Dazzling Vignettes Part 2 (nsfw) - by Uh-hmmm

> Be Anon, worn out from a long day at work > If you could just melt into the couch and never get up, you would be a happy man > You take long, deep breaths, relaxing, loosening, > The door to your apartment opens and Sonata comes stumbling in "Welcome home." > She groans and flops face down on the couch > You let her feet fall to your lap with little protest, just a mild, "Hey." > Somehow your girlfriend got a job as a hostess at a Mexican restaurant > Mostly that entails standing around and walking guests to their table > Considering high heels are part of the dress code... > You know your duty > The straps loosen with some gentle persuasion > Sonata lets out a muffled hum of relief as you ease the shoe off her stockinged foot > The other shoe follows not long after > You tug at the thigh highs, savoring the slow reveal of her tender legs > She wiggles a bit as you bare her feet, the stockings cast aside > At last, you set to work, your thumbs pressing into the arch of her foot, working out the stress > Sonata moans into the coach cushion, her toes curling > You spend an extra minute or two, pressing up and down her foot > You then shift your focus to her cute little toes > You roll them gently between your thumb and forefinger, smiling at the little jolts when the stimulation turns ticklish > You lavish much of the same attention on her other foot, trying your best to ignore your gradual stiffening at her sensuous outbursts of pleasure > Her calf is dense, but squishes readily in your grip > You move steadily up her leg, digging your thumbs into her pliant flesh, stopping just short of her buttocks > You lean into it as you pour gentle force into easing her aching legs > Sonata turns her head to the side and gives you a lazy smile > "Best boyfriend." "Heh, you're welcome. Now for the butt tax." > You straddle her legs, sliding your hands up her skirt > Her rear is so deliciously round and plump, you dig your fingers in again and again > She giggles and shifts her hips under your onslaught > You give her as a few more squeezes, then a fond pat > Reenergized, you start working on the tense muscles of her lower back > She arches a little under your touch, squeaking at the ticklish spots you make sure to hit > She gives you a pouting look over her shoulder, and you grin at her "I just had to." > "Meanie." > You shift your hands up her back, working on the knots near her shoulder blades > At once, she falls facedown again and moans in relief "See? I'm not a meanie at all." > She just grunts > This is the hardest part, digging, grinding, circling those stubborn knots > Not too hard for too long, but firm enough to loosen up some fibers > You shift to rubbing her narrow little shoulders, marveling at her delicate frame > As you work, you can feel her legs shift and tense under you, accompanied by her heartfelt groans of happiness > Your hands slide up the nape of her neck, pressing and working outward > Sonata lies limp under your ministrations, content and tired > Truth be told, you are rather worn out yourself > You wiggle your way first to her side, the sort of lifting her on top of you > She snarls her hands in your shirt and rests her head under your chin > "Thank you Anon, for realsies." "Glad I could help, Boo berry." > You wrap your arms around her and drift off in to a warm, cozy nap --------------------------- > Be Anon, Emelpian Priest > You once had another name, but you abandoned it to join the monastic order of Phorchen > By the vagaries of fate, you have been stationed at the Emelp Monastery, a place of bountiful creation > You pass by many brothers engaged in writing odes to the various muses > Others labor diligently upon gathering them up in codex generalis, and still others paint scenes of devotion > You... have not yet devoted yourself to any one muse as of yet > The muses are something of a trouble, even as they are the reason for this monastery > It is not uncommon for priests to devote themselves so fully to one, as to despise the others > Even this internecine war is overshadowed by the sects of those who worship the pony aspect, and those who worship the muses in other aspects > You are mostly neutral, there is merit to all aspects of the muses > However, recent apocrypha has fanned the flames of sectarian war > You pause in your round walking meditation, and bow to the shrine of Refracted Light Stones > Your eyes drift over the portraits, a familiar feeling of gentle awe at the beauty and virtue of the muses > As you resume your pious rounds, you feel as though eyes are upon you, not that you see anyone > As you near your room, you nod politely to one of your brothers in passing "Faggot." > He nods back > "Faggot." > You enter your chambers and close the door behind you > Unease creeps about you as you get ready for sleep > You stare at the ceiling in darkness for a long time, restless > A slender, glowing hand enters your vision > Your breath catches as you realise that you cannot move > Warm fingers stroke your cheek fondly > "It's past time for you to find a waifu, Anon, don't you think?" > That low, velvety voice > The curly orange hair in your peripheral vision > Your heart races at the recognition of what is happening "Muse Adagio, I am unworthy-" > "Of course you are. But that doesn't matter to me. What does matter..." > Her face looms over yours, her eyes intent and hungry, her smile predatory > "Is your devotion. Choose me to be your waifu, and serve me. It is your destiny, your purpose." > You stare resolutely into her eyes "By Faust above and Moot below, I am free to choose my waifu, without any coercion." > Adagio chuckles > "Oh Anon, I won't coerce you. You shall choose me of your own free will. I'll make quite certain of that." > Delicate fingers trace wandering designs down your chest, growing more elaborate as she nears your waist > You find yourself breathing faster as she slips her hand under the hem of your pajama pants > Soft fingers curl around your erection, gently squeezing it > As she shifts above you, her curled tresses spill over her shoulder, lightly grazing your bare chest > Adagio smirks at your flustered face > "So what do you say?" > Her hand pumps your dick slowly > She leans in closely, her breath warm on your face > "Am I your waifu yet?" > She strocks your cock faster and faster > "Well?" > You hold your breath, on the edge of climax > She senses it too, and stops, your throbbing erection in her motionless hand > Even through the haze of arousal, you know what you must say "B-by Faust above, and Moot-" > She makes a noise of disgust and releases your dick > Adagio stands up > "This is not over, Anon." > Once her presence leaves, you can move again > With quick, guilty movements, you deal with your erection in the customary way, the spent tissue dropping into a trash can set aside for this purpose > Sleep claims you quickly, despite the conflicted feelings coursing through your heart ------------------------------ > Be Anon, currently losing > You draw a card, topdecking a wog > Finally "Cards in hand?" > Aria smirks > "Two." > And she's tapped out > You have next to no board presence, almost everything stolen by Guile > You tap four plains and cast Wrath of God > Fitting "Your reign of terror is ended, you controlling bitch!" > She just smirks > Oh god no > "You have activated my trap card." "You have got to be kidding me." > Aria tosses out a Pact of Negation > "My reign of terror is just beginning, Anon." > You sigh "I fold. Seriously, Island is overpowered." > She laughs > "You're just so cute when you're frustrated! Come here, let me make it all better." > You cross your arms resolutely, scowling "Honestly, this isn't fun. I am sick and tired of losing to your money wins decks!" > Aria's smile widens > "Are you saying you want me to purposefully make weak decks?" > ... > You know how frustrating it is to play against an opponent who isn't trying to win > Girls who didn't really want to play the game, just share an interest > After a long pause, you close your eyes "No, not really." > You hear her stand up, her presence drawing closer > A warm, soft weight settles on your lap > You open your eyes to a lap full of girlfriend > Aria rests her arms on your shoulders, a soft smile on her face > "And that's why I like you." > She kisses your forehead, and you feel the last bit of resistance within you crumble > You wrap your arms around her and hold her close, your head resting on her soft breast > She hugs you back, stroking your hair > You spend a few minutes like that, stress leaving your body > Finally, you set aside your pride "How about you help me build my next deck?" > She grinds her hips in your lap > "I thought you would never ask."