Anon World Order part 10 [nsfw] (Dazzlings) - by Uh-hmmm

> You wake up the next morning, a warm weight on your chest > All your bleary eyes can see is orange, so you probably won't have to save someone's life first thing in the morning > You wipe the grit from your eyes, trying not to stir the the poof > No dice > Adagio lifts her head, scowling as she peers around "Good morning, Princess." > Her eyes widen as she looks down at you, then at her hands draped across your chest > "I was just cold, that's all. Don't read too much int-" > She stops, irritated by your amused expression > "Shut up." "I wasn't saying anything." > She props herself up, her sleeping bag falling from her shoulders > Adagio shivers in the cool morning air, and eyes you contemplatively "I am still pretty warm, if you're interested." > You can see the conflicting urges in her face > Finally, she just lowers herself to your chest again, tugging the sleeping bag back up > It's nice, feeling her warmth and little movements > She makes little circles with her index finger on your shoulder > "What am I going to do with you?" "Whatever you want?" > She huffs at that > "If only I knew what that was..." > You pat her hair "Give it some time, you'll figure it out." > She lifts her head and scowls at you > "You're not making it any easier!" "Sorry?" > Adagio's hands fist in your shirt > "You have no idea, you aren't even trying to..." > You give her a perplexed look "I'm not trying to do what?" > She closes her eyes and breathes deeply, slowly letting go of your shirt > Cheeto girl wriggles over to lean against the side of the tent > She lets out a long, deep breath > "You have to understand, the girls and I... we're not exactly human. We used to be seaponies and," > You cough, trying to hold in your laughter > Adagio scowls > "As I was saying, we used to be seaponies. Music travels a long way underwater, and seaponies have used it for magic for a long, long time. You have seen the effects of our singing, imagine a whole school of seaponies singing together." > That is actually rather frightening "So you ruled the ocean?" > She scoffs > "Hardly. Friendship magic is one of the most powerful kinds of magic there is. So while the seaponies maintained harmony in the school with the Shooby Doo," > Wait "The Scooby Doo?" > Adagio facepalms > "Are you just going to keep interrupting?" "Sorry, won't happen again." > "Anyhow, the very harmonious magic that gave the seaponies their power also committed them to serving everything. Clownfish lost its kid? He just has to call out the Shooby Doo, and an entire school of seaponies helps him find the thing. I couldn't live that way. I found that when I held that resentment in my heart, I wasn't affected by the Shooby Doo." > She really should stop calling it that, you are having a hard time taking her seriously > "There was power in that, but I wanted more. I found Aria, so full of anger, and Sonata, shunned for her dangerous lack of common sense. We made a chorus, and a friendship defined by enmity. With that, we could corrupt the Shooby Doo, turning harmony into disharmony, selflessness into selfishness. We kept our resentments strong, finding little ways to annoy each other, reflecting that bickering in our music. Equestria was not prepared for such magic, and we rose to power quickly. And then, some stupid wizard banished us to your world, and that's where we've been ever since." > Okay, but "Where do I fit in, in all of this?" > Adagio huffs > "That's the problem. We're a prickly and irritating trio, but we can use that to gain power for our little group. That same spirit, of conflict for the good of our little school, is the controlling force in our magic. When I first brought you in, I thought you would be a luxury I could rub in their faces. Then you started acting receptive to them, and that was good for the school, both for their happiness, and our general interpersonal conflicts. So I shouldn't try to have you for myself, if I want to keep the power we have. But it is only because I want you that we have that power. Do you understand?" "So basically, you are both the horse following the carrot on a stick, and the driver holding the carrot on a stick. There's a conflict of interests." > She smiles wearily > "That's it exactly. It doesn't help that you are nearly the idea seapony mate." > ... "Really?" > She nods > "Helpful, no agenda of your own, just the good of the group. You try to play peacemaker, while also trying to satisfy the needs of each person. I'm actually worried that you are too much the peacemaker, Aria and Sonata haven't been fighting nearly as much as they used to." "And that's bad." > She nods > "If they become reconciled, then I have to be the aggressor, and then they will either take over, or all my work falls apart, and we're back in the Shooby Doo situation." "Would it really be back to that? You already have changed the song magic to suit your group. If the three of you got along, not necessarily serving one another, but still coexisting without attempted murder, wouldn't that work? You still desire power as a group, you would still be in competition, and there would still be irritating things each one of you does. It doesn't sound like too much different from how you girls are now." > Adagio's mouth twists > "Maybe." "If anything, I would say that you and Sonata are already well reconciled. They only thing I've seen you actually get angry about is making moves on me, and even then you've sort of encouraged that lately." > She raises an eyebrow > "You don't want to choose either. You said if I wanted this to be real, you had to have a choice, but you don't want to make one." > You crawl out of your sleeping bag and to Cheese Poof > She watches at you warily as you sit next to her "Things are not always one or the other." > You wrap an arm around her shoulders and rest your head on hers "If you are brave enough, you can make a new choice. You can have me. Because you have me, you can share me. I will always be a point of competition in this group, but I can be your point of competition." > She scoffs, but doesn't try to wiggle out of your embrace > "You just want a harem." "You literally kidnapped me because you had a crush on me." > Adagio sits silently, leaning slightly against you > She works her arms out of the sleeping bag, letting them rest loosely on her lap > "If I let you do this, would you love me?" > You move your head to look down at her face, lifting her chin with one hand "I already love each of you. That's the problem." > Her breathing deepens and quickens > She shakes her head slightly and whispers, > "Kiss me, you fool." > And so you do > Your lips meet hers hesitantly, then with increasing passion > Her hands wander, softly clawing at your chest, clutching at your head, your neck > You stroke the nape of her neck, and she arches her back > She seizes your head in her hands and plunges her tongue into your mouth > Your tongue pushes and yields, exulting in the sensation of another mouth > You bring a hand down to her breast, your thumb rubbing circles where you can feel her hardened nipple > She breaks the kiss and pushes you down onto the tent floor, her face flushed and eager > "So that's how you want to play..." > Adagio grabs your shirt and pulls it up and over your head > She flings it into a corner, and lowers herself down to kiss your stomach > With each kiss, she climbs a little higher and unbuttons a button on her pajama top > She's kissing your neck when she discards the garment entirely > Finally, she kisses you on the mouth, letting herself rest on your chest, her breasts warm and soft against your skin > You lose yourself in the kiss, letting your hands roam up and down her back, dipping down to stroke the sides of her breasts > Adagio hums happily into the kiss, her hips grinding against your unfortunately clothed erection > You push her back, your hands pressing against her petite bosom "Wouldn't it be more fun if we didn't have clothes in the way?" > She grins down at you, rubbing her chest against your palms > "Maybe, but I want to make you cum in your shorts first." > With that, she increases the pace of her hips' gyration, her head thrown back in pleasure > You groan, your own pelvis rocking with an aching need > She laughs triumphantly, her pace increasing again > Your back arches as you press your throbbing erection against her frantic motions "Fuuuuuuckkk!" > Your dick fires away, soaking the front of your shorts with your sticky fluid > Adagio stops at the sensation, staring down at the results of her efforts > She dips a hand below your waistband and runs a finger under the cum soaked cloth > She pops it into her mouth, gazing into your eyes as she suckles on it "Hot damn." > Adagio grins > Then you hear the tent zipper being pulled down > Aria sticks her head in > "Come on, Sonata's getting hungry, make us so-" > Her eyes widen at the tableau, taking in your hands on Adagio's breasts, and the dampness of your crotch > "Never mind." > She quickly departs > Adagio stares down at your chest in embarrassment > "Maybe we should-" > You both hear a high pitched squeal and some rapid footsteps > Sonata pulls the door open wider, grinning > "Me next!" > Before Adagio can say anything, Aria drags Bluey away > Adagio shifts her hips slightly > "You're going to fuck me. Now." "Yes, mistress." > You roll her over onto her back, quickly removing the your shorts and underwear > Adagio pushes her pajamas and panties down her legs a bit, then lifts them up so you can take them the rest of the way off > You slide your hands up her thighs, reveling in their smoothness as you remove the last of her clothes > You press her legs up against her chest, leaving her womanhood on display > There is no hesitation, you push your cock through her moist folds, sinking deep inside her feverishly warm pussy > Adagio moans, her hands clawing against the tent floor > You thrust in and out, one hand stroking the length of her thigh, going low to grab her ass, then sliding up to her knee and back again > She whimpers, her back arched with pleasure "Who's a good mistress?" > You speed up your pelvic thrusts, drawing a gasp each time you hilt > "I am!" > You spread her legs and lower yourself down to kiss her > She wraps her arms and legs around you desperately, moaning into your mouth > Your fingers snarl into her hair, as you pump her entrance mercilessly > Her legs tighten around you, shoving as much of you inside her as possible > You grind against that pressure, feeling her climax all along your dick > Your hips buck one last time, and you empty your seed inside her > Even more than before, it feels like you can't stop cumming > Your cock pulses again and again, firing into her womb > At last, the orgasm subsides, and you lay boneless on top of her > She breathes deep, relaxing breaths as she strokes your head happily > "You really love me." "I do." > You stay like that for what seems like forever, but was probably only twenty minutes > Adagio sighs > "You probably should make some breakfast." > You kiss her forehead before you get up "As you wish."