Sonata Ghosts Anon - by JustSomeAnon

>You scratched your head in growing frustration over the math problems that were laid out before you. >Trig was proving to be a difficult nemesis to conquer. But you had to finish it before next class. >”Heya!” >You jumped in your seat at the cheery voice that cut through your headphones. >The voice came from a girl that had suddenly sat down across from you. >An actual real girl. >Everything about her exuded a cheerful energy. >Her bright blue eyes gleamed playfully as they watched you curiously. >Her mouth was curved into a warm smile highlighted with dark blue lipstick. >Her ponytail swished with each minute movement of her head, carrying the blissful scent of the girl's scented shampoo. >The lump in your throat is growing bigger with each passing second, an animistic urge beginning to whisper in your mind. >”Hellloooo?” >Your vision is blurred by a blue hand waving back and forth in your face. “Wh-huh?” >The girl covered her mouth with her hand and let out a bubbly giggle. >”You were really out of it there, dude!” She slid one of your worksheets around to face her. “Ugh, I can see why.” She sticks her tongue out and flips the paper back towards you. >Your mind was still trying to catch up to the reality that a girl as pretty as here was actually acknowledging you, much less talking to you. “I-...Can I help you?” >”Wanna go to prom with me?” >Kernel Panic - not syncing: Unable to mount brain. >Any coherent words you tried to form automatically die in your throat as you stammered out a verbal seizure. “I-I-I-you-I-you-we-the-duh...Uh.” >The girl rests her chin on her hands and giggles. >”Took ya by surprise, huh?” >Eventually, you managed to stop gawking and take a deep breath. “We-I mean. I-...I don’t even know your name.” >The girl gasped and slapped her forehead “Oh! Right! Teehee! Sorry I’m, like, kinda nervous.” She twiddled a lock of her turquoise hair with a finger and let out a chuckle. >Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng. >She extended her free hand out, taking yours into a gentle shake. >Don’t sweat Don’t sweat Don’t sweat Don’t sweat. >The skin of her palms felt silky soft and divine against your trembling hand. >”I’m Sonata. Sonata Dusk. It’s super nice to meet ya!” “Anon. So...can I ask a question?” >Sonata hums and nods her head. “Why are you asking me to the prom?” >You gesture your confusion with your hands. “Y-you didn’t even know my name.” >”Hmm? Oh! You looked super lonely sittin over here and I wanted a date to the prom. Pluuuuussss-” >Sonata tapped the table with manicured fingers as she hid a bashful smile underneath her sweater. ”I also thought you were kinda cute.” >You? Cute? >After being dumbstruck by her confession, you peer around the library for any hints of shenanigans. >Your eyes fell upon a table at the other end of the building, with two girls who watched your interaction expectantly. >One was orange with large, orange flowing locks that threatened to swallow the chair she sat in. >The other was purple and sported twin-tails highlighted by a neon green. >As soon as they felt noticed, they quickly turned their heads away. >Sonata leaned over in her chair to bring your attention back to her beaming face. >”Anywaaay I just thought this would be, y’know like, a great way to get to know each other!” >The way she expressed so vigorously with her hands when she talked was adorable. >Her eyes flicked nervously over your face as she anxiously waited for your answer. >You were probably just as anxious if not more so than she was. >You gave Sonata your best attempt at a warm smile and nodded. “Sure. I’d like that.” >Sonata's face lit up with a wide smile as she clapped her hands and bounced in her seat. “YAAAY OHMIGOSH I-” >Her outburst is cut short by a chorus of hushes from scattered groups of students around the library. >Sonata clamped her hands over her mouth as she tried to shrink into herself, eyes frantically scanning the crowd of annoyed glares focused on her. >Once the glares had subsided, Sonata hid her mouth behind her sleeves as a rosy tint washed over her cheeks. >”-I’m so excited. Yay.” She whispered. >You can’t help but smile at her antics, your confidence given a mild boost at this turn of events. “So what now?” >Sonata leaned over the table with her arms outstretched towards you. “Gimme your phone!” >You took your phone out of your pocket and placed it into her waiting hands. >After a moment, she had added her phone number to your contacts, as well as every other social media she could think of. >”There ya go! Now we can talk all the time!” She shook her fists and quietly squealed. “Oooh I’m so excited!” >Before you can share your excitement with Sonata, the bell clamored and echoed throughout the room, signalling that it was time for class. >Sonata stood up from her chair and waved. “I gotta go, Anon. Text me!” >She giggled before she skipped away towards a table that those other girls were sitting at. >The twin-tailed one looked at you with a sly smile on her face and gave you a knowing wink. >You leaned back in your chair and took a deep breath. >... >... >Tonight was the night. >You’d mentally prepared yourself for this night for the last two months. >This had been the first time you felt the urge to dress so...distinguished. >Elated at the prospect of their son finally having a date, your parents chipped in to buy you a rental suit for the night. >Your hands trembled as they adjusted your cuffs for the umpteenth time. >Dress shirt is clear of any wrinkles and stains. >Breath is sufficiently crescent fresh. >Better pop another piece of gum in to make sure. >You unwrap another stick and add it to the growing mass that was being rolled around in your teeth. >As you chewed the wad, visions unfolded in your mind of how you imagined the night would go. >Crowded in a stuffy dance hall, surrounded by classmates who never gave you a notice any other day. >A DJ playing top 20 songs who was either an eager student trying to make a name for themselves or someone who was getting paid with the buffet leftovers. >The thought of being in a situation that was so out of your element made you squirm uncomfortably. >But the mental image that helped steel yourself for it all was comforting; Sonata. >School days had proven to be a lot less dull now that Sonata tagged along with you during any free time. >Nights were spent texting each other into the wee hours in the morning. >Any initial hesitation you had was swept away as you felt yourself grow closer to the girl. It stirred a warm feeling in your heart to think about her. >A couple weeks ago, Sonata had sent a picture of the dress she planned on wearing. >A dark red dress adorned with sequins that flowed down to ankle length. >Your requests to see her in the dress were playfully denied each time. >She teased that you weren’t allowed to see her in it yet, that it would spoil the fun. >You took a deep breath as you stood up straighter, eager to make yourself as presentable as possible for your date. >... >... >It’s getting late. >She said she’d be here half an hour ago. >You check your past texts with her to make sure you didn’t read them wrong. >The last one she sent was this morning. >”Heya cutie! Cant wait 4 tonite! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3” >She might just be running late. >Despite having very little experience with girls, you were very much aware of the exorbitant amount of time it took them to get ready. >Still, you’d hoped she would at least text you if she was running late. >You flexed your feet to stave away the growing ache in them. >... >... >Maybe she was in an accident? >Another half hour had passed before your dad offered for you to come back inside and wait for her with a drink. >You sat at the dining table from an angle that gave you a full view of the kitchen window into the front. >You sigh wistfully as you watched the empty street continue to darken as the sun fell as low as your hopes. >Suddenly your phone rattled over the table, and your heart skipped a beat at the noise. >Even before it finished its buzzing, the phone was already in your hand as you frantically swiped the screen open. >It was a text. >From Sonata. >You can’t help but sweat and tremble as you opened your phone and tapped the text message open. >”Forgot to pick u up LOL! u really think id go 2 prom with u??? Chile!” >Another notification popped up into view, alerting you of a snapchat you received. >Also from Sonata. >You opened the app and tapped her picture open. >Pic related. >Another text is sent after the photo. >”Soz not soz!! LOL stay mad simp” >... >The phone slid out of your hand onto the tabletop as you tried to comprehend what just happened. >This was a prank all along? >Two months of spending time with you at school, eating lunch, doing homework together, flirtatious gestures and texts; all for a prank? >Confusion, disappointment, doubt filled your mind. >But at the same time, your brain signals a slight sliver of relief. >At least you were spared a night of having to deal with being in a loud, cramped room filled with teens trying to hide the fact that they drank beforehand. >Honestly, you were kind of impressed at the dedication. >From the short time you’d known her, she came off as a bit of a ditz. >Pulling something like this must have taken some patience. >With a heavy sigh you rose from your seat at the table, kicked your dress shoes off and headed back to your room. >You would have preferred to have gone with her purple sister anyway.