A Dazzling Pack I - by LaPsbin

>"Adagio, what the hell are you doing?" "..." >Adagio!" >You ignored your sister, tapping a finger against your chin >You and your fellow sirens were sitting in an empty classroom >For reasons beyond your control, the three of you somehow ended up with three days straight of in-school suspension >Such was RIDICULOUS! >How could principal Celestia thing you stuffed Roseluck into a locker? >Or beat Rainbow Dash with socks filled with soap? >Or make Thunderlane cry? "Heh..." >You couldn't help but grin, resting your head in your hand >Falsely accused or not, the three of you were stuffed in this room--which was in some forgotten section of the school-- and promptly forgotten >They hadn't even put a teacher in with you, only tossing you all of the assignments that you needed to do before closing the door behind them >Work which you weren't going to do, but that needn't be said >Your attention wasn't focused on any of that >It was focused on the room's fourth occupant, who appeared to be sleeping with his face buried in his arms >Though he was hearing a green hoodie and baggie pants, you could still see the masculine curve in his figure >Those strong arms >That smooth, flat stomach >Those mouthwatering legs >And that butt... "Hmm...~" >You bit your lip, letting your gaze wander where it will >Yes... >Momma likes... >Momma likes a lot... >"Whatcha looking at, 'Dagio?" >You look to your right to see Sonata staring at you with that smile of hers "That boy over there. What is his name? I don't remember ever seeing him before," you said, nodding your head in the sleeping male's direction >Both of your sister's looked over >"Anunmous, or something like that, Aria said, kicking her feet up on top of the desk. "He just transferred here a couple days ago." >She looked up at the ceiling before frowning >"What, why the FUCK did you talk to Sonata and not me when--" "A transfer huh?" >Your eyes narrowed, calculating >Hmm... >... >Yes... >He would do nicely... "Has anyone laid claim to him?" >Both of your sisters exchanged glances >"...I don't think so," Sonata said, scratching her chin. "I mean, I think I saw Lyra trying to talk to him the other day, but he just kept walking." >A tough-willed man then? >Hmmm... >From across the room, this "Anumous" twitched, letting out a loud snort before once again going still "Would either of you happen to know WHY he's here with us?" >To your surprise, Aria grinned >"Yeah, Thunderlane tried to start a catfight and he smacked him right in the mouth." >She giggled, licking her lips >"I swear to the seas I heard 'Laney's jaw snap." >Ah... >A VERY tough-willed man... >It's been a very long time since you've seen one of those... "Sonata, go and check the door to see if any of the teachers are walking around." >Immediately, your blue sibling rose and made her way to the door >Ari-- kicking her feet off the desk-- spun around and leaned toward you, narrowing her eyes as she stared at the unsuspecting male >The single, UNPROTECTED, unsuspecting male >"What's gotten into you, Adagio?" she asked >Humming, you leaned toward Anumous, inhaling deeply >You could smell him from here >The musky, strong, layered yet delicate scent of a male >You licked your lips >Yes...~ >He would do very, VERY nicely... "It's a shame that poor Anumous--" >"Anonymous," Sotana said, making her way back toward the two of you. "His name's Anonymous. I sit behind him in math class. He has a nice butt. Also, there's no one outside, 'Dagy." "--that poor ANONYMOUS doesn't have anyone to take care of him." >You leaned back in the chair "It's dangerous walking around this school, what with all of those cock-hungry barbarians walking around. If he's not careful one of them could drag him somewhere quiet and have their way with him." >Aria, already catching on, grinned >"We wouldn't want that now, would we?" she asked, chuckling >Sonata, as scatterbrained as ever, cocked her head to the side >"I don't know girls," she said, scratching her head."I don't think that anyone would do anything like that..." >Your grin only widens "I wouldn't be so sure about that, Sonata. There's a lot of bad girls out there that want to take advantage of a man," you said matter-of-factly >Sonata opened her mouth but quickly closed it, her brow thoughtfully furrowing as she looked down at her feet >"I gue--ohh...!" >There we go... >"It's been a loooooong time since we've had a mate," Aria said. "You think this one will be willing?" >You cast a thoughtful eye over "Anonymous" "Hmm... Perhaps, perhaps not. It doesn't really matter." >The three of you were sirens after all >One land or sea, this wouldn't be the first time that you've have to forcibly claim a mate >...If it came to that, which you were sure it wouldn't >The three of you might have lost your gems but you were still a forced to be reckoned with >You had money, a car, a nice little apartment that sat next to a liquor store that sold to minors, and the three of you were beautiful >What more could a man asked for? >But, if he WAS resistant, the three of you had... ways of keeping him quiet >Your bed was cold and lonely >You had no one to sing to >No one to kiss or love or hold >It had been long enough >Your pack needed a man, a mate >And there one was, single and ready to mingle >But not for long "First things first. Aria, go and see if you can find something comfortable for us all to lay on." >Aria's nose scrunches >"Fine, but I get to pick first position." >You opened your mouth to argue, but then you saw that look on her face >The look that told you if she didn't get her way she wasn't moving from her chair >And, since you didn't want to get up and Sonata would get caught IMMEDIATELY if you sent her out, that only left you one option >...That didn't mean you're happy about it however >Frowning, you nod "Fine. Now go and get something. Sonata, come and help me. We need to get him out of that desk." >Be Anon >It was another day in magical no-hooves land >Another day of you having to go to high school >Again >Even though you were twenty-three years old and already fucking graduated >But nooooooo >Since you don't have your FUCKING high school diploma, and Twiggles had thought some more education would be good for you--the nerd-- here you were, not learning a goddamn thing >But now, in this world, you weren't learning a goddamn thing while also being hit on by VERY underage women >Which was not okey-dokey >Daddy wasn't so pedo >...Fucking Twilight... >... >Well... At least you got an ISS, so you could sleep in peace >FUCK doing any of that school work... >You continued to dream of mystery man things until you felt something nudging you >If wasn't a very hard nudge, but it was still noticeable >Being a pro at sleeping in class--thanks high school and college-- you mostly ignored it >A few seconds later though, you felt it again, along with someone sighing in your ear >A frown came to your face as sleep was slowly pried away from you >Fuck off whoever you were... >Fuck off... >You lazily try to paw at the thing that was disturbing you, but this only garners you another sigh and a quiet giggle while the prodding continues >Fucking hell... >Slowly but surely, though you try your best to prevent it, you find yourself waking up >Waking up AND angry >This was BULLSHIT! >Couldn't a man get his twelve hours?! >A very quiet but AGGRESSIVE growl escapes your throat >If people thought that you fucked up Thunderlane the other day, just wait till they get a load of... >... >... >... >Wait a second... >As consciousness returns to you, so do your five senses >You're pressed up against something soft and warm >Someone's pressed up against your back >Arms are wrapped around both your middle and your head >It also feels like someone's lying on your legs and stomach >Eyes still closed, you wiggled around to confirm this >Two sighs and a giggle fill the air >The giggle was floaty, almost musical, you noticed >For some reason, it seemed to... linger in the air unnaturally long >It sounded very... pleasant? >Waking up a bit more, you noticed whatever you had your face buried in was particularly soft and smooth >Your nostrils flared, invading your senses with fruit and lavender >It felt, for all the world, like flesh >Clean, washed flesh >You move your cheeks this way and that >The mass moves along with you, and from above you could hear a sleepy groan >... >Wat? >It took some doing, but you eventually managed to untangle yourself from the arms holding your head >Picking your head up, you looked up to see the sleeping face of that Aria chick >The one with those big, stompy boots and that reeeaaaaaallllly low-cut shirt >Looking back down, you noticed that she happened to be wearing that low cut shirt at this very moment >You also noticed where you face had been mashed up against >... >Wat? >Looking over your shoulder, you managed to spy a mass of curly, orange hair >...Is that what's her name? >Dagy or something like that? >Looking down, you saw the slender arms wrapped around your middle >The hands were tiny, well manicured, with odd rings on each little finger >Wiggling back a bit, you could feel the girl's breasts rub up against your back >Dagy might not have been as stacked as Mrs. Grump here, but she was still very sizable >And, just like the grump sleepily trying to rewrap her arms around your head, it felt like she wasn't wearing a bra >Which, while you STILL weren't a pedo, was pretty fucking awesome >Really awesome >... >You know, when you were little, your dad said if you ever woke up surrounded by women to just sit back and enjoy it, but you had questions >A LOT of questions >Alot, alot "What the fuck is..." >"Hehe, morning, Nonny!" >Looking down at your lower body you saw the girl that sat behind you in math class >Sonata something-or-other >The blue girl was lying prone on stop of you, resting her elbows on your lower stomach >This gave you a VERY good view of the mile of cleavage that she was showing off "...Hello Sonata." >Being a hot-blooded man, --NOT A PEDO--found yourself staring at the smooth, flawless expanse of skin laid out in front of you >Sonata, with a giggle, used her arms to press her boobs together, showing you that she, just like the other two, wasn't wearing anything under that remarkably thin and low-cut shirt of hers >After a minute or two of hypnotizing you with her ta-ta's, she laid her head down on your stomach, still staring up at you with those bright, purple-ish eyes >"Is this alright, Nonny?" she asked. "I'm not hurting you or anything right?" >You tore your gaze away from her and looked at the other two girls "Um... I'm... fine?" you told her, blinking owlishly >Sonata smiled, burying her face into your belly >You twitched, very startled, as you felt her nose rub back and forth against your belly button "Um... Sonata?" >The blue girl picks her head up >"Yes, Nonny-kins?" >You opened your mouth >Then closed it >Then opened it again >Then closed it again >After a few more times you finally found your words "...Mind telling me what's going on?" >It was Sonata's turn to look confused >"What's going on? What do you--" >Her eyes light up in realization >"Ohhh! You mean the cuddling!" >What the fuck do you THINK that I meant?! "...Yes, the cuddling." >From behind you, Dagy let out a hum >You twitched again--eyes widening--as you as you felt a soft pair of lips on the back of your neck >djngfkdjnfdkjnfldnkl! >Sonata giggled as you shuddered >"We're marking you with our scent, silly!" she replied, as if that was a normal, sane thing to say "Ohhh..." you say, looking around once again. "Why?" >Sonata rolled her eyes >"Because you're our BOYFRIEND now, silly. We need to make sure that nobody else bothers you--" >She rubs her tits against your belly >Another part of your anatomy twitches >I'mnotafuckingpedoofficerIswear! >"--And if we rub ourselves against you you'll smell like us, which means other girls leave you alone!" >That was stupid >She was stupid for saying that >You opened your mouth to say just that but stopped >This WAS some weird, alternate dimensional horseland >So that MIGHT not be the complete bullshit that you thought it-- >... >... >... >Wait "Boyfriend?" >Sonata nodded, grinning like a kid on christmas morning >"Yep! Adagio decided that she wanted you in the pack! And, since she's the alpha, what she says goes!" she cheerily replied >You nodded slowly >...Okay... >Admittedly, you had woken up in stranger situations, but this one was in the top five... >... >Top three at LEAST... "And if I don't WANT to be in this pack or whatever?" >Sonata frowned >"Why wouldn't you want to be in our pack, Nonny?" she asked, her lip quivering. "Don't you like us?" >Don't give me that fucking look, lil' blue >Don't you do it... >"Rhetorically speaking." >Sonata's sad expression became thoughtful >"Wellllllll... Dagy said that we were taking you home whether you wanted us to or not, so I guess we're going to do that!" >A small, mischievous smile came to her face >"But I don't think we'll have a problem getting you to come with us, Nonny. What with you touching Aria's butt like that and all...~" >Blinking, you looked down and over to see that you had two handfuls of grump-ass >NOTAPEDONOTAFUCKINGPEDONOTAPEDODAMMIT! >Quicker than lightning, you pulled your hands away >Her ass jiggled as you fingers left them >You could see the flesh STRAINING against her pants >Your breath catches in your throat as you lay there, frozen >Aria had a wonderful ass >This was known by pretty much everyone in the school >But now that you were THIS close to it, you could see it in all of it's glory >It was big, full, round >Her thighs were thick and tight and smooth >Your fingers twitched reflexively >Good lord baby jesus... >Below you, Sonata giggles >"Wow, you must REALLY like Aria's butt, Nonny," she teased. "I can feel your thingy pressing against my chest~" >... >Lord... >If you're giving this poor, worthless servant a test, dear lord, remember that he's a C- student, oh Creator of the Heavens >A whine escaped your throat as Sonata grinned wolfishly >Since you were frozen for so long, Aria managed to grab your head and mash it back into her boobs >Which, to tell you the truth, wasn't a very bad place to be >But, since you still had questions, you found yourself wiggling so that your face is poking upward "...Sonata?" >"Yes, Nonny~?" "How OLD would the three of you happen to be?" >"I'm one thousand two hundred and fifty-three. Aria's a little younger, one thousand and thirty-nine. Adagio's the oldest, at one thousand four hundred and ninety-two." >... >Wat? "Wat?" >Sonata nodded >"Pretty old huh?" "HOW?!" >"We're sirens! Which means we're pretty much immortal," she said proudly >SIRENS?! >Those fish monsters from that one thing? >The Odyssey or whatever? >... >Don't they KILL men?! >... >Aria sighed again >You also found yourself sighing as you felt her lean down and kiss the top of your head "...Whatever," you found yourself saying, slowly going limp. "It's bullshit, but I believe it." >Shaking your head, both because of this nonsense and because you wanted to really bury your face into a pair of tits, you let your hands wander downward >They not only find their rightful place on the purple grump's backside, you do one better and slip them into her pants >Hello... >SOMEONE'S not wearing any panties... >Sonata gasped in delight as you gave that big, beautiful butt a squeeze >"Does that mean you'll be in our pack?!" she asked, hugging your legs >You grumbled a bit "Sure, whatever. Just don't do anything to me while I'm asleep." >Sonata quietly "yayed" as you gave dat butt another squeeze >"Oh, this is gonna be the BEST, Nonny!" she declared >A throaty hum escaped Aria's throat as you spread her buttcheeks >... >Hey, at least this is better than fucking underage girls... >Be Adagio Dazzle >There was a grin on your face as Anonymous snuggled between both you and Aria >Heh >The cuddle pile works EVERY time