Anon World Order part 8 [Talking] (Dazzlings) - by Uh-hmmm

> You dig around in the pile of boxes, tossing an onion to Aria > "Like hell am I going to chop an onion." > You find what you are looking for, and straighten up "Even if I do the carrots and the potatoes?" > She scowls at you > "You just want to see me cry." > What a ridic- > Okay, now that she mentions it... > Eh, not worth the trouble "Fine, I'll do the onion, you do the carrots." > "That's more like it." > You roll your eyes, and set about preparing a cooking area > Two cutting boards, some knives, some peelers, aluminum foil, that's about everything > For a time the only sounds are the rustling of the trees, the whittling away of the vegetable peeler, and the careful cuts of your knife "Agh, curse you, onion!" > You step back, your eyes watering from the fumes > Aria smirks at you > "Stop being a baby, what's a little sulfuric acid in your eyes?" > You motion to the cutting board "You want to do this? No? Then kindly shut up, miss 'I don't want to cry'." > She taps her chin with the vegetable peeler > "I'm gonna level with you here. I just want to watch you cry, I don't particularly care why you do it. So get back in there and make me some delicious tears." "Pretty weird fetish you got there." > Aria rolls her eyes > "You have no idea." > Steeling yourself, you return to dicing the onion > Manly tears later, you are done > Looks like the carrots are done too "Looks like we split the potatoes." > She grunts an affirmative > You set about the tedious business of washing, carving, and chopping potatoes > Normally you'd go into a zen-state to deal with the boredom, but you have options now "So do you have any fetishes other than..." > You can't help but shudder > "Mr. R? Yeah, I got a few. Why, you volunteering?" > You shrug "Maybe. Depends on the fetish." > She smirks at that > "Alright. I got rough sex, bondage, rape, snuff, necrophilia, bleeding, castration, vore, " > It just goes on and on > Terms you only recognize from the darker threads of /d/ > "Zombie gangbang, wound fucking, infections, corruption, waffle irons," > In self defense, you idly imagine you are Forrest Gump, on the receiving end of Bubba's shrimp talk > Just chop the vegetables and let the darkness flow on by > "Anal fissures, and consensual sex in the missionary position solely for the purpose of procreation." "Wait, what about that last one?" > Aria shrugs > "A girl's got to be into some kinky stuff." > ... > You didn't really listen for most of the list, but you doubt it would make a difference "Yeah, that's the only one I could really get into. But I have to ask, where does Mr. Rogers fit into all of this?" > She gazes down into her memories, the knife held loose in her hand > "I wasn't happy as I am now. I tried to stop eating." > Oh > "I stayed inside, played nice with the girls, tried everything I could do to avoid conflict." > Oh yeah, they do sorta feed on that > "Mister Roger's Neighborhood was the most calming thing, I thought it would kill me. I must have spent days, watching reruns of that old man." > She tucks a bit of hair behind her ear and smiles fondly > "He taught me to love myself, and to find the little joys in life. You ever been so depressed, all you do is masturbate?" > What "Not...really." > "I was. Then Adagio decided to put her foot down, and took away my videos. I got so angry, I beat the everloving shit out her. That's when I realized, I like being angry, I like being violent, and that is enough for me to keep on living." "That's almost inspirational." > "Isn't it though? Did you know I hugged him, once?" "Really?" > "Had to change my panties afterwards, but yeah. Good times." > You just stare at purple panda > She comes back to herself, and grins at you > "Enough about that. Let's mutilate these vegetables." > With a chuckle, you get back to work. > The ground beef gets portioned out, then the vegetables, and the two of you double wrap it all in foil > You stand by her side, proudly gazing upon the misshapen lumps in the fire "We did good today, partner." > "You're such a dork." > She punches you in the arm, hard > As you rub away the pain, you wonder if this is how she shows interest > Perhaps it's time for some body armor