began to drive around searching for her >It was dark as pitch, making it nearly impossible to see >How in the world would you find her in this darkness? >You go for what seems like an hour finally coming across a field >You take out your flash light and begin to search >It was cold as shit outside >You walk forward and see something odd in the clearing, but you can't quite tell who it is >You walk towards it and see it's nothing but a log >You curse to yourself >Where the hell did she go? >You look a little while longer but finally call it in >There was no trace of her anywhere >You begin your drive back in sadness when you get a phone call >It's the popo >"Hello?" "Are you Mr. Anon E. Mouse?" >"This is him." "We have come to inform you that we found your daughter, Aria Blaze." >Your eyes light up with hope >"Where is she now!?" "She's here at the station with us but she is in bad condition. We're going to move her to the hospital as soon as we can." >"I see. Should I just meet you guys at the hospital?" "That would be the best bet." >"Thank you for your help. You've made me very happy." "Glad we could sir." >You hang up and turn around rushing towards the hospital >Finally your make it there and ask for Aria's room which you are guided too >She has a respirator on and is getting fluids via IV >She doesn't look too good either >"What's going on with her?" "Dehydration and hypothermia. We're lucky we got to her when we did. If we hadn't she would have been a goner." >"Will she be alright?" "She'll be fine with rest. We will need to keep her here for tonight just to get her condition stabilized." >"That's good enough for me. I'm just glad she's going to be ok." >You see Aria's eyes start to blink open >Once she looks at you her heart rate spikes and tears start to fall down her face "Daddy. I'm sorry." >"Honey you have nothing to be sorry for. Just tell me what happened." >Aria's brain began to run a million miles per hour >She couldn't tell him what happened. He would never want a daughter as dirty as she was. "I... well.. I was trying to go for a little walk and explore. I guess I got sidetracked and went to far. Then I didn't know where I was and fainted." >"I see. Let's try not to do that again alright. Thank goodness you're safe now." >Aria felt her heart break. She was lying through her teeth to her father. >But it was much better that her being hated >"They said they have to keep you hear for tonight, but I'll get you back home as soon as I can alright?" "Right." >Two police came in >They look at a long list >"You're Aria blaze correct?" "I am." >"We've got a few questions for you." >Aria's body froze in fear. Did they know what happened? Was she going to be arrested? >Unlike her dad though, she had no problem lying to them >"Tell us what happened between the time you were at school to now." >She repeats the lie >"I see. Were there any suspicious people with you?" "No sir." >They ask her a few more questions but she masterfully covers it each time until they finally give up >"Well I have to go sweet heart. I will be here first thing in the morning." >Aria looks down "By dad. I'm really sorry." >"It's fine sweetie. You did nothing wrong." >She could feel the pain in her heart that time >Meanwhile at Sunset's house.. >Sunset looks at her diary which is vibrating furiously >Twilight must have responded >Sunset opens it up and reads the text >Hello Sunset Shimmer. I have some urgent news. Something is very wrong." >Sunset keeps reading on >First, I want to say I have made an antidote for Adagio. She will need to take it every day for a month so I will need to send a lot of it through the portal. Next, about the thing that's wrong >Sunset flips the page >We have detected some strange abnormalities with the portal. Dark magic seems to be oozing out for our end but we still have yet to determine that cause. This is also preventing us from using the portal, thus we cannot send the antidote to you until we figure this out. I want you to try to access the portal for you side and see if it works. If not, send me a message >Princess Twilight Sparkle >Sunset closes the book and gets her clothes on, running too school >It may be only 3 in the morning, but now was better than ever to go test it out without anyone seeing >Sunset finally reaches the portal >Nothing about it seems strange or odd >"Welp. Here goes" >Sunset walks through the portal and closes her eyes >When she opens them she see's she isn't in Equestria >It was a giant white void that went on endlessly >She then sees a large gateway in front of her with markings almost alien in nature >It was written in a language she had never seen before, even after all her time in Equestria >"Hello!? Anyone out there!? What is this place!?" >Nothing >Sunset walks up to the large gateway and tries to open in but it wouldn't budge >She bangs on the door and it still won't open >Where the hell was she? Was she in another dimension? Somewhere in between Earth and Equestria? >She needed to find a way out. What could this mean? >Just as she was getting lost in thought the gate begins to open slowly >It made a large creaking sound, as if it hadn't be oiled in many years >All she could see was black on the other side >All of a sudden tiny beady eyes began to open >They looked like children's eyes >Then large black and white arms began to flow out of the gate, wrapping around her and pulling her in >She screamed as they pulled her in >When Sunset woke up she was back on the other side of the portal >She checked herself, nothing out of place >She got up and put her hand against the portal which to her surprise was now solid >She could no longer access it >What was that place? What did it mean? So many questions >She checked her watch >3:15 >When she went through it was only 3:14. She had only spent a single minute on the other side. >Time must be very dense on that side. It felt like she was there for over 20 minutes. >She had to tell Twilight. Maybe she would know something. >Sunset quickly made her way home and wrote down what she had seen on the other side >Twilight responded almost instantly >That is fascinating. I have checked all my books and haven't come across one mention of that strange gateway. We tried to access the portal again but the dark magic won't let us through. I hope we can find something soon. According to my books, Adagio doesn't have much time. >And then it ended >Sunset had to figure out just what was going on here. But for now she needed rest. She would tell everything to Anon when she awoke in person. >Back at your home >You couldn't sleep well that night. You kept tossing and turning for reasons you couldn't explain >Despite all your efforts sleep just would not come >It was almost as if you were in an elevated state of alert. Like the feeling you get when someone is watching you. >You turn over and see a blurry image of someone >You instantly snap to attention >Was someone in the house? >You began searching >Once again the feeling came back and you turn around, seeing just a glimpse of what looks to be a red and white stripped skirt >Was that..? It couldn't be. >You run after the figure, once again finding nothing >You could have sworn that was the skirt Dash always wore >What the hell was she doing in your house? >You call out to her but receive no answer >"Rainbow dash!? I know you're here!" >Still nothing >You search the whole house to find nothing >What the hell was that? >Was that actually Rainbow or were you just seeing things? >Regardless you triple checked the house for disturbances but came up empty >After that you fell asleep almost instantly >When you awoke the girls had already left for school >It was 12. You had massively over slept >You also needed to go pick up Aria >You quickly get yourself ready and drive down to the hospital and into Aria's room >She didn't look so hot. She looked like she had a rough night too >"What's a matter?" "I couldn't sleep well last night. I kept seeing things. It was if a figure was watching me." >You blood ran cold >Could it have been the same one that you saw last night? >"Can you tell me what she looked like?" >Aria looked down >She couldn't tell him that it looked like Rainbow. He'd think she was crazy! >Not to mention it might open questions to the truth "I don't know. I didn't get a clear look at it. It might just be the meds I'm on. Who knows?" >"I see. Well let's get you home?" >After some paperwork you left with Aria >These hospitals were making a killing off of you >You drive back home when you get a text >It's from Sunset >I've got something to tell you. I contacted Twilight. Meet me in the park at 1:30 >This should be good. >"Aria? Are you alright at home by yourself?" >Aria thinks a little "Sure." >"You have my number if you need me alright?" "Right." >You drop Aria off and race to the park >Sunset is already there >Punctual little bastard >You go over to her >"What is it Sunset?" "Good. I'm glad you came. There is a lot I need to tell you about." >You smelled the air. It almost smelled metallic. And it was coming from her >You sit by her and she runs you through all the events that happened >"Wow. What does it all mean?" "Twilight and I are still working out. She has no idea what the mysterious world is. And now the portal won't open up." >This was so odd. What in the world was happening? >"Well keep me up to date with what happens." "I will." >At school things aren't going well >Adagio was experiencing the headaches with great frequency and magnitude >She could feel her control slipping. It was only a matter of time before her former self regained control >It new this as well. It was just playing with Adagio now. Taunting her. >She could barely blink with out seeing those horrendous siren jaws >She was in a constant state of fear. She new the moment she dropped her guard it would pounce >She hopped daddy had an antidote or some solution. She didn't know how much more of this she could take >Sonata was often come to her aid with hugs, but it wasn't doing much >Rarity came to her aid as well >"How are you doing darling?" >Adagio was shaking like crazy, her face pale "N-n-not well." >It was hard for her to even speak now. Almost all of her mental energy was being focused on suppressing that thing. >Rarity wrapped a blanket with each of the Siren's emblems on it around her >"I made it last night, seeing as you weren't feeling well." >Adagio wrapped it around herself. Her skin was colder than ice "T-t-t-thanks." >She clutched her head in pain again. It felt like someone was taking a steal mallet and banging it on her skull over and over. >The pain was such that she felt like she would pass out. But through sheer determination and stubbornness, she hung on. >She was not about to let this thing take her >Sonata looked at her struggling sister with tears in her eyes >There was nothing she could do but hug her tight "I'm sorry Adagio." >Adagio was gasping for air now as if she had been held under water "It's... It's.. fine. Sonata. I.. I love you." >She could feel it. Each passing second she was growing weaker. It was only a matter of time before she caved >Rarity placed her hands on her >"Don't give in darling.You'll make it through this." >Finally tears began to run down her face "B-but it's so hard! Just make it stop Rarity! It hurts so bad! Please! Just make my head stop hurting like this!" >Rarity hugged her tightly >"I'm sorry Darling. I'm so sorry. There is nothing we can do right now. But just hang in there. The cure will arrive any minute now." "Really?" >Tears began to flow from her eyes, knowing it to be a total lie >"Yep. That's right. Twilight is just making sure everything is good before she sends it to us." "That's good because I can't.." >Just then Adagio blacks out mid sentence >Sonata rushes to her sisters side "Dagi... Dagi wake up. Wake up!" >She kept shaking her over and over, all in vain >After around 5 minutes she woke up, luckily as the same Adagio >But her condition was getting worse. It was as if the whole time she had stopped breathing "I.. don't.. think.. I.. can.. take this." >Rarity looked her dead in the eye >"Yes you can. Hang in there. You can do this. Don't stop trying." >Adagio begins to cry once more "Where's daddy!? I want my daddy! Please! I want to see my daddy!" >"I'm sorry sweet heart. He isn't here right now." >Adagio was shaking harder than before >Her willpower was fading rapidly. She would lose herself any second now. >Just as she is about to close her eyes, someone rushes through the door in haste >It's none other than Twilight Sparkle >She had a box full of vials >Inside they seem to have some green goo >Adagio blacks out again >Twilight is in a state of panic >"No, no, no, no, no, no! I can't be too late!" >"Why don't you just poor it through her mouth?" >"It doesn't work that way. She has to be conscious for it to work, otherwise the potion might end up suppressing her instead!" >"What happens if her siren self comes first?" >Twilight lowers her head >"Let's hope it doesn't come to that." >Adagio hung in Rarity's arm like a limp noodle >There was no telling what would greet them upon her waking >They just hoped it was the Adagio they knew and not something else >Adagio was in the milky blackness again >She felt as if she were under water and the lower she went, the less her consciousness became >Was this really the end? >The light was getting dimmer and dimmer, all the sounds of the outside world becoming fainter >She was growing calm now. She was ready for the darkness to consume her >Just as she was about to close her eyes, she felt a sharp tug on her chest >In one fell swoop she was flung back >She awoke with a gasp and began coughing furiously >Rarity, Applejack, Sonata, and Twi were all there >Twi looks at her dead in the eyes >"Adagio? Is that you? Or are you the siren?" >She could barely talk in between all of the coughing "Y-yes. It's me. I almost got completely consumed that time." >Twilight handed her the green drink >"Here. You need to take this." "Is this then antidote?" >"Yes. Now take it quickly. We don't know how long before you black out again." >Adagio took the vial and ripped off the cork >She knocked it back and was surprised by how horrid it tasted, like snot going down her neck >But almost instantly the pain in her head subsided and her cold body began to warm up >She also could feel her airways opening >"How do you feel?" "Amazing. I feel like I'm back to my old self." >Sure enough the color was returning to her cheeks as well >"Alright Adagio. You need to listen closely. Take this in the morning every day for a month." "Aye sir. And thanks. I already feel so much better." >"I'm glad to hear it." >Twilight gets up and the rest of the group follow her to the portal >But once again, it was shut on their side >"Just as I feared. This is the same curse that I had back on my side. Black magic is leaking all over it." >"So does this mean that ya can't go back sugar cube?" >"It does, at least until I can find a solution to the curse." >"How'd ya do it last time?" >she sighs >"With a lot of effort. This is a puzzle curse. The only way to get through the barrier is to solve the riddle it presents" >Applejack crosses her arms >"Judgin' by yer expression, I'm supposin the riddle wasn't to easy on yer side?" >She shakes her had >"Not at all. I had to look through books in the secret Canterlot Archives to find the answer. The only reason I was allowed in was because of my Alicorn status." >Rarity looks down >"So this won't be easy at all will it?" >Twilight shakes her head >"Not at all. What I find so puzzling is who would do this? Not to mention who is capable of such advanced magic? This is something even Princess Luna would struggle to cast. No normal being could have possibly made this." >"Well no use fretin' over it now. Can ya read what the riddle says?" >"Yes. It says it has three codes for us and we must get them all right. This is the first:A natural state, I'm sought by all. Go without me, and you shall fall. You do me when you spend, and use me when you eat to no end.?" >All of them look at one another, completely stumped "What in the world could that possibly mean?" >"I'm not sure Adagio. I wish I could use a counter spell, but there isn't near enough magic in this world to do it." "Then what are we going to do?" >"How about this. Is there any way fer y'all to gather magic? If we could do that, then Twilight would be able to break down this portal here." >Twilight thinks about this for a moment >"I could do that but it would take a lot of time. In the meantime, I need you girls to figure out the solution to the riddle." "Aye sir!" >Sonata just sat in the corner. She felt so useless right now. So helpless. >She was too weak to save her sister and too dumb to solve the riddle. Could she be any more useless right now? >AJ kept running the riddle in her head over and over but she couldn't come up with a solution >All of a sudden Applebloom ran out of the doors, almost tripping >She had it >Both Rarity and AJ said at the same time >"I'VE FIGURED OUT THE SOLUTION TO THE RIDDLE!" >They look at each other and laugh. At least something funny came from this situation "What is it?" >"It's gotta be balance. Think about it Sugar cube: a natural state, sought by all, go without me and you shall fall. Ya do me when ya spend and use me when you eat ta no end. It's gotta be balance!" >Rarity nods in agreement >"Alright. Let's hope this works." >Twi walks up to the portal and writes 'balance' using magic >The portal flashes green three times then states it's next riddle >"Here's the next one: We hurt without moving. We poison without touching. We bear the truth and the lies. We are not to be judged by our size.What are we?" >They were increasing with difficulty as well. >The girls tried for hours to figure it out but came to no conclusion >Finally they decided to take a break and head back. None of this was going to be easy >Meanwhile, Aria was having troubles of her own >She kept seeing a figure move in and about the house but every time she checked to see who it was, it vanished >And she could have sworn it looked just like... no >But it was preventing her from relaxing. Every time the figure was near, the air grew cold >All of a sudden Twilight shutters, as if she were hit with a breeze >"What is it Sugar Cube?" >"This feeling. It's the same thing I felt when I looked into the door that Sombra cursed during the attack on the Crystal Empire. Whatever it is that's causing this curse must be close. " >The air began to feel chilly and the sky began to darken >An aura of fear hung in the air >It was as if they could feel Death itself >Sonata shakes "This energy... it feels... evil." >Twilight gets a look of determination >"Rarity. I want you to look around the school for any disturbances." >Adagio stood up "I want to go with you!" >"I don't know Sugar Cube..." >"Actually I think it's a good idea. I could use some company just in case something happens. Come on Adagio!" "Aye sir!" >They both begin to search around and notice something odd. >It was as if everything had turned sepia in color >Not to mention it was as if everything had stopped >The clouds weren't moving, nor was the wind, or anything at all >They looked through the windows to see the students and teachers completely frozen. >It was all completely still. Everything had stopped. >They moved on and began to get colder and colder, as if it was radiating from a single point >Adagio hugged Rarity for warmth >They were getting close >Just as they were about to get to the source everything resumed. The color came back and the world was moving again >What in the world was going on? >Sunset began to run out to them >"Guys! Did you see what just happened!?" >"We did. Do you have any idea what caused it?" >She stops, panting >"No. But something is very wrong." "Obviously." >Sunsets phone vibrates and she takes it out >The text she finds horrifies her >Aria had gone missing >And so had Rainbow Dash >Sunset tells the group this and Sonata is thrown into a panic "W-what!? Big sis is missing!? Where did she go! I want my sister Aria!" >She begins to cry and Adagio tries to console her "Why did Rainbow Dash go as well?" >Sunset puts a hand on her chin >"I'm not sure. What's even more puzzling is how Anon knew that Rainbow was missing too. Twilight? Is the portal doing alright?" >Twi goes to touch the portal and once again is greeted by an invisible wall >It was still closed, but now the writing had vanished >"Bad news. The writing for the curse has vanished. The portal is now completely closed." >Adagio begins to look worried "Do you know why?" >Twi inspects it again >"It's another curse. Unfortunately I would have to brute force it with magic to break it down or cast a counter-curse powerful enough to dispel it. Unfortunately, I can't do either in my current state." >She felt so helpless. So weak. Aria was gone and there was nothing she could do to protect her younger sister >Sonata was wailing now >Even though they didn't get along much, she was taking it really hard >The wheels are turning in Applejack's stupid hick brain and for the first time actually has something useful to say that isn't about appuls >"I've got it y'all. Remember when the Twilight from our world came to the Friendship Games? She had that device that could absorb magic. Maybe we can use it ta dissolve the curse!" >They all look at each other >It may be the only option they had >Meanwhile... >Aria felt like she was floating in an endless expanse >Everything was completely black however >She couldn't see a thing. Except for one tiny light behind her >She looked towards it and her eyes became wide with fear >It was Rainbow Dash "W-what are you doing here!? Where are we!?" >"That's what I was about to ask you. When did you get here?" "Shut up you stupid child molester! You did this! I know you did!" >Rainbow Dash lifts an eyebrow >"What are you talking about?" "What do you mean? Did you forget what you did to me!?" >Rainbow looks even more puzzled >"What are you talking about? I have been stuck here for a little over 2 weeks now. I was hoping you would know what's going on." "What!? But I thought..." >"Explain what happened. I would like to know why you called me that." >Aria runs her through the events and Rainbow's face is a pale white >"That can't b right... I would never..." >Aria is also puzzled >If Rainbow Dash was here, who the heck did she have sex with? What was going on here? "Do you think it was some sort of impostor? Like a shape shifter?" >Rainbow Dash puts her hands on her head and groans >"Damn it! If only Twilight was here, she could figure out what's going on with her big nerd head." >Yep. This was the real Dash alright. "Do you have any idea what's going on here? How did I get here? Did you see me come in some where?" >"No. I was sitting and waiting and you just appeared behind me." >Aria studies her closely "You've been in here for two weeks. How have you not died? In fact, how is it that you aren't dehydrated or even the least bit starved?" >Rainbow shrugs >"I don't know. I don't seem to be hungry or thirsty either. It's like I am stuck in the state I was when I first got here." "So now what?" >"I guess we just wait. At first I was doing everything I could to find an exit but it's as if this place goes on forever." >No exit, no death >Which meant they could be stuck in here forever >How could this happen? >Back on the other side the girls began their search for human-world Twilight >They went to Crystal Prep and sure enough, she was in her private room doing nerd stuff >They all busted through the door, making her so scared she fell out of her chair >Scitwi fixes her glasses "What in the world are you guys doing here? And is that.. me?" >Twilight grabs her hand >"There's no time to explain. We need your help." "What?" >They explain the situation and about how they amulet she had might be able to break through the curse "I would but... when I turned into my midnight form the amulet shattered..." >Adagio looks with hopeful eyes "Is it possible you can create a new one?" >She nods "Yes. But it will take at least a week. I might be able to do it in 3 days, but I'd have to work around the clock." >Sunset smiles >"We'll help you. Just tell us what you need and we'll get you set up." "B-but what about school?" >Sunset looks at Twilight >"I think she'll be able to fill your spot just fine. She is just as smart as you are. We'll just need to make her look the part." >Her eyes widen >"W-what? I don't know about this Sunset. I know a lot about Equestrian magic, but not human things." >"You'll be fine, trust me." >"If it's for my friends I'll do it." >Scitwi takes a deep breath "Alright. I will make a list of things I need." >Back inside the other world >Aria was getting bored. >She did however notice her body was glowing as well >She didn't know why or how, but she was thankful that at least some light shown >It didn't even seem like there was a floor. It was just black nothingness for miles. What kind of world was this? >Rainbow Dash kept napping all the time and it pissed her off >She thought she would go mad in this place. Dark and empty. >Every so often however she could have swore she saw tiny little eyes but every time she looked there was nothing >Maybe she was going crazy >Rainbow woke from her slumber to see Aria still fuming about all of this >"You know it would be easier if you just napped right?" "How can I!? We are stuck in this other world with no way out!? How could I possibly sleep during a time like this!?" >Rainbow cocks her eyebrow in slight annoyance >"No need to yell. Just a suggestion." "Shut up! Ok? Just shut up! You may have given up but I won't!" >RD just scoffs and rolls over on her side >Both of them were far to stubborn for this >But Aria couldn't hide that her confidence was slowly fading >She didn't know how much longer she could hang in there >Back in the human world, Scitwi is hard at work on the amulet >Sunset and the other girls bring her coffee, food, and tools whenever she needs them. It was only day 1 and she was already starting to feel the burn >She was used to going to bed early. She had never pulled an all nighter once in her life. Nor had she drank coffee. It was quite the experience >The mane 7, the two Dazzlings, and even you were there to help out, taking shifts in the middle of the night >I would say Spike too but.. >During the second day, Scitwi was really starting to burn out >Equestria Twilight however was having the time of her life in school. She was learning all sorts of things about human culture >Rarity had done a lot of hard work to make sure she looked just like her human counterpart >The bun was not easy >After your shift had ended, you went to sit by your daughter Sonata >It was late and she was out like a light >You grab a blanket and snuggle up next to her >She was such a sweet little 7 year old >Adagio seemed pretty depressed by the whole thing. She wasn't talking and eating little >Try as you might, she would barely eat >You look at her with her head in her knees >"Hey Dagi?" >She barely even registers the response >"Why don't you cuddle up with us? You look like you could use it." >When she lifted her head up you noticed something that made your heart burn >Her eyes looked empty. Completely absent of the light they had once had before >Her pain was completely visible on her face >"Come here sweet heart." >She slowly crawls to you. Even her movement had lost her spunk >She lays her head on your should and looks as if she is trying to hold back tears >"Baby what's a matter?" >Her lips begin to quiver >She is really defeated "S-she's... she's gone. I miss her daddy. I miss her." >That was all it took to make her break down >She hugs you tightly >"Shh baby girl." "It's all my fault... if I had just been there..." >"No it's not Dagi. You've done nothing wrong." "But I have! Don't you see! I kept all those secrets from her! I smoked and made her really worried! I didn't apologize! I am a terrible sister!" >You hold her close >"You made some mistakes. But I doubt she holds them against you." >She gets close and whispers in your ear "Please hit me." >Your eyes widen >"What?" "Please just hit me. Hit me really, really hard." >"Adagio? Why would I ever do that?" "Because I deserve it. I must have driven her away. I must have." >Adagio looks at you with one of the most abject look you had ever seen >Something inside her broke >You hold her head close >"Stop talking like that sweetie. I love you." >She breaks down "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry." >Just then Twilight comes home from school and sees the scene >She kneels in front of you three >"How's she doing?" >You shake your head >"It's been a rough day." >She sighs >"I'm sorry to hear that. Anything I can do?" >You shrug, Adagio still crying against your shoulder >"Don't worry sweetie. We'll find her before you know it ok?" >Inside though, you weren't so sure. Just where on earth did Aria go? >Sonata just stares at the both of you, wide eyed >"Well girls. I think it's time we go bed eh? We'll keep going tomorrow." >Dagi leans in close "Can I sleep with you? I'm scared." >"Of course you can. Want to join us Sonata?" >She nods "Aye!" >Meanwhile, Aria was stuck in the rift with Rainbow >She we being driven mad "T-there has to be a way out. There has to be!" "Aria I already told you there isn't." "Why are you so calm!? We're in some other world!?" "There is only so much worrying we can do. I want to keep my sanity" "Easy for you! All you do is nap when you're not being a meat head!" "What did you call me?" "You heard me" "Why are you so angry with me? I have said I was sorry like 100 times! Why can't you let it go!" "Because you're a bitch." "Leave me alone!" "I will when you do." "Ugh!" >Back in the human world, Twilight was nearing completion of the amulet >It had been two days and 12 hours >All she had to do was make a few final adjustments and it would be done >Even with all the coffee, Twilight was starting to feel it >She was slipping. She could barely keep her eyes open now >But she couldn't rush it. If she made a mistake it could throw off the entire design and make it ineffective >Sunset tentatively watched her "Hanging in there?" >Twi had barely the energy to reply "Yeah." >Finally, with the turn of one screw, it was completed "You did it!" >But before she could even reply, the studious bookworm was out >Sunset picked up the amulet and ran to tell the rest of the group >Princess Twilight had also just returned from the school, just in time to hear the good news >Sunset gathered everyone into the living room and told them "Now the only thing we have left to do is put it into the portal and see what happens." >Adagio seemed uninterested >If it didn't get her sister back, she didn't care >"Well then let's do it. No point in standing around." "You're right Anon. I like your attitude." >The entire group gets up and goes without much conversation but Dagi stays slumped on the couch >"Come on Adagio." "I don't wanna." >"Come." "I said no." >"Adagio. Up." >She now just ignored you >You pulled her by her arm "Let me go! Let me go right now!" >"I won't let you. You can't let this depression overtake you. You have to come with us." >She looks pissed but relents, Sonata comes along as well >You take a short ride to the school but noticed things seem to get heavy >Like physically heavy >It was harder to move and it felt as if there was a weight on your chest >But you weren't the only one, everyone else seemed to be experiencing it as well >The closer you got to the portal, the worse the feeling got >When you finally got there it felt as if you were twice as heavy >You could barely speak in between your panting "Is it.. just me.. or does it feel.. harder to move?" >The others looked exhausted. Even AJ seemed like she could barely keep up "Ah... am feelin' it.. too.." >"Let's get the amulet out." >Sunset takes it out and clicks it open >Instantly the portal begins to shoot sparks and a red energy begins to pour from it to the amulet >As time went on the weight seemed to lift >It took over an hour for it to collect the remaining curse energy but once it did, something unexpected happened >The device jumped from from Sunset's hands and shot a large burst of energy, opening a rift >Inside the tear was a black world and none other than Aria Blaze sitting in the middle of it "Daddy!" >"Aria!" >You reach your hand out to hers but just before your fingers touch, the rift dissolves into thin air, taking Aria with it >Adagio's mouth is agape and the rest of the group stood in shock >Adagio is thrown into a panic "We have to open it again! Where is the amulet! We have to save my sister!" >But when you all looked at the device, it was completely busted >Sparks were flying out of it and electricity was arcing all over the surface >It was busted >"What was that place? And why was Aria in there?" >Sunset sits down, completely puzzled "I have no idea." >Twilight thinks hard "I might have an idea. I remember when I was studying interdimensional rifts I came across something like this." >Adagio looks wide eyed "Well?" "It's said to be a world shrouded in darkness, a world in which light doesn't exist. And it's only supposed to appear when something truly evil is lurking where it doesn't belong. It's a sort of... containment dimension if you will. For evil things. Starswirl studied in intensely but he could never find much on it." >AJ crosses her arms "Then what the hay was Aria doin' there?" >Twilight sighs "Well, if I had to guess, I would say that whatever evil being was once in there has traded spots with Aria." "Then what the hay was Aria doin' there?" >Twilight sighs "Well, if I had to guess, I would say that whatever evil being was once in there has traded spots with Aria." >Twi didn't look convinced though "But that wouldn't make sense. If it were to come into this world it would have to take the form of whoever it traded places with. This is why I look like a human rather than a pony. Things like that cannot exist in this world." >This makes Dagi even more worried "You mean to tell me that there is some evil being masquerading as my sister right now?" >She nods "That's the sum of it. But there is still one more piece missing." >You put your hand on your chin >"And what would that be?" "Well, simply put, the curse. Magic also cannot exist or be preformed in this world. The only reason it works between our human counter parts is because one of the Elements of Harmony was brought here. Without a magic device, especially if it isn't as powerful as the elements, it couldn't have possibly cast such a strong curse." "So then just what in tarnation is goin' on here? How is any ah this even possible?" >Twilight looks deeply troubled "It isn't. At least it shouldn't be. The only possible explanation I could think of is that it is tunneling magic from another world, but again, it would need magic to open that tunnel in the first place. Something just doesn't add up." >"Can you at least move through the portal now? Maybe you can access that other world from you end." "I can but it will take time. Opening a dimension like that would require the power of at least 3 Alicorns. It's got an even more powerful barrier than Tartarus. It will take at least a day to open and even then I don't know if we could pinpoint Aria's location. It's too large." >You look down towards Dagi >She looked absolutely hopeless, like the life had just be ripped out of her >You place an arm around her and hold her against you >She hugs your waist tightly back >"We'll find her alright? Just have some faith" >Adgio chokes back tears "Right" >You rub your hand through her cheese puff hair >You couldn't stand seeing your little girl cry like this >You would do anything to make her smile again "I have an idea, but it's risky. One way we could track down Aria is using a special spell Starswirl developed to try and track the prisoners. It works by attaching a thread of magic to someone's body and allowing them to wander around in there until they find their intended target. You can also cast a beacon spell to the body and make it act almost like a sonar machine. But it had a low success rate. You need three Alicorns to keep the portal from closing and then another very gifted unicorn to cast the spell. Not to mention the portal is extremely hard to keep open. Even between myself and the other three princesses I doubt we could keep it open for longer than 15 minutes, and then you would need another pony to cast the thread spell." >You think a moment >"I think I have a solution." "And what's that?" >"Well, how about the four Alicorns keep the portal open and Starlight Glimmer casts the thread spell? You said she was gifted didn't you? We could also employ discord to help keep the portal open." >Twilight seems unsure "That may work, but while Starlight has a lot of raw talent, she hasn't fully tapped into it yet. She is still a novice. If the thread spell breaks then we have no way of retrieving you. You will be trapped there forever." >"I'm willing to take the risk." >Twilight nods "Alright. But it will take at least a week to teach Starlight this spell. It is one of the most complicated algorithms I have ever encountered. I will be back when Starlight learns it." >"Right." >Adagio looks up at you with eyes full of tears "You don't have to do this daddy. What if you don't return?" >"I will." "But what if you don't?" >"I will. There will be no if and's or but's about it." >You turn around a look for a moment >"Anyone seen Sonata?" >The group begins to look for her when you see her at the side of the statue where the portal to Aria opened up >She just gazed it longingly >Fluttershy walk over to her and put a hand on her back "Come now little one. Your sister is safe and will be out of there in no time. I promise." >She just nods and gets up >Sonata had been nearly mute as of recently >Before walking through the portal into Equestria Twilight turns and looks at you "Anon, you need to prepare your body for this. The thread spell also has another known effect on the one who it's been cast on. It's going to make you at least twice as heavy as you are now. You'll need to be able to handle that." >You nod >"Right." >She smiles and walks to the other side of the portal >"Come on girls. Lets get you home." >Sonata just came along sulking >"Sonata. Hop on my back." >You saw a faint smile and she obliged, still without saying a word >You took Dagi's hand in yours >And with that you went home >The next week was one of the hardest you had ever face >Not because you were training your body to be built like a tank, but because of the waiting >You felt as if that Tuesday would never arrive >And all this time Aria was stuck in that place, doing god knows what >But it gave you all the fuel you needed. You would do whatever you had to to get her back. Even make sick gains. >In Equestria Starlight was was coming along better than promised >Twilight would toss a ball into a dimension she created and tried to see if Starlight could retrieve it >It took a little while but she was doing it like it was nothing >She was even getting to the point where she could do it over an extended amount of time without getting tired >For a pony who wasn't an Alicorn this was unheard of. It took Starswirl over a month to be able to even slightly do it. She truly was gifted. >In the other world Aria and Rainbow were no sleeping nearly all the time >But after that brief moment of interaction Aria couldn't rest a second >She went to wake Rainbow "Rainbow! Rainbow! Wake up Rainbow Dash!" >Rainbow Dash grumpily wakes "What do you want squirt?" >Aria smirks "I'll just ignore you called me that. But I saw him! I saw him!" "Who did you see?" "Daddy! It was like a tear opened with here and there they were! Daddy and big sis Adagio and even Sonata. God I miss her." >Aria blushes at the though of missing the little sister that drove her crazy "Are you sure about that? Your mind might have just been playing tricks on you. This place can easily drive you crazy. Though that would have been a short walk for your mental state.." >Aria slaps her across the face with force "OW! What did you do that for!?" "Can't you see!? Rip was open, we could get out of here. They could be finding a solution right now!" "I doubt it kid." >This takes Aria from zero to sixty and three seconds "What the hell is wrong with you!? You act like you want to stay here!" >Rainbow scoffs "Well it wouldn't be so bad would it. Just get to sleep all the time. No responsibilities. I wouldn't really mind it." "So you're just going to give up!?" >Rainbow sighs in annoyance "No Aria. I'm just seeing this for what it is. Now let me sleep." >This pushed Aria over the edge and she walks away, grumbling to herself >She knew there was hope >That rip was all she needed to survive. She know they were coming. >Meanwhile back on earth you had made some serious gains >You were almost a quarter of the size you once were >You had trained harder than a Navy SEAL and were ready to put it to the test >The week was up by tomorrow >Sonata and Adagio had been very discombobulated over the week >Sonata seemed like she was just in her own little world, staring into space with a blank expression >Adagio just sulked. She ate little and just walked around the house, staring out of windows >They really cared about her >At the dinner table the usual happened >Dagi just sat there, pushing her food about her plate with her fork >Sonata just quietly ate, still completely expressionless >"Girls." >You got no response >"Girls." >You say it a little more sternly, but still get nothing >"Girls!" >Finally you get something >Adagio lifts her eyes up just slightly and Sonata cowers >"We need to do something to get you out of this funk. Why are you two so miserable? We're about to get your sister back!" >Adagio just scoffs and looks back down at her plate "But... daddy... what if you don't do it? I don't want to lose you too.." >"I will Sonata." "But.. how can you be sure?" >"Because I will." "But-" >"There are no buts. I am going to go in there and bring Aria back. I don't care what it takes." >For the first time in over a week and half you see the bright cheery smile show on her face "Ok daddy. I trust you." >"What about you Adagio?" "Hmph." >"That's not much of an answer." >You see her get a look of anger in her eyes >She gets up and slams the chair against the table "There is nothing to be so happy about! My sister is stuck in Celestia knows where that is almost impossible to get too, you have to go on a dangerous mission that could almost certainly leave you stuck there and then I will be stuck as the soul leader and provider again!" >You can see tears forming the poor girls eyes "Do you have any idea how difficult it was when we first came here!? I had to do EVERYTHING for them! I had to get them food, keep them from hurting each other, make sure they were warm and happy! It was all up to me! If I wasn't at my best 100% of the time they would have died! And if I have to do that all over again..." >The emotions finally overcame her and she starts to sob >You stand up and hug her tight >"Everything will be ok." "You can't know that for sure!" >You press her head into your chest >"I do. Because I will do whatever I have to in order to bring her back. Because I love you. You are loved Adagio." >This breaks her and she slumps into your chest, crying "I love you dad. I'm just.. I'm scared." >"I know honey. And you are being so, so brave right now. I am so proud of you. You were able to take care of your sisters and raise them right. You did so well for someone so young." >She looks up at you with her big amber eyes, tears still rolling down her face "Really?" >"Really." >Sonata slowly walks over and hugs Dagi "I love you big sis." "I love you too you twirp." >You enjoyed this embrace more than any other >For in your heart, you didn't know how this was going to go >It wouldn't take less than a miracle for you to pull this off >After a while of hugging you all go to bed and prepare for tomorrow >It was going to be one of the hardest challenges of your life >Surprisingly, you went to sleep quickly that night, despite Adagio's poof in your mouth and Sonata's legs constantly kicking you >The next morning you woke up before your daughters and made them the best breakfast you could >Which really wasn't that great >It was pancakes, but so badly made they could hardly pass as such >But hey, it's the thought that counts right? >A few minutes later the girls came down, prepared for the challenge ahead >Sonata rushes up and hugs you "I love you daddy." >"I love you too sweet pea." >Adagio slowly goes over to you, blushing profusely, with her hands behind her back >"What's a matter?" >She pulls a plastic bag from behind her, shutting her eyes tight and blushing harder "T-take it." >You grab it and take a look inside >It's the necklace you gave her for Christmas, with her name craved on the back >"Adagio. Why are you giving me this? I got this for you." "I know but.. at least for the time being I want you to have it. So you don't forget.." >You hug her tight >"I would never forget Adagio. But I'll take it. It will be all the better when I give it back." >She smiles "Aye Sir." >Once you all finish breakfast you head to the portal >Sci Twi, Princess Twi, and the Mane 5 + Sunset were all in attendance >Princess Twilight looks at you seriously "Are you ready Anonymous? Everything is ready on our end." >"I'm ready. Let's do it." >You turn to Adagio and Sonata >"Alright Adagio. I'm going to need you to look after Sonata one last time. You think you can do that for me?" >She nods "I will." >"Sonata. I need you to be a good little sister. Be nice to your big sis ok?" >Sonata nods, choking back tears >You take out the necklace and tie it around your neck >"Let's go Twilight." "Ok. Follow me." >Twilight walks through the portal and you follow her to the edge >You never thought you'd be so hesitant to go to Equestria >You step through the threshold and are catapulted through >When you reach the other side you look at your hand >Or shall I say, your hoof >You were a pony now >A pony with green fur >You looked to see what your cutie mark was >Total blank flank "Well Anonymous. I never expect you too look like that. And no cutie mark either." >Everything was painful and awkward, you could hardly move around like this "I can tell you are having some trouble getting used to this. I thought you might. So I looked up some spells and found one that can change you into a human. It'll be quick and easy." >Before you can even utter a reply she zaps you with magic, returning you to your original form >You stretch >"Much better. So where do we go now." >Twilight smiles "We've got everything set up right here." >You look behind her and see the other princesses, Discord, and Starlight "Ok Starlight. You cast the thread spell on him while we open the portal." "Right." >A white line emitted from Starlight's horn that looked almost exactly like a thread of yarn wrapped around you >periodically it would pulse bright blue "You see how it's pulsing like that? That is the radar. I will be able to detect any objects within it's radius and I will communicate telepathically when I find what we're looking for" >The princesses and discord begin to summon the portal open >As they do so, the ground begins to shake beneath your feet >It also began to feel hot, so hot that you began to instantly sweat and your mouth dried >It felt like the gates of hell were opening >After a few moments a rip forms in space itself to reveal a black world >You look at Twi and she nods in approval "I'd say you have about an hour. Be careful." >"Right." >You jump through the hole and were rushed with cold air >It felt like ice was touching your skin >You open your eyes and realize it's all white >That couldn't be. Aria was in a black void >You look around and notice a big black gate >Was Aria beyond there? >You walk towards that gate and try to open it but it won't budge >All of a sudden you hear a voice in your head >Starlight "Anon. I'm going to need you to put both hands on the gate. We'll force this gate open." >Right >You place both hands on it and feel a brief jolt through your body >You hear an audible click, as if a bolt had been unlocked >Sure enough the gate opens with no difficulty revealing the black void >Without even a second thought you leap into it >You can see the blue pulse now, spreading a pretty vast distance >Find anything yet? "Not yet. Keep going." >You keep wondering around in total darkness, the only light from the open gate slowly shrinking >You wonder for what seems like years and finally Starlight speaks "Got it! She's about 10 meters at 2 o clock. But that's strange.. someone else is with her" >You feel your stomach sink and start to run towards the destination "Anon wait! Don't just run-" >Her voice cuts short and the blue glow fades >You turn around and see the gate closed >You were trapped >But that didn't matter. You had to be sure of Aria's safety >You run the rest of the distance and sure enough, Aria Blaze was there >She turns to face you and her face lit up in joy >You had never seen her express so much happiness >Tears rolled down her cheeks >She hugs you tight "I knew it. I knew you'd come. I knew it." >"I'm glad. You can't be your ole dad so easy." "I'm so sorry." >"What for?" "This is all my fault. I was the one who ran away. If I didn't run away like an idiot this never would have happened." >"We can worry about all that later. For now lets get out of here. By the way, is there anyone else here with you?" "Yes. Rainbow Dash." >Rainbow Dash was on her side, napping >"Rainbow get up. We need to leave." >She lazily gets up "You mean you found a way out?" >"Not quite. But there should be one through a gate I came through." >Once you finish your sentence eyes open, filling the room with light with a brief instant before closing >"The hell was that? >Aria hugs your arm "I don't know." "What triggered it? If we figure that out we may be able to find the gate." >Again the eyes flash open, filling the room with light for a moment >But you saw it. It was unmistakable >There was a gate at the far end >You see a light bulb go off in Aria's brain "I got it! It was gate. When you said gate the lights flashed." >"Ok. Let's try it. Gate." >Sure enough, the eyes open right on cue >Even Rainbow was in a state of surprise >"You saw it too didn't you?" >She nods >You begin to say gate over and over until the three of you get to the gate >You open it with a few kicks and climb through >Aria tries to go through but hits a barrier >She couldn't pass through "Daddy! Don't leave! Please" >Aria was starting to panic >"Sweetie I need you to calm down. I am not leaving." >Just as you start to think Adagio's necklace glows bright red and pulls your neck forward >You resist and it pulls itself right off your neck, hitting the barrier >Once it hits it casts two separate lights, one purple and the other blue >There were two other unique gates >Rainbow Dash points to the gate with blue light "Look. We must have to go through those." >Aria was still panicking "I can't! I can't go back to the darkness! Daddy help!" >"Just stay with me sweetie. I'll talk you through every step of the way alright? Just go through the purple gateway. Then we'll be together again." >The gem was losing starting to crack under the pressure >"You're ok. Just go." >A single tear slips from her eye "I love you!" >Finally the gem shatters and the rift closes >You see the portal that the three princess and discord still have open and run back through >Twilight was not pleased "Anon! Why didn't you listen when Starlight told you to stop! We thought you were trapped in that other world forever!" >"It wasn't for nothing. I found both Aria and Rainbow in there. They should be appearing somewhere. I need to return to the human world quickly." >You start to run off before Twilight can lecture you further >You find the portal and jump through >It's night time and all the girls are sleeping >"Damn. That other world must have had a thicker time density." >You wake Sunset up >"Is she here!?" "Wha? Oh you mean... no. I didn't see her. Not yet anyway." >You scoop up both Sonata and Adagio to check if maybe she had appeared at home >Sunset stops you "Anon wait!" >"What?" >She wiggles Dagi out of your arms and into hers "There is no need for you to do this alone. I'll be here with you ok?" >Your eyes lock >"Right." >You both run straight home and search the house >Just as you were about to lose hope you checked Aria's room where she was sleeping peacefully >You feel your legs turn to jelly and you fall down nearly crying from the happiness >Your daughter was safe and sound >Sunset hears you "Anon is everything ok?" >She sees the scene and instantly knows what happened >She kneels down beside you and hugs you tight >You couldn't put up your tough shell any longer and start crying into Sunset's shoulder >She rubs your back "Shhh. There, there. It's ok now. We did it." >"I was so scared. So scared. I thought I'd never see her again. She is the only thing in my life I have to be proud of." "I know. But it's over now. She's safe." >You cry into Sunset's chest for a long while and not once did Aria awake >Sunset smiles at you "There. You got it all out of your system?" >You take a deep breath >"Yeah. I think I'm good." >Sunset reaches into her pocket and places something in your palm "I have to go now. I'll be seeing you. I will relay the good news to everyone else." >She quickly made her exit and you looked at what she gave you >It was a note with a short message >You wanna grab a bite to celebrate? Just you & me? If you do, meet me at the park at 12 sharp. >You felt your hear flutter and butterflies in your stomach began to soar >Before you could decide you see a sleepy Adagio and Sonata standing in the door way >Sonata's eyes widen and those big deep blue eyes fill with tears of joy "ARIA!!!" >She yells at the top of her lungs and tackles her big sister, waking her up "Ugh what? You big goof. What are you crying for?" >But Aria wasn't talking to her little sis. Her own eyes were filled with tears as well >Adagio, for the first time in ages has the brightest smile on her face >You swear her teeth were making the room brighter >She goes and sits at the foot of the bed "Welcome back. I missed you." >Aria smiles, clutching Sonata tight "I missed you too Adagio. Thanks." >Little did the family know, however, they were not out of the woods yet >The dark forces that took Aria were still in play and ready to strike You woke the next morning bright and ready for the day >It was time for your little lunch date with sunset >First, you needed to find someone to babysit the girls >Only, you didn't know anyone and you sure as hell weren't going to leave them with someone you didn't know >You slap yourself in the head. Of course you knew people. And you knew just the gal to ask, >You dial up AJ "Howdy Anon. What can I do fer ya?" >"I was hoping you could watch the girls for me. I have someone I need to meet for a little bit." >You hear her giggle >"What?" "Wha? Oh, nuthin. Of course I'll watch the girls fer ya. How soon do ya need me?" >"Now would be awesome." "Sure thing. I'll be over there faster than a turkey on thanksgivin'." >"Great. Thanks AJ. I owe you big time." "Don't mention. Oh and tell 'er Ah said hi." >"What?" >But she had already hung up >Luckily the only one awake was Dagi, her eyes barely open and a comb stuck in her poof >"I'm off Adagio. AJ will be coming over any minute to babysit you." >All she did was groan in reply. She was much to tired for this. >You get in your car and drive out to the park were Sunset wanted to meet >She was in her bad girl leather jacket and jeans, waiting on a park bench >You go and take a seat next to her >The most beautiful smile you had ever seen lights up on her face "You came." >"And just in time too. Not too early, not too late." >lol, see what I did there? >"So where would you like to go?" "There's a really good burger place down the road from here. I can drive you if you'd like." >"I'd love that." >You both hop into your car and start making for the burger joint >It was quite awkward, even if only for five minutes >You were so awkward when it came to dealing with girls >You finally make it to the restaurant and sit down with her "So, how does it feel now that you have your beloved child back?" >"It feels great. I was so worried. But she's safe now."" "It must be nice. Loving someone that much, I mean. I would love to have someone like that." >You, being completely oblivious to Sunset's advances, just shrug it off >"I'm sure you'll fine someone Sunset. You're awesome." "Yeah... yeah..." >You both order some food and sit in awkward silence >"So why'd you want to bring me here Sunset? This seems like more than just a congratulations on getting Aria back." >At least you weren't completely blind >Sunset blushed a little "Well... you see... I was just hoping that maybe we could get to know each other a little better." >"Really? Awesome. I could use some more friends." >You really were blind weren't you? "Yeah... friends." >Sunset clears her throat and decides to cut straight to the point "Have you ever had a significant other Anon?" >"I had a fiance' at one point. It didn't work out so well." "Is that so?" >She looks deeply into your eyes "Ever think about giving it another shot?" >Your eyes turn cloudy and dark >You sigh >"Sunset, I know what you're trying to do here. And no, I'm not interested in giving it another shot. The last girl I had damaged my heart to an irreparable state. You ever wonder why I'm such a shut in? That's why." >You can see something inside of Sunset break >"I'm not someone who plays well with others. People and me just don't mix. Now if you haven't anything else to say, I think I'll be going." >Sunset seems to just deflate >You grab enough money to pay the bill and walk out to your car >You drive to a secluded are and take your wallet >Inside you still had a picture of the black haired woman who left your for another man after she became pregnant with your child >The woman you hated more than any other, yet couldn't bring yourself to stop loving >You still had some vain hope that she would return one day >That she would wrap you up in her arms and apologize for what she had done >You still hadn't seen your child, as she was still in her womb at the time >It was going to be a beautiful baby girl >It had been at least 5 years since she left >You wondered what your little girl was like >Was she an introvert like you? Did she have the same adorable smile that your fiance' always made? >You could feel the weight of all the memories baring into you, like a black cloud >All these years and she hadn't tried to make contact once >You rested your head back on the seat, feeling the seething sadness you had worked so hard to forget >Tears trickled down your face >Not only had you lost her, but you completely botched your chance with Sunset as well >You were such an idiot >Just as you were about to succumb to darkness you heard something tap on your window >It was Sunset "Hey. Hey Anon! We didn't finish our lunch!" >She had a to go bag in her hand >You roll down the window >"What do you want? I already said I wasn't interested" >She gets that beautiful cheery smile on her face "You big liar. Now let me in the passengers seat. We're having lunch together. I'll take you kicking and screaming if I have too. Also wipe the tears from your eyes. You've got nothing to be sad about." >You smile and wipe your face >You didn't even realize you were crying >Sunset makes her way to sit next to you "Well Anon. You may not want to now. But you can heal." >"I wouldn't expect you to understand." "How about we make a bet." >"What kind of bet?" "It's like this: if I can help you move on and heal, you have to be my boyfriend. If I can't I'll kiss Rainbow Dash in front of everyone." >You laugh a little >"What if I say no?" "Well I'd call you a chicken then. Clearly you're afraid of losing to a girl." >You smile >"Fine. You're on. It's going to be quite sexy when you kiss Rainbow though. I hope you like being called a lesbian." "How about we make a bet." >"What kind of bet?" "It's like this: if I can help you move on and heal, you have to be my boyfriend. If I can't I'll kiss Rainbow Dash in front of everyone." >You laugh a little >"What if I say no?" "Well I'd call you a chicken then. Clearly you're afraid of losing to a girl." >You smile >"Fine. You're on. It's going to be quite sexy when you kiss Rainbow though. I hope you like being called a lesbian." >Sunset smiles and you drive her back to her place >You couldn't deny that you had a warm fuzzy feeling inside >It wasn't often a girl expressed interest in you >When you made it home you were surprised by the sight >Dagi was sitting on the couch painting her nails, Aria was wrapped in a big blanket reading a book, and Sonata was getting her hair done in the same >You wouldn't say it out loud of course, but it didn't look all that great on Sonna >You make your entrance making Sonata yank her head out of AJ's hands, making the whole hair due fall >She actually looked pretty adorable with just straight hair >She runs up to hug you "I missed you daddy!" >"I missed you too honey." >Both Adagio and Aria pay you little mind >You looked at Aria closer and noticed she still seemed a bit weak. She had gotten a lot thinner and her body seemed to be more fatigued >AJ has a devious smile on her face "So how'd it go?" >"What do you mean how'd it go?" "Ya know. With Sunset?" >No wonder she was so eager to accept this job. She was setting you two up. >"It went just fine AJ." >You payed her 20 bucks for the pleasure and she made her way out >Sonata seemed to have gotten all pouty "Anon I'm bored." >"I can see that." "We should do something." >"And that would be?" "I don't know. Something." >Adagio began chuckling to herself "You two are ridiculous. But I agree with Sonata. All this waiting around is killing me." >"We've been waiting around for two days now. That's hardly any time at all. I think it would do you three some good to just chill a little." >Sonata puts her weight against you "But daaaad. I wanna do something." >"And what exactly do you want to do?" >She just frowns in response >You can't say no to that face >"Fine, fine. Let's go to the pool for a few hours." >Sonata jumps for joy "Ya!" >Aria however doesn't seem to be nearly as excited "Do we have to daddy?" >"Yes Ari-bear. We do. You can even take your book." >Aria's face goes bright read at the nickname and she buries her face back in the book "F-fine." >"Adagio?" "Fine. Fine. Just give my nails a few minutes to dry." >Her toenails were painted a dazzling neon blue with sparkles. It actually sort of worked with her >She placed her toenails in front of a fan to speed up the process. Not that it mattered. You still had to get them ready >Aria needed something more appropriate to wear than just her bra and shorts, Sonata needed to get out of her PJs and Dagi wasn't wearing any pants underneath her blanket >"First, you girls need to put on some clothes" >Realizing that you probably caught a glimpse at her growing body, Aria blushes brighter and pulls the blanket tighter around her >She puts the book down a hurriedly rushes to her room >Sonata follows suit, giggling the entire way >Adagio gets up, no shame whatsoever, and strolls past you with only her underwear and tank top "I don't see what they're so nervous about. We've all seen it before." >After a while they finally got into their swimsuits and were ready to go >Your big ole St. Bernard was more than ready to go as well >You pet him gently >"Sorry Alto. Not this time." >You all roll into the car and drive to the pool >While you were waiting you made sure to bring lawn chairs and a cool full of drinks and food >Not as if you were planning to showcase your body to the world, even if you made some sick gains recently >Aria sits next to the lawn chair you're resting on while administering sunscreen >"Aren't you going to swimming?" >She shook her head and smiled a really sweet smile at you "Nah. I wanted to spend some quality time with you daddy. It's been so long since we really got to connect ya know? I've missed you." >You smile back. It felt so great to know someone loved you. >Before, girls didn't want to touch you with a ten foot pole >Now one of them was going out of her way to be with you >Aria laid down on her belly and untied her bra, attempting to get a tan >Sonata comes towards you twiddling her fingers and looking nervous "U-um.. Dad..?" >"Yes sweetie?" "I.. I don't know how to swim." >Aria gets a loo of anger on her face, thinking you were going to go and teach Sonata to swim instead of spending quality time with her >While you wanted to teach her, Aria deserved this time >"One sec Aria. I will be right back. Adagio come with me" >Dagi follows you as go to the counter to purchase floaties >"Big sis Adagio. I want you to teach Sonata how to swim" "Alright I guess." >You didn't expect her to go along with it that quickly. Better for you >"Alright Sonata. Your big sister is going to teach you how to swim. I will be right next to the pool so if you need anything just ask" "Aye sir!" >You quickly make your way back to Aria >"Sorry about that." "It's ok" >You sit in silence for a few minutes and realize you have no idea how to bond "Thank you daddy." >It broke you from your train of thought >"Huh?" "Thank you. I haven't really gotten a chance to truly thank you for what you did. For saving me from that awful place. I love you." >"There's no need to thank me. I'd go to hell and back if it meant keeping you safe. There are no lengths I won't go for your happiness" "I know." >"So what book are you reading?" "A Tale of Two Cities." >Jeez. Even you couldn't read something like that. And Aria was 12. "You can actually understand that?" >"Of course. We were originally going to read it for class but you know.. But I thought it was interesting so I kept reading." >"Aria, you do realize that even though I'm 27 years old, I don't understand a lick of that book right? That's amazing you can understand it." "Seriously? I thought it was no big deal. Are you sure you're not doing this to make me feel better? I'm not Sonata you know, I can take it." >She smiles >"Thanks. I never thought I was all that smart." "Well you're wrong Aria. I'm certainly not afraid to tell you that." >She giggles "Thanks daddy. I was wondering something." >"And what's that?" "Remember when you were telling me about your past and ex-fiance'? I want to know more." >She remembered that? >"Uh sure. What would you like to know?" >You were sure even she could feel the hesitance in her voice "Let's go back to where you left off. You know the part where your daddy and sister were really mean to you and your mom ended up in jail." >"Right... Well, after that I ran away from home to my grandfather's place and refused to go back. It was just too much for me to handle and he accepted. He knew what they did, but could never prove it." >She nods looking at you through her thick sunglasses >"After I told my grandfather everything he went to court with it and won. Basically he was my father now and he wanted me to eventually take over his business." >She smiled "What business was that?" >"A big farm chain. He owned 70 or 80 farms across the country that all worked for him and he wanted to will it to me when I was ready." "Why didn't you do it?" >"It went out of business. My grandfather had gotten very sick and left the management to someone who wasn't good at it. Before it completely tanked, he sold it for about 850 thousand dollars and put it in a trust fund for me." >"That's how we have the wealth we have now and why I don't need to work constantly. You could say I am set for life as it were." >She nods and keeps listening >"My grandfather however, didn't improve. He had 4 stage cancer, basically meaning there was no going back. The doctor said he had mere months to live." >"This is the point where I met my ex. At the time she was sweeter than candy. Knew exactly what to see to keep me going, always there when I needed her. My grandfather didn't last long and when he finally passed-" >You cut off >"Sorry honey. I think we'll have to keep doing this another day." "That's ok." >"Why are you so curious about this anyway? I didn't exactly have a bright and cheery past." "I want to know my daddy. I want to know where he came from and how he became the best father he is today." >"Thanks sweetie." "Don't mention it. You want to do a little father-daughter craft?" >You sucked at crafts >"Like what?" >She points over to a bench at the other end of the pool with a bored looking woman >The bench was covered with all sorts of craft supplies "See that? Let's do it." >"If you insist." >You walk over to the bench and sit down, paying some money to start crafting >"Let's make something together. I want it to be something that represents both of us." "I have a few ideas, but if it were only my ideas than it would just represent me. We need to do this together dad." >She was so mature for her age. Usually it was the parent guiding the child through it, but it was the other way around this time >"Uh ok... um. How about you make the base and I will make the upper layer." >You can see her creative juices flowing as she starts to make a base >It took her a good fifteen minutes but it came out great >She glued 7 Popsicle sticks together, with an additional two at the top and bottom. Each stick was colored a different color >On the top stick was your name, spelled perfectly >The bottom was her name "Do you have the top ready?" >Truth was that you had been so mesmerized by watching her work her magic that you hadn't even put any thought into it >"Oh yeah. One moment." >You take some of the Popsicle sticks and form a gem like structure >You put two sticks in back just so >"So here's what I was thinking. You and I take a picture and we slide it inside the gem. We can hang this up somewhere." >Aria has a smile a mile wide "I love it." >You paint all the sticks various colors, cover it with glitter and stickers, then take it back >"I almost forgot." >You pull out your phone for a picture >You slide your arm around her and she places her hands around you waist >You take the picture and save it to your phone >Aria gives you a big hug "Thanks for this daddy. I really enjoyed it." >"I did too Aria. I did too." >You look out in the water to see Sonata doing strokes without floaties >Who knew Adagio could teach people how to swim. >They were once fish people I suppose >Sonata practically jumps out of the water "I can swim daddy!" >"Good job honey. Thanks Adagio.You're a big help" >Dagi smiles "Anytime. I could tell you two needed some time." >"Well girls I think it's about time we headed back. If I stay out here any longer I'm going to get burnt >You walk back out to the car and place a towel over the car seats >The girls slink back inside and Dagi checks her nails to make sure they didn't wash off in the pool >Your drive back home and Alto greets you with lots of kisses you >Surprisingly you were really tuckered out >You lay down on the couch and drape your arm over your eyes >To your surprise, three little girls soon were snuggled up beside you >You smile and almost instantly drift into a deep sleep with the three girls who changed your life >You couldn't believe you ever though of getting rid of them >Today was a good day. A better day than you could have hoped for. You wish it could last forever. >You wake up at around half past 5 >You are still under the dog pile of three little girls >You manage to wiggle your way out without waking any of them >It sucked that you all slept so long. It was going to be like hell to get them to sleep now. And they had school tomorrow >Or, at least, Dagi and Sonata do. You had to cancel Aria's admission due to absence >Sonata was not going to be happy about that >You go to the pantry and cook dinner >And by cook, you mean heat some left overs >You see Dagi starting to stir >She blinks her eyes open, trying to adjust them to the light "Daddy?" >"Morning sweetie." >She slowly gets up and makes a big stretch, poping some of her bones >It sounded like it felt good "I'm going to go take a shower. How long until dinner is ready?" >"About ten minutes." "A nine minute shower it is." >She runs upstairs and you are left to wake up the two other sleeping beauties >You gently rock them back and forth and whisper their names to get them up >Eventually both of them awaken >Aria looks slightly forlorn >"What's a matter Aria? You look troubled." >She nods "It was just... I had a nightmare." >You rub her back >"You wanna talk about it?" >She nods >"We'll have to wait till after dinner though. Unless of course you want to tell it to Dagi and Sonata as well." >All she does is nod again >You could tell it really shook her up. She had a fearful look in her eyes and her back was covered in a cold sweat >You wish you could talk about it now but you'd have to wait >Meanwhile the food was almost ready and Dagi still had yet to come out of the shower >You knew she couldn't do it 9 minutes. Hell, you couldn't even take a shower that quick if you wanted to enjoy it a little >Sonata was still in a state of grogginess, rubbing her eyes constantly >Just as you were about ready to hurry Dagi along, the door to the bathroom open Adagio, obviously not having enough to make her poof came down >She put her hair back in a ponytail like >pic related >She actually looked real good >You all gather around the table and begin to eat left overs >You missed this so much just having dinner together >Dinner went by surprisingly silent >Now was the fun part >"Alright Sonata. Time for bed." "But I'm not tired." >"You have school tomorrow. You need to go to bed honey." "But I don't wanna!" >Oh boy, here we go >"Sonata, go to be this instant or I will be forced to punish you." "Oh yeah?" >She stuck her tongue out at you >Well she was about to learn who the boss was "Alright Sonata. No desert for a week." >She instantly changed her tune "B-but! I'm sorry! I didn't mean it! I'm sorry!" >"What was that? Did I hear two weeks?" "N-no! I'm sorry." >"I seem to be having a hard time hearing. Maybe if you went off to bed right now, I may consider letting you have desert again." >And like a flash she was in her room >"That's better. I hope you don't need me to take desert away from you too Dagi." >Adagio giggles >"No, no. I think I'll be able to go to bed just fine dad. Goodnight." >Aria still seems to be in a mood, most likely from the nightmare >You usher her to the bed, grab a blanket, and wrap both her and you inside it >"So what's going on?" >She looks down with a worried expression "Well... I had a scary nightmare. I had a dream that a bunch of bees were chasing me. I kept running and running but they wouldn't stop chasing me. That horrible buzzing noise." >Aria is literally shaking at this point >Who knew she had a phobia of bees "But that wasn't the worst of it." >"What was?" "I saw this... this weird fish like creature. It had horse legs for it's front fins and a mermaid body. It was purple in color and had horrible red eyes. It looked so angry. Like it wanted to eat me alive." >She was shaking even harder than before >Was the same thing that happened to Adagio happening to her? "The worst part is, is that it didn't go away. It's still there. I can't explain it but.." >She was breaking in a cold sweat and body was rocking the couch from shaking so hard >You pull her close and hug her tight >"Shhh. It's ok." "You must think I'm crazy huh? I'm such a child. I'm not a grown up at all." >"No, not at all. I think you're going through the same process Adagio was." "Y-you mean when her former self tried to take over her body?" >Aria was shaking even harder now >"Shh Aria. It's ok. I'll make a call to Twilight and we'll get you fixed up. Since Twi knows the formula she can have it super quick." >She was still in a state of horror >The siren must have been praying on her fear just as Adagio's prayed on her anger >"Aria, I need you to stay calm. Daddy is right here ok? I won't let anything happen to you." >She hugged you and gripped so tightly your skin began to bleed >But you didn't care, your pain was nothing if it soothed her "Make it go away daddy. It wants to kill me. It wants me dead." >"Stay strong sweetheart. I promise I will let no harm come to you. Be brave for your daddy ok? You can do it. You're strong." >Tears begin to flow down her face and she shuts her eyes tight >It broke your heart to see her like this. Just when things were going back to normal. >You couldn't help but think maybe this whole even triggered it. And if Sonata would suffer a similar fate as well. >Going through it once was heartbreaking enough, but to go through it two more times would be even worse than before >What you did notice though was that it seemed to pray on their greatest weakness. For Adagio, it was anger. For Aria, fear. What would Sonata's be? "Please don't leave daddy." >"I won't. I will stay here all night long if that's what it takes" >She cracks a smile for just a second before moaning in pain "Ow! My head! Oh god that hurts" >She had an earth splitting head ache "It feels like I have two hammers hitting my head at the same time. It hurts!" >You hug her closely >This went on all night until finally she fell asleep early the next morning, tears dried on her face >Both poof and Sonata awoke see what happened and you put your fingers, signaling them to be quiet >They slowly tiptoe to the couch next to you >Adagio looks extremely worried "Is she going to be ok?" >"She'll be fine Dagi. She just needs rest. In the meantime we need to contact Twilight. Can you hand me my phone over there so I can call Sunse-" >Then you remembered what happened between you both >You really didn't want to talk to her again. It would be sending her the wrong message >You shook your head >Aria's life was at stake. You couldn't let this get in the way >You made the call "Hey there." >"Hi Sunset... You still have the journal to Twilight don't you?" "Yes. Did something happen?" >"Yeah. Aria is coming down with the same thing Dagi did. Her Siren self is coming back and she needs the antidote." "Shoot. Do you need me to come over?" >"Uh.. no Sunset. Just call Twilight and have her bring the reversal post haste." >She sighs "Ok." >With that she hung up >You felt guilty for acting so standoffish, but what were you supposed to do? >You really were a hopeless case, just like your damn mother "Daddy? Are you ok?" >You snap out of it to see Sonata sitting on your lap with a hand on your head >"Yeah Sonata. I'm alright." "Are you sure? Your forehead is warm daddy. Are you sick?" >"I'm sure Sonaynay." >Adagio looks skeptical "You do look a bit sick. Well I guess us two will have to stay home and take care of you." >"I swear I'm fine, you two don't need to-" >Dagi puts a hand over your mouth "No. You're my patient now. You can call me Doctor Dazzle for now." >Her smile is almost like that of a mother >Very calming and genuine, with a touch of warmth >You might as well play along, after the night with Aria you were feeling pretty worn out >"Alright Adagi-" "Doctor Dazzle" >"Doctor Dazzle. First we need to get Aria to her room." >Dagi puts her arms under Aria and to your surprise picks her right up >She was awfully strong for a 15 year old >Sonata crawls up and snuggles beside you "I love you daddy." >You smile >It was always nice to be told you were loved >You certainly didn't get enough of it as a kid "I love you too sweet pea." >Dagi comes back looking like she barely broke a sweat >Somehow she managed to get a stethoscope and thermometer >She sticks the themometer in your mouth and puts the stethoscope to your chest and listens >For some reason you're getting a really tingly sensation all throughout your body and just stare, as if in a trance >After a few seconds she takes the thermometer out of your mouth and looks at it intently "Yep. Just like I thought. A fever of 98.7 degrees." >You smirk >"Isn't that normal?" "Nope. You're sick." >You sigh and just decide to play along >"Alright Doctor Dazzle. What do your recommend?" >She smiles, as if the power of being a doctor has gone to her head "Lots of rest and soup." >But you hated soup >"But I hate soup." "No buts. I'm the doctor. And you have to listen to me." >Sonata giggles "Yeah daddy! you have too." >"Well I guess I'll make myself some and-" >Dagi puts a hand to your chest "Nope. We'll do it. You just stay with Sonata. I'll do it for you." >You just nod and go along with it >You watch her run into the kitchen and do whatever she did >You honestly didn't know what to expect >Sonata cuddled nice and close to you >It had been the first time in a long time you had just got to enjoy time with yourself and you daughters >After a while Adagio comes back with her soup >To your surprise, it looked pretty delicious >Adagio has a big toothy grin on her face >You take a sip and instantly feel sick but choke it down >"It was-cough-great Adagio. The best." >The best as in the best poision you've ever consume voluntarily >She smile even wider "Really!?" >Your eyes watered as you tasted an aftertaste similar to that of toilet water >"Oh yeah. Absolutely." "Keep going! I put in a special blend of things in the kitchen to make you all better!" >You could see some solid matter that you could not positively identify >For the sake of your daughter's happiness, you shove one bite down after another >At the end your stomach was doing back flips and your taste buds were practically crying in agony >Just then you see Adagio giggling to herself >"What's so funny?" >Sonata begins to join in too until they both bust out laughing "We planned this from the beginning." "You see big sis Adagio thought that you would eat anything if to make sure we weren't sad." "And you did, just like I thought. You honestly thought I was gullible enough not see that? You were practically puking!" >"So what exactly did you put in that horrible concoction?" "Oh just a few things." >Dagi can't contain her laughter anymore "Like beans, some dish water, red food dye, and of course some left overs." >You all begin to laugh "I've really missed you dad. You've been in this funk for too long. I'm glad to see you smile again." >That was Adagio for you. Sometimes she was more of an adult that you >Always concerned with the happiness of the family >"You need to stop worrying so much about my happiness Adagio. Hows your cravings been?" "You mean for..." >"Smoking yeah." >Adagio gets rather embarrassed "I'm fine. fine" >"If you're sure. But just know you don't always have to be the strong one. If you ever need me, you know I'm here" >She smiles "Right. Thanks dad" >"Now come here and snuggle up with me. Let's watch something together" >You put on some cartoons and watch it with two of your children, eventually falling into a deep sleep >When you awake, it's already dark outside >The two girls and laying beside you, fast asleep >You slowly wiggle out and make your way to check on Aria >You creak open the door to find her sitting in total darkness with the blanket wrapped around her body and pulled over her head like a hood >"Aria?" >She looks at you with a blank stare >It's filled with a deep sadness that makes your heart burn "Hi." >You sit on the bed beside her "Daddy?" >"Yes sweetheart?" >You see her eyes tear up "I've been wanting to ask this for a little while now... Am.. Am I a burden to this family?" >"What would make you say something like that?" >Her lip starts to quiver and she bites down on it to prevent herself from crying "It's just... why am I so unlikable?" >"I don't see why you'd think that?" "How couldn't I!? You know what I'm good at? Bringing everyone down! All I ever am is the grouchy one, the one that has to put Sonata's buttons... I just wish I could be happy like her." >You cuddle up beside her >This finally breaks her and she starts to cry "You don't even love me do you? I wouldn't blame you if you did... I'm just such a screw up... if I could just do one thing right for once in my life. Maybe it would be better if I just die-" >You hug her tight >"Aria stop." "But-" >"Stop." >She buries her head into your shoulder, crying >"I love you Aria. You and the other three girls have been such a blessing to me, more than I ever deserved. You three have brought me a level of happiness I would never have gotten without you. Don't you forget that." "Dad?" >"Yes?" "Can you... can you sleep with me tonight? >Your eyes widen with surprise and she gets flustered "N-not like that of course!" >Her face is redder than a tomato >"I know you didn't mean it that way. But yeah. I will. You're going through a rough time right now. But I'm proud of you Aria. You're so brave." "You're just saying that." >You put your arm around her >"I really mean it. You're super brave. Not many 13 year olds could go through what you're going through right now." >You both stare out the window in silence at the starry sky >"You and I need to do a father-daughter bonding activity sometime. It feels like it's we never do it." >Aria pulls out the Popsicle stick craft you two did together, your group picture right in the middle of the gem "What are you talking about dad? We did this only a few days ago." >You laugh >"I know. But I just can never find enough time to spend with you three." >You hear some stirring in the other room followed by a moderately loud bump >The other two must be awake >"So you want to go out and have some dinner with us?" >She huddles in the blanket tighter "No. I don't want them to see me like this.. I'm practically a monster right now." >"Nonsense. Now come on. Let's have some fun." >She looks at you with a sweet gentle smile, one you haven't seen in ages "Thanks dad. You always know just what to say. I love you." >"I love you too honey. Now come on." >You both get up and walk outside >Dagi and Sonata are waiting patiently >You go to the phone and order something while watching the girls >You had never really seen them interact without you there >Adagio was telling Aria about the prank she pulled on you with the soup, and Aria was laughing like a little school girl >You wish Aria was like this more often >She truly was a charming girl with a lot of charisma, but it was buried under her tough girl persona she always had >She was so similar to you in a lot of ways, maybe that's why you felt such a strong urge to protect her >As the food comes, you just observe them >They had a small fight every now and again but Adagio, being the little adult and problem solver she was, always calmed them down >They eventually started playing the game where the floor was lava and you had to keep on the furniture >It's like you weren't even there, they were just in their own little world >You watched them for what seemed like an eternity until the doorbell ringing broke you from your trance >You go to the door and pay, still half listening to them playing in the other room >"Alright girls. Time to eat." >They all run to get some food, almost inhale it and go back to playing >This time they had changed the game from lava floor, to pirates >Adagio was the captain, Aria the First Mate, and Sonata the cabin mate >Adagio held her eye closed with one had as the eye patch >She was just so adorable >Out of nowhere, your cellphone starts to buzz >It's Sunset Shimmer >This day couldn't get any better. She must have secured the antidote >You flip open your phone and are surprised by what you find >She only sent a single text and it was to come outside >You walk out the front door and Sunset is standing there >She looked extremely unhappy >It was a mixture of angry and sad >You didn't know how to react at first but slowly opened you mouth to speak, hoping not to piss her off >"Sunset? Is everything alright?" >She crosses her arms and shakes her head "No Anon. It could not be any less alright." >You pause >"So what's going on?" "It's Twilight. She said after the whole portal thing the mirror refuses to open again. But that isn't all..." >You cross your arms >What more could possibly go wrong? >Sunset looks down, fidgeting "Anon. I don't know how to tell you this so I'm going to just come right out and say it upfront." >She takes a deep, shaky breath and closes her eyes "It's about the Sirens trying to take control of your girls... if you don't let them take control and let their gems reform, their life force will slowly deplete until they die." >You were taken aback >"So just what are you saying?" >Sunset looks down "Exactly what I said. The only way for them to live is to allow their Siren selves to take over and the gems to reform. But if that happens then the process will be irreversible this time. It's like a bacteria that evolves. It will become immune to any magic we used to seal them last time. And even if we found another spell, it would only happen again until we run out" >Your legs felt like jelly and the world began to spin >You felt sick to your stomach >You fall flat on your ass >You just couldn't comprehend it >Your daughters, who you had spent years loving and nurturing where now facing an unavoidable death or face being corrupted again >You couldn't even cry you were so stunned >Sunset walks towards you "I'm sorry. I really truly am sorry. I wish I could say something to make it better or that would help but..." >"There has to be a way.." "Twilight is looking into every single option we have as we speak. But it's not looking good." >You just stare into the distance >What was this all for? >What was the point? >The only beings the made you feel love again were about to be stolen before your very eyes >Sunset sits beside you and hugs you "Do you need to cry?" >You shake your head >Surprisingly you just felt empty, completely hollow >"No." "I'll stay with you as long as you need ok?" >All of a sudden you felt anger well up within you >Was she actually using this experience to get closer to you and become your girlfriend? >You push her away >"Get out." "But Anon-" >"You don't think I don't see what you're doing? You're trying to use this pain to get close to me! I have seen this over and over. You're just using this as an excuse to 'be there' for me when all you want is my love. Well no! I don't love you Sunset! Get out of here!" >Sunset has tears in her eyes "Anon-" >"I said get out! I don't ever want to see your face again! Just tell Twilight to come here when she figures it out!" "Ok." >Sunset takes off in a sprint and you walk back inside >The three girls are waiting in the hall >Adagio walks up to you "Are you ok dad? We heard screaming. What's wrong? You look so pale." >Your eyes fill with tears as you look them >This was really it >You didn't know how much time you had left with them, but you assumed it wasn't long >You kneel down and hug them >"It's nothing girls." >Tears start to drip down your face >You didn't want to let them go >Just the thought of not feeling their warmth terrified you down to the core >Aria looked at you and stood up, extending her hand "Come to my room real quick. I want to ask you something." >You take her hand and follow her to her room "Daddy... I heard everything." >Your eyes widen "I don't know why but my hearing has be extra sharp lately. I heard everything you and Sunset said." >You look at her with sad eyes >"Do the other girls know?" "I don't think so. They seemed pretty unaware. But I have an idea that could save us." >"And what's that?" "I know it sounds crazy, but I want you to let me transform." >"What? Are you crazy?" "Think about it. Twilight's friendship magic reverted us to this state before right? What's stronger than friendship? Love." >"But I can't preform any magical spells with love. Not to mention even if I could your siren self would just evolve to become immune to it and take over the next time. No matter what happens we lose." "Aye. But here's the catch: I thought it through a bit. How much would you say you love me?" >"More than the moon and stars above." "Right. I'm sure you can think of plenty of things you love about me right?" >"Where are you going with this?" "It's simple: If you focus on what attribute you love about me or my sisters, then eve if the beast inside us becomes immune, you will still have more things to beat it with." >You sigh >"But Aria, I couldn't bare seeing you go through something like that." "Well of course we'll wait until Twilight finds something" >"Of course." "Also... You should treat Sunset nicer. She was just trying to help." >"You don't understand the situation.." "You like her don't you?" >"Aria I appreciate the help, but you need to focus on yourself rather than me." "I'm just saying. You don't need to have such thick walls all the time. You should let people in every once and a while." >You get up and start to make your exit >You were too emotionally vulnerable for this right now >You feel her hand reach for yours "You'll still sleep with me tonight right?" >"Of course." >You walk back up to your room, just wanting to be alone >There was just too much to process right now, your mind couldn't keep up >You lay flat on your bed just trying to organize your thoughts >What were you going to do? >You didn't want things to go back the way they were where you just sat at home and sulked all day long >Knowing what it was to love each day and look forward to three smiling children made you never want to return to those days >It was the first time in your life were you truly felt happy >You wanted to just scream >You hated feeling like this, you just wanted your racing thoughts to stop so you could breathe >You turn on the tiny, cheap television in your room, hoping by some miracle 9 channels of basic cable could numb the awful thoughts you were having >You just wanted a second not to think about the bleak future ahead of you >You flip through the channels and found one airing black and white movies >It wasn't much but it was interesting enough to make you zone out for a bit >After a while of watching you hear a knock on your door >It was Aria >She was in a white bath robe with her hair down >She must have just gotten out of the shower "You ready dad?" >"Of course sweetie" >You get up and turn the TV off >"Let me just make sure your sisters are ready to go and then I will meet you in there k?" "Alright." >You walk to the living room and see Dagi and Sonata playing checkers >"Ok girls. Time for bed." >Sonata rubs her eyes and yawns "Can you carry me to my bed daddy?" >You smile "Of course I can." >You pick the small girl up in your arms and Adagio follows you to her bedroom "Goodnight dad. I don't know what happened tonight, but I hope you feel better." >"Thanks honey. I love you." "Love you too." >You walk down to Aria's room again and snuggle up beside her >"Goodnight Aria." "Goodnight Daddy." >Surprisingly, even though you had taken a nap you fall asleep rather fast >You wake up to some rustling under the covers >Aria must be getting restless >You didn't blame her. For all you knew that Siren was preying on her while she slept >You slowly crack open your eyes and are surprised by what you see >Aria no longer has the bath robe on >Instead she's in her birthday suit >Even more shocking, the covers are off and your pants are pulled down >You instantly jolt awake, hoping this is just some sick dream >"Aria what the hell are you doing!?" >She pushes you back down "You were so sad and I wanted to make you happy. So I thought I could do something that would make you happy." >You try to push her off but she's surprisingly strong "Aria you're not thinking in your right mind. Just calm down and stop this before you do something you regret." >"I don't care. I want to make you feel good." >She starts jiving her hips on instinct, as if she were just some animal who only thought of sex >"Aria stop. Please." >She kisses you on the lips >Finally you have no choice and slap her >This seems to instantly knock her out of her sex crazed trance and she covers herself up with her hands "I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I'm sorry." >You pull your pants back up >"Aria be honest. Was that your siren self making you do it or was that your own will?" "I don't know... I knew what was going on but at the same time it felt like I had too. Just this overwhelming need too." >Tears fill her eyes >She just keeps apologizing over and over >"It's alright Aria. Just calm down." >Aria grabs her robe and covers herself >"This wasn't the reason you wanted me to sleep with you right?" "No! I swear! I just wanted someone to sleep next too because being alone is scary!" >Her voice lowers to a whisper "I'm afraid of the dark..." >"Then I forgive you. You're not exactly in a normal state right now. But I think its best if we don't do this until we figure this out." >She brings her head down in shame and has a look filled with such embarrassment and guilt it made your heart hurt >Obviously she didn't mean it, you could practically feel the guilt radiating off her >"Don't worry Aria. I don't think any less of you. I still love you. You made a mistake and honestly I don't think it was all you fault. Let's just try and make sure it doesn't happen again ok?" >She nods slowly, clearly on the verge of a nervous breakdown >"I'm just going to leave you be for now ok? But" >You rustle around in a box full of stuff from your childhood, pulling out a walkie talkie >You place on in her hand >"You just keep this. If you need me, just radio in and I will be here. Even if you just need to talk" >She just nods >She looked like she was going to burst any second >You get up and walk out >Pretty much the second you close the door you hear her begin to sob >You felt like shit >Even though you did nothing wrong, you hated the sound of Aria crying >But she needed to go through an emotional release >You slowly walk to your room and shut the door >You look at the clock >2:00 AM >Thanks to insomnia and the shock of having your daughter almost have sex with you, you weren't going back to bed anytime soon >You pull out your laptop and start surfing youtube >For what you didn't know >Just anything to erase the image of Aria's nude body from your head >You end up staying awake for the rest of the night until you get some crazy pounding on your door >Who the hell was making all this racket >You close the laptop and the second you open the door Sonata tackle hugs you "Daddy, daddy, daddy!!!" >You laugh and twirl her around >"What's got you so excited pumpkin?" "I did it! I did it!" >"What did you do?" "I didn't wet the bed for two weeks! Big sis Adagio has been helping me! Does this mean I don't have to wear them anymore?" >"This is indeed surprising. I'm so proud of you. And I think that's fair." >She jumps into the air "Yay!" >Adagio slowly follows slowly afterwards with a big smile on her face >"How were you able to do this?" >She sticks her tongue out "It's a secret." >You look at Dagi's body closer >It looked as if she was already weakening >She was pale and her eyes sunken in >She looked like she hadn't eaten for a few days >Luckily though, Sonata looked as healthy as could be >You pick Sonata up in your arms >"Are you feeling alright Dagi?" "Yeah. Just a little tired." >You had to tell her at some point >Sonata could wait, but Adagio had to know >"Ok Sonata. Can you wait here in daddy's room for a bit? I need to talk with your big sister." "Aye sir!" >You pull Adagio to her room >She looks worried "Dad? Is everything alright?" >You sigh >How were you supposed to tell your daughter she may very well die? >"I need to talk to you about last night, why I was so upset." "Well don't worry dad! I'm here to listen!" >She wasn't making this easy on you >"It's about you and your sisters." >You run her through what happened last night minus your angry outburst at Sunset >Adagio's eyes are small and she looks down "I see..." >As if remembering she is supposed to be the pillar of the family, she straightens up "Well don't worry. I'm not afraid at all. I promise we'll do this. I'll remain strong" >You wanted to tell her not to be so strong, but you didn't have the strength >You stand up >"Good girl. But remember, it's also ok to cry and ask for help" "I'm honestly not worried dad. You said Twilight is looking through her library for something right? I still have hope, even if there is almost no chance" >"I'm glad to hear it" >You hear your doorbell ring and feel really nervous >What if it was Sunset? You really screwed the pooch with your overreaction last night >You walk downstairs and cautiously open then door >It's Twilight >Princess Twilight to be exact >She looks like she hasn't slept in days "May I come in?" >"Please do." >You both walk to the kitchen table "So I was studying about this for two nights last night and..." >She pauses >"And?" "Well... the results are mixed. Needless to say this isn't a typical occurrence. The antidote I gave you will slow the effects but in the end the result is still the same. As far as I could see, there are no spells to reverse this." >You feel your heart drop to your stomach "But there is still hope. I decided I would work out something new. And to do this we need to do two things: first we need to allowed their gems to grow back. I don't know all the details but those gems are essential to their life force. Without them, they will not survive. Next, we need to work out a way to seal their inner sirens so they don't regain control of their bodies. This will bypass the immunization factor." >"So which parts have you worked out so far?" >She looks down "This is where things get tricky. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to regrow the gems. And we will need one powerful sealing spell in order to do this. But there's a problem." >"And what's that?" "If they return to Equestria, they will return to their Siren bodies. And this of course means they will be taken over instantly. But I can only preform a limited amount of magic outside of there. For scale, we'd need the magic of at least two Alicorns to seal just one siren. Let's just say I have a lot of work cut out for me." >"It's better than nothing right?" "Right. How are the girls holding up?" >"Adagio is showing signs of weakness but nothing to serious. She's just mildly fatigued right now" "Good. That means I still have time. I promise I will save your girls. On one condition" >"You're really going to put conditions on this? My daughters lives are at stake?" "Don't worry. It's not a large sum to pay. I just want you to apologize to Sunset Shimmer. That was no way to treat a friend." >"You found out about that huh?" "It took a bit of digging but I eventually found out. If you do that I will happily work around the clock to find a cure." >"You don't have to twist my arm you know? I was going to do it regardless." "Good. Then I will get to work on the cure." >And with that she leaves >Sonata walks down, looking like a million bucks >She was so proud she finally stopped >"How's my girl doing?" >She gets a big toothy grin "Oh you know." >Adagio comes down soon after, finally fixing her giant poof >But still no Aria >You walk to her room and slowly creak it open >She's sleeping surprisingly >You decide just to let her be and go back with the other two >You sit on the couch and turn on the TV while Dagi and Sonata just slump on the couch >What were you supposed to do now? >You couldn't just sit here and stew about it >Even if there was hope, your mind had a habit of running away from you >You could always apologize to Sunset, but honestly you'd had about enough mental stress for a single day >Adagio's skin was dimmer than normal and her hair was matted >Her eyes also had dark circles under them, as if she hadn't slept in weeks >She looked as if she was suffering malnutrition and you hated seeing her like that >You pull her close to you >Her skin was cold as ice >This startles her and she jumps >"Sorry about that. I didn't mean to scare you." "It's fine, I just didn't expect it." >"How are you feeling honey?" >She gives you a big smile that's enduring yet sad at the same time "I'm fine dad. I promise I'll hold on. This isn't even close to what it will take to stop me." >You could tell she was faking her enthusiasm >You could tell in her eyes she was scared out of her wits >You snuggle up closer >"You don't always have to act so strong. I can tell you're scared. It's ok. I would be too if I were in your situation." >She just sort of pouts at the comment "I don't want you to worry... I have to be strong for this family." >You brush her poof with your hand >"You don't need to be so strong. It's ok." >You can see tears in her as and she fights it back with all her might >You look at her dead in the eyes >"It's ok Adagio." >Just then the flood gates break and tears start pour from her eyes >Sonata, who was taking a nice nap, is startled by the loud noise >She had been keeping in all of her fear for so long and it was finally all rushing out >Aria did the same, but at least she had a journal to vent to >Dagi had no one >Sonata just stares in disbelief wondering how her sister went from perfectly fine to absolutely upset in a matter of seconds >"Go to your room Sonata. Adagio needs some private time right now." >She stares for a moment and just nods then heads upstairs >You hold your girl tight >"Just let everything out." >She places her face on your chest "I don't wanna die dad." >"I know honey." >You rub her back gently, letting all of her tears flow into your shirt "I-If I die, I won't be able to protect them! Sonata and Aria will be so lost without me! I can't die!" >"Shhhhh. You're safe and so are they. No harm will come to them." "If I die they they will! And I can't stop it! I have to be strong or they won't be! Do you have any idea how hard it is!?" >"I know. But for right now I just want you to drop those barriers. Remember Adagio, I'm here too. I am always here to pick up the slack. You three are my daughters and I will do whatever I have too to make sure you're safe." >She hugs you tight "I'm so scared. I am so, so scared. Every part of my body just wants to run and hide." >"Then why not hide here for a spell? In my arms no harm will come to you. I will protect you Adagio. I promise" "Do you really mean that? Really?" >"Of course I do. I'd throw myself in front of a bullet if it meant saving your life. There is no length to which I won't go to make sure you're healthy and happy" >Her tears slowly began to die down as you said those words and her breathing leveled >You run your hand through her hair "That's it. See? You're safe here. As long as you're here your immortal and you will be happy. And you can stay here for however long you want" >Finally she seems to be in a state of calm >She takes a deep breath and lays her head on your chest "Right." >You slowly rub her back until she falls asleep >You place her down on the couch and pull the covers over her >You were starting to get worried about Aria >It was almost 12 in the afternoon and she still had yet to awaken >You tip toe to the door just to make sure she's still there >You crack it open and pay careful attention to her chest to make sure it's rising and falling >Thankfully it is >She may just be experiencing the same thing Dagi was and could hardly stay awake >You decided now it was time to take care of the thing you had been avoiding >Sunset Shimmer >You tip toe back out and into your car and drive to Sunset's house >You very slowly make your way to the door, wanting anything but to be confronted with your mistake >Because you darn fucked right up >You slowly push the doorbell and wait, feeling your heart pick up the pace >After a few minutes (but what to you felt like eternity) Sunset shows up at the door >She doesn't look so good >Her hair is all messy and her eyes are puffy and read, as if she had just gotten finished crying >She seems just as surprised as you "O-oh. Hi Anon." >"Hey Sunset..." >You both sit there in awkward silence for a bit "Do.. do you want to come in?" >"Sure." >You both walk inside her house >It was a single floor house and not a bad one at that >It was actually quite nice >"I'm sorry Sunset." >She stops in her tracks "What?' >"I'm sorry. When you told me about what's happening I was reacting solely on emotion and I didn't mean what I said." "No, it's fine. To be honest Anon, a part of me wanted exactly what you said. So I guess I'm sorry too." >"So we're even then?" >She turns around and has a sweet smile "Yeah. We're good. So what did Twilight have to say?" >You repeat to her what Twi told you "That's good. I'm glad to hear that at least we're going somewhere." >"Yeah." "You want to stay a while? I could use some company and I think you could too." >"I would love too but I came here without telling my girls. I don't want them to worry" "Why not bring them here?" >You nod "Alright Sunset. I guess it's the least I could do." >She just smiles again and says nothing >You walk back out to your car and make the short trip home >You go inside and Dagi is still sleeping >She must have been really tired >You'd wake her up last >You go upstairs and gather Sonata, who didn't even notice you were gone and go back to Aria >You open the door and start shaking her awake >When she came into full view you took a step back >She had grown younger by at least 5 years, making her approximately 9 >But that wasn't the worst of her transformation >You pull back the covers to see a gem had grown on the indent between her neck and chest >One of her arms had transformed into a hoof and her legs had fused to form a fish tail >The gem was pulsating, as if it were alive >Veins connect to the gem and it was if the life force was being sucked clean out of her body to feed it's growth >You shake Aria awake but the second she opens her eyes, the gem and the other new parts of her body vanish in an instant, as if they had never been there to begin with >However, she did not return to her original age >You just couldn't catch a break could you? >She rubs her eyes and in a cute, squeaky voice she says "Dada? Is that you?" >Instantly, she knows something isn't right "Dada? What's wrong? I feel funny." >She tries to hop off the bed, but due to her small size, falls flat on her face >She was now only just as tall as Sonata and her pigtails had shrunk >She looks terrified >"Aria, I need to you calm down for a second." "What's happening!? Why am I so small!? Why am you so big!?" >Her cute squeaky voice made it nearly impossible to take her seriously >"Aria I don't know what happened but you seem to have regressed. You have become younger." >She looks like she's about to cry "B-but how?" >"I don't know. But we're going to go to Sunset's and get Twilight to figure it out ok? Can you be brave for me?" "I'm not a child!" >You realized you had been baby talking her similar to the way you addressed Sonata >"Right, sorry. I didn't mean it." >You open your phone and call Sunset >She picks up nearly instantly "Anon?" >"Yeah Sunset. Something really strange has happened. I need you phone Twilight right away and tell her to meet up at your place. When I get there you'll see what I mean." >There is a pause >"Sunset?" "Yeah, ok." >She sounded very disappointing >You had to figure what to put on Aria, seeing as her new size made her current clothes much too large >"Sonata?" >She just looks up without speaking >"Can you go get some of your clothes to give to Aria?" >She nods and runs to her room "No! I am not wearing that dorks clothes!" >"Well Aria, it's either that or go completely naked." >Her face goes cherry red "F-fine. But I won't like it." >She was still Aria, that was for sure >"I'm going to go wake Adagio, you wait here alright?" "Ok." >You quickly walk to wake Adagio >You were about to find that your problems were just starting >You shake her awake and as she gets up your jaw drops >She had grown significantly older, she must have at least been your age >And damn was she a looker >She had an absolutely killer body and an cute face >She was also a bit taller than you now >"Adagio?" "Dad?" >Her voice had grown into a rich cherry sound >It made it sound uncomfortably erotic when she called you dad >The fact that her new found size could barely be contained within her clothes didn't help either "What in the world happened to me?" >"I don't know but Twilight is coming soon. She will be able to fix this." "Alright." >Aria and Sonata come out >Both Dagi and Sonata are taken aback by their new forms >"Come girls, no time for this. Let's go." >You all hop into the car and drive to Sunset's house >Luckily for you Twilight is already waiting for you >As if in unison, both Twi's and Sunset's mouths fall agape "Well I certainly didn't expect this when I came here." >Twilight sits down, clearly at a loss for words "Well I had a lot of ideas about how this might go. This was not one of them." >Aria begins to get impatient "Can you change us back or not!?" >"Aria there is no need to yell. Just let Twilight concentrate." >She seems to be reverting to more child like behavior as well "I'm going to examine them for traces of magical energy." >You just hoped she wouldn't get any younger >You were not prepared for babies >Speaking of babies, Sonata was sitting in the corner sucking her thumb >She hadn't said anything for the longest time >You go too her and kneel in front of her >"Sweetie? How are you feeling right now?" >She just nods >"Sonata? Can you speak for me?" >She nods >"Why won't you?" >She just shakes her had firmly >You couldn't put up with this shit right now >You plant a kiss on her forehead and see Twi pointing some odd instrument at Aria's belly >It looked like something out of a sci-fi novel >She points it at Adagio "Hm. There's no residual magic energy. What about..." >She pulls another instrument from her bag and aims it at the two "Just as I thought." >"What?" "Their gems are trying to reform using time." >You are completely confused >"What do you mean?" "The gems are sentient. You could say they are the girls' inner sirens. When they were destroyed the were cast out as magic energy that circled the girls in a bubble, which was why I couldn't detect it on their bodies." >"But that still doesn't explain how it's using time." "I was getting to that. Basically the gems are trying to find ways to regain their power with the least amount of energy. So they are trying to use aging to bypass normal growth." >You were still lost >"I won't pretend like I understood a lick of that. But do you have a cure?" >She looks a bit more serious now "It looks like we have no choice. We're going to have to bring them to Equestria. But this means I'll have to resort to plan B." >Sunset chimes in "And which one is that?" "This plan is a lot more risky than plan A. What we are going to is allow them to go to Equestria and take on their Siren forms. Then we will seal it off. However there is a catch." >"What's that?" "This sealing technique will only need me to preform. But it is only as strong as they are. The majority of the spell is derived form their will and they will basically be in a tug of war with their Siren self. If they win, we can regrow a new gem that will add strength to the seal. But if they fail they will be the ones who are sealed." >The whole group falls silent "Listen, you all don't have to decide right now. By my math you have at least 48 hours before the situation becomes dire." >You all nod >"Well girls?" >Aria and Adagio look at one another "I'm ready if you are Adagio." "Then I'm ready too. We can do it." >You were almost brought to tears >They were so brave, so much braver than you >If you were put in this situation you'd have been shitting you pants at this point >"What about Sonata?" >Twilight thinks for a moment "Well.. It may be a risk as her inner siren hasn't seemed to take root yet. I don't know exactly what will happen. But I think if we can seal all three in one fell swoop it would be easier." >You kneel down in front of Sonata >"What do you say Sonata? This may be really scary and hard. But will you be able to do it?" >You see a big smile play across her face "I will daddy." >That was all the conformation you needed. You could feel the resolve in her voice >"Alright. Then it's settled. We make for Equestria." >Sonata stands up and goes next to each of the girls "Anon I want you to be there to support the girls. I will use a bio-link spell so that you can help with the seal." >She turns to Sunset "Sunset. I want you there to support Anon. If I use bio-link I can strength the seal by incorporating Anon's essence into it. The flip side is that he could also be taken over by the Siren's power. I need you to be there if this happens." >Sunset nods, proud to be playing a part "You know what this also means. You'll be going back to Equestria for the first time since you stole the crown. Are you ready for that?" >She nods "I've never been more sure of anything." >"Alright girls. You ready?" >They all nod >It seemed like the only one who wasn't prepared was you >You were scared out of your wits >This could make or break everything >Even though you were sacred you would do whatever you had to in order to prevent them from suffering further >It was either that, or watch them die a slow death which was out of the question >"Twilight I've been meaning to ask you. I thought the portal would be broken for over a month. How did you managed to get here?" "Well you know what they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. I decided to enlist the help of Moondancer and Starlight. Together they were able to create a new portal. It can only be active for so long so we must hurry to it." >"Where is it?" >She chuckles a bit "Oh you'll see." >And with that you all hop in your car, barely being able to fit everyone inside >As Twilight gives you directions you become more and more concerned >You were heading to the town landfill "Turns out this is the most stable place for inter dimensional travel." >The place smelled more awful than you imagined it would >You could smell it from your car a few miles away >You all get out, holding you breath for fear of dying from the noxious fumes, as Twi leads the way to the portals entrance >It was directly through a trash pile >One by one each of you go through till it is only you and Sunset >She smiles at you "Are you ready for this?" >"No. But I will do it." >She places her hand on your shoulder "Don't worry. I'll be here. I will make sure nothing happens to you. You just make sure nothing happens to your girls." >You smile back "Yeah. Thanks Sunset." >You both push through to the other side >You are surprised to find you were now giving someone a piggy back ride >Sunset Shimmer was no back to her natural pony self and as such, much smaller than you >You look on as you see the girls on the ground, glowing brightly >Twilight snaps you to attention "Look alive! It's going to happen soon." >The glow from each them was so bright it was almost blinding, but finally the three sirens regained their forms >Twilight quickly cast the spell, making them fall to the floor >You notice a little white light connect directly to your chest and, as if in an instant, you were transported to a black void >You could tell you were in three places at once, all you needed to do was turn and be at the next place >You could see each girl laying in the center of their respective voids >All of a sudden you could feel it >The emotions of the three girls were flowing directly into you >All the fear, all the pain, the happiness, the joy >All of it >It was overwhelming >Sonata was the first to awaken in her universe >"Sonata honey." "Dada?" >Instantly her face recoils in fear >The snarling, grotesque face of her gem was staring back at her >She lets out a blood curdling scream >In it's disjointed, demonic voice it says "Finally child. I have waited so long. I will be taking your soul now" >It opens its jaws wide >Sonata is frozen in place from fear >"Sonata! Sonata you have to listen to me! It's daddy! You can't show any fear! What you're seeing won't hurt you if you just show it you're strong" "B-but! It's going to eat me!" "That's right! I'm going to eat you and take my body back!" >"Sonata it won't! It's not real! Do you trust me?" >Sonata slowly begins to calm down but not fast enough >The beast lunges forward and seems to take a portion of her soul >You couldn't move to protect her >Sonata falls to her knees and the Siren goes in for another lunge to get the rest >With one big gulp she swallows Sonata in a single bite >Licking it's lips it turns to you "You're next" >Just as you were about to lose hope, Sunset gives you a shake >You shake your head and see Sonata is still in her void sleeping >It was nothing but an illusion >You see a projection of Sunset next to you >She was in her human form "I know Twilight said not too, but I bio connected to you. If they cast an illusion on you, I'll be here to put a stop to it" >You breathe a sigh of relief >"Thank god" "Don't lose focus. It'll be happening soon" >You feel tremors beneath your feet and each of the different voids become illuminated >Sonata's blue, Aria's purple, and Adagios a deep yellow >You didn't have the luxury of facing them one at a time it seemed "Anon, split your consciousness. That way you can take them on all at once, while still feeling like you're only fighting one" >"How do I do that?" "Just concentrate and it'll split on its on. Focus inward." >You close your eyes and just like that you are in the three separate spaces >Sonata once again looked on in fear as the snarling creature >You pull right in between her and the creature >"Sonata I need you to be strong for me. Don't be afraid. Daddy is right here." "Kill it dada!" >"I can't Sonata. You have to vanquish it. I can only be here for support. My punches will have no effect on it." >Tears fill her eyes "But I can't fight! How do I stop it!?" >"You don't need to fight it Sonata. Just relax and use your most powerful weapon." >She looks confused "My most powerful weapon?" >"Yes. Your love." >The beast had seemed to grow tired of waiting "Well as much as I would love to see this father-daughter bonding play out, I have a body to reclaim. If you'd excuse me." >The beast opens it's mouth ready to strike >You stand out of the way, even though every fiber of your being wants to sit in between then two of them >Meanwhile Aria, now back to her original age, was having a much easier go >She was landing blow after blow on her siren, showing no fear whatsoever >However, this wasn't near enough to defeat it >It would take far more the blows for her tiny hands to finish off such a large creature >You kept trying to tell her what she should do but she wouldn't listen >It was almost as if she couldn't hear you at all "Are you done Aria? Just hand your body back to me." "Yeah right. As if!" "Why shouldn't you. You know your dad doesn't even love you. Wasn't he supposed to be here to protect you?" >You scream and shout but as you fear she can't see or hear a word you say "He left you all alone to die here." >You can see her losing faith "Y-you're wrong! My dad would never do that!" "Then where is he?" >She looks down "I'll make you a deal. If you give me your body, I will bring him to you." "Y-you could do that?" >"Don't listen to her Aria!" >But it was still no good >No matter how loud you screamed she just couldn't hear your voice "I can. All for the price of your body. But it's a small price to pay wouldn't you agree?" >Almost hypnotized, she begins to walk straight toward the siren >You run up and place your hand on her, but it goes straight though her >But Aria felt it, if only for an instant "Dad?" >The beast cocks it's eyebrow "I know he was here. I felt him. I know it." "Well I don't see him. You're just giving into delusion." >Aria's body begins to glow with a pure, gentle light "Thanks dad. I don't know how you did it, but I know what I have to do." >The beast looks afraid "What are you talking about?" "I've been attacking you all wrong. Physical punches can't defeat someone like you. I have to hit you with my emotions. Specifically my strongest one: my resilience." >Adagio was having just as hard a time >She didn't have Aria's strength and tenacity, nor did she have Sonata's blind love and courage >Her Siren was much bigger than the other two, in fact 5 or six times >The siren slaps Adagio's body and throws it like a rag doll >It was getting some sick satisfaction from letting Adagio think it had a chance >It was just playing with it's food >You run to her side, hoping what happened with Aria wouldn't happen with you >You place your hands on her shoulders and to your relief she responds "Dad?" >"Yes. I'm right here." >She breathes a sigh of relief "Thank goodness. I'm so relieved." >"Tackle it with everything you've got sweetie. You know what I mean." "Right." >She begins to glow and levitate "I've got this." >She opens her palm and shoots a beam straight out of it >The beast screams in agony >You've won >Or at least you thought you had until the beast started laughing >With it's large fish tail it swipes the beam away as if it's nothing more than a gust of wind "Oh this is precious. You really thought that would kill me? Oh that is adorable." >In the other worlds, Aria and Sonata had the same luck, only their sirens didn't toy with them >Adagio's siren was quite a sinister creature indeed "So Adagio? Do you and you dada have any other tricks? Because if you don't, I'll be taking my body back." >Shit. Shit. >What do you do? >You should've know this wasn't like the Battle of the Bands, where all it took was some friendship blast to send them packing "Anon? Anon can you hear me? It's Twilight." >"Twilight thank God. What are we supposed to do?" "Listen carefully: What you have to do is-" >The siren swings it's giant hoof, giving both you and Dagi barely any time to dodge it "Na-ah. No helping." >She slams her hoof down and you can feel some sort of pressure build up then quickly go away >You called to Twilight but heard nothing "Call to your little savior all you want. You won't be able to hear you. But I made sure she can hear us. I want her to hear your screams of agony as you watch your daughter get swallowed whole. Not of course before I rough her up a bit" >You tried to yell for sunset but she was silent as well >It was just you, your girls, and the sirens now >There had to be another way, there had to be >You try to go and hit it yourself but your fist merely floats straight through her, as if you're a ghost >You had absolutely no power at all here "Sorry, but only she can defeat me. As if there's any hope of that." >The siren laughs maniacally and lightly kicks Adagio with her hoof >You could tell her body was ringing with pain and you were helpless to stop it >You racked your brain for every possible thing that could defeat them but nothing came >The situation seemed unbeatable >Just then, large chains break through the space and hold the siren down and just for a moment you can hear Twi's voice "Destroy the gem!" >And it cuts out again >The siren curses to itself "Damn it. You just didn't know how to keep your big mouth shut." >With in seconds she breaks through the chains "If you pests really want to test me, I'll show you who's in charge" >With a loud yell she begins to transform >Her gem goes to the top of her head and she gets even larger than before >She grows four more hooves, an extra fin, and develops six eyes that glow a dark red >Her teeth look ever sharper than before >Even though you knew her weakness was the gem, it didn't make things any easier on you >You still had quite a fight on your hands >Adagio takes your hand "Fly me up dad. I can't fly in this space, but you can" >You jump and feel what's like weightlessness take over >You really could fly >The siren shoots a large beam of fire from it's mouth and you narrowly manage to avoid it >You drop her right on the back of the sirens neck and she runs to the top >Surprisingly she manages to reach the gem >You notice something odd though >the siren isn't putting up a fight >"Adagio wait! Don't do it!" >But it's too late >Adagio hits the gem with all her might but gets a hard shock that sends her flying down the siren's scales >You just barely manage to catch her before she falls down >"I thought it was odd when you got to the gem and the siren stopped moving. I knew she was just toying with you." "How are we supposed to get through that barrier though?" >"I don't know." >Elsewhere, Aria was having just as much trouble >While she was landing punches left and right, she too couldn't break through the barrier guarding the gem >No matter how many times she slammed it with her fists, she just couldn't break through the barrier >Not only that, you still couldn't communicate with her >Every time you brushed past her she could feel you for just and instant, but no more than that >You look at Aria's hands and realize she had black gloves that she didn't have before >Where did she get them >You blink and all of a sudden she has wings >The hell was going on? >Every time she struck the siren with her gloves an electric shock would emit from them, causing the beast to scream in pain >You blink again and just like that she is now wearing a suit of armor >You wanted to ask her how but of course she couldn't hear a word >Aria was having more progress now though >The barrier was exhibiting cracks with each blow she landed >The Siren tried to fight back but Aria was simply too fast >She goes in for the final blow but stops mid air, as if frozen be some invisible force >What the hell happened? >Aria falls to the ground and curls in a ball >You run over to check what's happening >She looks terrified, like she's about to cry >Her siren seems to not want to take any chances and begins to dash towards her >You throw your body in front of her knowing it's futile "Goodbye Aria. It's been fun!" >The siren opens it's mighty jaws and goes in for the kill >Sonata is having better luck >Her siren didn't seem to be very smart in comparison to the other two >However, this meant it was fighting much harder >Sonata was having a difficult time keeping up >Her small body only had so much energy >You went over to try to pick her up like Adagio, but you went right through her >"Don't lose faith Sonata!" >She smiles "Right daddy!" >Each time you were in a different place you could only do so much >This was so frustrating. How were you supposed to help them with all these restrictions? >You noticed something >Sonata hit the Siren's gem without any difficulty at all >It's like each world has it's own unique rules >In this one you were nothing more than a cheerleader >But if it helped, you would cheer to your heart's content "You've got this Sonata!" >You see her glow blue as her confidence grows >The chains that restrained Adagio's Siren were now around Sonata's >She was now in right where Sonata wanted her "Do it Sonata!" >Sonata smiles and goes in for the final blow >She strikes the gem but sadly, her small 7 year old arms were no where near strong enough to break it >Damn it >It was just one set back after another with this battle >The moment you thought they had it, the Sirens had some trick to completely nullify it >You knew this would be hard, but this seemed nearly impossible >You go right next to her and begin to cheer louder >The more you cheer the lighter she glows >You just keep up with it, hoping maybe this will help >The siren, however, wasn't going to be held back much longer >Finally the siren breaks free but Sonata doesn't move >She merely extends her arm >"Sonata get out of the way!" >The siren rams it's gem into Sonata's fist, making it develop 5 or 6 long cracks >As it cracks the siren shrinks down to the size of a small dog >Amazing >Sonata knew she couldn't break it on her own so she used the Siren's strength to her advantage >You had no idea a she could think under pressure like that >Sonata looks down at the snarling creature >She giggles "It's actually kind of cute now isn't it?" >She tries to tickle it's nose and bites her finger hard, making her scream >She slams the creature down and squashes it like a bug >And with that you see Sonata disappear >That must have meant you won >Meanwhile, in Aria's world, the siren is rushing toward her >On instinct, you jump in front of them just in the nick of time >To your surprise, the siren cannot break through your body >It was as if you were some immovable wall >"Come on Aria. You can't give up." >But it's no use. She is still crumpled on the floor in what seems to be pure terror >"Snap out of it Aria!" >You remember she can't see or hear you >Damn this was so frustrating >There had to be an easier way to do this >The siren tries to move around you and you only narrowly manage to shield Aria from the rabid beast >At last Aria seems to come too "What happened?" >The beast strikes again but you manage to move in front of Aria to protect her >Aria's eyes brighten up "Dad!" >All of a sudden she looks worried again "Dad? Where did you go?" >The siren is losing patience >It goes in for a lunge and as it strikes you, you realize it >Aria can see you every time the siren touches you >Aria panics again as you disappear >She really was a daddy's girl >You run and climb on the sirens back and as you figured, she could see you >Now to find out if she could hear you >"Come on Aria! Give it all you got!" >Aria looks confused "What did you say? I can't hear you!" >Shit >You should have known it wouldn't be that easy >But if you could make her see you, maybe you could make her hear you as well, you just had to figure out how >Adagio was not doing nearly as well as the other two >She was now at an overwhelming disadvantage >The longer this dragged on, the more tired she became while the Siren didn't seem to be breaking a sweat >Adagio could barely catch her breath and had slowed down considerably >Her Siren of course we just using this as a way to toy with her and make her think she had a chance >Several times she allowed her to reach her gem only to throw her off and slam her to the ground >Not only was she getting slower, she was losing confidence >And that's exactly what the Siren wanted >Even if Adagio had a shot, the more she doubted herself, the less likely she would be to spring up a counterattack out of nowhere >She was playing right into the siren's hoof >"Don't give in Adagio! Don't let her win! This is exactly what she wants! You can do this I know you can!" >She turns to you and smiles sweetly "Right dad." >The siren see's this opening and takes it >With one fuild motion, it slams Adagio into an invisible wall with it's hoof >Adagio screams loudly in pain, tears running down cheeks and gasping for air >That blow definitely knocked the window out of her >By the look of it, it may have even broken a rib or two >She was in intense pain >Adagio tries with all her might to remove the ugly beast's hoof, but to no avail "Well this is getting boring. Playing with ants is only fun for so long. I'll be eating you now. It was fun while it lasted. Goodbye, my stupid lower half. You won't be missed, I promise." >The siren opens it's mouth and goes in for the kill >You slide in front of it in some vain hope that you would act like a shield >The siren's jaws move right through you, as if you were nothing more than dust >"Adagio no!" "Daddy!" >The siren slurps Adagio down it's neck and into it's belly in the blink of an eye and lets out a bellowing laugh >You can hear her scream as she slides down it's throat "Well, looks like your little plan didn't work out. What. A. Shame." >Aria makes a Dash for you as the Siren struggles to keep up >Luckily it wasn't like Adagio's Siren, which, even though it was 5 times as large, was 3 times faster >The siren tries to knock you off it's back but it has no success >Aria finally reaches you and hops on its back to >You put your hand on her back and notice your hand doesn't fall through anymore >"Can you hear me Aria?" "Yes!" >Well that was complicated >Not only did you have to touching the siren, but you also had to be touching her >This was going to be quite difficult >And if experience taught you anything, you probably couldn't act as a shield while like this "I knew you wouldn't abandon me dad. What took you so long?" >"I didn't. For some reason if I'm not touching the Siren you can't see me and if I'm not touching both it and you, then you can't hear me." >She looks completely confused "Well forget that. You're here now. How am I supposed to destroy the gem? I feel like I'm hit a wall of solid concrete whenever I punch it." >"I have no idea. Adagio is having a similar problem but we haven't figured out how to get past it yet either. There must be a trick too it. A way we can either get through the barrier or break it more easy." "I have an idea. Just keep hold of me ok dad?" >"Right." >You both begin to run p the Siren's back as it tries to shake you off >You don't seem to be affected by the shaking at all but Aria is having a hard time keeping balance >You put your hands on her back >"I've got you honey. We can do this." >For the first time in a long time you see Aria crack her million dollar smile "Yeah." >You both manage to reach the top of it's head >To your surprise, Aria goes right through the barrier >She reaches to punch the gem but stops in her tracks, covering her ears and getting a look of terror on her face >"Aria? What's wrong? Finish it off!" >She falls to her knees as tears start to stream down her face "B-be quiet! Stop! It's not true!" >You hear what sounds like static inside you head accompanied by Princess booknerd's voice >It was faint, but still readable "Anon? Anon? Can you hear me?" >"Yes!" "It took a little while, but I finally broke through that irksome silence spell the yellow Siren caused. Listen. It looks like the purple siren put an attack barrier on the gem." >"What's that?" "Basically it means if the gem is damaged in any way, a protection spell will attack who's ever damaging it. This one appears to be one that inspires fear. I had a similar thing happen when I tried to retrieve the Crystal Heart from Sombra. It is making her worst fear play before her eyes." >"What do I do? Is there any way to stop it?" "If you can still touch her, you need shake her out of it. All it took for me was for Spike to snap me out of it." >"I understand." >You try to put your hands on her, but they go straight through >Just setback after setback with this >Luckily the Siren seemed to be immobilized now that you were inside the barrier >You had to figure a way to snap her out of it "Anon?" >"Yes?" "I only have a tiny bit of magic power left for this. But I can, for a moment, make you immune to the rules of this dimension. But this also means I won't have the strength to contact you any more. Do you want me to do it?" >You think about it for a moment >What if you went through a similar problem with Adagio? >You didn't have time to worry >"Do it." "Alright. When I cast it you will have about 45 seconds. Use it wisely." >You see a flash of light and become solid again >You quickly shake Aria and she snaps out of it "D-dad? But I thought-" >"No time. Destroy the gem. We'll talk all about it later." "O-ok." >She wipes the tears from her eyes and give the gem a mighty punch >A small crack appears and the siren shrinks slightly >"Keep it up!!" >She slams her fist over and over and finally shatters it in a hundred pieces >You hug her tight >"Great job honey." "Thanks dad. It was all thanks to you." >Aria begins to fade out of existance and you turn your attention to your last objective >Now it was time for the finale >But you were in quite the desperate situation >Adagio was now quite literally in the belly of the beast and you had no way of removing her >While the siren couldn't touch or hurt you, you couldn't touch or hurt it either "What's the matter? Out of strategies? No more cute little plans?" >"You shut your mouth you monster." >The siren laughs mockingly "Oh I'm so scared." >One this was puzzling you though >If she ate her, how was she still here? >Why hadn't she reclaimed Adagio's body yet? "Just think. In five minutes time I will have completely absorbed her and I will once again go back to my plan of making everyone adore us. All because your 'love' wasn't enough to defeat us." >Just as she says this, a red light shines inside the sirens stomach >It crumples up in pain "Ah! What the hell is this!? It hurts! What the hell did you do to me you lowly human!?" >The Sirens stomach balloons until it finally bursts as Adagio climbs out >It was her >She was glowing bright red, like a ruby >But she looked as if she was knocked out cold >The light faded and she fell to the ground like a bag of sand >On the bright side though, at least the siren was wounded significantly >On the downside though, it was fucking pissed "Y-you... You like runt!" >You could see fire in it's eyes "I'm done messing around." >It lets out a loud, disjointed yell and in an instant regrows the entire lower half of it's body >Fuck magic. It was so hax. >But something caught your eye >The gem on it's forehead had shrunk >It was only half as big as it was before >It may have been a cheap move, but at least it didn't come without cost >Hopefully the barrier faded too >The Siren gets up and begins to charge >Adagio still lay on the floor, completely unconscious >"Adagio wake up!" >The siren is near centimeters away >And, just in the nick of time, Adagio rolls out of the way >In a flash she rolls on the back of the Siren, riding it like a horse >The siren tries to shake of the the 14 year old girl and she slowly climbs to the head >You just watch in amazement at the spectacle >Finally she makes it to the gem and, as you fear, there's another attack barrier >But this one doesn't seem to just be illusionary >Adagio falls to her knees, quaking at whatever visions she's seeing, but it doesn't stop there >long arcs of electricity shock her and fill her body with intense pain >She screams the most horrible scream you've heard >It makes your skin crawl >The siren regains it's strength and flings Dagi off it's head "Nice try. But you'll need to do a lot better than that." >Adagio writhes on the floor in agony, her entire body jolting every few seconds >Her skin is pale and she was shaking constantly >It didn't even look like she had the strength to move, much less stand up >This was looking really bad >Adagio was definitely at her limit >But the Siren looked like it wasn't taking anymore chances and begins to make another charge towards Adagio >There had to be something, anything, you could do >You run over to her and shake her "Come on Adagio. Get up. Hurry." >She didn't even seem to hear you she was so delirious >You touch her neck and suddenly begin to sink into her >No matter how hard you try, it's as if you are being pulled in by magnatisim, until finally you fall right into her body >You black out for just a moment but when you return, everything is red >You could see the siren in front of you >Just then you are lifted up >You realize what's happening >You were literally inside the pendant that you gave Adagio >You don't know how, but this somehow this gave Adagio the strength to get up once again >Like a wildfire you felt it >It was as if Adagio's thoughts and emotions were coursing through your very soul >You could see and feel everything she was >It was like an overwhelming ocean >Even her memories passed through you >As this happened you were forgetting >Who were you? >What were you? >Why were you here? >What was going on? >So many questions, but you couldn't seem to remember then answer to a single one of them >It was all so fuzzy >You hear static in your head again "Anon! Anon! Listen to me! It's Sunset Shimmer!" >Anon? Sunset Shimmer? Who were these people? "Anon you need to listen to me! You need to hang on! Twilight said Adagio has absorbed you into her gem! This may have given her strength but you are losing your memory! If you don't hang on then you will literally be absorbed by Adagio!" >"Who are you and what do..." >You couldn't remember what you wanted to say >Or rather, the words you needed just wouldn't come to you >They were on the tip of your tongue, but you just couldn't think of what word best described it >All you could hear was the roar of some creature and loud slaps as someones fist hit what sounded like scales >It was like someone was battling a dragon >You were filled with an overwhelming sense of calm >Odd given the context of what was going on out... oh what was the word? Out there? Out in the open? "Anon! Don't go! Please! You have to stay with me! I can't lose you, I love you too much! Anon!" >You couldn't understand what the frantic lady was screaming at you >Why was she so panicked anyway? It was just about time to go bed >Your eyes grew heavy and your mind fuzzy >All you wanted was to be enveloped by the sweet embrace of sleep and serenity >You direct your eyes forward and watch as a fist breaks the gem into pieces >Why would anyone want to destroy something so beautiful? >Your eyes start to shut and the sounds of the outside become dimmer, as if they were far, far away >finally you completely black out, slowing sinking down the river of thought into complete nothingness and peace >The first thing you hear when you come too is the sound of waves crashing lightly against the shore >You slowly blink your eyes open to see you are on a grassy plain >It wasn't waves, but the sound of wind lightly grazing a field >A beautiful sunset hung just above the clouds >It reminded you of something, but you just couldn't place it >You look and see a girl in the clearing as well >She had orange hair, resembling that of a cheese puff and was just staring aimlessly into the scenery >When did you get here? >How did you get here? >You walk over to the girl >Maybe she had some answers >"Hey young lady! Do you know where this is? I seem to have lost my way." >Truth be told you didn't know the exact words to describe it >It was like everything before this point was blank >You had no memory of anything, not even so much as your name >The girl looks towards you rather solemnly >She just shakes her head >You wait for her to say something but she doesn't reply >"What are you trying to say?" >She slowly gets up and holds her hand out to you >Her free hand points in the direction of the sunset >"Go there? What do you mean? There's nothing out there!" >She points more furiously now and quietly says "You have to go. You can't be here. You don't belong." >"What do you mean?" "Go." >She pulls your hand and you begin to walk towards the warm sunset >You didn't know who this girl was, but she seemed to know what she was doing >As you followed her everything seemed to get hazy and you grew more tired >You walked on and on for what seemed like hours >When the sunset fell behind the clouds, you fell to the ground, exhausted >You became mesmerized by the stars >You got that deja vu feeling that you just couldn't place again >There was something about those stars that evoked something in you >No matter how much you racked your brain, you couldn't think why >The girl pulled on your hand again, trying urgently to get you to move >You wouldn't budge, you were just too tired >You close your eyes and hear voices >One is calling your father >That's funny >You don't recall having children >Your head was burning, like someone put a white hot press on it >The voices became louder and now were coupled with vague images >Pink bubblegum hair, purple pigtails, blue eyes, three blue diamonds >But how did they all correlate? >Your brain felt like it was on fire >More images filled your mind >Three red gems, a rain cloud with a rainbow lightning bolt jetting from it, a long blue ponytail >What did it all mean? What was all of this? >More images filled your mind and it felt like your head was going to pop >The images were starting to form a coherent story now >You saw three darling girls, but you could only name the middle one >Her name was Aria >Aria what? >You then saw a cute girl with bacon colored hair and an amazing smile >You felt a mixture of love and pain at the image >You were remembering now >The other girl, her name was Sonata >She was such a sweetheart, your darling girl >And the other one! Adagio. Her hair was an uncontrollable monster. >The others... Pinkie! And Twilight! But she wasn't actually a human, no, she was a princess from another world completely populated by ponies >Memories began to flood back into your brain at alarming speed >Despite the overwhelming pain it was causing, you wanted to know more, you had too >It was all become clear >But your name >What was your name? >You sift through the countless memories flowing into you >Anon >Anon E. Mouse to be exact >And you were the father of three girls, sirens, who had been banished from the other world >You were their caretaker! >It was all becoming clear again, as if you were clearing a thick sheet of mud from the window of your car >Everything was coming back >You saw a white light in front of you and began to wade through the sea of memories towards wherever it led >You knew it would lead you to the truth >You finally make it through the light >With a big gasp of air you open your eyes >Your ears are ringing and your vision is blurry "Anon? Anon!? Answer me!" >The fog clears and you see Sunset Shimmer with her arms around you, crying profusely >Beside you are three sirens, laying unconscious >Twilight Sparkle looks at you "Anon?" >You barely look at her >It was as if you had just awoken from anesthesia >Your body wouldn't respond to your mind and everything was confusing "Anon. Can you respond?" >You just barely manage to croak out a reply "Can you tell me my name?" >"Princess... Twilight.. Sparkle." "And where are we right now?" >"E...questria." >Every sentence was effort >It was like you had a giant rock in your throat "And one more question. Can you tell me your full name?" >"Anon.. E.. Mouse." "Good. For what I can see his memory has remained in tack. I'll preform some more diagnostic tests on him later. But it's safe to see he remembers" >Sunset had tears streaming down her face "Oh thank god. I was so worried" >She really did love you >Why couldn't you just treat her right? "Now we need to head back to earth. The longer we stay her, the more unstable the seal will be. Since there is no magic on earth, they won't be able to break free. But here it's different. Can you stand?" >You try to life yourself up but your legs turn to jelly >Your body just would not respond to your brains commands "Sunset?" "I'm on it" >Using her magic, Sunset lifts you up >Twilight uses her magic to lift the dazzlings >You all walk too the portal and subsequently to your car >They place you in the back with your girls >Each one now had a shinning red gem inbedded inside their chest >You look at them and want to cry >It was finally over >You won >And they were all safe and sound quietly sleeping >You place your hand on Aria's cheek and clutch Adagios palm >It felt so good just to touch them again, to feel their warmth >And now you understood Adagio on a level greater than ever >You could feel every one of her thoughts and emotions, all of her memories >You could feel how much she loved you and how much she loved her family >You kiss her on the cheek >Finally you arrive back at your house and Sunset helps cart you and the girls inside, putting each of them into their beds, including you >Sunset looks down at you "Get some rest ok. Remember, if you need anything just call and I'll be here in no less than five minutes." >"Thanks Sunset. For everything." "Of course." >She gets up and starts to leave but you pull her arm >She doesn't turn to face you "Yes?" >"I wanted to say, really say, that I'm sorry. And also..." >There is a long pause >"I love you." >She wriggles her arm away and slams the door >Apparently she hadn't truly forgiven you for what you said >You didn't blame her either >You acted like a complete dick >You decide to pay it no mind for now and fall into a deep sleep >You wake up early the next morning and go to check on your girls >The only one who was awake was Aria >"Psst. Can I come in?" >She giggles "Yeah dad." >It was nice to see her returned to her original age as well >You sit down next to her and she looks down "I'm sorry about... you know.." >"It's ok Aria. I don't think any less of you for it." "When I touched my siren's gem I saw something horrible... you were telling me you didn't love me anymore and that you'd rather me never come into your life. You said I was such a burden to you and I..." >She chokes up as tears enter her eyes >You hold her close >"Shhhh. It's ok honey. I don't believe any of those things. You are a treasure in my heart who taught me how to love again. I could never think you were a burden." "It was so real." >"But it wasn't. Like I said: I don't believe any of it. You are an important part of my life and you must remember that. I love you." >She smiles "I love you too." >You look at the gem on her chest >"It's quite beautiful." >Aria runs her fingers over it "Yeah. Twilight said it was literally made from the scales of my siren. Who knew it could be so beautiful." >"It's not nearly as beautiful as you." >She giggles "Oh dad." >You hear a knock on your door >It's Adagio and Sonata >"Care to join us?" >They both nod >Adagio takes her place beside you and Sonata plops on your lap >Adagio smiles brightly "That was crazy wasn't it?" >"You can say that again. But I needed it. My life was quite stale before I met you three. Let's just say I'll need to settle down. I've had enough excitement for one lifetime." >Sonata looks at you with that big dorky smile of hers "You're the best dad ever." >"Thanks sweet heart." >Adagio pulls your shoulder "She means it dad. And so do we. You always go on and on about how we're the best thing that ever happened to you. But you don't realize how much you've done for us. Without you we'd probably be tearing up the school again. So thanks. I love you so much. You really are the greatest dad ever." >You smile >"Thanks girls." >Alto comes and sits right at your feet >Your family we complete now >You all stare out Aria's window in silence, the only light coming from moon and the three girl's gems >You had a rough life, but it was all worth >All thanks to your three dazzling daughters: Sonata Dusk, Aria Blaze and Adagio Dazzle FiN