Dazzlings to the Movies - by YourWife

>You are anon and you are currently driving through a a town blanketed in snow >Hopefully you don’t die because you happen to be going to the movies to meet up with some girls from school >You wouldn’t exactly call them friends, you’re not even sure how you were roped into going with them >They had approached you a few days ago while you had been looking out the window at lunch >Almost like wolves they surrounded you and covered view of you from those around >The short one with the orange hair spoke looking deep into your eyes > There was ill intent flashing through hers unnerving you but the moment she spoke you felt calm, weak, malleable >As the words flowed from her tongue in a quiet yet powerful and husky voice, you found yourself waiting on every one with baited breath >She told you that you were all going to the movies on saturday, and with difficulty finding your voice you weakly agreed >You wondered lightly why you had felt the way you did but you didn’t worry too deeply as you arent the healthiest person and passed it off as a moment of vertigo or nausea >They had disappeared shortly after introducing themselves and deciding on a time, Adagio being the girl with orange hair who spoke primarily, the other two introducing themselves as Sonata and Aria >Bringing your thoughts back to the present you focus on driving down the half frozen road to the movie theatre, thankfully there wasn’t much traffic out tonight >After a short while later and a terrifying moment of almost skidding off the road you arrive at the theatre >God damn snow and ice, as much as you love the cold and the white cover of snow quieting all life, the city did not have the the proper investments to deal with a snow storm as they happened so rarely >Crunching along in your boots and jeans, you easily spot the out of place looking trio of girls outside the theatre >Hopefully they haven’t been here long, and if they have why the hell did they wait in the cold >Shaking your head you call out to them as you get near >The one with the pony tail and blue hair speaks first, her name was Sonata if you remember correctly “Hes finally here! Oh gosh I thought we would freeze out here!” >The other two exchange looks and the purple haired girl speaks with a swish of her long pig tails “We’ve been here less than ten minutes Sonata, get a grip and stop whining already.” >With a pout Sonata holds her arms to herself shivering >The monolith of orange hair speaks approaching you “You’re late.” >”What are you talking about, we didn’t agree to meet for another 20 minutes!” “Quiet and lets go inside. You brought the money for us all didn’t you?” >Reaching into your back pocket you pull out your wallet and approach the ticket counter outside. “I’ll take 4 tickets to the 7:45 showing of Deadpool please.” >Sonata begins to shake with excitement besides you much to the exasperation of Aria "Ooooh I can't wait!" >She is literally bouncing up and down >Wow, you wanted to see this too but damn girl >With Sonata excitedly grabbing your hand and pulling you inside, you all enter >You dont know anything about these three but you like Sonata already, shes a bundle of excitement and fun >Either that or she isn’t sober, which you can’t help but seriously consider with discreet glances at her nose for powdery residue >Amazing, nothing >You walk to the ticket collector and are given directions to the auditorium of the movie >As you start to walk away you are stopped in your tracks and almost fall backwards from a hand yanking on the back of your jacket collar “Where do you think you’re going? We need snacks for the movie still, not to mention it doesn’t start for another 50 minutes. Do you expect us to just sit there for the next 50 minutes while the staff clean up from the last showing?” >”Oh, yeah. Well go ahead and get some food, I’ll wait for you guys.” >Adagio’s face turns to one of outrage “You expect us to pay for our own food?!” >”Well yeah, I paid for tickets already and only have so much money you know. I don’t even know why I agreed to do that in the first place.” >It seems you struck a nerve with Adagio as her gaze becomes sharper than a knife and she begins to visibly twitch >Rushing forward she reaches up on her tip toes to grab you by the collar and pull you to her eye level where she proceeds to give you an unpleasant but familiar stare “You did it because I told you to you worm, and you will buy us snacks as well. You are not here to question or speak, you are here to listen and enjoy the company of beautiful women who have decided to grace you with their presence. Now, we want snacks. Now go get us snacks.” >Every word of the last sentence she shook you roughly for emphasis >You feel like you should push her off you, but... >Next thing you know you find yourself in front of the counter ordering an assortment of candy, popcorn, and soda >None of it for yourself >With trays in both hands you return to the girls who have settled at a nearby table in the lobby and are conversing among themselves >Aria indifferently grabs a tray from you without even looking and continues a conversation with Adagio >Placing the second tray down in front of Sonata you fall into a chair and hunch over the table hands to your head >You feel as though your skull was split with an axe >From the side of your view you can see Sonata shifting uncomfortably with an unhappy expression as she looks at you “Adagio I think you’re going a little far. Maybe you shouldn’t use your powers like that too much more, you’re hurting him.” >All three glance in your direction and you see Adagio’s face light up with a smirk, while Aria looks a little uneasy at her change in expression “Well then maybe he’ll know now to listen when I tell him to do something hmm?” >You have no idea whats going on, but fuck her >You’ve already paid for everything and bought the snacks, the movie starts in a bit, just need to tough it out like the sick days >You can do this >Sonata leans over and rubs your neck gently “Are you okay?” >Adagio without warning kicks her under the table “We don’t worry about the well being of our slaves you fool, if he isn’t well then we will just find another.” >Aria leans back with a sigh while Sonata lifts her legs up onto the chair with her and wraps her arms around them rubbing her bruised leg “But I always hate when we hurt them, he has been nice so far too.” >Adagio laughs and looks to Aria “Enough of this stupidity. Now, we were talking about the next plan. As I was mentioning, the school seems to have a number of easy targets as well as the Battle of The Bands coming up soon. We can take control of some important people such as the ones controlling the sound system so that it can’t be turned off during our song. From there we will gain total control of the school.” >Aria shook her head nervously while Sonata remained silent >You had no idea what they were talking about other than it involved the Battle of The Bands school event but you didn’t care, you could hardly see straight your head hurt so badly >They continued to talk about it for a while with Adagio dominating the conversation and Sonata staying almost completely silent unless she was addressed by the orange nightmare in front of you >As the minutes went by your headache eased up a bit, and while painful was now at a level that your advanced pain tolerance could deal with >Mostly because the things you’ve dealt with before made this seem like a stubbed toe >With a glance at your phone you see that its about time to head to your seats and you say as such >They all stood and headed off to the directed auditorium without a word or helping to carry anything, Sonata looking back with an unhappy glance and mouthing sorry >”No thats okay I’ve got it girls.” >They were too far to even hear your snide comment, with a sigh you pack everything back onto the trays again and start after them hoping that nobody will bump into you >Reaching the door a theatre staff thankfully holds it open for you and you enter down the dark carpet covered tunnel to the auditorium >Stepping carefully you make it out to the seating and glance around >Easily spotting the vibrant colors of their outfits and hair, you make your way to the girls who have settled themselves in the middle of rows of seats >Nearly tripping over the stairs and feet of other people you finally reach them and pass a tray to Aria who grabs it and immedietly begins to eat popcorn >The other tray is handed to the waiting hands and smile of Sonata who sets it on her lap and starts to wrestle with a bag of M&Ms >With a squeak of suprise it bursts all over her and Adagio “You idiot! I love M&Ms too and you just wasted the entire bag! God damnit Sonata!” >Sheepishly she grins and picks the stray M&Ms that landed on her lap and put them on Adagio’s “Here you can have these!” >You look on in suprise as Aria begins to pick them off the floor and eat them much to Adagio’s disgust “Fuck you guys, I’m not wasting candy.” >”Aria you really like candy that much?” “Shut the hell up.” >You quietly laugh with Sonata as Aria’s hand turns into a bird pecking at the ground as she picks up every M&M in sight, including the ones on Adagio’s lap much to her irritation “Hey! Watch where you’re touching!” “SHHHH! The previews are starting!” >Sonata begins to bounce in her seat in her excitement, much to the annoyance of Adagio sitting next her while Aria just looks on with silent laughter on Adagio’s other side >Shes shaking the seats, but you don’t mind >Her excitement is cute, besides you have front row seats to her full chest bouncing >You won’t deny, you openly stared in the dark >You hadn’t really considered much until now but you can’t exactly argue with what Adagio said about them earlier “Sonata quit bouncing around I can feel the chairs moving from here.” >You glance over to see Aria chastising Sonata who with a whining noise stops moving around so much >Damnit “I can’t help it, I want to see this movie! It has Collosus in it! He has balls of steel!” >That was the worst Duke Nukem impression you have ever heard >Your eyes can’t help but drawn to Sonata’s bounce again as she talks expressively >Its almost like they want to be free >You look up and Aria is looking dead at you, and smiling >Oh fuck no, she saw >She gets up much to the annoyance of Adagio “Would you both quit moving around so much I’m trying to watch these fucking previews!” “Yeah I’m just moving to sit next to our toy here, he has more candy than this tray.” >”I have a name you know, and since when am I a toy?” >Aria and Adagio both laugh at you, Adagio the hardest as she bends over in the seat clutching her sides “Oh god thats rich! Oh I like you, you make me laugh, even if you need to learn your place.” >”I’m not going to even ask what place you think that is. Also let me just remind you, my name is Anonymous >With a laugh she waves in your direction dismissively >Still chuckling, Aria moves over to sit next to you, passing in front of you with a full view of the moon entrapped in a pair of tight jeans >Man the moon looks nice tonight >With a content sigh she settles next to you taking up your armrest and begins to sip her soda >”All set now? Nobody needs anything else? Any napkins or anything?” >Adagio nods while Sonata gives a thumbs up with a smile as she happily munches on gummy worms >You look over to Aria who makes eye contact with you, staring intently >In the darkness of the auditorium you notice a faint red glow from a necklace shes wearing, but soon lose focus of it as her eyes suck you in “I would feel much more comfortable with your arm around me Mr. Toy.” >You faintly hear Adagio groan in disgust “Him? Really Aria? Are you that desperate?” “Shut up!” >You stay silent as she maintains eye contact with you “So then, lets gets comfortable shall we?” >You aren’t against the idea, but you barely know her >Not that it matters as your arm is already around her >You don’t even remember moving... >She reachs up and pulls your arm over her more and drapes your forearm over her chest and leans in closer “Nice and comfy eh Mr. Toy?” >Wordlessly you put the arm rest up so it isnt digging into your side anymore >A tentative voice speaks up from your other side that brings an irritated look to Aria’s face “Anon, would you put your arm around me too?” >You look over to see Sonata quietly looking down at her hands >Hell, shes adorable, can’t say no >With a quick stretch of the arm you place it around her shoulders as well and pull her closer, thankfully without an armrest to dig into your side because it was already up “Mmmm...” >You look down to see Sonata with a content smile and closed eyes as she leans into your side and rests her head on your collarbone, not that you mind >There are worse things than this for sure, you just wish your headache would go away >Feels like hot knives stabbing your skull “Hmph.” >With that, Aria learns against your other side and rests against your collarbone as well >With a quiet muttering of “pathetic” from Adagio, you all settle in and watch the rest of the previews >There were some cool movies coming out for sure, Adagio maintained a wicked grin through the entire trailer of London Has Fallen [spoiler] Fuck if I remember what other previews there were [/spoiler] >With the dimming of the lights, the previews draw to a close and there are only two sounds heard in the darkness >The squeaking of Sonata’s chair as she bounces up and down making excited little noises >And the sound of Aria trying to suck up the remaining soda in her cup >How the hell did she already finish that...? >Thus the movie begins with an almost immediete outburst of laughter from everyone seated as the scene opens >Soon enough you feel Aria shifting around with your arm but you take no notice due to how hard the movie is keeping you laughing >Suddenly you feel her hand on yours and your hand is greeted with the sensation of cloth covering it, warm skin, and something poking against your palm >Is that...? >Yes, yes it is >You can’t see but you can feel, and Aria has just put your hand down the front of her shirt and over her breast “Don’t say a word or I will make you suffer more than you are already.” >You say nothing but don’t move, you don’t want Sonata to know whats going on >Your thoughts are interrupted by Aria pinching your arm and whispering to you “Well dont just sit there with sweaty palms, are you doing to feel me or what? Come on Mr. Toy, I want to play.” >You are startled with the sensation of a hand running up your leg from her side of the seats >Fuck, you don’t have any problem with this situation because you were checking Aria out earlier as well, but Sonata is literally right here >If she hadn’t been so excited for the movie you’re sure she would have seen what was happening >Nervously, you listen to Aria and give her a gentle squeeze >Shit nig these are so soft >You can feel her nipple poking your palm harder as you gently kneed her breast with your hand >Your heavenly thoughts are interrupted as Aria whispers to you again more feverishly this time “Is that all you’ve got? Come on don’t be a bitch!” >As quietly as you can you lean down and whisper back trying to make yourself heard over the gunshots of the movie >”Sonata is right here I don’t feel comfortable with this.” >In the light of an explosion you see Aria’s face form into a scowl >Suddenly you find that the hand rubbing your thigh is now rubbing your package >This girl doesn’t play fair at all “If you’re going to act like a pussy I’ll just have to make you want it.” >This girl, under any other circumstances you’d be enjoying this >However not only do you not even remotely know her, you want to watch this movie and you dont want to feel her up in front of her friends you don’t know either >Shes stroking you and you’re starting to sweat >Adagio’s voice your ears suddenly, you can almost physically feel her distaste “Aria leave the poor slave be. Must you always whore yourself with them?” >You feel Aria’s hand move from your lap to your arm which she quickly releases from the confines of her shirt >She moves away from you and puts down the armrest with a loud hmph >You feel Sonata nuzzle into you more and she whispers to you “Good! More for me!” >Mixed feelings >You return your focus to the movie to see that Ryan Reynolds being horribly tortured >As you expected, Adagio is laughing >Must be Daddy issues >So long as at least one of them isn’t a bitch or a whore apparently >You just wish you knew why they kept calling you a slave or their pet >The three of you sit through the next part of the movie laughing at the cheekiness of the to be Deadpool >Adagio repeatedly laughing at the worst moments much to your discomfort >You can see people in the rows in front of you turning around to look back in confusion >Hell like you can control what that girl does, besides its the other way around >You have no idea why you just thought that >Your nose is assaulted by Sonata’s ponytail as she turns to the tray on Adagio’s lap to grab more candy, she does little more than look on with amusement “You’ll get fatter than you already are if you keep eating all that garbage you know.” >Sonata settles back against you, a pouty expression forming on her features from what you can see “I can quit any time I want to!” >With that she shoves another handfull of gummy worms into her mouth >Good thing you got as many of those as you did you else you wouldn’t be getting any at the rate she was eating them >Man gotta have his gummies >You hear a squeak from Sonata and look to the side again to see Adagio pinching her in the side roughly “Tell that to this. You’re getting quite the pudge here!” >Of course Sonata squirms against you whining “Stooooppp!” >Adorable, she is such a child >Adagio proceeds to keep pinching at parts of her body, going from her hips to her thighs to her arms and even honking a breast “Keep it up and you’ll start to put on mom flab.” >Sonata shoots up to look at you with a pleading expression “Anon you don’t think I’m fat do you?” >Oh come on her lip is quivering how is that even fair >”No Sonata I don’t think you’re fat, but you certainly love your sweets.” “Well duh! Everyone loves sweets!” >She settles back against you popping gummy worms into her black hole of a mouth >It’s a medical marvel she isn’t fat if she regularly does this, she has eaten so much of the candy already and you seriously have no idea where she puts it all >Adagion looks at you with disdain “Tch, its typical you would say that with her practically on your lap. Anything to get in good favor with these hmm slave?” >At ‘these’ she reaches forward to grab a generous handful of both of Sonata’s breasts much to the suprise of Sonata >Of course Sonata squirms trying to get away and moves to the only safe place available >Your lap >Where of course she starts wriggling against the armrest trying to escape Adagio’s touch “Stooooppiiiit!” “Oh please we all know I’m right anyway” >At that she leans back and stares at you smugly >”Its rather rude to make assumptions you know. Sonata is cute but I hadn’t even been looking at her that way.” >What a good joke that statement is >Sonata’s head turns to look at you with wonder on her face “You think I’m cute?” >Adagio crosses her arms and puts her feet up on the seat in front of her >Over the screams of Ryan Reynolds you just barely here her say “Oh here we go.” >Sonata turns around on your lap to face you until she is fully straddling you >Leaning forward she repeats the question >”Yes Sonata I think you’re a cute girl, you’re so innocent too. It reminds me of when I was younger. We should hang out again, I know we could have fun together.” >Sonata’s face is dominated by a smile reaching from ear to ear, then she attacks you with a hug >Normally this would be very sweet but you’re very conscious of the fact that she is wearing a skirt and is rubbing against you without meaning to >And you were still a bit flustered from earlier with Aria practically molesting you >Why the hell was that not a big deal >Oh well, it hurts your head even more to consider >Pushing away from the hug Sonata smiles widely at you “Anon we should go to the arcade after the movie! We can all have fun!” >Sounds fun but your thoughts are interrupted by Aria, loudly “Would you guys shut the fuck up we’re at a good part!” >You all turn to the screen where Ryan Reynolds is fighting bare handed in a burning building >Badass >Sonata shifts in your lap to sit back against you facing forward >Mmm back to the pillows >You humor her need to snuggle and put your arms around her stomach to find your hands resting on her lap >Comfort level, Sonata >Your comforts are interrupted by slurping noises coming from your right as Aria unsuccessfully attempts to drink from her empty soda >You hear her groan in frustration “Hey Mr. Toy, go get me another soda.” >”Aria just wait until the end of the movie, I already paid for everything here. Just be happy I was nice enough to do that for you instead of demanding another damn soda already.” >You notice Adagio perk up from your other side >She leans forward in her seat to glare at Aria >Looking back to Aria you miss the dismissive signal that Adagio gives >Aria leans up and grabs you by the collar, forcing you to look down at her leaned back in her seat >A faint red glow appears around your vision as the sounds of the movie are drowned out in the sound of blood rushing through your head >You can’t look away from her eyes, even if you want to >A small smug grin appears on Aria’s face and she pulls you down closer to her, much to Sonata’s disapproval “Go get me a damn drink, and make it fast. I’m thirsty.” >She roughly pushes you back into the position you were sitting >You barely hear Sonata’s protest as you move her off of you and stand up “Ariiiiiaaaaa, stop being so mean!” >You hear no more from them, without even realizing it you were already out of the auditorium doors and in the lobby >Mechanically walking to the snackbar counter, you order the most expensive slushie available >With few words you pay for the $7 drink and begin to head back to the girls >Moving back up the carpeted tunnel to the seating, your vision flickers as your head pounds you mercilessly >Almost falling over you lean against the wall for support as the tunnel moves and shakes before your eyes >Sagging against the wall you slowly continue back towards the seats, you need to bring this drink to Aria >The first face you see is Sonata sitting up in her seat watching for you with a worried expression >Slowly making your way up the dark stairs to them you trip and fall >By some sort of miracle and spiderman reflexes you don’t spill any of the drink >The people sitting on the end seats look at you with astounded expressions >Picking yourself up you feel a hand grip your arm and help you up against the wall >You look up and from the light of the movie you see Sonata with a worried expression >Before you can react she takes the slushie from your hands and brings it to the seats >An overwhelming sense of failure takes hold of you >You make your way to the girls, trying not to trip again and make a scene falling on someone in the audience >As you get close are greeted with an angry stare from Aria >”I’m sorry, she took it from me.” “Shut up.” >You fall into your seat and Sonata is once again leaning against you >She coos close to your ear “Anon are you okay? You don’t look too good, for realzies...” >”Don’t worry I’m okay.” >Now that you’ve returned to your seat and gotten comfortable again, you notice something that confuses you >Your hands won’t stop shaking, your brain feels as though there were cigarettes put out on it, and you can feel something wet flowing down your mouth and onto your chin >You reach up to feel your chin >Pulling away to look at the liquid on your fingers you notice its a dark red color >You quickly reach for the napkins before the blood can get on your shirt >You haven’t had such a nasty nosebleed in years >It wasn’t dry enough outside to cause a nosebleed like this either >You mop at your face confused as to what caused it so suddenly >You just want to sleep, you feel terrible >Leaning your head back you close your eyes hoping to allieviate your headache >You barely hear Adagio chuckle from your side “This one appears to be a weak one, we’ve only used our powers a couple of times. Oh well, there are plenty of others.” >You don’t even register what she said, and even if you heard her properly, you wouldn’t understand >You feel Sonata move from you and hear her voice talking “You can’t use your powers on him this much that often without hurting him, that happens with everyone!” “I will do as I please with him, what is he to us anyway. Nothing Sonata. I’d think that with the number of them we go through weekly that you would understand that and not be bothered by it. Perhaps your emotions control you more than your brain, if you even have one.” “Adagio you’re so mean! Why do you always-” >Sonata stops mid sentence as another voice you don’t recognize speaks “Excuse me. We have had nothing but noise complaints from other audience members this entire movie. I am going to have to ask you four to leave.” >You hear Aria “What! We’ve been quiet the entire movie!” >From behind you you hear a woman yell out “No you haven’t, you wouldn’t shut the hell up once! Also this is a movie theatre, not a damn bedroom!” >You hear rustling beside you, you think Aria turned around “Fuck you lady!” “Please leave immedietly! If you do not listen to me now I will call security!” >You hear silence and the rustling and chair bottoms flipping back into place >Then you hear splashing and crunching >Opening your eyes you see that the girls have stood up and that Aria has flatly dropped the remaining popcorn, candy, and soda >All over the floor and the seats in front of them >You see Sonata standing over you tearing up “Anon you need to get up, we’re being kicked out.” >You stand up slowly, leaning against the seat heavily >As soon as you’re up Adagio pushes you three out of the aisle of seats and begins to make way for the carpet tunnel out >Sonata grabs your arm and puts it around her >To anyone around it would look like you were a couple but in reality she was having you lean hard against her >Aria sighs and walks by you both slowly going towards the door to the lobby Making it to the lobby you are led by Sonata over to the same table from earlier where Adagio was waiting “Adagio what are we going to do now? The bus isn’t scheduled to come for another hour!” >You feel a hand digging through your pockets >You don’t even fight it >You hear a jingling and Aria triumphantly speaking next to you “We can just use our toy’s car to get home.” “But what about Anon?” “Who cares about him, we’ll just drop him somewhere and go home.” >You feel Sonata stiffen against you “No! We can’t do that!” >Aria moves into your view to stand next to Adagio “Oh yes we can, and we will too.” >It was steadily getting harder for you to focus on what was happening around you >You feel a hand a hand lift your chin up and find yourself looking down on the orange puff ball herself Adagio >A vile smirk is on her features as she inspects your face “He looks terrible, I’d say he has about two more in him.” >Aria moves forward and grabs your arm, pressing her chest against it “Perfect for me.” >You are led out of the theatre with Sonata and Aria holding you up >As you get to the parking lot Adagio turns around and holds your chin to her gaze again >You feel the same unpleasant feeling from earlier, but much worse >It had gone from unpleasant to an actual painful sensation >Your vision is rimmed in red again as you look deep into her eyes, unable to tear your gaze away >You feel your heart flutter painfully in your chest and your breathing go irregular as Adagio continues to stare at you >With the same voice she had earlier she utters a single statement “Where is your car slave.” >On rigid legs you move away from Sonata’s support and begin moving unsteadily toward where you parked >Aria immedietly unlocks the car and Adagio gets in the driver’s seat while she moves around into the passenger seat >Falling against the side of your car you slowly slide to the ground >From miles away you hear Sonata cry out, and moments later you are picked up by the are and shoved through the open door you just fell against >The door is closed behind you as you close your eyes >Opening your eyes again you find your head laying in Sonata’s lap as she gingerly strokes your head >You try to breathe through your nose but find something blocking the air >Reaching up you find a fresh wad of already dampening tissues from your glovebox holding the dam of your nosebleed >Senselessly you try to sit up but are kept down by Sonata >You try to speak but are quickly shushed by her >She continues to run her hand across your head as your vision fails you and you black out >Your senses slowly return to you as you regain consciousness, you’re laying on a couch in a dimly lit room wrapped under a blanket with something cold on your head >What the fuck is on your head >Reaching up you feel something cold that you identify to be plastic >Holding it up in front of yourself you see that its one of those types of icepacks you see on tv >You didn’t even know people actually used these >Sitting up you notice that your headache has gone away, though you smell iron for some reason >Rubbing at your nose you feel something dried and crusty that breaks away as you rub >Looking at your at your fingers you see dried blood >When the hell did you have a nosebleed? >Looking around the room you find yourself in a livingroom of sorts >Judging by the size you’d guess its a townhouse, as there is a staircase behind you to the right and leaning over you can see a diningroom table >Next to a decorative fireplace and mantle, a flat screen tv sits atop an entertainment unit stuffed with an unorganized pile of movies and video games for multiple consoles >On the floor in front of the unit lay a powestrip stuffed with different powercords for an xbox, a wii, laptop chargers, phone chargers, and what you’re guessing to be cords for the lamp and tv as well >In front of the couch sat a tidy coffee table with various remotes and controllers and a pile of coasters >To your right is a leather swivel gaming chair >To the left of the tv you see a fabric armchair as well >Oh shit, Sonata is dozing on the couch right next to you, and in your bleary inspection of the room you hadn’t even noticed her >Placing the ice pack on the carpeted floor you move out from under the blanket, trying as hard as you can not to disturb the sleeping girl >Looking back at her you see her gently smiling in her sleep >Probably dreaming of world domination, its always the cute ones that are evil >Extracting yourself from the couch you get up and check your phone >9:37 am >Shit man, you didn’t feed your cats last night >You take one step >Instantly you trip and fall over the swivel chair, did not expect that thing to rotate that sensitively >Looking back over from your awkward position half over the chair half on the floor you see that Sonata hasn’t woken up >Damn, that was close >You get up and unzip your leather jacket from last night, peering around to try and find your shoes as you woke up without them >Dropping your jacket on the back of the swivel you see your shoes on the left side wall in the dining room >Well fuck, you’re awake but what now >You have no idea where your keys are and even if you did you’re not just going to randomly leave >You don’t remember anything about leaving the movie theatre >They must serve alcohol at the snackbar, but you’re not hungover >Eh not that you would be anyway, you’re a smart drinker >You walk around the coffee table and check out the other side of the room >Beyond the lamp and table next to the couch is an entryway and front door >If you need to run at least you know where to go >Looking directly across from the front door is a door to a small bathroom >Thank fuck you need to piss like a race horse >Scampering inside you shut the door and have the most satisfying piss you’ve had in weeks >With a rush of water through pipes you exit the bathroom and return to the entryway >To your left is nice looking, but dirty kitchen >You would explore it a bit if you weren’t hearing noises from the other room now >Moving back to the livingroom you see Sonata shifting under her side of the blanket >She may or may not be waking up, better not startle her >You move to the swivel chair and sit down with a whump >Reaching forward you grab for what you think is the tv remote and flick it on >Holding down the the decrease volume button as it turns on you make sure it doesn’t turn on exploding sound >Don’t want to violently wake your gentle sleeper on the couch >Speaking of which, with soft noises grunts, Sonata returns to life >Legs and arms sprawling in all directions with a great stretch, she groans as she wakens herself >Rubbing the sleep from her eyes she looks to where you were on the couch, finding it vacant she rapidly looks around the room with a concerned expression through half lidded eyes >Laying eyes on you she gives a smile and waves lightly >With a chuckle you wave back despite being not even five feet from each other >”Good morning, welcome back to the living.” “Hey, unlike some people I wasn’t dead I was just asleep.” >What >This girl has been cute as hell but some of the shit she says makes no sense >”I wasn’t dead either, I passed out from drinking didn’t I?” >Stifling a yawn she looks back at your rubbing her eye “No, they don’t even sell that yucky stuff at the movies.” >Again, what >”Then what the hell happened last night? I don’t remember leaving or getting here” “Weelllll Adagio and Aria used their powers on you too much and because the mind control hurts the victim’s brain when its used too much in only so much time, you passed out in your car when we drove back here.” >They used your car without even asking you? No wonder you can’t find your keys >Bitches better not be wasting your gas >Wait a fuckin second >”What the hell do you mean they used their powers on me?” >Sonata goes wide eyed, realizing what she said “Uuuuhhhhh. Nothing! It was just a weird dream I had!” >She stares at you nervously >Yeah Sonata, that sure is a convincing smile >You make steady eye contact with her >She begins to sweat but maintains eye contact >You glare at her even more intensely >Sonata you will not win this >She breaks eye contact and looks around the room, maintaining that same facial expression >Gotcha >”Sonata, tell me whats going on. Now.” >Rubbing her hands together she stays silent >”Sonata! I woke up with a dried blood still on my face! What happened!” >She looks up and immedietly winces at the sight of the dried blood still on your nose and chin >With a miserable expression she squeaks out “Its still there, you might want to go wash your face.” >You stand up with a sigh and trudge back into the bathroom >Facing the mirror you take in the sight of the person looking back at you >Your face was a bit gaunt looking, stubble poking its way into being >Turning the warm water on you splash your chin and nose repeatedly, using your fingers to pick the hard caked blood off your outer nostrils >After that was through you grab a couple of tissues from a tissue box conveniently placed on the back of the toilet >Blowing your nose is a noticable release, you couldnt feel how much was still in your nose >You really hope it doesn’t start bleeding again >Snorting you spit out a couple of globs of blood and then dry your hands on a towel >You make your way back to the swivel chair and fall back into it, fixing Sonata with an impatient glare >At this point she is sitting on the edge of the couch cushion, both hands in her lap >With her frizzed up hair and unhappy expression you can’t help but ease up on her >Its really hard to stay irritated when she looks like a kid that got told she cant open her presents until after breakfast on christmas morning >With a sigh you repeat your question from earlier >Sonata gives you a look you havent seen on her before >Determination of some sort? “Listen to me Anon, this is important. Adagio, Aria and me aren’t like most girls...” >”Well no shit.” >She rolls her eyes but continues on “We aren’t from here, and I can’t tell you more because you won’t believe me. But right now you need to just trust me. All three of us have the power to control others, but our control is harmful to the people we use it on. Adagio and Aria used their powers on you enough times last night that it caused you to have a nose bleed and pass out. Your breathing was irregular the entire ride home in the care and you had a seizure when we got you on the couch.” >You’re speechless, but she continues on with a serious and grave expression >You don’t like how it looks on her “Adagio and Aria abuse their powers, but Aria more than Adagio. Weekly Aria kills at least four or five people by abusing her powers. They don’t care, normal people like you are just tools and play things to them. I don’t want that to happen to you, and I don’t want that to happen to anyone else anymore.” >You lean back in the swivel breathing heavily >This is too much to take in >Panicking you pelt her with questions >”I had a seizure last night? Am I going to die? I feel alright right now but I know that some brain trauma can’t be physically felt. Do they want to kill me? What the hell is going to happen to me Sonata?!” >She winces at your outburst and but holds up a hand to stop you from continuing >Bringing a finger to her lips she makes a shushing motion and sits still listening look at the ceiling >You both hear nothing “Okay good they aren’t awake.” >She stands up and goes to a closet by the front door >Coming back to stand by the couch you see she has a handfull of clean clothes “Anon we need to go somewhere else for now, I don’t want them to hurt you. You’ll be okay, the stress that the mind control causes to your brain is just that, stress. Too much of it will overload your brain and cause it to shut down due to the way they use it. If they sang instead of used the visual mind control you would be fine. But...Aria likes to hurt others, Adagio uses it for convenience so she doesn’t have to make a scene. We need to leave now, I’ll get your keys.” >With that she goes into the bathroom >You stand up and move to the dining room to grab your shoes >Sitting back in the swivel to put your shoes on you take a deep breathe >You can’t believe the situation that has been thrust on you, it doesn’t sound real but the blood on your face and the memory gaps speak for themselves >You’re skeptical but would rather trust Sonata than be hurt and controlled by two high schoolers that would feel no remorse about using you and killing you >You tie your shoes with shaking hands >Sonata walks back into the room wearing jeans and a blue sweatshirt, your keys jingling in her hands >Checking yourself to make sure you have everything you need you move to the front door with her and you both leave the building >Locking the door behind you Sonata leads you around a sidewalk pathway through a living complex of townhouses >Taking in the sights you notice that its a quiet and pleasant area >Shining expensive looking cars fills the parking spaces in front of the buildings >You move by an elderly asian man walking a huskie that was gray around the muzzle >Sonata beams at the older gentleman as she gets close “Hiya Mr. Hiroyuki! How is Cerberus? He looks awfully tired today.” >She leans down and pets the huskie which despite it’s obvious age, excitedly wags it’s tail for her “Cerberus is getting older and older just like me child. However it is not his time just yet! In that we are kindred. What a beautiful day for a walk isn’t it?” >He spoke with a light asian accent, but friendliness and a sense of calm radiated from him and his dog >You liked this man already >Sonata rights herself and clutches at her arms to ward off the cold “Well other than being the crisp chilly day it is, yes it is a great day for a walk! The sun is shining down on everything! Gosh it feels so good too.” >A smile spreads across the man’s wrinkled face at her words “Yes it does! Never stop enjoying the simple things kids. Have a nice day!” >With a bark from Cerberus, they both move off down the path between the buildings >”Wow. Are alot of the people around here like him?” >Sonata giggles at you before responding “No Mr. Hiroyuki is a buddhist, he feels love for everything. At least that is what he said. Come on we still need to finish our conversation somewhere.” >A chill runs up your spine as you are reminded of the unknown >What can be worse than what you’ve already been told, especially if it were true? >You both continue on to your car >Shaking your head you look over to Sonata who was looking out her window with awe >Following her gaze you notice the breakfast joint across the street with big signs saying "Now Open" >You turn your head back to >OH GOD SHES RIGHT IN YOUR FACE >Jumping back your foot comes off the brakes and you both almost slide into traffic >Her eyes are huge and she was smiling excitedly >Damnit she saw you looking at the signs "Can we go there for pancakes? They opened recently but I haven't been able to convince Adagio or Aria to go with me." >Before you can even answer she gives you the most pitiful expression you think you've ever seen >Lip extended, eyes bulging, hands laced together in front of her >Her entire demeanor could be described with a couple of words >PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR AND SPRINKLES AND A CHERRY ON TOP >You're not really feeling pancakes, nor do you want to spend the money after buying a movie ticket and food for yourself last night >But alas, cute is your weakness >Muttering about the unfairness of the situation you pull out onto the road next chance you're given >And then right into the parking lot >Looking up you see a neon sign in the window that reads The Cozy Grill >The signs say it just opened but astoundingly its got the look of a home town hole in the wall >Pushing through the front door you find yourselves assaulted by the scents of breakfast and grease >Scanning the restaurant you spot a number of the aged customers among the tables >Probably from the complex you just came from judging by some of the cars you saw in the parking lot "Come on Anon, we can't eat pancakes if you just stand there!" >Coming back to your senses you walk over to Sonata who was currently standing alongside a waitress >A plump redheaded woman with a charming smile to greet you >Confirming it was just the two of you, she motions for you both to follow her to a booth or table >Walking through the other patrons and rushing staff you find yourselves seated at a booth in the far corner by the window >Dropping into your seat Sonata sits next to you >A bit close too close for comfort too >With a grin smirk the waitress pulls a notepad from her apron and grabs a pencil from behind her ear and begins "Hi and welcome to The Cozy Grill, my name is Eleanor and I'll be your server today. Can I start you two off with anything to drink?" >A bit rustic sounding but friendly to say the least, must be trying hard for tips with the old folks >Sonata perks up beside you and of course with a smile says "My name is Sonata and I'd like an apple juice please!" >Eleanor's smile wavers a bit when she spots the bump on the excited girl's forehead "Shooot honey what happened to yer forehead?" >Shooting a hand up to gingerly rub at it and going cross eyed in an attempt to look at her forehead she responds "Oh I just forgot to put my seatbelt on is all, I banged my head on the dashboard of Anon's car." >Eleanor raises an eyebrow >She looks to you addressing you "And I take it that you're Anon hmm? What can I get you to drink?" >"I'll take a glass of orange juice and a small tomato juice, and can you bring out a bottle of hot sauce for me please?" "Sure thing darlin, I'll be back in a flash!" >With that she departs off to what you assume to be a door to the kitchen >Sonata kicks both legs under the table "Ooooooh I'm so excited to go out to breakfast with a new friend!" >You look at her like she has three heads "Sonata you're the one that said we needed to leave the townhouse. Now then would you mind telling me more about how I had a seizure last night and that I feel perfectly fine right now?" >Sonata suddenly with a serious expression brings a finger to her lips and shushes at you, then reaches beyond you to the end of the table to grab two menus from a rack "I'll explain when our food is here, just relax for now!" >With a sigh you grab the menu she offers to you, foot tapping nervously >Minutes later you find yourself staring down a page of increasingly delicious food, and flipping to the next page to find the same result >There were 5 pages front to back of different choices, and this was just the breakfast menu >Damn >Holy shit they had eggs in a basket here, corn beef and hash, french toast, Irish coffee even "Anon whats a crepe?" >"What page?" >She turns her menu and points to a picture >Leaning in you inspect the picture to find what appears to be a thin pancake with multiple variations of meat, cheese, fruit, even chocolate chips >"Its some french thing I think." >She mouths oh at you eyes returning to her menu "It looks sorta mexican." >"Hell if I know, I'm not mexican." >You look up as you see Eleanor approaching with your drinks >Sliding up to the table and by some feat not spilling the drinks, she one by one clacks the glasses onto the table from the tray she was holding >Holding the tray under her arm and firmly planting her hand on her hip she looks up "Here you are! Now then are y'all ready to order?" >Sonata eyes her menu for a moment intensely, tongue sticking out of the side of her mouth and an eye tightly shut >Wow, must be an important decision >You wish you could understand the level of importance that breakfast holds >Dropping the menu suddenly and looking up with a bright smile she gives her order "Can I have 4 chocolate chip pancakes with strawberry syrup?" >With a grin Eleanor drops the tray and pulling out her notepad again, jots down Sonata's outrageous order "I loooove the strawberry syrup we have here, its made from real strawberries you know. Its not just flavoring!" >She glances to you "How about you dear?" >"I'll have three eggs over easy with corn beef and hash, rye toast, a side of oatmeal, and can I have a piece of country ham as well please?" >Eleanor writes your order down shaking her head with a smile, y'all are some hungry young uns! Why if I ate like that every day I'd be as big as a house! Just sit tight your order will be out soon!" >Gathering up her tray again she heads back toward the kitchen signaling another server to your table >You see the him go behind the front counter and rummage around for something >A moment later he walks to your table with bundles of silverware wrapped in napkins >Putting them in front of you he walks back to the counter >You're both waiting now >You're alone with Sonata and you've still got a number of questions which she refuses to answer yet >Looking to her you see shes picked up her apple juice with both hands and taken a sip, might as well follow suit >Grabbing the salt and pepper you pour some into your tomato juice and chug it down, much to the disgust of Sonata who is making weird faces at you >You wash the taste of the tomato juice from your mouth with a quick swig of orange juice and proceed to look out the window >It was getting cloudy outside, the sort of cloudy that promised an angry rain for sure >Looking back to Sonata you see her fiddling with a pendant she was wearing >Noticing she turns to you with a neutral expression and holds it out for you to see >It was a large almost regal red ruby mounted on a golden loop held around her neck on a thick black cord >In a voice you've not heard Sonata use yet she suddenly speaks "This is the source of their power, so much hurt in a small red package." >She has a far away look in her eyes as she rubs a finger across the face of the jewel >The rate at which her mood changed was more than a little disconcerting >Clearing your throat, you speak up >"What do you mean?" >She looks up with a mixture of emotions in her eyes that you aren't able to identify "It is with this jewel that Adagio, Aria, and myself are able to control others." >You stop breathing for a moment at her statement >Sonata looks away from you plastering a smile back on her face as Eleanor approaches with trays full of the food >Your eyes are glued to her face and to the pendent, and back again >You don't understand >You notice an odd look on Eleanor's face as she catches a glance at you >You must be making a strange face, not wanting to make a scene you quickly smile at her as she plants a large plate in front of you >You look back to Sonata to see her rubbing her hands together excitedly and licking her lips as the mound of pancakes is placed before her >With a clink Eleanor puts a bottle of tobasco sauce next to your plate with a sheepish grin "Sorry dear, we're so busy this mornin that I forgot your hot sauce." >You wave her doubt away with a smile >"Don't worry I know how the breakfast rush can be at times. Thank you." "Now then kids, here is your receipt. Cash or credit is fine I'll come pick it up in a few minutes." >Reaching into your back pocket you pull out your wallet and start to pull out the money >What the fuck? >You're missing forty fuckin dollars >"Sonata I don't have the money to pay for this on me, you have money right?" >Sonata freezes up and gives you a nervous glance, and shakes her head >With a small wave she grabs Eleanor's attention >You notice her staring at the waitress intently for some reason >Suddenly, the pendent on her neck gives off a faint red aura >You watch in confusion as Eleanor goes rigid and locks eyes with Sonata >In a calm and alluring voice that is barely heard over the clatter of the restaurant, Sonata speaks "We don't have to pay, this food is free. I want a refill on my apple juice too." >Looking on you see Eleanor lean against the booth momentarily before shaking her head and rubbing at her eyes "Well then enjoy your meal!" >And with that she walks away dropping the receipt in a trash can >What the fuck just happened >Sonata looks to you and speaks again quietly "Please don't freak out." >"Sonata what the hell happened last night exactly, I'm missing forty damn dollars! Like it isn't scary enough to wake up somewhere I don't recognize or even remember going to, you tell me that I was controlled last night and that I had a seizure because of it! THEN you go and do THAT to an innocent woman? What the fuck are you people!?" >Sonata winces as you get a little louder than intended, you don't want to make a scene but people were already staring >Rubbing your hand across your face you take a deep breathe you continue with a more level tone >"According to what you said they were hurting me and essentially kidnapped me. However you warned me about all of this and tried to get me away from the other two giving me the impression they were dangerous. You have explaining to do, so talk before I call the cops." >Sighing and giving you a quizzical look she begins "Anon the cops can't help against them, they would be able to turn them on themselves. If Aria felt like entertaining herself, even worse. What are we? You wouldn't believe me if I told you but I will try to explain in a way you can understand. Anon we're old, super old and we are not from your world. This isn't even what I'm supposed to look like, the magic of this world altered who and what we are." >You stare at her >You want to be skeptical but she just used mind control before your very eyes, which what the fuck by the way >You have no idea how to feel with her currently, and you have no idea what to say either as your mid draws a blank at the information she is giving you >But regardless you feel your lips moving still as you continue to question her >"Just what are you then? How old is very old, where are you from?" >Sonata takes a moment to cut into her pancakes, the syrup running to mix with the chocolate chips inside >Damn that looks good >Shoveling a mouthful in she squirms in her chair with delight as she chews >This girl is an enigma you do not understand no matter how hard you try to right now >With a loud gulp she swallows her pancakes and looks back to you with chocolate around her lips and a serious expression "In this world, your name for us is siren. We're like fish things but much scarier and older. When I say older I mean centuries of your time. We are from a world called Equestria. It is completely unlike yours but similar in some ways, there are societies of creatures that you would find adorable. I do! The difference there is that they don't have as much technology, but they're still super smart in other ways. We are a world of magic, and mastery of this power could be what your world would compare to a god." >Sonata reaches forward and closes your mouth for you >You have literally nothing to say >She continues on as though she were talking about the weather "Buuuuut when we were banished to this world, there was a major difference. Your world doesn't have magic, or at least not much from what we can find...The only power left in our arsenal is our voice and the power of our pendents. I guess you could call them super jewelry!" >Trying to overcome the shock of the information she is relaying to you, you ask another question >"You said you were changed? What do you mean other than your physical form?" >At that Sonata frowns and rubs her hands "Well, we were banished for a reason. Adagio is our leader, and she always wanted power. She would tell me and Aria what we were supposed to do, she never gave me much responsibility though...She never trusted me much, neither of them did. But I would do as she asked thinking she was asking me to, and not just ordering me. She said I was soft. But we're all soft, and now that we look like humans we're even softer. Squishy too!" >She punctuated that sentence by poking at her body and squeezing one of her breasts "When we were banished, the magic that sealed us here affected our personalities I think. Adagio became more power hungry, not caring what she had to do to achieve her goals. Aria would always indulge herself and was the cruelest of the three of us...Its for those reasons that there have been more than just a few people killed from them using their powers. But Adagio never does it to hurt others, Aria does. Thats why she has killed...already..." >Sonata muttered into her hands the last portion >Anxiously, you question >"Sonata...how many people has Aria killed?" >She was silent for a moment before murmuring "Aria has killed 87 people. She likes to keep count." >You are stunned to a horrified silence >87 people? Why?! >"Does she go out of her way to do it?" "I don't know, she seems to always act sexual with them but I don't know if she does anything serious. I don't like to think about it. It hurts to remember because she makes me watch every time during the last control." >"The last control?" >Sonata looks at you, eyes welling up with tears "The last control she can have over them before the physical toll kills them." >She looks away as a tear flows down her cheek >You lean over your plate, head in your hands, eyes boring into the table searching for reasons to such mindless cruelty >You find nothing >No life should be tossed around for convenience or entertainment >With everything Sonata has told you, you come back to two questions >"Sonata, what changes have happened to you?" >Sonata looks to you, smiling weakly through her tears "I turned good they say. Weak. I can't do anything they tell me anymore because I don't want to hurt anyone. I only use my pendent or voice when I have no choice. I'm sorry I used it on the waitress and in front of you. I'm sure it was scary, but don't worry the first use doesn't hurt. She just didn't know what was going on." >The tears really start to flow now "I don't like using people. I hate it, I want to see people happy and not in pain." >Silently you take in her reaction, clearing your throat you ask your second question >"Are you trying to save me from them?" >Sonata starts to hiccup from her crying, she rubs at her eyes to clear the tears "Yes. You were hurting so much last night I couldn't stand to watch it again. I don't want to see them hurt another person, I can't take it anymore. Living like this makes me hate everything about myself and them!" >Wordlessly you pass her a napkin >She thanks you and begins to rub her cheeks and dab at her eyes as she tries to bring her emotions under control, but failing miserably >"Sonata, why did you try to save me of all the people that they have gone through?" >With a sniffle she looks at you, eye puffy and red from her crying "I know you're really nice, and you don't deserve it. You hurt enough already." >"What are you talking about?" >She reaches for your hands and holds it up, entwined between hers >A faint smile appears on her lips as her eyes close slightly "You don't remember it, but I've met you before." >"I repeat, what are you talking about?" "It was a couple of months ago when we first got to CHS, you were the one that showed me around the school. You didn't leave me alone the entire day, you tried to make me feel welcome as best you could. You even abandoned your friends at lunch to sit with me, a horrible girl that you didn't even know. You were so sweet." >You disengage your hand from her grip >"Sonata I was just doing what I was supposed to." >Picking your fork up you cut into your eggs and mix some yolk with your corn beef and hash >Piling egg and hash onto your fork you go to town, losing yourself for a moment in the taste you love >God damnit you love corn beef and hash >You see Sonata looking crestfallen beside you, but you don't have the faintest idea what to say at this point >You're overloaded as thoughts flow through your mind, questions answered and mysteries suddenly solved >Teachers suddenly passing away, students suddenly passing away >Random deaths through out the town, always in the news and in the paper >Putting a hand to your forehead you run it back through your short hair as you chew >Thoroughly disturbed, the conversation comes to a close and you both silently eat your meals >Your food was just as it looked thankfully >Fucking delicious holy shit, you were really hungry >Your oatmeal had cranberries and bits of walnuts in it too >Plowing steadily through your pile of food, you see Sonata tackling her pancakes with relish >It almost made you envious, and then you forked another bite of corn beef and hash into your mouth >Eleanor came by to refill drinks at request, but otherwise you two mostly ate in silence >Finishing off your last bite of country ham you lower your fork, meal conquered >Looking over you see Sonata pushing away her last pancake >Good thing too, the last thing you needed after your outburst and all her crying was for her to be sick in public >You've gotten some uncomfortable stares through your meal, it didn't bother you much but Sonata seemed to be getting antsy >You grab your orange juice and finish it off for the third time as Sonata wipes the chocolate off her face >She had looked like that fat kid from Willy Wonka, it was almost impressive how much of a mess she made of herself >Your thoughts churned still, wary to believe the innocence she portrays with the story she tells >87 people >What memories you have from last night included Aria practically molesting you at one point >You're glad Adagio had said something, who knows what she'd have done to you >Not really that you would mind it, except for the fact that she might kill you out of boredom >Still a bit hard to wrap your head around that fact >87 people >It seemed like it wasn't such a large number, but the more you think about it the more it scares you >This restaurant was pretty busy for the breakfast rush, but there were probably only around 50 people in here >How long did it take her to get a pile that large? >What did they even do with the bodies? >You dont know if these are even questions you want answers to >Fuck man, maybe they eat them >Your thoughts are interrupted by a prod from Sonata, looking at your with a worried expression "Anon we should probably leave." >Looking around for a clock you spot one >11:03 >Yeah time to head out, don't want the other staff at this place to bitch for staying too long or some crap >With a sigh you turn to Sonata motion for her to move >"Come on lets go back out to the car." >She scooches over and gets up, inadvertently sticking her ass in your face as she does >Sexual tension is the last fuckin thing you need right now >With a smile and wave from Eleanor you two pass out the front door and into the parking lot >A light drizzle falls as you make your way to the Corolla >Unlocking the car you open the passenger side for Sonata as she crosses over a puddle behind you >Moving around and sitting yourself in the driver seat you both settle in for a moment >You're not quite sure what happens now >Hopefully Sonata has a plan for something >Sighing, you lean back turning your head lazily to her >"So then siren, what happens now." "I don't know, I didn't think ahead." >There is an audible smack as your bring your hand to your forehead >Rubbing the bridge of your nose you respond >"Alright well we're obviously not going back to them right?" >Sonata silently looked at the floor of the car >You aren't sure if shes thinking or just silently disagreeing with you >You feel like if she was thinking there would be smoke coming out of her ears so you assume the later >"You want us to go back there?" >Sonata nods her head, avoiding your gaze >"You're fucking kidding me right? I'm not going back there after what you've told me, I'll get fuckin raped, killed, possibly eaten. Whatever horrible shit Aria does for entertainment, I'm not going to be a part of it." >Of course, Sonata was still silent >She looks up with sudden life to her face, she must have thought of somewhere for you two to go for now >She turns to you with a look of determination "I'll tell them you're my new slave!" >You just stare at her silently >You can already feel your eye starting to twitch at her >"You're a fucking idiot. Do you really think that Aria won't claim finders keepers or something and with a couple of incidents of red glowing, cause me to violently die for her amusement!?" >The confidence fades from her face at your outburst, but returns in full force "I'm not an idiot! Aria won't do anything, they'll both be too surprised to even do anything! I've never had a slave before." >"What makes you think that I'm okay with any of that idea! I still have a home to return to and a big sister that doesn't even have any idea where I am or what happened." >Excitement flashes through Sonata's eyes as a smile begins to grow on her face "You have a sister? Can I meet her?" >"No, you can't! I don't want her involved in this at all Sonata, shes all I have left now." >Sonata stares at you intently, an unreadable expression on her face "Drive me back and drop me off, then go home to big sister. She'll make everything all better temporarily but can't stop what you already know. I want your help." >Running a hand through your hair you ask with a tired tone >"What do you want." "Your help in stopping them."