Shrinknanigans - by Sal Monela

>It is a calm spring night in Canterlot City >The hour is late and most decent folk are in their beds, warm and fast asleep >Nothing moves in the streets of the city's suburbs >Nothing except for three figures, who unlike most decent folk, are neither asleep nor decent >Adagio Dazzle. Alpha female >Aria Blaze. Cowardly usurper >Sonata Dusk. Jailbait >They dart from cover to cover and go through people's yards until finally they take cover behind some bushes >They look at the house across the street "There it is. Sunset Shimmer's house. I hate Sunset Shimmer. Had it not been for her, the Rainbooms would had failed to stop us in the Battle of the Bands. We'd still have our pendants and our power." >"Err, yeah. We were there, Adagio." said Aria >Adagio reaches in her hoodie's pocket and retrieves a small bottle containing a glowing green fluid >It casts it's light on her wicked face, making her look scary as she holds it close "This is our "Fall and Rise" story. We are going to replace the magic we lost with the magic we are going to drain from the defeated Rainbooms! But first...Let's take Sunset out of the picture..." >"Wot" asked Aria as she gave Adagio her usual disapproving stare "Wot what?" >"Wot wot wot? Haha, the Covenant Elites make this noi-" "Shut up, Sonata. Aria. What's your problem this time." >Aria raises two fingers >"Out of seven possible targets you choose to go after the one who can sprout flaming wings..." >Aria lowers her index finger, briefly giving Adagio the middle finger >"...and turn into a magical girl" she points out as she lowers her middle finger "We'll duh. We're at full strength and have the element of surprise. Of course we'll take out the strongest player first. What do you suggest we do, go after some pushover like Shutterfly? This is why you don't get to give orders, Aria." >Aria crosses her arms and grumbles something >All these long hours of physically reestablishing hierarchy after the Battle of the Bands are paying off "Now shut up and don't make me laugh like the other time. This shit's too expensive to spray it." >Adagio raises the elixir and drinks the fluorescent contents of the small bottle in one go >She winces and sticks out her tongue "Bleh, it tastes like that coffee Sonata made for herself the other day." >Adagio's stomach rumbles >She lets out a protracted burp >Everything around her grows bigger and bigger, including her own clothes! >The world towers over her >Adagio panics >She tries desperately to stop burping, but she can't >She puts her hands in front of her mouth in an effort to hold the air inside her, but to no avail >"Freaky shit!" cursed Aria as she backed away from Adagio >Sonata retreats behind her and looks over Aria's shoulder at Adagio as she disappears like the witch from the wiZARD of OZ >Adagio disappears completely, leaving behind nothing but a pile of clothes >Aria and Sonata are left scared and speechless >"A-Aria? Is Adagio...Is she..." >Sonata chokes up >Aria, more concerned than she'd ever admit, moves closer to the pile and probes it with her foot >Nothing >Panicked, she brings her hand down on it like when you're worried you've lost something that's supposed to be in you pocket and you slap your pockets >*Booph* "Oh! Watch it, you oaf!" comes a high pitched voice, causing the other two sirens to jump back and probably need to change their underwear >The pile shakes some and then Adagio comes out of it, as naked as the day she hatched from her egg >She looks at herself "Dammit, what the hell!" >Relieved, Aria resumes her snarky attitude >"I guess the shrink elixir literally shrinks *you*. Your clothes aren't a part of your body and so they are left unaffected. But hey, your bra probably still fits you. No change there, heh." "Well ha-friggin'-ha. At least when I look down I see my body." >Sonata is holding her cheeks and smiling at Adagio >"She's soooo cute! I just want to take her home and dress her like a dolly!" she said with glee in her face "Hey!" said Adagio in an indignant tone as she pointed to herself with her thumb. "I'm not a doll!" >"You're an action figure, heh." cut Aria "Hmph!" >"Anyway, what now? Abort mission? You jump into my pocket and we return home?" asked Aria "No! We've paid for the stuff already. I'm not leaving until I get in that goddamn house!" >Aria raises her hands >"Suit yourself. You're the one who's going to have to run around naked and barefoot. I'm not the one who has to worry about hungry cats or rats in heat." "Bitch, please. I've survived a shark attack. Now shush, keep low and wait for me here in case I need backup. If I'm not back in an hour, come looking. Understood?" >"Sure" said Aria >"You can count on us!" said Sonata "Good." >Adagio takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly "Okay, off I go." >And with that, Adagio dashes off to cross the empty street >Her orange poof stands out in the darkness and the grayness of the asphalt >Aria chuckles >"Look at her go, like a a possessed Barbie, or that Chucky doll." >"Kinda looks like a big, dyed rat to me. Like the ones they use in cosmetics labs" commented Sonata >Aria turns her head and looks at Sonata >"....Fuck, that's good. I wish I'd thought of that." >A few seconds pass with nothing but the sound of crickets and the occasional bat disturbing the silence >Then a stomach rumbles >Aria turns to Sonata again >"Hey Sonata, wanna go grab a bite?" >"Why not. I could go for a snack." >The two sirens get up, dust off their knees and asses, and leave. >Adagio doesn't notice her backup leaving >Her attention is focused on her target, plus she's used to ignoring them >Even though it's spring, the night is chilly on account of all the humidity from the trees and yards >Adagio's nipples are erect >She is almost surprised to find that her predicament doesn't bother her at all >She's naked and on the hunt >Kinda like back home >Like all sirens, years of swimming and infighting have given Adagio a tight, strong body and increased stamina >This has carried over to her human form making her a remarkable lover >The rough ground hurts her tender feet but she doesn't care >It only adds to her adrenaline and determination >She smiles to herself as she allows the feeling of the Hunt to overtake her >There's a pickup truck in front of her >She ducks and runs under it >As she runs, she takes a look at the tires and shudders as she notices leftover bits from a roadkill "Brrr!" >She shakes her head, trying to clear the images from her mind "Head in the game, Adagio. Head in the game." >Normally, Adagio would have to have Aria break a window in order to make her an entrance since Sunset's house didn't have a chimney >Thankfully, one day while following Sunset home with a makeshift knife, Adagio noticed a flap in Sunset's back door >Adagio makes for the back door, pausing every now and then to sniff the air and sense her surroundings like a predator >Lights are out all around the house >Adagio reaches the pet door >She pulls the flap outwards and listens rather than looks at the darkness inside >Last thing she needs is for some foul-tempered poodle to come out and treat her like a kitten >Poodles are the bastard spawns of satan >She hears nothing >Apparently, the pet door came with the house "Retards" cursed Adagio softly >For someone who relies on manipulating the idiots of the cosmos, Adagio is rather scornful of them >It's the Equestrian Dream. Every other moron thinks that there's a house in the suburbs waiting just for him, surrounded by a cute little white fence and containing a housewife, a brat, and a fleabag dog >Adagio enters the house, careful to not let the pet door slam close behind her >She steadies herself against a table leg while she rubs her feet clean >The kitchen floor is tiled and colder that the street outside, but thankfully the air is warmer. However not all is well "Crud." >It hadn't occured to Adagio that it'd be dark inside the house >She closes her eyes for a moment and just stands there >Then she opens them and waits for them to adjust to the darkness >The street lights are casting a previously unnoticable, faint light that comes in from the windows >It provides just enough illumination to navigate the rooms >Adagio hears a buzzing and grins to herself >She scurries along the floor and squeezes in between the fridge and the kitchen wall >She follows the wall until she comes across the power cable >Some vigorous pulling later, the buzzing stops "Heh, now back to work." >Meanwhile upstairs >Sunset enters her bedroom carrying a tray with seven glasses of carrot juice and a glass bowl fulled with veggie snacks >"Again, thank you all for coming to my slumber party" she said as she pushed the door closed with her tush >"No prob" replied Rainbow who was busy emptying the contents of her backpack >"Umm, Sunset?" >Sunset looks at SciTwi >She's sitting on the floor while Fluttershy is trying to brush her rather neglected hair >"Yes, Human Twilight?" >"Thank you. For inviting me, I mean. I've never been in a slumber party before." >Rarity makes a little laugh and turns her attention from her pocket mirror to SciTwi. She was plucking the hair between her eyebrows >"Didn't the Shadowbolts throw slumber parties, dear?" >"They did." replied SciTwi in a tone of voice that made the temporature in the room plummet >Awkward silence >Someone clears her throat >"Awk-waaaard..."said Pinkie. "Oh, by the way Sunset, thanks for letting me bring Gummy with me." >Gummy is in the background, doing nothing but moving his eyes independently from eachother >Pinkie whispers in Sunset's ear >"He has abandonment issues." >Sunset smiles at Pinkie >She knows better than to fuck with the crazies >"You're welcome Pinkie. How come your sister stayed at home?" >Nobody really wanted Maude around, but she was Pinkie's sister and Sunset was forced to invite her out of niceness >"Oh, don't worry about Maude. She's having someone over." >The girls continue their casual gossiping and slumber party-related activities while Gummy is in the background watching everything >The camera zooms on him I AM UATU THE WATCHER. I HAVE BEEN CHARGED WITH OBSERVING THIS WORLD SINCE BEFORE HUMANITY REIGNED AS THE DOMINANT SPECIES. >"Some times I wonder what's going through his head. Is he thinking just aligator thoughts, or is it real thoughts, like "hey, we're out of stuff an aligator needs"?" wondered Fluttershy out loud >SciTwi looks at gummy >Gummy makes a squirting sound as he opens and closes his eyes >"I don't see any evidence of cognitive process." I SENSE EVIL APPROACHING. >Gummy crawls away, out of the room and into the darkness of the rest of the house >"So ummm, as I was saying. This is my first slumber party and I errr...don't know what I should do." said SciTwi as she tucked a lock of hair behind her ear "I have a manual, but it's not as comprehensive as I thought. I'd appreciate some veteran's advice through the night." >"Speaking of first times..."said Dash as she pulled something from the bottom of her backpack >"...look what I shoplifted the other day!" >Dash holds up a dvd case for the others to see >SciTwi pushes her glasses in place with a finger >Fluttershy blushes and covers her mouth >AJ is furious >Rarity is calm. Disinterested even >"Dash, is that...?" >"Porn? Why, yes it is!" she informed the others with a shit-eating grin >"This is wrong and dishonest, Dash! Stealin' like sum thievin' nigger..." >"Chill out, AJ! It's not like they'd sell it to me. C'mooon giiirls...Don't you want to see what else we can do with boys? Back me up here, Twilight. It's a documentary on...on...On mating rituals! You like documentaries, right?" >"Well, I do want to cover my significant gaps in boy research..." SciTwi replied with a shy smile >Back downstairs >If someone was downstairs, he'd probably be freaked out by the sound of disembodied, high pitched grumbling >Back when she'd decided to infiltrate Sunset's house, Adagio had made a list of things she wanted to do once inside >Steal stuff, leave the water running, kidnap Sunset, maybe kill her or at least piss in her mouth...Things like that >But thanks to the elixir shrinking only her body Adagio was left with no tools whatsoever, including her flashlight >She tried searching the darker inner rooms, but she changed her mind as soon as she tripped on a cable and fell flat on her face >She stuck to the barely illuminated rooms after that >All she can do now is look for dirt on Sunset in order to blackmail her, though even that is starting to seem impossible >Adagio's grumbling is interrupted by the sound of erotic moaning and slapping >It sounds like Sunset is having a guest. Yeeeesss... >Her predatory mood restored, Adagio follows the moaning to it's source and soon she reaches a gigantic staircase >Fsh-fsh-fsh "Gah, I should had bought a Batman toy with a spring-loaded grappling hook or something..." >Fsh-fsh-fsh "Climbing these stairs will be like climbing an Aztec pyramid." >Fsh-fsh-fsh "And what the hell is that noise?! It's like someone is dragging his damn feet." >Adagio turns around >The first thing she sees is a large pair of inhuman eyes staring at her from the darkness >Then the large owner of the large eyes crawls into the dim light >It's a small alligator but from Adagio's point of view it looks like a reptile beast fresh out of the time machine >It opens it's mouth and roars like the T-Rex from Dino Crisis GROOOOOOWL! "HOLY FUCKING CRAP, IT'S GODZILLA!" >Adagio stays perfectly still. She's seen that in Jurrasic Park >Dinosaurs can only detect motion >Gummy just looks at her for a moment with his big, purple eyes, seemingly lost and confused "It's working!" she thought to herself >Then Gummy charges at the poof-haired girl with an open mouth "Fuck!!!" >Adagio runs away in a blind panic, hoping to lose Gummy in the darkness >He darts after her WHO ARE YOU WANDERER? I HAVE THE SCENT. >Upstairs >The sound of repeated flesh on flesh pounding dominates the room >The girls are staring wide-eyed at the TV screen as a tattooed stud earns his living by filling a pornstar's every hole with his manstick >Sunset bites her lip >"Hot damn, I could really use some right now" she thought to herself >She looks at her bedside table >She has a black dildo in one of the drawers but it'd be too suspicious if she got up in the middle of the movie, took something from the drawer and then retreated to the bathroom for a while >Every now and then SciTwi ruins the mood by talking >"Is it sanitary to put your tongue there? Why aren't they using condoms? I thought the colon is exit only." >The others laugh and AJ pauses the movie right on the point where the guy is half-inside the woman's ass >"Ha-ha! Nobody calls it colon outside of manuals, you egghead!" mocked Dash >"What do you call it then?" asked SciTwi as she pointed at the screen >"Cleaning the chimney! Climbing up the poop chute! Digging for black gold! Finding Nemo!" chirped Pinkie Pie enthusiastically >The others look at her startled >Downstairs >Adagio struggles to squeeze under a low sofa >She's stuck because her hips and ass are too gifted >She is frantically raking the floor with her fingers, trying to crawl forward "OhpleasebemercyfulinmyhourofneedohJesus!" >Something closes around her yellow leg "Yikes!" >Adagio pisses herself a little >Gummy pulls her out from under the sofa with a quick jerk of his head >Adagio's nipples rub on the floor as vigorously as an eraser on a notebook "AYEEEEE!" >She tries to kick the beast away with her free leg but she only succeeds in annoying the reptile >Normally, an alligator would roll and try to cut a chunk off his prey, but Adagio is small enough to eat in one bite >Gummy throws Adagio up into the air >Time slows down as she travels first upwards and then downwards >She turns just in time to see that the lizard's jaws waiting wide open to receive her >A hundred thoughts cross Adagio's mind "I wish I hadn't done this...I wish I was nicer to my idiots...I wish I'd stayed in Equestria...I wish I'd married a surgeon like my mother wanted...I don't wanna d-" >Gummy closes his mouth prematurely and fails to swallow her whole >Her yellow arms and legs are hanging from his mouth >Adagio screams in Gummy's mouth and swings her limbs like the dickens >She is fighting for dear life >Gummy just sucks them in like strands of pasta YUMMY >The end >Gummy starts to walk away, a content smile plastered across his face >He only walks a few feet away before stopping >Something is not right >Gummy feels like there's a hairball stuck in his throat >He tries to swallow it but to no avail, it just won't go down >Suddenly >Heroic He-Man music >Gummy's mouth is opening against his will WHAT?! Adagio is forcing his jaws open with her siren might, pushing upwards with her hands and downwards with her feet "Gnnnnn-!" >With a final, determined push she opens them completely "-nnnARGH!" >Something gives with a wet snapping sound and Gummy's jaw goes slack AAAAAAAH! "Sorry big fella, but fish isn't on tonight's menu!" >Adagio climbs on stunned Gummy's face >Gummy's sight is dominated by a naked, frenzied Barbie >Her fists zoom in and out as she punches him repeatedly in the eyes >Right eye, right fist. Left eye, left fist >He makes a throaty whine Gnaaaaa! >Gummy runs around and slams into things trying to get Adagio off him "*Bump!* stop it *bump* mother *bump* piece of *bump*" >If Adagio wasn't furious before, she is now >She moves on the back of the lizard's head and straddles his nape >She grabs his eyelids and pulls them back with everything she's got >The reptile freaks out completely and starts running in circles >Adagio pulls at his eyelids like reins and directs him towards the stairs >Gummy climbs the stairs in a hurry, leaving small scratchmarks on the wooden steps >Once on the top, Adagio lets go of his eyelids >They slap back into place like rubber OH GODS MY EYES! >Adagio jumps off the alligator and gives him a spirited kick, sending him tumbling down the stairs >He rolls down the stairs and on the floor >He comes to a sudden stop when he hits the wall with a thud >Adagio looks at herself and touches her body >Strings of saliva connect her hands with her body "Yeurgh, gator spit." >She looks left and right for something to wipe Gummy's mouthgoo off of her naked body with >A napkin, a sock, anything really >The only thing within reach is a hairy doormat on the bathroom's entrance >She rolls on it, pissed off that she has to "Eaten by a goddamn walking wallet..." she grumbled as she rolled and dried herself up >Once dry and relatively clean, she gets up and resumes her search for Sunset >She has half a mind to just barge into Sunset's room, tell her to go fuck herself with a cactus and go home >An hours-long hot bath with aromatic oils and salts is in order once she gets back >Adagio walks back to where she dismounted and continues towards the source of the moaning "She's totally faking it. I can't wait to see who the inadequate prick is" she mumbled to herself >Adagio stops in front of a building-sized door >It's closed but not completely, like someone just gave it a push >Adagio briefly considers coming back with Gummy in order to have him run into the door like a battering croc, but she dismisses the thought >Last thing she wants right now is to touch that oversized gecko again >Adagio squeezes in between the door and the frame >She pushes forward with her hands and backward with her ass >It takes all she has but she manages to open the door just enough to slip through >"HOLY FUCK!!!" >Adagio's heart skips a few beats >She looks frantically left and right for the threat or for cover >She takes cover behind a furniture next to the door >The ground shakes and there's so much noise that it's like the ESAF is carpet-bombing the entire room! >AJ stomps her way to the nearest light switch kicking pillows, food and other stuff as she goes >"Hey watch it! My iPhone!" >AJ hits the switch and turns on the light causing the others to squint for a few seconds >Her skin has gone from supremacist white to paper pale and her face is the very picture of wide-eyed terror >A girl pauses the movie >"AJ, what the fuck?!" asked Dash >"Ah-Ah-Ah saw th' d-d-d tha door open on it's own! It was a g-g-ggg-g a ghost I tells ya!" >Fluttershy looks left and right >"I don't see any ghosts" she said. "Just us" >Pinkie bolts up >"This means the ghost is one of us!" she screeched as she backed away from SciTwi >"I bet it's the new girl! She has no life. Just like a ghost!" said the pink maniac as she stabbed a finger at SciTwi >SciTwi raises a finger and opens her mouth to protest >"I guess if you pretend that social sciences really are sciences, then it's a scientific fact that I have no life..." said Twilight as she looked down >Then she looked Pinkie in the eye and continued >"But they aren't. Just like Geology!" >Pinkie gasps >"If Maud was here she'd shove a stone so far up your kidn-" >Sunset jumps into the conversation and changes the subject before the fight escalates >"Applejack, there's no such thing as ghosts." >"There ain't such thing as magic either. Right, Sunset?" countered AJ >Adagio listens to the BFFs bickering from behind the furniture >She can't risk poking her head out >Not while the lights are on >"Maybe it was Pinkie's pet" said Rarity in a tone that implied she was tired of the others' shit. "We left the door open just a crack so Gummy could get in if he wanted. He must be around here somewhere. Now can we watch the rest of the "movie"? I need my beauty sleep." >The others mumbled things to eachother as they sat back down and turned off the light >Adagio took the opportunity to look at the others in the dim light of the screen before their eyes adjusted to the dark >Apparently Sunset is having a slumber party >She has all her allies there while Adagio has nothing but an exposed navel >She sighs internally "Everything that could go wrong, did. You know what? Fuck this. I'm out. I give up." she thought to herself in exasperation >Adagio walks out, distrurbing the door as she leaves the room >"Hey AJ, there goes your ghost again." >"Shaddap, Dash. >Adagio leaves feeling broken inside. This night has been a prime example of Murphy's Law >First the potion, then the darkness, then the dragon >And now this >She reaches the stairs and just looks down >It's a long way down. Hard too, though not as hard as climbing it >Adagio covers her face with her poof and screams into it in frustration "FFFUUUUUUU!" >If she gives up then every effort she's commited tonight, every shitpickle she's suffered will have been for nothing >She might as well had stayed home, watching TV and eating a tub of ice cream >Only she didn't >Adagio puts one hand on her waist and another on her forehead >She can't give up "Fuck my life" she said, feeling trapped as she made her way back towards Sunset's bedroom >She is going to stick around and wait for the Rainbewms to fall asleep "What time is it anyway? The dumbasses are supposed to come looking for me after an hour >Adagio looks at her wrist >Oh right, no watch "Gah!" >Adagio raises her clenched fists up in the air "This is all your fault, Aria!" >Aria sneezes >"Someone must be talking about you." said Sonata >Aria snorts her nostrils clean >"What?" >"You know. You sneeze when someone somewhere is talking about you...?" >"Oh that. No. Your food is tickling my nose." >Aria takes a napkin and blows her nose surprisingly discreetly >Sonata pierces a few fries with a fork and shoves them hungrily in her mouth >"How come you didn't get anything? The food tastes great!" she informed her friend with her mouth full >"I'm good. I have gummy bears." >Aria puts her hand in her pocket and fishes a gummy bear from a mostly empty pack >She puts it in her mouth and crushes it slowly between her teeth >She smiles as she does so >"What are you smiling about?" asked Sonata >"Oh nothing" said Aria with a snigger. "Just making happy thoughts, heh." >A few moments pass in relative silence as Aria looks around >They're in a Spurdo Burger fast food joint >There's a few people here and there talking about their pointless, short lives >The low quality speakers play music from a local radio station >She doesn't recognize the song and she doesn't care >Until some time ago they would had eaten like queens here and then sang the customers into a riot so they could excuse themselves without paying >What a depressing place >"What a depressing place. Why did you want to come here anyway, Sonata?" >Aria leans forward >"You've taken a liking on the delivery boy, haven't you?" she said in a conspiring tone >Sonata chokes and coughes at this >"*Cough cough! Cough...*Fu-*Cough!* Damn." >She drinks some water to help push the food down >"What are you talking about Aria?!" she asked angrily as she blushed >Aria looks at the delivery boy who is waiting for the next delivery order >She flashes him a mean smile and motions towards Sonata with her eyes, inviting the young man to come talk to the blue girl >"Look at him. I bet you can charm him out of his clothes. I bet he wants you to too." >"A-Aria! Stop!" >This isn't code for "Aria continue", but Aria continues anyway >"I can't imagine why else you'd pick this place instead of the Taco Belle a few blocks down." >Sonata puts down the fork as she goes from flustered to annoyed >"Again with the tacos. I said taco once. Now I'm the taco lady. You took a guy behind the dumpsters and ate his wee wee once. Does that make you the wee wee lady?" >It's Aria's turn to blush >"Are you stupid?! People don't talk about these things" whispered Aria, shrinking into her seat without the help of a potion >Sonata just continues ranting, oblivious to the attention she draws >"I mean, like, oh my Dagon, right?" >A black mountain sitting behind Sonata stirs at the mention of our lord Dagon >It gets up and comes to their table >The creature could once have been called human >It was of slightly above average height. A black trenchcoat mercyfully concealed the specifics of it's bloated form, but only barely. It's bespectacled face bore fastfood-induced acne. A fedora sat like a vile crown upon it's greasy hair, ensuring the creature's continued virginity >"Great. A neckbeard." thought Aria to herself as she crossed her arms and turned her attention to the window, waiting for the neckbeard to piss off back to his home dimension >"Did you shay Day-gon?" >The creature can mimic human speech, but not social norms it seems >It exudes an aura of awkwardness that makes people feel uneasy, like junkies and physicians do >"I heard Dagon. Who shaid that?" demanded the neckbeard >Intimidated, Sonata pointed at Aria like a kid directing a grownup to it's guardian after getting caught being naughty >The neckbeard patted Aria's shoulder >"Fuck." she grumbled inwards >"Hey. Hey you. You shaid Day-gon." >Aria turns her head and looks at the man like an animal that's about to go for the jugular >Joke's on her though, the creature has no neck >"What of it." >Even though she didn't, Aria isn't one to back down without the first hint of impending violence >The neckbeard smiles, revealing a series of cola-yellowed teeth >"I happen to be well vershed in H.P. Lovecraft's work. My name ish Trevor." >"Sod off Trevor." >"No, no. My name's not Sodov Trevor. It's Trevor Carlson." >Trevor takes a seat while Aria grits her teeth and tries to keep calm >Last time the depowered Dazzlings picked a fight in a crowded place, they ended up spending the night in a cell with zibber prostitutes >Back in Sunset's house >All the girls are sleeping peacefully on the floor >All except for Sunset Shimmer who is hot and bothered >The porn movie from earlier has stirred her libido >She is too aroused to go to sleep, so instead she's trying to put out the fire in her loins >One hand is in front of her face while the other is under her covers and in her panties >Her nimble fingers dance between her legs, touching her in all the right spots at the right time >There's a reason why she plays the guitar so well >Her knees are pressing against eachother >Sunset is only making herself hornier >She bites down on her index finger, trying not to moan and betray herself >Masturbating in the midst of six other girls...What will the rest of the school think once Rainbow has gossiped about it? >Yeah, you'd think Rarity would be the one to run her mouth but it's actually miss "Loyalty" who communicates everything to everyone >Loyalty my ass, Rainbow has pledged allegiance to the flag of Dash >At least there isn't much light in the room >Only the light from the street lights illuminates the room, revealing nothing but outlines >As long as she doesn't make any noise, Sunset should go unnoticed >Still, Sunset finds it hard to take her eyes off the others, scanning them for signs of awareness >Which is why Adagio didn't go as unnoticed as she thought she had as she tiptoed around the room >Sunset couldn't believe in her eyes >I mean, what would you think if you saw a tiny naked human sneaking around your bedroom at night? >"I must be seeing things!" thought Sunset to herself as she closed her eyes shut for a couple of seconds before fluttering them open >Nope, the little homunculus is still there >Adagio is standing in front of SciTwi's face, flipping her off with both hands as she sticks out her tongue and does a funny little dance >Sunset presses her nose close and bites her tongue in an effort not to laugh her ass off and scare the voodoo doll away >Adagio goes from girl to girl and observes them >She stops at Rainbow for some reason >Sunset watches as Adagio walks up to Rainbow's face >She takes her poof in both hands and presses it against Rainbow's nostrils >The little shit is trying to suffocate Dash! >"Pffhoohoo little shit..." >Dash snorts in her sleep and starts breathing from her mouth instead >Adagio gives the ceiling the middle finger for some reason >Sunset decides she can't let Adagio run around like this >She gets off bed and sneaks towards tiny Dagi who is now busy trying to close Dash's mouth >She is too absorbed in her task to notice Sunset until it's too late >Adagio tries to run away but it's hard to hide with that bright poof reflecting so much light >Sunset grabs her, causing her to let out a high-pitched scream of frustration >This wakes Dash up >Dash looks up groggily and sees Sunset standing over her >"...Huh? Sunset?" >Sunset hides Adagio behind her back and pretends nothing is going on >Something that Adagio makes difficult by trying to bite chunks out Sunset's hand >"I err, you see...I-I shoo'd Gummy. He was trying to sleep on your face." she tells Rainbow with a forced smile >"Urgh, again?! That lizard is freaky." >Rainbow turns on her other side and goes back to sleep >Sunset is in too much pain to sigh in relief >With quick and careful steps, she maneuvers her way to the door without stepping on anyone >As is tradition when someone is trying to sneak, the usually quiet door now raises creaking hell as Sunset pushes it open >Sunset turns and looks at the girls >They're all still asleep >Sunset closes the door behind her and makes her way to the kitchen downstairs with poof in hand