Aria doing alright? - by Dazzlefiend

"Alright you two, I'll be back in a few hours. Can you buffoons manage to stay out of trouble until then? >You could practically feel your eyes rolling out of their sockets as you let out a dispassionate groan "If anyone's going to be causing trouble Adagio, it's not going to be me" >Adagio crosses her arms and raises an eyebrow at you, a gesture you've become irritatingly familiar with over the last thousand years >It's not like the difference in years matters at this point >You've never missed a beat like The Idiot, or gotten overly ambitious like a certain someone >Yet here you stand, derided still as if you can't be trusted to watch the house >You're just a smart as "the leader" >You're prettier than both of them >Your snarky comebacks are way better than either of theirs >No longer, not another day! >You've had enough of Adagio treating you like you're equal to that clown >You've had enough of being support on every song >By the Gods you are Aria Blaze, and everyone is going to know your name >Your head rolls up, cocked and ready to give Adagio a lashing like none she's felt since the 1200s "Adagio! Yo-" >She already left "...Fuck me running..." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ >You stand there for several minutes processing what just transpired >It's the same every time >Adagio treats you like her right hand >She uses you for everything >She looks to you when she's gauging the audience >She looks to you when she tells jokes and wants credit >She even looks at you when you're both just laughing at The Idiot >Yet when she doesn't need you, she just forgets about you entirely >You're only there for her validation >She's never there for yours! >You'd think you'd be numb to this when you spend so much time with her. >Days...Months...Years...Generations... >This bitterness is always fresh >The biggest downside of always being together with these jerks "Hmm...I wonder if this is how The Idiot feels..." >You think about it for a moment and reflect >This isn't the first time you've thought about this, but maybe you're harder on Sonata than you ought to be >Sure she's an idiot, but...well she's an idiot >You could definitely use that >Ugh, maybe that's how Adagio feels about you... >Well things don't have to stay this way >Maybe if you treat her more as the equal Adagio sees you two as, then you can work together >You can be the one to make the first step, show Sonata you're the one worthy of being respected >Adagio will finally be forced to acknowledge you! >You turn, feeling that maybe some of this reflection has stuck for once "Hey Sonat-..." >She already left ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ >It's raining out tonight >Watching the rain always makes you feel better >The outside and inside feel the same, you're not the only one miserable > least that would be the case if Sonata didn't like the rain too >You just can't have anything of your own with those two around can you? >A gust of wind picks up and rain starts pelting the window violently "Yeah, you and me both buddy..." >"Hellooo? Ariaaa?" >You roll your eyes as you finish hooking your jacket up >All these years and it still amazes you how poor her pattern recognition can be "Leave her be Sonata. You know how Aria gets when she spaces out." >You unload your bags on the counter and separate the containers into neat stacks >"Yeah, I guess you're right", Sonata snickers. >You push the obnoxiously colorful boxes and accompanying sauce packs toward her "There, and make sure you don't leave trash in your room this time. The napkins are for the inevitable mess, not art projects." >"Okaaay. You try to redecorate one time..." >She nabs a box and holds it close, checking its contents excitedly >Discontent flashes across her face however, and in its place a cartoonishly innocent expression quickly forms >Her wide eyes lock directly on you, and her lip quivers slightly in a pout >"Heeey Daagii? If Aria's in one of her moods then could I mayyybe..." >It would be a respectable effort, if not for the playful smile you see her fighting >You sigh and pinch the bridge of your nose >If there's any being less subtle than the scum we're forced to share this world with, it's Sonata >You reach behind your box pile and reveal a colorfully wrapped semicircle "No, but you can have this." >"Yay! Thanks Adagio!" She says excitedly before running off "That was supposed to be a snack, so I don't wanna hear about the stomach ache later!" >You look around the room for a minute, eyes settling on Aria's position next to the window. >You feel a soft sigh exist your lips as you turn back to the counter "Idiots." >You catch sight of a familiar yellow and red haired woman chasing her umbrella on the street >She's soaking wet and panting as she follows it back and forth >Each time she's finally close enough she lunges, but without fail the wind jerks the hemisphere suddenly away >On her fourth attempt her foot catches the sidewalk and she falls into a puddle >Despite yourself, a sardonic smirk creeps unabatingly "I guess today could be worse~♪." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------