Anon and the Dazzling Boys (M~M) PT. I & II - by Anonymous

-Anon and the Dazzling boys Ahhh, end of the day Just finished up at your after school job, time to go home and get your game on You smile as you walk down the street “Well if it isn’t Anon” a silken voice purrs behind you You freeze like a deer in headlights “Where do you think you’re running off to?” the voice continues closing up behind you A shiver runs through you, it was too late to run now You wouldn’t have made it far anyway You swallow before turning to address the speaker “Hey Adagio, I was just you know… going home” you replied, sweat trickling down your neck Adagio Dazzle He’d started attending CHS only recently with his two mates Aria and Sonata, the three of them had formed a group called ‘the dazzling boys’ They’d already become some of the most popular students in the school, they had teachers and students alike wrapped around their fingers You didn’t know why but they devoted an obsessive amount of their time at CHS to cornering you in class and the hallways, demanding that you tone your body up and get fit They were always really touchy about it too leaving you feeling uncomfortable and a little fuzzy But right now Adagio just stood watching you, a slight glint in his eye “So I’ve been hearing some stories about you, Anon” he smiled reaching out to take hold of your chin “Is it true you’ve never had sex with a girl?” he asked smirking “What!? Who would’ve tol-” “Is it true Anon, yes, or no?” You felt more sweat trickle down your spine as Adagio leaned in closer “Come on Anon, tell me” Well, there wasn’t much of a way out of this “Alright, yes, I had a girlfriend but we never got that far…” you trail off, face burning with embarrassment You waited for him to start laughing at you But the laughter never came Glancing up you found Adagio had his eyes fixed on you with the barest hint of a smile gracing his lips “You poor thing, Anon” he whispered brushing your lower lip with his thumb “You know, I could help you with that” “Uhhh… what?” you responded dumbfounded and a little unnerved as Adagio continued to trace your lips with his thumb “Are you alright there Adagio?” Adagio gave a laugh “Oh, I’m just fine Anon, now why don’t you come with me back to our place for a bit of fun” he responded releasing your chin “Uuuuhh… I don’t know, I think I should really go home” “Please Anon, I’m not asking you, I’m telling you” Adagio smirked The sudden twin grips of Aria and Sonata on your shoulders finalized Adagio’s demand “Wait! What are you going to do to me?” “Shut it Anon, now walk or I’ll drag you” Aria growled in his ear With no chance to run, you submitted and let the dazzling boys lead you on to their car, where they bundled you into the backseat followed shortly by Sonata Adagio slid in behind the steering wheel as Aria in the passenger seat fiddled with the radio “Seatbelt Anon” Adagio grinned in the rearview mirror turning the ignition When you didn’t move Sonata reached over and buckled you in “Don’t worry I forget the seatbelt too Nonny” he chuckled before slipping an arm over your shoulders “You ready for some fun?” You really needed an adult Something about all this made your stomach knot itself “You alright back there Anon, Sonata’s not disturbing you is he?” Adagio asked his eyes flickering in the mirror as he stopped at a red light “Don’t worry Adagio I won’t do anything to him” Sonata shot back “You two always treat me like an idiot” he added folding his arms “Yeah and sometimes we’re right” Aria chuckled The conversation died away quickly, Sonata didn’t rise to the bait The rest of the trip carried on in silence apart from the steady stream of classic rock from the car stereo As Adagio pulled into their driveway, he shot you a look that said to not try running away You wouldn’t have tried anyway any of them could’ve outrun you Quickly you were ushered up to the house and inside, it was starting to get cold outside, inside the house was spacious and well lit as Adagio flicked on the lights “Aria would you be so kind as to set the thermostat, Sonata and I will settle Anon in” Adagio waved the purple boy off Between the two boys you were further led into the living room and sat upon a central lounge with Adagio by your side Sonata leaned over the side of the lounge to tilt it back a little before flopping back and slinging an arm over your shoulder “So… what exactly are you going to do to me?” you asked nervously well aware of how uncomfortably close Adagio was sitting next too you, and how he was resting his hand on your thigh Aria walked back into the room taking a seat on the coffee table facing you You starting to get a little worried as they all looked you over Just keep calm Anon, deep breaths Adagio broke the descending silence “Well, you’ve never had sex with a girl, Anon, so we thought maybe you’d be more willing to try with the same sex” Adagio grinned squeezing at your leg “What! No! I’m not gay Adagio” you protested “How do you know, Anon” Adagio hummed in disbelief “Sonata hold him” You went to spring up and run for the door but Sonata already had you, reeling you back onto his lap with a laugh “No running away Nonny” he grinned wrapping his arms firmly about your waist What the fuck! Why was he so crazy frigging strong! You could feel the warmth of his body all along your back as you struggled, serving only to strengthen his hold on you “Now you say you’re not gay Anon, how about we give that a little bit of a test” Adagio smiled before gesturing to Aria with a graceful flourish “I think it’s time we help broaden his horizons, Aria” “No! I swear I’m not gay, please just let me go” you squirmed in panic Aria smirked at your discomfort and cast aside his ripped vest his eyes narrowing and becoming predatory “Watch me Anon, then you’ll see you’re wrong” he crooned rising and swaying from hip to hip He lifted his shirt taking his time in showing off his taut stomach as he drew the fabric up Adagio was watching your face closely, biting his lip as he watched panic and curiosity war over your face as Aria continued to strip himself “How do you know you’re not gay Anon, if you’ve never even tried” Aria sneered slinging away his shirt and running his hands down his chest “You like what you’re seeing, Anon?” Aria grinned shifting from the coffee table onto your lap His body was so close to you, so flawless You could feel the pulse of blood running to your face, amongst other places With a snicker Sonata slid a hand down to grope at your crotch his other hand running up under your shirt “Certainly seems like he does, you’re getting him all worked up, Aria” You tried to shout, to speak to do anything You shivered involuntarily and drew back from Aria and further against Sonata Adagio laughed and rose from the lounge “Well I’ll let you three all get better acquainted, I’d rather like to watch for a bit” Adagio sighed rising and stepping back from the lounge “Alright time for some fun” Aria grins You pulled away as far as possible from Aria as he leant in closer, his eyes not leaving yours In a flash he lunged across the gap to make contact with your lips Your eyes widened and your entire face burned red It’s… wasn’t as bad as you expected He tastes of peppermint His tongue is insistent, eager as he pushes at your lips In a moment of weakness, you opened your mouth to accommodate him Emboldened Aria cupped a hand to your cheek, his tongue battling aggressively against your own for control Intoxicating you As more and more of your attention fell to Aria’s mouth, Sonata released his hold around you waist and was hurriedly unbuttoning your shirt His hands tracing soft lines across your chest and down your abdomen as he worked Aria broke the kiss, his breath washing over your face as you panted “Hey, Adagio, do us a favour and fold down the lounge, we’re gonna make him really worked up” he hissed Swiftly Adagio was by the end of the couch “Going down boys” he grinned pulling the small lever Sonata was still stroking and caressing your abdomen when the back of the lounge fell to horizontal You fell back against him, squeaking as he pulled you against himself You could feel his erection pressing against the small of your back Aria pounced upon the both of you, moving like a jaguar as he lustily kissed his way up your throat and back to your mouth “Just admit it Anon, you’re so fucking gay” Aria teased you “right Sonata?” Sonata reached down and tilts your head up smiling as he planted a long more chaste and gentle kiss on your lips You’d hate to admit how good this was beginning to feel and how hard it was starting make you Sonata released you from his kiss, leaving a faint taste of bubblegum as you lick your lips “For realsies Anon, you’re so gay” Sonata grins before giving you another quick peck You moved into a more comfortable position, neither Aria nor Sonata complained as they laid either side of you, their hands exploring your body Sonata was taking his turn to make out with you, he was far gentler than Aria had been each kiss punctuated with a smaller one after “Hey Sonata, bet ya twenty bucks he breaks down crying when Adagio fucks him” Aria sneered roughly stripping your shirt down your arms Sonata paused in his ministrations “A bet huh, why don’t we make it interesting then, whoever loses gets fucked by the other, I know he won’t cry, Adagio won’t hurt him” he replied before kissing you again “Alright, you’re on Sonata, hope you’re looking forward to losing” Aria barked before diving to your neck to nip and kiss forcing you to groan into Sonata’s kiss “Oh come now Aria, you’re scaring the poor boy, I want him to enjoy this, not be terrified and wracked by performance anxiety” The three of you held for a moment and turned your attention to were Adagio stood, now naked and smiling at your entanglement “See Anon, it’s quite fun isn’t it?” Adagio asked languidly crawling onto the lounge between your legs You blinked in amazement Adagio’s body would’ve put Adonis to shame He grinned at your stunned silence “You ready for something more intimate?” You manage to find enough of your voice to respond “Wait, I’m not sure I want to do this” Adagio stops and flops down on your chest, looking almost disappointed “Anon, I promise we’d never do anything to hurt you, we only wanted give you pleasure” he pouts, rubbing his chin on your breastbone “Why should be you afraid of enjoying this, hmmm?” he purrs, hands sliding down your hips This would be a much easier question to answer if you weren’t half naked and being caressed by Aria and Sonata Adagio smiled at you softly “We can take it slow if you’d like, and if it’s too much I’ll stop” he suggests, biting at his lip again in expectation Looking at Adagio’s honest smile, you gave a faint nod You cannot turn back now Aria and Sonata renew their assault passionately kissing away your anxiety and leaving you floating You barely even register as your trousers are drawn down by Adagio and thrown aside, you only register that you’re running short of breath Breathless the duo drew back, letting their hands play about your chest and hair Looking down from your spread eagled position you saw Adagio knelt between your legs smiling at you as he squeezed a sizable dollop of lube into one hand “I promise you, Anon, you will love this” he soothed as he closed the bottle and reached below your erect cock The cool sensation of the lube as Adagio spread it around your asshole made you shiver, and every time you felt his fingers rub against your pucker you tensed Half expecting him to slip a finger or two in perhaps Satisfied that you were now slick enough Adagio stopped for a moment to fidget with a condom, rolling in down his shaft as you watched “What you did you think I wouldn’t play it safe” he grinned “just remember Anon, if it gets too painful, tell me and I’ll ease back okay” He leant over to kiss you before pulling back ready to go Angling himself you could feel Adagio’s cock pressing against your entrance, slowly but surely pressing inside of you A gasp escaped you as he slid further in resting a moment for your sake This didn’t feel like you expected, having Adagio’s dick inside of you, you expected some kind of torturous pain, but all you can feel is tightness The movement starts slow as Adagio eased himself in and out of you, gradually pushing deeper and harder “Anon, tell me you love this, tell me you want this” Adagio moaned driving into you harder You grunted and groaned “Yes, this is… amazing, I want this, I… love this” You awoke with a yawn, your eyes blinking to clear themselves of sleep You feel worn out, what the fuck did you do last night? You reached out patting around for your phone, when your hand came into to contact with firm flesh Frowning you turned your head and looked straight into Adagio’s half lidded eyes “Morning Anon, sleep well?” he whispered taking hold of your outstretched hand, idly running his fingers over your palm “I… I… ah… what happened?” you stammer Adagio’s soft smile broadens “Don’t you remember last night? How we made love?” Adagio pulled you forward and kissed you Cinnamon flavoured “W…what? But…” you replied pulling your hand back to rub at your face “We couldn’t have, I wouldn’t” “Anon” Adagio broke in softly “It did happen, surely you remember” As you become more awake you do remember much of last night, a haze of ecstasy within which you were the centre of the dazzling boys’ attentions “I was gentle with you, wasn’t I?” Adagio asked rolling over up against you “You… you were” you replied closing your eyes “So what happened to Aria and Sonata? Last I remember was them making out with me during round two” you asked looking at the ceiling “Oh, once we were underway, they went up stairs, something about Aria losing a bet” Adagio responded waving a hand “He always seems to lose to Sonata” he sniggered, running his hand down your chest “Did you enjoy last night?” “Honestly, I think that maybe I did” “Well it can’t have been too bad, Anon” Adagio murmured reaching down to hold your half-erect cock “he certainly seemed to like it” “So what now, am I allowed to go?” “Sure, you can stay as long as you want too, either way we’ll be in touch” Anon and the Dazzling Boys 2 Two weeks had passed since your night with the Dazzling boys Since then you’d been conflicted On one hand, doubts had begun to creep into your head Had you really liked it, was it all a huge mistake, were you just latching onto the intimacy they’d given On the other hand, new urges bloomed in you, you wanted, no, needed to be with them That there was nothing wrong with being sexually attracted to the Dazzling boys The whole issue had left you stressed and absent minded for the most part The sound of clicking fingers broke your train of thought, and you shook your head turning back to Adagio, sitting next to you in the cafeteria “Hmm, uh what’s up Adagio?” “You drifted off again, you okay?” he asked in concern “Yeah, it’s nothing, you were saying something?” “Right, I was just saying the boys and I are planning on going up to the snow for the weekend” Adagio repeated taking a bite of his lunch “And we wanted to know if you’d like to come with” “Wait, me? Wouldn’t you rather some time to yourselves?” “Well yeah, but you’re our friend and I like hanging out with you” “Besides, no one else knows us quite as intimately as you do” he winked rubbing you leg under the table You could feel your face burn pink You hoped no one else was listening “So can I put you down for a yes?” Adagio asked leaning forward “I… I guess, but umm… could we maybe dial this down a little, I’m still coming to terms with it” you whispered back Adagio nodded and withdrew his hand “Sure anon, I won’t force anything on you, next time, will be your choice” he replied giving a little smile to ease your anxiety You could feel your heart skip a beat as he gazed at you “S… so… the details?” you stuttered “Right, just pack whatever you need for two days, we’ve already got the food, and we’ll drop round to pick you up round about four tomorrow" Adagio grinned True to their word the dazzling boys picked you up at quarter to four, it was cold and dark still but they’d have a long drive ahead of them They’d rented a car for the weekend too you noticed, a big solid landcruiser “Morning, anon, climb aboard” a sleepy Aria called from the passenger seat Adagio hopped out and met you at the back, helping you fit your gear in “Morning, I’m glad you agreed to come along” he grinned breath fogging in the cold air “Well, it was this or stay home and waste my life” you joked back closing the rear door, walking around to climb into the back seat Sonata was out like a light the seat over, slumped against a pillow snoring You couldn’t blame him, with the warmth of the heater Adagio had running, it was real warm and cosy in here It wouldn’t hurt to catch another hour or two of sleep you decided yawning and laying your head back It was a blast of cold air that woke you, blinking you could watched Adagio jump out of the car, he must’ve stopped for petrol Aria hopped out as well sending another chill blast your way, you frowned at him as he walked inside the petrol station A twitch of movement caught your attention You glanced down to find Sonata still asleep where he’d fallen sideways to rest his head against your lap You smiled and absently ruffled his hair A few minutes later Adagio and Aria returned and climbed back into the car “Morning again” Aria nodded “you slept long enough” Adagio passed you a cup of coffee “So what do you think?” he asked pointing outside Looking outside you raised an eyebrow You must’ve been asleep for more than an hour or two because that was a lot of fucking snow “Looks snowy” “Well we’re not far off now, maybe an hour to go at most” Adagio continued, pulling the car out and back onto the road You sipped at your coffee and watched the winter landscape as it passed by This was nice Well this was rather pleasant you thought, getting your first look at the cabin the dazzling boys had rented You gave Aria a hand with carrying the bags and food inside, Adagio was already ahead opening up the cabin Sonata yawned and stretched as he followed you Stepping inside you were surprised by how homely everything looked, there was a fire place at the side of the main room, the kitchen joined onto it separated by a counter “this all looks good Adagio, where’s the beds?” Aria asked, hefting his and Sonata’s packs “Down the hall there’s two rooms” he pointed “two beds to a room so we’ll split up amongst them” “Alright” Aria acknowledged casually tossing his and Sonata’s packs into one room while you carried your own and Adagio’s to the other room “So when can we get to skiing?” Sonata asked when you got back “Once we’ve got everything packed away, made sure we’ve got enough wood for the fire and so on” Adagio answered “Right well have fun with that, I’m going skiing!” Sonata laughed darting back outside “Sonata! Uugh… Aria go with him will you we’ll finish up in here” Adagio groaned placing a box on the counter “Sure thing” Aria replied glancing between you and Adagio with a smirk “heh, have fun while we’re gone you two” You watched Adagio’s eyes narrow glaring at the empty doorway where Aria had just been, his face turning red You weren’t sure I that was anger or embarrassment There wasn’t a whole lot that needed to be sorted out, Adagio went and found the wood supply, bringing in plenty for later Meanwhile you just packed the food away in the kitchen “You want to go see if we can catch up with my idiots?” Adagio asked pulling on a snow jacket as he came out of the bedroom “Sure, I’ve never been skiing before though” you warned Adagio chuckled and clapped a hand on your shoulder “Really? Well come along I’ll teach you the basics” You had to admit, Adagio was a good teacher gearing up for the snow you both grabbed skis and poles before setting off to find the other two, it didn’t take long They were racing each other down a deep narrow slope not far from the cabin Adagio pulled you aside and after ten minutes of instruction on safety and steering, he had you racing down hill too It was exhilarating the only downside was the walk back up, your ski boots really weren’t made for it “Hey Anon” Sonata called out to you, bounding up the hill to catch up “Thanks for coming out with us this today” “No problem, I would’ve regretted it if I didn’t come along” Sonata flashed you a broad grin “You know Adagio was thrilled that you’d said yes, couldn’t get that silly smile off his face last night” Sonata added “I’ve never seen him so smitten with anyone before” “Smitten, with me?” “Yeah, head over heels I reckon” “But why me?” “How should I know, there’s just something about you that draws him, you could ask him” Sonata shrugged before bounding back up the hillside again You stopped for a moment, watching Adagio ski down again on another run, leaning into his turns as he flashed by You couldn’t help but be struck by him Someone that amazing wants to be with me? Honestly, that thought made you feel curious, aroused even You took a seat near the top of the hill waiting for Adagio to come join you “Man, I’m out” Adagio laughed, panting “Seriously, it’s only been twenty maybe thirty minutes?” you teased “More like triple that, anon, and I drove the five hours here, cut me some slack” he grinned sitting in the snow next to you You could feel him resting his head against you You could feel the urge to put an arm around him and pull him into a cuddle building “What about you, you had enough for now?” Adagio asked You grinned back “Of skiing, I suppose I could take a break for a while” You stretched your legs out, it felt good to be back inside, and skiing had done a number on your leg muscles Adagio was sat in front of the fire stoking it You idly watched him at work The doubts in your head were quiet as your eyes roved him You wanted nothing more than to walk over and slip your arms around his waist, surprising him Nervousness held you in check though “There that should do it” Adagio announced closing the small door to stop the fire burning through its fuel too quickly “Right, well I think I’ll have a quick shower before the idiots get back” he chuckled dusting his hands “How would you like some company?” Shit, you’d just blurted that out loud without a second thought You could feel your heart rate rise as Adagio looked at you in surprise “… Anon, is that a serious offer?” You could feel your stomach knot on itself and your heart beat even faster, your mouth worked but produced no sound as you blushed furiously “Anon?” Adagio asked again, one eyebrow quirked as he approached you “I’d love your company, really” he offered with a soft smile Just seeing that smile energised you, a grin forming on your lips You couldn’t keep yourself from grinning like an idiot either as you and Adagio raced to the bathroom Adagio set the shower running as you started to strip yourself off “Oh anon! how forward of you” he smirked glancing at you as he shrugged out of his thermal Stripped down Adagio reached out and pulled you backwards with him into the hot spray of the shower and straight into an impassioned kiss You felt a jolt across your lips as he made contact It was different to last time, there was an intensity about it that was new, you could feel yourself slipping further as you pressed back, eager to make your own impression on Adagio Hot water streamed down over Adagio and yourself as you gently pushed him back against the tiled wall You ran a hand through his orange hair and down his back tracing the taut line of his spine “Fuck Anon, you’re amazing” Adagio panted breaking the kiss You smirked in triumph Adagio reached around your waist and pulled you tightly against himself You could feel his cock and yours, grinding against each other while you both panted against each other “Oh fuck that’s hot” you gasped, the sensation dazzling you “Anon, kiss me you fool!” Adagio demanded grinding himself more firmly against you Not one to argue, you grinned and lunged back in, pressing your lips against his You enjoyed the cinnamon taste as you split his lips with your tongue, flicking and coiling against his own Adagio moaned appreciatively in response to your efforts as he leaned further into the kiss You could feel yourself running out of breath, but you didn’t relent, smiling as you felt Adagio’s breath shorten as well Breaking the kiss, you gasped and panted leaning in against Adagio’s shoulder as he let his head rest back against the tile wall “Anon, you, you’re just so… so fucking fuck!” Adagio laughed easing his hold on your waist “I want to give you something… special” he whispered “Huh” Adagio slid his hands down to your hips and began to kneel, steadily kissing his way down your chest and abdomen, heading straight for… The sudden realisation of what was about to happen made you freeze “Wait, Adagio stop” you suddenly panicked stepping back He looked up at you from the steam “What’s wrong Anon?” You could feel all your doubts come swarming back into your mind You shivered further backing away from Adagio Adagio looked hurt and confused “Anon, please, its okay we can stop I’m sorry” he tried to comfort as you stepped out of the shower Right as Aria slammed the door open “You two done fucking yet?” he asked, glancing at your softening cock “or are you about to get started?” “Aria, get the fuck out, go sort out lunch for you and Sonata, we’ll be out in a moment” Adagio shouted, sighing only once Aria had left You dried yourself off as quickly as you could Adagio wrapped a towel around his waist stepping out of the shower He kept his distance and didn’t try to approach you as you pulled your trouser back on “Did you want to talk Anon?” he asked, voice suddenly timid “No, I need to take a walk for a bit” you replied eyes fixed on the floor “Okay” A quick glance at Adagio told you he was upset You wanted to apologise, to tell him he hadn’t done anything wrong But you couldn’t bring yourself to say anything “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you Anon” Adagio whispered “I’ll wait for you” he added, you could see tears forming at the corners of his eyes You quickly ducked out and left, paying no attention to Aria or Sonata as you stormed past and out into the snow You didn’t know exactly where you were going, you just needed to walk Venomous doubts were poisoning your thoughts How can I ever face him again? How can I possibly face anyone ever again? What if someone else found out about all this? “What the fuck am I supposed to fucking do!” you screamed at the sky, storming onwards Only the silent afternoon and the crunch of snow answered back You wanted to just disappear, to make this all go away like some kind of bad dream You let yourself slump down in the snow, letting to cold embrace you No, there was no reason at all to go back I should just let myself disappear What possible reason could you have to go back? Who would ever accept you being gay? Adagio would, you love him, and he loves you Could it really be that simple? You had a lot of time to ponder that one It was well after nightfall when you came back to the cabin Adagio was waiting sat outside the door in a heavy snow jacket, as you approached he heard the snow beneath your boots “Anon! You were gone for hours, are you okay?” he shouted running to meet you “Yeah, I’m okay Adagio” you responded letting him draw you into a hug “Shit, you must be half frozen” “I’ve been thinking Adagio” Adagio froze waiting for you to continue, biting his lip nervously as he watched your eyes “I had a lot of time to think about this… about why I’ve been so worried and afraid, and what I really want to make me feel happy…” You could feel Adagio tense up “I don’t think I care anymore if I’m gay or whatever else” you continued bringing your hands up to hold Adagio “What I care about is you, Adagio, you make my life warmer, brighter” you smiled “And full of love” Adagio didn’t move for a moment just stood there in your arms before softly his lips turned to a smile “You really mean that?” “Yeah, I do” Adagio’s smile grew into a goofy grin as he dipped his head against your shoulder “What say we get inside out of the cold?” you suggested with a warming smile “Sure” It was quiet when you got inside “How late is it?” “Sometime after nine, Aria and Sonata went off to sleep or have fun with each other” You both walked through to your bedroom, it was warm, and you could feel the tension in your body easing out already “Well what would you say to maybe having a little bit of our own fun?” you smirked, pulling your snow dusted jacket off Adagio grinned as he slung his arms about your neck and gave you a peck on the lips “Your bed or mine?” Adagio pushed you back onto his bed, deftly crawling up to straddle your waist “I think I know exactly what you need” he smiled brushing your cheek with one hand while the other reached behind him to pull your cock out “Would you be so kind as to get me a condom from the drawer” Tilting your head back you reached for the drawer in question, the feeling of Adagio stroking your cock making it a far more challenging task As you turned back he leaned down to nip along the length of your neck pulling the condom away gently with his teeth “You are truly something amazing Adagio” Not content to let him have all the fun though you ran your hands up his thighs and ran teasing circles around the base of his shaft “Oh that’s evil, Anon, I hope you’re ready to finish what you started” Adagio cooed as you felt the cool sensation of the condom being rolled down your length Adagio slid back lifting himself slightly onto his knees “I wonder how long you can wait?” he grinned pressing your tip against his asshole before lifting away “how long before you’d beg?” You were about to complain when he brought himself back down spearing himself on you “Oh fuck!” you groaned grabbing onto Adagio’s hips “It’s about to feel a whole lot better” Both of you gasped and moaned as Adagio impaled himself on you, building up a steady rhythm this felt right, you wanted this more than anything “Come on Anon, cum already” Adagio groaned and panted with each penetration furiously stroking his own cock in time You could feel your body tense and your cock convulse as you came, pulling Adagio down hard on your shaft so he could feel it “Anon, I fucking love you” Adagio shook and heaved against you, his own cock cumming against your stomach You let your head drop back against the bed, enjoying the aftershock that followed while Adagio lay panting against your chest "I love you too Adagio”