Dazzles on a Train - by Anonymous

>You are anon. >You're riding the city train. >The afternoon sun bakes the train's metallic exterior, making it feel like an oven. >You are sitting alone in a corner. >Alone suits you just fine. >You're a people-hating NEET in a world that doesn't really try to change your mind. >In fact, you're not at all happy with how the world develops. >Even your body language shows how closed you are to everything that is not you. >You have your arms crossed, your eyes closed, and your ears plugged. >A very low hat covers your face. >Cacophonus music keeps your attention from wandering around. >The trains stops. >"Fifth" you think to yourself. >Rather than open your eyes and look around, you keep a count of the stations. >You find meeting another person's gaze awkward because then they think you've been staring at them this whole time. >The doors open with a characteristic clacking, letting the air-conditioned air out and the heat and people in. >"Hey look, empty seats!" >You sigh. >You don't like company. >A soft breeze followed by creaking tells you the newcomers have sat opposite and beside you. >A soft thigh weakly pushes against yours for extra sitting space. >They're girls by the sound of it. >They smell like wet cats and garbage. >Probably either homeless or junkies. >Maybe both. >And of course they had to come sit next to you. >Why is it that you attract every bottom feeder and loser upon this earth? >"Is he sleeping? I think he is sleeping." comes a voice. >"Shut up, Sonata." comes another. >You feel a soft breeze in front of your face. >"Dammit you idiot, what are you doing? Cut it out!" >"I just wanted to see if he is sleeping." >Oh they better not try to pickpocket you. >The next minute passes in silence, with only the train's shaking and banging on it's tracks to disrupt it. >You hear an overly vocal stomach protesting. >The one next to you sighs. >More silence. >"Fine. I'll go." she said. >She gets up, leaving your thigh cold and alone. >Hers was pleasantly warm and soft. >She walks around the train cart begging for spare change. >"Excuse me. I apologize for bothering you. I am not a junkie or a criminal. I'm just poor and homeless. I've been living in the streets for the past few months. I have...I have two sisters who rely on me. Please. Help us. We've nothing to eat. If you could spare some change we'd be greatful..." >You are having difficulty keeping your breathing even. >Her voice has something...well, melodic. But it also has pain. It moves you in a melancholic way. >You feel bad for people who have to resort to begging to survive. >But you also feel bad when people think you are their free meal ticket, so you do nothing in case they start sticking on you every time they see you. >Beggars have become more frequent due to the economy. >You've heard some quite sad stories. >Parents who can't provide for their children, cancer patients who can't afford treatment and more. >So much more. >You'd help them all if you could. Each and every one. >Nobody deserves to live in misery or die in pain. >The beggar girl returns and plops herself down like a sack next to you. >"How did it go, Adagio?" asked Sonata. >You hear the metallic sound of coins sliding on eachother. >Very few coins indeed. >"Not well enough, Sonata. I'm afraid today will be another one of those days again." >"I wish I could take a hot bubblebath and eat something." said Sonata. >"We haven't had a bath since we did..."it". >The girl next to you shudders. >"Never again. Not even if I die." said the third and most quiet one. >She tried to sound angry but a hint of despair in her voice betrayed her. >You hear faint sobbing. >Part of you wants to help them, but another part just feels like it knows better. >"You don't want to get involved. Leave it alone and it'll go away." it tells you. >Why is it that junkies, beggars, the elderly, losers and people who want to sell stolen goods come straight to you? >It's like you have a "sucker" fluo tatoo on your forehead. >"I wish I could just go home. Go home and never leave." >"I wish I could too, Aria." said Sonata. >Sonata, Adagio, Aria. Who named these girls? >"I remember home. I remember it like it was yesterday" said Adagio. >Poor girls. >"We had everything going our way. Fame, love, attention...Until that thrice cursed unicorn banished us into this...this grey world of filth." said Adagio with spite to spare. >Lolwut? >They know you're only pretending to be sleeping and they're pulling your leg. >Right? >"At least we had some of our power. Now we have nothing, zero and nada thanks to the Rainbooms." says Aria, her voice having changed from subtle despair to outright venom. >"We never should had gone to that stupid ass school. Adagio." >"Funny you should blame me when it was your fault, Aria." >The two girls hiss at eachother. >Rainbooms you say? >You recognize that name. >A few months ago Canterlot Highschool held a concert or something with an elaborate light show. >You'd heard word that strange things happened there. >Strange as in paranormal. >Unexplained beams of searing light, mass hallucination, cryptoids, transforming cars... >And this wasn't the first time it happened. >There was another such incident some months before that in the very same school. >The school supposedly threw a party celebrating fall. The celebration was marred by student drama and equipment malfunction. >Yeah and super agile cigar-shaped UFOs in the sky are swamp gas. >Quickly-suppressed rumours made mention of a daemonic entity, a bird-winged humanoid and a battle. >"Fall Formal? More like Black Mass." a friend and fellow conspiracy nut told you. >It was through her that you heard about it. >She is working for a paranormal magazine and looked into the matter herself. >She was banned from the school grounds when she asked the Principals about it. >According to her story, they initially tried to confuse her, then did the good cop-bad cop routine and when she persisted they blackmailed her into silence. >What they blackmailed her with, she wouldn't say. >The place reeks of Innsmouth. >And here you have three outcasts. >More informed than outsiders but just as inclined to share what they know. >You open your eyes and straighten up as if someone just flipped your ON switch. >You look at the three girls for the first time. >They look like Monster High rejects at first glance. >But still, clearly down on their luck. >They wear hoodies and jeans even though it's summer. >But as the saying goes "beggars can't be choosers." >They've frozen in place and look at you like ambushed cats, alarmed by your awkward "awakening". >You feel awkward yourself, having more than one person's attention at a time. "You mentioned the Rainbooms? Go on, keep talking." you say, trying to sound cool and witty. >The trio just stares at you, trying to make up their mind about you. >One of them looks hostile, another startled and the third one cautious. "Continue, please. I'm not a fan of the Rainbooms either and I want to know more." you encourage them. >The one next to you grins like a predator. >She makes you feel like prey but strangely enough you feel like you yearn for her murderous attentions. >Pity the stench of her body, clothes, unwashed plenty hair and empty-stomach breath are so overpowering. >"Information isn't free." she tells you. "You want it? You have to pay for it." >You feel insulted that someone is trying once again to take advantage of you. "I can help with your alarm clock" you tell her with a smirk. >You poke her belly from the side with your finger as you say that. >She recoils some and slaps your finger away. >"Fine, but touch me again and I'll cry rape." she snarls through gritted teeth. >Now it's your turn to be cautious.