Adagio's Lullaby [clop] (disturbing) (Dazzlings~Anon) - by Uh-hmmm

> Your name is Anonymous, and you have some house guests > You don't mind, even though they've been staying for > A while? > You can't quite remember > You open the trunk, and grab the grocery bags > Need ground beef > Cheese > You know that very firmly > Your first priority is getting these to the kitchen > You walk in a fugue state, not really paying attention to where you are going > Your vision clears, and you see Aria dumping the meat you bought onto a skillet > Sonata is hard at work grating the cheese > Wait "Tacos again? Can't you guys-" > Sonata glares at you and starts humming > Aria rolls her eyes, but her voice fills your ears with a smoky seduction ("You like tacos, like this idiot likes tacos~, chop up some lettuce~, so it goes~.") > You know, there is nothing better than tacos > Every night > You feel you should help out somehow "I think I'll chop up some lettuce." > Sonata beams at you > "Good boy!" > Dinner passes by in a bit of a haze > You know, yes, definitely, that it was delicious > You feel > Grateful, yes, that they made dinner for you > So you clean up, boxing up the leftovers for Sonata's breakfast > You put away the dishes > It's been a long day (Go to sleep little babe) > Time for bed (Go to sleep little babe) > You find your house guests on your bed (Your momma's gone away and your daddy's gonna stay, didn't leave nobody but the baby) > Adagio beckons towards you (Go to sleep little babe) > Her lap seems so inviting > You take off your shirt (Go to sleep little babe) > You crawl across Sonata, resting your head in Adagio's lap (Everybody's gone in the cotton and the corn, didn't leave nobody but the baby) > She smiles down at you as Sonata does something with your pants (You're a sweet little babe) > She lifts her shirt, exposing her breasts (You're a sweet little babe) > Your pants are tugged off (Honey in the rock and the sugar don't stop, gonna bring a bottle to the baby) > Adagio cradles your head to her bosom (Don't you weep pretty babe) > You suckle at her teat, so warm and conforting (Don't you weep pretty babe) > Her hand rubs your stomach in slow circles (She's long gone with her red shoes on, gonna need another loving babe) > Your mouth is filled with a wonderful, creamy, citrus flavor (Go to sleep little babe) > Orange creamsicle momma (Go to sleep little babe) > Her hand dips into your boxers (You and me and the devil makes three, don't need no other lovin' babe) > She grasp your erection, and strokes it slowly (Go to sleep little babe) > You suckle more fervently at her teat (Go to sleep little babe) > She arches her back, pressing your head firmly against her bosom > Her strokes come faster, her hand jittery with pleasure (Come lay your bones on the alabaster stones) > All you can see, all you can smell, all you can taste is your momma > A pressure builds, coaxed along by a motherly hand (And be my everlovin' baby) > Your mind blanks out as you thrust against her hand > You feel your cum splatter against your bare chest > She pumps you a few more times, cum spurting and dribbling onto her fingers > Adagio lifts your head from her teat and kisses you sweetly > "Go to sleep, my sweet babe." > A wave of drowsiness flows through you > You can feel Sonata's tongue gently lapping at the cum on your chest > The last thing you see before you fall asleep is Adagio, licking her fingers with a satisfied smile > You made momma happy > Now you can sleep