Watch Movies and Complain - by Anonymous

>"I'm not going to sleep with you." >Aria says, arms crossed and glaring daggers at you. >In a crowded school hallway no less, not that anyone's really paying attention to you. "What?" >"I'm. Not. Going. To. Sleep. With. You." "Who's even asking you to?" >Not that anyone would need to. >You've known Aria for maybe two weeks. >That is, she's only been going to this school for maybe two weeks. >The first few days she stuck close to her only two friends, Adagio and Sonata. >But after the whole Battle of the Bands thing they've started at least talking to the other students. >The other two, that is. >Aria just makes snide comments in class and annoys the teachers. >But you've been sitting next to her and joining her in that, just out of boredom. >You thought maybe you were just the sort of boring friends that could do that kind of thing >Maybe she thought you were flirting. >Maybe you were. >She stares at you a moment, eyebrows still furrowed. >"Adagio might jump into bed with some random guy. I don't." "So don't. What do I care?" >"Don't pretend you don't want to. You're always hanging around me lately." >You can't help letting an irritated sigh out. "My classes are boring. Misery loves company." >She frowns and looks aside. >Suddenly she seems less angry and more... insulted? Annoyed? >it's hard to place >"You're an idiot." >She walks off as Sonata skips by, joining her friend in a much more subdued manner. >Aria's not in her seat during the next class. >Or the following. >After classes are over for the day, you find yourself more miserable than you expected. >Yeah, maybe you were flirting, or at least thinking about it. >But she didn't have to be such a bitch and just take off like that. >When you close your locker, you jump in surprise as you see Sonata standing there smiling brightly at you. >"Hey! No standing around complaining with Aria today?" >What. >Have people really been noticing? Or is it just Sonata? "She didn't come to classes after lunch. I think she's mad at me." >Sonata just smiles vacantly. >Not that you'd mention it to Aria, it's not really cool to bitch about someone's friends to them. >But Sonata has never really seemed all that bright. >More like a damp match in a dark cave. >"For real? But she talks about you like ALL the time, and--" >Sonata suddenly stops talking, a startled look on her face. >"Wait, don't tell her I said that, okay? I'm not supposed to say that." "Aria talks about me?" >How interesting. >Sonata glances side to side nervously, as if she expects to find a glowering purple girl hiding in a locker >"Yeah, but like... look, she's not good at that, okay? She's never been good at that." "Good at what?" >That's right, play dumb. Maybe she'll get confused and just come right out with it. >Sonata tilts her head a little at you. >She points her finger at you, and then waggles it between you and herself. >"You know, this. Talking and stuff." >Yeah, okay. >She's always sort of out there with it. >Says what she's thinking unless it's something positive >And then she just glosses over with a bitchy joke. "So, what? She likes me then?" >Sonata's bright grin could light up the hall by itself. >"Maybe! Come on, I bet she's back at home! You can come over!" >Before you can even respond, Sonata has grabbed your hand and is tugging at you while you stand there. "What? I'm not going to go over uninvited." >"I'm inviting you! Come on, I'll make dinner. You and Aria can watch a movie and complain about it!" "But that's stupid." >But you close your locker and follow along >Sonata lets go of your hand after you start following, and smiles as the two of you leave school >It's a nice, sunny day, and the other students all leave at the same time, going to cars and busses >But you walk behind Sonata instead. >You're not even sure why you're coming along >it's not like you were pursuing Aria. >But maybe she was thinking about it. >Besides, it isn't like you haven't thought about it. >Especially when she could sing, damn. >You're pretty sure every guy in the school thought about it then. >"Where are you going?" >You stop walking and look around. >Sonata's waving from the staircase up to an apartment complex. "Oh, just spacing out." >She smiles like she understands, and you follow her up the stairs. >When she opens the door, the first thing you notice is that the place is a bit of a mess. >But not terrible, not like they'll be getting rats or anything. >"Hey Aria! Look who I brought!" >Aria glances up from the couch, and her eyes widen a moment before she forces her features into a scowl. >"Ugh, Sonata, why'd you bring him out here? You're just the worst." >"YOU are!" >Sonata says it with a complete lack of malice or conviction. >She closes the door behind you and walks off toward the little kitchen area. >Aria looks at you >You look back at her. >A few seconds pass in a weird, tense silence. >Suddenly, a weird smile creeps across Aria's lips >It's weird in that she's smiling. >Not a sneer, not a smirk, not a grin. A smile. >"Sit down." >You walk over and toss your books to the floor beside the couch, and sit down next to Aria. >"She thinks she's setting up a date or something, right?" "Something like that." >"Let me guess. Watch movies and complain?" "Yep." >Aria points to a stack of DVDs that have been casually piled next to the small TV. >"Pick one then." >An hour of boring movie with dry commentary later, Sonata delivers a few plates of spaghetti >She sits down on the other side of Aria and smiles at the both of you. >Aria doesn't touch hers until you try yours. >You can't help but make a face at the taste. "What is this?" >Sonata keeps smiling as she swallows her own bite. >"It's spaghetti! But with cumin, and habanero, and some curry powder." >You take another taste, and once you know what to expect... "It's... not bad?" >Aria rolls her eyes and jabs at a meatball on her plate, but doesn't make any real comment when she starts eating as well. >Sonata keeps mostly quiet as the movie keeps running over the course of this mid-afternoon dinner. >As soon as she's done eating, she takes you and Aria's plates and goes to wash up. >The evening drags on with the second movie, Aria seemingly content to just sit there next to you, her shoulder barely touching yours. >Making comments about the movie, the acting, Sonata's cooking, whatever. >Sonata walks by to go into one of the bedrooms, giving you a thumbs up before she closes the door. >The new movie keeps on being boring, but after a while you notice a weight on your shoulder >Aria is leaning her head against you, one of her pigtails draping lightly down over your arm >She doesn't notice you noticing, and you decide not to mention it >You don't think she wants to be noticed. >Another twenty minutes pass before the apartment door opens >Aria sits up immediately, and scoots a bit away from you on the couch. >Adagio walks in, arm in arm with that guy she's been dating, from school. >He glances at you as he walks in, and there's a sort of vague nod of recognition. >They just immediately walk toward another bedroom. >Aria glances at the room, and then to you. >You open your mouth to speak, but she holds up a finger to quiet you. >You wait for her to say something, but then she speaks quietly. >"Three, two, one, and..." >A shuddering moan comes from Adagio's bedroom. >Aria smirks, a more familiar expression. >"Yeah. That's like all they ever do when they're over here." "Wow, you weren't kidding about her going right to bed then." >"They're just getting started." >The movie doesn't quite drown out the noise. >The bed creaking, the moaning, it's all still there, just at the limit of audibility. >You try to ignore the sound of some dude getting laid in the next room, but it's admittedly distracting. >Even before you feel Aria's hand suddenly lightly grip the bulge in your pants. "Agh! What the hell?" >She's scowling at you again, but with a little light of amusement in her eyes. >"Knew it. You like her." "Hey, come on! They're being loud, any guy would get like this!" >"I told you, I'm not going to sleep with you." >This again? "I'm not asking you to. We're not even together." >She raises an eyebrow at you. >Her fingers tighten around that bulge, not entirely pleasantly. >"We've been sitting here for hours. We had dinner, we're watching a movie." >Her glowering frown changes into a grin. >The kind of grin that sends a shiver up your spine. >"We're together. You know, until Adagio drags Sonata and me off somewhere else." "What, you three are leaving?" >Aria pulls her hand away, and tries to look bored of the topic, looking at her nails. >"We don't really stay anywhere too long. Or we didn't, anyway." "But she has a boyfriend. You're all going to school." >Aria glances around nervously. >"We never stay. Or at least before..." >Her eyes stop somewhere for a moment. >You follow them over to the broken gemstones on the little desk in the corner. >Oh, shit, right. >They were magic or something. You asked Sunset about it, but she just kind of waved you off without explaining. >When you look back to Aria, something in her expression tells you to keep your mouth shut. >A moment passes, and then you speak anyway. "Maybe now she won't. I don't mind just sitting here. Do you?" >Aria looks at you for a moment. >A long, drawn out, somwhat awkward moment. >You feel like you're being judged, for something more than what she was expecting. >Finally, she runs her fingers down your arm, and then interlaces them with yours. >She holds your hand, and she leans against you again, watching the bad movie that's still playing. >Maybe it's not perfect. >Maybe Aria's got some issues even. >But for right now, the important thing is that you're here with her, and she's here with you. >Even if you're just watching dumb movies >At least you're doing it together.