Sonata and the Lightning Scare - by Anonymous

>Cracka- >Booom... >Thunder cracks in the distance. >You are Anon. >It's raining outside. >You are lying on your bed in the dark. >It's night but you can't sleep. >You listen to the rain instead. >You've drawn your curtains open to let the occassional flash of light in. >Flash! >Silence. >Poooooom.... >You lie there, still, with your eyes closed while your ears take you miles away. >Another flash. >Boom! >This one hit closer to home. >You hear commotion outside your room. >Footsteps. >A thud. >"...ouch..." >More footsteps. >You share your home with three girls. >Adagio the bossy, Aria the grump and Sonata the simple-minded. >The Dazzlings, as Adagio refers to the trio. >The footsteps stop. >*knock knock* >Someone is knocking at your door. >You say nothing. >"Anon? Are you awake?" >You recognize the voice. >It's Sonata. >You still say nothing. >The knob turns and the door opens. >Artificial light spills into the room and spoils the lightning flashes. >Your eyes, having adapted to darkness, now ache from the light. >"Anon?" >"What." >You came off hostile and Sonata pauses for a moment. >"...I...uh...can I sleep here tonight?" >The girls sleep together in another room. >Yes! You long for physical contact! >You are cuddly but you don't get to cuddle often. >Or at all. >And who knows, maybe you'll be able to slip her the Dee. >Perhaps she came for it. >Sonata takes your long pause for anger. >"Please, Anon! I'm afraid and the others are being mean to me!" >It's painfully obvious Sonata has the mind of a child. >Every hope you had of some nightly sex evaporates. >Now you *are* angry. >You turn on your bed to face her. >You grit your teeth and look at her, preparing a rebuke. >She is in her pjs. >She is wearing an old blouse a few numbers too big for her over them. >She is clutching her pillow. >You recognize that blouse. >When you first took the Dazzlings off the street, you gave them some of your old clothes. >They had discarded them as soon as they had gotten new pajamas for themselves, or so you thought. >Your anger dissolves and your rebuke won't come forth. >"What's wrong, Sonata?" >Flash! >BOOM! >Sonata sqeeks and runs down the corridor. >She returns. >She is shaking. >"I'm...I'm afraid of the thunder. I tried to tell Adagio but she hit me and then Aria-" >Her voice chokes in her throat. >She is on the verge of tears. >Your fatherly insticts tug at you as does your sympathetic inner child. >You shuffle over and raise your blanket. >"Come here, Sonata." >Sonata enters your room half-sobbing and climbs on your bed. >You cover her with your blanket and pull her close. >You hold her like she holds her pillow. >Her back is pressed against your chest. >You can feel her irregular breathing. >"There, there" you tell her as you give her a gentle squeeze and a kiss on the back of her head. >She calms down. >A few moments pass in silence. >You hear the pitter patter of rain outside. >Sonata calms completely. >You wonder if she's fallen asleep already. >"So...You don't like rain, eh?" you ask in a whispering voice. >"No. Rain is the worst. It's wet and cold. And it has thunders in it." >"I like the sound of rain, but not as much as my mother. She used to love it..." you say. >A song comes to mind, sad and calm like the rain, followed by another, powerful and defiant like the lightning or the first beat of a heart. >"Riders on the storm...Riders on the storm...Into this house we're born...Into this world we're thrown.." >Sonata listens to you quietly. >You continue as far as you remember the lyrics. >"I like it, it's like a lulluby" says Sonata. >"It was my mother's favourite song" you tell her. >You pause for a moment and then continue. >"I don't like it. It's sad and defeatist. I like Riders on the Storm too, just not these riders." >"They made a sequel?" >You groan internally. >"No, Sonata. Another band made a song with the same title." >You reach deep down and bring forth not just the song, but also the feelings it inspires in you, hoping it will give Sonata some of the courage it gives you. >It's lyrics are kinda cheesy but what the hell, to you it sounds like a gospel. >"Riders on the storm! One with the wind, defenders of Creation! Riders on the storm! Aligned with the sun..." >Your spirit rises, as does your volume. >You realize that when Sonata starts struggling against your constricting embrace. >You chuckle and loosen up. >You want to help her get over her fears and enjoy lightning as much as you do. >After all, everything you approve of should be embraced by everyone in the world because it's objectively good. >Is known. >You nod to yourself. >"Tell me Sonata, do you like it when it's dark?" >Humans are born with an instictive fear of the dark, so maybe sirens do too. >"No. It's scary. There are monsters in it. They are chasing me when I run to the light switch. Aria says I'm a monster too and I should hide in the dark so people won't see my uglyness." >You feel even more sympathetic to Sonata's plight now. >You rub her arm with your thumb. >"Aria is.." >A complete cunt sewn shut. >"...jealous of you because you are more likeable, Sonata." >"You...You really think so Anon?" >"I know so, Sona-" >FLASH-BOOM! >Sonata sqeeks and retreats further within the covers, brushing against your cock in her panic until she calms down. >You raise your arm in the darkness and do a thumbs up towards the ceiling. >You enjoy the feeling for as long as it lasts and then get off bed. >"Anon? Where are you going?" she asks you. >She is worried you don't want to put up with her either. >"Nowhere" you reply. >You boot up your PC. >"There's something I want to show you, Sonata." >Sonata, still under the covers, shuffles towards you. >"You see Sonata, rain comes from the clouds and light comes for the sun during the day and the moon during the night." >You open PCSX and run Ace Combat 2. >You select a rainy mission. >"Here, come here." >You motion for her to come next to you. >Sonata obeys and comes next to you. >She bends over to see better. >"The sun and the moon are higher than the clouds. The clouds hide them. But if you fly high enough..." >You speed up and fly upwards. >You pass the clouds. >Clouds are bellow you. >A clear blue sky is above you. >The mission takes place at night, but yeah. Nineties. >"...the sun is right there, radiant as ever." >"AH, I see, Anon!" >Good. >You lie back on your chair. >"But where are we going to find a MiG-29 at this time of the night?" >Wait, what? >You almost fall off your chair. >You turn around a take a look at her face. >She is being completely serious. >You smile. >Because you just thought of a fun new insult. >Sonatard. >What she said was very Sonatarded. >"The sun is where it always was, Sonata. The rain will end, the clouds will move out of the way and the sun will shine on us once more." >Much like in the trying times of our lifes. >"Oh. Ooooh. Right." >You take a breath and let it out slowly. >Time for lesson two. >You get up. >"Sonata, grab your coat and meet me outside." >You leave the room and exit to the balcony through the kitchen. >You are wearing your underpants and a loose old shirt. >It's cold as tits out here! >You don't mind it though. You've been through worse. >Why, there was that time you were stationed in an island where the wind hurt when it blew upon naked flesh. >And that other time in boot camp where the water was cold as all hell and it still steamed when you showered. This is how effing cold and humid it was there. >The balcony door opens. >Sonata comes out wearing her coat over her pajamas. >"It's cold as tits out here! Anon, aren't you cold?" >You shrug. >"I don't care anymore, corporal...I don't care anymore." >You notice Sonata has left the door open. >"Dammit Sonata, close the damn door. You're letting humidity in." >"Sorry" says Sonata as she closes the door. >Good. >The paint is starting to peell off the ceiling because of the humidity. >Sonata comes next to you. >She is playing with her visible breath. >People do that no matter their age, sex, religion or race. >It's kinda funny. >The great equalizer, the one thing that connects all humans isn't some ideal but going "hoo hoo" when it's cold. >Now then, for the next part. >"Sonata, you like tacos, right?" >"Meh. I like all fast food" she replies. >Alright, slight change. >"Well, no matter what you like, it either grows from the ground or it feeds on what grows from the ground. And in order for it to grow, it needs to drink water." >There is still lightning clashing around. >You move behind Sonata and hug her to keep her calm. >"And plants can't walk. How will they drink water? The clouds bring the water to them and deliver it as rain, so they can quench their thirst." >You let Sonata process your words for a few moments and then continue. >"So you see Sonata, clouds are nice. When they rain they help make the food you like so much." >You remember you used to feel anxious as a kid when it rained. >You liked folklore. >You'd read legends from the Netherlands where whole towns were lost completely under the rainwater along with the townsfolk. >And then there were stories of various cultures where the gods warned the people of an impeding flood. >Except for that one religion where God warned a family that he would drown the world. >Eventually you realized it's unlikely it'll rain enough for the water to reach the fourth floor, where you lived. >You notice a cat on the street, darting from cover to cover. >That gives you an idea. >"Hey Sonata, you see that cat down there?" >"Where? I don- Yes, I see it." >"Once upon a time you wouldn't be able to see it." >"Huh? Why is that, anon?" >"Once upon a time there were no street lights, Sonata. There weren't any streets either. Those were ancient times." >"Sounds like dull times to me." >"Don't interrupt me. As I was saying, there were no lights. There was darkness all around and in it dwelled all kinds of monsters. They destroyed cities, they sunk ships and they ate people." >Sonata is uneasy. >"No one was safe! Farmers were carried away from their fields to be eaten alive in broad daylight! Babies disappeared from their cribs! Every night brought forth horrors!" >You raise a hand and hold it in front of her as if clutching something. >"The humans looked to the skies and prayed for salvation! Help and deliverance from the dark! Their pleas did not go unnoticed for soon the gods themselves and their demigod heroic children descended upon the earth!" >You raise your other hand too. >"With their power and their might, they burned away the Old Night and it's terrors. Thor, Zeus and Hercules were amongst the mightiest to defend Mankind." >Passion overtakes you. >"Zeus, king of the gods, killed his wicked father, the babyeating Kronus. He then launched mighty thunderbolts and killed Typhon, a primordial avatar of indiscriminating annihilation birthed by Gaia in her vengeful sorrow to kill all men and gods!" >"Anon, please stop shouting in my ears..." >"God of Thunder, God of Rain, earthshaker who feels no pain! The powerhead of the universe. Thor, son of Odin, fought bravely against the race of the Frost Giants and killed them all. When the End Times come, Thor will return to fight alongside Mankind against the combined might of all the races of giants!" >You throw your hands up in the air. >"Hercules! Son of Zeus. He physically separated Europe from Africa, he killed the Hydra and the unkillable Nemean Lion, he fought Death itself and won! You know what they had in common?" >"...What?" >"Thunder and lightning. Sonata! This is why it comes down from the clouds towards the earth. It is the lance of the gods! It's light burns away the darkness so the gods can see the wicked that hide in it! It's power kills the monsters and it's booming sound loudly proclaims far and wide the law of the gods for all to hear and their promise to defend humanity from the primordial night!" >KA-BAM! >Lightning cracks, burning your eyes. >You'll be seeing this for the next few minutes. >"And this is why you mustn't be afraid of rain and thunder, Sonata. Because it's good for you. You're not a monster, are you?" >"Gee Anon, I never thought about it like this! I think you are right. I'm not afraid anymore." >"Good, now let's go inside." >You go to your room and stop at the door. >"Do you want to cuddle some more Sonata?" >"No thanks. I want to sleep." >Bugger. >"Well okay, I'll be here if you change your mind. Goodnight." >"Goodnight Anon!" >You get in your room and drop atop your bed. >Here you are again, listening to the booming of the thunder and the pitter patter of the rain. >Cracka- >Booom... >Thunder cracks in the distance. >It's like the past half hour never happened. >You hear commotion outside your room. >Footsteps. >A thud. >"...ARGH, motherfucking son a bitch, fffUCK! My fucking knee!..." >Now this is most certainly Aria. >More footsteps. >The footsteps stop. >*knock knock* >Someone is knocking at your door. >"Anon? Are you awake?" >"Dammit, what? What is it is with you people and being afraid of a little lightning?" >"Actually it's not that. I'm afraid of fire." >Aria fucking BLAZE is afraid of fire... >"Look Aria, do you want to cuddle?" >"Nope." >"What if I tell the others I forced you?" >"Still no." >"I'll fucking pay you, Aria." >"How much?" >"Dunno. I'll give you a ten." >"What am I, some cheap hooker?" >You sigh. >You cover your head with your pillow. >"Then go to bed already. We'll set shit on fire tomorrow."