Lactagio Dazzle - by Sal Monela

>You are anon >You live with Adagio Dazzle as part of a deal >You "took a stray home" in exchange for her participation in a dare >Apparently, all sirens can lactate as if they were pregnant human women >You and two other guys are supposed to survive through the winter drinking the milk of your favourite Dazzling >You are given a vitamin cocktail every now and then >Drinking nothing but milk is a harsh diet and it has taken it's toll on you >At first Adagio thought you were nothing but a sex-starved pervert who participates in a frat dare just to suck on a woman's breasts >As you got weaker and weaker, she got more angrier and angrier at the lengths you'd go just to suck on a woman's tits >"You disgust me!" she'd tell you again and again. "Putting your own health in danger for some dumb bet and your own filthy lust." >One day after a big fight she left you with the intention to go find the dare organizer, stab-kick him for forcing people in need to participate in such degrading entertainment and then take her leave >She returned a few hours later with tears in her eyes >She let her coat fall to the floor and walked towards you with urgency >She hugged you tightly and buried her face on your shoulder, soaking your shirt with her tears >"I'm sorry..." she said between sobs "I didn't know...*Sniff!* I take everything back...All of it!" >What she didn't know was that she wasn't there because she was some random poor chick as she initially thought >The dare stated that you had to live though your "favourite Dazzling" >She realized that you had chosen her specifically. Everything you were going through, you were going through just to be with her >You endangered your health just to spend some time with Adagio Dazzle >Even though she was flat and couldn't produce too much milk >She didn't want to admit it but she knew it, and she knew that you knew but picked her regardless >Ever since she realized that you love her, Adagio's been taking as good care of you as she can >She bought herself a milking machine and spends her nights with it until she's raw >She went out of her way to learn how to make cheese, butter and yoghurt to provide you with some solid food >She never mentions other food around you >In fact, she eats outside >Like now >You are sitting in your armchair, trying to conserve as much energy as you can >You hear the key turn and the door open >Like Pavlov's dog, the sound of Adagio's booted footsteps are enough to make your belly rumble >"How is my baby?" she asks with a wink >Adagio tosses her jacket to the sofa and shows of her new sweater that she was wearing underneath >"Do you like it? They call it a keyhole sweater. Because of this" she says with a finger pointing at the hole exposing her chest >A sweater with a hole is stupid if you think about it but your boner loves it, so shut up >Adagio makes her way towards you with a playful walk, gingerly putting one foot in front of the other >She takes a seat on your lap and puts her hands on the back of your neck >She shuffles her ass around to get more comfortable and frowns >She looks you in the eyes >"Anon, are you having an erection?" >You nod >She worries about you so much that she's forbidden you to talking >She also claims that it makes you more attractive so what the heck, why not >She shakes her head but smiles >"You flatter me but you know I can't let you relieve that pressure..." she purs >Now it's your time to frown as the last time you came she made you eat it "for the proteins" >Brrr >You shudder >"Have you removed your cockring while I wasn't looking?" she asks in a more serious tone >You shake your head >"Good boy" she says as she relaxes and melts into your embrace >She puts her head on your shoulder and just looks at you for a moment with a dreamy look in her eyes >"You're a good boy, anon. Such a good boy. And you know what good boys get around here, right?" >Milk >"They get milk!" >After checking the browser history one night you found out that Adagio was actually researching galactogogue meds and foods that boost lactation >There's no doubt that when she does something, she commits herself to it >Adagio pulls on the sweater's hole hard and reveals that it's actually quite stretchy and resilient >Adagio must have noticed your perplexion because she chuckled >"You like it? I got it from some trailer trash with a store downtown who thinks herself a fashionista." >Oh yes you like it, but not a much as the treasured chest it barely concealed until a moment ago >You grin like an idiot at the sight of Adagio's delicious flat chest and erect nipples that point at you >You close your face to her chest and kiss her >"Whoops, you missed. Try again..." she invites you >You kiss her again and again, and soon you're raining kisses on her chest, neck and cheeks >"Stop it!" she says with a laugh that translates as "don't stop" >Adagio's laughter is like music >Actually, she snorts when she laughs but it sounds cute and beautyful to you >Adagio pats you gently on the shoulders >"Okay. Let's calm down now." >You stop and then kiss her on the cheek one last time >She giggles >You briefly wonder how the other two guys are doing >You lower your head over her nipples and lick the one that seems to be the least overworked by her milking >Adagio shakes and lets out a tiny moan >You circle you tongue around her areola clockwise and then close your lips around the nipple itself >Adagio takes a sharp breath >You can't see her face, but she's closed her eyes >"Y-you can bite it if you want to...But gently..." >You don't really feel like it, but if she wants it then so do you >You take it between your teeth and sqeeze very carefully >Adagio licks her lips and moans audibly as her eyes roll back >It really gets her going >Even though the dare has a cash prize, the real prize for you is your relationship and intimacy with Adagio >You plan on exploring that once the winter is over >You start sucking and soon enough you feel a familiar taste as a wet warmth spreads in your mouth >"Nnnnh! That's it...You're doing great." >You keep sucking and soon more milk pours into your mouth and belly >Siren milk tastes kinda saltier than cow and goat milk >It's probably because they live underwater, like how sea fish meat is salty compared to that of land animals >You briefly miss meat and consider biting Adagio's nipple again, but you decide not to >Poor girl is raw as it is >Adagio places her head on your and affectionately runs her hand over the back of your head again and again >Your sucking, swallowing and Adagio's heavy, erotic breathing are the only sounds in the room now >It's so nice and calming being with Adagio >It's a warm and fuzzy feeling that you want to last forever >With your mind at ease, your tummy full of milk and love, and Adagio's affectionate patting, you begin to drift into sleep >As sleep overtakes you, you break your imposed silence to say the single most important thing in the world right now "I wuv you, Dagi..."