Aria Couch Cuddles Pt.II - by Anonymous

>"Hey, I'm done. Come get me." >Be Anon >You feel a smile appear on your lips as you read the text >Aria's done with work and she needs to get picked up >Your eyes move to the clock hanging on the wall behind the television set >10:29 >Yep, just about that time >You sit up from the comfort of the couch and stretch a bit, trying to wake yourself up a little bit before you head out >You dig your phone into your pajama pants pocket and head over to the kitchen counter for your keys >You snatch them from the laminated wood and make your way to the door >As you do so, you look over to the active television set >Might as well leave it on, you won't be gone long >You grab your jacket dangling from the small hook next to the door and throw it on >You open the door, stepping out into the cold >You lock the door behind you and begin your journey to your car >Your eyes shift down to your feet and you begin to think about what's been going on recently to pass the time >You and Aria grew to like each other over the time you two spent working and living with each other >Shit, at this point, you two were even dating >It's funny how that turned out, especially since a few months ago, you were bitching at her for not riding the bike you bought her to work >You chuckled to yourself at the recollection >You remember her apology about it and about how she felt "safer" when you took her to and from work >You smile warmly at that memory >Your mind then shifts to how things have been getting better at work ever since you two started going out >She's a lot more friendly with customers and actually moves at a pace that isn't "zombie" >Though there were a few times where you two were reprimanded for your PDA >Aria even had a thing for meeting you in the supermarket's large freezer for a quick make-out session, but nobody else knew about that >You gotta remember to ask her to do that again when you go back to work the next day >Work's good, life's good >About a minute passes like this before you reach your car >You click the remote to unlock the car, its headlights nearly blinding you as they flashed >You open the driver side door and climb in, shutting the door and locking it >You thrust the key into the ignition, turning the engine on >The radio kicks on to the station you left it on last >Thank god Aria's habit of messing with it was over >You put the car in reverse and back out, turning the car towards the road >You shift it into drive and take off >After a few minutes of driving, you pull into the supermarket's parking lot >Not that many cars this time of night, so you drive through the parking spaces as a shortcut >You can see Aria at her usual spot, visibly exhausted from her day at work >She turns her head towards you and a sweet smile forms on her lips >You pull up beside her, unlocking the door >She throws open the door and climbs inside >"Hey, handsome." >She shuts the door and throws a wink at you shortly after saying this >You smile back to her and begin driving back home >As you turn out onto the road, Aria begins talking about her day >She's gotten slightly better at this over the past few months, but she still complains about every little thing >"No no, you don't understand. She's a fucking idiot. Every goddamn day, she asks me how to work this and that. It's ridiculous, she's been here long enough to- >On and on she went like that for a few minutes >A few streets before the apartment complex, Aria falls silent >And then you feel a hand on your thigh >You can see out of your peripheral vision that Aria's leaning over to you >Her lips touch your ear as she whispers to you >"I missed you so much today, you know?" >She nibbles gently on your ear, a small moan escaping her >As she does this, her hand moves down to your crotch "I-I missed you too, Aria. I always do." >You stammer as you try keeping your concentration focused on the road >"Mmm, I can tell. You're getting pretty hard." >She takes hold of your right hand and brings it to her inner thigh >The warmth coming off of her was almost irresistable >Thank god you were finally pulling into the apartment complex parking >By this time, she had moved her lips down to your neck, gently biting and sucking >Such a fucking tease >You pulled into the parking space and turned off the car >Before the lights in the car could shut off, you unbuckled your seatbelt and turned to Aria, planting your lips onto hers >She leaned into the kiss, throwing her arms around you >She reclined a bit, giving you an opportunity to apply a little more "love" to the kiss >Several sweet moans poured from her lips as you continued >She broke the kiss what seemed like an eternity later >"Fuck, this isn't gonna work, I need to be in a bed for this shit." >You nodded in response and both of you left the car almost simultaneously >She had gone on a little ahead, noticeably anxious to get home >To further coerce you, she began to sway her hips in a sultry manner, looking back at you with an equally sexy gaze >You grinned mischieviously and began to take off after her >She quickened her pace to a run and soon enough, you were both running back to the apartment >As you two arrived at the door, you fumbled with the key to get it into the lock >As soon as you could open the door, neither of you dared to waste time to get inside >Aria shut the door behind her and practically jumped onto you >Your lips collided with hers in an act of lust >She began by messing with your shirt, throwing it off of you along with the jacket attached to it >As she did this, you started to unbutton her shirt >When both of your items were off, they were cast aside onto the couch >You both began moving towards your room, constantly breaking from, and connecting back, to your kisses, each one more passionate than the last >Soon enough, your back hits the bed and Aria is climbing onto you >She brings a hand over the bulge in your pajama bottoms >She then takes the top of them and begins wrestling them off of you, along with your boxer shorts >"That's more like it." >She runs her tongue along the length of your shaft >She gets to the tip and then takes your entirety into her mouth, slowly bobbing her head up and down >You clench a part of the sheets in your hand and bring your other to her head, running your fingers through her hair "Fuck, Aria..." >Her eyes lock onto yours and her pace quickens >At this, you recline and your head hits the bed >Her stifled moans combined with this is almost pushing you at your limit >She then brings her lips up from your cock and licks her lips >She sits up onto your legs, just inches away from riding you >An evil grin crosses her mouth and she brings her hands to the hook on her bra >In one fluid motion, she unhooks it and throws it out of view >You knew she had some nice boobs, but seeing them like this made you harder than you thought you could get >Overcome with lust, you took her by her hips and flipped her onto the bed, essentially changing positions >A surprised look came across her face >This time, it was you wearing an evil grin >You snaked down to her pants >You frantically unbutton them and pull them off of her >Her panties clinged onto them as they were thrown across the room >The scent of her is almost intoxicating >You look up to her and see her biting her lip, waiting for you to go >You bring your lips to her slit and begin your work >A loud, yet quick moan leaves Aria when you connect with her >You move your tongue in different fashions, never repeating the same motion twice >Aria begins convulsing in ecstasy and it becomes hard for you to keep her still to finish >"Oh god Anon, I'm gonna, I'm gonna, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!" >You bring your mouth over her slit as she climaxes >Your mouth almost fills with her juices >You swallow the majority of it and lick your lips >Jesus, how could a girl finish so quickly and then come so much? >You look up to her >She's visibly exhausted from your handiwork >"Goddamn Anon... had I known... you were this good... I would've dated you... months ago." >You chuckle slightly at her response >You climb up to her, your cock rubbing right up against her pussy >"Fuck Anon, so soon?" >That evil grin comes back to your face "Well damn Aria, I didn't think just me eating you out would do it for you. But I guess if you're done..." >You move your member away from her as if to tease her >It wasn't long before she pulled you back onto her, your body pressed up against hers >"Like hell, you're not going anywhere until you fuck me." >You scoff, repositioning yourself to where your tip is at her entrance >She bites her lip once more "Ready?" >"Yeah..." "You sure?" >"Yes." "Positive?" >"Oh, just hurry up and fuck me!" >You do as requested and thrust into her >She yelps loudly and winces slightly as you do so "You okay? >She nods slightly >"Yeah, just keep going." >You obey and keep pumping into her >Every time your hips connect with her, a sweet moan comes through her lips >Her warmth wraps you completely in pleasure >"Oh fuck Anon, go faster." >Again, you obey her command and increase the speed of your thrusts >Aria's moans grow louder and more frequent the faster you go >"O-o-o-h fu-u-u-u-ck!" >It didn't take long for the movement of your hips to become automatic >It also didn't take long for her to move against you >The sound of your bodies colliding against each other rang throughout the room >Everything just felt so fucking good >You could feel yourself reaching your climax >You could tell she was getting there too as you felt her walls close tightly around you "Fuck, Aria, I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum." >"Shiiit, me too. Don't fucking cum inside me tho-oh-oh-oh-OHHH~!" >Well fuck, it was good that she came when she did >You could feel everything building up "Oh, FUCK!" >About a split-second before you finally came, you managed to pull out of her >Hot strings of your cum decorated Aria's body >Everything from her stomach to her tits, it pretty much got everywhere >One strand even managed to make its way onto her neck >Both of you sat there, the only noise being the sounds of you two panting >Aria glanced down to your wet cock, but then moved her eyes to her body >"Shit, you got it everywhere. You're the worst." >You could only chuckle at her statement "That's not how you were acting a few seconds ago. Seems to me that I'm the best." >A wide smile crosses Aria's lips >"Yeah, I guess so." >You take what you can get out of that statement and collapse next to her >"Fuck, you were amazing. Had I known you were that good, I'd have fucked you the day we met." >Now THAT was a compliment you could take "You are a bit of a softie though, didn't take that much to make you cum." >It was Aria's time to giggle >"Well that shows how good you are. But I'm not gonna be that easy next time." >You smile, closing your eyes from the extreme amount of comfort you feel >Right here next to Aria, post-sex >Everything was pretty damn good >"But I do need a shower first. I wanna get this shit off before I stick to the fucking sheets."