Siren Night - by TS_PUNK

>You were at the park in a regular winter day >The snow stopped falling hours ago and it looked really nice out for a walk >Suddenly you hear some strange noises >Thinking it's a bunch of kids pretending to be windigos you ignore them and moved on with your peaceful walk >however the sound started getting louder every step you took >is someone following you? >you look behind you >but no one was there >you are starting to wonder where the noise is coming from >you decide to find the sounds >as you get closer you notice something about them >are they... Singing? >you find yourself in the middle of the park >a very popular area due to its wide space and hill in the middle that's currently covered in snow >there you found the source of the "singing" >Three young girls were looking at the books while attempting to sing >they must be part of a caroling group >no surprise since the holidays are near >you notice the orange singer in the middle >mostly her outrageously poofy orange hair >she looks like she's trying her hardest >good luck with that >they sound like choking seagulls >the purple one looks like she's trying to stay warm rather than sing >no surprise considering she isn't wearing anything weather appropriate >in fact none of them are wearing anything weather appropriate >they are wearing clothes more suitable for spring >the blue one with the ponytail however is enjoying herself even if she is off tone. >as you wonder, the purple singer started yelling at your direction "HEY JERKOFF! We're trying to practice here!" >you look around to see if she was talking to someone else and then back to the group "If you're going to stare, do it when we perform. Now piss off." she said with a growling tone. "Sorry! I'm just wondering why you aren't wearing jackets. Aren't you three cold? "None of your business, jerkoff!" The purple one snapped back >rude. >you feel no need to be here any longer "I'll be going now." >but before you moved, the orange poof reached her hand out "Hold it right there." >she says it like she's authority "Have you listened to us?" "What?" "Did you hear us sing?" "Um.." >would you really call that singing? "I guess?" >the blue singer popped out of her position and waved while asking "How did we do? Pretty good?" >you stood there trying to think of the most polite way to answer this "Your singing.." >they look with anticipation "It's sucks!" >you turn to see some kid yelling at them and then running away >you turn to see the purple girl get really angry "Get back here you twerp!" >she grabs some snow and throws it at you >it hits you right in the face >the snow was soft but it still kind of hurt "What the hell was that for?!" "I was aiming for the kid, jerkoff!" >a likely story considering the kid stood at least three feet next to you before running off >in response you grab a huge chunk of snow and throw it back at her >direct hit on the face >some of the snow got on the orange one >both of them got very upset while the blue was giggling behind them >the orange started to speak to her friends "Aria. Sonata. Grab some snow. I want payback." >The three of them gather some snow "Hey how about this?" >the blue one found a huge piece of snow that had the shape of a boulder >uh oh "Perfect! Let's throw it at him!" >you are about to bolt out of there until you were hit by two snowballs in the face courtesy of the purple one >you manage to get the snow off your face to see the trio holding the giant piece of snow on top of the hill, ready to throw >however >the purple one, assuming she got impatient, threw her side of the snow chunk >some of the snow dust fell of the chunk on her >her reaction to sudden snow in her face caused her to slip and fall >her slipped foot trips the orange one >orange poof foot trips the blue one >they all fall right into the snow >the snow dust from the chunk was still up and fell on the group like a blanket >you just stood there watching this all go down, literally >everything went down in seconds but when you were watching it felt like the entire thing was in slow motion >kind of like that kung-fu soccer movie you saw last month >you wanted to speak but it looks like they were too busy trying to get the snow off as they got up "Uh, are you girls okay?" The purple and orange turned their sights at you >they were pissed >but you noticed they were cold and wet from the white onslaught that fell upon them "I think you girls need to go home before you catch a cold." "E-easy for you to s-s-say, jer-rkoff!" said the shivering purple one >wait what "W-w-we do-on't have a ho-home!" said the blue one >oh crapbaskets >these girls were homeless? >were they trying to sing just get some money? >you start to feel some guilt >you decided to help them out >you walk up the hill "Why don't you girls come to my place? It's just two blocks from here." >you make it to the top standing in front of the trio, waiting for their answer >the purple one looks at you, teeth grit and quivering lower lip >the orange poof was still trying to get snow off her hair >you were still waiting for an answer >suddenly the sound of stomach rumbling "Guys! Let's go! I'm getting hungry!" the blue one cried "Well I'm sorry!" yelled the orange poof, "we don't get anything but those two flowers that were given to you. How about you eat those?" >wow >you decide to speak up "If you come over to my place, I'll cook something up for you and get you new clothes." >the blue one suddenly got in your face almost instantly "For realzies?!" >wat >is she 12? "...For realzies." >the blue one started hugging your left arm, trying to warm herself up "C'mon girls! Food and clothes!" >the other two were looking at each other with an unsure look in their faces >assert.exe "Would you rather stay out here, cold and hungry? >they looked at each other again >they look upset and defeated "Fine." said the orange poof, "But don't think that we owe you anything." "Understood." >you brought the three out of the park >quickly pass two blocks and a bunch of cars >finally you reach the complex "Well here we are." >you would give them a chance to revel in the size of the building however it's not worth bragging to sick people >correction: those with a chance of getting sick >after waking inside and greeting the security guard you bring the trio of cold girls to the elevator >once inside you press a button for the 14th floor >as the elevator rose up the building, the orange poof suddenly spoke "If I may, I must say I'm quite surprised." "Surprised?" "You bring a bunch of strangers to your home. Strangers who weren't being nice to you in the first place." >you look at the purple girl next to you >she makes a grumpy face at you while trying to keep herself warm "Why would you do such a thing? Do you expect something in return?" >you chuckle "Didn't you say that you don't owe me anything earlier?" "I did but behind I'm finding this whole situation hard to believe." "I guess I'm just being a nice guy." >you can hear the purple girl make a blech sound. >the elevator rings >you have reached your floor >you walk along the red rug with the girls >the blue haired one hasn't let go of your arm since you left the park >odd >you find your apartment number >0927 >you walk inside and the blue hair lets go of your arm and basks herself in the warmth >she suddenly starts to take off her clothes, very quickly >your face starts to to turn very red >the other two push you out of your apartment and back in the hallway >the purple one slams the door after she yells at you "JACKOFF!" >that just happened >you just got kicked out of your apartment by three younger girls >you have no idea how to react to that >at least you still have the key or you would've been locked out until they opened the door >you probably should open the door in case they mess up the place >you spent most of yesterday cleaning it up >fancy homes need to be cleaned >and considering their personalities, they might end up ruining it >but that blue girl is probably around with no clothes >oh dear >you put your hand to the doorknob as you ponder on those thoughts >the doorknob suddenly turns by itself and the door opens >someone with the towel on their head pops out of the door >the towel moves to reveal it's the blue girl >she walks out >you see she's wearing one of your shirts >it's a little big for her >you notice she has no pants or shoes on >just a big shirt and hopefully some underwear "Hey, sorry about Dagi and Aria kicking you out." she says while drying her hair with the towel, "I just really wanted to take a hot shower after all that. I hope that's alright." >huh, she's a lot nicer than you thought >a bit strange but nice "You're still cooking for us, right?" >oh right "Yeah, let me get changed and I'll get started." >the blue girl happily ran to the couch >you walk into your apartment and headed to your room >open the door of your room to find the purple one and orange poof undressing >they turn their heads toward you >nope.jpg >you are not dealing with their shinanegans right now >you quickly close the door >you can hear them yell and some banging at the door >they were probably trying to throw things at you >you head back to the kitchen and pass the blue girl happily lying on the couch >probably never had a good night sleep >she sees you and sits up "Oh by the way, I'm Sonata. Nice to meet you!" "Oh, nice to meet you as well. I'm-" "Food." >wat "What?" "Food. I'm hungry." >Sonata runs her tummy and looks at you with a pleading face "Oh.. Okay." >at the kitchen you wonder what to cook >something warm >something filling >and perhaps meaty and healthy >those girls probably haven't eaten in days >you remember you cooked some cube pork stew last night >you cooked a bit too much and you couldn't finish it all >guess that'll do for now >you walked to the refrigerator >grabbed the big plastic wrapped bowl and started unwrapping it >after putting the bowl in the microwave and started to heat it, you see the bag of brunch you got earlier >a bag from Taco Dong >your stomach started growling >you decide to finish the bag >reaching in you grabbed the only one taco that was left in the bag >you unwrap it >it's still warm >good enough >the taco was about to go to your mouth until >you look next to you >Sonata is staring at the taco with her eyes wide and shining "Um, the food is almost ready." >she just kept staring "Uh, Sonata?" >she turns to you >you notice her eyes >they had a very wanting look as if she was saying 'I WANT IT! I WANT IT!' >you decide to give the taco to Sonata >she swipes it from your hand and starts to eat it happily and in such a quick manner. >she had tears coming down her eyes every bite she took >ooooookay then >you stood there as you watched Sonata wolf down the taco at record time >apparently she ate so fast she's starting to choke up a bit >Sonata was pounding on her chest >ohsnap.gif >you quickly grabbed a glass and filled it with water from the faucet >you give it to Sonata and she takes it >she drinks up the whole cup and gives out a sigh of relief "I thought I was a goner there." >she looks at you >all you could do was look at her with an upset face "I'm sorry. I just haven't had anything to eat in days and tacos are one of my favorites and..." >you just kept looking at her >she looked down "I'm sorry." >my goodness she really is like a child >how did she even survive like this? >it's really sad to see >you sigh "Regardless, you need to be careful on how you eat. You almost choked on a taco. Now go take a seat, the stew is almost ready." >she goes to the table, still looking down >you sigh "Look. I'm not mad at you. It's just in my nature to help people out and make sure they don't make the same mistakes." >you pat her head "Don't be sad over it. I'm just looking out for you." >she looks up and gives a small smile "Th-thanks for the water." >you smile back >you hear a blech sound >you look up and see the purple and orange poof out of the room and near the kitchen >you can see they had a hard time finding clothes as the purple one was wearing a shirt and baggy pajamas >the orange poof was wearing a sweater and baggy pants >obviously your clothes were a little big for them "Ah, I see you're done with my closet." "You need better clothes, jerkoff." said the purple one, "None of your clothes fit right or have any style." >gee it's not like your clothes were for men your size >they walk to the table "While you girls wait, I'll go and change my clothes." >you head to your room >you walk into your room and see it's condition >you can tell those two were careful and respectful with your personal belongings >and by that you mean everything is a mess >a clutter of objects near the door probably when they were trying to throw things at you when you walked in while they were undressing >your closet was still open and there were clothes on the bed and floor >you would clean it up but you have guests >hungry guests >hungry rude guests with no respect of other people's homes >is this why they are homeless? >as you ponder on these types of questions you grab a shirt and sweat pants >getting out of your winter clothes you hear the microwave beeping >the stew is heated >you put on your pants >you put on your shirt >you hear a voice yell "Ow, that hurts!" >you go out of your room to see Sonata trying to get the bowl from the microwave >you walk out out of the bedroom and to the kitchen "Sonata, what are you doing?" "I was trying to get this bowl." Sonata said while rubbing her palms, "But the bowl is really hot." >seriously? >you raise an eyebrow >is she childish or is she a ditz? >probably both "Look, just go back to the table and I'll take care of it." Sonata goes back to the table while the other two snicker. >you grab some cooking mitts and used them to get the bowl out of the microwave >you placed the bowl on the table >you can smell the pork >they probably smell it too >smells as good as it was last night >you get some small bowls, some spoons and a big serving spoon and place them on the table "Alright, food's ready. Go ahead." >problem was they were trying to figure out who would get the first serving >they just looked at each other as if they were ready to pounce >you sigh and grabbed the serving spoon >you decide to ask some questions as you gave your guests the stew "So did you girls go to school?" you said as you gave the first serving to Sonata. "We did." said the orange poof, "But there was an 'incident' that had us leave." >you give the next serving to her "Which school?" "Canterlot High School." said Sonata, "We had a lot of fun there! There was food, art lessons and a lot of nice people. We could've gotten far but there was the Battle of the Bands and-" "SONATA!" the orange poof yelled out >Sonata instantly became silent. >she said Battle of the Bands >you make note of that as you give a serving to the purple one. "Sorry Dagi.." Sonata said before looking down and eating a pork cube "Dagi? That's your name?" "No, you imbecile." said Dagi, "my name is Adagio Dazzle." >interesting name "This one here is Aria Blaze." >Adagio points to the purple one wolfing down the stew >charming "Canterlot High, eh? I haven't heard from that school in a while." "Diffu go do dat skoo?" said Sonata with a mouth full of pork "No, I just know the principal and her sister. I heard their school was doing a lot better." "So you don't go to school?" Asked Aria "Oh no, I do. I'm actually a teacher." "Where?" Asked Sonata putting her bowl out for another serving >you give her a huge serving of stew as you explain your work "I'm a teacher at Crystal Prep High School. I teach science and music." >you just realized something "Haha, all this time and I never actually told you my name. My name is Anonymous though everyone at school calls me Starswirl." >you hear spoons drop >you see that the three girls were looking at you with shock in their faces >you were surprised on how they reacted to the name Starswirl >you feel this is connected to something "S-Starswirl?" said the shocked Adagio, "Starswirl the bearded?!" >wait a minute "You know my grandpa?" >their faces went from shock to confusion "Grandpa??" they all said "Yes, my grandfather was called Starswirl the bearded. The reason he got that name is because of his outrageous beard." >however it's not as outrageous as Dagi's hair >well maybe >but you feel like something isn't right "So how exactly do you know my grandpa?" >you put your hands together, elbows on the table, waiting for an answer >the three were looking at each other >they look like they don't want to answer "Alright then. If you don't want to answer then let me ask you this question: do you girls look at me differently now knowing that I'm his grandson?" "No, not really." Said Sonata, "You're a lot nicer than the Starswirl we know." "Sonata!" both Dagi and Aria yelled >the two looked at each other, almost in a panic >they start to eye at the door that leads to the outside hallway >you get out of your seat and move in front of them, hopefully preventing them from running so they can hear you "Listen, I don't know what my grandpa did to you girls but I'm letting you know that you are safe. I won't do anything to you girls" "I-I believe you." said Sonata. >Adagio and Aria give a surprised look at Sonata. "I mean, he let us in his house and gave us food and besides the Starswirl we know is not even from here. All he did was bring us to this world and-" "SONATA!" yelled Adagio "Will you please shut up?!" yelled Aria, "You are not helping!" >it seems the panic is giving you more questions than answers >as the girls argue with each other you start thinking about the information you've gotten so far >it seems something happened between these girls and your grandpa Starswirl, or you assume it is, that has put them in an odd panic >could it be the reason they are homeless? >can't be >sure your grandpa was a bit strange >he was never really a social guy >and he never shaved his beard but his genius and his teaching prowess is what led Crystal Prep to where it is today >it's been successful for many years >hmm, kind of reminds you of that one student >she's goes to your AP classes >a smart cookie but not very social >she just stays either at the library or her special study room >you would like to think more about this but you notice the girls left their seats >you turn around to find them trying to sneak past you >they notice that you spotted them and tried to run "Hold it right there!" >you grab Sonata and Aria from the back of their shirts >you grab Dagi's hair with your teeth >you can smell her hair >she hasn't showered in what you think has been weeks >ugh >the girls were struggling to get themselves free >you would try to talk to them but your mouth is full of orange poof right now >ugh it stinks >after a long struggle you manage to pull them all to the couch and they sit >after a few breaths of relief from that stench you speak "If you girls wish to leave, at least let me wash your clothes so you don't have to go out with mine." "...Ugh, fine." said the annoyed Dagi fixing her hair >you point to her "Also you. Take a shower. Your hair stinks." >Dagi looked down in embarrassment as Sonata and Aria started to snicker "I've been wondering where are your clothes?" "Oh, I left mine at the shower." Said Sonata "I don't know." said Aria >wat "What?" "Let me rephrase that: I don't want to remember where my clothes are so how about you go and find it yourself." said Aria looking away with her arms crossed >brat "Aria's clothes are in your room." said Dagi, "So are mine. You better clean them thoroughly." >she said it with authority >you tell Dagi where the shower is she heads over there >you head on over to your room to get the clothes to put in the laundry >after a few minutes of searching past your own clothes you find them >they are still wet >ugh they wet the wooden floor of your bedroom with their clothes >you manage to collect all the clothes and roll them into a ball >carrying the ball of wet clothes you head into the shower room >Dagi is washing her hair in the shower >be glad your shower door is covered in steam or she would've noticed you >you see Sonata's clothes on the floor and quietly pick them up >you hold the still wet clothes as you get out of the shower room and head out of the apartment to the elevators >once inside you press the button for the basement >the doors are about to close until you see a blue hand stop them >it was Sonata "Sorry, I felt like I wanted to talk to you." >huh "Well, okay." >you and Sonata stood in the elevator as you headed down to the basement "So I was wondering, why do have the same name as your grandpa?" asked Sonata "Oh, like I said my name is Anonymous but you can all me Anon if you want but everyone at school calls me Starswirl because I resemble my grandpa when he was young. It started as a joke calling me that because of the resemblance but eventually the name just stuck to me. My own students even call me Professor Starswirl." >Sonata giggles at your story >you realize this is the perfect time to ask some questions >since it's just you and Sonata >she seems like the best person to get answers from and the other two are still in your apartment so they won't be able to stop her from speaking "So Sonata." >she looks at you "Why did you girls panic said my name was Starswirl?" >she gives a surprised look >eyes wide, mouth locked >like a child caught for lying "W-we didn't panic. Not at all." >you smirk "You're very bad at lying." >she starts to fidget "Listen, I won't laugh or hate you. But just tell me what my grandpa did to you girls. That is if it was my grandpa." >she looks away "So you won't tell me?" >she stays silent "Okay, I'll leave it alone then." >the elevator beeps and the doors open >you've arrived in the basement >it's surprisingly clean >normally basements are cluttered with things like storage boxes and unused electronics but instead it looks more like a lobby >you walk out of the elevator and Sonata follows you >so much for getting answers from her >you walk on the velvet rug and pass the nicely decorations >Sonata looks around with awe in her eyes "Wow, it looks so pretty around here." >you chuckle "Haha, it's no surprise since the holidays are coming." "The holidays? What holidays?" >you stop and turn your head to her >wat "What?" >she looks at you waiting for an answer >AreYouSeriousBro.png "You've never heard of the holidays?" >she shakes her head >you question her age, mental age and how she has spent her life "You've never heard of Christmas?" >again she shakes her head "How have you not heard of Christmas?" >she tilts her head "We've never really celebrated holidays in this world." >she realized what she said and puts her hands on her mouth >you note the words 'This World' >something is very fishy >you and Sonata continue walking in the fancy basement >Sonata was still holding her hands upon her mouth >you recollect all the info you know about these girls >Aria? A brat. Adagio? Nothing too noticeable other than her hair. Sonata? A child. >though you feel she's nicer than the other two >then the keywords: battle of the bands, Starswirl, this world >something is going on with these girls but you don't have enough information >hopefully something will hit you >and it did >the laundry room door "Ow.." >Sonata tries not to laugh >you need to stop getting distracted with your thoughts >you open the door >you see a whole row of laundry machines on one side and a row of drying machines on the other >you grab the detergent on the shelf and open the nearest laundry machine >you unroll the clothes and shake them >Sonata looks at you with a confused look "What are you doing?" she asks "Oh, I'm just shaking off any excess that can be easily removed and emptying pockets." "Emptying... Pockets?" "Yes, it would be bad to leave objects inside the pockets while doing the laundry. It could damage the machine." >start searching the pockets of the clothes >Aria and Dagi's clothes are okay >then came Sonata's >you felt something in one of the shirt pockets >you take it out >it's a bunch of red shards >why does she have shards in her pocket? >you would ask her but she started screaming "AHHHHH! Those are mine!" >she started to grab your right hand that was holding the shards >she was trying desperately to get them back >her face says she doesn't want you to know about these "Sonata, what are these?" "They are something important to me!" she yelled while trying to get the shards of your hand >you raise an eyebrow, turned your hand and let go of the shards >the shards went on Sonata's hands and held them tight >she was breathing heavy "These are... pieces of something I once had." she said while trembling, "This, Aria and Dagi are all I have left. I'm sorry I yelled but I don't want to lose these. I already lost something important to me, this is all I have.." >you take note of that and pat Sonata's head with your left hand "It's okay. I'm sorry." >but what she didn't know is you managed to put one of the shards in your pocket >you wait as the laundry machine washes the clothes >Sonata looks at the clothes going in circles in the machine >you decide to ask less direct questions "So Sonata, why were you girls, uh, 'singing' in the park?" >she turns to you "Oh, because we need money." >that looked pretty obvious "So you girls really are homeless." "And all we know is how to sing.. but we can't even do that anymore." >she looks at the shards in her hand "Everything was really fun but now we've done nothing but live in a nightmare for months.." "What was it like before it became a nightmare? "Oh, it was amazing! We sang and people adored us, they followed us, gave us free food, made us outfits for the Battle of the Bands and-" >her happy tone came to a stop after mentioning battle of the bands >she looks down and rests her head on the laundry machine's door >doesn't seem safe but you decide to leave her be >this would be a good opportunity to figure out what happened to them >you decide to use your phone and open the web browser >you go to Hoofle and enter the keywords >Canterlot High, Battle of the Bands >there were a few results >you chose the top result >it's an article from the town's local newspaper >"Rainbooms Light Up the Stage" >the article explains Canterlot High's musical event where bands from the school complete against each other >there were photos and videos attached to them >the first few were from the opening act >"The Great and Powerful Trixie and her band excites the crowd before the final showdown." >you look at one of the photos >what a strange hat that girl is wearing >reminds you of your grandpa for a bit >though his hat was a bit more... silly than strange >the next set of photos show green smoke and three silhouettes >you can tell based on the hairstyles >it was the Aria, Adagio and Sonata >"The Dazzlings give a bedazzling performance." >how original.. >you look through the set >wow their outfits are quite flashy >you see a video clip >you leave the laundry room so Sontata won't hear the video >after you leave you press play >the Dazzlings are harmonizing >they sound beautiful >which you consider strange since they sounded horrible when you first met them >Adagio starts singing while Aria and Sonata are backing her up >...Oh so that's why they are called the Dazzlings >suddenly you see something happening to them >a light shines on them >wait a minute >did they grow wings and tails? >that's weird >probably special effects >probably >the clip ends >you go further down the article to find a photo of a band on top of a hill >they had tails, wings and horse ears >odd >you notice the purple one with wings >is that...? >can't be >when was this >you check the date and find this article was made around spring >she couldn't have been part of that since final exams were coming up >during that time you saw her at the library everyday studying >the next set of photos show the Dazzlings with these.. >what are these? >they look like flying seahorses and they have the same colors as the Dazzlings >you find another video clip under the photo >the 'seahorses' were flying around what you assumed were the Rainbooms >suddenly the music stops >the one with the red and yellow hair starts singing and the rest of the band follows >huge flashing lights appear that it blurs the sight of the camera >you can hear the crowd singing along >the lights lowered a bit showing a giant... unicorn in the sky >okay then >the unicorn shoots a huge beam of colors at the 'seahorses' and the Dazzlings >the lights stop and the unicorn disappears >the camera turns to the Dazzlings on their knees >they look at the crowd and stand up >they sing >and there's the horrible singing you know >they get booed out of the stage and the clip ends >you find something odd >how could that cause someone to sing horribly? >it was just special effects.. right? >you felt something was off >you rewind the clip to the part where they started singing badly >you notice something >the gems on their necklaces are gone >you rewind the video again checking that they had the gems on until after they got hit with the beam of light >can't be >you open your pocket and look at the hidden shard >these gems are what made them sing so well? >you ponder until "Hey Anon! The laundry stopped spinning!" said Sonata almost startling you and dropping your phone >you put your phone away and head back inside the laundry room >Sonata just opened the machine's door >you grab all the clothes and place it in the drying machine behind you >you put in the correct settings and pressed start >the clothes started rotating as Sonata begins to watch.. again "You really like watching the laundry." "It's because it's so fun to look at!" Sonata said with a smile, "Looking at all those colors move around super fast and then seeing clothes roll over and over. It's like me and the girls are rolling round." >what a cute way of thinking >she really is a child >but as you look at Sonata watch the clothes roll in the machine, you feel that something is bothering you >how can jewelry affect vocal chords? >maybe they weren't really good at singing in the first place >perhaps the necklace is actually some automatic tone tuning device? >that doesn't explain the gems >what if they weren't gems but actually the power source >but how does that explain that beam of colors that fell on the Dazzlings and presumably destroyed the gems? >theories start popping around in your head until you remember the words Sonata said earlier "We've never really celebrated holidays in this world." >'In this world'? >what could that mean? >other than Sonata's lack of knowledge of the winter holidays >she sounds like as if she's some being from another world >perhaps she looks human but is actually some strange being >PFFT as if >that's only something that comes out of comic books and kid shows >you start laughing as Sonata turns her head in confusion "What are you laughing about?" "Oh nothing, I just had this thought that maybe you girls are from some other world." "Aha.. yeah." She said with an uneasy laugh. "Probably some magical land with dragons and unicorns." "And pegasi!" She said joining your laughter "And pegasi!" >you start laughing more "Oh let me guess, you were a pegasi!" "No, I'm a Siren!" "Of course, a siren!" >you both couldn't stop laughing >finally the laughing died down and you looked at Sonata "Oh, That's a good one." >you then notice the look she gives you after you said that >she then looks away >she's acting almost as if >... >wait >no way "Sonata, you can't be serious right?" "And if she is?" >you turn around >it's Dagi and Aria in sweaters "I knew I couldn't leave you two alone." said Dagi. "Sometimes Sonata, you really need to learn to keep your mouth shut." said Aria. "I'm sorry. He was so nice, I didn't.." said Sonata, head still down >she walked over to them, not looking at you at all >she stood behind Dagi who had her arms crossed "So Anon, assuming you know, what do you plan on doing to us?" She asks "What?" "Don't play dumb. You heard what Sonata said." "That she's a siren?" "Yes, you imbecile." "But sirens.. Well, sing beautiful sounds. But you three can't sing at all." "We did. But a certain 'incident' caused our wonderful singing to disappear." "Battle of the Bands?" >they look shocked after hearing that "I looked up information about that. You girls had quite a performance against the Rainbows." "Rainbooms." said Sonata. "Uh, right. So I assume the form you all have now is just a mask to hide your true forms?" "No, this is what we are now." Said Dagi, "We looked a lot more elegant back then and now we're.. this." >they had a previous form? >wait, was it those floating seahorses that were behind them during the performance? >you wouldn't really call that 'elegant' >you find this a good chance to finally get answers >you try simple and steady "So you girls aren't from here?" "Wow, you /are/ an imbecile." said Dagi. >you probably should've been direct with the questions "Yes, we aren't from here and by here we mean this world. We were once the most beautiful and talented beings in our world. We had everything, fame and adoration. Nothing could've stopped us. That is until HE came." >you assume it's "My grandpa?" "Starswirl the Bearded? Yes, that wretched bell-jingling bearded prune that ruined our plans for complete domination by trapping us in this world and making us look like these." "Why?" "Because he assumes that trapping us in a world where magic doesn't exist was a good idea. However we still had our gems, the source of our power but then they got destroyed. Now we really are powerless." >not to mention homeless and hungry >but from what she said it sounds like they were villains and your grandpa just saved that world >you knew your grandpa was crazy but not Traveling-To-Other-Worlds-And-Saving-Lives type of crazy >but he was always coming up with these strange devices >like that weird mirror that's in your office at school >it was a gift from your grandpa though it doesn't look anything special >you remembered that there were some burns in the back of it >probably results of grandpa's weird experiments "So my grandpa saved that world and sent you girls here, but how?" "Easy, he said he wanted a showdown between us and him but that was a lie and tricked us going into a portal." "Like some magic portal?" "Well it looked like a mirror before he turned it on." Said Aria. >so he used a portal disguised as a mirror >wait a minute >it can't be >the mirror your grandpa used is the same mirror in your office? >but how >you then wonder why did your grandpa send you the mirror if he knew it was a portal to another world >questions you want to answer but the school is closed for today >you don't have the keys to the school and the final open day before winter break is this Monday >you wanted answers >you continued to think until Dagi pulled your ear "Imbecile! I'm talking to you!" >ow, she's got a good grip "What is it?" >you rub your ear "I've been asking what do you plan to do with us?" "Huh?" "I take this wimp, Adagio." said Aria cracking her knuckles, "Let's just kick him out of his house and we'll have a place to stay." >oh no you didn't "No Aria, that would've worked when we had magic but.. If we did that now, who knows what could happen." >you can see why she's the leader of the group >she's smart >you're impressed >you cross your arms "Well for starters, I'd call the police. They'd break in, have you arrested and because of Aria's threats, you all might go to jail for threats, assault, breaking and entering, etcetera." >Dagi looks down, defeated "So that's it." >she sighs "We've been driven out of own home, humiliated, starving, powerless.. It's become too much. I'm sick of it but there's nothing we can do about it. If you want to get rid of us, we will go ourselves." >you stay silent >she looks at you >you give a stern face >Dagi puts her head down again "This nightmare continues.." >Dagi turns around and walks away, Aria and Sonata follow "Hold it right there." >they stop and turn to look at you "You're still wearing my clothes." "But our clothes are in that machine." said Sonata pointing at the laundry room, "we don't have anything else but these." "Well, you are not leaving this building with my clothes." >Dagi holds the collar of the sweater she is wearing "So you expect us to go out there with no clothes?" >you stay silent "And here I thought you were different from that prune." >Dagi started taking off the sweater >you realize she isn't wearing underwear "I didn't say to take it off." >Dagi stops halfway, seeing only her stomach >close call "What you imbecile?" Said Dagi, "you said we can't leave the building with your clothes." "But I didn't say you all could leave." >they had a surprised look in their faces "How about you girls stay at my place for the night? Tomorrow I can help you find some clothes that are weather appropriate. You'll even get a good night sleep in a warm bed." >they stood silent "So is that a yes or no?" "YES!" Yelled Sonata, "I'm sick of being cold and hungry everyday! I want to stay!" >Aria huffs "Fine, but I'm doing this to make sure Sonata isn't making herself look stupid again." >Dagi started shaking "A-are you serious?" "I am. You girls can't afford to live out there in this weather and it nice to have company stay over once in a while." >Dagi falls to her knees >you can hear her cry a bit "Seriously Adagio?" said Aria >rude >does she have emotions? >you hear a ding >clothes must be dried >walk back to the dryer machine and grab the clothes >you put them in a nearby basket >you then carried the basket with one arm >you head back to the group >Dagi still on her knees, crying >Sonata was also crying >Aria was looking away from them >you walk up to Dagi and put the basket down >she looks up >you offer your hand >she takes it and stands up "C'mon let's go back up." >you lead the Dazzlings across the winter decorated basement to the elevator >as you all go in you pressed the button for your floor >the ride up was almost silent >Sonata still trying to recover from crying and she was holding onto your arm the whole ride >Dagi stood in the corner behind you and Aria just stood silent >as you made it to your floor you got out and the Dazzlings followed >you find your key in your pocket and unlock the door of your apartment >you all went in >you turned around and faced them "Welcome home." >you spent the rest of the day with the Dazzlings >Aria was watching wrestling on the TV while Dagi was sitting next to >she was fixing her hair "I'm glad you finally took a shower Adagio." said Aria with a smirk, "Your really smelled." "Shut it." said Dagi >you were cooking dinner while Sonata helped >and by helping you mean you were teaching her how to cook >you were making quesadillas >don't ask it was Sonata's idea >after an hour and three attempts by Sonata later, you finished the quesadillas >you start setting up the table >you pour cider into the cups >you call Dagi and Aria to head to the kitchen >you all went to the table and ate dinner >after eating 5 quesadillas you got sleepy >you were about to head you your bedroom and remembered you have three guests >you turn around "Hey, you girls can sleep in either my room or the guest bedroom." "Where we will you sleep?" Asked Sonata "On the couch. I'm gonna go to bed now. Tomorrow's gonna be busy." "Why?" "We're going shopping for clothes. I said you girls need weather appropriate clothing so we will start tomorrow but for I'm getting some shut eye. >you were ready to sleep >you lied down on the couch >you must've been real tired because you drifted to sleep real quick >Entering Rest Mode >you find yourself in an area filled with snow and darkness >you try and walk around >suddenly you hear something >what is that sound? >it's a female's voice >she's harmonizing >it sounds beautiful >you try and follow it >you see a silhouette >you go after it but it starts to farther along with the voice >you kept chasing it until you trip >you wake up >it's night time >2 AM to be exact >it was just a dream >but you're starting to feel something >...down in your pants >you look down to see Sonata putting your genitals in her mouth >wait what >what's going on? >she keeps going >goodness she has some technique "S-Sonata? What aAAAAre you doING?!" >she looks up and let's go of your nether region "I wanted to thank you." said Sonata, "But I didn't have anything to give you so I.." "But you didn't have to do this." "N-no, I felt like I had to. I heard guys like this type of stuff so.." "Sonata, you don't have to." >you then realized something "Wait, where did you learn this?" >she looks away "Some guy taught me that a long time ago. He said he'd offer me some money but after I did it he only gave me little. It wasn't enough to buy anything." >that's horrible "H-Have Dagi and Aria..?" "No, just me." >dear lord, this poor child.. "It was a day after we lost our singing voices." "A day after we lost our ability to sing, Dagi and Aria went around the town taking food from stands. I was just standing there being a distraction while Dagi and Aria did the rest when no one was looking. Later that night, a man came to me and said he was a fan of ours. He saw our performance at the Battle of the Bands and asked if I could sing for him. I told him I lost my ability to sing and then he said he probably knows a way how to get it back." >oh no "He brought me to a dark alley and told me to get on my knees. He said I have to drink something to fix my vocal chords." >no "Then did he.." "I did the same thing that I'm doing now to him. My head felt fuzzy through all that and afterward I drank the weird drink from him but after I finished he laughed and said I was stupid for believing him then threw a coin at my face." >this poor child >she had no idea "I was a bit dizzy but her Dagi and Aria's voice. The man was screaming and the next thing I knew I saw Dagi in front of me. I looked over and saw the man on the ground being kicked by Aria. We left the town after that and stayed in the city for months trying to ind a home. >she puts her head up an looks at you "And then we met you." >you couldn't find the words to say >this girl was so innocent >she felt like had everything >she felt like she could've be at the top >but now it's been taken away and she has no idea what to do >is this what grandpa wanted? >it can't be >you stare at her as she has a melancholy look in her eyes as she looks at your genitals "It's okay though. I kept believing that everything will be back to normal. It's why I keep smiling everyday." >tears start falling from her face "Oh, darn it. I'm crying again. You must think I'm being childish for thinking that way don't you?" she said with a smile >you just looked at her >she's so innocent yet strong >you wonder how she far she could've gotten if Dagi and Aria weren't there for her >she would've.. >and then out of impulse, you hug her >you held her tight "It's okay Sonata. You don't have to deal with that anymore." "Wha-what do you mean?" "You've been trying to find a home well.. How about living here with me?" "F-for realzies?" she said softly >you chuckle >goodness she really is a child "For realzies." >you lighten the hug and your face was close to hers. >she eyes had a soft look >almost as if.. >... >you wake up >it's morning >it was just a dream >or was it? >because you look down to see Sonata sleeping on your chest >only difference is she still had her clothes on >that is strange >she stirs and opens her eyes >she gets up and yawns >she stretches her arms and looks at you "Good morning!" She said with a smile "G-good morning." >she gets off you and starts walking off before saying "By the way, thanks for last night." "Uh, no problem?" >hold on "Wait what did I do?" >she turns and looks at me as if she's saying 'you don't remember?' "Hello? I told you what happened to me after I lost my ability to sing. After that you hugged me and kept holding on while I cried myself to sleep." >wait what "You mean we didn't have se- uh, never mind." >she tilts her head in confusion >you hear a door open >you see Dagi come out of your bedroom with a yawn and very messy bed hair >Sonata turns around and sees Dagi and runs to her "GOOD MORNING DAGI!" >Dagi responded with an annoyed look in her face >'shut up sonata' is probably what she's thinking >you look out the window and notice the bright morning sun >almost reminds you of someone before you moved to the city >you better get yourself ready >you have to go shopping for clothes >maybe find some gifts for Christmas too >you notice Aria isn't up >maybe you should wake her up >but at the same time you hear something in the back of your head >'Don't' "Hey Dagi! Anon, said we can live here!" Said Sonata "Wha?" Dagi said still groggy from waking up >she must've enjoyed sleeping on a bed >she looks at you "What is she talking about?" "I told her that she can live with me. I you want to stay here too then that's fine." >she yawns "Okay then." >'okay then'? >what happened to all the emotion yesterday? >speaking of emotion >or lack there of.. >you get sit up and got off the couch >you walked forward and passed Dagi and Sonata >you stop in front the guest bedroom door >you put your hand on the doorknob >careful, you might be waking a sleeping giant >you slowly turn the knob and open the door >there you see Aria, sleeping soundly holding the blanket that covers her >you can see drool coming out >she's kind of adorable when she's like this >...okay ignore that, that felt creepy >you walk to the bed and lean over >you shake her shoulder "Aria? It's time to get up." >she grunts and turns to the other side >you tried shaking her shoulder again "Aria?" "Grrr, shut UP!" She yelled >you felt a huge force hit you somewhere below the belt when she said UP >Aria kicked you the groin >ouch >you got on your knees holding your crotch >palms sweaty >knees weak >arms are heavy >Dagi started laughing as Sonata pushed Aria of the bed "ARIA WAKE UP!" >you hear a thud on the floor >you assume that's Aria hitting the floor >way to wake up on the wrong side of the bed.. >you still felt the effects from the low blow >Aria got up from the floor and hair was a mess >glad she put it down before she slept last night >she looks at Sonata and grits her teeth "Don't you EVER do that again. I was actually in a good mood." >anyone can be in a good mood with a good night sleep >Aria and Sonata start bickering "Are you okay?" Asked Dagi "Y-yeah, just still feeling the kick." >she laughs "I haven't seen Aria kick someone that hard since that time in the alleyway." >wait what >she leans over and speaks quietly to you "Listen you. I appreciate what you've done for us but if you do anything to hurt Sonata, I can assure you we will not take it lightly. They might be idiots but they are MY idiots." "Wait how did you kno-?" "I heard everything Sonata said last night. I was opening my door after hearing Sonata talk. I thought she was sleep talking or something but she was talking to you about what happened to her." "Um, did you hear or /see/ anything else?" "Yes, you held her as she cried herself to sleep. I went back to bed after that. Your mattress is very nice." >thank you? >so we really didn't have sex >whew >you make note after recovering from that incident you and Sonata started making breakfast >you were making pancakes >you were grabbing the pan while looking at Sonata mixing the batter >it's hard to believe all of that was a dream >you remember it so well as if it actually happened >you start getting quick images of the dream >the way Sonata looked shining in the moonlight >the adorable sounds she made >how warm she felt inside >the fear of getting caught by Dagi or Aria and the consequences you would've endured >well getting kicked out wouldn't have been one of them not after explaining to them if they did >snap out if it man >you quickly snapped out of it >good timing because Sonata finished mixing "I think I did it right?" >she gives you the bowl >she did a pretty good job with the pancake mix "You did great Sonata, I'll take care of the rest. You go on and sit in the table." >that was a good excuse to keep her away from you >apparently remembering that gave you an erection >stop it >it didn't happen >you try to snap out of it as you put the batter in the pan >you put a little too much >oh snap >after much clean up you finally made the pancakes and gave it to the girls >however you didn't make any for your own >for some reason you didn't feel hungry at all >you just left the kitchen and say on the couch >the same couch you... >STOP >it didn't happen >yet why can't you stop thinking about it? >you scratch your head very hard trying to figure this out >you've never had any problems like this with your students >well except that green haired one that doesn't take off her headphones >probably because this is a more personal matter >Dagi and the others became homeless, she acts like she's the boss but at the same time she actually cares for Sonata and Aria >Sonata's been through a lot >and Aria.. >... >you don't really know much about her >other than being a grumpy puss >and has very mean kicks >makes you wonder how she stayed with Dagi and Sonata all this time? >maybe companionship was the key >you ask them a question "So I've been wondering, how long have you girls been together?" "None of your business!" yelled Aria "Aria, enough." said Dagi, "we've been together for at least 500 years yet somehow it's feels shorter than that." >500 years >considering they are giant seahorses that sing in a land filled with magic and unicorns and pegasi, that doesn't feel as off as you'd normally think >you also realize they aren't as young as you thought >you look at the time >you should get ready to head to the mall >you head to room while the girls continue their breakfast >you see the room is still a mess >sigh >you grab all your clothes and place it on the bed so you can organize them when you get back >you pick out a shirt, a zip up hoodie and jeans with thermals >after changing your clothes, you grab three extra hoodies for the girls >you head out and look at the table >you noticed Sonata isn't wearing pants >you head back to your room and grab sweatpants for her >you head out and find Sonata walking to the couch >apparently she left the empty plate on the table >you walk to her and hand her the clothes "Hey Sonata, wear these. They may be a little big but they should keep you warm when we go shopping." >she nods and starts to take off the shirt >you then noticed something >she's not wearing underpants >OHCRAPWHY >you stop grab Sonata's hands, preventing her from pulling her shirt up further "Sonata, haha.. h-how about you change in the bathroom?" "Huh? Oh okay." >Sonata puts her shirt down >she then takes the clothes you offered and walked to the bathroom >whew >that was close >you turn to give Aria and Dagi their clothes only for you to see Dagi right in front of you. >she looks very upset >you look over her shoulder to see Aria still at the table, looking at you with a scowl >you look back at Dagi >oh geez, this isn't good.. "I'm watching you." she said putting her face closer to yours >be glad she took a shower yesterday or else you would've had a second round of smelling that horrible stench again "R-right. Anyways here are some clothes. We are gonna go shopping for some clothes at the mall. Don't expect me to buy too much though." >Dagi kept looking at you before turning around with a 'HMPH' while grabbing the clothes >what a good start to this day.. >everyone got out of the apartment and got into your car that was parallel parked near the building >be thankful you chose a four door car or this would've been hard to do >then again you never expected to have three girls live in your home >three girls that are 500 plus year old magical seahorses from another world no less >Dagi sat in the front passenger seat while Sonata and Aria sat in the back >once you started the car, you got out of the parking space an headed to the mall >it was quiet most of the ride until Sonata ask to turn on the radio >it was a song you think is in the pop genre because it was very uh, 'poppy, >Throughout the rest of the ride, Sonata sang along to the song, badly >you quickly look in the mirror seeing Aria covering her ears >you look next to you and Dagi was looking out the window, almost as if she's not even hearing the noise >after half an hour you arrive at the mall however you took almost another half hour finding a parking spot >dear lord, people need to stop last minute shopping >you finally found a spot halfway around the parking lot "Great we gotta walk in the cold again." said Aria "Want to spend another half hour finding one?" >Aria growls, opens the car door and gets out of the car >you, Sonata and Dagi get out of the car as well >after a 3 minute walk, you finally it inside the mall >Sonata basks in the warmth "Yay! No more cold!" She says "Alright, let's go around and find some clothes for you. Remember, nothing to expensive." >murmurs of 'yeah yeah, and 'uh huhs' were your response >you were supposed to be in charge of the group but it seems you spent the whole time being dragged around by them instead >the worst part is most of their clothes were pretty expensive >why are women's clothes so expensive compared to men's? It doesn't make sense >while helping Dagi buying makeup she puts this bottle of shampoo in front of you >"Do'Re" >huh, what a strange brand name >you look at the price >$40 >OHHELLNO "Dagi, this is pretty expensive. Why do you want this? Couldn't you use another brand?" "/This/ brand helps my hair maintain it's wonderful appearance and softness." She said while fluffing her hair, "Using the cheap brand that's in your shower took me forever. I've been using this brand ever since I came here." >you wonder where she got the money to even pay this >oh right magic siren seahorse >you wonder how women deal with all this stuff >clothes, makeup, shampoo >it's a wonder why malls have so many stores catering to women >you spent most of the afternoon being dragged by the girls buying many things for them despite your protests >you grab your phone to check on your bank account >looks like you'll hold off on upgrading your car for now >you decide leave the girls in the mall for a bit so you can quickly put all the stuff you bought in the car >once you did that you ran back to the mall as fast as you could >however once inside you slipped because of your snow soled shoes >you landed on your behind >you hear people trying not to laugh "A-are you okay?" >your head turn to your right to see a familiar purple hand extended to help you >you look up and you immediately recognize the person "Professor Starswirl? I thought it was you." "Twilight? Haha, what are you doing here?" >you manage to stand up with help from Twilight "Oh um, I'm just here finding a Christmas gift." "Really? That's rare. Who's it for? Dean Cadence?" "N-no, it's.. Sugarcoat." "Sugarcoat eh?" >huh, didn't expect Twilight to actually get a gift someone, especially Sugarcoat. Despite her name, she's very blunt with her words >Then again, you have been seeing them together ever since you paired them up for that project in AP class >it's strange, the only people she's ever associated with were Dean Cadence and yourself "So Professor, what are you doing here?" Twilight asks "Oh uh, I'm just here for some shopping." "For school?" "Actually it's for Christmas." "Oh you getting gifts for the teachers?" "Um, let's just say it's for someone special." "Professor? Are you... Dating someone?" >you blush "N-no! I'm not. It's someone who's been in a bad situation and I wanted to help." >Twilight giggles "You're always thinking of other people. That's what everyone at school likes about you." "Thanks Twilight." >nice to hear that >mainly because no one at school has told you that other than Dean Cadence >but you brush it aside. You have things to do "Anyways, I need to head off and finish my shopping. I'll see you tomorrow Twilight." "Okay, see you tomorrow professor!" >she walks off as she waves goodbye >she's a nice girl but she really needs to be a bit more social and having Sugarcoat with her may be a good first step >...a first step into a land mine >you worry how the situation will end up >you feel like someone is behind you >you turn around >it's Aria "Oh Aria! How lon-?!" >she punches you in the stomach >WHY "Where have you been? I'm hungry." >ow, she could've been nicer about it "Where, huu, are Dagi and Sonata?" "Dagi is at Historia's Secret and Sonata is at the toy store. Figures." "So you want something eat? We can go to the good court." >she walks off to the direction of the food court and you follow as you recovered from the hit "You know you could be a little more nicer to the guy that's doing this for you?" "What's there to be 'nice' about?" >rude "Listen if it's about my grandpa- "Shut it. I don't care about your stupid grandpa. It doesn't matter anymore." "You know you could've left out the 'stupid' part." >she turns around "Get off my back will you!" >you start to get annoyed "Why are you like this?" "Oh, I don't know. It's not like after years of singing and spreading chaos, you suddenly got taken away from everything you enjoyed by some bearded unicorn and a bunch of silly rainbow girls and all you have is nothing but two idiots you could've left but can't because you know you won't last long when you're a talentless HACK! Now we have some idiot who's gonna leave us after all this is done. How am I supposed to be happy?! There's nothing else for me." >Aria was breathing heavy after that outburst >my goodness >she's like Sonata, she's hit with the reality she's been thrown into >only difference is Sonata believes things will be better, but for her it's the opposite >she lost hope "Aria, I won't leave you girls." >she looks at you, eyes filled with anger "Liar. You're just like your grandpa. He saw us as monsters and threw us out just like that." >that doesn't sound like him at all >something isn't right, you need to find answers to this >but first "Aria, I'm telling you the truth. Didn't Dagi or Sonata tell you?" "Tell me what?" "I'll take care of you girls. You can live with me as long as you want." "Y-you're lying. Who would even take such talentless hacks?" "I would, because I believe you girls can do something more. Something much better." "And what would that be, huh?!" "That I'm not sure of yet, but in time we will find out. As a teacher, I feel that's what I have to do." >Aria looks down "S-so you'll let us stay?" "As long as you want." >a long pause between you two >she punches you in the gut >AGAIN WHY "You better be ready, numbskull. I'm not easy to please." >like that's hard to figure out >as you recover from the gut check you walk with Aria to the food court >she holds your hand >that's.. unexpected >what's more is you feel her hand shaking >oh my >you shift your eyes to her and see she's looking away from you >you assume she's happy but not sure how to express it >how cute >you arrive at the food court as you see Sonata near Burger Court >Sonata notices you and Aria and waves "HEY! OVER HERE!" >she has a tray with a burger, fries, a huge drink and a hot dog on a stick >odd "Sonata how did you pay for this?" >she turns to the cashier and points to you "He's the guy." >wat "Okay, that'll be $22.50 >wat "I told him that you're paying for my food." said Sonata >WAT >Aria let out of 'pfft', trying not to laugh >first time you actually heard Aria do something like that since you met her "Want something to eat Aria?" "Yeah, I'll have what she's having." >OHHELLNO >despite your protests, you agreed to Aria's request >after paying for yours, Sonata's and Aria's meal you find a table sit and eat >how can fast food be so expensive? >you then remembered Dagi isn't here >probably still at the underwear store >hope she isn't getting anything >considering she doesn't have any money >speaking of whom >Dagi walks in with a bag >it says Historia's Secret "Hello Anon." Dagi said, "I've been looking for you." >wait a minute "Dagi, is that..?" "A bag of lingerie? Why yes." "How did you pay for that?" "Easy, I took some money from your room." >she didn't "What?! How much did you take?" "Oh about $150." >AGH >that was your backup savings >how did she even find it? >you stand up to protest "Dagi, I-" >she gets close and speaks softly "In return, I'll let you have a sneak peak of me in this." >excuseme.gif >she moves her head back and looks at you with a smirk >she then laughs "Like I'd even do that for you!" she says while laughing >well then >for some reason you feel both relieved and disappointed when you heard that >and for some reason you lost your appetite >she sits down >you offer her your food but she refuses "I don't like hot dogs. Fries are too oily. Burgers are disgusting. I prefer iced tea over a diet soda." >well okay then >you stand up "I'm gonna go around for a walk. I'll be back as soon as I can." >apparently Sonata and Aria are too busy eating to listen >Dagi is looking at her underwear still in the bag >you sigh and walk out of the food court >you can't stop thinking that something isn't right >you know that grandpa was the reason these girls came to this world but you feel like there is much more >what exactly is it? >as you ponder you bump into someone "Hey!" >it's a girl >you grab by the back to prevent her from falling >you look down >a very familiar shade of white >she looks up >those red glasses "Su-Sugarcoat?" "You need to stop thinking while walking Professor. You're gonna hurt someone with your carelessness." >her mouth as usual.. >you let go of her "So Sugarcoat, what brings you here?" "Obviously, I'm here to go shopping for gifts. Why else would I be here since the holidays are almost here?" >for some reason you brush the sting of her words off >you recall that Twilight is getting a gift for her "So Sugarcoat, getting any gifts for your friends?" "I already got gifts for Lemon Zest and Sunny Flare. I'm just here to get one for Twilight." >well what do we have here "Oh what made you get a gift for her?" "As much as I hate to admit it, partnering with Twilight for your project was actually enjoyable. However she was too quiet during the presentation >you remember that day well >Twilght flubbed her speech and Sugarcoat took over before it got worse "So what are you doing here, professor?" "I'm the same as you. I'm just buying gifts." "Think you can help me? What does Twilight like?" "Oh um, I think you should go what you think Twilight likes. I mean it's the thought that counts." "That's what they all say but in the end they want something they like not some piece of trash. I want to make sure she uses it every time." >you think about it >something she will use every day >you come up with two answers "How about a book or a hair pin?" "...What?" said a confused Sugarcoat "I mean why not add something to Twilight's image? She likes reading and she might like a book or get her an accessory that'll go with her hair bun." >Sugarcoat rubs her chin "Alright Professor, I'll consider your options. I'll see you tomorrow." >she walks off >now if only you had a chance to ask her what gifts he should get for girls >though it looks like you don't need to >a glimmer catches the corner of your eye >you turn around to see a jewelry store >in the window there were three red gems necklaces >the gems had a golden outline >you feel like you've seen them before yet at the same time you feel like these are perfect for the girls >you look at the price under the necklaces >HEAVYBREATHING >you want to back out but you feel like these are the best gifts for them >after much consideration, you decide to buy the necklaces and have them gift wrapped as well >you hide the gifts in your coat and walk back to the food court >Sonata was apparently at the arcade near the court playing a dancing game >she dances very well >You see Aria still sitting at the table eating the hot dog on a stick >Dagi just sat there, eyes closed and arms crossed >what is she thinking? >you are curious on what she is thinking right now >you walk over and announce your presence "Time to leave y'all." >Aria stood up with the hot dog in her mouth >Dagi opens her eyes, looks at you and stands up >she looks at you again and walks away >You tried to get Sonata to go but apparently she dances so well she kept going until it was Game Over >it lasted a half hour >you walked to the exit of the mall where Dagi and Aria were waiting >you open the door "Alright let's go." >only Sonata goes through >you turn to see they are still at the same spot "Dagi? Aria? Time to go." "You expect me and my new clothes to go out there and freeze?" said Dagi "I'm sick of the cold." Said Aria "So I'm guessing you want me to pick you up?" "Why Anon darling, that's so nice of you." said a sarcastic Dagi, "Better get to it." >you sigh in annoyance >you head out to the snowy parking lot >Sonata still follows you "Aren't you gonna stay with the others?" "Nah. It's more fun walking with people." "Um, okay." "And it's more fun walking with you. You're really nice to be with." >you blush "I-I see." >you reach your car and Sonata sits in the front seat next to you >you start the car and wait two minutes to warm up >Sonata turns on the radio >she flips through channels until she stops at an upbeat song being sing in Spanish >and then she dances while sitting >you start driving out of the parking spot and drive near the mall >Dagi and Aria get out as soon as you pull up >Dagi sees Sonata at the front and gives an upset look before moving to the back seat >the drive consisted of nothing but Sonata dancing and rapping in Spanish "I've heard this song so much I know the words to it." she said with a smile, "I wish I knew what it meant." "It probably means you're gonna be stuffed with burritos." Said Aria >Sonata ponders "That sounds nice." >well now >you finally made it to the complex and everyone got out of the car >you however were left to get all the bags and carry them up to your apartment "Hey girls, can you lend me a hand?" >they went inside >ughhhhhhh >carrying all those bags by yourself took quite a while >you somehow manage to hold them all with both hands and operate the elevator at the same time >you made it to the 14th floor and started to get tired >oh the doors open >wait the doors open? >how? >you check to see the house is empty >you shuffle yourself and all the bags inside the apartment and then dropped them >a huge weight has been literally lifted off you >you close the door and sit on the couch, exhaling greatly doing so >you hear a door open "Anon? Is that you?" Asked Sonata "Yup it's me." >she head pokes out of the bathroom door "Oh I'm glad you're here. I almost thought you weren't coming." "If you helped I could've made it earlier." >she walks out of the bedroom >you're eyes widen when you notice what she's wearing >red bra and panties with black lace >she notices you are looking at her underwear >she has quite a bust >not too big but not too small either "Oh, do I look nice in this?" she asks as she does a complete 360 turn >the moment she showed her back you found she's wearing a thong >OHSWEETMERCY >her butt looks really nice >you look down "DAMN." >you put your hands on your pants to cover your.. Uh, signal of arousal >she finishes her turn and looks at you "So what do you think?" "As.. Astounding." "Really?!" >she jumps on you for a hug and nuzzles under your chin >you hesitated but returned the hug >and what timing because Aria comes out... in underwear as well >she's also wearing red with black lace >only difference is when she turned around to close the door her panties weren't a thong, just regular lacy panties >also notice she has a more slender build compared to Sonata and Dagi >she spots you on the couch hugging Sonata who's still in underwear >she gives off a disgusted look "Creep." >you kind of had that coming to ya >Sonata lets go of you and turns to see Aria "Hey! We match!" >Aria walks to the bag of clothes on the ground and picks out certain ones >she got her set and quickly walked back to the bedroom with her pile of clothes >Sonata went to the bags as well and picked out her clothes "Um, Sonata? Why did you want me to say how you look in underwear?" "Hmm? I just wanted to know if you liked it." she said while rummaging through the bags "Wha-what?" "I don't really know why but I feel like I'm very comfortable with you around plus I never really talked a lot with guys." "Oh, okay." >She takes a pink shirt with a small red heart in the middle and white sweatpants out of the bag and starts wearing them >once she wore them she started scratching her back "Agh! What's on my back?!" >you walk over to Sonata and see what's wrong >the sale tags are still attached to her shirt >you chuckle and snap the tags off "Here, that should work." >she checks her neck and upper back "Oh! That really did help." she said as she turns to you >she tips her feet and kiss your cheek >she looks at you in the eyes with a smile as she said "Thank you." >you blush "I'm just helping that's all." >you hurry to the kitchen for a glass of water >you turn your head to see Sonata put a bag of her clothes near the couch "Um, Sonata? Why don't you put that in the bedroom?" "I can't." said Sonata, "I don't have one." >wat "What do you mean?" "Dagi and Aria didn't want me to sleep with them so I slept with you on the couch. I figured that would be my room." "A living room isn't a bedroom." "But don't you sleep here?" >reminder: buy an extra bed for the guest bedroom "Do you like sleeping on the couch?" "I do! It's so comfy and warm. It's a lot better than the ground." >maybe you should buy one of those bed couches instead >but that still doesn't solve the need of a closet >you grab the bag of Sonata's clothes and head to the guest- Aria's room and knock on the door >the door opens and you see Aria with a green sweater and.. no pants >she looks really cute >and suddenly arousal in your pants >you need to stop being easily aroused "Um, Aria. Sonata needs to put her clothes in the closet." "And that's my problem?" she said with her eyebrow raised, "If you're going to do it then do it. Just as long as I'm not sleeping with her." "What's wrong with Sonata sleeping in the same bed?" "Have you slept with her?" "Yes. Uh, I mean she was sleeping with me." "And?" "She was sleeping soundly. Not a peep." >Her eyebrows rise in surprise "So she didn't cry the whole time?" >wait what "What do you mean?" "Lately she's been crying herself to sleep. After a while, it gets annoying and I didn't want to enjoy time on bed listening to that." >you turn to look at her on the couch >she's watching TV with that carefree smile on her face >you wonder what is really going on behind that smile "So are you gonna put the clothes here or not?" asked Aria "Huh? Oh right." >you walk in but trip on a pair of pants >you fall on what you assume is the bed >you get yourself up and find yourself pinning Aria to the bed >she turns beet red >you should get off her >she'll probably hit you again >she looks at you embarrassed "Is.. something poking me in the stomach?" >crapbaskets >that's your signal to bolt >you leave the clothes be and leave the room as quick as you could >dammit Anon, you're a teacher. You can't do that to young girls >but they aren't really underage >you open the door to your bedroom hoping to calm down but you forgot something important >Adagio was in there >you see her after you opened the door >she's wearing one of those see through nightgowns with a red bra and panties >you realize how all three were wearing red underwear >you also notice her figure >her bust isn't as big as Sonata's but it's more than Aria >however her hips are bigger than both of them >you assume the size of her buttocks are- >this probably not the best time to think about that >Dagi is looking at you with one eyebrow raised "So Anon, you couldn't wait could you?" she said, "If you really wanted to see me in this, you should've asked. Now then, come over here and close the door." >you follow her orders "Now then sit on the bed." >again you follow >you turn to see the clothes you put on the bed earlier were put in a messy pile next the closet >you turn your head forward to see Adagio swaying her hips as she moves towards you >okay what's going on here? >the way she started moving around was like a snake >smooth, alluring, enchanting >what is she doing? >you tried to do something but you felt like you can't >your arms feel like they lost feeling >it's as if she put a spell on you >wait a minute how can she do that if.. >she starts to sit on your lap and put her arms around you >her hair smells like oranges >her hand traces on your from your neck to your face and places her fingertips on your lips >she gets close to you and exhales >she brings your face closer to hers >almost as if.. >... >she pushes you down and laughs "Ahahah, oh that was fun. You are too easy Anon." >you are confused "You know, I miss being dominant, being the manipulator. It was.. really fun." >she sits on the bed as you kept lying on the bed "Having the chance to do that again really felt like a breath of fresh air." >she lies down on the bed and rolls on you >you would feel some pressure being rolled on but instead you got a face full of floof >her hair still has the smell of oranges and it was really soft >must've been that expensive shampoo >you move your eyes to your side to see Dagi next to you lying sideways facing you >that playful look in her eyes tell you something is gonna happen "But you know.." >the playful look is gone and she just looks at you "It's hard to do that when you don't have any power. When you have nothing." "I can't say you have nothing after all you have-" "The idiots?" "Well, yeah." "That's what I realized." "Huh?" "Once you have been stripped of power, you feel lost. Like you can't do anything anymore. Yet those two keep following me day after day. We kept going on because of that. If it wasn't for Sonata being a distraction and Aria being so strong, we wouldn't have taken food from the stores." "Okay, you do know stealing is a crime right?" "Excuse me? What else can you do when you have no home, no money and no food?" >you try and think of an answer >however you've never really been in their, um, special situation >you stay silent "That's what I thought." Dagi said with authority >she sits up "However after what happened to Sonata in the alleyway, I had a thought of what would these two be without me?" >you dare not think of that "Sonata would be goner, that's for sure." Dagi said while laughing, "She's too childish and innocent. They only reason I had her in my group is because of her voice but now that it's gone.. She wouldn't last a day. And Aria, I don't even know what's going on in her mind." >you can relate to that >her attitude is questionable however you have a student who's more questionable >true to her name she's sweet then suddenly sour >you've wondered she has a bipolar disorder >you would think more but there are more important things going on >Dagi lies back down shuffles closer to you "Those idiots are all I have left. If anything happened to them... So I decided to take care of them. So maybe they can learn to.." "I guess friendship really is magic." "What?" "Sorry, an old friend told me that. But listening to you girls on how you all got through all that together tells me you girls have a strong bond." >she laughs "A strong bond? Please, we don't have many things in common. How can you find that a good thing?" "Well, that's the great thing about it. Even with all your differences, you girls used your strengths and made it this far. That sounds amazing to me." >Dagi laughs "Weren't you scolding me on how stealing is a crime a few seconds ago?" "I'm not talking about your theft run, I'm talking on how you all survived all of that and made it this far." "Heh, for some reason I remember my breakdown yesterday. I feel kind of stupid for crying.." "Don't be. It's normal to be happy." >she kept silent and just kept looking at you >she starts to get closer >she puts her hands on your face "Anon, could you..?" >could you..? "Hold me?" >what >you tried to speak but instead you shuffled closer and hugged her >as if you had no control over your body >her head is snuggled under your chin "Okay what now?" >she stays silent >this is weird >you try to pull away to check her but she pulls you back in hard >you're trying to figure out something but you feel something on your chest >is.. >is Dagi kissing your chest? >she makes her way up to your neck and you couldn't really do anything since she's holding you really tight >she starts to move up from you neck to your face "I've been wondering what it's like to do this to someone." She said between kisses, "You seem like the best person to test this out." "What do you mean?" >she starts to climb on top of you >she sits on you >what's more is she's rocking back and forth on your crotch >no way >is this dream? >because if it is wake me up >if not, keep going "I'm gonna play with you a bit." >Dagi takes of the nightgown and bends leans forward to your face "I hope you're ready." >... >you wake up >it's dark out >you smell something >smells like meat cooking >you hear noises outside your room >you try and get out of bed and out of the room >you see Aria on the couch watching TV while Sonata and Dagi are in the kitchen >they seem to be cooking >Sonata >Dagi >cooking >... >OHSHIT.jpg >you run to the kitchen and hope they didn't make a mess >Dagi turns her head to see you coming in really fast "Wait a minute!" >you slide across the kitchen floor and stop next to them >you look over and see Sonata is cooking quesadillas "Quesadillas? Again?" "It's the only thing I know how to cook." Said Sonata, "That and pancakes." >surprisingly, she's doing a good job >nothing burned or spilled >Dagi looks at you >you look back >you suddenly remember what just happened >Dagi riding on your crotch >her constant teasing >the feeling of her soft skin >the expressions she gave >you try and say something "So, uh Dagi how do you feel?" "Hmm? I feel fine. Venting my ordeals with you has given me much relief." >she giggles "And thanks for the cuddle session." >huh? "..Cuddle session?" "After I asked you to hold me, you kept holding on. You started rubbing your head on my hair and went to sleep and then suddenly I fell asleep. Your arms are very comfortable, I must say." >So you never had sex with Dagi, you just held them tight in your arms while you were having erotic dreams about them >okay that's weird >first Sonata now Dagi >what do you even call this? >you wrack your head in confusion >Dagi comes near you and whispers in your ear "I'd like for you to sleep with me tonight. I want enjoy your arms a bit more." >you blush as you move back a bit >she has that playful look in her eyes again >oh >you look away and check on Sonata's cooking >you look at the plate of cooked quesadillas next to the pile of tortilla wrappers >you can see she used a bit too much cheese because there's a good amount leaking out in each one >it's enough to stick to each other >you continued to supervise until she finished >however she seems stumped on something "How do you turn this off?" >wat "How did you turn it on?" "I just turned it." "It took her 3 tries to get the fire going." said Dagi >you're surprised and relieved there wasn't an explosion after hearing that "Did you try turning it the other way?" >she turned the dial to the left and the fire was turned off "Oh there we go." >maybe you should consider teaching her to cook other foods >that'd be nice >you take a piece of a quesadilla and ate it >it's very cheesy but still tasty >you pat her head and said "You did a good job." >she smiles >for some reason, you felt at peace seeing that >Dagi goes between the two of you, breaking the head patting, grabbing the plate of quesadillas and brings it to the table >Aria was already at the table >however she kept looking away at you >dinner time was short but peaceful >no yelling or anything, probably because Aria was so silent the whole time and kept looking away at you >you wonder if she's upset at someth- >you suddenly remember falling on her, pinning her to the bed and poking her stomach with.. your erection >yeah, that would be the obvious reason why she's probably upset a you >maybe you should apologize >however Aria left the table as soon as she finished her dinner and went to her bedroom >you feel like you should go there but who knows how long it would take to talk to her >not to mention Sonata likes sleeping with you and Dagi invite you to her- YOUR bedroom just he can sleep on your arms >what to do? >after cleaning up the table, Sonata pulled you to the couch "Um, Sonata? Something is wrong with Aria. I need to check on her." "Okay, I'll wait here." said Sonata "Uh, you'll wait for me?" "Uh-huh, I wanna sleep on you again. I feel like a cat when I do that. Meow." >ooooookay, weird "I don't know how long I'll be but.." "I'll wait." "Are you sure?" >she nods >she must've had a good sleep last night if she's that eager >you started walking and almost passed Dagi >you try and say something but she interrupts "If it's about Aria, it's best you handle it now." She said as she looks at the door, "The silence she gave felt very uncomfortable, she's never this quiet." >she turns to you "Did something happen to her?" "Um." >her eyebrow raised "Did /you/ do something to her?" "You could say that." "Then I suggest you fix it." >she grabs your shirt and gets close to your face "Or else." >and you thought Aria was the brash one >after Dagi lets go of your shirt, you head to the bedroom Aria went in >you turn the knob expecting it to be locked but you find it wasn't >odd >you slowly open the door "Aria? Are you okay?" >you turn on the lights >you see a green blanket lump with two streaks of purple hair on the bed >yup that's her >you try and pull the blanket off but she rolls away "Aria, I'm sorry what happened earlier. I didn't mean it. There were some strange things that happened before that. I really didn't-" "SHUT IT." >yup she's still mad She rolls further revealing her face "Close the door." She said >you close the door >Aria sits up "You got some guts coming here and talking to me." she said, "Normally the guys run after I kick them." "Well you live in /my/ house. It's not like I have a choice." >you sit on the bed "Aria, can I ask you something?" >she looks at you for a a few seconds then scoots to where you were sitting and stops next to you "What is it?" "I've asked this before but why are do you act so negative and harsh?" "You know I wasn't always like that." >launch sarcasm.mp3 "Oh let me guess, you were actually a nice girl who enjoyed everything given to her but after it was taken away you acted like a b-" >she growls before you finished "Right, sorry." "Well, you're sort of right." "Huh?" "Like I said back then, I enjoyed my life. Everything was so simple and all I did was just sing. Given all that praise and adoration, I liked it. All the chaos that spread because of me, I enjoyed that too." >the chaos part ruined the soft moment buildup for you >Aria looks down at her exposed feet "The three of us were together since we were little. Playing pranks on ponies, watching them yell at each other and swimming around. But the one thing we loved to do more than anything was singing. We decided to make a group and Adagio came up with the name Dazzlings because Blazers isn't a 'captivating band name'. That and we were still little when figuring out our group name." "Did Sonata come up with a name?" "Yeah, Duskys." >spit take "So we formed the Dazzlings and it was really fun." >Aria smiled, a rare sight "I had more admirers then I ever had. We travelled across Equestria singing to everyone." >a thought popped in your head "Question: what did your gems do?" "They were the source of our magic and ability to sing." "How did they work?" "They create magic energy by absorbing the negativity and adoration from other living things." >...yup sounds like something only possible in a magical land "No one opposed us, everyone adored us so much that we were untouchable. We felt invincible. Like we can rule all of Equestria until.." "My grandpa." >Aria bit her lip "He was the only pony who was able to resist our magic. He challenged us and everyone just laughed at him." >yup sounds like grandpa.. "We bested him in every battle. He threw everything he had in arsenal but in the end we defeated in him just about everything." "But then something happened." >she nods "He challenged us to one final battle. He said he would leave Equestria forever if he lost. We thought it was gonna be easy but.." "But?" "When the battle began, Starswirl shot a beam that passed us. We thought he missed, probably because he's mad and a sore loser but something bright was behind us, we turned to see a mirror flashing and then he pushed in." "That's when you came to my world." >Aria held her legs "It was scary. It was so bright we couldn't see and our bodies felt weird. The portal closed and we tried to move but we suddenly found we had THESE." >she lies down raises her arms and legs up "We had no idea how we how we got these. It took us forever to figure out how to stand or even move our fingers and it was worse because it was really dark. But we figured it out eventually and tried to get out of the room. But we couldn't, the whole room was locked. It was.. scary." "Claustrophobic?" "...what?" "It means you are scared of tight, closed spaces. Like the place you were in." "Kind of like that and the fact Sonata was crying almost the whole night didn't make it better.." >you turn to see Aria lying flat on the bed >you try and pat her head but she swats your hand "Don't touch me." "Sorry but I felt like I should.." >she stays silent "...Go ahead." >you pat her head "I'm sorry. It must've been real bad for all of you. How long have you been there?" "Only for that night, when it was day time the door opened and some guy started yelling at us and hit us with a broom stick." "What did he look like? Did he have-?" "No, it wasn't your grandpa. It was some weirdo with orange hair and a blue suit. We couldn't figure out how to move our bodies correctly so we barely made it out of the building." "Did you know what building you were at?" "We never had time because the weirdo kept swinging his broom at us." >well that's not gonna help.. "We soon found out our gems still work but unlike in Equestria where it's filled with magic, this world has no Equestrian magic so it doesn't work that great. We only managed to get so little yet it's enough to have people obey our commands. That part felt great." "Did you girls eat?" "The negativity and adoration helps feed us as well so we don't really eat as much as you do." >if only you could have that ability minus the negativity consumption >that could help those times you missed breakfast "How long have you been doing that?" "Since we first came to this world? About two months. We kept this up for that long until.." "The Battle of the Bands." "We wanted the Equestrian magic from those girls. It was almost ours." "Were you gonna use it to get back home?" "Pff, as if. We were gonna use it to take over this world." >an absurd idea considering how people can find out that the gems was the weak spot >she sits up "All that work, gone. My voice, gone. I thought it was annoying trying to live in this world before but now.. now.." > she? >her head droops "I can't do *sniff* anything. I can't eben sing anybore. The wub thing I lub to do, I canb do it anybore." >tears start going down Aria's face and she rubs her nose with her arm "What am I supposed to do? I felt angry. I was mad at everything. I felt like nothing mattered anymore. I have nothing left.." "You have Dagi and Sonata, don't you? >you moved closer to Aria "You girls went through all this together because you trusted each other. You girls have a bond of friendship that helped you to stay determined all this time." "Feh, friendship. A load of horse-" "Excuse me? You girls stayed together despite all the unfortunate events that happened. You all looked out for each other and kept each other alive. If that's not friendship then what is it?" >Aria went silent "Sonata said she's grateful to have someone like you help her out everyday." "*sniff* Even after all the things I did to her." "And Dagi has been looking out for the both of you ever since you lost your powers." "Even after I tried to take over as leader.." >tears kept flowing out as Aria kept holding back her crying >you hug her >her forehead was on your shoulder "It's okay Aria. You've been acting brash and bold this whole time but you were trying to stay strong. I admire that." "Shut it, I don't need your pity." "I'm only tell you the truth. You girls have been through so much. I'm here to help you now. >you can her her sniffle a lot "It's okay to cry Aria." "I'm not crying.. I'm.. not.." >Aria started bawling her eyes out >you can feel the moisture on your shoulder >you kept holding her, encouraging her to keep crying "It's okay, Aria. Let it all out." >she cried for about an hour until she went to sleep >you moved her body to the proper supine position and tucked her in bed >you open the door and turned around to check on Aria before you turn off the light >she's sleeping soundly >feels like she's going to be sleeping peacefully tonight >after closing the door you turn around and see Dagi waiting behind you "Sorry, Dagi. Seems Aria-" "Thank you." >huh? "Normally I'd thank you for shutting her up because I couldn't sleep but I thank you because I think Aria feels a lot better now." "I think so too." "So Anon now that that's done, want to sleep with me tonight?" >her eyes... >they are like a snake >you look to the couch to see Sonata sleeping >you walk over and put a blanket on Sonata and tucked a pillow under her head >you walk back to Dagi >you have a bad feeling about this "Okay Anon, lie on the bed and let me do the rest." >you go to the room and lie on the bed then Dagi jumps on you >she lands on your nuts >OW >she leans over to you and rolls off your body and lands on your left arm >she grabs a blanket "Good night Anon." >sigh "Good night Dagi." >better get comfy sleeping, work is tomorrow "Oh one more thing." said Dagi >you turn your head to her and she kisses you >wat >Wat >WAT "There. Now then, good night Anon." >you wanted to say something but you suddenly felt tired and went to sleep >this woman /is/ a snake >Enter Rest Mode >... >you find yourself in the middle of a dark stage >a spotlight flashes above you >you call for someone >but nobody came >you hear singing >it's the same song from your dream last night but it sounds like there is more than one person singing >three silhouettes surround you >you find them walking towards you as they singing >it's the Dazzlings >they swing their hips as they move >Dagi's hips caught your eye the most >you try to move but you felt like your feet are stuck to the floor >someone hugs you from behind >you turn your head to see Sonata smiling softly at you >you turn forward to see Aria and Dagi in front of you >you notice something >they are wearing the gems, the same ones you bought >why are they..? >the gems start glowing >suddenly their eyes turned glowing red and they lunge at you >all three Dazzlings have you pinned to the ground >all you could focus on was their smiling faces and their sharp teeth >that doesn't look good.. >they look like they are hungry >you thought they only feed on emotions >but they open their drooling mouths and start lunging at you >you wake up with a gasp >heavy breathing >it's still night time >whew it's just a dream >sure was one heck of a dream >you still had the feeling of being pinned >in fact, you still feel pressure on your chest and arms >you look look to your left to see Dagi still on your left arm >you look at the other directions to find Aria on your right arm and Sonata on your chest >so that dream came true >in some sense >but what why did they have the gems? You didn't even give them out yet >is this a sign? >agh, headache >this is gonna be one rough night >Sonata's breasts felt nice on your stomach though >a little lower and maybe- >NO >STOP >you groan as you try to go to sleep >in what felt like forever, you finally went to sleep >however that peace lasted for 5 minutes >the alarm rings > you wake up to see the dawn rising outside your window >you try and get yourself out of bed without waking up the girls >you grab your clothes for work and quietly move out of the bedroom >after a shower, dry, dress up and hair fixing, you got yourself ready for work >you look at the time and see that you have enough to make breakfast for you and the girls >you made scrambled eggs, bacon and French toast >after finishing cooking breakfast, you ate your portion and wrote a note >you left the note next to the breakfast plates >you quickly hurried out of the apartment and into your car >you dealt with the city traffic as usual, honking and swearing from other cars included >you finally made it to Crystal Prep >after showing your ID to the security guard, you make it inside the parking lot >you head inside the school and the first person you meet is Dean Cadence "Oh! Professor Starswirl! Good morning!" "Good morning Dean Cadence." "You look like you're in a hurry. Is everything alright?" "Yes, everything is fine. I just need to head to my office." >an idea popped in your head "Dean Cadence, are we accepting new students for the next semester?" "We are but they need to have the applications filled out by their parents and given to us immediately." "Could you give me the forms for enrolling three students?" "Um, sure. Will you be giving these forms to the parents?" "Yeeeeeeah." >you can tell her later "Alright, I'll leave the forms in your office." "Thank you and tell Armor I said hi." >someone bumps into you "Oh sorry." >it was the janitor >his orange hair always made you felt uncomfortable for some reason >it was all over the place >you finally made it to your office >wow, it's cold in here >you turn on the lights and the heater >there you see the mirror >the same mirror that brought those girls into your world >though you can't really believe since it looks like a regular mirror and you've been using that ever since your grandpa sent it to you last March >wait a minute >the wheels in your mind start turning >you recall Aria saying they were pushed here two months before they lost their powers >you don't know why but you feel like you need to find out about something >you run your computer and hit up Hoofle again to check when did the Battle of the Bands happen >you check various sites and all give the same result >the competition happened during May >two months before >so the Dazzlings arrived around March >March.. >that was the month you got the mirror >how did you not think of this earlier? >WHY did you not think of this earlier? >so they arrived here in Crystal Prep >you also remember that they were chased off by a guy in blue with orange hair >the only person you can think of is the janitor >you hurry out of your office to find the janitor >you found him cleaning the tables in the lounge "Hey, Mop Head." "Morning." "Um, question. Did you see anybody near a giant mirror around March?" "Hmm, can't say I do. The only person I see with a giant mirror is you." >you reword the question "Were there any.. intruders around the day I got the mirror?" "Huh? When you got that mirror? I don't remember much but I do remember three kids in the storage room." "Storage room?" "Yup, seems like the staff asked me to put the mirror there before giving it to you. The next day they wanted me to get it so I can move it to your office and the next thing I know, I see three girls worming around the dang thing. These kids and their drugs.." >uh, yeah I don't think it's drugs they were on "That's all I remember. Can't say I'd forget a sight like that. It sure made my morning, heh." "Okay thank you." >so it was the janitor that scared the girls >that answers that mystery >but more are still in the air >why did grandpa give you the mirror? >why did the Dazzlings arrive the day you were about to receive it? >you wrack your brain as you arrive at your office >you sit and look at the time >your classes don't start until 9 >you have one hour to think of this and still prepare for class >you let out a loud groan >you walk to the mirror and look real hard at it >you look from glass to the wooden corners >a strange purple with a hint of black at the bottom and- >wait a minute >a hint of black? >you examine closely >it looks like a burn >you spent a good five minutes trying to move the mirror so you can see the back >you remember you never looked at the back before >the mirror was already in your office when they gave it to you >you see the bottom section of the the back has been burned >something seems to be stuck on the side >it looks like a piece of folded paper >you take it out of the wooden edge >you turn it around and see a stars on it >your grandpa's signature symbol >you open unfold the paper to find that it's a letter >it looks like a letter to your grandpa from... >Starswirl the Bearded?? >that doesn't make sense >is there another Starswirl out there? >you begin reading "To Starswirl: This is the traveller Starswirl the Bearded, your counterpart from the land of Equestria. It has been a while since we have last met. A year, perhaps. I'm sending you this message is because in a few hours there will be three beings coming through the mirror. However, I shall be closing the portal permanently to prevent them from coming back. They have been a threat my world and my greatest challenge to date. I had no other option but to transport them in a world where their magic is null and do no harm to anyone. I hope you will handle them better than I have. I am not afraid to say I have failed. It has happened before. However, despite all the magic and knowledge I posses, I could not defeat them nor change their ways. It is my greatest failure. Please, teach them the things I could not and so ma-" >the letter ends there due to the burns on the rest of the paper >it suddenly hits you >it was all a misunderstanding >it wasn't really your grandpa after all >it was another version of grandpa from the Equestria land >grandpa never took care of them because he gave you the mirror and judging how the letter looks he never read the letter from the other Starswirl either >but that doesn't make sense >why would he give you the mirror if he knew it was a portal to the other world? >well at least you know some questions have been answered >you hear a knock on your door "Professor? It's me." >It's Dean Cadence "It seems you have visitors." >visitors? >you open the door to see you me visitors "Oh. Oh no." >the Dazzlings stand right outside your office >Dagi had her arms crossed, Aria looks at you upset and Sonata was busy eating the French toast "So you thought you could just leave us, eh Anon?" Said Dagi "Do you know these girls?" asked Cadence "...Yes." >you start to feel heavy about the situation. "Um, I'll take of this Dean Cadence." "Are you sure?" "Yes." >Dean Cadence leaves and you bring the Dazzlings inside your office "What are you girls doing here?!" "Isn't it obvious?" Said Adagio, "We don't want to stay in the house all day, ut would be boring." "So after we found your note, we decided to check out where you work. There's a lot of people in here." Sonata said while finishing her bread "Well this is a school. Remember I said I'm a teacher? Wait how did you find this school?" "Easy, we asked the security guard and random people for directions." said Dagi "They were really nice to us." said Sonata >great now you're stuck with them and your classes haven't even started yet "So that's it." Said Aria >huh? >she's looking at the mirror >Dagi and Sonata notice the mirror >they stare at it for quite a while >you feel like you have to tell them "Girls, I have to tell you something." >the intercom beeps "Home room shall begin in 5 minutes." >oh crap, you need to hurry and set up for class >but what about the Dazzlings "Uh, I'll talk to you girls about it later, I need to head to class. You girls stay here and behave." >you bolt out of the office >it's probably not the best idea but it's the only one you can think of at the moment >however you notice someone behind you >it's Sonata "Um Sonata? Why are you following me?" "I wanna see the school with you." >oh "Well, just behave and don't make a sound when classes start." >you finally make it to the laboratory and started setting up the room >you set a seat and table in the corner for Sonata to sit while the class is going on >you hope this day will go fast >once the students came in, they immediately noticed Sonata in the sitting happily corner, drawing some things "Professor? Who's that?" Asked a student "She's... a relative of mine. I've been tasked to take care of her and she didn't want to stay at home all day." >seems like a good cover >you can hear snickering "Alright class, let's finish the lesson so you can enjoy your winter break." >the class went pretty smoothly >Sonata kept silent the whole time >however once the school Bella rang, Sonata yelled out "Anon, I'm hungry!" >the students tried to hold tier laughter as they left the classroom >you look at Sonata >you furrowed your brow "Sonata. Not cool." "But I'm hungry. You have more of the toast? That was really tasty." "Just hold on and I'll get you something in a bit." >the next class was about to start >you see Twilight come in and then Sugarcoat >you notice Twilight is wearing a hair pin >it looks like a magenta star >fits her quite well >you assume that was Sugarcoat's gift to her >that was nice >you wonder what Twilight got for her >the rest of the class came in and again you had to explain Sonata's presence >class went pretty smooth as well until you heard the sound of stomach growling >wow that was loud >you turn from the blackboard to see Sonata waving her hands and pointing to her stomach >you point outside, signaling her to get out of the room and you follow her to the hallway "Sonata." "I didn't mean it! My stomach just did it! I'm really hungry!" >sigh >you dig in your pocket and give her $5 "Here, go to the cafeteria and buy something. It's down stairs and has a huge sign that says 'Cafeteria'." "Thank you!" >she kisses your check before leaving >you rub your cheek before going back in the classroom >unfortunately, some of your students saw that and started teasing you with 'Woo' >you head back to class and managed to make it pass the first two periods >you don't have another class until 11 so you take this time to find Sonata >however the intercom speaker turns on "Professor Starswirl, please head over the the cafeteria." >the cafeteria? What's going on? >you head over and >oh no >Sonata was struggling to move forward while being held back by kitchen staff >you assume she saw something in the kitchen that made her want to go in "Sonata, calm down." You said as you walked in the cafeteria "Anon! There's hot dogs in there!" >wat "You want hot dogs?" "Yes and the smell so good!" >well they are cleaner than the ones in the city >Sonata runs to you and asks you to get her a hot dog >you were about to explain until Aria and Dagi walk into the cafeteria >and someone is behind the- >oh crapbaskets it's Principal Cinch "Anonymous, these two ruffians are claiming you know them." "Aria! Dagi! They have hot dogs here!" yelled Sonata >Cinch noticed Sonata next to you and raises a brow "Anonymous, do you know these girls?" "Well, actually." >suddenly Cadence comes in "Oh Professor! I just dropped in the enrollment papers." "Enrollment papers?" Asked Cinch, "Are you enrolling these three into MY school?" "Um, yes! I'm just showing them around so they'll get used to the place." >you bring Sonata to Aria and Dagi "But it seems I went overboard with me speaking about one area and they left me to explore the rest, haha.." "Anonymous, you've had a bad habit of being lost in your thoughts lately. Perhaps you should use this winter break as chance to renew your mind. Your self distractions will only hurt the school and already it has left a bad impression on these new students." "Oh we don't mind." said Sonata, "He's done that ever since we met him." >uh oh "And how long have you known him?" "I think two days. I mean you learn a lot in two days when you live with- HMMPH." >you manage to cover her mouth before she said something that would put your status in question "Uh, yeah. I know their parents and they wanted me to personally show them around the school and it's amazing programs." >a long pause as you smile awkwardly "Very well then." said Cinch, "But do NOT let this happen again. You know what happens if it does." "S-Sure thing Principal Cinch." >she leaves and you give a sigh of relief "That was close." "What was close?" >crap, you forgot Cadence was still here and she's behind you "Um, upsetting Principal Cinch. You know she can be when things aren't going her way." "Really? I thought it was about us living with you." said Dagi >why Dagi why "They're living with you?" asked Cadence "Don't listen to her. She says things like that." "Anon, are you lying to her?" Said Sonata, "You can't lie to nice people." >oh dont give me that you former evil magic siren seahorse airhead "Professor? What's going on?" >you need to say something >but what >you look at the Dazzlings >when you think about it, you tired to cover it up but already 2 out 3 have struck you down >you wanna go for a 3rd strike? >sigh "Alright. Dean Cadence, I'm glad I'm telling this to you because you're the only person I trust the most in this school. However we need to discuss this in my office. I don't want the kitchen staff spreading rumors." >luckily the staff was in the kitchen so it is less likely they heard that >after everyone went to the office, you tell Cadence "This may seem off and there's a reason why I didn't tell Cinch. It would have her question my position as a teacher." >deep breath "The truth is these girls have no parents. They're homeless orphans. I took them in as their guardian and they are now living with me. I was gonna get them to enroll here so they can have a proper education however I expected them to stay at home but they decided to follow me to school instead." >Cadence gives you a blank stare "Anon, is that true?" She asks with a raised eyebrow "You think this doofus is lying?" said Aria "Aria please, give some respect when talking to Dean Cadence." >Aria looks away with a huff "It's true." said Sonata, "Anon has been real nice to us. He bought us clothes and cooks meals for us. He even taught me to make pancakes." >Cadence has a surprised look on her face and turns to you "I knew you were kind to the students but I never expected this. Did something happen that caused you to take these girls in?" >do you really want to explain that a magic horse counterpart of your grandpa brought these girls to your world with nothing but the clothes on their back? >she'd think you're crazy >go for the roundabout "Let's just say it had something to do with my grandpa." "Oh, I'm sorry." "Sorry?" "You didn't know? Your grandfather was reported missing a year ago." "A year ago?? I wasn't told this." "You haven't?" "No, why wasn't i told this?" "I assumed your family told you about it." "My family didn't say anything. They just sent me this mirror." "That's very strange. So these girls know your grandfather." "In a sense, yes." "Well this is confusing but I'm surprised you're doing something for these girls and at the same time I'm glad. You look like you will be a great father to them." "F-father?!" "You /are/ taking them in, right?" "Y-yes?" "So as their legal guardian the best category you would fit in is 'Father'." "O-oh.." >You really wouldn't call yourself a father >especially with the fellatio Sonata did a while back.. >calling yourself a father to Sonata after that gives you the cringe chills >however there are more important matters "Dean Cadence, I wish for you to not discuss this matter to Cinch or the rest of the staff. I'm afraid it'll affect how the school with look at me and-" "You want me to handle the enrollment papers?" "Huh?" "You want this to keep this a secret correct?" "Yes?" "I know I shouldn't do this but let me handle the enrollment forms. I think it's the least I could do after you and your grandfather helped this school." >you bang your head and hands on the table, trying to bow "Thank you, Dean Cadence! I'm sorry I got you into this mess!" "It's not like you could've avoided this mess anyway." Said Adagio with a laugh >oh sure, you WERE gonna avoided it but they HAD to follow you to school "I'll need the basics. Names, Addresses, etcetera." said Cadence >she turns to the girls "What are your names?" "I'm Sonata Dusk!" "Adagio Dazzle, charmed." "Aria Blaze." >she looks at them blankly "Oh I recognize you three! You were part of the Battle of the Bands at Canterlot High, right?" >oh crap "Yes, we were." said Dagi, "We would've won but it looks like things didn't go to plan." "Wait, where did you hear about Battle of the Bands?" "From Vice-Principal Luna." >Ah, little Lulu.. You haven't seen her for a long while and she hasn't even called you yet somehow she's all long distance friendly with Cadence "Since they live with you, their address and contact number will be yours. But I'll change the apartment number to avoid any suspicion. Are there any vacant rooms in the complex?" >don't think living in the same apartment is a problem, think about how living in the same building could cause suspicion >then again Cadence is trying her best to be helpful but honest >any exposed lie from those papers will cause damage to Cadence's position as Dean >after a slew of questions, Cadence finishes the forms >you tell the girls to stay in the office while you and Cadence send the enrollment forms >you walk with Cadence to her office "So these girls are living with you. They seem nice." "Yeah, they can be /real/ charming.." >Sonata is nice but not that bright, Adagio is caring but has that Alpha complex and Aria is mostly rude but she's loyal.. to Dagi "How are Celestia and Luna? I haven't heard from them in a long while." "Well they've been doing fine. I heard their school is doing better." said Cadence, "Though if you want to, you can head over to the school anytime or you can join me in the Friendship Games around Spring. Either way, you can talk to them in person and catch up." "Haha, that'd be nice but I'm not sure." "Bad memories about that place?" "Not really, it's just.. we've been winning the Friendship Games for so long. It hardly feels friendly anymore." "The students can be a bit over zealous but I think it's a good confidence boost for them." "If only I could say the same for Canterlot High.." "So you've never heard from your grandfather?" "Nope. All they told me was that grandpa was busy and then gave me the mirror. I still never understood why to me." "Well I was told that was a mirror he used in his experiments." "Yeah, but what for is the question." >obviously for a portal to another world but you can't really tell her that "Well, let's just hope he's okay." said Cadence "If it's my grandpa, he'll most likely get himself in trouble, come up with strange plans and escape with success." >Cadence laughs "It's almost like magic." "Yeeeeeeah.. magic." "Well, here's my office. Let's finish the paperwork and your girls will be ready for school by next year." "Will we discuss uniforms?" "Oh, those have to be bought." >uh oh "How much are we speaking?" >Cadence grabs a calculator "Hmm, since it's for three females it might be a bit.. pricey." "Really?" "The uniforms are custom made to fit every student perfectly and unlike the males, females have certain measurements that have to be accounted for a perfect fit." >certain measurements? what do- >Sonata Bust >oh right. "Well, here's the total." >you look at the calculator "...Is that tax included?" "Yes." >you feel like you are going to faint >you feel like you won't be able to eat for a while "However, I can let you borrow these extras until you have enough to pay." "Extras?" "Yes, some students get the wrong size so we return them but I kept a few just in case." >leave it to someone like Dean Cadence to have emergency uniforms "I'll have the papers and uniforms ready by tomorrow." She said "Thank you so much Dean Cadence. I really owe you one." "I'll keep that in mind." She laughs >Dean Cadence has been such a good help to you >you both seem to have good chemistry >however it's only about school >and she has a boyfriend after all >what's more is that you were shocked when you found it was Twilight's older brother >you didn't know she even had one >you headed back to your office to pick up the girls and bring them to your next class >bringing them is your only option since leaving them alone almost got you in trouble >you arrive at the classroom and pull up three empty seats for the girls "Alright girls, I want you to be quiet this time. Lunch is after this so we will have a chance to discuss." "Discuss what?" Said Sonata "It's about us joining the school, right?" said Aria "It is, yes." "Don't expect me to be all happy about it." said Aria, "Some of the students here are pretty annoying. Even more than Sonata." "What's /that/ supposed to mean?" Sonata said, putting her head toward Aria "Enough, you two." Said Dagi, "I would like some peace and quiet when watching Anon do his work." >they all look at you >as if they are expecting something >it feels kind of creepy >the bell rings and the students come inside the classroom "Yo teach!" said one student "Oh, hello Lemon Zest. Please take off your headphones." "So who's the new kids?" >new kids? >you realized she was talking about the Dazzlings "Oh! These are new transfer students, they are trying out the school before they are enrolled for next semester. Now then, let's get started." >you went to your desk and just remembered.. >crap you realized you didn't prepare any of the material for the class >executing Plan V "Alright class, today I won't be continuing the lecture from Friday. Instead, I'll be showing a movie that will give you a complete visualization of the the entire processes we discussed last week. Hopefully it will, give you a better idea of how they work." >whew thank the internet >the class watch the entire video >Sonata was really getting into it >however Aria was sleeping and Dagi was fixing her hair >you hope this doesn't happen when they come to school next month >after the class was done, the rest of the school day went by pretty quick >the girls were surprisingly silent the whole time >it kind of worries you >you make it back to your office and finish all your paperwork >you should be done with everything however.. >you look at the mirror >the mirror that gave you more questions than answers >you walk to it and give it a good look at the reflection >it's just yourself, same ol' Anon Ymous >you turn to see the Dazzlings right behind you >what a shock "So what's this thing you were going to tell us?" said Dagi, crossing her arms and tapping her foot >Aria and Sonata look at you with curiosity >you had to tell them >they need to know >you show them the letter "Girls, I need you to read this." >they read it together "So let me get this straight." said Aria, "That Starswirl from Equestria is not your grandpa?" "It seems so. According to Dean Cadence, my grandpa went missing for a year yet somehow he knew about the portal to Equestrian land." "Equestria." Said Sonata, pointing her index up "Not only that but the portal has been shut." Said Dagi, "Meaning we can't go home." >they look disappointed >you wanted to say something but Dagi walks to you and shoves the letter in your face "MPHHM! What did I do?!" "Silence, Anon." Said Dagi with authority, "Since your grandfather failed to help us, you will take his place be held responsible for everything. As punishment, you shall-" "Do nothing." "...What did you say?" "You're going to do nothing to me. What makes you say that you have the authority. I went out of my way making a home for you three and now you want to act like I owe you something because of my grandpa's mistakes? I don't think that's very fair." "I wasn't finished." "Oh?" "Your punishment will be taking care of us, forever." >... "What?" "If my Siren Gem was destroyed, I would've had enough magic to strike you down from where you stand but we don't have our powers and we rely on you to give us food and shelter. I'm not the type of person who bites the hand that feeds." "Especially when he feeds you great food!" said Sonata "Not now, Sonata." said Dagi, "I hope you will take responsibility and fulfill our every need." >you just look at Dagi >her eyes give a serious look >she appreciates the things you do for her but is upset how everything happened before you met them >you sigh "As you wish, Adagio Dazzle." >she hugs you and Sonata joins >Aria just looks at you and gives a quick smirk >you get all your stuff packed and put in the car >finally, the winter break >as you sit on the front seat, you remembered you aren't spending the holidays alone anymore >you got three girls living with you and each of them are a roller coaster >you and the girls drive out Crystal Prep's parking lot and look around in the city for dinner to bring home >you decided to go to Spendy's since they have a good family dinner deal that you would all enjoy together >however they ate their food during the drive back home.. >back at the apartment, you are your dinner alone in the kitchen while you watched the girls in the living room >Dagi was fixing her hair >Aria was watching wrestling >Sonata was on the floor drawing >from what you can see she looks like she's drawing polar bears >she must've liked watching the class video >you see them minding their own business and acting like they are ignoring you >this feels weird >you were finishing your dinner as you heard a yawn from Adagio >she got up and went to your/her bedroom >Sonata went back on the couch and Aria left as soon as the show ended >the girls went to bed and you're still sitting in the kitchen >you throw away your garbage and drink a glass of water >you realize in order to sleep on a bed or couch, you need to be with one of them >you feel like Dagi and Aria don't want to be disturbed so you head over to the couch >Sonata sleeping on the couch with that carefree smile >after everything she went through she doesn't have to cry anymore >you're her guardian now, you have to make sure she will enjoy the rest of her life >if you don't Dagi will probably go full throttle on you >it's almost like they became your daughters all of a sudden >you let a chuckle which caused Sonata to open her eyes "Hey, Anon." She said, "Are you going to sleep?" "Yeah. I'm feeling tired after all that work today." >she sits up and pats on the couch >you sit and she pushes you down "Wha?!" >she gets on top of you >her head is nuzzling on your chest >she turns her head to you >she brings herself closer until you completely face to face with her >her eyes went soft >staring at you >you can hear her breathing, quite heavily "Anon." "..Yes?" >no response "Anon." "What is it?" "...Close your eyes." "Um, what?" "Just close your eyes." "Okay.." >you close your eyes and suddenly you felt something on your lips >IS SHE?! >SHE IS >she's kissing you >quite passionately >you open your eyes and tried to speak "Mph-!! Sona-! Wha-?!" >you try and break away but she has a strong hold on your head >finally she stops "I can't stop. I don't know why but I.. I just had this weird urge to do it. Aghhh, Anon I feel weird. What's happening to me?" >you just looked at her >what do you do? "Sonata, calm down." "I can't." She said, "I suddenly just felt really hot. You know, I really like you.. You help us, you make us food, you teach me how to cook, you even got us nice clothes. You're really nice." "You said you really like me?" >she nods "It's something I can't explain but every time I'm with you, I feel like I want to stay. That's why I keep coming with you. Is this some sort of magic you have in this world?" >she really is.. >you stroke her hair "No, Sonata. I think you're in love." >she pulls back to the edge of the couch with her hands on her mouth and a shocked look on her face "L-L-L-L!!" "SHHH!" >you try and keep her quiet to avoid waking up Dagi and Aria >you head over to check on them >Dagi is sleeping soundly on your bed >you also notice her hair was raised to avoid messing it up >it almost like she has an afro >pffft >Aria is asleep as well >nothing else noted other than her is down and her hairpins are on the shelf >after you close the doors, you head back to see Sonata holding her legs and hiding her head in embarrassment >you decide to turn off the lights "Sonata? What are you doing?" "A-all this time, I've had people tell me that they l-love me and I never understood it. But now, I think I know how they feel." "I think falling in love and being controlled are two different things." "I think it's the same except you don't have any magic. Or do you, Mr. Starswirl?" >she looks at you with a huff as if she's correct >you sigh and sit next to her "Sonata, you know I don't have magic and I don't know how love really works. It's a strange thing. But what I know is that love is kind and gentle." "Just like you." >you chuckle "I appreciate that but I want you to think about this. Is this really love or are you just grateful for everything I've done? >she looks down with a serious face >... >she's been thinking for five minutes already >finally she puts her head up and looks at you "I'm very grateful for everything you've done for us." "See? What did I-" "But it's true, I love you." >wait what "W-what?" "I love you, Anon." She says it with a face full of determination, "I don't want to leave you. Stay with me, please." >you try and figure out something to say but you're still trying to figure this out >no time to think further because Sonata put her hands on your head and started kissing you again "Anon, I can't stop. I'm feel like I'm gonna go crazy." >you had no choice but to hold her and help her out >... >you wake up >the morning sun shines on your face >agh it's so bright >you get up finding a naked Sonata on your chest >so it wasn't a dream this time >you really had sex with Sonata >odd how you considered her like a daughter last night and then this happened >you creep >you should get yourself dressed >you wrap Sonata in a blanket and carry her in your arms like princess >you then notice the huge white stain on the couch cushion >oh crap >Dagi and Aria make wake up at any moment and see that >you flip over the cushion with your foot >be glad your couch has double side cushions because it looks like nothing happened >though you should get that cleaned as soon as possible >you lay Sonata back on the couch and unwrap the blanket burrito >you managed to find Sonata's shirt and panties >you put them on her carefully and then placed the blanket back on her >you collected the rest of her clothes and your clothes and headed to the bathroom >you dumped the clothes in the laundry basket and began to piss in the toilet >you were thinking how everything went last night and you still can't believe it happened >you need to tell Sonata this must be kept a secret >the consequences may be devastating >after washing your hands, you walk out of the bathroom and hear a door open >you check the hallway to see Aria's door open >uh oh >you quickly bolt to your bedroom and hope Aria doesn't see you >you managed to make it to your room >once you made it inside you find Dagi still asleep >you also remember you were naked >crap >you go to your closet and quickly put on a shirt and pants >you hear a groan "Uhhh, keep it down." >You turn your head and Dagi sits up >you can't help but laugh >she has an afro morning hair >you walk out trying not to laugh any further as Dagi squints her eyes at you >you walk out seeing Aria walking to the bathroom >you head to the couch and see Sonata awake an sitting up >she sees you and gives you a smile "Good morning." she says >feels warm hearing that >you sit next to her "Sonata, I.." >she kisses your cheek "Thank you, Anon." "Sonata, I need to be serious with you. We can't let anyone else know." "Why?" "What we did is a private thing. People shouldn't really talk about in public. You know what I'm saying?" "So the thing we did. We can't speak about it to anyone." "No one must ever know. It's our little secret." "Even to Dagi and Aria?" "Yes." "Are you sure? I think they would enjoy this too." >wat "Sonata, no. Sex is something that is only done when two people really love each other." "Sex? That's what it's called?" >oh right you never told her what it's called "Yes, it's called sex." "I think Dagi and Aria also really like you. So you can have sex with them, right?" >wat "But you said you loved me, right?" "I do. I really do but I think Dagi and Aria love you too. I wouldn't mind if you did the sex with them." >oh geez >explaining sex and love is hard.. >you rub your forehead and sigh "We will talk about this later. Why not head to the kitchen and get some breakfast? There's some Waffos in the freezer. Get a few and put them in the toaster." "Okay!" >Sonata runs to the kitchen, giving you time to try and figure this sex and love thing out >suddenly a voice from behind "So, did you have fun with Sonata?" >you quickly turn to see Dagi was behind you "Wha-what did you say?" you said while blushing "Oh, you know what I said." she said while flipping her newly fixed hair, "I heard some noise last night. It sounded like Sonata whining. I opened the door and saw everything." >oh no "What you did to her and how she was all over you." >noooo "Not to mention, how her face looked when you did that to her. She looked like she was completely under your control." >oh shit "I must say, I'm impressed." >wat "What?" "She looked like she was enjoying it unlike that scumbag back then and obviously she is very VERY fond of you. I'll shall allow this, under one condition." >she brings herself closer to you and whispers in your ear "I want to have a turn." >you move away from her in shock >you can see she has a seductive look in her eyes >no way, this can't be happening "Adagio, I don't get you. Your attitude seems to be all over the place." "What do mean?" she looks offended "One moment you're emotional, next you're assertive next you're docile. I don't understand. You're more confusing than Aria." "I HEARD THAT." Aria yelled from the bathroom "Oh, by the way. Aria saw you two as well." >OHSHIT.jpg "It looks like she was enjoying the show. As for me, I like to get what I want and I use any means to achieve my goals." "/Any/ means?" >you raise an eyebrow "Oh don't look at me like that." She says in a playful tone, "I'm still pure." >says the former evil seahorse who tried to take over the world >she holds on to your face "Like I said, when I want something I get it." "Yeah, getting that magic back then did you wonders.." "Hmmph." >she lets go of your face and furrows her brow "Just you wait, Anonymous. I'm going to get you back for that." "I'm just stating the truth." >she walks to the kitchen in a huff >speaking of the kitchen >do you smell something burning? >OH NO >you run to the kitchen finding that Sonata burned the Waffo Waffles >well there goes $7.. >you decided to give cereal and milk instead >you get two bowls of Cob Flaks cereal and give them to Sonata and Dagi "Sorry, but this'll be your breakfast for today." >you notice something "Is Aria still in the bathroom?" "Yeah, she likes to spend time in the bathroom a lot lately." said Sonata, "I bet she takes more care of her hair than Dagi." "How is that even possible?" Said Dagi, "Her hair is just two straight hair tails. Mine is a wonderful and soft structure of art. I believe that should have more care than some tails." "Maybe I should check on her." >you walk out of the kitchen and headed to the bathroom door >you knock but no answer "Aria?" >you open the door and find Aria sitting on the bathroom floor with her eyes closed and holding your pants >but what's more is that she has her fingers on her... vagina >oh gosh she's masturbating >Aria opens her eyes and realizes you are there "WHA?!" >she gets up >runs and grabs you >then pulls you inside saying "I need your help with something!" >she slams the door "What the hell are you doing?! Didn't you knock?!" "I did. Also keep it down." "Oh, like I wanna hear that from you. You pervert." "So you DID see me and Sonata last night." >she blushes "Ye-yeah, what of it?" "I was just wondering if you were affected at all by it." "Ha, like I'd be affected watching that. You only got Sonata because she was easy to be with. No chance of doing that to me." >she crosses her arms with her head on high "Oh really?" >you eye at her exposed vagina >you start to get closer to her "You know, I've been helpful to you for quite some time and yet you still give me this attitude." "Wha, what are you doing? Stay back!" >you corner Aria who looks at you with a worried face >you shouldn't be doing this >after all you have Sonata as your lover now >but Sonata said she wouldn't mind if you did Aria or Dagi >yet you feel like that isn't right >you back up a few inches "Don't worry, I'm not gonna do anything." >Aria is confused >you pat her head "Sorry about that. I just wanted to tease you a bit. You need to relax a bit more, don't be such a sourpuss all the time." >Aria punches you in the face >you fall to the ground >KO "You jerk." >owwwww >you rub your face trying to make the pain go away >Aria puts her underwear and pants on >you manage to get yourself up and Aria gives you a hair brush "Brush my hair and maybe I'll forgive you." >you sigh and take the brush "Alright then." >both of you stood during the hair brush session >you were really careful while brushing >avoiding knots >making sure it's straight "You know, I was curious on what you and Sonata were doing." said Aria, "It was similar back in Equestria." "So they had sexual reproduction there too?" "...What?" "It means the process of making babies." "Oh yeah, that was only used for making the children. But there were never really any male Sirens in our home so never experienced that type of stuff." "How did your race survive?" "Magic." "Of course." "But now that we don't have any.. I- Wait a minute. Were you trying to make a baby?!" >you stop brushing as Aria turns her head to you "N-no! Sometimes sex is used for other uses than making children! It can be used for pleasure and sometimes a sign of marriage." "So you're marrying Sonata?" "Ye-No! That's not what I meant." >UGH >you really need to figure out a proper explanation for this before it gets out of hand "I'll explain the entire thing later but first I want to ask something." "What?" "Why were you holding my pants when you were masturbating?" "I-I.." >you raise an eyebrow as look at her waiting for an answer >Aria looks at you with a beet red face >she bolts out of the bathroom >oh dear look what you've done haha >you feel like you should apologize to Aria for doing that to her >but first >you decide to take a shower since you were already in the bathroom >you open the shower door >you turn on the water and adjust to a warm temperature >you undress and throw the clothes in the basket and go inside the shower >you were in the shower for a few minutes >you were in the middle of shampoo >your eyes were closed to prevent the soap getting on them >oh your back is being cleaned >you're doing a pretty good job >wait >your hands are still occupied with your hair >... "WHAT THE FF-?!" >you turn to see Sonata >still in her shirt and panties being soaked from the water "Sonata what are you doing?" "I'm cleaning your back, duh." >you then hear someone call out in a sing song tone "Sonataaaa. Are you done?" >oh no >noooooooo >that sounds like Dagi >the door opens and it is her >you can see she is also in a shirt and panties >she looks at you and Sonata still washing your back "So Anon, having fun?" >Dagi starts to get in the shower "Relax." she said, "I'm not going to do anything to you. I'm just going to help you clean up." >she gets behind you and starts washing your back "How's that feel?" she asks "It feels.. pretty nice." "See?" "Hey Dagi, right here?" asked Sonata "Oh yes, perfect." "Huh? Sonata, what's go- INGINGING!!!" >Sonata just stuck her fingers up your butt >you didn't feel anything go in though >she probably just poked the anus >regardless it still gave you a shock >you hear both of them laughing "Oho! That was perfect Sonata!" said Dagi, "You should've seen his face!" "I wish I did!" said Sonata "You two.." >you were grumbling "Didn't I tell you, Anon?" she said while flipping her wet sponge like hair, "I told you I would get you back for that because I always get what I want." >okay that's it >you furrow your brow "Well then. You got me but now it's my turn." "And how will you do that?" "Easy. Sonata, hold her." >Sonata holds onto Dagi's legs tight "Wha?! Let go Sonata!" "Don't let go of her." >you grab her hands "I think you need to learn more about discipline." >you pin Dagi's hands to the shower wall while Sonata is still holding on to her legs "Hold on a second. What are you doing?" "Sonata, you said you wouldn't mind if I did Dagi too right?" "Uh-huh. I think she might enjoy it." "Wait, you don't mean!?" "You /did/ say you wanted a turn." "B-but not like this! I wanted it on the bed!" "That's really nice but there's been a change of plans." >... >you used the shower to clean Sonata's mouth to take out any remaining semen in her mouth and then proceeded to kiss her "That was great Anon!" she said with a big smile >you both look at Dagi sitting at the edge of the shower >she's twitching while still in an eye rolled daze >the water was washing down all the semen that was on her "Maybe we should clean her up." said Sonata, "It would feel wrong just to leave her like this." "Alright, alright." >you and Sonata spent a half hour giving Adagio a shower >you were washing her legs >Sonata was shampooing the hair >during all that Adagio woke up from her daze >she immediately noticed the both of you "Wha-What are you doing?!" she yelled "We are giving you a shower. Now hold still." >she started kicking and failing around until you and Sonata left the shower >she looks at both of you with an angry face "I can do it myself!" she yells before slamming the shower door >well that happened >she probably feels humiliated after everything that happened >you're still surprised how Sonata was okay with committing sexual activities with another woman >but would it still be cheating if she was involved in the three way? >you pondered about this as you started walking out of the bathroom >Sonata followed >she started giggling as you both got out "That was really fun." she said, "I've always wanted to wash her hair." >you hear a knock "Professor? It's me, Cadence." "Oh, hang on a second!" >you head to the door and open it >you see Dean Cadence with a huge bag of clothes >you assume those are the uniforms she saved >Cadence walks in and you close the door "These are all the uniforms I collected." "Wow, the girls will be quite happy." >you hear a door open >you turn to see Dagi coming out of the bathroom in a robe and a towel wrapped on her head >she immediately noticed you >she squints her eyes and quickly goes to her bedroom >yeah she's mad at you >well any normal person would after all that happened >you sigh >[guilt increased] >it's probably gonna take more than an apology to fix that "Um, professor? Did something happen to her?" Asked Cadence, "She seems upset." "Uh, let's just say.. A few things happened." >you gesture to Sonata telling her not to say anything >this is probably the worst thing you could do as a teacher and they aren't even your students yet >though what are the chances they'll take your classes? "So professor, are you going to call them over?" "Well, Dagi is-" "Is what, Anon?" >you turned to see Dagi dressed in a shirt and shorts with a towel in her hand to dry her hair "Oh, I was gonna say you were busy." "Hmph." >she walks forward while drying er hair with the towel and lightly punches you while passing you "So I hear you have uniforms for us?" Dagi asked "Yes, I do!" said Cadence, "Our uniforms are pretty expensive but these are free for you girls. Consider it a thank you gift for all the help the Professor has done." >she looks at you and raises an eyebrow "Yes, ALL the help he's done." said Dagi >gulp >you walk to Aria's room and knock on the door "Aria? We have-" >the suddenly door opens and Aria storm walks past you without even a glance >you then remember what you did to her earlier >great, two out of three girls that you live with hate you >then again you shouldn't be surprised >you head over to Cadence "Hey Dean Cadence, since you know more about female clothes than I do, how about you help them with the uniforms?" "What about you?" asked Cadence "I'm gonna get some lunch for them and I think they'll be better off with you than me right now." "Um, okay." >you grab your keys and look at the girls before you leave >Dagi and Aria are looking through the uniforms while Sonata waves goodbye >you leave the apartment and close the door >the walk along the red hallway felt heavy >after you left the building and headed into your car, you just sat there and tried to think about this >you thought about what you did to them >especially the recent events with Dagi and Aria >you start thinking >why did you take in these girls in the first place? >they needed a home >they had nothing with them but each other >they dealt with some very harsh situations >especially Sonata >that guy who just took advantage of her >suddenly it hit you >you took them in to take care of them >to give them a home and a loving family >but in the end you were no better than that scumbag who tricked Sonata and hurt her >you smack your head on the wheel "I'm such an idiot.." >you need to find a way to fix this >but first >you start the car and drive out to the city to get the girls lunch >you drive to Appledee's >your grab some quesadillas and some steak meals >you should get something for Cadence >maybe some pasta >after you bought the huge bundle of food, you bring it all to the car and drive back to the complex >as you parked in the lot and got out of the car, you spot Cadence heading out of the building "Dean Cadence!" "Oh, professor! You sure took your time getting food." "Yeah, I had quite a hard time finding what to get." Haha, knowing you and your thinking habits, I wouldn't be surprised. Anyways, the uniforms fit the girls pretty well. I was really surprised with Sonata's measurements." "Hahaha.. you don't say." "Also Anon." "Yes?" "I think you need to talk to Adagio and Aria. They seem very upset and Sonata was pretty quiet. It felt quite uncomfortable." "I bet." >you look down "Professor, did you do something to them?" "You.. could say that." >Cadence tilts her head in curiosity then straight "Professor, I don't know what happened so I don't really have a say in this but.." >you raise your head "You must remember that these are young girls. They still have the rest of their lives ahead of them." >she puts her hand on your shoulder "It's our duty as teachers to make sure they grow and learn so they can face their future with smiles on their faces and since you are their guardian, teacher and father figure, it must be your greatest challenge >suddenly you remember the letter from the pony Starswirl "It was my greatest failure. Please teach them what I could not." >a tear comes down your eye "Professor?" said Cadence, "Are you okay?" "Y-yes, Dean Cadence." >you shake her hand "Thank you for opening my eyes. You've always done that for me. I really owe you one." "Haha, now you owe me two." "I'll keep that in mind." >you both laugh "Oh by the way, here." >you give the Appledee's box to Cadence "I bought you some Appledee's pasta." "Oh, thank you! I'm sure Shining Armor will enjoy this as well." "Tell him, I said hi." "Will do." >Cadence takes the box and heads to her car >you wave goodbye after she drives out of the parking lot >you look at the apartment complex and take a deep breath >this is gonna be a tough wall to fix >you make it back to your apartment >you unlock the door "Hey, Anon! Welcome back!" >Sonata greets you, wearing the school uniform >she twirls around happily >it looks really nice on her >however you really need to speak about something "Sonata, I need to talk to you." "What is it?" "Sit on the couch and I'll tell you." >you both got on the couch and you notice Aria is there as well >she looks away from you >you sigh "Sonata, I want to say I'm sorry." "What are you sorry for?" she asks "I used you." "...What?" "What we did to Adagio wasn't right, I shouldn't have told you to do those things." "Are you sure? I mean, it was fun." "It doesn't change the fact that it's still wrong. I'm your guardian now. I can't do these things to you girls. I would be in serious trouble." "What are you saying?" "What I'm saying is we can't have sex anymore." >Sonata's mouth opens and Aria turns to you with wide eyes >both were shocked "Bu-but why?" asked Sonata "So you're not marrying her anymore?" asked Aria "Aria, I said I wasn't marrying-" >Sonata turns to Aria "Wait, marriage?! He wanted to marry me?!" "That's what Anon told me. He said sex was a sign of marriage." >Sonata turns her head to you "You want to marry me, Anon?" She asked with a happy face, "I wouldn't mind!" >oh great, more to explain.. "Ugh, Sonata you are..." >you really can't say 'too young' since they are over 500 years old >find a detour "still growing up." >good enough >hopefully.. "You both still have the rest of your life to look forward. Did you have any dreams you wanted to accomplish?" "Oh, I dunno." said Aria, "I mean we wanted to rule the world but that's down the toilet.." "Same here.." said Sonata >Uh.. "How about finding a new dream?" "How?" "It's easy and I can help you out." "You really gonna help us?" asked Aria "Yes. I am a teacher after all. It's what I do." >speaking of which "Aria, did you try on the uniforms?" "I did." said Aria, "It's too girly for me." >somehow you don't feel surprised hearing that "But they are comfortable. I'll need to wear something for my legs though. I hate wearing skirts in the cold." "Oh, me too!" said Sonata, "Short skirts in the cold are the worst." "Alright, we'll go to the mall later this week and find something to fix that." >and hopefully it's within the school dress code >well, Aria and Sonata seem to be fine >up next is.. "Girls, I'm gonna check on Dagi. There's lunch on the kitchen table so go ahead and eat." "Be careful." said Sonata, "Dagi is really mad." "I'm not surprised." "Have fun, loser." said Aria before leaving for the kitchen >gee thanks >you get off the couch as walk to you bedroom >you reach the door "Dagi, you in there? I need to get something from my room." >... >you knock on the door "Uh, Dagi?" "Go away." "But it's my room." "So what?" "I need to go to my room." "How about you FORCE your way inside?" >oh.. "Dagi listen, I'm sorry for what I did. I got a bit out of hand with it.." >she opens the door and her head sticks out >her face is filled with anger "A BIT out of hand?!" >you step back "Okay, I went WAY out of hand. I just wanted to get back at you for the near-probing and I guess I lost it. I'm really sorry. I'll do anything to make up for it." >her eyebrow raised "Anything, Anon?" >you hesitated but you exhale "Yes, anything." >she rubs her chin "Alright then." >she retreats and closes the door "Um, what about my room?" >no response >ugh >this is getting annoying >the door opens >Dagi's hand moves out and gestures to go inside the room "Come inside." she said "Um, it's my room though." "RRRRGGHH!!" >she grabs you by the collar and pulls you in >after bringing you in the room, she closed and locked the door >she looks at you, eyes squinted "Anything, right?" "Y-yes?" >she pushes you onto the bed and gets on top you "Wha-?!" >suddenly she moves closer and kisses you >WHAT >she pulls back "I told you, I wanted to do it on the bed but you /had/ to do that and ruin it for me. Be glad we didn't go any further from that blowjob or I would've hated you forever." "So.. you don't hate me now?" "I am mad at you for doing that to me. Now it's payback time." "Wait, wha- MPH!!" >Dagi covers your mouthwatering her hand while raising her index finger "Shhhhh!" >she lets go your mouth "Y-you don't seriously mean..?" "I do." >there's that seductive look >this doesn't make any sense "You don't get it, do you Anon?" said Dagi, "I /always/ get what I want." >she leans in closer until you were face to face with her >you tried to say something >but it's no use "Now then, Anon. Take off your clothes." >you stare at her >she gives looks at you intensely >she's serious >you sigh "As you wish, Adagio Dazzle." >she grins >after everything you said to Aria and Sonata, you still had to go through this > you couldn't really say no since you said you'd do anything to make it up to her >however once you were about to take your shirt off, she stops you "Stop right there." "What?" "I said stop. We aren't going any further." >wat >she gets off you and unlocks the door >she looks at you, chuckling "I wanted to see if you were really true to your word." >wat "Now that I know you'll do anything to make up for it, I'll be keeping it in mind for something special later." "So are you still mad?" "To be honest, it was humiliating but the way you tasted." >Dagi turns and opens the door >she had a mischievous smile on her face "It was delicious." >she leaves the room >sex suddenly sounded like a better punishment >you feel like you're going to regret this >you put your shirt back down and head out of the bedroom >Dagi was already at the kitchen, eating steak with the others >you feel uneasy walking to them >you don't know what to say or do >you walk to the kitchen >they notice you >you stand there, scratching your head "Um.." "Aren't you gonna sit down?" said Aria "Huh?" "Yeah, Anon. Sit down!" said Sonata >you sit down between Dagi and Sonata >you being to open your box and eat your steak >wow, this is pretty good >Dagi just kept looking at you as you ate >it felt kind of creepy >Aria stops midway cutting her steak "You know, I kind of miss this." said Aria, "Eating nice food, a bed to sleep on. Back then, we just trying to get by but now we are living pretty good. I feel I could get used to this new lifestyle." "Well, I hope you get used school next month." "Don't expect me to convert to your preppy attitude, BLEH." "I think Aria is best the way she is, haha." "Me too!" said Sonata, laughing >Aria blushes >you lean over the table to pat Aria on the head >she swipes your hand after three pats "Don't touch me." she said >you chuckle "Okay, okay." "Glad to see you are back to normal, doofus." "Huh?" "You were acting really strange today. Like you just changed personalities or something." "Yeah, almost like magic." said Sonata, chewing a piece of steak "Haha! Magic!" >ehhhhhhh.. >you sigh "But yeah, I needed to clear my head for a bit. I don't know why I acted like that to you girls." >you look at them "I'm really sorry. I really am." "Apology accepted!" said Sonata "What she said." said Aria >Dagi nods "By the way, what's this Christmas Eve thing that pink lady was talking about?" asked Aria >'Pink lady'? "Oh Dean Cadence? Oh that's right, you girls never heard of Christmas." "What's that?" asked Sonata "It's a special holiday where people celebrate peace and joy around the world." "Sounds boring." said Aria "Everywhere there's a party with lots of food and drinks." "I'm liking this holiday already." Sonata said while drooling over her nearly finished steak "But what has everyone is that everyone gets gifts!" "/Everyone/ gets a gift?" Asked Aria "Well it's more like in the spirit of goodwill and giving. You give gifts to friends and family because you love them." "Eh, I'd rather get the gifts than give them." "Me too!" said Sonata, "I hope they can give food!" "They do or gift cards to enjoy fancy restaurants." >Sonata's face was in ecstasy "Well tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I can wait to give you girls your gifts." "You got us gifts?!" "Haha, yup and I think you girls will like them." "Can it be Christmas Eve now?!" "Slow down, you'll have to wait when it's Christmas Eve at night." "That's too long! Can it be in the afternoon pleeeeeease?!" >Sonata looks at you with puppy dog eyes >Aria grins with a raised eyebrow >it's like she's saying 'why don't you just give it to us already?' >sigh "Alright, I'll give your gifts tomorrow afternoon." >Sonata gives a 'Woo-Hoo' and high fives Aria >you finish your steak and clean up the table >however you just realized Dagi hasn't said a word to you the whole time >this is getting weirder >the rest of the day went by quick >a good majority of it was you brushing Sonata's and Aria's hair while they watch television >you question if this is what you'll be doing from now on.. >Dagi was there just watching happily >she didn't want you to brush her hair >she said something like 'If I want my hair brushed by you, I'll tell you.' >you assume she's still thinking of that 'anything' favor you owe her >you take this moment to enjoy the peaceful moment you are having with the girls >you feel like a single dad taking care of his own daughters >and ignoring all the sexual activities, forced or consensual, that happened beforehand >ughhhh >you want to brush it off you >pun not intended. >you spent the rest of the day cleaning up the apartment while the girls continued watching the television >seems they are watching some pony cartoon >...looking at it, it fits the description of the world Sonata and the others were from >ponies, pegasai, rainbows and magic >the characters have surprisingly realistic personalities >it's almost like it's their actual world >... >nah >you're overthinking it >it was dinner time and you decided to treat the girls to eat out >you chose a Chinese buffet with a sushi bar >you should probably lay off the fatty foods >you /try/ >you grabbed almost every piece that was offered >even the sushi bar >however Sonata had a huge haul from the sushi bar >she ate those rolls like a shark >it's bringing attention to the other customers in the nearby tables >you try and ignore it >Aria was enjoying her barbecue ribs and Dagi was enjoying the chow mein >funny, a little change in the color and they would look like Dagi's hair >you laugh at the thought "Waffo fani?" asked a mouth stuffed Sonata "Oh nothing, just noodles. Also, don't talk with your mouth full." >the remainder of the time at the restaurant was peaceful >you drove back to the complex and the girls were already sleeping by the time you parked your car >you tried to wake then up but only Sonata and Dagi woke up >Aria probably ate too much >you carried Aria in her arms while she was still sleeping >you managed to make it back to your apartment thanks to Dagi and Sonata >you quickly tuck Aria to bed and took off her spiky hair pins >safety in sleep >you yawn and walk to the couch >Sonata waits there and you can see she's really sleepy >however "Oh Anon~" >it's Dagi "Remember when you said you'd do anything to make up for what happened this morning?" "Um, yes?" "Then how's this? I forbid you to sleep with Sonata." "...What?" "Last night, I was really upset I didn't get to sleep with you. I miss sleeping on your arms and since you slept with Sonata and then slept with her, I figured it would be hard to leave her." "And?" "I think it's time for payback. I'm going to separate you two so when you go to sleep, you won't be able to sleep with each other." "Aaaand how's that payback?" "Sonata loves you. She wants to sleep with you every night and now with my rule, she can't. It'll affect her slowly." >you look at Sonata >she's already asleep on the couch >yeah that plan is going pretty well >you chuckle "What's so funny?" "Heh, nothing. Fine then, as you wish Adagio Dazzle. I shall only sleep with you." >you bow "Oho, is that supposed to be a sarcastic gesture?" "No. Just being polite to my 'master'." >Dagi laughs "I think I'll enjoy tonight." she said >thankfully nothing sexual happened >just the two of you sleeping on your bed, peacefully >you especially even with Dagi sleeping on your right arm >though it felt nice using her hair as a pillow >it feels really nice and soft >you drifted to sleep pretty quick >you find yourself in a blizzard >it's cold >like holy crap it's cold >you hear the song again >you see the three silhouettes again >you immediately recognize them >it's the girls >you run to them >but they go farther from you >every time you keep moving closer they go farther >you kept going until their image disappears in the snow >the blizzard grows heavier and heavier >a giant snowball comes at you >you need to run >but it's no use >the ball comes right at you >... >you wake up >you feel like you're sweating >you look to your right and Dagi is sleeping peacefully on your arm >you slowly get off the bed while trying not to wake up Dagi >you quietly get out of the bedroom and to the kitchen >you decide to make pancakes >you grabbed special holiday pans from the bottom drawer to make holiday shaped pancakes >your cooking woke up Sonata >she probably smelled the pancakes "Ngh, goo' monin unon.." she says while walking to you "Hehe, good morning Sonata." >she's probably still trying to wake up >she rubs her eyes "What are you cooking? It smells great." "Pancakes. It's going to be special for you girls." "Thanks, Anon." >she leans in closer and kisses your cheek "Can I have something else before the pancakes?" "...What do you mean?" >her hand reaches down your body >you swipe your hand to move hers away "Sonata, no." "Awwww, pleaaaaase?" "Sonata, I told you. No more sexual activities." >Sonata groans >... "Well, not now at least. Maybe after I finish cooking." >Sonata's eyes widen and she smiles "Yay." she says quietly >you finish cooking the pancakes and set them up on the table with light maple syrup, butter and strawberries >you check the bedrooms to see Aria and Dagi still asleep >you head back to the kitchen >Sonata waits at the table anxiously "Sonata, this is going to be the last time we do this. After this we can't do anymore." >she looks down in disappointment and then gets on her knees "Alright then." she says, "Consider this my Christmas present." "Um, okay." >you spent half an hour with Sonata fulfilling her sexual request >once you were done, Sonata was arched back on the table >you quickly pick her up from her back and put her in the proper sitting position on your lap >she looks like she's in a daze >however she sees you and kisses you deeply >she let's go of you and gets off your lap >she stands above you and puts her arms around you, breathing heavy "Is there some holiday greeting for Christmas?" "Yeah, Merry Christmas." "Merry Christmas, Anon. I love you." >she nuzzles her head on yours "Hey, keep it down!" >that sounded like Aria >Sonata let's go of you >you got out of the chair, quickly got your clothes back on and checked on Aria >apparently she just got up >quick, act like you didn't have sex >you smile "Merry Christmas, Aria." >Aria mumbles while rubbing her head "Yeah, Merry Christ-whatever it is..." >you leave the bedroom to check on Dagi >you check your bedroom >she just woke up as well >she looks at you >she yawns "Good morning Dagi! Merry Christmas!" >Dagi stays silent >and yawns >ooooookay "Anyways, I made breakfast. Come to the kitchen and eat up!" "Errrrr, later." >Dagi is either still trying to wake up or wanting to go back to sleep >you head to the kitchen and you waited with Sonata for the other two to come >twenty minutes later, they arrive >both were still in pajamas >they sit at the table "Alright, I know it's only Christmas Eve but I've made a special breakfast for you girls so you can expect Christmas itself to have a feast for breakfast." >Dagi yawns "Yeah, yeah.." "Thanks, loser." said Aria >the morning was spent with eating breakfast and cleaning the kitchen >the girls headed to the bedrooms to change their clothes >when they came out, you were surprised >they were wearing the same outfits they wore when you first met them >almost like they are going somewhere >however you notice something on their necks... >wait >IS THAT?! >Dagi faces you "So Anon, you like our new necklaces?" asked Dagi while holding the gem on her neck "Ha-how did you find those?!" "Easy. I looked under the bed." >oh. >right. >you hid them there.. "These were under the bed?" asked Sonata, "Why?" "These were supposed to be our gift from Mr. Anonymous." "Really?!" >Sonata runs to you and gives a big hug "Oh, thank you Anon! I love it!" "Yeah, it reminds me of our old gems bit the gold makes it look really nice." said Aria "Ahaha, I'm glad you like it." >something's not right here "Oh Sonata dearie, does this make you feel happy?" asked Dagi "It does!" "Don't you feel so happy..." >where is she going with this "That you feel like singing?" >wait a minute "Haha, I wish!" said Sonata "Why not sing a bit? I bet it won't sound bad at all." "PFFT, yeah right." Aria said while rolling her eyes "Okay!" >she's not seriously gonna >Sonata takes a deep breath and let's out a tune "Ahhh Ahhh Ah~ Ahhh Ahhhh~" >hold on >it's the same tune from your dreams >but wait I thought they couldn't sing >so why is Sonata singing so well? >so beautifully? >you look at her gem >it's glowing >there's some green mist coming from her clothes and into the gem >you go back a few steps >what was that? >Dagi laughs but the laugh felt dark >you turn to her and she has a huge evil-like smile on her face "How is she singing again?" asked Aria "It's simple Aria, do you still have your old gem shards?" "Um, yeah they're right here." Aria said, taking a broken, shattered gem out of her pocket "Good, Aria. Now sing." >Aria looked at the shards with a confused look but took a deep breath and started singing "Ahhh Ahhh Ah~ Ahhh Ahhhh~" >you notice as Aria is singing the same green mist came out of the gem shards and into the new gem on the necklace >Aria's eyes widen "I can really sing again?!" "Yes, and not only that. Our magic has finally returned to us." >Dagi walks up to you "And it's all thanks to you, Anon." >you tried to find something to say >but its no use >you're completely frozen >from what you're not sure >fear, shock, unable to comprehend what you have witnessed >probably all three >you just looked at them >Sonata looked at you all worried "Anon? Are you okay?" she asked, "You look like you saw something scary." >like that wasn't obvious "Let Anon be, Sonata." Said Adagio, "We are leaving." "Where are we going?" asked Aria "To Canterlot High. "But what about Anon?" asked Sonata "He will wait for us. For now, let's plan out revenge on those Rainbooms. After that, we can sing and play with Anon as much as we want." >Adagio walks to the door and opened it "You girls go first." >Sonata and Aria left the apartment >Dagi walks to you "I must thank you Anon, if it weren't for you we would've never gotten this far." >She walks to the door and waves "Ta-ta~" >Adagio closes the door >you need to catch up to them >NOW >you got the feeling in your legs again a few minutes after they left >you look out the window and check if you can find them >be thankful it's snowy outside >hopefully it'll be easier to find them >especially with Adagio's hair >and there they are >looks like they are heading to the park >you grab the keys >bolt out of your apartment >lock the door >moved as fast as you can to get outside >the elevator was too slow so you used the stairs >a few minutes later, you made it to the first floor >you have to be careful >it's snowy outside >don't slip >you run out of the building and headed east >you pass two blocks and find yourself in the park >there you see the Dazzlings at the same place where you first found them >on the snowy hill >they were heading up >you run to them "Sonata! Aria! Dagi!" >they turn and see you "Anon! Sorry we left you!" said Sonata >you couldn't make it up the hill despite it being short >you were breathing heavy from all that running >after recovering from the deep breathing session, you confronted Adagio "Why, Adagio? Why are you doing this? How did you know..? WHEN did you know?" >Adagio kept a stern face "You want me to tell you?" she said, "Fine. A few months, I found our magic can be transferred to other gems however we didn't have any other gems of our own nor so we couldn't fully transfer our magic. We tried to steal some from people as stores but all our attempts were unsuccessful. That's when I thought we needed to find someone who is willing to get gems for us." "And that someone was me." "Well, it just happened to be you. It could've been anyone really. But I must say, you chose high quality jewelry." "But how did you know?" "I was watching you from a distance when you went shopping for gifts and when you were unpacking the bags when we got home. You really are bad with hiding this stuff." >when you think about it, under the bed was probably the most obvious spot >makes it more obvious since she slept in your room the whole time "So all of you just used me?" "I didn't use you!" said Sonata >she ran to you "I was really happy how you took care of us! I didn't know anything, I swear!" >she hugs you tightly >you look at Adagio as she laughs >the wind starts to grow in force "Sonata is very helpful but sadly she's not the brightest and not to mention she's very fond of you. If I told her what we were going to do to you, she would've spilled the beans sooner or later." "And what about Aria?" "I told Aria about the gem transfers but nothing about my plan." >Aria looks at Adagio >she seems upset "So that explains all the things you did back then, it was so I could take you in my home." "That's not all I did." "What do you mean?" "While you were sleeping after having sex with Sonata, I managed put a spell on you. A spell of.. intimacy. The spell worked quite well especially with your personality." "Wait, you mean?" "The reason you were acting like that to me in the shower was because of the spell? It was, though I didn't expect it to go down like that, you perverted monkey.." "Why?" "I wanted to test how well our magic is once we transferred it to the gem. After I finished the spell, I put the gem back in your 'hiding spot'." "Dagi.." "Now that we have our powers back, we can exact our revenge on those Rainbooms and take their magic! We will rule this world!" >she says it with her hands and head up high "You expect me to just forget about this?" "Oh don't be so over active, Anon. You can be our faithful servant. You'll help us with food and shelter as we plan to take back what should be ours. It's just like how everything used to be." >yeah, servant doesn't fit you at all "And if I refuse?" "It would be a shame. Not to mention the horrible, excruciating pain we will have to deliver to you." >Sonata lets go of you and brings herself in front of you with arms wide open "Sonata, what are you doing?" "I won't let you hurt him!" said Sonata, "He's done so much for us! Why would you treat him like that?!" "Ugh, this is why our plans tend to fail. It's because of you!" said Adagio, "You're too naive and soft! You would've never made it here if it weren't for me and Aria!" "...I know." said Sonata with her head down, "I'm not that smart. Being pretty is all I'm good for. I've done nothing for Anon but eat his food and play around.. But now, it's my turn to help him! If you use magic on him, I'll use it on you!" >Sonata stands her ground "Hmph, you were so obedient before and Anon would've been a great servant. Aria, let's get them." "No." said Aria "...Excuse me?" >Aria leaves Adagio's side and walks to you and stands next to Sonata "You know what I finally realized? Everything that happened these last few months was because of you Adagio. All the nightmares we've dealt with day after day was because of you and your stupid plans. Well, I'm damn tired of it! I just want to sing again! I don't want to lose my voice again! I want to eat and sleep on a bed not concrete and trash cans!" >Aria points to you "This loser was willing to give that to us even after we made his life a living nightmare. I'd rather go with that than end up getting my butt handed and living in the streets again and it feels WAY better than listening to you bragging how great you are." "Aria.." Adagio grumbled, >she walks down the hill and you were all on even ground "You're willing to give up everything we worked for hundreds of years for this?!" yelled Adagio "You wanted to know what I've worked hundreds of years for?! I wanted to be a singer!" said Aria "Yeah, we all agreed to that when we started forming the group!" said Sonata "That was then, this is now!" Adagio yelled, "You both are completely missing the fact that we have the power to take over the world! Why settle for measly dreams like that when you can go bigger?" "You can keep your big dreams." said Aria, "I'll keep my /measly/ dreams and become a singer." "And I'll sing with Aria." said Sonata >oh how that will turn out "Grr, fine! I don't need you two! >Adagio is seething "You two were nothing more than backup singers to me! Wanna know why we are called the Dazzlings? BECAUSE I'M THE LEADER! I'M THE REAL STAR! I DESERVE EVERY THING THIS WORLD HAS TO OFFER AND I WILL TAKE THEM WHETHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT! YOU TWO WOULDN'T EVEN LAST A DAY WITHOUT ME! YOU WANNA GO WITH HIM?! FINE, I DON'T NEED YOU!" "Then leave." said Aria, "I think we can manage without you." >Adagio's eyes widen >the wind howls loudly >the snow on the ground is picked up from the wind and blows past all of you >Adagio takes a step back >you notice she has a worried expression on her face >she starts to take more steps back >she's about to run >you move forward >you stop with Aria and Sonata behind you >Adagio stops when she saw you walking forward >her hand is on her chest, holding her glowing gem >you can tell by her face that she is upset with everything >she squints her eyes at you >probably cursing at you in her mind >you stand there wondering >what should you do? >Adagio has been lying to you this whole time >from the day you met her, you were just a tool >just a pawn in her plan to get her magic back >you should leave her and let her deal with her own problems >yet you have this feeling that you shouldn't let her go >you worry how she'll be without Aria and Sonata >will she be okay even with the magic she has? >you look straight at Adagio >she's ready to leave >you have to make your decision now >will you help her or will you let her go? >you walk towards Adagio "Dagi, you don't have to do this. Please come back. No one will be there to help you if you leave." "You still think you can stop me from taking my revenge, you monkey?" she said, "How foolish. Nothing you can do will stop me." >Adagio prepares herself >her gem glows >she closes her eyes >she's about to cast a spell >she starts singing "Ahhh Ahhh Ahhhhh~" >you feel the wind blowing right at you >you started to run as fast as you can towards her and put your hand out >the wind kept pushing you >but you pushed harder >you got near enough to grab the necklace >Adagio suddenly noticed and opens her eyes "Wha-what are you doing?! Let go, you imbecile!" >she holds on to the gem >you both had your hands on the gem, fighting over it while the wind was blowing in different directions with intense force >Adagio was screaming the whole time >you eventually let go and held on to the strap and snapped it off >Adagio became focused on her necklace being taken off >gotcha! >you got the gem off her hands and took a few steps back "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" >Adagio screams loudly >the gem started shooting out a blinding light and the wind was going crazy >almost like you were in a tornado >the scream from Adagio echoed many times as if you're hearing different people screaming >you can hear the screams leave her and turn into green mist >the mist moved to the gem which eventually stopped glowing >the winds have calmed down >Adagio was on her knees with her head down >she looks up and sees the necklace in your hand >she opens her mouth but nothing came out >her eyes widen >she tried to speak >but nothing came out >she kept trying to make a sound come out of her mouth >but it was no use >she became mute >she looks down and pounds on the snowy ground in anger >you walk to her >you put the gem near her >she looks at you "What?" she said, "You want to mock me?" >well now >she realized what just happened and tries to grab the necklace again >but you moved away quickly >huh, so Adagio's voice is in the gem now? >you can see tears in her eyes >they show humiliation, anger and regret >you looked down at her with pity >alone, powerless and mute, Adagio Dazzle truly has hit her lowest point "What will you do now, Adagio Dazzle?" >she opens her mouth and slams her fists on the snow repeatedly >you assume she's screaming in anger >you think she deserves it after everything she did to you >all the lies and manipulation she's done since you met her >yet.. >sigh "I think you've learned your lesson, Dagi." >you extend you hand to her >even after all that >you can't help it >you're a teacher after all >she looks up "Come on, Dagi. Let's go home. You're gonna catch a cold if you stay here." >you smile >she just looked you with wide eyes and the tears kept on flowing >she takes your hand and stands up >you hug her >Aria and Sonata come over and join the hug >thanks to the gem being near her, you can hear Adagio's mix of cries and attempts to speak "I wonder though. Is there a way to give Adagio's voice back from the gem?" >Aria and Sonata look at each other >they started singing >Adagio started to as well >all three gems were glowing >the green mist exploded out of the gems >it surrounded all of you and swirled around >the girls kept singing until the mist disappeared >after the mist was gone, the sky cleared >it was sunny with a few clouds >you bask in the light >it wasn't that cold anymore >ACHOO!! >okay, nevermind >you turn tonsee Aria and Sonata hugging a tearful Dagi, trying to comfort her "It's okay." said Sonata, "If Anon forgives you, I do too." "You need to relax more often, Adagio." said Aria >Dagi sniffs "Ev-even after everything I did, I lied to you girls. All the things I said. You two really are idiots." "But they are /your/ idiots." >Dagi chuckles >You take off your coat and put it on Dagi "Come on, girls. Let's go home. We still have the rest of Christmas Eve to enjoy." >Sonata grabs on to your left arm >Dagi holds on to your right arm >Aria holds your right hand >you all walk out of the park "This sure beats all the television specials I watched." said Sonata "Sure was." said Aria "Anon..?" said Dagi "Yeah?" "...I'm sorry and Merry Christmas." >you chuckle "It's a little early but Merry Christmas to you too." >... >It's been three months since the Dazzlings started living with you >you sit in your office looking at the mirror that brought them into this world >was it fate that made this happen or was it sheer coincidence? >either way, you had a really exciting holiday >apparently bringing Dagi's voice back drained most of the magic out of the gems >they can't do any magic anymore but they can still sing >you hope they don't find a way to recharge them >the bell rings >you walk out of your office and see Sonata in her new school uniform running past you >she turns and give you a wink before heading to class "No running in the halls!" >you continued giving cooking lessons to Sonata >you also decided to accept her being your lover >though you had to keep it a secret from the school >you also had to limit sexual activities >though that didn't stop her giving you a blowjob in your office before school began >occasionally, she asks Aria and Dagi to join in which resulted in your protests and scolding >she's also taking one of your biology classes >apparently she likes to learn more about the ocean wildlife >you continue walking in the hallways and notice Aria heading to the gym >due to her rebellious behavior, she has gotten in trouble a couple of times by the staff >unfortunately, it also caused them to find out you were their legal guardian >ohhhh boy, that was a fun day... >she seems to have a friendly rivalry with Indigo Zap over athletics >you bump into someone while pondering "Hey, watch it!" >you bumped into Adagio "Seriously, Anon? You need to stop that habit." "I thought I told you to call me Professor when we are at school." "Oh but I'm soooo used to calling you that." >she speaks in sarcasm "Just don't be late for class." "HMPH." >Dagi turns and walks to the stairs >you're still surprised she took one of your AP chemistry classes >...and doing so well >she's also a member of the after school beauty club >clearly it was her poof that got her in >the girls reformed the Dazzlings and occasionally sings for the school >it was a bit strange at first but the students seems to like it >as a result they are beginning to gain fans >you head to your classroom where your students were waiting >Sonata is sitting at the front row >she looks at you intensely with a smile on her face >sigh >this girl >you had to make an announcement that Dean Cadence told you to speak about "Alright class, today we are going to see who will qualify for the Friendship Games." >Sonata raises her hand "What are the Friendship Games?" >some of the students snicker "The Friendship Games is an annual competition between Crystal Prep and Canterlot High. Every year we win but according to sources, Canterlot High may have a chance of winning this year." >the students complain and here "Which is why I've been chosen to help find the students who will compete to ensure out victory." "YEAH!" Sonata yells with her fist raised >the students laugh >Sonata looks around and blushes >you chuckle >you pat her head "Alright, let's begin."