Madness of midnight (Aria?xAnon) - by HypeAholic

>The wind bit and lashed at your exposed neck >You try to keep it tucked into your jacket but it does little to help you as you walk down the street >You breathe into your hands and rub them together, your foggy breath helped slightly to warm them >You pause in your movement to observe the night sky >There were few street lamps on this road, what little light that could be seen was what broke through the cloud barrier, from the moon >The harsh gusts of wind disturbed and shifted the ocean of cloud above you, constantly covering you in darkness then shining you in moonlight >You continue walking, you were almost at your destination >It was pretty late, but sometimes the occasional car would drive down the narrow road >You don't focus on them, you just listen on your footsteps hitting the hard pavement of the sidewalk as you continue on your path >The cold air once again began nipping at your exposed skin >You shiver, closing your eyes >You open them again >Millions of lights began shining in the sky >Were they stars? >No... Stars do not shine in the city, there is too much other light to see them >Wasn't it also cloudy? >You start to panic a little as the lights begin swirling and dancing in the sky >You observe them as they start to make shapes, then faces >Some of them you know, others you weren't sure of >Some of them speak to you >You close your eyes and keep walking straight ahead, but the whispers still penetrate your ears >They voiced their opinions of you, their fears, their disgusts >Their hate >You try to shut them out, and hurry your pace >You cover your ears to escape them but it was too late, they came from within your skull, your own mouth, your own soul >You open your eyes >Countless masses of lights walked beside you >They all silently stare at you, into you, judging you >Finally you come to the right building and light from the building pours out over you >The light beings all begin to dissipate as you walk up to the building >It was an apartment building, about 10 stories high >Some of the windows still shone light out onto the street >You search for the window that belonged to the room you had planned to visit >You are pretty sure you've found it, sure enough it's lights still shone high atop the building "I told her not to wait for me..." >You walk up the entry way stairs to the apartment building and open the front door, a light above the door turned on and shone it's light upon you >You stop at a table that was next to the door, it had a mirror above it >The main lobby always had it's lights on, you didn't have any trouble observing the person on the other side of the mirror >His bloodshot eyes stared back to meet yours >He looked murderous, his eyes pierced yours >Lack of sleep tends to make you look a little menacing >You look mad, psychotic even >But you weren't crazy, no, you weren't. >You were just tired. >You leave the man in the mirror, and head for the lobby elevator >As you press your feet down into the tiled floor the echoes of them resonate in your head >They linger there, getting louder >You hurriedly walk to and press the button to call the elevator >The echoes do not leave, their rhythm starts to change into a familiar sound >"W~h~e~r~e a~r~e y~o~u g~o~i~n~g? P~l~e~a~s~e... C~o~m~e b~a~c~k..." >The you know the voice >Finally the elevator arrives >You don't respond, and quickly enter the elevator >You find the button for the correct floor, and the elevator doors close as you press it >You breathe a quick sigh of relief as the elevator begins slowly climbing upward >You watch as a panel of numbers start lighting up above the elevator doors, signifying what floor you were on >You watch as it begins counting down the floors to your destination, you can't really help but to count along with it "Ow..." >Your head begins to hurt again, very badly >You bring a hand up to hold it for a moment >Your migraines have been very bad today >You try to ignore the pain and look back up to the panel of lights, they look dimmer than they were before >In fact... The whole elevator seems dimmer than is was before >You look up at the elevator's lightbulb above you >It doesn't seem to flicker, or give any sign of electrical issues, but still the room grows darker >You start to panic slightly, you look back to the floor panel, you still had a few floors to go >"A~n~o~n...?" >You bring a hand back to your head as a searing pain shoots through it "Aughh..." >Through the pain, a memory enters your thoughts >You were in bed, holding a girl close to you >She kept moving in her sleep, she must be having some sort of bad dream >You hold her tight, not letting go >Finally after a few minutes her unrest ceases >After a moment she softly calls you to see if you were awake >"Anon...? Are you awake?" >You respond slightly groggily "Yeah... Im awake." >She seems to calm down, and she snuggles closer into you >"Oh, okay. Good." "What's the matter...?" >"Bad dream..." >Again? >You nuzzle into her neck, kissing her "Im here... Wanna talk about it?" >"Just... Hold me, okay?" >You happily comply "Augh....." >Finally after a few moments the pain ceased >You were leaned up against the wall of the elevator, holding your head >The doors had opened while you were distracted >You shake off your momentary drowsiness and exit the elevator >You search for the correct room number as you walk the red carpet of the apartment hall >207...209....211...213... >Ah! >Room number 215 >You quickly rap on the door with a shaky hand >The vibrations it causes echo through your arm and back into you >All you can do is stare at your shaky hands >You can hear some rushed footsteps approach the door, and then hear the lock turning >The door opens >A bed ragged Aria Blaze is holding the door open for you >Her hair was down and she had some bed head, she also had a very tired look about her >She still opens the door wide for your entry >"There you are, what took so long? Come inside" >You give her the best smile you can muster while in your tired state before you walk inside >Aria brought you both some relaxing tea as you sat on her couch >She took a seat next to you as she handed you a cup >Normally you don't drink tea, but she insisted. >You take a sip to test the heat of the tea while you look out of a nearby window, you examine the night sky >Aria scoots slightly closer to you, she lays a hand on your leg >You lay yours atop of it >She seems happy about that >"Hey... Im glad you decided to come over. There was something I wanted to talk to you about" >You don't look to her, or even say anything >You didn't exactly have much to say >"I know you miss her... A lot. But... You've been acting so differently recently... Im actually really worried for you" >This again? "Aria, Im fine. You don't need to worry." >You hope she believes you >She takes a firm grip of your hand >"Anon, have you been sleeping well recently?" >You abruptly stand >Aria seems a little shaken >"W-where are you going?" >You carefully place your teacup on her coffee table "I... I need to use the bathroom." >You begin to walk off to the bathroom >"Ok..." >You glance back at Aria, she gives you a worried smile >For a moment you swear her purple eyes flush pink >You quickly rush to the bathroom >You meet that strange man in the mirror once again as you enter the bathroom >He watches you with a somewhat eerie stare >You give him one in return, and you examine him thoroughly >After a moment you break the staring contest and take the time you have to splash some cool water on your face >The man seems to do the same >The water relaxes you, if only slightly >You didn't want to talk with anyone about what you've been going through, it seemed hard to even mention it >The memories have still been burned in your mind, ever since you've been left alone >It hurt to remember >You reach into your shirt, and grab the amulet >It shone with a red sheen when you touched it >You glued this back together for her, as best as you possibly could >The cracks were still visible, but she loved it so much >You can still remember how joyed she was when you gifted this to her >You look back up, back to the man in the mirror, he held a similar amulet >His once red eyes seemed to glow a strange green for a moment, but it disappears as quickly as it comes >... >You should go talk to Aria >As you walk back into the main room, Aria was idly sipping her tea >She seems to perk up as you enter >You quietly take a seat back on the couch >Aria slowly scoots back closer to you again >A few minutes had gone by, you both had been silent for the most part >She had decided not to ask anymore questions, instead you both just quietly sipped tea together >You had planned to continue like that, until a migraine had returned to your head >You nearly drop your tea during the pain, you quickly place it down and throw a hand to your head and grip tightly >Aria seemed startled, but she places her tea down upon the table before bringing her hands to your head >"Whoa, are you alright?" "Aughh..." >You can't answer, your mind was swimming >She removes your hands from your skull, and turns your face to look at hers >What you see startles you >Her hair, once purple, had turned blue >Her eyes seemed a lighter shade >You try to fight her and turn away >"Wha-? Hey, look at me!" >She grips your shoulders and roughly turns you back toward her >You were too tired to resist >Once again your eyes rested on the sight, the girl that had once been sitting next to you had looked completely different >Her hair had changed it's tone, it was now a light blue >Her eyes had changed their shade, they shone a dull pink >She looked like someone you had knew "Sonata..." >The girl before you gave a confused look >"What...? No, it's Aria. Are you alright? Say something!" >You admire the girl in front of you >It was hard through the headache >"Anon...?" >She spoke to you "Yes?" >"Have you been sleeping well?" >... >"Anon?" >You snap out of your momentary haze >Aria sat beside you, holding you >She looked worried "What...?" >"I asked if you have been sleeping well" >... >You might as well be honest "No... I haven't been..." >She holds you tighter >"If you want, you can sleep here tonight." >You give her a peculiar look >She blushes >"Y-you know..! So you can feel more comfortable, I know sleeping alone must be painful for you now..." "You want me to sleep with you?" >She seems a little put off >"I didn't say that! It's just... Im worried for you. You're one of the few people I actually like here you know? You've been so distant recently. I just really care about you... I-" >Your headache was slowly returning >Your vision seemed to haze for a moment, your mind swirled in a confusion >Once again the girl from earlier appeared before you >She was speaking, but you couldn't quite make out what was being said >You don't mind, you sit and admire her beauty >"-That's why I care about you so much... I know it's weird to hear from me but- mphh!" >She was so beautiful, you had to go in for a kiss >She seemed shocked, at least at first >She leaned into you, and threw her arms around you >You lay down, and pull her atop you >She pulled away, and held you in place between her legs, she placed her hands on your chest >"I... I love you Anon..." >She quickly attacks your face with kisses once again >She rubs her nose to yours before shoving her tongue into your mouth >You grab her hips, they feel just like you remember, maybe even softer >She moans into your mouth >You begin to playfully wrestle her tongue with your own >She eagerly pulls your tongue back into her mouth, and you exchange spit >The girl led you to her bedroom, and pushed you onto her bed >She ran over to the light switch and blackened the room >You feel something pounce on you >You can hear a girls giggle >She pins you to the bed, and begins to kiss you >She kisses your forehead, leading down, she kisses your cheek, then neck, and then she lays a peck on your chest >She continues this until she reaches your waist >You feel hands begin to impatiently undo your pants >She quickly yanks them off of your legs and throws them somewhere >Then you can feel her hands slowly crawl up your legs >Unlike your pants, she slowly removes your underpants >Her fingers wrap around the waistband and peels backward >Her smooth fingers glide against your skin and the underpants come off with ease >Your member was already a little stiff, and you can feel some hot breath on it >You moan slightly as a warm mouth wraps around it and engulfs it >She sucks on it and drags her lips along the length as she begins to bob her head on your shaft >You quietly groan, her tongue swirled along your head, lapping at any precum >It had been a long while since you've had any sort of release, you don't last very long >You start to lightly thrust, and you give little warning of your imminent climax >Finally you can't hold it any longer, you cum >The girl makes a noise of surprise, before you can hear her begin to gulp down your semen >She finishes her man-meal before she slides her mouth off of you with a pop >She lightly strokes your cock for a moment >You can distinctly hear the sound of rustling cloth >Soon something crawls on top of you, you feel it's arms crawl up your torso, her hands rest on your face >You feel a heat above your cock >A hand wraps around the base of it, before you feel it being swallowed up by something >It was incredibly hot, and tight >"Ahhhhh...." >Your length is slowly engulfed in the warmth, before it's entirety is taken inside >You reach out, and grab the girls hips >She begins to grind in your lap, before she starts to bounce in it, trying to milk you for more of your batter >You're going to have a hard time to resist >The girl excitedly bounces in your lap, while moaning all the while >You thrust upward as she slams down, you try to get in as deep as possible >You have a tight hold on her hips, and you grip her ass >It seemed bigger than you remember >"Oh...! Oh...! Ah..! Anon...! I-I... I love you! I've waited so long for this!" >So have you. >You pull her down on you with all your might, you thrust upward as well >Your groin is suddenly painted in juices, and you begin to fill Sonata with all of your batter that she had been craving >"AHHHH..!" >Sonata falls on top of you, exhausted >She tries to catch her breath >You wrap your hands around her, and hold her close >After a moment she slowly slides you out of her, and crawls to your head to plant a kiss on you >You both stay like that for a while, Sonata had pulled the blankets on both of you to keep warm >She snuggled up close to you, and nuzzles your neck >"Anon..? Are you awake?" >You were having a hard time staying awake for once, but you groggily respond "Yeah... Im awake" >"Oh, okay. Good" >You were a little concerned "What's the matter?" >... >"Just hold me, okay?" >You happily comply >"I... I love you so much Anon..." >You've missed her so much >You love her too, you'd do anything to be with her >You won't ever lose her again, never >You'd probably go insane "I love you too, Sonata" >... >"...What?" Goodnight /Dzg