Sonata's Shimmer - by otaku4242

>Adagio, Aria, and Sonata have been beaten. their Equestrian pendants destroyed in the aftermath of the battle. >Adagio, frustrated at defeat, had disappeared into the shadows, nowhere to be seen >Aria was said to have transfered to another school in hopes of starting anew >Sonata was the only one to stay in Canterlot High, and everyone knew it. Everywhere she went, scorned faces, narrow eyes, pure looks of hatred. >Despite her cheery attitude, Sonata felt dead inside. She had no friends, she was failing her classes, and now everyone was bullying her because of what had happened >And among all the students, there seemed to be only ONE who seemed to notice. >Sunset Shimmer >That strange girl who had bested them during their battle of the bands >Sunset would wave at her when passing on their way to class, and Sonata would happily wave back. She was the only person who was relatively nice to her, but she had been to nervous to befriend her, too nervous to talk to her, too nervous to tell she felt >But today was different. Sonata strode down the hall with a long grin on her face, arms moving confidently at her side. >Her hair was extra-shiny blue today, she made sure of that. She wanted to look extra-pretty for this occasion >Sonata turned the corner, and there she was, rummaging through her locker. >Sonata started to have second thoughts. Her heart started to pound against her chest, her legs were shaky, and palms were sweaty. mom's spaghetti >But it was too late. Sunset had turned her head to notice the nervous blue-haired teen and closed her locker, walking to her "ohshit ohshit ohshit ohshit ohshit ohshit what do i do" she thought to herself, over and over >"Hey Sonata, how are you today?" Sunset asked, her majestic hair shining in the sunlight form the window >It reminded her of something, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. >Made her a bit hungry >Sonata kept her best to smile, but her blush was showing through it. "I-I-I-I-I'm g-g-g-good. H-h-how are y-you?" she stuttered nervously. She wanted to slap herself in the face. Sunset probably thought her a dork. >"I'm good. Hey, I'm having trouble trying to figure out how to get my form right. Help me out?" "W....what?" >"Basketball. You and I, we're in the same class...remember?" Sunset chuckled a bit. "O-oh, yeah....I guess" >"Cool. Meet me here after school" Sunset smiled....and winked >And with that, she was gone. >Sonata had to blink a few times, even after the bell rang and the halls were empty, she just stood there in awe. No way, her eyes had to be playing tricks on her. She just had too much coffee this morning. >Yah, that's it. Maybe she should have taken Adagio's advi- >.....Adagio.....Aria.....her friends.......Sonata looked down and sighed. "My friends......" >Adagio had always been nice to her, even if a little bossy. It was Aria that Sonata had hated. That purple-haired wretch was always calling her names, like stupid, and dumb. People always say that sticks and stones would break your bones, but words would never hurt you. >They lie >Words hurt more >Words sting the heart. >The bell rings, and Sonata looks up. School's done....Sunset should be showing up soon... >"Hey Sonata" >Sonata looks up to see that majestic hair again. That light yellow skin. Those Cyan colored eyes. >She was so...intoxicating "H-hi. Ready to go?" the nervous teen asked. >"Sure thing. Lets head to the gym, place is always empty after school on fridays" >Sonata nodded and followed after Sunset. >They would be alone? All sweaty and stripped down to thin work-out clothing? >Sonata blushed as she continued behind Sunset, and couldnt help but look at her fine figure as she trot behind her >Such a lovely a- >"So tell me about yourself" Sunset suddenly said as they entered the gym, making their way to the locker rooms on the other side. >Suddenly Sonata was perked up "O-oh, well I'm Sonata Dusk, I go to Canterlot High, I like movies and video games, OH, and Tacos" >Sunset smiled and held the door open for Sonata, leading into the girls locker room. She chuckled a bit. "Well, I like those things too Sonata" >Sonata proceeded to change, and help Sunset with her form, showing her how to properly bend her knees when dribbling the ball, how to position your arms when shooting. >A pretty normal tutoring session, except when Sonata noticed something peculiar. >Every once in a while, Sunset would drop the ball, and exaggerate her form when bending over to pick it up. >She'd then pick up the ball and turn around, and hold it between her breasts, smiling gleefully >Sweat dripping down her forehead >And her abs >Her big and plump >So luscious >Sonata was now in the locker room once again, changing out of her gym clothes. >Sunset was there as well, though she always kept her back to Sonata, not allowing her to see her form. >Sonata couldnt help but stare at that ass again. >"Hey lover girl. Up here" >Sonata looks up and her face goes red. Sunset had turned around, hands on her hips, her body in full display. >Her breasts were perk, her vag cleanly shaved, and god damn was she sweating >So...much...sweat "S-S-SUNNY" Sonata brought her hands up to her eyes. >She then feels them pulled away. Sunset was now holding her hands and smiling at her. "Ssssh, it's okay, we're both girls, we know what we look like" >Despite freaking out on the inside, Sonata nodded, her face still red as a tomato >Sunset smiles and grabs at her own breasts, jiggling them up and down >"Hehe, I'm alot bigger than you." >Sonata looks away, avoiding eye contact and nods again. "Y-yeah...." >Sunset smiles at Sonata. "Hey, can I touch yours? You can touch mine if you want too" "W-WHAT" >Sonata wasn't sure if she heard that right >But Sunset didn't ask again. she simply placed her palms upon Sonata's B-cup breasts, and kneaded them in circles >Sonata's head was now spinning and she couldnt help but make out a slight moan as Sunset kneaded her breasts. "Ooooooh" >"Oh? Does that feel good?" Sunset smiled and started to squeeze them a bit. "How's that?" >Sonata's moan's grew and soon she felt her knees shaking as her biggest crush felt her up >Sonata's moan of approval only motivated Sunset further, and she suddenly brought her head down and latched her lips onto Sonata's neck, gently suckling on it. >This new feeling brought Sonata over the edge and she fell to the floor, onto her knees. Sunset followed with, and was forced to stop pleasing her breasts, but continued suckling on her neck, now concentrating her hands elsewhere. >Sunset's fingernails now started to gently scratch at Sonata's sides, barely enough for her to feel it, but enough to send chills up her spine >Sonata let out screams of pure ecstasy, and could feel herself getting wet inbetween her legs. Not sweat, no, this was something else >Sunset's tongue continued gently caressing Sonata's neck before she moved her head, and locked lips with Sonata, embracing her in a deep and passionate kiss >Sonata was now kneeling on the floor of the locker room, Sunset kneeling in front of her, caressing her side, their tongues dancing around in eachother's mouths gracefully, like a ballerina at a most prestigious play. >The two exchanged saliva for several minutes before Sunset brought her hand down lower, now caressing Sonata's leg. This only made Sonata's privates far more soaked. >Sunset broke the kiss, gasping for breath. They both were now breathing heavily as Sunset smiled at her friend. "Heh, w-wow, that.....that was amazing" >Sonata simply nodded. >"Come on, talk to me, I want to hear you. You're always so quiet around me" >Sonata sighed and bucked up. She wouldn't let her nerves get the better of her this time "Can we do more?" Sonata sputters out, suprised by her own request >Sunset simply smiles softly and nods. "Of course. Anything you want to Sonata" >Sunset looks down and uses both hands to grasp at Sonata's knees. "Can you spread them for me?" she asks kindly >Sonata obliges, spreading her thin white legs to reveal her soaking wet vag >"WOAH! You're really turned on, arent you" "Y-yes" >"Well, let me clean that up for you" Sunset dashes her head down, and starts to gently lick away at the juices surrounding Sonata's slit, her tongue sliding slowly and sensually around the area, making sure not to dig into her meal quite yet >Sonata squirms with anticipation. She was experiencing so many new sensations, Things she had only dreamt about, and she knew this was only the beginning >Sunset continued to tease her friend, thoughts of her own running through her mind. Mostly dirty thoughts, and of how amazing Sonata's sweaty pussy tasted. >Sonata grunted loudly, her legs squirming, making it difficult for sunset to continue. "p-please...I need....I need it..." >Sunset simply chuckled and gave Sonata what she wanted, sliding her tongue into the wet hole. It tasted as amazing as she thought it would, an indescribable taste. Though she suddenly had an urge for tacos. "Y-YES, H-HOLY SHIT" Sonata shouted. She didn't expect Sunset to actually do what she asked. >Sunset's tongue swirled around and around, concentrating on the her left inner wall before dashing to her right, and back to her left. Her tongue was now darting in and out, loud slurping noises escaping from her mouth as she closed her eyes and enjoyed her tasty meal. >Sunset couldn't help but to bring her own fingers down between her legs, using her middle and ring finger to gently massage her clit. >Both girls' breath's were now heavy, and the locker room was filled with the scent of sweat and pussy-juice. The floor beneath Sonata's bum was now soaking wet with her juices, with Sunset now adding to the mix as she massaged her clit, droplets of her own wetness falling to the floor >Sonata continued to squirm, the feeling of Sunset's hot tongue inside her was driving her crazy. Was this what love felt like? >Sonata didnt have enough time to finish her thoughts, as Sunset had suddenly stopped and fallen onto her own bum next to her, her legs wide open, her chest falling up and down with her heavy breaths >"Your turn" Sunset smiled and pat her crotch "O.......okay" Sonata pushed herself off her bum and positioned herself as Sunset had done to her. She brought her face up to the dripping wet vag and looked up at Sunset. "I.....I'm nervous" >"It's fine, it'll taste great, I promise" >It wasn't though Sonata had a choice anyway, as Sunset proceeded to grab her from behind the head and force her face into her pussy. >Her vag smelt unbelievably erotic, like something out of a dream. And Sunset wasnt lying when she said it would taste great. >Sonata stuck her tongue out and gently licked it, her eyes widening with delight. >This new taste, the taste of wet vag, was even better than tacos >Sonata now took the dominant position, furiously slurpping away at her new dinner, her tongue darting in and out, switching from massaging her inner walls, to occasionally wrapping around Sunset's clit. >A couple beads of sweat dropped down her forehead as she closed her eyes and ate as furiously and as fast as she could. >It wasn't until she felt Sunset's legs buck at her sides before she realized the shimmering teen had been screaming out in pleasure the entire time, her voice echoing throughout the locker room, probably even the gym. >Sonata squee'd in delight as she heard her partner's pleasurable moans and squeals. >"WAIT" Sunset cried out, breathing heavy as Sonata looked up to see what was wrong >"Let...let us cum together" >Sunset forces Sonata onto the ground, and proceeds to flip around, the both of them facing each other's wet slits >Sunset doesnt hesitate to dig into her meal, simutaniously slamming her hips down onto Sonata's face, once again forcing her soaking pussy in her face. Sonata didn't hesitate to continue where she left off, the both of their legs twitching with excitement as they slid their tongues in and out of eachother, teasing eachother's clits, seeing who would cum first. >At this point, it was a tie, and the two of them were nearing their climax, juices building up inside of them, ready to burst >"OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT" Sunset simply yelled, as her juices finally sprayed into Sonata's throat and onto her face. >Sonata herself finally managed to release her built up pussy juice. Her legs jerked violently and her back arched as she felt the liquids leaving her body. >Sunset closed her eyes and fell to the side, onto the floor and off of Sonata, breathing heavy. "That....was the best sex...I've EVER had" She says, wiping the sweat off her brow >Sonata wouldn't admit it, but it was her first time overall. >And she couldn't be happier that her first was with Sunset