Love and Happiness, Adagio x Anon - by Anonymous

>You are Adagio Dazzle. >Working here at the Alicorn Beach Pier was good. >You were happy working here, watching kids and parents have a joyful time. >You were a little jealous. >You, Aria and Sonata didn't have the privilege of knowing your parents. >You were glad to see the happy children, but when you saw them with their parents, it gnawed at you. >Until you saw him. >This man...boy...person. >He was interesting, and he seemed to look at you every now and then whenever he came with his child. >He had a daughter, and they'd always come here, everyday, at exactly 4:45. >You've been studying, and it rarely varies. >Aria would laugh at how much of a stalker you've become. >Oh, here he comes. "Hello, what a pleasure to see you again." � -------------------------------------- � >You are Anon. >You've brought your daughter, Emily, here to the Pier everyday since her mother let you take care of her. >Everyday after school she does her homework, and then it's pier time. >"Hello, what a pleasure to see you again." >This poofy orange haired girl was the highlight of your evenings. >Mainly because everytime you came here, she'd greet you with a smile. >"Daddy!! It's the poofy girl!" >You smiled and stepped up to the ticket booth. "Two-" >"Wristbands, right? You get them everyday." >Her smile was simply enchanting, and she herself was quite beautiful. "Thanks. See you around." � ------------------------------------ � >You are Adagio. >And off he went, with that little girl riding on his shoulders. >Handsome, strong, kind, a good father. >He was probably what most girls dreamed of. >And his daughter. >Poofy girl? >That was quite a name. >But yet again, you forgot to say something of importance. >Damn your nervousness. >You had no problem being seductive, or kinky. >You are hardly a virgin. >Why are you having such a problem trying to talk to him? >Well, it was almost time for you to get off. >5:00 pm, Sonata should be here to take you home. >Day 15, Unsuccessful. >It's so odd. >Usually, the males you meet are wanting sex. >You had no problem giving that to them if it meant you could be held, cuddled, and loved. >Even if just only for a night. >Your friend who had been arrested told you that if you love someone, sex never pops up in their mind. >It just happens. >Sonata pulled up in an old muscle car. >"HI ADY!!!!" >You smiled to your blue-haired friend. >Ever since she's been hanging out with Aria, she's been happy. >Even made friends with those 7 girls at school. "Hey Sonata." >Despite her ditzyness, she always had the tendency to warm your heart. >Maybe that's why he fell for her. >You'd like a relationship with that. >You got in the car, and found that this girl had dug into her boyfriend's albums. >"Whoooowowoa sweet child of miiine!!" >A smile crept across your face. >When you got home, you could take a long relaxing bath. >Tomorrow is Saturday, so you don't work. >You just might go down to the pier and see if he's there. >That way, when you say "hi", you'll have to talk to him. >For now, you'll just go home. � ------------------------------------------ � >You are Anon. >"YAAAAAAAAAY DADDY!!!!!!!!" >Jesus fucking Christ, the tilt-a-whirl is a fucking trip. >Emily jumped up and down, ecstatically. >"Can we go on the ferris wheel next? Pweeeeeaaase?" >You couldn't say no. "Alright. after this, we are going home." >"YES!!!" >She tried to run off, then fell on her ass. >She forgot you were holding her hand. >Thank the powers that be that she wasn't a body builder, or else she'd fuck up your shoulder. >You showed the operator your bands and got in your seats. >The doors closed, and as everyone got on, you watched your daughter look out on the ocean from her seat. >"It's really pretty out there daddy." "I know, huh? Sunsets are beautiful when you look at the sea." >She cuddled up to you. >This little girl was your pride and joy. >She was a mistake you are proud of, a mistake that you'd make everyday if Groundhog Day happened to you. >And tomorrow, she'd have to go back to her mom's for the weekend. >Her mom... >Whenever you heard about some female school teacher's being sexually repressed, you thought that the idea of teacher-student sex was retarded. >Every female teacher you had was a frigid bitch or married. >Except Ms. Harshwhinny. >Your desk was always messy, and you were her toughest student to crack. >Disobedient, rebellious. >You were a straight A student, but that didnt stop her from always fussing at you. >Always getting on your ass. >The day she said she wanted to see you after school. >The day she wore that lingerie under her normal suit and tie. >The day she robbed you of your virginity. >There wasn't a big fuss, Harshwhinny had left the school when she started showing. >No one knew she was pregnant. >Nobody except you. >And when your baby Emily was born, you were scared. >You were 16, you had no idea how to raise a child. >On top of that, Principal Celestia found out, and kicked you out of school. >Harshwhinny was put on probation. >And when your father found out, you were kicked out of your home. >Homeless and unable to see your daughter for 2 years. >You got a shitty job as a pizza delivery boy, and worked and saved for an apartment. >Harshwhinny had felt bad for you, and started letting you have Emily on weekdays, when she turned 3. >Now you are 22, and Em is 6. >Things have gotten better, now you are in th Navy Reserves, and little Em is in 1st grade. >Life is sweet. >"Daddy...I have a question." "Yes?" >Emily sat there, fiddling around with her fingers. >"Well...the other kids at Canterlot Elementary are curious...when you come and get me from school, it's always just you. There are only 3 other girls and boy that have one parent. and when I talk to them, they don't like talking about why their parents aren't around each other. The boy told me that his momma died, and me and him are friends. And I noticed how when you and momma are together, you don't talk lots." What are you getting at, Em?" >Emily shuffled her feet. >"How come you and momma aren't together?" >Wow, kids are way smarter than people give them credit for. >As good as the sex with Harshwhinny was... "Listen, baby girl." >You sat her on your knee, and prepared your shoulder. "Me and your mom...we weren't in love at the time we made you. Granted, you are the best thing that has happened to either of us. But me and her...we just can't get along as well as most parents do. I don't hate her, and she certainly not ugly...but when you don't love each other, it's not good." >She nodded understandingly. >Whether she actually understood or not, you wouldn't question. >But you were honest. >"Ok...but...daddy?" "Hm?" >"What is love?" >Fucking children and their innocence... >That is a hard one. "Um...Love is...uh..." >Your old man was a rolling stone. >It's odd that you were mostly raised by him. "Love is..." >"Do you know, daddy?" "Well...its how I feel about you. I can't explain it well, but I know its a good feeling." >She smiled, and hugged you. >"I love you too daddy." >Hnnnnnnnnggg...... >As the ride stopped, with you 2 at the top of the wheel, you and Emily watched the sun disappear. >One day, you'll be able to explain love to her. >One day. � ----------------------------- � >You are Adagio. >You were in the tub, listening to some of your favorite music. >"Rock with You" by Michael Jackson. >You have a thing for old soul, 60s-90s music. >As you lied there in the hot water, you looked at your body. >You know you are "damn fine", such as the boys from school say. >Your hips were wide, everybody liked to touch them. >Ass too. >It was sizeable, and firm. >No jiggle to the junk in your trunk. >Your breasts... >You never did like your a cups. >They were barely mosquito bites, only large enough to show, but not to hang. >You'd kill for Sonata's C's... >Or Aria's B's. "I wanna rock with you...aaaaall niiiight..." >At least you aren't completely flat. >There was a hard knock on the door. >"ADA!!! SERIOUSLY, I WANT TO TAKE A BATH TOO!!!" >Aria was seriously interrupting your siesta time. >At that moment, one of your favorite's came on. "Just a little longer? The O'Jays are on..." >"Goddammit Ada...fine! I'll just shower in the morning." >You smiled, and leaned back. >The water was warm, and the room smelled lovely of mangos. "Climbing, the stairway to heaveeen..." >You hugged yourself tightly, breathing in the scent. >That man, and his little girl. >Hopefully they'll be there tomorrow. >You got up, and began draining the tub and drying off. >As you dry with the towel, you look at the mirror. >You admired your body, in it's slender nature. >With a sigh, you put on your panties, and bra. >Walking out of the bathroom, you see Aria and Sonata chilling on the sofa. >"HEY ADY!! Come watch this with us." "Fine. What's on?" >Sonata smiled and poked Aria. >"Something GrapeGrump's boyfriend picked out." >"Fuck you Sonata. Me and him are too good of friends to mess it up." "But the movie?" >Aria scooched over, opening a spot for you. >"A movie called Ip Man. It's a pretty good martial arts movie so far. We can start it over, if you'd like." >You sat in between the 2 girls, and mad yourself comfortable. >Everyone was comfortable, you in your undies, Sonata in hers, and Aria wasn't naked. >Definitely time for you all to be comfy. >The movie was good, but it was a bit short to you. >You suggested a movie, and Aria complained a bit as she put it on. >Sonata had fallen asleep with her head in your lap as you all watched Brokeback Mountain. >Aria had fallen asleep on your shoulder. >These girls... >You held onto them, and they began to cuddle up to you, comfortable with you. >They were probably thinking of their loved ones as they nuzzled you. >For now, you joined the club, slowly dozing off with them. >Tomorrow, you will grow some tits, and talk to that man. >You woke up, and stretched. >You were in your bed. >Aria must have carried you in here again. >You all fell asleep on the couch watching that boring movie... >Wait.... >What time is it? >12:39 >Ok, you have time to get dressed and head to the pier. >You have to meet this man. >You have to. � ------------------------------- � >You are Anon. >All night you were watching a TV show on the internet with Emily. >My Little Pony. >It was enjoyable, even at your age. >The only thing that bothered you was how painfully obvious the moral of the story was in each episode. >Oh well, children's shows are that way. >What can you do? >Emily yawned, walking hand in hand with you to the door. >Walking your daughter up the steps to her mom's was always unnerving. >Mainly because her house was too... >Orderly. >You aren't like Mr. Discord from philosophy class, but sweet fuck things were too in place. >The way the place was decorated, the way Harshwhinny's car was parked. >Something needs to be disturbed. >The door opened to a rather enchanting sight. >Well, enchanting to one part of your body. >"Good morning Anon, hello baby Emily." >Emily hugged her mom, and ran in. >"Bye daddy!! Love you!" >You smiled and waved at her, and returned your gaze to the cougar before you. >She was in form fitting silk pajamas, her curves shaped hypnotically well for her age. >Her shirt was unbuttoned, hanging and showing the center of her bra. >You might still remember the size. >"Still D cups, Anon. I advise you to stop gazing...unless you'd like to come in for coffee." >You've played GTA: San Andreas. >With that hot coffee mod. "Nah, I'm ok." >She smiled, and ran a hand through your hair. >"Mhm. Well, you are welcome anytime." >You pushed her hand away. "In case you aren't paying attention, we've got a child because of your subtle touches." >She simply shrugged. >"It's lonely for a woman at my age, Anon. It wasn't love, but I do miss being held, and the me stop there." "'s cool seeing you, but I'm heading down to the pier." >Harshwhinny smiled, and waved you off. >"Have a good time." >As she turned around, you looked down and noticed a stain. >A wet stain. >And her ass... >Plump, and jiggly, swaying from side to side as she went into the house. >Before your dick could command you, the door shut, breaking you out of your trance. >You headed back to your car, dick pressing hard against your cargo pants. >Well, you'll be seeing Ms. Handy tonight. � ---------------------------- � >You are Adagio. >The pier was moderately empty, with very few people here at this time of day. >It grew more lively at night, but the people that came then were partygoers. >Like that girl with the pink hair you made friends with. >Pinkie, ironically was her name. >You looked around, and did not see your secret admirer. >Well, you are the admirer. >But maybe he likes you too. >Maybe. >You turned to face the sea. >The sun sparkled beautifully on the water, and you could see lovely fish and other creatures swimming under the pier. >You sighed. "Maybe my purpose in life is to take care of Aria and Sonata until they get self sufficient. Hard for a college senior, but...maybe I'm not supposed to find love." >"What kind of life would that be?" >You suddenly felt a warmth on your side. >You looked right and noticed the man beside you. >It was him. � --------------------- � >You are Anon. >You are holding on to a cup of some very good fucking coffee. >You were gonna just head to the arcade, when you saw the orange haired girl just leaning on the edge of the pier. >Eyes staring her down, you waited for a response. >"Uh..I...Uh...I'm Adagio. How long were you there?" "Long enough to hear you talking about never finding love. You must be fun at parties, Ms. Pessimism." >She looked back at the water, keeping sight away from you. "I'm Anon. How are you, Adagio?" >She seemed a bit flustered, and caught off guard. >"I'm fine. And you?" "Good." "So, since you seem like you are bad at small are the girl that always gives me and my daughter the wristbands, right?" >She nodded, still not looking at you. "So, I got a question." >She looked at you a little. >Was she trying to play the tough girl act? "Why are you over here all by your lonesome?" � ----------------- � >You are Adagio. >Well, here it is. >You are talking to him. >The man you admire from afar. >Your heart was racing faster than a Bugatti going top speed down the highway. >You should ask him on a date. >No, wait. >Doesn't the male ask first? >Yeah, that's how it goes. >Just play the tough girl. >Aria says that it works all the time. >Wait, but he asked a question. "Um..." >"Am I making you nervous?" >Is it working? "Um, no, you are fine." >He stood beside you, back to the railing. >You were looking at the sea. "So um...your daughter. How old is she?" >He took a long and healthy gulp of his coffee. >"6. Adorable little minx, isn't she?" >You nodded. "Where is she?" >"Back with her mom." >Oh...a divorcee... >Well, that means he's single. >But should you impose? >"Well, it was nice talking to you, Adagio. Whenever you want to talk more, I'll be at the arcade for a while." >You followed behind him, unsure if he noticed. >Wait, why are you following him? >Don't want to look desperate. >But... "Hey um...Anon?" � ------------------------- � >You turned to face the nervous girl, raising an eyebrow at her. >This sight was kind of cute, really. >Like you were in high school dealing with a girl who had a crush on you. >You didn't have many of those back then. >Maybe because you used to be such a slob. >"I uh...well, you see..." "Yeeees?" >She was having a hard time putting her words together. >"I have this friend..." >One of those type of things. >"And...she is um...interested in-" You simply just waved your hand in front of her. "You know what, sure. I'd love to go on a date with your friend, Adagio." >She lit up in happiness. >She was oozing with joy. >Must have been wanting this for a long time. "So what's your friend's name?" >You watched her joy come to a look of confusion. >"But...I thought..." >You smile at her and take her hand. "Just shut up and follow me." >You both walked and talked a bit. >There were a lot of things you had in common. >You both liked old school music. >You both have people to take care of. >She stood beside you, smiling and talking as you stepped up to a colorful machine. >The floor in front of it lit up to the beat of club bass, and you noticed Adagio tapping her foot. "So, tell got hobbies? Like vieo games, dancing-" >"I love to sing and dance. I dont do it a lot in public, but I-" >You silenced her with a finger and pulled her onto the machine. >It brightened up. >"DANCE DANCE REVOLUTIOOOON!!!" >You smiled at Adagio, who was looking at you bashfully. "Dance Dance Revolution. Fun for 2." >"I uh...My friend called me to come home, and-" "Sorry. Were you trying to weasel your way out of enjoying this date? Because I already put the quarters in." >Adagio sighed. >You don't want to embarrass the girl, so you'll lose on purpose. >The song that played was "Darude-Sandstorm" >She wasn't moving a lot, just enough to hit the marks. >You kept missing them on purpose. >"WINNER, PLAYER 2!" >She smiled, and did a fist pump. >"I won!" "I know, right. If you loosen up, you could beat me for real." >She gave you a death stare. >"You let me win?" >You smiled at the girl. >You've coaxed out her competitiveness. � ------------------ � >You are Adagio. "Rematch. Now." >You don't do handouts. >If you win something, you win it because you were good enough. >Next song was "Vinylicious." >Anon smiled an underhanded smile. >He's done something sneaky, no doubt. >The song started. >"BASS-" >Your date was dancing coolly, moving quite tame. >As the beat pumped, your moves were on fire. >You were dancing hard. >When you win, you'll show him not to go easy on an opponent. >You were using your best moves. >Hip sways, spins, and such. >You weren't playing a game. >You were whupping an ass. >You look to Anon, who you thought couldn't keep up. >Never underestimate an enemy. >He was skilled in these dance moves, pop locking and moon walking. >If you weren't in maximum overdrive right now, you'd be losing to him. >As the song ended, you and him looked at each other, panting. >He was giving you a friendly yet smug look. >You were giving him a look of fury. >"TIEBREAKER" >The smug grin grew wider on his face. >You were not accepting a tie. >You will defeat him. � -------------------------- � >You are Anon. "Well, ladies first. Show me your moves." >"Gladly." >It took her a bit to find a song, but when she did, you paid attention. >She faced you, not even looking at the screen. >The song began to play, "Summit ft. Ellie Goulding" and she began with some simple- >Whoa... >Those hips... >She has surprising control of them... >She could rival that woman Shakira, maybe even do better. >You watched as her body rippled rhythmically, her moves and sways captivating your every move. >She moved hypnotically, looking at your eyes every bit of the dance. >Seductively tracing her body, she sauntered over to you, and put a finger to your chin. >She stroked it lightly, and blew lightly into your face. >The scent of her breath was fresh, and you watched her finish with a final pose. >Several people in the arcade clapped, snapping you out of her seductive spell. � ----------------------- � >You are Adagio >Anon had watched you with a hunger. >A hunger you knew all too well. >You didn't want this to be another one night stand. >He helped you down, and you prepared yourself for the inevitable request for sex. >"My turn, I guess." >You looked at him a bit surprised, but happy. >Still have a dance contest to win, though. >He found his song rather quickly. >It started playing slowly, and you recognized it was that dubstep that Aria had a fascination with. >He moved in a stiff but fluid fashion as the song played on. >It was "Russian Lullaby" by Butch Clancy, one of the few dubstep songs you like. >His body... >You look him down. >He was well built, no fat on his body, but not an ungodly amount of muscle. >Quite slim, but you could see his muscles flex. >He's pretty good looking... >Did it get hot in here? >One of those "bass drops" came in, triggering a rapid heartbeat motion from anon, proceeding with more fluid movements and- >Oh my... >His body was flexible, able to bend astoundingly. >He was leaned back far enough to limbo, still moving as slow and as concentrated as possible. >But you were looking at his waist. >Noting how much control he had over it... >It made you wonder how it would feel to... >Sweet god have mercy, it's hot in here. >Anon finished with a one armed handstand, earning a lot of applause from the crowd that formed. >"The Winner Is...PLAYER 2" >You smiled at your victory, as Anon gave you a bow. >"Congrats, you beat me fair and square. So I guess I owe you something in the future." >He smiled with a friendly pat on the back. >"Whaddya say we go eat?" >You nodded at that, and decided to follow him. >You 2 were leaving the pier, headed... "Where should we eat?" >"You won, you decide." >You thought for a bit, as you passed by a restaurant you've never eaten at. >It was Thunderlane's Wing Shack. "How about there?" >Anon looked in, noticing it was open. >"Sure, I love chicken wings." >You both went inside, and smelled the air. >A smell of cooking chicken, and different sauces filled the air. >You were taken to your seats, and ordered your food. >It leaves you and him to chat a bit. " are divorced from your ex wife?" � ----------------------- � >You are Anon. >You started laughing at the poofy one's question. >When you noticed she was serious, you only laughed harder. >Rather than make the poor girl feel bad, you calm yourself. ", I've never married, Adagio." >"Never married? But you have a child." "Yeah. That's because the woman that rode this ride didn't want off." >You looked down, a little irritated at the thought. "It's a long and complicated story that I wont tell." >"Oh...I'm sorry if I said something wrong." >You shake your head, and just look at her. "Nah, you are fine." >She smiles and stares at you. >"So what do you do for a living?" >You look at her and shrug. "I'm in the Equestrian Naval Reserves." >She frowned. >" any given time, you could be called away?" >You nod, and drink some of the lemonade your waiter left. � ---------------------- � >You are Adagio. >You and him were casually talking on the walk home. >Interesting, this man is. >He had a fling with a teacher, and ended up being thrown out of school. >And now he has a child. "The food was great." >"Mhm. 10/10, would dine again." >His relaxed attitude comforted you. >As you got to the door, he looked at the house quizzically. >"You and 2 other girls live here?" "Mhm. Me and my sisters." >You called them that to simplify the explanation of how you all met. >"Well today was fun. Nice to know I'm dating my stalker." >You blushed. "Not..stalking per se...just...uh...watching you." >Anon chuckled. >"Right. My daughter noticed you staring. She thinks you and me might get together and catch cooties." >You giggled. >Cooties? >Haven't heard that one since the 90's. "Well...I guess this is goodnight." >"Yeah." ---------------- >You are Anon. >She was saying goodnight. >The date is over, and yet... >Why don't you want to go? >Adagio leaned in, seemingly looking into your eyes. >You stared back into those beautiful ruby pools. >She was truly beautiful. >Wait... >Are you falling? >You are getting closer to Adagio, and she was getting closer to you. >The distance was closing. >Your lips met hers, and you could feel fire between you 2. >She was kissing you like she's never been kissed. >You pulled each other closer, breathing each other's essence. --------------- >You are Adagio. >And this.... >This feels so good. >His lips are so... >Enticing. >Its making you hungry. >Not for food... >But this warm, fuzzy feeling. >What was it? >Fuck what it is, you want it. >Your leg goes to his hip, trying to keep him pinned to you. >He doesn't fight it. >He holds your leg, giving you security as you both explore this feeling of heat. >The fire between you burns bright as your tongue dances along his lips. >Suddenly, the door opens. >Your fucks are minimal. >And suddenly... >CLONK! ----------------- >You are Anon. >And what the fuck did they just hit you with? >Shit, I may be a narrator, but I felt that shit more than you! >As your vision refocuses, you see Adagio shaking you, along with this girl. >This girl in a bathrobe, hair rollers, and she's holding a rolling pin. >Looks like your grandma in the 90s. >"Well shit Ada, he was all over you. I didn't know it was a kiss." >"FUCK OFF ARIA. Jesus, you cant go anywhere without getting violent or pissy." >The girl in rollers scoffs. >"Not my fault he was knocked out. the motherfucker was random." >She walked away, and Adagio was rubbing this lump on your head. >That girl in rollers did this... >"Anon?" "...eeehhhhh...why do I feel like i got hit by a truck." >Adagio was nervous. >" swing has helped Aria win so many baseball games..." >But don't girls normally play... >Well, now that you think about it, a girl like that wouldn't give a fuck what's normal. >"You need help?" >Adagio helped sit you up. >You were inside on the couch at their house. >And as you sat up, your view was obscured... >By a smiling girl with blue hair. >"HIIIIII!!" >Her attitude... >"My name is Sonata. And you were hit on the head by my friend Aria. Want some ice cream?" >You were expecting a random party. >Thank god it's not Pinkie. "Sure. Got mint chocolate chip?" >Sonata ran off, to fix you a bowl of that. >"So...Anon..." >"That um...thing out there. that was amazing." >You shook your head, and the pounding pain couldn't be worse. >Last thing you remember is... >Oh, that's right. >That magical happening just now. "We did kiss, right? Or was that just a dream." >Adagio delivered a quick peck to your lips, sending your heart above bpm. >"It was very real." >Sonata came back with your bowl of ice cream, and gave it to you. >Mmmm...Delicioso... "Thanks, erm... Sonata." >"You're welcome, Ady's Boyfriend." >The ponytailed girl went off to the hallway, leaving you and this slender woman alone. >She was behind you, supporting your weight with her shoulder. "Hm. You are strong." >She smiled. >"When you live with a klutz and have to constantly argue with a violent bitch in pigtails-" >"I HEARD THAT!!" >"-You kind of have to be." >You chuckled at the furious Aria's comment. >A tight-knit group of girls living together and taking care of each other. "So, you all seem close." >Adagio leans back, carefully so she doesn't make you fall. >You continue eating the ice cream. >"Well, I take care of them. We honestly needed each other. Sonata, being the adorable Ditz, is too naive and forgiving. She's got to be really fed up to not forgive someone. Aria on the other hand is a ticking timebomb. She has her moments where she can be nice, but I haven't seen them." "Sounds stressful." >She chuckles, and starts to play with your hair. >"You've no idea." >You and her shared the ice cream, her telling stories of how many fights her and Aria got into. >How many times she's had to pull Aria off of Sonata. >You'd cringe if you weren't so comfortable with her here, on the couch. >"Oddly enough, she did make one friend at school. But I have doubts..." "Come on, have some faith in the grump." >As you look at your watch, you notice the time. >10 o'clock? "Wow. It's getting late, I should head home." ----- >You are Adagio. >You don't wan't him to leave, but since tonight was only the first night you spent with him, you won't push your luck. "Well...Okay. Can I call you later?" >Anon smiled and jotted down his number, handing it to you with a joyful expresion. >"Don't call at 6-9 on weekdays. My daughter is with me during the week, and I put her to bed early." >You smiled and nodded, walking with him to the doorway. >His scent was intoxicating, distracting you from the fact that you were walking straight toward a wall. >He pulled you toward the doorway, chuckling a bit. >"And try not to break your nose, eh?" "Okay." >You blushed in embarrassment. >Pay attention Ada, guys like this probably don't like idiots. >He stepped down to the bottom step, and looked up at you. >"Well...goodnight." >He was thinking of something, and deeply too. >It makes you want to kiss him. "Yes...goodniIIGH-" >He pulled your face down to him, kissing you deep and passionately. >Oh god he's taking charge. >Your cheeks were heating up, burning through the cold night air. >An electric pulse ran through your body, forcing you to smile into the kiss and- >HOLY SHIT his tongue! >He's adding tongue!! >Before you can add yours, he breaks the kiss, and winks. >"See you later." >He left you standing there, dumbfounded. >That smooth bastard, reading your mind and making you so... "Aria, honey?" >"WHAT, ADAGIO?! I'M BUSY HERE!" >The heat between your legs was only bested by the increasing wetness. "I need to borrow one of your toys..." ------ >You are Smooth Bastard. >Yup Anon, you've done it. >Now you're at home, smiling to yourself and thinking what could she be doing right now. >Maybe she's thinking about you. >You sure were thinking about her. >Love at first sight sure isn't something you believe in. >But your thoughts about Adagio go beyond just your dick doing the thinking. >Well, now you can relax. >You take your clothes off, and throw them in the dirty clothes hamper. >The shower will have your time. >You turn on the music, and the bass begins to flow through the house. >It was a good day, so some Ice Cube seemed appropriate. (Random Tune: [Embed] >This is definitely how you do it. >The hot water rushed over your body, relaxing your muscles. >You thought about Adagio again. >Her hair was beautiful, poofy. >It's a hairstyle straight from the 80s, but not at all disliked. >In fact, she pulled it off well. >Turning off the shower, you start to dry off, and head to your room. "Should I sleep naked tonight, or..." >Your daughter isn't here, so... "Nude it is." >You flop onto the bed, relishing in it's softness and comfortable, cushiony pillows. >You sighed, closing your eyes and enjoying the cold air of the apartment biting your skin. >RIIIING!!! >But sadly, you can't have nice things. >You check your phone, and groan annoyingly. >It's Harshwhinny. >You answer, irritated to no end. "What is it Harsh? I'm trying to-" >"Your daughter wants you to come and read her a bedtime story." >You roll over. "Could you tell her I'm sleeping?" >"She thinks the world of you Anon, and you would ruin the way she sees you because you want to be lazy?" >Whinny and her fucking guilt trips... >"I'm on my way." >Getting up and putting on some clothes, you leave and wait for the city bus. >Lucky you, there's one right here. >On the ride, there was this rainbow haired girl talking happily with a pale pink haired girl holding a rabbit plushie. >Wonder what they are talking about... "...blah blah blah..." >High school gossip, one of the many things no one will miss. >As you get off the bus, you see Harshwhinny at the door waiting for you, in her robe. >You walk in reluctantly, and she closed the door behind you. >When you get to Emily's room, you see that it's empty. >Must be in her mom's bed. >You walk over to Harshwhinny's room, noticing how dark it is. "Light switch...light switch..." >Feeling around the wall, you continue to search for the switch. >You feel a little nub, and flick it, thinking it's a switch. >Nothing. >You flick it again. >Still nothing. >When you come back to it, you squeeze it, and it feels a bit squishy at first, but it started to harden. >It was then you realized that you fucked up. >A pair of soft hands shoved you, and you fell onto something that might be a bed. >As you look up, the lights come on, and you see your attacker. >None other than the milfy Harshwhinny. >You idiot. >You should have known that Emily would be asleep at this time. >This bitch manipulated you. >You were pissed for the first 3 seconds as you tried to get up. >But as the dirty blonde woman pushed you onto the bed, straddling you in a pair of matching laced undergarments, your anger faded as quickly as it came. >Her hands firmly held your wrists in place on the bed. >"I'm sorry I lied Anon. But I really wanted company tonight. And since you are the most available, I called you. But for some reason..." >You looked down to her crotch, looking at the soaked purple cloth. >"I just can't control myself around you." >She began to grind against your bulge, causing it to harden, and disobey your thoughts. "Get off of me Whinny!" >She only leaned forward and pecked your lips, then proceeded to go for your weak spot. >Your neck. >She poked at the side with her tongue, sending shivers all over your body. >Then, to shatter your resolve, she licked, rendering your senses inert. >You are in the military Anon. >THE FUCKING NAVY, Anon. >And you can't wrestle back an over 35 year old horny woman? >For shame, Anon. >She continued to grind, your dick shoving through the hole in your boxers and pressing painfully into the zipper. >She licked your neck one last time, then proceeded to cover an entire section with her mouth, and suckle it. >It was feeling so warm... >Harshwhinny slowed her grinding, and slowly pulled away from your neck. >"Well Anon, do you want to leave? Or...would you rather stay with me..." >She unzipped your jeans, and snaked a hand in to caress the pained member. >You want to say no, but your voice and mouth betray your will. >"I thought so...let's get you out of these pants, that marvelous jacket and shirt." >She clearly doesn't trust you to remove your clothes, putting her crotch on your face and her knees on your shoulders to keep you down. >She got the jacket off of you with some trouble, as well as tearing your shirt to reveal your chest. >"Basic training turned you into a bulky one, Anon. I like a man with pecs..." >Goal one, get fat. >She undid the button on your pants, grinding her wet panties into your face even more. >The strong musk of cinnamon sugar hit your nose, as you felt the air hit your dick. >You cringe as your dick hits the cold air, and even more when Harshwhinny puts it into her mouth. >Her wet mouth envelopes it, swirling her tongue and bobbing her head halfway down the shaft. >She doesn't stop to breath, she just continues. >When she wiggles her crotch into your mouth, you can only guess that she wants them off so you can service her. >With the last bit of defiance, you keep your teeth to yourself. >Unlucky you, your dick is in her mouth. >She bites, hard, and you scream into her covered pussy, the vibrations causing her to moan. >When the biting ceases, you swallow your pride seasoned with defeat, and pull her panties with your teeth. >She lifts a leg and gets them off, then brings her pussy straight back to your mouth. >She takes your cock a little deeper in her throat, and wiggles her ass in the air. >Not in the position to fight, you give up and grab her ass with both hands, squeezing both cheeks. >She moans onto your dick, speeding up her bobbing. >You lick her sodden puss cautiously, the taste entrancing you into licking more. >To reward you being a good sport, she deepthroats you, getting every inch of your cock in her throat. >Unable to take the sensation, you fire off into the hot cocksleeve. >Glob after glob of salty baby batter shot into the greedy milf's throat, and she didn't flinch once. >She kept it in, sucking up every bit of cock and cum in her mouth. >As you began to go soft, she decided to keep sucking, slowly bring her head around, up and down in a circular motion. >Your dick's oversensitivity made you shudder, and you almost pulled back to moan. >But before you could, Whinny's thighs clamped onto your head. >You aren't going anywhere. >So you licked, and continued licking until she started to grind deeper and deeper into your face. >Your dick, harder than titanium, is no back in the air, and you can hear the woman's moans through her well built thighs. >She started to grind harder, her moans elevating in volume. >And within seconds, your face was soaked in her femcum, her thighs squeezing your head intensely. >She released slowly, panting wearily and looking to you, obviously still not satisfied. >"You are still good at servicing a woman, Anon. I'm glad..." >She lifted her muff off your face, and then put it right upon your tip. >You sharply inhale, the touch of a leaking wet puss became foreign to you. >She was going to drain all the cum out of you, like it or not. >Her eyes gave you the hungry look of a predator, as she put pressure on the tip. >Unable to hold back you thrust upwards, and penetrate her. >She moans, and looks at you, still as hungry. >"You can't contain your self either...I knew I wasn't alone." >You look at her, sitting content on your dick. "...fuck you, Whinny..." >She leaned forward, within inches of your ear, raising up and revealing more of your meat into the air. >"Anon, don't you know? You are doing that already." >She kissed you, and began to ride you, slowly moving up and down your shaft. >Despite her age and having a child, her pussy remained satisfying. >Not tight, but not at all unpleasant. >Her pussy pounded and pounded against you, an imposing 'fwop' sound heard every time she cam down. >She put her hands on your chest, pushing against you as she rode. >Without warning, you came again, a large load shooting into the woman. >She rocked back and forth, enhancing the pulsing force of your orgasm. >"Oooh Anon fill me up..." >Fucking cumslut. >As your orgasm died down, you tried to relax. >Harshwhinny turned around and faced the doorway, lowering herself onto your dick before it could get soft. >The sudden change in temperature made you flinch. >"I hope you didn't think we were done. I have a schedule for tomorrow. We have all night until 8 AM. That's when I leave to pick up your daughter." >Before you could think about things, she started riding you again. >Her ass bounced with each impact, the sight keeping your dick hard for more. >She her pussy began to tighten, the walls massaging compressing your dick. >The feeling was so amazing, you grabbed on to her hips and started take control. >Thrusting up and pulling her toward you, you took her by surprise. >She looked back at you, face turning red, as you began to pound her, and you could feel her tighten on your cock. >She came hard on you, soaking your cock in her juices. >She looked at you. >"Since you wish to be in control..." >She got off you, and then got on all 4's on the bed. >"I want you to fuck me like this." >All other thoughts abandoned, you got up, and climbed into the bed behind her. >Lining your dick up with her pussy, you rammed back it in. >"AHH!! brutish." >You begin to fuck her, harder now that you are in control. >She was looking back to watch you, railing her from behind. >Your hands squeezed her hips, forcing her to hit yours faster than you were when you were on bottom. >You kept going, and she started to moan loudly. >"Yes, fuck me like I'm an animal!" >Her wishes were being fulfilled, because you were going at her like a dog in rut. >Her tongue began to hang out, the look on her face being clear that she was in bliss. >The tightening at the base of your crotch warned of your incoming tsunami of cum. >And so you hilted, burying your self as far as possible. >Your cock shot more seed into her waiting womb, and Whinny moaned loud enough to wake her neighbors. >"Oh god yes it's so warm..." >Your cock finished off it's load, beginning to slink out of the pussy. >"Oh no more thing before I can allow you to lay back down." >At this point your balls and dick were beginning to ache, signalling that you were about to be incapable of fucking and out of juice. >She lowered her ass just right to lift your cock with the valley. >"Put it in." >Willing to do anything for a break, you poked her tight little hole, eliciting a moan from her. >"Come now, don't be shy. I've prepared it for you..." >You pushed a few more times, and on the 4th try, you popped the tip in her sphincter. >Forcing it deeper, you felt Harshwhinny push back into you. >"" >She started to move back and forth on your dick, forcing it to harden for one last round. >The pain could only be topped with the pleasure of such tightness stroking you. >You started to thrust, meeting her movements halfway. >Her ass was constricting your length, squeezing out anything your dick might put out. >Harshwhinny's relentless fucking began to tire you out. >You were so tired, but like most people, you can't go to sleep with a hard dick. >The telltale sign of incoming cum made itself known again, but you can't stop moving with her. >Her ass became to much, and she began to cum, squeezing you tight and sending your senses skyrocketing. >You unloaded the last of your seed into her, dick twitching and spasming, but not releasing as much as before. >The woman sighed and put her head down on a pillow, and you collapsed beside her. >Your body's not obeying you, you want to leave, and forget that this happened. >It was just one night... >You just got yourself a girlfriend, and you fucked it up because you didn't fight back. >If you told Adagio, how would she react? >She'd probably be a smart girl and dump your ass. >Cheating after the first night of declaring that you're together... >Real classy. >"That was amazing..." >You glared at the cumslut milf before you, but too tired to move. >Too angry to speak. >Angry at her, angry at the sex... >Angry at yourself. >"If you are scared of having another child, don't worry, my tubes are tied." >You don't give a fuck about that. >You just cheated on your girlfriend, and she's worried about the consequences of tonight? >You can take care of another child. >But you've done something horrible tonight. >Something you cant fix easily. >And when you speak to Adagio again, you have to come out and just say it... >DING! >"Who is that?" >You dig through your jean pocket, and pull out your phone. >Just your luck... ------- >You are Adagio. >Lying in your bed with one of Aria's sex toys, you figure that if Anon doesn't want to ruin this relationship with sex, he could at least talk dirty to you over the phone while you play with yourself. >You have an itch that needs to be scratched, thanks to him, so he owes it to you. >So you sent him a text. "Anon? Are you still awake?" >You sent that 5 minutes ago, and you've been teasing yourself with this... >Is it a horse's dick? >Aria is into some weird shit. >But it'll do. >You waited, just rubbing the tip along your lips. "...I guess he isn't awake." >You'll do fine with just thoughts. >You've made out with him, so it's easy to just close your eyes and imagine... ******* >You and him, in a hotel room. >You have come out of the shower, not bothering with a towel. >And here he is, climbing on top of you, kissing your lips, and continuing to kiss until he gets to your little nub. >He then rises, and puts his hands beside your head, and line himself up with your pussy. >He penetrates you, going in inch by inch, slowly rubbing against your walls. >Your breath hitches, enjoying every bit of his length going into you. >You were enjoying this more than normal, disappointed because you couldn't get it all in. >In and out he moves, not too slow, not too fast. >You start to pant, and he speeds up his endeavors, hitting your womb without trying too hard. >It was heavenly, his cock reaching so far into you. "O-Oh...Anon..." >He sped up when you said his name, and the change in pace brought you closer. >You laid your head back and let out a throaty moan, enjoying the fuck you are getting. >Your body began to tense, and your moans got louder. >Anon smiled at you, and rubbed your clit to stimulate you. "yes...Yes...YES!!!" ******** >You screamed in ecstasy as you came, coating your hand, the toy and sheets of the bed. >Panting, you slid the toy out and your head dropped onto your pillow. "I have got to get me one of the toys from that site..." >DING! "Hm?" >Coming down from the orgasm, you picked up your phone. >Anon was awake! "Too bad I came already..." >"Adagio...I have something I have to tell you..." >You raised an eyebrow, and rapidly text back. "What is it, Anon?" >What has happened? >You hope nothing happened to his daughter... >DING! >You opened the message, and saw how long it was. >When you got through half, the tears started coming. >This early in the relationship... >He...He... >No Adagio, don't. >Don't you dare cry. >It's not the first time. >But you were so into him. >And he was into you!! >You could swear that this was going to be a beautiful relationship. >It was going to be something beautiful! >It was... >Your phone began to crack under the pressure of your squeezing. >You had no idea that you were breaking your phone. >That you could get this mad. >Why? >Why were you so emotional? >You... >You are used to people fucking you and leaving... >But he didn't. >He didn't fuck you at all. >He just kissed you, admittedly it turned you on, but... >He didn't get in your pants. >DING! >"Adagio I u---rstand if y-- don't ever want to s-- -e again. I was w--k and gave into her sed--tion." >He seems sorrowful as well. >What could happen if you forgive him? >He might be one of the types to be sweet at first, only to show his real flavor later... >But what if he was sincere? >He said he'd understand if you didn't want to talk to him. >That's what you should do. >No one cheats on you, and you shouldn't show any mercy... >But... >You'll have to sleep through this. >A night of heavy sleep will take the hurt away. >You pull up your panties and put on your pajamas. >Cleaning up the sheets didn't help so much, but at least they've dried. >As you lay down, you grab a pill bottle. >Sleep meds. >You used to have insomnia, and these did the trick. >You are kinda tired of this. >Every relationship failed, and the others that "wanted to stay together" wanted a fuck buddy. >You take 2, and put the bottle away. >You lay back, and drift off to sleep. >Maybe you should forgive him. >Maybe... -------- >You are Anon. >Lying here in bed, facing the opposite direction. >Away from her. >3:57 A.M., and you still can't sleep. >What you've done... >Hopefully Adagio can take it easy on you for telling her the truth. >Not hiding it from her... >Was it smart? >You didn't need to tell her. >But the guilt... >You'd feel that burn in your gut, a deep pit of despair every time you see her. >You wouldn't be able to deal. >As you watch your phone, Whinny wraps her arms around your chest, pulling herself closer. "Ugh..." >You are disgusted with this. >Mostly with her. >Using your daughter as an excuse. >After that it was simple manipulation of the want for release. >You've got to strengthen your resolve. -4 hours later- >Whinny already left to go get Em, and told you to help yourself to the kitchen. >Your rage kept you from answering. >But you didn't sleep, and you've been hungry since 5 o' clock this morning. >So you've done a classic bachelor move. >Pancakes!! >With added orange bits, and some with blueberry. >Emily loves blueberry. >When you flipped the last pancake on the plate, you moved everything to the table. >At that moment Emily walked in. >"DAAADDDY!!" >She jumped into your arms, hugging you tight. >You are so happy you've got a child. >Her smile brings your rage to a screeching halt. >"Daddy, I had so much fun with my babysitter Pinkie, she took me to the mall!! Went to Build a Bear, then she took me for chicken, and then we went and got her hair done! I got mine done like hers now!!! Oh and we..." >It's at this moments like these you are seriously thinking of finding a new babysitter. >Pinkie does a good job, but for Christ's sake... >"And then, we went ice skating! Pinkie is so fun, I really want a little sister so I can be like Pinkie and take her everywhere and have fun!!" >Did she really just say that? >Oh god please let that just be a spur of the moment thing. "Are...Are you sure you want a sister? Then you'd have to share your stuff, and-" >"I don't mind it one bit!! I'll be the best big sis EVER!!" >Oh god she's serious. "Well...I don't know. We'll just have to see what happens." >"YAAAAY I'M GETTING A LITTLE SISTER!!!" >Harshwhinny comes in as Emily runs out. >You turn to your pancakes, and begin eating. >"Well, someone is a liar." >Add syrup. "I told her I'd see about it." >"I don't know how. I'm not able to conceive anymore." >She sat beside you, close to your arm. >You scoot away. "I'm glad." >She sighs and her expression becomes annoyed. >"Does it bother you so much to be able to please a woman?" >With your mouth full, you glare at her. "Iht bofhers mhe fhat I plhease shomone I nho lhonger hafe fhrrlings for." >"Don't talk with your mouth full." >You close your mouth and swallow, "You tricked me into coming here just so you can have a good fuck. You manipulated me, and that pisses me off. I told you we were over. And you can't accept that. The only reason I come here is for Emily. And you need to get that through your thick head." >Harshwhinny smiled as she got up, swaying her hips as she headed out of the kitchen. >"Your words are one thing. Actions are another. Emily is in the shower, and she takes a while. We could get a quick one in..." "No." >You just eat your pancakes. >"Fine. Then I can just go under the table and use my mouth. That'll get you-" "Oh my fucking goodness why can't you take NO for an answer?!" >"Be cause I'm persistent about my feelings, Anon." >She got in your face, and started poking your chest. >"And you don't have the balls to stop me. Probably my fault, I did drain you quite a bit." >You put your hand on her face and pushed her away. "I'm taking the pancakes and stuff to go. I'll be waiting outside." >You pack up the food, and head outside. >Good job Anon. >You are improving, and all it took was to say- "OOOF!!" >Your ass hits the ground, and you see a very familiar face. >"Anon." >It was Adagio. >Shit. >SHIT. >She got up, and helped you to your feet. >"We have to talk." "Uh...Well...sure. But can we go..." >"No. Now." "But Adagio, here isn't the best place to-" >Harshwhinny came outside, forcing the door open. >She came down and hugged you from behind. >"Anon, love, I heard racket out here, and I wanted to see if you are alright." >No. >No no no no no no. >"Anon, is this the other woman?" >You put your hands up and shook them. "No, uhh...this is my mom-" >"Don't lie, Anon. I'm his lover, and mother to his child." >No no no no no no no no no no!!! >Speak up you fucking faggot!! >"Excuse me, he's dating me. And you are just yesterday's news. I'm surprised you could fuck at all, you should be as dry as the Sahara Desert." >Damn. >Adagio Dazzle's got burns for days. >"I think you should learn how to take better care of your boyfriend. That way he wouldn't wander over here to handle his erections, snot nosed brat." >Whinny let go of you, and stepped toward Adagio. >"Who are you calling a brat, you old dried up bitch?!" >Anon. >Stahp this. >Don't just sit and watch, STAAHP THIS SHEEIT. ------ >You are Emily. >You were packing your clothes and toys, getting ready to stay with your dad for the week again. >You have an awesome dad. >He hugs you, tells you bedtime stories... >And he was even here to pick you up!! >Normally mom drives you over to his house, but he's so cool that he came here for once!! >But... >Everyone else at school has both their parents. >Everyone except you, Dinky, Snowdrop, and Heartstorm. >Why doesn't daddy want to be with mommy? >Daddy said that it's because he didn't love her... >And he told you that he loved you. >You'd have to ask Pinkie one day. >She knows a lot of stuff about relationships. >Maybe you and daddy can- >THUD. --------- >You are Anon. >It took work, but you pulled Harshwhinny away from Adagio before a real fight could ensue. >Thank god... >"Let go of me. I'll go inside." >You release Whinny, and begin to rub your head. >You pulled her so hard that you launched back and hit your head. >"Before we were interrupted so rudely, I wanted to talk to you." "How did you even find this place?" >She rolled her eyes. >"I was with Aria and Sonata at the mall. They were trying to cheer me up after YOU fucked up this....thing we have. And I saw that pink haired girl with that old hag in there, along with your daughter. And I followed them." >Yeeeaap. >You've fucked up bad. "Stalker..." >"Don't change the subject. Aria said I should stomp your balls into the ground, and smack you around a bit. Sonata said I should forgive you." >You watched her look at her shoe. >Suddenly, your balls start to shrivel. >"I am a reasonable person, Anon. If you want me to stay yours, there are some things that need to happen." >Wait, she's not leaving you? "YES!!" >She held a finger to your lips. >"Oh don't get happy. You're about to be disappointed. We can continue to go on dates. But until I clarify and tell you, that you've made up for your...romp, you, under no circumstances, can kiss me." >What? >WHAT? >That's the only thing that keeps you from trying to fuck her! "But...But..." >"I can't seem to not be attracted to you, Anon. But this is not going unpunished. And for every time you kiss me, I'm going to punch your babymakers so hard that they'll fly out of your ass and into your mouth." >Damn. >She meant business. >"And that starts now." >She pulls you into a kiss, taking you by surprise. >Her soft lips once agai- "OWWW" >She delivered a quick punch to your balls, causing you to hunch over. >"I'm having fun, aren't you?" >You looked up at her, in so much pain. >Emily came outside, and walked over to you 2. >"DADDY! IT'S THE POOFY LADY!!" >The pain... "I know...sweetie. Her Adagio." >"Daddy, are you hurt?" >Kneeling down, you stop whining, trying to ignore the pain. "No, just getting ready for a piggy back ride." >"YAAAAY!!" >Emily climbed on your back, and you and your girlfriend walked to your house. >Hopefully this'll be a better day. � >On the walk home, you and the gang stopped for muffins and coffee. >Well, Adagio had the coffee. >God forbid your daughter has any. >At the house, Emily did her normal unpacking. >Meanwhile, Adagio was on the balcony, admiring the view. >You walk over toward her, and lean in the doorway. " enjoying yourself?" >She turned and smiled at you. >"Every second. But I have some questions." >You shrug, then nod, signaling her to continue. >"For a mother, Harshwhinny does seem more concerned with sexing you than taking care of your child." >Your grin slowly fades. "Yeah. I know." >"And you haven't taken any actions?" >Sigh... "Emily spends the majority of the week with me. And while what you said is true, I can't challenge her for nothing. She feeds and clothes her, so there isn't sign of neglect." >Adagio leans over the balcony. >"What about abuse?" "What are you getting at?" >She turned to you, a clear annoyance on her face. >"If you can stay away from that house, you will. If you fall for her temptation once, you'll easily fall under it again." "Someone's the jealous type." >She saunters over to you, and softly strokes your chin. >"I just prefer you being under my spell." >She kissed you gently, and then punched your nuts once again. "Auuggh..." >"I'm having so much fun with that." "Do you have to be so seductive about it?" >She walks back inside, hips swaying. >"I'm just trying to help." >Hips. >Child-bearing. >Swaying back and forth. >In your apartment. >Unf. >You wanna hit it. >She said no kisses, she said nothing about being flirtatious. >"Anon, hun, you're staring." >Shaking your head, you try to get your mind back on track. >"DADDY!! I FOUND A SPIDER!!! CAN I KEEP IT AS A PET?" >Kids. >When you get to Emily's bedroom door, she's holding the spider in her hand. >"It's so cool looking!!!" >You shudder. "Are you sure you want a spider?" >"Pleeeeeeeease?" >Sigh. "Fine. Just find somewhere to put it where he won't run away." >"I will!!!" >She puts it in see through bowl, and pokes holes in the top. >"Spiders eat bugs, so if I catch some bugs, that'll work! Maybe mosquitoes...or maybe fireflies." >You sigh. "Fireflies don't come out when it's cold, Em." >"Oh." >Adagio chimes in, popping her head in the room. >"In Everfree Forest, there are special dragonflies that thrive in the cold. That might work." >Emily thinks about it for a second. >"Will it be hard to catch dragonflies?" >You remember Naval Biology class, learning about the fauna in other countries. "In Everfree, we've got the Ebony Jewelwing, Demoiselle, and the Magenta. And the Demoiselle doesn't come out in the cold." >"Would you like to catch dragonflies, Emily?" >Emily thinks about it, then stares at her new spider. >"Sure!" "Then I guess we are going to the forest later." >Emily squeals in delight, enjoying her spider. >Well, this should be fun. ----- >You are Adagio. >Seeing this little girl smile was so heartwarming. >You can see why Anon loves her so much. >Anon went to the kitchen, doing whatever. >You were about to go and sit on the couch. >"Um, Ms. Poofy Lady?" >So cute, yet so annoying. "Yes?" >"Can I talk to you?" >What? >She wants to talk to you? "Um...Okay." >You walk over and sit on her bed. >"It's easy to talk to someone you barely know,, I have a question." >Well, straight to the point. >"Do you know what love is?" >Well shit. "Aren't you a little young to be asking that?" >She shrugs. >"It's just...Momma loves to be all close and stuff to Daddy. But He always seems so...disgusted." >This girl. >You didn't know children were this perceptive. " is a really special emotion. It's really hard to come by. You'll know when you feel it. It feels soooo good, better than anything you'll ever feel." >"Better than hot baths?" "So much better." "And you'll feel all warm inside, no matter how cold it is. You'll feel safe, and you'll never feel unwanted." >Emily smiled softly. >"I guess that's how I feel when I'm hanging with dad." "Good talk then." >You were about to leave again. >"Ms. Poofy Lady?" "Yes?" >You look back at her. >"No one answered my question. Is it going to be hard to catch dragonflies?" " All we need is some plants and syrup." >"Okay!!" >Now this time you can leave. >When you get to the door, though, the girl tugs on your jeans. >"Ms. Poofy Lady?" >For god's sake girl... "Yes, Emily?" >"Do you love my daddy?" >Oh shit. >Shit. >Adagio, are you blushing? >Stop it, right this second. "Well...uh...about that, dear...I um..." >She giggles and lets go. >"You are turning all red like an apple!! You look like one of those girls on the animes I watch when their senpai notices them." "I think you should just get ready for the trip, okay?" >Emily skips over to her closet. >"Okay. I know you like daddy now, so as long as you don't make him sad, it's fine. You are really nice. Thanks for talking with me." "A-Anytime..." >You high tail it out of the room, getting away before she can ask another question. >How does Anon do it? >All those questions? >Your cheeks start to simmer down, and you see a chuckling Anon behind the counter. "What are YOU laughing at?" >He was wrapping sandwiches and fixing some kool-aid for the trip. >"Oh nothing. Just how great you are with kids. Great explanation of love by the way. I couldn't exactly describe it to her myself." >You froze up, feeling the heat in your cheeks again. "Did...Did you hear everything?" >"Just that beginning tidbit. Not much afterward." >Phew. >For a second there, you thought he heard Emily say- >"Oh, and I like you too. I'm glad the feelings mutual." >Blush Overload. ----------------- >You are Anon. >As you finish packaging the sandwiches, you look up to a very embarrassed Adagio. >She looks so cute like that. "Hey, come here for a sec." >She eases over. >"I feel like you are about to make fun of me." >You hug her tightly, and pick her up. "Nope. Just a big ol' bear hug." >She smiled when you put her back down. "Now then, let's go out and get these dragonflies." >Everfree Forest is beautiful at sundown, the different trees blocking a bit of sunlight. >"DADDY! I see one!" >Emily dashes away, nearly pulling your arm out of socket. >You let go, and watch her run toward a large amount of dragonflies. >Adagio giggles at your loss of balance, also watching the little girl. >The dragonflies fly away, and Em trips into a puddle. >"Awwww, they flew away." >You chuckled. >"Anon, she messed up her clothes. You aren't mad?" "Hm? Mad? No, we are out to have fun. Catch some dragonflies. She's got a lot of clothes at home, and I always hand wash things. I don't mind her messing up her clothes, as long as it was for good reason." >Adagioo shrugged. >"When I was little, the nuns used to scold us for messing up our uniforms." "Nuns?" >"I never told you how me and the girls met, hm? That's a story for another day...But yes, me and the girls are orphans." >Your heart ached a little. >How saddening, to never have had parents. >"Daddy! I got some!" >You look at your little girl who came running over to you with her palms flat, holding a pair of dragonflies. >Mating dragonflies. >"Oh My...." "Um...Uh...." >"What are they doing, Daddy? It looks weird. Doesn't it hurt?" >You couldn't exactly tell her. She doesn't need to know about that now... >You take them, and put them in the jar. "That's just something I'll tell you when you're 12." >"Awwww!!" >The hours swang by, eventually catching 4 dozen dragonflies, and Emily taking a nap in your lap, and Adagio leaning on your arm underneath a cypress tree. >"So...Anon. Would you like me to do you a favor?" >You raise an eyebrow at the poofed girl. "Favor like what?" >"Maybe I could pick up your daughter on Sundays." >A smile crept across your face. "What, you afraid I'll fuck up again?" >"Well after our first date, which was fun, by the way, yes. I am a very jealous girl, Anon. And I won't let some old hag steal what is mine." "So after one date, and a few kisses, I'm yours?" >She glared at you, but you can't help but grin. >You were a fan of possessive women, unlike many of your friends. >It turns you on. >"I like you a lot, Anonymous. I DON'T share." >You nod, and stifle some laughter. "Are you sure it's a good idea? After you almost got pounded by Harshwhinny, I don't think you should even be within inches of each other." >"...I was going to win that, I just like it when someone's on top of me." >Shit-eating grin intensifies.gif >"IT IS GOOD POSITION TO SEE WEAKNESSES FROM!" "Right, like reaching up and grabbing a titty, huh?" >The girl simply turned away, blushing embarrassingly at her grammatical blunder. "Look, word mistakes aside, it's best I just go by myself. I don't need you 2 beating each other's asses." >"But-" "Look Adagio, I like you. I really do. I want us to fall in love, honestly. But you're going to have to chill. I understand that you don't want me sexing other women, and all that junk. But I'll be fine." >She sighed, and resumed laying on your shoulder. >Emily rustled around in your lap for a second, and woke up. >The little girl yawned, and looked up at you. >"Dad, you'll never believe what I saw...I saw a *yawn* really pretty alicorn..." >Your face showed a happy expression, and you rustled her hair. "And what happened?" >"She was...uh...I don't know...I can't remember..." >The sun's light was becoming scarce, and the the moon was starting to show it's face. "Well, time to go home." >"But I don't wanna..." "Sorry, but you need to feed your spider, and it's Sunday night." >Obligatory grumpy child. >Emily curls up into a little ball, sitting there content. >"I'm not ready to go home, and you can't make me!" >Adagio chuckles. >"Is she normally this defiant?" "Only when she doesn't feel like doing something." >You pick the girl up, and she starts to giggle. >"WHEEE!!!" >"PUT ME DOWN, PUT ME DOWN!!" "I'm sorry, little girls who don't listen to their daddies don't get what they want." >Adagio smiled at you, and stood up as well. >You made the journey back to the house, occasionally tickling the little girl in your arms. >Having Adagio in your company made it even more enjoyable. >At home, you watched Emily put the dragonflies in their prison with the jumping spider. >Spiders, frightening mysteries of life. >After a while, you put the girl to bed, and made sure the spider was still in it's tank. >Well, tupperware bowl. >A shower, then a trip to bed to end the night. >When you got to the bed, you smiled at a cute sight. >A tuckered out Adagio is asleep in your bed, curled up and shuddering. >Feeling as if it's unfit to wake her, you wrap her up in the bed's comforter, and head out to the couch. >You always keep a blanket in here for when you and Em watch MLP together and pull an all-nighter. >Well, couch time tonight. >You turn on something quiet, and begin to drift. >What a day. >Pity you can't sleep in your own bed. >Oh well...You've a beautiful guest. No kicking her out. >The moon's light lulled you to sleep, and you were comfortable, until tomorrow. >You are Adagio. >You awoke to the sound of rustling. "Hello?" >"Morning." >Anon was getting dressed in an odd uniform. >Black T-shirt, white camouflage pants... >The white pants were pixelated, something Aria would wear. >"Is there a reason you're staring?" >Anon was fastening his belt, looking at you with a questioning face. "I like a man in uniform. That so wrong?" >He cracked his neck, and stretched. >"No, I guess not. You staying here?" >Oh. That's right. >You fell asleep here. >For shame, Adagio, how could you spend the night at someone's house and not tell your sisters? >Anon put on a jacket, same color as his pants. "Where are you going that requires you to be so unnoticeable?" >"Work." >You look at the clock, reading 4:20 A.M. "But It's so early Anon...couldn't you just stay here?" >"Pffft, and do what? Cuddle?" >You blushed a little, him reading your mind. "That'd be nice..." >He kissed you, and pinned your hands to the bed. >His scent was intoxicating, but you had to wonder what was so hypnotic about the scent of lime. >You tried to press your tongue into his mouth, you want him a lot right now. >He breaks the kiss, leaving you a little irritated and flustered. >"As much as I'd love to stay and make out with you, I pay rent here. And It'd be a shame if I was short a couple dollars, because my landlord is a bitch." >He lets you go, and starts heading out of the room. >"There is an extra house key on the dresser, if you leave, I want you to lock up. I'm walking Emily to the bus stop. Get some more sleep, you were really out cold last night." >"BYE MISS POOFY LADY!!" >You smiled. "Have a nice day, Emily..." >Your voice cracked, and as you heard the door close, you sighed in contentment. >Staying here, and waiting for Anonymous to come home from work... >Sounds like an ideal thing. A little girl to look after as well? >And that kiss... >He's riled you up this morning, getting you wet, hot and bothered. >Wait. Wait one goddamn minute. >He kissed you, and held your arms down. >You open the window in haste, and see Anon and Emily walking down the street. "ANON YOU CHEEKY BASTARD! YOU ARE GETTING PUNCHED WHEN YOU COME BACK!" >You tried your best at sounding angry, but you could hear him laughing, and couldn't help but giggle a bit when you yelled. >You retreat into the house, wishing that you had one of Aria's toys... ----- >You are Anon. >It's hilarious that she just noticed you got away with murder. >Well, a kiss. But apparently, kisses can kill. >"Daddy, why was Poofy yelling all those mean words at you?" >You smiled, calming down from your laughing fit. "She didn't mean them Emily. If anything, It was pure comedy." >The bus was already here, stopping a little past the bus stop. >"By daddy. Love you!" >She hugged you, and you gave her a peck on the forehead. "Love you too." >She ran up the bus steps, hurrying to her seat. >Off she went to school. >And now you wait for the city bus to take you to work. >You get off the bus, walking toward the gate. >You can't help but question why the Equestrian Navy thinks it's great to have their base up on the cliffs. >Yes, it's secluded, and the snow here provide's camouflage for the base. >But Navy means water, and water means seamen, and seamen means that we should be near boats. >You have to take a long elevator to get to the shipyard that is hidden in the cliff. >It's as if someone put this place here thinking they were playing Command and Conquer. >"LIEUTENANT!" >You snap to attention, right before entering your office. >"At ease boy. You are missing the briefing." "Briefing?" >Captain Tirek, squad leader of Black Pegasus. >Your squad. Never liked the bastard. >"Going on right now. Some soldiers are going to be deployed soon. Would you believe that North Korea is pulling some shit on South? Planning on invading." >Wot m8? "But...isn't that America's problem?" >The captain for once actually looked sympathetic. >"You and I both know they've been struggling on economy. Their leader has decided to channel funding to lower their debt. This means their military takes budget cuts..." "Resulting in them having to pull out of their bases until further notice?" >"Yup. I can see why they did it. Education system, and all that. But that means a lot of shit is being sacrificed for the selfishness." "Selfish? Hardly. How can you save the world if you can't save your own people?" >Tirek smiled at you and nodded. >"Good question. But, answer me this: If the world begins to crumble around you, how long until you fall with it?" >With that, the captain began to walk away. >You never took him for the philosophical type. >But still, this was going to be fucked up. >And you deploying would mean...Emily'd be stuck with her mom. >And you haven't even had time to completely enjoy Adagio. "Fuck..." >You decide to skip the briefing and just head to the range. -------- >You are Emily. >It's recess, and you and your friends are having fun playing with building blocks. >"Alright kids, it's news time!" >The news? With that pretty reporter lady? >Cool! Last time they had a story about space. >The TV flickered on, showing a large city. "Coming!" >The large city was being filmed in the air, which meant a helicopter. >Wonder what's going on? >The news reporter could be heard away from the camera. >"There reports of three flights going off the radar from Equestrian airlines, consisting of 3 planes, all with passengers on board." >What's going on? >On screen, a large, bird shaped figure came into view in the distance. >Snowdrop tugged on your arm. >"Emmy! What's going on?" >Snowy and her blindness. "There's a weird bird thing coming toward a tall building. It's like, really tall." >"Taller than a giant?" "Mhm!" >After a few seconds, you heard the teacher gasp. >What? It's a bird...right? >Within seconds of that thought, the bird burst into flames, crashing into the Equestrian Trade Center. >Heartstorm frowned, and began to tear up. >Why? "Rosy? What's wrong?" >You always call him Rosy, because of his hair. >It always makes him smile and laugh. >But you didn't get a response, he just began to bawl. >Another bird was on it's way, headed toward the same building. >This one's wing hit the Mane building, and then smashed into the lower buildings. >"Emmy? That sounds like Heart is crying. What's happening on TV?" "The bird-things hit a building." >"Awww, poor birds." >One last bird came into view, but this one was different. >It was wobbling in the sky, careening downward toward the Mane building. >It started to lean, what looked like a spin. >A barrel roll, daddy called it. >The camera zoomed in, and your eyes got wide. >Those weren't birds. --------- >You are Adagio. >Boy do you feel better now. >Shoving the bed's cover and your panties and pants into the washer, you sigh in contentment. >You really appreciate that Anon hasn't sexed you yet. >But if things continue to go the way their going, you just might have to tie him down and give him the business. >The home phone rang, loudly. >You waltz into the living room, and answer. "Hello, this is the Anonymous Residence." >"Yes, is Mister Anonymous there?" "Um, no. This is his um..." >Think quick. "Fiance." >Good job. >"OH!! Congratulations! Um, we are going to need someone to pick up Emily Mous. School is going to be out for the week on account of the events in Manehatten." >Well, that'll be no problem. Just have to call Aria and get her to bring the car. >"And she also wants her friends to come along as well. The other 2's parents will contact you all eventually." >So you are babysitting. Well, this should be great. "So...what's happened in Manehatten?" >"You don't know?" "I'm washing clothes right now, not by a tv or anything. No I don't." >The woman on the other side went quiet, for a bit before deciding to speak up. >"Well...the Equestrian Trade Center is gone." >What? "I heard that correctly, right? Gone?" >"Well, uh...the building started going down after...planes crashed into it." >Well fuck. Hijacked planes crashing into important buildings. >This isn't good at all. "Thank you. I'll be on my way shortly." >"Yes ma'am." >It took a little bit to get the car, and once you got it, you sped to the school. >This whole ordeal has to be terrifying for them, if they understand what's going on. >You and Aria head to the main office, and the secretary looks up at you. >"Picking up?" "Yes Ma'am. Emily Mous." >"AH! You are the fiance. Anonymous has good taste..." >You feel a bit flattered as the secretary looks you over. >She directs the children to you, they were sitting by the nurse's office, Emily holding the other 2's hands. "Hey Emily. Who a-" >"Can we go to the car please?" >Well. No mood for talking, then. "Alright. Come on. You lead the way." >She does so, and Aria lets them into the backseat, making sure all the seat belts are on. >The short boy, with the pink hair, had his face covered in tears. >The girl, her hair a blinding icy blue, sat quietly. >And Emily sat quietly between them, holding pink hair's hand tightly.