Dawntide : Red Vice - by Thunderstrike

>Chapter 1 : The Run >Everything was so fast paced... >Your hearing went fuzzy at the sound of gun fire and engines... >Cramped in a car, holding onto the leather chairs as you hear bullet impact against the car... >It's insane... "You wonder how I got in this situation... in a car, covering your head in a dire chase... we'll, let's go back and see..." >3 weeks ago.. >Monday, 1:33 AM >It's been two weeks since the loss of Anon. >Adagio... you're one tough bitch... >But you still want that bitch killed. >You and the girls took your sweet time at a Jazz bar. >"Another night wasted..." "Shut up, Aria... stop complaining..." >Sonata was snoozing on your shoulder. >"This is bullshit... we should have went to Prance by now..." "With what, Aria? We will have nothing to do there by ourselves. We might be outnumbered by Rarity's goons" >"Why not use our powers!?" "Because we will waste our life energy..." >She grunted again... >You have no idea how would you deal with this... >"Ladies, Did I hear you talking about Belle?" >Who's this? >A tall woman, dressed in a white dress. >Bad choice there, miss. >She sat down at your table. >"Yea, what about her?" Aria questioned. >"Hmm, Rarity Belle's actions shook half of Manehattan and Canterlot." she explained. "But who are we talking to?" >She took off her hat. >"Fleur De'Lis~" >Is that who I think it is. >"Aren't you Fancy Pants's wife?" Aria added. >"As a matter of fact, yes." "And why did you came to Manehattan to tell us this?" >"My husband is in trouble, and from what I've heard, you worked and knew Detective Anonymous." >Wow she knows a lot. >Aria's look on her face seconds yours. "So... What do you need us to do?" >"Meet me tomorrow by the dock at 12, I'll explain more there." >She got up, leaving. >Aria blinked. >"Did we just get us a ticket out of Manehattan? "I think we do, Aria... I think we do... >"Alright... Adagio?" "Hmm...?" >Aria crossed her arms, having her usual grumpy face. >Does she even smile once in her life? >The invitation received by Fleur is quite tempting... >But is it worth it? "I don't know Aria, we will need help as she said once we get there." >"Huh... You're right, but I think this lady will give us some help at least." >She's right, Rarity can divide this clever trap but it's not in her nature... "Are you sure this ain't Rarity's work?" >She sighed, shaking her head. >"No way." >... >You are struck with an idea! >All three of you are sirens, Adagio! Use that to your advantage. >"Adagio... When you grin like that, you have a plan, and it's an evil one." "A darn good one... Aria?" >"What?" "Pack up, we're leaving." >Sonata snored awake. >"Uh? Is time for desert?" >This girl... >"Go back to sleep, Sonata..." [The next day] >You stood outside, waiting for Aria and Sonata... >It was slowly snowing... >Hearths warming eve... >Sadness filled your heart as you remind yourself of what a happy Eve you'll have... >Alone... >Heartbroken... >Happy faces walked passed, either enjoying the first snow of December or being with their loved ones... >You sighed, the smoke leaving your mouth. >It was cold, but you never cared about it. >It never bothered you anyway. >You glanced over to your right, your car ready for the road. >It was a borrowed car from your boss for this day, he will pick it back up when you leave. >He didn't took the news that great, he was sad as well, his best three girls leaving for... >Yeah... Business. >All these nights you wandered. >Is it worth it? >Would taking this step earn you a new life? Or a worse one... >You never stood to count the possibilities and facts. >All that you know is that you'll step into new ground, a new city, a new possibility.. >A new start. >"We're ready, Dagi'." >You snapped out of it, turning around to notice Aria and Sonata ready for the road. "Alright girls, let's head out... Miss Fleur is waiting for us." >The two walked pass, getting inside. >Well Adagio, you need to take a stand. >Cease the moment. >A new life awaits.. >It's noon. >You and the girls drove down the boulevard towards the port. >Aria sat next to you, while Sonata enjoyed the back seat. >"So, Adagio... Are you sure about this?" "Very certain. It's a window of opportunity to get a new life." >"What if it's worse?" >She's doubting you again. "I'll take the risks, alright? I'm trying to everything that we've went through behind." >You grunted, looking through the rear view mirror.. >You noticed something strange. >A car was rather close to you. "Girls..." >The two looked at you cautiously. >As you tried to stare through the dense snow cloud your car makes, you catch a glimpse of the driver. >Flash Sentry... >You stopped at the stop light, with him stopping on your left. >He rolled down his window. >"Hello there, girls, going somewhere?" "Shopping, we're doing our weekly shopping." >That was a horrible excuse there, Dagio'. >"That's an awful a lot of bags for a trip to the shop, besides, it's behind you, not downtown." >Fuck. >You never thought he would know. >Your breath deepened, trying to remain calm. >"Adagio?" said Sonata in the back. "Buckle up..." >Flash pulled out something under him. >It's still a red light. >As soon as you've saw a gun barrel, you punched it. >The car screeched as it began to speed up. >"Aah!" both girls screamed as you drove the car wild through the intersection, dodging every driver. >"ADAGIO!? WHAT THE FUCK!?" Aria yelled. "We need to get down at the port quick! Flash is onto us!" >"What!?" >You look through the rear view mirror again to notice right behind you. >This turned into a race. >It's a three minute drive down towards the port. >Maybe you'll get a chance to loose him through the streets and then rush downtown. >You kept it straight, swaying through cars in order to slow him down. >It only pushed him to dodge cars quickly as well. >You've felt time speeding up as you maintained speed through the slippery streets. >All you've seen behind you was the snow clouds you made with the car. >Taking the opportunity, you've pulled right. >Great, just one more street. >You kept a steady breathing, keeping eye sight of cars and the right street to turn. >The girls kept it cool, restraining from speaking. >Adrenaline already kicked in, making your decisions faster and better. >Left! >You pulled left, going downhill. >That's it, you see the port from here. >And there's Flash. >He kept a close distance. *Bang!* >SHIT! >He opened fire upon your car, hitting your rear. >You began dodging his aim, passing cars as both of you raced down the boulevard towards the port. >The car kept a speed of over 80 Km/H >Let's keep it on, we're almost there! >The car jumped as you reached a street level then again downhill. "Oh, fuck!" >The slam was hard but you kept it steady on the road. >Flash had a short moment of control loss, but still followed you. >You got to loose him. >Ahead you notice a group of cars, rather close to each other, and a side road that lead towards a market. >You could bump into a car ahead and cause a roadblock, or go through the side street to loose him. >Decisions... >Make one Adagio... >With a huff, you pulled towards the Market. >The crowd screamed as they got out of the way. >You braced as the wooden chairs and stands were destroyed from the impact. >"FUCKING SHIT, ADAGIO!" "It was the only way, shut up!" >You remained calm, trying to focus crossing through the market. >Chunks of wood and diverse objects flew behind straight into Flash's car, which was behind you. >Bastard! >You knew at least that you had a chance to divide a quick plan. >As you zoomed through the small street, you noticed a pillar holding a large cloth roof. >Perfect. >You kept Flash under your sight as you drove straight to it. >Ok, let's do this. >You slammed through the soft wood pillar, which caused the roof to break and fall right onto his car. "Alright!" >He began to loose control. >Oh boy.. >As you know it, his car turned and tipped over. >All three of you gasped as Flash's car began to roll towards you. >Oh fuck it's close. >You pulled out of the market, right back into the street. >All you've heard were crashes. >It's over, you got rid of him. >You didn't care if he was wounded or not, it's time to get out of here. >"Wow Adagio... You're one hell of a driver.." >You gasped for air, maintaining speed. "Yeah... Let's get out of here." >"Agreed." >You parked the car, shutting off the engine. >"Great driving, Dagi'." Sonata said, getting out of the car. >Aria followed, not saying a word. >You were last to get out, locking the car after you. >"I see you arrived in time." >Fleur was behind you with two men. "We had a problem on our way here." >She looked up on the hill, noticing the smoking car. >"I can agree to that." >The two men walked past you, taking off your luggage from the roof of the car. >"Please, allow my boys to take your luggage in, we need to board the ship." >You nodded, Aria and Sonata sticking behind you. >The ship was smaller than a cruise ship, it looked like it was a personal one. >"I hope you are ready to visit Canterlot, ladies." "Wait, Canterlot? Aren't we supposed to visit Prance?" >Fleur stopped in front of you. >"Nay, you'll never visit Prance without the necessary tasks completed." >Wait, tasks? >Canterlot? "Ok, Miss Fleur, we need some explanation." >She walked up towards the ship, you and the girls following close by. >"You'll be told everything once we leave." >This is getting rather suspicious. >Inside your bag lied Anon's colt, better keep it at bay just in case. >You boarded the ship, the stairs quickly taken off. >That's a quick leave. >"Follow me." Fleur pointed towards the Captain's chambers. >You nodded, signaling the girls to stay put. >Let's hope you don't fall into a trap. >You stepped inside the chambers, Fleur behind you. >"My dear love, they are here." >The blue hair and the smell of whiskey in the air told you of only one person. >"Ah! Splendid, I was eager to meet them." >Fancy Pants, Rarity's old lover. >He got off his leather chair, walking towards you with open arms. >You got hugged by him, gently patted on your back. >Ok, creepy... >"Pardon my sudden suspicious activity of taking you away but I require your help." "Help? From us? How come." >He took out a cigar from a case, lighting it up. >"Well, you see my dear... It's quite simple..." >You and Fancy Pants >The man whose wealth is mesmerizing >That one man who's business is known across the globe. >Now asking for your help, a siren like you. >"As half of the world knows, I run a pretty decent business, soon to raise up a company under my name..." >You feel funny. >"Rarity has been gambling with my efforts, kicking me in the shin every-time I tried to accomplish something.. And I am sure she might attempt for my life." >Rarity's kills were not just for a small revenge.. >He is the revenge. "So what part do we take in this? Mr.Fancy." >He smiled. >"Your part? Quite simple my darling, do what you do best, since I do know you and Detective Anonymous were... so to say... In "touch"~ And I am certain you'll seek vengeance as well." >He reads you like a book, Dagio' >How does he do it? >"And for that, I shall help all three of you. Canterlot will only accept wealth and luxurious groups and people. And I shall be your new manager." >What? "Excuse me but, how do you know us?" >"I am Fancy Pants, my dear, the richest of men and not some blind fool. I know about Dawntide Bar and your talents in singing, and I'm sure you'll fit like a glove in Canterlot." >What else does he know? >"Now, are you willing to accept my help?" > Chapter 2 : Canterlot Approach >Well Adagio... You're already on the boat so just go with it. "Allow me to talk to the girls, please." >He turned around. >"I shall await." >You stood, walking outside of the cabin. >Sonata and Aria stood on the side of the ship, looking at the ocean. "Aria, Sonata... We need to talk." >You approached them, both turning at you. "I might have found us a new job and a way to get Rarity." >"How?" "Fancy Pants, the man of riches, offered himself to be our manager." >"As what?" asked Aria. "We will sing, apparently." >Aria waved her hands at you. >"Whoa...whoa... Hold it there, Dagio', don't you think it's risky? I know you could sing without any problems but if we three sing? Won't we activate these?" >She pointed at the necklace... >She knew if all three of you sang, you might draw energy from people. >But it's the only way to catch Rarity. "Yes Aria but think of it, we will regain our energy and get strong enough to take Rarity down, along with any other gang she has." >"Are we doing this just to get revenge on Anon?" "Like you wouldn't Aria, don't bullshit me with your attitude, she's out of Manehattan and now we need to get rid of her forever. This is no longer revenge, this is doing the right thing to avoid any other murders. Who knows, maybe WE are next! Remember Flash Sentry?" >She silenced, nodding. >"You're right... Fine, whatever." "Sonata? Any objections?" >She stood to think. >"As long as we are safe and have fun, I'm ok with it." >Sometimes, Sonata just doesn't care about anything bad. >You nod and turn back around for another talk with Fancy Pants. >You walked back inside the cabin, Fancy Pants turning at you. >"Have you decided?" "We're in. Let's talk terms." >He grinned. >"A lady with determination, I like it... Now. Take a seat while I begin to write down something." >You sat back on the leather chair. >"I shall fund your home and first ever purchase of clothes and anything you need, and I shall pay you monthly sum of $10.000" >WHAT!? >HOLD IT. "W-wait... Ten grand? P-per month?" >"Yes, something wrong about it?" "No! No. It's perfect." >"Hah! Glad you like it." "But...why this much?" >RETARDED QUESTION ADAGIO. >"Well, knowing that I earn more then I can use, I might as well be generous and help my new employees with a wealthy and easy job." "What's the catch?" >"The catch? Just take Rarity out of commission, either alone or with someone, dead or imprisoned. As long as I breathe and Rarity is out of my sight, I shall pay you." "Ten grand per month, we can manage." >"I think you can manage more then you think, ten grand per girl? I think you can hold onto Thirty Thousand that easy." >WHAT? >Seriously? This guy just tosses money at you like nothing. >Screw Dawntide Bar, you've got a money maker. >And he does not look for sexual activities. >Fleur does it I think. >"Are we happy?" "Uh? Yes! Perfect, Sign us up!" >"Gladly! Your first performance will happen once we get settled in Canterlot, as well as getting your required needs and established." >You grinned like a moron. >A new life is given by a man that feels so generous he throws in $30.000 out to all three of you. >You stood up, bowing in respect before sprinting outside. "Girls! Girls!" >They turned around suddenly. >"What is it, Adagio?" >You panted, catching your breath to speak. "W-We just got a new life..." >"Whow, you signed us up?" "What if I told you, we get to take Rarity out, sing... And live in Canterlot for..." >"For what..." "You won't believe it, but he will pay us ten grand each to do what we do best." >Both of their pupils shrunk in shock. >Aria twitched. >"T-Ten grand?" >You nod furiously. >Both looked at each other then both fainted. >You look at them, sighing. "At least they took well, I guess..." >You pulled Aria and Sonata along the deck to the sleeping quarters. >One of Fancy Pants'es crew helped you get them in their told bed until they wake up. >As you're done, you retreat to your own little room. >The compact room held whatever you needed, a fridge, a view outside, a comfortable bed. >This boat must have costed millions. >You laid on the bed, unbuttoning your jacket. >Closing your eyes, you let yourself drift to sleep. >The sound of the ocean and the warmth of the cabin quickly drifted you asleep. [Aria] >Your head spinned as you try to wake up. >Your uneasy feeling compeling you again. >Not again.. >You stood up on the bed, warm and woozy. >Stretching yourself, you hear a few bone cracking >Oh yeah~ >You get off the bed and look through your bag. >Your bottle of medicine... >The thoughts of falling under this path annoyed you, that unknown hate and anger inside you. >The feeling itself building up, more and more slowly... >At a point where you burst. >This thing keeps you relaxed for a whole day, but you're still pissed at litteraly everything. >Purple Grump... >That grumpy girl. "Nnngh..." >You bashed the table before unscrewing the bottle and pouring it's contents in the cup bottlehead. >You gulp it down, the bitter taste of Spearming made you shiver.. >But the aftertaste... >Bleagh... *Knockknock* "What." >"It's me, Dagio." >You hid the bottle away. "Whatever, come in." >Adagio slithered in the room. >"Hey, I'm sorry that I made you feint... the pay is much smaller." "I noticed... how much is it?" >She sat down on the bed. >"$2500. Monthly. We get around another two grand at major shows, mostly night shows." >That's way less. >But not fuck lot. >"He also stated that if we get positive feedbacks, we get bonuses, dosen't matter what kind of show it is." "I'm ok with it." >"He will eventually pay a huge amount if Rarity is done with. Ten grand on the spot." >This shit turned into assasinations. "Right.. so we sing, do shit and get paid?" >She nodded. >"Certainly." "Fine... I need to change." >She stood back up. >"We're close to Canterlot, so if you'd like to see it, come outside. It says it's worth the sight." "I'll be there in twenty." >She smiled and closed the door. >I thought she'd never leave. *Zzzipp* >You need a little alone time... >Yourself, Aria... >Your mind flustered with thoughts. >Questions after questions. >It always happens when you take the medicine. >Some weird side effect. >You took off your pants and jacket, enjoying the cold air. >As you took out a set of new clothes, you noticed a handle. "The heck is this?" >You decided to pull it down, revealing a mirror. "Uh.. Sweet." >It was quite a long mirror, down to your knees. >Look at yourself Aria. >The purple girl that get's pissed at everything that moves. >Why do you feel this anger? Is it the girls? No... >You cannot ignore the thought of Anon dead.. >It's been already two weeks and you are still sad about it, but your angry attitude hides it quite well. >You took off your shirt and look at yourself in the mirror in your underwear. >If you weren't like this all the time... >Angered, frowning, and maybe smiling, you can get a chance on getting a man. >Maybe one like Anon... >God, you keep thinking of Anon... >You can't wait on getting your hands on that whore. >You shake that thought and grip your breasts. >Mmh... Not as big as Sonata's... but neither small as Adagio's. >Not bad. >You turn to your side. >Yeah, reasonable. >But if there is something Sonata looses is clearly at butt size. >You're way firmer and rounder then Sonata. >Your boxing training gave you nice buns and legs. >All that Sonata does is to ride her bike, that's nothing. >You admired your ass for quite some time. >Giving light slaps and wiggles. >You frowned at the jiggles. >As many would like it to jiggle, you didn't. >If you want a tough ass, you'd like it rough, >You yawned, getting some new clothes out. >A green wool blouse, a pair of black jeans and a pair of knee-high leather boots. >You also got dressed with the same jacket over your blouse, buttoning it way up to your neck. "Canterlot, here we come." >You packed the rest of your clothes and took the bag out, leaving it by the door. >"Oh, Aria! Aria!." Sonata jumped as she saw you. "Calm down, I'm coming." >You stepped outside in the open, the cold made you shiver. >"Oh, Aria, glad you could join us." Fancy Pants said. >Right... Let's see what is this all about. >You stood to the side of the ship where everyone was, looking at the fog in the distance. "Oh great, fog..." >"It's not your ordinary fog, darling, it's Canterlot's mist. a phenomenon that happens each winter and summer, the White Forest is it's epicenter." "White Forest?" >Fancy Pants nodded, coming down from his cabin. >"The northern outskirts of Canterlot, quite a sight but dangerous at it's extremities." >He tossed you a rolled map, you catch it in time, unrolling it, >Canterlot City. >Upper Canterlot >White Forest >Gemcrust Ridge "This is Canterlot?" >"Indeed, four divided sectors of it. King Sombra's home lies in Upper Canterlot, my residence is in Gemcrust." >King. What. >"King Sombra?" Adagio asked the question for you. >"Indeed, our beloved leader, a young fellow with the spirit of a warrior." >Wow, there's still Kings and Queens. >"But he lacks a queen, sadly. There is a touching story of King Sombra's rise to power after the victory of Canterlot Valley during the war." >"A story!? Oh oh! Do tell!" Sonata giggled. >Great, now I will stay to listen to some old story. >"I will tell you the story once we arrive, it's a long one that is worth telling. Perhaps tonight!" >"Aww... Ok!" >You looked back, noticing the city revealed in the distance. "Oi'girls, look." >Everyone turned around to gaze in awe at the bright city. >In the soft snow, a large city was exposed. >Bright and whiter than Manehattan, it's structures were similar. >The largest building had a star on top, shining over the city >You could see the told forest along the upper ridges of the city >Along the side, you see the Castle of King Sombra. >A mansion-type of castle, marble texture and decorated dark blue flag elements. >Cute. >But you're cold and need warmth soon. >It's been half an hour, the ship itself docked. >You and the girls board off the ship into the new city of Canterlot. >You're welcomed by a tune from inside the port and a sign. >"Welcome to Canterlot, where dreams come true" >Ugh. >Cheesy. >"Follow me, girls." Fancy Pants mentioned you three over. >You began to follow him, looking behind you noticed the valets carrying your luggage. >Cute. >"I shall book you into a hotel until I get any details tonight, then we shall feast at my home!" >"That sounds lovely." Adagio was first to reply. >"Awesome!" Sonata followed close by. "Alright." >Your response was less caring. >Adagio gave you the look. >That look that pisses you off. >Everytime you just go by yourself, she feels bad about it, especially towards the man that offered us a job. "Cannot wait." >She smiled back. >Of course bitch. >Outside the port-yard stood a limo'. >Another guy opened the door for him. "Are we supposed to get in?" >"Of course." said his wife. >Ok then. >You and the girls got inside Fancy Pants' limo, driving up towards the hotel he offered. "So, Mister Fancy Pants, why did you choose us to help you?" >You had to get some answer, since it was kind of creepy. >Some rich dude hiring you as bodyguards or assassins. >"Aria..." Adagio grunted at you. "Shut up, Dagio', we barely know Rarity and we are already brought up by him..." >He took off his glasses, clearing his throat. >"She's right, it's not very unappealing to not fully introduce my operation." >Operation? >"What do you mean by that?" Adagio asked. >"Well, I forgot to mention that I am also the Mayor of Canterlot, King Sombra does not only rule this little kingdom but also rules over the Crystal Vale City." "Crystal Vale, the well known town of gems and crystals." >"Exactly, led by his adoptive daughter. Mi Amore Cadenza." >That name... >Now you itch to find out about that story of Sombra. >"Now, the hotel is just a few streets away, do you girls require anything?" >You shook your head. >"Very well, I shall await you at my home tonight at eight. My driver will pick you up as soon as you're ready." "Thanks." >"We appreciate your help, Mayor." >He chuckled, the car approaching it's stop. >"Here we are, remember our little meet tonight!" >You were first to get off, looking up at the hotel. >'Sampson Hotel', adorable. >You get bumped by someone, slowly tripping but caught in time. "NGH, HEY!?" >You look up to notice a well dressed guy, with a violin backpack case. >"I'm sorry, Miss, I was in a hurry." >Uh... >Aria, what's going on? >You shook your head. "Yeah, right, let me go." >You balanced yourself, glaring at him. >He smiled at you, dashing away in a hurry. >"Did I see Aria lost in someone's eyes~?" >You heated up. "SHUT UP. I TRIPPED." >God... She reads you like a fucking book... [Adagio] >You giggled at Aria's encounter. >Watching her grump and embarrassed at the same time was too cute. >"I think she fell in loooove~" Sonata said next to you. "Nah, not yet. It's to early for her to notice it." >You picked up your luggage and walked inside the hotel. >Fancy Pants was already talking to the manager, both stared at you. >"Alright ladies, your room for this night is at the seventh floor, room fifty-four." "Thank you, Mister Fancy Pants." >He patted your shoulder before leaving. >The allure of a gentlemen, something you don't see in Manehattan. >"Come on Adagio." said Aria in the elevator. >You hurried up, getting inside the elevator. >The valet pressed your floor, starting to ascend. >In the silence, you looked over your shoulder at Sonata, which was admiring the lift that was dressed in crimson velvet and golden railings. >Over to your left stood Aria, she was still blushing and looking at the floor. >It's her first time she got in this close contact with a man. >Leaned on her back, with him above is not her thing, or never experienced it. >She's always the dominant one. >You grinned, watching the door open to your floor. >Green Silk rugs extend to the end of the hallway. >You can hear soft music played inside the hallway. >[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJaoui-FLPU] >"Is that Miss Emerald!? Oh my gosh! She's my favorite!" jumped Sonata that started to sway her hips to the tune. "Is she now? Maybe we'll get a chance to meet her. I heard that her concert will be in Canterlot." >"WOULD SHE!? CAN WE GO!? PLEEEEASE?" >She did her puppy eyes. "Sonny' we'll see. We didn't even get our own home here, so we'll have to wait." >She sighed. >"54. Here." Aria pointed at the door, unlocking it with the key she snatched. >First to get inside, she dropped her bag and just face planted the bed. >The hotel room had two other separate bedrooms. King Sized beds. "We are going to organize how and with who we sleep." >Aria pointed at the other room. >"I'm taking the bed alone." >You stared blankly at her, shrugging. "Fine, I'll sleep with Sonata then, unless she wants to sleep with you." >"I said Alone, Adagio." "Geez, fine." [A few hours later] >You come out of the bathroom, ready for the visit. "Alright, I'm ready, how about you two?" >Sonata stood in the middle of the room, smiling. >Aria stood on the chair, eating a chocolate bar. "Alright, it's almost eight, so let's go." >You took the key from the hanger and stepped out. >It was dark for some reason, looking across the hallway you noticed a shape standing by the window. >You blinked a few times before the lights turned on. >Nobody was at the window. "Strange..." >"What is?" Aria asked. "I thought I saw someone by the window there." >"Maybe it's your mind, come on." >You nodded and locked the door behind you. >Going down to the lobby, you looked outside, the same limousine was parked, the driver waiting for you. >"Ladies." he said, opening the door for you. >Aria first, Sonata and you followed. >"Let's get this over with." "Come on, Aria, don't be that harsh." >She rolls her eyes, clearly not impressed. >The typical Aria Blaze. What can you do. [The Dazzlings we taken to Fancy Pants's home in Gemcrust.] [Adagio] >You stood leaned against the side door, looking outside at the beauty of Canterlot. >The city was of your taste, calm and beautiful as yourself. >Heh. >Aria and Sonata talked to each other, you didn't listen since it was either about kittens or some random subject. >It's cute though. >The grump and the cheerful. >The car came to a full stop in front of a large mansion, Fancy Pants's insignia statue in front of the door. >Your eyes sparkled as you stare at the riches of the home. >The door is opened by the driver, allowing you to get out first. >You wore a long velvet black dress and let your hair long. >Sonata wore her purple short dress, a jacket over it. >Aria took her casual woman suit, with a red tie. >She sucked at fashion, I tell you. But her hips are well visible. >You walked up to the door and pressed the doorbell. >The door was opened by himself. >"Dazzlings! Come in, I was preparing the drinks." >He stepped aside, opening the door wide. >You walked in, looking around the hall. >The hanging chandelier and multiple ornamental along the walls. >"I have prepared for Hearth's Warming Eve early, I never followed the dates." "Your house is lovely." >"Of course, now, shall we?" >You followed him towards the guest room. >It was cozy dark, the room lit up by the fireplace. >In front of it stood two one seat leather couch along with a long one. >"Take a seat! What would you like to drink?" "I'll like a Bourbon." >"Mint Tea!" Sonata cheered. >"Whiskey." Aria followed. >He nodded before leaving the room. >You and the girls sat down, waiting for Fancy Pants. [Fancy Pants] >You got out of the room, allowing the Dazzlings to get warm. >Alright. Drinks! >You found it interesting about their choices, each having their drink that corresponded their personalities. >Adagio has the influential strong leadership. >Aria seems to be tough and rough while Sonata seems to be the cheerful, lovable type. >You stopped at your drink cabinet, placing the corresponding drinks to their cup and glass. >In the reflection, you saw Fleur sneaking behind you. "Anything wrong, honey?" >She wrapped her hands around your waist, biting your neck softly. >Oh my, not your spot~ >Planting her body against your back, she began to slide a hand down your pantaloons. >"I feel a bit fuzzy tonight, want to come over and help me sleep~?" >You gripped her hand softly before it reached your prize. "Not now, my darling. We have guests." >She leaned her head. >"Guests? Oh! The girls!" >You nod. "Think you can prepare your deluxe tea you prepare every night?" >She kissed you cheek, sliding away from you, griping your left arse cheek. >"Will do, my sweet~" >You winked at her. "I'll get back to you once I'm done here." >"And finish me~ I'll wait~" >You returned, holding the two drinks in your hand, offering them to the girls. "Your tea will arrive in a few minutes." >Sonata smiled, she didn't seem disturbed by it. >You sat on your chair, taking out a cigarette. "Do you happen to smoke ladies?" >All of them denied. >You placed the cigar back and poured yourself some wine. >"Mister Fancy Pants, mind telling us about your operation?" >You crossed your legs. "Well, Adagio, I have a small issue here in Canterlot that me and King Sombra talked about. There has been multiple crimes ever since Rarity's reign and I'm afraid she will start it again. Canterlot has been going through a rough time when she got in the current state." >"She was killing before Manhattan?" >You hummed, nodding. >They seemed surprised. >"And why did you take us in particular?" "I knew Mister Anonymous when Canterlot was in decline, I asked for his help but he was denied to travel due to his superior officer. By the time, he was a police officer." >Adagio and Aria seemed touched by the word, but Sonata didn't. >These two had something special towards Anonymous indeed. >She was right about it. "Now, about my operation, Rarity holds a gang called 'The Black Velvet' and it's quite a threat to the citizens of Canterlot and I'm afraid her twisted mind might be more than just minor kills." >You leaned over. "I want her killed, out of commission. Not for me, but for Canterlot." >"And you expect us to do it? Without experience in combat?" "Who told you that you will do it alone?" >"Uh...no one." >You leaned back, taking a sip of your wine. "There's a group here in Canterlot, founded by me in hopes of taking out the crimes with the same medicine." >"They do crimes as well...?" >You shook your head. "A gang is eliminated with another, the police force may diminish their numbers but cannot end it. It's all about influence and dominance." >They were clueless. >You pulled out a picture, of a concert. "Tell me, who do you think is the gang I spoke of." >The girls looked at it, debating to each other. >"Is it the man on the left?" "No, look at the Cello player." >They look at the said player. >"What about her?" "She is Miss Melody, the leader of the Violet Toccata. Her dominance across Canterlot proved right, taking out the Silver Spades and the Crimson Tide." >"Who were they?" "These two groups were responsible of the known civil conflicts and high crime rates of Canterlot. Once I founded the small group, they expanded by themselves, with the money of the fallen groups. The Crimson Tide gave up and offered their own profit, taking The Violet Toccata to the top." >They sighed. >"And what do you want us to do?" asked Aria. "Your objective is simple, you will concert exactly where they will, I'll brief you more about it there. Once said job is done, you will take action and contact them." >"Fair enough." replied Adagio. "How could this be hard?" "Miss Melody does not take anything easy. You'll find out when you do..." >"What about the story? About King Sombra?" said Sonata which made you smile. "Oh yes! The story of how victory was achieved and his raise to power!" >You made yourself comfortable, regaining your memories of the said story. "The story began during the Canterlot Vale war, right near the end of it. Our noble king, Sombra, lost his queen after she was assassinated by the Prance forces, which sparked the war. He was determined to revenge his wife, only to find out that the war itself showed only destruction. A night before the final blow, he received a visit from a certain female that night..." >"Ooooh~" >"Shut up, Sonata... Let him talk." "That night, Sombra was observing the map in the War room, always with lights off, as he always loved..." [Sombra] >Think, Sombra, think! >Ferdinand will have upper advantage if you don't plan something up. >The silence in the room gave an eerie feeling. >You plant your hands on the table, hanging your head. "How will I succeed this...?" >"Maybe I can help you forget it~" an unknown voice echoed behind you. >You turn around, only to see a feminine figure holding one of your guards by the throat. >The second one already on the ground. "Wh-- Who are you?" >She began to approach you, the shine of the moon making it hard to read her face. >An odd glow of green shined under her shirt. >You backed away, your back against the table. >"My name is not important, your highness." "Alright, Miss Jane Doe. Who sent you? Ferdinand?" >She chuckled. >"Why would I work for some imbecile playing war games? I'm here by my own will and task." "To take me down? Hmpf... I should have known." >Tricks were up your sleeve, pulling out your magnum from under the desk, but as you point out to fire, you got kicked right where your nerves were. "ARGH!" >You gripped your hand, which twitched violently at the attack. >Felt like an electric current. >You proceed to take down the threat with a blow to her stomach. "HNNG" >You missed, only to be gripped by the back of your head. *SHING* >A cold steel touched your throat. >Wonderful... >You and your captor stood in utter silence. >Her slow yet relaxed breathing came down your neck. >Each second spent on your knees, with a knife on your throat made you gulp. >"Are you calm?" >That sultry voice... "It could have been better..." >She let go of your hair, her hand now going under your suit. "What are yo-" >The blade was pressed more. >"Shhshhshh~" >You wonder if you'll be murdered or molested.. >"Be a good King and I'll be gentle." "You have a knife by my throat, you really think I'll attempt anything?" >Her hand began to rub your chest. >You heard her excited breath. >A trail of sweat came down your forehead. >"You are willing to end this war?" "Yes." >She squeezed your chest, her nails digging softly under your skin. >"Mmh~ I can help you if you'd like~" "How?" >She giggled. >You wot. >"The same way, infiltrate and eliminate. But I won't eliminate you." "How so?" >She leaned over, whispering. >"One, because I want to have fun." >She took her hand out from your suit and gripped the shirt collar. >"And two~" >You shudder as her warm lips unite with yours, engulfing you in a deep kiss. >During the kiss, you note her eyes. A soft green glow came out of her iris. >You felt strange, as if you wanted this... *Smack!* >You woke up from a strong blow against your cheek. >You were collapsed on the floor, looking at the doorway. >She stood there, looking at you. >"...You're cute, we'll meet again someday~ I promise." >She left, hearing the doors closing after you... >A door bash was heard after wards. >"Your highness! Are you alright?" >You looked up to notice your soldiers investigating the room and checking on the two guards. "I'm fine, Lieutenant Fleetfoot... I managed to talk it through." >"Who did this?". >You were picked up and placed back on your feet. "Someone that might help us end this... Let's hope." >You walked past the guards and stood by the main window. >There she was, walking outside the mansion and into her car. >Who was this woman...? [Days later, In Sombra's office] >"I say to initiate the plan already, your highness, we cannot risk more of our men to fall waiting on your friend to do what it was supposed to do." >You grunted as your specialist bugged you. "Pacience... I'm certain all this will end soon... I hope." >You kept your sight at the radio, awaiting news from the front. >She must succeed. I know she can. >"My king, this is useless, you think an assassin will just finish the job just because she met you?" >You bashed the desk. "Yes! Why do you always have to bug me about it? One more day and then we'll send whoever you wish." >He appeared shocked. >"O-Of course." >The radio fizzled. >Incoming transmission. >"Your...Highness! Do you copy!?" "Yes, what's your status..." >"Your plan worked, we just got word of Ferdinand's death! Over. >You and the Specialist looked over at each other. >"We did it..." he said. "I told you it would work." >You turn back at the radio. "Understood, Sargent, bring our boys back home! Over and out" [Fancy Pants's mansion, 9:21 PM] [Fancy Pants] "And so Canterlot Vale was won by King Sombra, the news of Ferdinand The Second that died of a heart attacked spread around the northern front... Many didn't believe, many did, but it's a secret kept amongst King Sombra's men." >"And he was crowned King of Canterlot Vale only?" "The Northern Front is under his domain, but today, the Prance Parliament is still in declined on retrieving their parch of land they once owned." >The girls nodded. >"That was a wonderful story!" cheered Sonata. >"It was okay." Aria followed. >You noticed Fleur at the doorway. >With a wink, she lifted her leg, inviting you. "Ahem... Girls, I'm afraid our meet must come to an end, allow me to offer you a list of homes you wish to live in." >You stood up, walking to your desk to pick up a set of folders. "In these folders you'll find plans, pictures and details about your new home. Three locations and three different room layouts. All fitted for three individuals." >They picked up the folders. >"We will look onto and decide tomorrow." Adagio confirmed. "Very well! I'll expect your arrival tomorrow at my office in Canterlot, 54'th Avenue Park, I shall be outside waiting." >The three stood up, making their way to the door. "My driver will be with you shortly. Good Night!" >There we go. >You waited a few good minutes before they left with the car. "Oh honey~ Where are you." >You unbuttoned you shirt, making your way up to your room... [Hours later, back at the Hotel] [Adagio] >The girls have been out for some time. >You craved some good ol' Canterlot delish for a while. >Maybe it's delayed. >You played with your nipples on the couch. >Not in the mood for any funny business so time to tie your hair. >You got off the couch, pulling your blouse back down >Don't want your pretties to get cold. >Like you have a pair, Dagio... >You stared at the mirror, gripping your hair. >You struggled to grab the huge literal bush on your head to fit in this tiny elastic. >With a huff and a puff, you managed to tie the jungle and make yourself look more sport like. "Oh yeah~" >Admiring yourself was not your thing but your hips were feeling great. >You began to sway your hips, eventually belly dancing. >You didn't show this to anyone, since exotic moves might give heart problems. >Or erection explosion. >That would be funny, a pack of men crying for mercy as you delight their eyes with.. >What the hell Adagio... >As you turned around, you hear voices down the hall. >Male voices.. >Chapter 4 : Welcoming Party >You approach the door, planting your ear against it. >The muffled voices became clearer. >"I'm tellin' ye', she's here. 54." >"So what we do? Go in then go out?" >"Yea, point and shoot." >Oh shit. >That doesn't sound good and you don't want to get involved. >You turn around to eye the room, finding a place to hide. >Not under the bed. >Not in the closet... >Fuck it. >You ran to the window, opening it to take a glance outside. >The ledge is wide enough to let you step on it. >But you're not a fan of heights. >The footsteps are louder as they reached your door. >Do it Adagio, you step out the window, holding a strong grip of the windows edge as you position yourself on the ledge. >Don't look down, girl. Not now. >Looking up you observed a flag pole right above your window. >Since you cannot close the window, you may want to get on it... >But is it worth it? >You sneaked behind him, checking your nails. >Sharp and ready. >You clear your mind and execute the maneuver. >Gripping his head, you jerked your hands violently. *Snap* >Hearing the cracking noise you realized you've done it. >He felt aside, breathless and motionless. >Adagio.. You killed. >Your first ever kill. >Panic started to flow in but adrenaline kept you pumped and focused. >In order to achieve a surprise attack, you pulled him carefully on the couch, making him look like he is sleeping. >You glance over at the gun. >A pump shotgun. >Might as well use it now and grab the other's gun. >Taking hold of it, you hid behind the curtains again. >... >"Ey', there's no sign of her, we should g- HEY, WHY DO YOU SLEEP?" >He approached him, shaking him. >"Wake up! W-- What..." >He must have noticed his awkward neck twist. >Taking the chance, you get out of the curtains and aim for his chest. "Surprise!" *Click**BOOM* >You are slammed against the wall from the knock back. >NNGH, that hurt. >Sliding against the wall, you noticed the other bashed against the opposite wall, bleeding heavily. >Take your chance. >Standing back up, you rush to grab his Sub-Machine gun. >It was lighter than the shotgun, so it has an advantage compared to your strength. >You hear other footsteps coming up. >Lock and load, baby. >Pulling the couch over, you take cover. >The footsteps got louder, hearing reloads behind you. >"Holy shit what happened." >You get out and aim at the thugs that were gathered at the door. >Pulling the trigger, the gun fired, the burst recoil causing your aim to flinch upwards but you fight it. >One fell but the other two took cover. >You ceased fire and yourself, took cover. >They began to peek out and fire at you, taking shots at the couch. >The body and the couch itself offered you good protection, only two or three bullets struck through. >As they paused, you get up again and burst fired at the door edges. >You struck the right one, making him fall flat on his back while the other cowered and rushed away. >"FUCK THIS SHIT." he shouted out loud. >You carefully stood ready for any other incoming men. >"I ain't getting shot by a girl, no fucking way! Fuck money and fuck Rarity Belle, man!" >A car dashed away, probably two left. >And did he say Rarity? [Ten minutes ago] [Aria] >You're currently walking back towards the hotel with Sonata by your side. "Sonata, why would you buy this much chocolate?" >You grunted watching Sonata staring at the bag of treats she bought. >"For Adagio, silly, you know she likes chocolate a lot!" >No wonder. >Hips don't lie. >You carried the bag of diverse light food to eat for the night since the restaurant is closed. >Your fist hurts like hell from punching that immature brat that stared at your ass and flirting with you in the most disgusting way. >Distant gunfire caught both of your attention. "Did you hear that?" >"Uh-huh. Someone is shooting." "But where..." >You two quickened your steps, only to hear the gunfire emitted from the hotel itself! >'Oh crap' is the only thing that you thought of. >Adagio's still inside. "Come on Sonata, we gotta go quick." >You grabbed her hand and rushed her, almost dropping her chocolate. >As you got close, a car zoomed away, nearly hitting both of you. >You were fast enough to pull Sonata aside. >"What's with him!?" "Nevermind that, let's hurry up." >Both of you arrived at the hotel's entrance, several people rushing out. >You noticed Adagio coming out of the lift with your luggage, and a gun on her back. "Adagio...?" >"Shut up, shut up, in that car, go!" >You nodded and picked up your luggage and tossed it inside the trunk and the back seat. >"Sonata get in." she said rushed, pushing Sonata to move. >All three of you get inside and dash away from the hotel. >"I'll explain this once we reach Fancy Pants." "Why him!?" >"I don't know, just... Let's remain calm." "Why do... Fine, just drive then..." >You've been on the road for some time and you felt sleepy. "Adagio... Could you explain now?" >She sighed, slowing down. >"A group of thugs attacked, they were trying to kill us..." >Really? "You sure?" >"Entirely, and guess who sent them." "Rarity?" >"Exactly, that girl now sent a welcoming party." "And what do you think of all this?" >"There might be a spy, someone observed us and called us out." "So what's your plan?" >"We need to get a secure home now, either we train in firearms and protect ourselves or find some other place more secure." >You rolled your eyes, leaning your head on the seat. [Minutes later, Fancy Pants's residence.] >Adagio pulled the car aside and closed the engine. >"Sonata, Aria, let's go." >You woke up, nodding before getting out. >Keeping silence, you followed Adagio up to the door. >After she knocked, you waited for about a minute before the door opened. >"Ladies, w-what is it with you at this hour?" said Fancy Pants worried. >"We got in trouble..." "A big one." >You showed the bloodied gun. >He stood silent, watching all three of you. >"Bring your luggage in. I'll be with you shortly." >You took your luggage and placed them inside the lobby. >"Just leave them there for the night, I'll make a phone call." Fancy Pants said, making his way to the office. >You stood by the door, passively listening. >... >"Hello? Sinclair! Yes, It's me. Uh, I need your assistance my good fellow..." [Fancy Pants] >"What happened, pal'?" "I told you about the three girls, right? The Dazzlings?" >"Ah! Yeah, you did." "Belle attempted another murder on them, but they fought back." >"Wait, what? Didn't she travel to Prance?" "Apparently not, she's still around Canterlot." >"Well, shit, so what's going to happen?" "You still have your secured hotel of yours Mercury Suites?" >"Up and runnin', want me to keep them safe here?" "Yes, I trust your security better than ever." >"That is why you never wanted me to install a system on yours?" "I can defend myself, Sinclair, I'll pay for them." >"Sure, whenever you want to pay, I'll be waitin'. Bring them over, I'll prepare a room for them "Thank you very much, Sinclair." >"G'night, pal." [Back to Aria] "We're getting another place to live." >"You sure?" Adagio questioned. "Ask him." >Fancy Pants returned, looking at all three of you. >"Yes, you will live at my best friend's Suites. Mercury Suites, a hotel and residence." >Adagio nodded, taking a deep breath. "How far away is it?" >"It's in the Emerald District, near Upper Canterlot, so you will be safe." >"Let's hope so, Mayor." Sonata said in the background. >Your eyes caught glimpse of Fleur that stood upstairs, watching over you. >Something odd about this wife tickled your mind and your guts say the same. >You cannot put your finger on it but you shake that thought and go to pick up the luggage. "Let's go before anything happens." >The girls rushed to pick up their own, Adagio stood behind to get the address. >"Hey, Aria?" Sonata asked. "Hmm?" >"Are we going to be ok?" "... Yeah, we will." >Let's hope... [Back in Canterlot] >You're currently in the car, Adagio driving towards Mercury Suites. >You're in doubt of this new home. >Is it safe or a trap? >Sonata stood in the front seat this time, allowing you to get familiar with the gun Adagio took. >It wasn't very heavy and it was easy to grip hold. "So you fired with this?" >"Yes, it packs quite a punch, I'm uncertain how much ammo I still have." >You pressed the release for the magazine, pulling it out. "Still has bullets." >"It does? I'm uncertain if we should keep it." >She sounded worried. >You loaded the magazine back into the gun, switching the gun to safe. "We'll keep it hidden under the seat." >You said, leaning down to place the rifle somewhere under Sonata's seat. >"We're here... Mercury Suites." >Looking up, you take note of the rather rough looking structure. >Decorative steel columns along the length of the building. >And a fancy modern look. (Pic Related) "That's... Impressive?" >Adagio pulled the car near the entrance in the parking lot. >"Alright girls, let's go." >You nodded, picking up your luggage and Sonatas out of the car. >Adagio took hers from the trunk of the car, locking it afterwards. >"The gun is inside the car, right?" "Yes it is, under Sonata's seat." >She nodded, all three of you walking towards the said building. >Right at the entrance stood a man smoking, wearing a white shirt and red striped tie. >"Aha, you must be the Dazzling, eh'?" he said excited, tossing the cigar away. >"We are... You must be Sinclair?" >"Ruby Sinclair, Welcome to Mercury Suites. I'll be your help until this fiasco is over and everyone is happy." >He seems alright, open, cheerful. >"Right this way girls, lemme show you around." >Inside the building, you're welcomed with a large lobby, dressed with crimson velvet couches, walls and drapes, similar to the hotel >On a glass wall stood a sign. >'Mercury Suites, Modern living' >You got intrigued by this fancy modern surroundings. >Sonata just eyes the place like it was a candy shop while Adagio observed the place. >You stood behind, listening to Sinclair and making eye notes. >"The building was built seven years ago, with a total of One Million and a half Dollars. Original Marble exterior and newest and strongest steel and concrete." >He waved around the large interior lobby. >"The building can house ninety families over Fifteen floors." >You look up and observed the floors reaching up. >What caught your attention is the large skylight. >"Whats the main attraction of all this is my newest addition into society. Advanced security." "Security?" >He turned around, grinning. >"Exactly, I hired a security team to patrol the building every night and day, working two shifts that is... And a spectacular protection. Kiss goodbye the casual chain lock and say hello to the new triple bar key-lock." >He reached over the lobby desk to take out a key-lock, as he said. >Three metal bars coming out of it's side. >"This particular key-lock makes it impossible to break down without some method of breaching, involving explosions, and with this I installed metal frame doors, to keep any intruders out where they belong." >This guy is science >"Mister Sinclair, what do you specialize on?" Adagio asked. >"Well, my dear, if it involves technology, modern life, security, electrical or mechanical things, I'm your man. Sinclair Technology is my greatest treasure, and I'll offer you anything for a better future." >You let out a soft sigh at his motto. >"Now, let's get to your new home. I prepared a suite for the three of you while you were on the road." >You were lead towards the lift, all four of you plus the luggage fit inside. >"You'll have anything you wish, a restaurant, Kiosks, anything." "What can you tell us about Rarity Belle." >His smile faded as you asked the question. >"Belle's been a real bitch to me and my business, I also deal with weapons, fixing, upgrading and further on... She kept harassing my employees and my customers." >"She's been around it seems." said Adagio. >"Yeah, but I've heard that you're here to help us take her out." "From what we've understood so far..." >He nodded, the elevator stopping at the seventh floor. >You followed him to apartment 55, a large, metal framed door. >He opened the door and allowed you to step inside. >"After you ladies." >You and the girls were allowed to enter your new home. >Adagio was first to enter, you were last. >Sinclair stood by the entrance, smiling as you got inside, eager to hear your reaction. >The apartment welcomed you with smell of lavender and new furniture. >The great architecture surpasses Manehattan's indoors. >Marble tabletops, dark emerald rugs with golden arrangements, Canterlot centered furniture. >Overall, the home itself was great for all three of you. >Your frown was gone, intrigued by the home's appeal. >"So, watcha' think?" he said, entering the home. >"It's... Beautiful." Sonata awed. >"Indeed, it's a lovely place." said Adagio afterwards. >You kept silent, only nodding your head. >"I'm glad ye' like it, I found this apartment for three, so you girls can live comfortably." >He walked towards a phonograph, cranking the lever to play a vinyl that was on it. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gn9haBXPXfk >"You can play songs on vinyl with this lil' ol' thing. Now, who's usually the leader? I need to talk a bit in private." >"I am." said Adagio stepping forward. >Always the leadership one. >"A'ight, come with me down to my office, I need to tell you more 'bout Belle." "Why not all three of us?" >"I thought you'd want to unpack and make yourselves comfortable." he shrugged. >He was right, you're exhausted and now you want to sleep. "Alright, tell us about it when you come back, Adagio." >You scooted past, tossing yourself on the couch. >Adagio and Sinclair left the room, closing the door behind you. >It's only you and Sonata now. [Sonata] >Gee, it's quiet. >During all this time you didn't do much, but you felt alright about it. >You picked up your luggage and proceed to drop it in the bedroom. >The room had three beds, each having the same layout. >The far right one had a view out the window, the middle one had a lamp above while the far left one was next to a fish tank. >You would choose to sleep near the fish tank for sure, all the little fish-ies swimming as you fall asleep. >CUTE! >Dropping the luggage on the bed, you opened it to unpack your clothes. >Your dresses first, your light blue lingerie and sockies. >Dropping the empty luggage aside, you began to undress. >You couldn't help but notice Aria acting strange lately, and Adagio get's more tougher everyday... >You just want all this to end. >"Hey, Sonata, can I come in to change." "Ah, sure!" >Aria walked inside with both luggage's, placing them in the middle of the room. >"I'll take the window I guess, nice." >She said unpacking her own clothes. "We can put our clothes in this closet here." >You pointed at a large closet. >Aria looked over and walked towards it, opening it. >"Yeah, we each get two rows I guess. Total of six. I'll get to top row." >Adagio might be middle... >And you're at the bottom. >You never cared about being the lowest or least important, makes you feel safe in a weird way. >You took off your clothes one by one,taking off your bra. >Your chest felt heavy after all this time, running and it being tight made your breathing hard. >And your breasts sore... >You gave them a light rub to release the sore feeling. >So much better... >"Bra too tight?" said Aria. >Did she notice? "Y-Yeah... A bit to tight..." >"You could give them to me, It might fit me." "Um, sure, I guess? >You glance over, noticing Aria changed into her pajamas. >She wore a dark purple pajamas, fitting to her hair color. >Your Pajamas were yellow. But had a soft texture. >You drew out the clothes, getting yourself dressed. >Aria came back with a set of clothes, packing them inside the closet. >"I'll be in the living room." "Ok." >With her out of the room, you plant yourself on the bed, watching the fish. >They are so cute, and brightly colored. >Wait... >In the reflection of the fish tank you saw a shape. >You roll out of the bed in panic. "ARIA, HELP!" >Seconds passed and Aria came inside the room. >"What, what happened?" >You peek out of the bed, not noticing the shape anymore. "I... I saw a shape behind me, like a man.. Tall with a hat on..." >She came next to you, picking you up. >"There's no one in here, Sonata... Maybe it's your imagination." >Imagination... You stared it straight in it's eyes, whoever it was. >Or what it was. >You got up shaking, and walked outside the room with her. >"Relax, sit with me here." >You nodded, sitting on the couch. >She sat beside you, her hand wrapped around you. "Aria. Are we going to kill Rarity?" >"Yep... We will." "I don't know if I'm ready... To fight that is." >"Neither am I, but Adagio cannot go alone in this, we are all together." "But why us? Why did she target us?" >"We don't know yet, but we'll find out soon." >You got on the couch, laying down on Aria, your face on her chest. >She grunted and leaned herself, hugging you. >You felt warm, and sleepy... >Too sleepy... "Aria..." >"Hmm?" "I'm glad we're all safe." >She patted on your back, nodding. >"Same, buttercup." >Chapter 5 : The Violet Toccata [Kashmir Suites, Emporium District] [- - -] >"I swear, she attacked us, we fought back but we couldn't stand a chance..." >You were on the edge. "And you were the only one alive...?" >"Y-yeah... I managed to escape..." "And they live, no injuries..." >He nodded nervously. >You look over the picture of the Hotel, examining the way they escaped. "I underestimated them... Yet I send a pack of fools to dispose of something they aren't capable off.." >"I... Uh... Nevermind." "What's that? Say it again." >You got up your chair, looking at him dead in the eye. >"I... I forgot..." "Oh, you forgot...?" >You opened the drawer, pulling out your Beretta, aiming for his head. >You were at about one meter away from him. >"No! Please Miss Belle... I- I promise I can do better..." "Last time I sent you to do something you brought me SHIT! And two..." >You pulled the trigger, killing him on the spot. >Blood was tossed back on the wall behind him and a bit on yourself. >The sensation of killing an imbecile soothed you. >That felt great. "...You all address me as Mistress... Not Miss... Now if there's any other who wants to join him, tell me now...." >The room was silent, the men hiding in the shadow of their hats. "Good! Now... Bring my newest recruits... It's time to move on to the Platinum Gala..." >They left the room in utter silence. "And dispose of this poor shit on your way." >The body was dragged out, the door closing. >Leaning back, you pulled out a cigar and lit it up, taking a deep inhale of the smoke. "You can come out, Fleur..." >The bright gal came out of the shadows. >"I did what you needed." she said. "I do not blame you, darling... I just need you for another task." >"What could it be?" "I want you to kill your husband at the Gala, make it look like an accident." >She gulped, nodding. >"O-Oui... It will be done..." "You can go, good luck." >Sighing at her leaving, you poured yourself some wine, glancing over a fedora on your desk. >"A" [Mercury Suites] [Adagio] >You and Sinclair are currently inside the main office. >"I wanted to show you something." >He pulled out some sort of a radio, device. >It had a slot for a vinyl, a smaller scaled one. "What does it do?" >"It's a recent invention, it's like a Phonograph, but a compact version, it allows you to record yourself and save it on a smaller vinyl." (Inb4 Bioshock, I know) "Interesting." >"I currently produce and offer recording services, since I'm handy with this type of technology and everything I release I create a copy for the archive." >Where does this go? >"Here, I have two records of Rarity... One of them includes my conversations with her and one is a shred of her life which I find intriguing." >He pulled out two vinyls, holding them up. >"Which one do you want to hear first?" >Sinclair sighed and switched the disks, revealing the second entry. >"This might be confusing." - - - - "Yesterday, Rarity came into my office with a bunch of thugs demanding her recording archive to be burnt and disposed. I explained to her why I cannot but she bitched about it, pulling her gun out at me. As I stood in point blank, I couldn't counter-attack and take out my Tommy, since one of them took it out in time. I kept calm and did what she asked, offering the code to the archives and the sector where her recordings were, about twelve of them... But that's not the only this that happened, she literally burnt down and told me it was "Personal Business. I managed to save a short recording of it under my desk in case the Police force catches up with her..." - - - - >Sinclair got up his chair, moving towards the said desk, taking out a third disk. >"I kept it well hidden in case she came back for anything else, this is the dialog I had between me and her, right when she came in." >He slid the disk inside, pressing the button. >"Some parts may be inaudible." "Alright, let's hear it." - - - - *BASH* "Whoa, Rarity, what's going on?" >"Save the question for later, darling. Open the archive doors, I want all my archived recordings destroyed. "Wait, what? Why?" >"It's personal, now do it, please." "Hold it right there, Miss Rarity. I would give you anything to help you but I won't offer you to destroy my own property without explanation!" *Click* >"I said. Open. The. Archive. Mister Ruby Sinclair, before anything else happens." "Ok... Ok, don't point your gun straight to my nose, alright!?" >"Hey, Bo-- I mean... Mistress, I found his gun." >"Disarm it." *Chuck* "Fine, allow me to open the door." >"No, tell them the code." "*Sigh*1-9-1-9" >... >... *Ding* >"Where are they?" "Shelf C, middle row." >"You heard him. Get inside and dispose of them." >... >... *BANG* "WHAT THE HELL? WHAT DID YOU DO!?" >"Destroying any of my recordings." "ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE!? YOU RUINED MORE THEN ONE RECORDING." >"I told you, "Personal". Now be a good friend of mine, Sinclair." "There is no friendship between us, Rarity. And will never be." >"Suit yourself, we're done here. Toddles." >... >... - - - - "She did that?" >"Apparently." "Sounds like her... But there is something odd about it in some way." >"Going from good to bad is quite likely, but you'll need to find her records that still are available throughout Canterlot." "What do you mean?" >"Aside fixing the old recordings, I did manage to implement a fail-safe disk inside the recording device, allowing me to recover the broken recording." "But what about her and disks through Canterlot?" >"If you're lucky, you can still find her disks wherever she worked or went through here. "Oh... Alright." >"One more thing before you go..." "Huh?" >He stood up, walking up towards a drawer. >"I have a small version of the player in case you want to hear Rarity's recordings." >He took out a device with four buttons on it. >"The red one plays the inserted record, the orange one ejects the disk, the other two buttons fast forward or rewind the record." >He leaned, offering you the device. "Thank you, Sinclair, it would be useful to find out more about her." >"Of course, another thing. As Fancy Pants told you, living in Canterlot has it's demands, meaning you three must participate to concerts you're invited, this job pays well and it might give you a chance to earn trust to many people." "By singing?" >"Influence, darlin'. Inside is a recording from Miss Melody, the leader of the Violet Toccata. She would be one of your best allies if you befriend with her and her group." "How so?" >"Rarity and Melody go a long way. Let's say The Violet Toccata are very harsh against criminals and other gangster groups." "Fight fire with fire." >"That. We keep touch for armament repairs and upgrades. So you got my support on getting you in." "You're apart of it?" >"Business wise." "Who else is in the Violet Toccata?" >"Mister Fancy Pants, he is the founder of the Group." >Fancy Pants leads a gangster group against others, how nice. >You got up, smiling at him. "Thank you for this information, anything else I should know?" >"Well, there's going to be a concert tomorrow night at the Pisces Club at 8 PM, you and the girls could give it a shot." >Like the first day at the job. "We'll be there, thank you again. >"Don't mention it." >He smirked and gave a wink of support, leaning back, lighting a cigar. >Leaving Sinclair's office, you took time to look at the said device. >It was a medium sized hand-held object. >Neither to heavy or light. >Taking a seat on a couch, you decide to play the recording to hear whatever was inserted. *Click* - - - - "My name is Octavia Melody and I'm here to offer you a message, Sinclair. I heard about your weaponry experience and I'd be delighted if you could help me and my group to fight against the crime and other destructive gangster groups that threat Canterlot. The Violet Toccata welcomes you in exchange for weaponry and technology you offer and we will offer you aid and support in any way possible. I am sorry that I could not have visited in person, my concert is about to start and I have little time to attend visits. I will do my best to visit personally to talk more." - - - - >Such a noble like voice. >Harsh and punctual. >If there is someone to help you against Rarity, is her. >How can you get her attention, to talk to her. >Concert... >She's also apart of a musical group. >That's it! >You and the girls can encounter her in concerts. >But you'll need to talk to the girls about this. >Getting back up, you proceed to the elevator, going back up towards your floor. >Stepping back inside the apartment, your eyes catch glimpse of something. "What the..." >There they were, Aria and Sonata, cuddle sleeping on the couch. >Your heart melted at the sweet sight. >Forget about waking them up, you have to sleep as well... >Changing into your pajamas, you slid inside the middle bed in the room, since the girls took their own beds already. [Upper Canterlot, 1:23 AM] [Miss Melody] >"That's all I know, I swear!" "Funny, I thought you were smarter than that." *TAKAKA* >You sighed looking at the killed Diamond Thug. >The grip on your gun softened. >"Seems another one bites the dust, eh?" >You look over to your friend. >The smug look on her face made you roll your eyes. "It seems so, Scratch." >"So what now, girl? We gon' go or...?" "Yes, we'll departure immediately. Rarity seems to be out of Canterlot after all." *SCREEEECH* >"The fuck?" >One of your men came rushing out of the car. >"Boss! Boss... I got some bad news." "What is it?" >"Rarity IS in Canterlot, I heard from Fancy Pants that they attacked the new group of girls he wants us to ally with you." "The Dazzlings? I insisted on NOT bringing anyone into this." >"He insisted on doing it, though... He told me that they're valuable in all this." "With what? Their voices?" >"Their skills, Adagio, the leader seems to have good weaponry skills." "I have plenty of you with guns to work this out." >"Remember what Sinclair said?" >You scoffed... Reminding yourself. "If there's something or someone to help me he would offer it... Wait, they got to Sinclair?" >"Fancy Pants did." "Ugh... That mayor... Fine, let's see if they are worth it, I will not go for some girls. Either they're good or bad." >He nodded, going back in the car. >"I think you should give them a chance, who knows what they can do." >Not you too. "We are a group of notorious gangster killers, not some fun party, remember that." >You dropped your cigar before heading back to your car, Scratch behind you, >"Suit yerself', hun." "Please don't call me "Hun"" >"Sorry, Hun." "Scratch..." >"Heh, you look cute when you're angry." "JUST DRIVE." >"Ok, ok..." [Aria] >This feels weird... >You feel light, weightless. "Where am I?" >You opened your eyes to find yourself in a dark place. >It was so silent that you could hear your breath and heartbeat. >"Hello, siren..." >Sound of footsteps approach you. >Taking guard, you look ahead to see a shape forming. >A man came out of the darkness, wearing a suit with a gray tie. >"No reason to be alarmed, child." "Did you just call me 'Siren'?" >He kept his ground, looking pale. His eyes never left yours. >"That is least of your worries, you three must be cautious of your future. Otherwise your life is at stake." "What... I don't get it." >"In time, you will." >You tried to make sense of what he said. >A split second passed, finding yourself in front of a wall, pictures of you and the girls on it, Rarity, Trixie.. >Would you kindly. >You felt pressure on your chest... >... >You flinched. >The feeling changed. >You feel hot, comfortable. >The chest pain felt better. >Opening your sleepy eyes, you found yourself back into the apartment. >You slept on the couch. >Your body started to wake up, your hands felt something warm and soft. >Smells like.. >Sonata. >Looking down, you held her in a hug, she slept on you. >One hand was on her.. >Ass!? >You quickly removed the hand, shaking your head. >No dirty thoughts, Aria, come on. >What time is it... >You lift yourself up, staring at the window. >Appears to be about noon, judging by the light. >The clouds made it hard to see where the sun is exactly. >"Mornin' , sleepy head." >You glance over to your right. >Adagio was sipping coffee at the table. "Mornin'... What time is it?" >"12:32, you two snoozed out real good." >You carefully slid Sonata off you on the couch as you rolled off it. >As you stood up, you stretched your body. *Crack* >At least 5 points in your body cracked. "Nnn... That's better..." >The sensation made you hop a bit. >"That's great. We got a show tonight." "It's today?" >She nodded. >Great, not even a week here and you're already on your way to your work. >You haven't singed for a long time. "So what song are we going to sing?" >"This." >She offered you three pages. >Looking them over, you noticed a name. >'Emerald, Absolutely Me... Emerald, I belong to you.' "Adagio... This is Emerald Shine's songs, where did you get them?" >"Apparently, she sent them to us, if we can sing her song as well as she does, we might get 'lucky'." "Don't tell me..." >"Mm-hmm, she's with Octavia's group." >I'll be damned. >The group you looked for came to you. >Looking over to the third page, it was a song made by Adagio. "Under our spell?" >Winking at you, she poked the paper. >"We're not sirens for nothing. Two of those songs will be our number one." "Ok, two songs that aren't ours and one that is. I like your plan." >"If we get two of her songs right, we'll get to meet Octavia." >Seems easy. >"You and Sonata should practice the backing vocals, I'll have to go and give Sinclair something." "Uhh... Alright, whatever... Sonata, wake up. We got work to do." >Adagio stood up to leave the apartment. >You poked Sonata with your foot, waking her up. >"Uh... What...?" "We got some songs to practice." >"Five more minutes..." Chapter 6 : Encore -Part 1- [Adagio] >As you step outside the apartment, you heard screaming behind you. >"Sonata, we got at least eight hours to practice otherwise we fuck up! Wake up!" >Sigh.. >Aria at her finest. >You got to get that Thompson to Sinclair to have a look at it. >You took the first elevator and straight at the lobby. >Stepping outside the apartment, you felt the cold winter air through your nostrils. >It snowed last night. a soft layer of snow setting onto the city. >You noticed the damaged, mob car... "I got to get rid of that thing one day..." >Opening the car, you lean in to pick up the gun. >But where is it? >Aria said where Sonata sit down. >Bending over, you looked under the seat to look at the weapon. >Time to get it out. *Clank* "What." >It's stuck. >Maybe... >Bending back down, you ejected the magazine, allowing an easy take out. >Something rubbed your ass. >What the fuck it isn't the door. >A hand. >WHAT. >You glanced behind you, noticing a group of two... no.. Three teens staring at your ass. "Uh, excuse me, can you stop touching my ass maybe?" >One of them gave you a cocky look. >"We came here to help you, ma'm." >MA'M!? >Oh no you don't. >You slid out of the car, holding the Thompson in your right hand while the magazine stood in the left one. "Ok, who's the first brat to 'help'?" >They stared at the weapon then back at you. >They shat their pants. >Totally. "W-we're sorry, leaving!" >That split moment of panic sent them zooming down the street. >That was rather rude. >Oh well, time to deliver.. >Carrying a gun in the open ain't easy. >At least you held the magazine out of the gun, causes less panic. >You cannot help but notice people eyeing you. >At least they aren't panicking. "Just... Going somewhere not important." >Quick, in the Suites. >Once inside, you're greeted by the hired guards. >"M'am, please put the weapon down." "I brought this for Sinclair, boys, no need to be harsh about it." >They didn't bought it. >Instead, he extended his arm. "Fine, hold the magazine at least." >You handed him the drum mag. >With a nod, he offered to escort you to his office. >Gun policy is hard here. >You and the guard walk down the decorated hallway towards a large door. >The guard was first to enter, followed by you. >Sinclair was working on something, goggles over his eyes. >"Hmm? Oh, Miss Adagio, glad to see you." "Good Evenin', I got this for you to see." >You placed the Tommy gun on his desk, the guard placing the mag next to it. >"Oh? A Thompson Sub-Machine gun? Nice." >He walked over, dismissing the guard with a hand wave. >You watched as he picked up the gun and gave it an inspection. >"This was a modified gun for sure." "I'm not familiar with weapons, Mister Sinclair..." >"Please, just call me Sinclair, mister gets me all fizzled up." "Right...What's special about this gun?" >"Well, for starters, the buttstock appears to be damaged, along with the handle and the drum mag it seems." "Must have been when I shot the one holding the gun." >"With what?" "One of those, slide action or..." >"Pump action?" "I think so." >"MP-133." "That... I guess." >"I see, I can make a better, powerful gun outta this." "Like?" >"Modify and fix the handle and butt-stock, give the mag a cleaner look as well as upgrading it's bullets. This mean it needs a new barrel, chamber and different capacity." "Uh..." >"Make it better and stronger. It might end it having a strong recoil and look different but it will pack a punch." >This man's wicked. >You took a seat in one of the couches around the office. "Just do what you do best, Sinclair." >He smiled at you before taking the gun away. >"It might take a while, but it will be a heck of a gun. Have you practiced for tonight?" "I did, the girls are doing as well as we speak, I hope they are alright with it." >"How did they react about the songs?" "Aria was concerned about why Miss Emerald offered us the songs but she's ok with it. >"Glad, hey listen... About Octavia, she's a mean one, don't expect her to respect you at first sight, a'ight?" "Of course, we never expected anything else." >"Great." "I'll take a stroll around... All this commotion..." >"Sure, go ahead, this might take a while. You three should relax 'til tonight." >With that, you stood up and made your way outside. >Inside the lobby, you overheard a voice. >"I'm looking for a girl, big orange hair, dominant look?" >Fuck... >Sinclair's office won't offer you anything. >Your gun. >Sliding a hand in your purse, you still had the gun. >But you need a holster for it. >You ventured back inside the office. "Um, Sinclair?" >"What's up?" "Do you happen to have a weapon chest holster?" >"Uhh... In that box over there." >On your right stood a rather long box. >By first inspection, you thought it was a weapon box. >You opened it, only to reveal multiple rifles, handguns and ammo boxes. >"You can borrow anything if you need, just don't go open carry." "Open carry?" >"Your gun visible and all." >You nodded and noticed the leather chest holster. >This will be VERY useful. >The holster had a soft leathery feeling, straps strong enough to resist. >Taking your jacket off, you equipped the holster, securing it on your torso. >Good fit, not too tight or too loose. "Thanks, Sinclair." >"Don't mention it." he shouted out the backroom. >Taking out the Colt, you slid it inside the holster and clipped it. >No time to loose. You took your jacket on and left the office unnoticed. >As you made your way outside, you notice through the reflection of the marble the figure following you. >Whoever this is, it's going to be in deep. >You decided to play it smooth, unaware of her following. >You stepped outside, feeling the soothing cold air of winter. >Taking left, you walked towards the park. >It was silent, only the crunching snow under your feet. >But other footsteps bothered you. >"Adagio Dazzle? Wait." >No. >You turned around your heels, pulling out the colt from it's holster. >Aiming down at the approaching stranger, you positioned yourself correctly for firing. "Don't you move." >The stranger itself frozen in place, raising it's hands. >"No, please, don't take this wrong." >It was a girl, medium long crimson hair with golden highlights. >Bright teal eyes. "Who are you?" >"My name is Sunset Shimmer, I'm here to warn you about Canterlot?" >The name made you fade out a split second. >Weird... "Warm me about what?" >"Rarity and her actions." >Huh.. >Not sure if she's a spy. >But neither you will leave your guard down. >You lowered the gun, but still hold it in your hand. "Talk..." >The weird part is that she was looking for you. >In Canterlot. >Unaware that Belle is here as well. >You're not taking any chances and keep your guard up. >"I know I'll sound weird, but be both need each other's help." "How so? You're the one that followed me and know my name." >"I know, It's strange but I don't think it's the right time to debate how and when." >Go on... >"I knew Rarity way back, when we were still in High School. Right before she started all this." "And why do you need my help? How do I know you're not allied with her like the rest?" >"Because I'm not holding part in her chaotic manner." "Is that so?" >"Yes... Even Pinkie Pie told me of Detective Anonymous back in Manehattan." "Don't speak of him, I had enough drama for one day." >"It's not like that, there's things you need to find out yourself. About Anon... And the girls..." "Like what?" >She went in to take something out of her jacket. >You kept your weapon out in case it was a gun. >"It'll at least give you a hint of what is happening... I know you're with Mister Sinclair's team, so this will be useful." >It was a disk. "What's that?" >"A recording of me explaining most of the stuff that happened here in Canterlot and Manehattan." "You were in Manehattan?" >"Yep... Take it." >She walked up to you, extending the recording. >Taking it into your hands, you shoved it inside your purse. >"I know this will sound sudden but... I want to join you. I also want Rarity's operations to end..." >Hold up. >First she comes up to you, a stranger. >Now she wants to be apart? >Sketchy... "Now hold there just a second, Sunset. You know way to much... I demand an explanation." >She sighed, quite stirred. >"You are familiar with Flash Sentry, yes?" >Sentry... "Yes, he tried to kill me and my... sisters." >"Huh... So it is true... He did become one of Rarity's toys. Bastard..." >She stomped the ground. "What was he to you?" >"...My love... Well, he was.. Now he is a mindless prick following a blood crazed girl." >Touching, but it's not enough. >"I saw in the newspaper that his car got involved in a chase and ended up crashing." >Oops. "I think that was us." >"Really? Well, I bet you haven't heard..." "Heard what?" >"His body was never found inside the crash." >Oh fuck. >He survived. "Shit..." >"Shit indeed, now you know why." "I'm still unaware of your relations with Rarity's goons and I'm not sure if you're still apart of her group." >"Maybe this will offer you an insight." >She fiddled with her clothes, lifting up her blouse to reveal a large scar on her right hip. >"She attempted on my own life, for being the 'weakest' of them all, when I did explained that I will never kill." >Ouch. >This girl had issues. "Now you're craving it." >"To take her down? Hell, I'll call it pleasure." >And she's serious about it. >But should you accept her request? >Or walk away? >Think this over Adagio. >You'll get a fourth member to help out, even if she's still a stranger. >The poor girl has the guts to do it. >But she's still untrustworthy for now. "Where do you live?" >"Just down the block, over yonder." >She pointed at her right, at a group of apartments. >Close to you, alright. >Do it. "What talent do you have?" >"I know how to talk out in every situations, and I'm able to manipulate decisions." >Oh good, a silver tongue. >That'll be useful. "Alright, Sunset, you're in. But we will have to meet again to discuss about you." >"Great, I'm looking forward to it!" >She just lit up in happiness. "It's possible tomorrow in the evening, is it alright?" >"Of course." "Great, meet me here tomorrow at... let's say, Six PM." >"Ok, talk to you then." >She left, in a hurry, clearly not wanting to attract attention. >Great Adagio, a new member... >Time to head back home. [Aria] >You drank a glass of water to soothe the thirst from all that singing. >You still heard Sonata singing. >"...You didn't know that you feeeel~" >This offkey notes, though the song feels familiar. >Speaking of feels... >Time to get the pills. >Well, elixir or whatever. >You just rhymed for... >And you fucked up the rhyme. >Walking to the bedroom, you picked up the bottle from your bag. >You look at the clock. >12:33 AM >Sip time. >You pressed your lips at the head after you unscrew it. >Come to mam- >"What's up, Aria?" >Hrgh! >Ohshitohshit. >You took WAY to much, Aria! >Abort and divise plan "Umm... *Cough* n-nothing..." >You hid the bottle and turned around. >Adagio was in your face. >Fuck me. >"You sure?" "Pfft, yeah... Like w... Uh.." >Get pissed, what are you doing... >Oh fuck, the med is kicking in early. "I... Huh... Umm.." >She pushed you aside. >"What's this?" >Oh no... >You're panicking. >Is this panicking or is it the side effect? >"Medicine? Aria, are you taking drugs?" "Whoa, is not like... Drugs o-" >"Nono, I meant medicine drugs, not...The question is, are you!?" >You wanted to rage. >But you couldn't. >Neither grumpy. >You drank at least three days of medicine... >You needed a sip, not a mothfull... "Y-yes... It's..." >"When we're you going to tell me?" "At the right time..." >You never spoken this calm. >It's new. >"And for what is it?" She shouted out. "My anger..." >"Your... What?" >You sat down and laid on the bed defeated. "My anger, this emotion I always have..." >"What do you mean?" "I have it since I was small, diagnosed with anger issues, I bullied kids when I was in high school... Before we met." >You felt your eyes tearing up. >What is going on with me!?! >Am I stepping out of Anger or is it by the meds? "I never got to laugh, cry, love, be sad or true bliss... Ever..." >Adagio just listened. >Sonata peeked in the room. "I found this doctor that had what I needed, she gave me that drink... It calms my nerves and soothes my mind. And that is why I'm mostly g-grumpy..." >You sniffled >Your eyes began to water. >"Holy shit... You're crying..." "A-am I?" >She sat down next to you, pulling into a hug. >"It's the first time I see other emotions from you. Let it out..." >You just cut the slack and bawed in Adagios shoulder. >As you shed tears, your mind was filled with the sorrow you're got... >Memories... >From all things Adagio does, this one is just horrible. >Implying stuff you would do when you are pissed off. >Just no. >You walked up to the sink, looking at the mirror. >The running mascara gave you a grim look. >A look that made you chuckle. >Not that you look ridiculous though. "Some girl you are, Aria..." >You turned on the sink and leaned in to rinse your face. >The cold water hitting your warm face soothed you. "Mmm~" >With your face clean, you grabbed the closest towel and wiped your face. >Oh, it's Adagio's. >Meh. >You take a look at yourself again, without any makeup on. >You didn't had any flaws nor looked ugly, you just hated being called a "Tom-Boy" *Knockknock* "What?" >"We will have to take turns in the bath so let's make it until tonight. "Right... Ok." >You wanted to say "Whatever" so bad. >Adagio has to be first of all three, her hair is the most difficult to wash, last being Sonata. >Glad she doesn't mind being last. >Dropping the towel near the sink, you walked out of the bathroom, Adagio waiting near. >She packed for war, A shampoo, liquid body soap, 4 towels. "Gee Adagio, you're here to treat or wash?" >"Shut up." >She blew a raspberry at you before locking herself in the bath. "Maybe you'll make it out in less than 3 hours!" >"Don't caaaaareeee~" >Her voice got muffled by the shower turning on. >Great, time to spend time with Sonata. >Chapter 6 : Encore Part 2 >You walk back into the living room, Sonata on the couch humming a song. >Not long before she noticed you. >"Hey Aria, Adagio went in?" "Yep." >You could hear her humming but you kept going towards the kitchen to grab something to eat. >Opening up the fridge, you took out the essential needs. >Cheese, Salami and some salad. >Good choice there Aria, a sandwich. >You were bad at making sandwiches compared to Adagio's, which somehow look more extravagant than yours. >But who cares, you eat it, not wear it as a trophy. >You place the two sandwiches on a plate. >Sonata looked at you as you carried the plate to the couch. "Here." >You leaned the plate for her. >"Ooh! Thanks!" >The first sandwich was swooped away. >Damn girl, you're hungry or what? >Shaking your head, you sat down and began to eat. >"Hey Aria. I have a question." "Hmm?" >"Which of us has a bigger ass?" >Your initial reaction almost made you spit out your food. >But you saved it with a gulp. >The hell did just Sonata ask?" "Uhh.. What?" >"Who has a bigger rear? You know." >She motioned curves with her hands. >Oh so we're going there? "Well, how should I know?" >"Well, think of it, we all have different things about ourselves." "Oh, I know what you mean." >"Adagio has those hips but she has a small breast size." >You're uncertain if Sonata just went full curious or full dumb. >But fuck it, play along since it will take long. "I think I have the ass. Since I work on my legs." >"Yeah! That's it, can I feel it?" >What. >Not sure if it's creepy or wrong. >Maybe a mix of both. "Uhh. Sure, I guess." >You gulp as you stand up. >"Oh, you have a round butt." >She planted her hand on one of your cheeks. >Oh god. >It's tingling. >It's just a touch, Aria, not something more different. >Ayke! >She squeezed!!? >"Soft and squishy!" >You swat her hand away and sat down quickly. "I think that's enough..." >"Oh, oki! So, you have the butt, Dagio has the hips and I have the chest!" >Yeah... >Show off with your badokadonks. >You enjoy your own cup size. >B? I think. >You know Adagio is A. >Sonata's a C, almost to D. >Lucky... "Whatever, wake me up when is my turn..." >You got up, walking towards the bedroom, slamming yourself on the bed. >Time to snooze... >Feeling the soft plush of your pillow, you silently snooze off... >Clear of any other thoughts, you proceed to think about your last dream. >Everything was so strange about it. >Must have been something you ate. [1 Hour later...] "Mmm~ Yes, just like that." >You were in your lovers arms, his hands running through your clothes. >So warm, and rough~ "Go down low~" >"Of course." >UUGH, His voice~ >You shivered as you felt his hand touching your ass, gently rubbing it. "Don't be shy~ Give it a squeeze, and come here~" >You felt his hand squeezing your rear cheeks as he came closer. >And closer.. >A little bit more... >"OOH, So squishy!" >WHAT THE FUCK >WHAT >SONATA? >You noticed your lover being her. "BWAAAAH" >You suddenly woke up, on your stomach. >Looking down you noticed Sonata tapping and squeezing on your own ass. "Uh... Sonata, what are you doing?" >She darted her stare right at you, gulping. >"Aria! Umm, hi!" "Why are you touching my ass again?" >"I wanted to feel more, it's so fun!" >UGH. >WHY. "You know that's sleep molestation, right?" >"Uh what now?" "Touching me without consent?" >"Wasn't that rape?" >Rape. >Seriously. "Molestation and raping fall under the same category." >She looked confused. >"Wow, all this sounds stupid." >You tell me. "Just, you know, not." >You didn't notice you were blushing like hell. >Standing back up to stretch yourself, you heard Sonata again. >"How big are your breasts again?" >... "I don't know about you, Sonata but this subject is not 'girl-talk' worthy don't you think?" >"You girls talk about Breasts and booty? Mind if I join?" >Adagio. >FUCKING ADAGIO. "Not you too..." >"Well, you started it, I might as well join it." >I give up. >Screw this. >Just go with it. "Fine." >"I have a subject we could talk about if it's on this level of intimacy." >"What is, Dagi'?" >Oh boy, better hold on tight. >"Which one of us could be tighter?" >WELL SHIT. >"Ohh, you mean 'in there?'" >"Yep." >She glanced at both of you as she wrapped her towel around her head. "I think Sonata might be." >She looked at you. >"How would you know?" "You never had a lover to deal with you." >"Neither did you, Aria." >SAID ADAGIO. "You had a session so you are the least tightest." >"Oh really? Remember who has the hips and tricks?" >Oh sure, show off. >Two can play that game. "At least I have something to give a little 'unce' during it." >"And Sonata has the chest for gripping." "My ass can do that too." >"Of course it does..." >Oh it's on bitch. "You're really going there, are you?" >"Yes I am." >You were in a stare off with Adagio, judging who has the best asset. >Along the fact that you were blushing like mad since intimate questions fuzzed you, it was a challenge. "Are you very certain that you're not as loose as a cave?" >"Please, Aria, don't bluff, we know you are too shy to even look at it~" >Oh. "Tell me a day you didn't resist talking about how 'good' it felt." >"At least I did it." >She stood so calm, while on the other hand you were boiling. >"Listen honey, you need to loosen off the heat and get on a more sociable side. And literally." "Excuse me?" >"Oh please, you finger yourself like mad when we were in Manehattan, and don't give me the bullshit that 'you had needs', we all have needs, and you know it." "Beside sucking dicks?" >"Ok, we're crossing the wrong path here and I don't like to step into the wrong part of this." >You and Adagio were into each other's face. >"Uh... Girls..." >Sonata sounded worried behind you but you ignored it. >Little you knew that both Adagio and your negative energy began to spew out slowly. "I think we're going nowhere." >"Oh yes we do." >"GIRLS!" >Sonata shouted out, standing up. "WHAT?" >"You're draining yourselves!" >Blinking out, you look down to notice both your energies exchanging between you. >"Well, we're already agreeing on something~" "Shut up Adagio." >"Tie?" >You look up at her, her genuine warm smile followed by a hug invite. "Ugh... Fine, tie." >You walk in to hug her, her arms wrapped around you back. >It's soft. *Slap* "ACK!" >"Nice butt though, your turn to take a bath." >You push away from her, rubbing your ass making your way to the bathroom. >Fuck that stings... >You secured yourself a few towels for your turn. >It was already steaming hot inside the bath, making it almost hard to breathe. >ALONG SIDE ADAGIO'S ORANGE SCENTED BODY WASH. >UGH. >You made your way to the bathtub, turning up the water and let it fill. >While at it, you began to undress yourself and open the small window for the steam to get out. >Dammit, Dagio. >Once undressed to your underwear, you took out your small box of shampoo, body wash and other stuff. >Grape flavored shampoo, your favorite. >You're still confused why you three use fruit flavored body washes and shampoos. >Just go with it, Aria. >You check the water level, already at half. >Preparing yourself for a warm skinny dipping in the tub, you slid your panties down and placed them near your clothes, along with your bra. >Closing the window to avoid cold, you walked up to the tub. >It was a rather big tub, with a marble like look. >Fir for a queen. >You slid your leg in to test the warmth. >Hot. >Like yourself. >Hunhun~ >Getting both your legs fully inside, you began to slide down. >You bit your lip as warm water hit your privates. >Tingly. >Half body inside the water, you already began to feel relaxed. >Sliding the rest of your body in, you allowed it to get comfortable with the temperature... >This is life... - - [An hour later.] [Adagio] >You're munching some cereals you found in a drawer. >Damn these taste good. >You didn't knew cinnamon tastes THIS good. >"So, what did you do with the gun?" Aria asked, muffled under her towel. "Hmm? Oh I took it to Sinclair. How did you knew?" >"I saw you going out and then in the park." "I wanted to take it to Sinclair to see what he can do to it." >"Sweet, I guess." >This reminds you of the disk!" "Mmh, where's that player?" >She pointed at your luggage. >"I placed it in there. Why?" >Dammit Aria. "We have a girl that wants to join us and she offered me a disk that is related to Rarity and her goons." >"Really?" >You walked up to the said luggage, pulling out the player. >You nodded as you took the disk out of your jacket. "Yes, and I think I'll help." >"How do you know it's not a trap." "Trap or not, it's still something." >"I don't trust this at all." >She's sketchy related to this, but she's right. "We'll meet her tomorrow, that's what she said." >Placing your bowl back in the sink, you slid the disk inside the device and sat next to Aria. "Let's see..." >Pressing play, you placed it on the table. - - - - "Sunset Shimmer... Log 22... I think. Today I was called on the phone by Rarity, asking for my help. At first I was confused at first knowing that the very own girl was on the edge of making me her first kill. I declined at first and asked why, She told me there were some "unforeseen events" that needed to be taken care off. Trying to not get angered, I tried to listen to what she's done, she knew that I will not report it to the police since Flash Sentry worked there and if he would find out, I would be next. She did mention three girls that were standing in her way and it might visit Canterlot, I told her why is she telling me this and she replied with a simple... "They are not what they seem."... Just like that, I tried to persuade her into telling me more but she refused. If these girls are her trouble, then it might be a slight possibility that they are after her, and it's a chance I'm willing to take to get Rarity and her business out forever... I had enough of being pushed around and used as a toy. [Tape end] - - - - "Well... This is something." >"You think? So what are we going to do?" >You pondered... "We'll continue our day, then see what we do with her tomorrow... >You wondered what kind of secrets does Rarity hide. >It's more than just the kills. >"Dagio, when do we leave? It's almost six." "Uh, yeah we'll get dressed after Sonata is done." >"Well she'd better hurry up." >You roll your eyes and stood up. >Walking up to the bathroom door, you knocked. "Sonata, hurry up, we're leaving soon!" >"JUST A BIT" she yelled out. >The door opened, huge amount of steam escaping along with heat. "Uhh... Sonata come on... This is a bath not a hot spring or sauna." >"Oh, I dried out my hair like that!" "What." >"What." said Aria at the same time. >She just shrugged and got out of the bathroom, her hair straight and dry. >Well I'll be damned. >You snapped out of it and clapped your hands. "ALRIGHT! Listen up, ladies." >Both of them lined up, looking at you. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QagmTeXLvs [Embed] ) "It's showtime tonight, and we have a lot to do. Dress up!" >All three of you settled their route and began to dress up. >First part was make up. >You chose your crimson eye-shadow and lipstick, simple as it is. >Aria chose her dark purple eye-shadow and gloss instead of lipstick. >Sonata applied her dark blueberry eye-shadow and lipstick. >Wrapping up with some minor make-up, the three of you took your favorite perfumes and began the smell-fest. >Lazydetailing.exe >Step two, clothing. >Being the main singer, you drew out your dazzling crimson dress that leaves your right leg visible. >You add a dark pantyhose to fit the color scheme. >To fit with the clubs atmosphere, you took your evening gloves. >Aria and Sonata dressed up their dark purple dresses, both copying your style, one leg revealed. >Aria chose her bracelets while Sonata took her rings. >Around an hour passed and you we're the first at the door. >You checked everything and get ready. >Your gun is loaded and inside your bag. >Gonna need a smaller gun in a holster under your dress... *Rrrrring* >Great, phone's ringin' >You picked it up and waited a second. "Hello?" >"Adagio! Are you girls ready for tonight?" >Fancypants. >Always cheerful. "Indeed we are, just making our final adjustment before we hit the road." >"Marvelous, I shall await you at the main entrance, we will talk more there!" "Of course, we're eager." >"See you there, taa-taa." >You closed, breathing in. "COME ON, LADIES." >You heard yelps and crashing around. >"Stop that!" Aria shouted, coming out first, followed by Sonata behind. "I thought you two died in there, come on, we're gonna be late." >The girls grabbed their handbags and left the apartment. >You we're last to lock the door. >Show time... >The three of you waited for the elevator to arrive to your floor. >It seems to be awfully occupied. >"So Adagio, what are we going to sing?" asked Sonata. "I was thinking of "Under our spell", you know, as a song to introduce ourselves." >"Also drawing some energy?" >Your genuine evil grin forms on your face. "I don't see why not? Right girls?" >They take the same approach, grinning evilly. >Why not profit from this show, it's a free meal. >You won't leave Canterlot without a meal. >Sirens will be sirens. >Although you need to hide that fact. *Ding* >The elevator finally arrives, it's doors sliding open. >Inside stood a teenager, presumably around his 20's. >Oh this will be fun. >The three of you step inside, sort of surrounding him. "We're going down to the lobby, you're going too?" >He just nodded, nervously. >You just chuckled and pressed the button down to the lobby. - Chapter 7 - [Let's call this guy Daniel] >Oh man, oh man... >Your eyes darted around these three girls that just got in the elevator. >Their hair... >Their perfume. >Ask one of them, come on. >You wobble your hand in attempt to tap the blue haired one on your right. >But your spaghetti flew out faster and made you fail your attempt. >"Hey, what's your name?" >OH FUCK >You look to your right and noticed the twin tailed purple one's eyes straight into yours. >Oh, those eyes~ >Something lingers. >Down low. >It's. >Oh no. >Please don't notice it. >As you blink, you noticed her eyes sliding down. >At that precise moment, you died on the inside. >You failed to show control. >You succumb to your painful demise... >Why... [Adagio] >"It's... It's... Feather-..." >He stuttered. >"Feather and what?" >You could hear his intensive breathing behind you. >He better not throw snot in your hair. >Otherwise this elevator goes way down with him. >"Featherweight..." >Aria chuckled. >"Cute." *Ding* >The elevator came to a stop and it's doors opened. >Everybody inside the lobby looked at the elevator as the three of your walked out. >Men gazed in awe as woman bit their lips in jealousy. >$200 Dresses. Top that. >You glance behind to see Featherweight slide down and fall on his rear inside the elevator. >His face was redder than his shirt. >You made your way outside and look for your car. "Now where did I park that thing?" >Sonata patted on your shoulder. >"Uh... Dagi?" "What Sonata?" >"Isn't that our car?" >You look where she pointed at. >Oh fuck. >The car was toed, and already left the parking lot. "Uh... That "was" our car..." >"Oh good job, Adagio." >You turn at Aria. "Hey, it's not my problem that car was wrecked." >Good thing you took the gun out before it was too late. "Guess we have to walk..." >"What? In these heels? Are you crazy?" "It's just a few streets away, quit your bitching." >She just huffed and shrugged. >"Fine whatever..." >You waved your hand forward to take point, beginning your walk to the club. "We'll get a chance to take a look around, enjoy it." - A few minutes later - >You and the girls decided to take the route to the club by foot, since your ride was towed. >Aria and Sonata talked about their dresses while you focused on not getting lost on your first night. "Alright, we should take a left at the next intersection." >They went silent. >"Are you sure, Adagio?" Aria said, quite irritated. "Yes. I'm very sure, stop being so angered, we need to sing not rant about our lives here." >"Stop being full of yourself." she replied. "Full of myself? We wouldn't be here if I wasn't." >"So you confess you're full of yourself." >Really now... >Sonata pushed both of you aside, smiling brightly. >"Come on girls! Let's not fight now, we are going to have so much FUUU-" *BANG!* >Sonata got bumped down on the ground by a door from a bar. >You and Aria managed to catch her before she made contact with the concrete. >"What the hell?" a raspy voice emerged from behind the opened door. "Watch the doors, dweebos." >Before gazing up, you noticed Aria already aiming for her eyes. "Uh..." >"Well look who it is." Aria said, taking a harsh tone herself. >Looking at the door that shut, revealed a girl with a leather aviator jacket. >"Gah-haha! If it isn't the bitch witch." >Bitch Witch? "Aria, mind telling me what's going on?" >You picked Sonata up, shaking off any snow on her coat. >"Girls, meet Gilda, we've met before in Manehattan." >The said girl was accompanied by two other thugs, wearing the same jacket. >What caught your eyes were her eye marks. "I see..." >"So you must be "Dazzlings" we all heard off? I didn't hear a more name for that, what do you do? Fart sparkles?" >"We're a singing group, feather head." Aria replied, pointing at her hair that had a simmilar shape of feathers. >"Heh, whatever... Wait." >Gilda patted the back of her palm at one of his friends. >"Aren't they those three girls of Manehattan?" >Well, ain't that surprising... >There onto you now. >Relaxing your hand behind Sonata, you reached down to your purse, firmly gripping the handle of your gun. "What are you trying to imply..." >She walked up closer, eyeing the three of you. >"I've heard from a certain friend that you three we're involved in some serial killing case in Manehattan." >Easy Adagio... >"And who might that friend be?" Aria interrupted her. >"Rainbow Dash, she came to my place after she got bailed from some execution." >The three of you froze. >You knew that Anon helped her escape. "She's still alive?" >"Yeah, only two from her best friends lived." "One of them is Rarity Belle." >She nodded, taking a quick look around. >You let your gun loose, pulling out a napkin instead. >"I'm onto that bitch as well, but mostly for her boyfriend." "Who might that be?" you asked wiping the dust off Sonata's cheeks. >"Flash Sentry, that motherfucker sent me to jail because I refused to suck him off." >Rude. >"He's in town?" Aria spoke up. >"I wouldn't be here if he wasn't." she said pulling out a cigar, lighting it up. >You get an idea. "Aria, group up." >She walked back up to you, forming a group huddle. >"What." "We can use some help from her." >"From this bitch? No thanks, Adagio." "Think of it, Flash runs the police force here and he is apart of Rarity's group. If we get Gilda to meet him, we can use it to disassemble Belle's group one by one. Giving us an opportunity to take her down." >Aria stood idle to think, her grin showing. >"I get it." "Follow my lead." >You broke the group, Walking up to her. >"Hmm?" "We have a proposition for you. A sort of a trade." >"Depends on the deal." "Getting you to Flash." >She tossed her cigar away, blowing the smoke into your face. >"Talk." "We have a plan to kill Rarity Belle but we need help getting to her. Flash Sentry leads the police force here and also has access to Rarity's private affairs." >"Of course he does, I'm in, what's your request?" >Perfect... "We will work out a plan to make Sentry come out of hiding and into our trap. We only want to know about Rarity, everything he knows. The rest is up to you." >She held a hand against her chin, thinking. >"Not asking for money? You'll get me the idiot? Fine, you got a deal." >Extending a hand, you grip hers firmly and give a light shake. >"Call me by this number when you get him." >Turning at one of his thugs, she wrote down a number on a small piece of paper, handing it to you. "You got my word." >Pulling her hood up, she waved her hand. >"See you later, Dweebs." >That worked out better than expected. >"Good job there, Dagio', you're one heck of a smooth talker." "It's my job, come on, we're going to be late." >You set foot once more, heading into the direction of the club. - 6 Minutes later - >Reaching the club, you looked around and noticed Sinclair and Fancy Pants talking. "Over there, let's go." >"So, what are we going to sing again?" "Under our Spell I guess, makes our first time authentic." >The two nodded, grinning as their pendants shined. >There's a lot of influence around, can't wait to taste it. >Sinclair was first to break the conversation. >"Girls! You're here." >"A delightful sight, I can tell." "Indeed, we got a bit... preoccupied with something on the way here. >"Alas, there's time to spare, Miss Emerald is first to get on stage, follow me." >You and Sonata wrapped your hands against his, while Aria held yours. >"I'll be inside, Mister Fancy Pants." Sinclair said before walking inside. >You heard music booming from inside the club, blues. >It'll be a shame if three sirens took over, right? >Escorted by Fancy Pants, the three of you reached the backstage door. >The said door was guarded by two hunks. >Look at their complex~ >You decide to give one of them a wink. >"Sir." one of them spoke up. >"We're here for tonight's show, "The Dazzlings"" >The bouncer pulled out a clipboard, running his finger along the list. >"Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk." >The trio nodded at once. >That synchronization. >"Room number 5, Sir." he stepped aside, opening the door. >You let go of Fancy Pants and made your way inside with the girls. >The hallways was dimmed by low light, the walls dressed in crimson wallpaper. "Just like home." >"Yep!" Sonata bounced. >Making your way down the hallway, you catch a glimpse inside room number 3. >In the mirror you noticed two men smoking, not long before one of them shut the door. >They must have seen you. >Oh well. >"Number 5, here it is, girls! You should be notified when you're up! We'll talk after the show." "Of course, Fancy." >Opening the door, you we're welcomed by a lovely scent of roses, along with bright mirror lights. "Make yourselves comfortable, Girls, we have enough time." >"We should be up in 10 or 15 minutes." Sonata pointed out at the clock and at the list that hanged at the door. "Great, I can train my voice by then. Care to join?" >The three of you sat down on the long couch, taking a deep breath to relax. "Oooohoooh~" >"You didn't know that you feeel~" >Perfect, smooth and melody. >We'll want a good lunch out of this. >You and the girls forgot how much time passed away as you warmed up your voices and your gems. >Standing by the mirror, you applied some make-up to cover up any spots you might have missed. *KnockKnock* >"Dazzlings, you're up in 5 Minutes." "That's our queue, girls, let's feast." >You got out of the room first, the girls following you close. >Miss Emerald came down the stage, smiling at her audience before walking towards her room, exchanging stare between each other >She had bright green eyes, hence her name. >You could hear Sonata in the back breathing heavily, being her biggest fan. >But something caught you eye, inside the room it closed in front of you stood a girl, it's stare straight into yours. >Octavia? >"Alright girls, as you're called out, you'll have a 30 seconds window to get ready." >Great interruption. "Alright." >You lined up at the base of the stage, the curtains dropped. >"Oh, I'm so excited!" Sonata cheered silently. "Why are there two microphones?" "Because you and Aria are the back-vocals and I told them to add that, to avoid separating two voices." >"Adagio, did you forgot that Sonata forgot about it?" "I know Aria, cut her some slack, we're going to have some fun tonight." >"Wow.. Woo-hoo." The enthusiasm in Aria's voice was so deep, you could communicate with whales. >"And now! Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight we're going to have a premiere of a new musical group! Three attractive girls shall sing for the first time, so let's give them a warm welcome~!" >The stage dimmed down. >You received the signal, walking up the stage with Sonata and Aria. >Taking your rightful position, Aria and Sonata grip the mic and take a pose. >You also turned your back against the mic, using your hair to conceal yourself. >Following this technique were the girls. "Like that girls, let's give them a surprise." >Your eyes glowed along with your gem. >"And now, without further ado, The Dazzlings!" >The curtains roll up, the first spotlight shined upon you. >You look over your shoulder, welcomed by applause. >The club itself was packed, lots of well dressed men and woman, probably rich folk. >Sinclair and Fancy Pants stood in one of the balconies. >You turned on your heels, gripping the microphone. >The band began to play, giving you a soft yet powerful rhythm, perfect for you. >The girls are first to start. >"Oh-whoa-oh, oh-whoa-oh" "You didn't know that you fell" >"Oh-whoa-oh, oh-whoa-oh" >You stare along the crowd, grinning. "Now that you're under our spell~" >Both spotlights focused on you now, leaving Aria and Sonata hidden in the background. "Blindsided by the beat Clapping your hands, stomping your feet You didn't know that you fell.." >"Oh-whoa-oh-oh-oh" >Raising your hand up, you touch your gem before moving it slowly across, catching attention of everyone. "Now you've fallen under our spell" >"Oh-whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh" >You backed up, joining the group of two as you began to sing the lyrics, dancing slowly. "We've got the music, makes you move it Got the song that makes you lose it We say "jump", you say "how high?" Put your hands up to the sky~" >At this monent, you began to draw energy. >The feeling was exhilarating, the combination of sexual pleasure combined with power. >Oh boy it feels so great~ >Next part, come on! "We've got the music, makes you move it Got the song that makes you lose it We say "jump", you say "how high?" Put your hands up to the sky Oh-whoa-oh, oh-whoa-oh You didn't know that you fell-- *BANG* *CRASH* >Your spell cast was interrupted, the crowd gasping "What's going on...?" >Chapter 8 : Taking control >The door inside the hall burst down as Diamond Thugs rushed in. >The room was filling with them >"Adagio..." Aria whispered. >"Alright folks, party's over." one of them said, staring at you. "Get em'!" >It's time to get the fuck out. >Gripping the girls hands, you pulled them off the stage, gunfire following. >Sonata shouted out in panic as you rushed down the hall, more men behind you. >A door opened in front of you, an armed guy looking at you. >"Over here, come on!" >He was the same guy from where Miss Emerald stood. >Making you way in, you notice it was another exit. >"Head on back, I'll hold them off!" "Alright." >Letting go of the girls, they followed you close as you exited the club, two other waiting for you. >"Get in the car! Quick!" >You noticed three cars waiting for you. >You didn't know if you should trust them but fuck it, they seem to help rather than shoot you down on the spot. "You two get in the first car, I'll take the one in the front." >"What about you?" "Don't worry, we'll talk as we get out of here." >"THERE THEY ARE, DON'T LET THEM ESCAPE." another group shouted as the back alley turned into a fight. >As bullets flew around, you took cover and jumped in the back seat of the first car. >Both cars moved out in high speed. "Alright, can anyone tell me what's going on?" >"Seems the Diamond Thugs got to you." >You looked up to notice the passenger in the front seat. >Miss Melody herself. "Well, there's one way to meet." >"Quite, sorry for this... event, but we need to get rid of those scumbags, take cover or join if you'd like." "I'll hang around a while..." >She nodded, bashing the roof of the car, exposing a sniper rifle from a secret compartment." >"Then stay down." she said, taking aim. "Are you really going to sh--" *BANG!* >Your ears went deaf with a loud "EEEEE" "OH COME ON!" >"Sorry" you barely heard. "Cover your ears. >And so you did... "And so, you know what happened so far, we left Manehattan, got here in Canterlot, got assaulted by Rarity's thugs and ruined our first show, now I find myself in the back seat of the escape car thanks to Octavia which is now shooting her rifle right above me at the chasers, not knowing where are Sonata and Aria... Rarity's going to pay for ruining all this..." - - - >You kept yourself calm in the backseat, watching sparks and flashing lights around you. >Looking forward, Octavia struggled to fire due to the uncomfortable position. >Her knee was positioned on the backseat, clearly twitching from the muscle strain. >A small glimpse of her undergarments showed up. >Crimson red frail underwear? Clearly high class there, girl. "Do you need help with this?" >You shouted just to make sure she heard you. >"Can you shoot with a gun?" "I can give it a try, you're going to ruin your leg like this!" >"Sure, here.." >She tossed a box of bullets next to you, handing the heavy rifle into your arms. >"Careful, it's my Springfield, ruin it and you're done." >You nodded as you loaded five bullets into the chamber, pushing the bolt back into place. >That free time down the shooting range paid off? Let's see. >Positioning yourself on the backseat, you placed the rifle's buttstock against your shoulder and tilted your head to look through the scope. >The swaying of the car and yourself made it hard to scope in. >"Aim, take a deep breath, exhale and shoot." she said in the background. "I got it." >No you don't. >Ahead stood the car Sonata and Aria were in, followed by two other cars shooting. >Bah, hair! >Lowering down, you pulled your hair back, looking around for something to tie your hair. "Can I have something to tie my hair?" >One of the men on your right pulled himself back in, ripping a piece of his shirt. >He was wounded, left hand was scratched. >"Help me with this, please." >Great, you're a nurse now... >You left the gun down, taking the rags from his hands, wrapping it carefully above his wound. >"You know how to deal with wounds?" "Let's say I do..." >The day Sonata cut herself with a knife while trying to slice a pineapple, that wasn't very pretty. >Good memories. >After wrapping and securing the wound, you took another rag and tied your hair into a ponytail. >Whew, full view. >You picked up the rifle again and went back to aim. >Having your hair out of your face made it easier to use the scope. >Moving around to not shoot the friendly car behind you, the scope was on the driver of the thug car, clearly unaware. >You already killed four other guys, so you had enough of bullshit. >The trigger was squeezed, the loud sniper fire sending the bullet screaming down the road. >With the window cracked by the impact, you only saw blood on the windshield, and the car loosing control. >With the luck you had, the out of control car slammed into the second one, causing both thug cars to crash. >"Woaw, nice shot, that'll keep them away for a while." >You couldn't believe it, a straight headshot without any other training. >Is it luck or just happened to aim that well? >Anyway, you offered the rifle back to Octavia, sliding down the seat to hide. "Yeah, thank you... So, can we talk now...?" >"Once we get to our headquarters." >Oh wow, headquarters... "Don't mind if I snooze..." >"Not at all, feel free to relax now." >Phew... >Great time to calm down, you just got your first sniper rifle kill. >You should feel great but you didn't. >Common sense outfought the feeling of success. - - - - Meanwhile, in Olympus District... >You stood inside the dark restaurant, enjoying your cigarette. >The dark red velvet rugs and curtains giving the large hallway a comfy yet dreaded feeling. *Creeeak* >Oh, just in time... >You heard the loud heels she wore, it slowly rendered your ears as she stepped on the cold floor. >Once she's on the rug, you felt relieved. >"I see you weren't late at all." the disturbance in her voice clearly shown something was wrong. "Didn't quite work as planned, right?" >"I'm afraid so, Melody got to them first." "You meant 'her', I don't care about the other two, they're dead as they are without her." >She rolled her eyes, sighing. >"Pardon, her." "That's my girl, now what's your next plan?" >"For now, I'd wait for them to make a move, Dazzle won't escape Canterlot alive..." "And what about the King?" >"Oh, he's already in our sight, the Platinum Gala will arrive in just three days." "Perfect, I had enough of his shit, it's time to assume control over this place." >"What would you do then? Hit here and hide forever?" >You drew a final smoke before leaving in the ashtray. "I have my own plan, just go with the flow, if it fails, I have a backup." >You offered a small package to her. "Leave this in your office, when the time is right, play it." >She took the package, unaware of it's contents. >"What's in it?" "Just plan B, hold onto it, you'll know when to open it, trust me." >"But I do trust you, mon cher-" "Not now, focus on the job at hand, we'll continue this later." >She backed up, clearing her throat. >"Alright, we'll see each other another day." >With sadness in her tone, she turned around to leave, closing the large doors behind her. >You felt bad for the girl, but the job has to be done. - [Adagio] - >Ugh.. >"Wake up, Adagio." >You opened your eyes, welcomed by Octavia hovering over you. "Wh-... Where are we?" >"Upper Canterlot, Ruby District." "How many districts does Canterlot have?" >You stood up, your head bombarded by a small pain strike. >"6, Olympus, Ruby, Sapphire, Emporia, Prometheus and Apollo. Excluding White Forest and Gemcrust." >Wow, she know's her towns. >You stood up, looking around the room you were in. >A violet mixed with creme colored walls, along with diverse instruments such as violins, guitars and more. "Is this your home?" >"Nay, it's the headquarters." >Interesting. "Where's Sonata and Aria." >"In the backroom, with Fancy Pants, come, you need to hear something." >You shrugged it out, following the mob leader. >If she is a mob. "So you're Miss Melody? The known leader of..." >"The Violet Toccata, yes, you're right." >The type of girl that is serious, I like that. >Reminds of myself. >She opened a small door towards a dark hallway. >"Fancy Pants told me of your buisness here, and that you'll be of help." "He did, did he?" >"Yes, but I do not trust you at all." >And straight to the point apparently. "How so?" >"Three girls, appear out of no where and now you need my help or vice-versa, a bit sketchy." >You ignored the fact that she was up in your face. "I'm sorry if we are suspicious to you, but we go way back with Rarity." >"You'll explain." >She opened a door to the left, Fancy Pants and the girls relaxing by a fire. >"Oh, Miss Dazzle, you finally woke up." >"Hey Dagi." Sonata waved at you. "Evening'" >You cut it short, walking to the couch between Aria and Sonata. >"So, girls, tell me about you, how did you get here and why do you want to kill Belle." "Well... It's been two months since it all began." >"Well, take you time, I need to know everything you know about Rarity." >"Tell her, Dagi." said Sonata, putting a hand on your shoulder. "Back in Manehattan, I witnessed the murder of a kid named Daniel, while Rarity was busy carving on his stomach, I took the liberty of stealing his notebook, knowing the police might be onto her." >"Uh-huh, go on." "At the bar, I met this detective, Anonymous, he was assigned to this murder, so I gave the notebook." >"What is the detective have to do with all this?" "We we're attacked by Rarity's friends, first me and him then all hell broke loose." >A trip down memory lane, go. "His file had Rarity and her associates." >"I heard that she killed her own friends." "Apparently yes, Twilight Sparkle and she also tried to execute Rainbow Dash." >"But what about Spike? Her underaged lover." "Spike? I do not rec-... The kid." >"Yes, I heard this from the police force, that Manehattan sector found the body of a kid, his neck slit. But never caught the killer." "As brutal as it sounds, I do not think it's been her." >"Believe what you think, but I am certain Belle is after you three now. But why are you exactly here for? I don't think you're here just to sing and punch her in the ovaries." "No, we're here to avenge the Detective." >"Avenge? Is this a joke? Wake up girls, this is the real world, you will die if you mess up!" >She was right, you we're foolish to come here but you won't back down that easy. >Even if it means to active your true self. "We're still taking the risk, even if we get hurt or killed." >"Fine, now for the bad news." "What is?" >"Sinclair was captured by Belle's goons, and now he is at her command." "What? Is he hurt?" >"Not that we know of, she'd want him for information and getting you down." "Shit, do you know where she lives?" >"I do, Olympus Height District." "So what are we waiting for! Let's go!" >"Hold it girl, you need to know one more thing." "What could it be?" >"In just three days, the Platinum Gala will be hosted and King Sombra will be present." >She stood up, pulling out a poster from a drawer. >"Prance tried to take down King Sombra for almost 3 years, and every time they tried assaulting him at the Platinum Gala, they failed because I stopped them." "And you believe Rarity will try here as well?" >"Well, you'll be singing at the Gala, so I am sure that she'd like to take out two birds with one stone, it's a perfect sign of domination for another faction to arise." "Factions?" >"I am afraid Mister Fancy Pants didn't tell you, but The Violet Toccata is not just a small gang, it's more of a faction, the lawbringers of Canterlot." "Canterlot has been a battleground since the end of the war..." >"Exactly, and we've protected this town from the Prance members, they want King Sombra dead and take over the city." "This is a civil war for sure." >"More like a full scale war, between two towns more precise, with Rarity and 'The Black Velvet' taking steps inside Canterlot, it's an immediate threat to Canterlot itself." >"But Rarity does not originate from Prance." Aria said, rather confused. >"No, but she keeps close tabs with the current Prance Leader, and now I'm afraid that things will go to shit real bad if we don't do something." "What about the police? Can't we tell them?" >"The police force is corrupted, they get paid by Rarity to keep them shut while she fiddles around unnoticed, isn't it obvious." "No.. It's Flash Sentry." >"Flash Sentry? What about him?" "Rarity and Flash are sort of together at this moment, and with him, she can control the police." >"How do you know this?" "We're trying to help someone to take him down, if we get Sentry down, the Police looses connections with Belle and her advances, making her vulnerable." >"Ok, if you're certain about it, what's you plan?" "We need to get closer to Sentry and get his attention, we will capture him and take him out." >"I know the person for the job, I'll need to call someone, in the meantime, you'll live here." "We'll need new clothes." >"You can use from my discarded clothes. Your room is at the fourth floor, use the elevator to get there." >She handed over a set of oddly shaped keys with her mark on them. "Well... whatever you say." >"Tomorrow, meet me in the lobby, 12 AM. Don't be late." >You stood up along with the girls, Fancy Pants approached you. >"Dazzle, remember that Octavia will train you and help you take Rarity down, but don't mess this up." "We won't, trust us." >"I already do, I'll keep the police forces from targeting you, she may have control over it but I have the supreme command." "Thank you very much, Sir." >"Now, go get your sleep, you have much to do tomorrow, If you need me, call me." "Will do." >With a bow, he left the room, leaving you and the girls alone. >"Well, what now?" Aria said. "We got to prepare for the worst." >"Dagi..." Sonata called out, worried. "Yes?" >"Let's get this done soon, I'm tired..." "Don't worry, Sonata, everything will end real soon." An hour later... - [Sinclair] - >"Is he awake?" "No..." "Wake him up then!" >You heard voices, your head booming in pain. "NNgh..." >"Oh, he is awake." >You heard heels approaching you, then blinded by a sudden bright light. "Aah.. My bloody eyes..." >"Good Evening, Mister Sinclair." "Who am I talking to?" >Your eyes still hurt from the sudden light. >We're you taken hostage?" >"Why, if it isn't your best friend." >That voice... "Belle..." >"Bingo." "What do you want from me? First you harass me in my hotel now you've taken me away?" >"I want info, and I want it now." "Heh, good luck finding it." >Your leg suddenly felt a strong stabbing pain. "AAH! WHAT THE FUCK!?" >Looking down, you noticed a knife stabbing your upper leg. >"Now, if you do not want this knife to end in your throat so soon, you better talk." "ACK, SHIT, WHAT DO YOU WANT!?" >"Where. Are. The Dazzlings." "How the fuck should I know!? You took me away from the said club!" >You fiddled around, trying to shake off the pain with no success. >"Bullshit, you know very well where they are, tell me." >You gasped as the cold steel began to twist in your wound, ripping and slicing your muscles. "AAhAAHAH! ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, THEY'RE WITH OCTAVIA, T-THAT'S ALL I KNOW." >Blood soaked your pants in a rapid pace, feeling warmth going down your leg. >"Good boy, that's all I need." "Yes, great, wooh! Now please, get this knife out of my leg and bandage me!" >"No." "NO!?" >"I thought of leaving you to blood to death, but seeing you are no longer of use, I'll just end it quick, you're in pain and I have to give you mercy." "Mercy by murder!? You're more twisted than I thought!" >"No, it's life." >You grunted as she slid the knife out, splattering herself as she flipped the knife around. >"Now they'll know my purpose." *SHING* >You froze as the cold knife was shoved into your chest, feeling your heart punctured. >Your vision turned gray as you looked around for the last time. >"Call Fleur, it's time." Next day, Toccata HQ Lobby. - [Adagio] - >You sat down on the couch, enjoying your coffee while Sonata and Aria admired their new clothes. >You wore a long black tight leather skirt with a violet top. >It's dark violet, your kind of purple. >Aria had a pair of business casual leggings while Sonata wore a shorter skirt. >Octavia has a thing with purple, but who's to blame. >"I'm sorry you had to wear my clothes, Dazzlings, but I could not let you have your best dresses into gunfights and so on." "It's alright, Miss Octavia." >"Please, just call me Octavia or Melody. We are on the same side." >You shrugged, standing up. "Very well, where to next?" >"You three have to head out south, down in Canterlot at this address, you're going to meet one of our associates." "And who might be this associate." >"She likes to call herself a Decieving Detective, but the title of 'Spy' works better." >You picked up the small piece of paper with the address written on it. >Trottingham Street, 22'th. "Alright. We're set." >"Follow me." >You stepped outside the building, taking a glance outside. >Upper Canterlot had a much luxurious look, marble, mosaic type of walls. >It was regal. >"So which one of you knows how to drive?" "I do." >Octavia came in front of you, holding out a pair of keys. >"You won't travel around Canterlot without a vehicle, there's guns inside the car at secret compartments." >You must have gotten a lot of her trust to just hand you a car and clothes. "Which car is it?" >She pointed out a fine looking Sedan, same one from last night. >"So shiny!" Sonata cheered from behind. Chapter 9 : Clear Sky, Clouded Memories >You picked up the keys, smiling at Octavia. "Thank you for helping us." >"Let's save the thanks for when we're done. Now we're on a mission, she's brief you in with everything you should know. Once done, feel free to ask whatever favor you need." >You nodded, heading towards the car. >"So our adventure begins here?" whispered Sonata. "Yes." >"Yay." >Embarking, you slid the keys inside and turned on the ignition. >The hard vibration and deep growl of the engine starting gave you goosebumps. >It's that type of car that won't fail you. >You we're surprised by one of Octavia's men knocking on your window. >Rolling down, all three of you looked at him. "Yes?" >"Hello ladies, before you go, you might was to know your car before you leave." "Sure, tell us." >"I won't go technical, but only tell you where the compartments are. There are three pistols and two larger weapons." >He pointed out at the roof. >"Over there lies a Thompson and in the trunk you'll find a rifle, the pistols are behind your seats." >Then he pointed at Sonata's back. >"Behind you is another compartment, with the third pistol." "I think we got it, we won't get into any fights right now, it's the middle of the day." >"You'll never know, just telling you. Won't keep you here, be careful." >He stepped aside, allowing you to leave. >You knew how to shoot, but not like Melody or others, you're afraid the girls don't know anything related to weapons. >But first thing's first, the Spy. >You and the girls we're on the lookout for any suspicious behavior. >After that fight at the club, Belle was certain to send more of her goons for you. "We're here, give me that note again." >"Sure." >Aria handed you a small note that Octavia gave you. >It noted : #6-18:22-3899-11391, Trottingham Street, 22'th >You had no idea what the code was for, but you just went with it. >Pulling over inside a parking lot, all three of you exited the car, looking over at the building. >It was a residential complex building, not much of a special force building or anything, but as sure it was the building you needed. >"Look Dagi', 18." Sonata pointed out the number on the block itself. >22'th street, Block 18. The paper itself is a code. >The three of you walked up to the door, it was a secured "Sinclair P.D.P" door. >On the side stood a small dial, an intercom. >Technological advances sure amazed you. >Looking down at the card again, you tried to know what code is for this associate. "Let's try... 38?" >You pressed the two buttons, the door opening shortly. >"You're a natural there." Aria said smirking, walking inside. >The lobby was empty, like no one was home. >"Anything I can help with you, ladies?" >You we're greeted by a guard from your left. >Strange, an empty lobby had a security guard. "We're looking for..." >Think, think. >You don't even know what her name is. >And calling her 'Detective' will be just, bad. >You're needed to improvise with something but what could you do to go past the guard without starting something up. >Your charm, you have enough energy to charm someone. "... For someone to lead me to something, out of the ordinary~" >You walked up to him, welcoming him with a flirty tone in your voice. >He quickly reacted with a smile, quite unaware of the shit he will go through. >You covered your gem, channeling some energy through your palm, moving it up to his face. "Would you show me how~?" >The flowing stream of energy entered his nostrils, causing him to get dizzy, quickly falling down. "There, he will wake up in around 5 minutes, let's go." >The girls applaud at your performance as they followed you to the elevator. >The said elevator was not the ordinary elevator to a floor. >This was a private elevator. >Names and domains, this residential complex was in fact a residential office. >Browsing through the list of names, you came across another code. >#6-18:22 "Ok, this must be it." >You clicked the button, the door shutting. >It didn't move, instead, a small radio device came out a side panel, a green light turning on. >"A code is required to access the selected floor, please provide the code-" >Code? Ok... >Holding the note for you to read, you spoke out loud. "3899-11391" >The radio buzzed, changing it's light to yellow. >"Please provide the code slowly." >"You need to speak it slower, dumbass." Aria said, grabbing the note from your hand. "Let me do this." >"3-8-9-9... 1-1-3-9-1" >... >The light switched back to green, the elevator moving upwards. >"Thank you, please wait." >Aria smirked at you, handing you the note back. "Real smooth way to operate, Aria." >The elevator came to a stop, the door opening to a long hallway. >It was dark and sinister, as Anon's office... >Two voices we're heard from the office ahead. >The three of you approached it slowly, the creaking wooden floor giving you a Erie feel. >"...And dealing with such consequential actions can lead to unexplained events that could mark your career or even your life..." >She sounded like she explained something. >On the door lied the said 'spies' name. >'Chrysalis Intimate and Personal Investigation." "Intimate Investigation? What does that mean?" >The girls shrugged as you knocked on the door. >"Come in." >You opened the door, popping your head in. >The dark room reminded you of Anon's home, dark, dusty with files and pictures everywhere. >"We're closed, miss, come back later." >You entered the door, she was with a man in a brown suit, holding a notepad in his hands. "I was sent by Octavia, we need to talk." >"Tavia'? Alright." >"I'll just come next week, Miss." he stood up, bowing slightly to her. >Turning around, he grabbed his luggage and stopped to bow at you as well. "Ladies." >You shut the door after you, walking up to the desk. "We're sorry to intrude in your business" >"It's alright, he was writing down a Crime Novel and he needed a point of view from a detective." "And who might he be?" >"Thunder, he works with novels such as these, where a detective betrayed his job to do horrifying actions." "Sounds... Awkward." >"You tell me, so what did Tavia as of me?" >You pulled out Anon's file on Belle. "Belle, she said you can help us on this case." >"Ahh, Rarity, chaotic girl, caused a lot of stir in the community." "Community?" >"The Fashion Community, she was the top model in design." "But we're talking about the murder rampage she caused." >You cannot get a sight of her face, the sun made her body be like a silhouette. >Along with the smoke of her cigar, it made the whole room feel somewhat comfortable. >She walked to a set of cabinets, browsing for a file. >"You must be 'The Dazzlings', right?" >Her voice was deep and seducing. "Yep. I'm Adagi-" >"Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk. I heard about you in Manehattan." "What? You know about Manehattan?" >She pulled out a big file, dropping it on the desk, pictures of Rarity in the Port District, your restaurant and her warehouse that was caught on fire. >"I've been onto her trail for a while." >In the pictures was also a picture where Anon was shot, with you and the girls leaving. "T-this was when..." >"She said she'd leave for Prance, but she didn't, I had an attempt on her but she escaped, instead, she was taken to Canterlot in refuge." "Refuge?" >"She somehow knew that her life was threatened by someone, and Prance didn't prove to be a great place to hide." "She is afraid..." >"Exactly, and you may be the source of her fear, you know exactly everything, and now that you're allied with Tavia, you're now her greatest fear." >You couldn't believe what was brought to you. >All these large files with every associate Rarity had. >Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Coco Pommel. >Only two of these girls are alive. "What else do you have in here?" >You stumbled across a file of Anon. >"Say hi to Anon, he was also one of my objectives." "What?" >"I may deal with personal investigation, but I also scout and examine the behavior of other Private Eye members. Anonymous was a great agent until the recent years." "How?" >"He began to drink a lot, refuse jobs, reckless actions. Not to mention he killed four of Rarity's associates, as well as interrogating Rainbow Dash in a brutal manner." >So that's why Rarity is after you now? >"But something came up that made me pull out this file again." "What is?" >"When one of our agents is killed in action, his documents are processed and delivered to our institute, but his death certificate along with his personal file didn't came through." "W-what? You say that he survived?" >"No, he was killed, that shot Rarity's friend had proven to be fatal." "You say this is an inside job?" >"Might be, something that lead up to Anonymous's death has to do something with Rarity, something that she needs to hide. She might have sabotaged the transfer and now owns the documents." "So there's more than just her killings." >"Right, and now she's back in Canterlot, in Kashmir Palace." "So what do we need to do." >"First of all, with all this corrupted police force taken over, I cannot help you with anything without exposing myself." "We have a plan related to that." >"I'm listening." "We planned on capturing Flash Sentry, a close associate to Rarity and a captain of the police force here, if we take him out of the picture, the bond with Rarity goes thin, allowing Fancy Pants to take control." >She closed the blinds, exposing herself. >She has a tight suit on her and a long green hair, her eyes were hypnotizing green. >"I see, so you believe Flash is behind this back-stage play?" "Yes, even Octavia can confirm." >"Alright, what do you need to do?" "We need to lure him out of the city, where we can question him and offer him to someone that seeks revenge." >"Using the said person as a distraction, allowing us to slip in unnoticed." "Taking the blame, while Rarity goes weaker." >"I like this plan, I can arrange something, you will capture your Flash Sentry in Apollo District, near the river." "Great, oh, one more thing." >"Hmm?" "What's with the Platinum Gala?" >"Oh shit..." >Chrysalis rubbed her forehead. >"I knew something was up, why did Rarity chosen to come here." "What about it?" >"It's all related to the history of Canterlot and it's conflicts." >She stood up, taking a picture of a mugshot from Belle. >"If Rarity captures or kills the King, she and her 'Black Velvet' faction will take control over Canterlot until the next chosen leader, which might be them." "She can't just kill someone and get the name." >"She may very well do so. But this does not feel right, kill the king but the mayor is still in control over the city and it's governmental rule..." >"Wait..." Aria said in the background. "What is it?" >"His wife, she looked rather suspicious." "What are you implying." >"She might be onto something... You cannot take over a city by just killing the king, you must also take out the Mayor so you can assume control, once these two are out, the crisis related to this might influence the people and Rarity can take over." "We got to do something." >"What the name of the Mayor's wife?" >"I think it's Fleur De Lis or something." Aria replied. >"Shit." she quickly took the phone and dialed a number. "Go at the Mayor's house, now!" >You took no second and rushed out of the office, getting onto the elevator. >"Dagi, what's going on?" Sonata said confused. "Fancy Pants might be assassinated by his own wife..." - [Fancy Pants] - >Good heavens, you're done. >Planning your suit for the Gala is one hard work. >Nothing better to soothe this exhaustion with a good liquor. *RIIING* "I'll get it~!" >You picked up the phone, replying cheerfully. "This is Mayor Fancy Pants, how can I help you my friend?" >"Mayor! It's Chrysalis, a friend of Octavia, I need you to pay close attention to me right now. Don't call out my name." >Looking to your left, you noticed Fleur eyeing you. "I'm listening, Hoity, What is going on in the world of Fashion!" >Lucky for you, he was designing your suit. >Fleur was soon out of sight. >"Great, I conducted a research with the Dazzlings and Platinum Gala came up." "Oh, about Jet Set and Upper Crust? Oh tell me more!" >You mastered to lie on the phone, perfect to step out from any conversation easily. >"Now, as we all know, Rarity targeted King Sombra for Assassination at the Platinum Gala." "Yes." >"But we know that murdering the king won't offer the control over Canterlot, this means 'you' must also be taken out." "I see, and what else happened?" >"Your wife might be suspected to be a hidden associate of Rarity, I have no records of her whatsoever and she is the perfect one to do the job, you are the perfect target, the perfect crime. Rarity takes the blame while she escaped unharmed, plus the corrupted police force means that this will be the greatest hit." >You knew it. >Rarity's brilliant plan did came up to you. >But Fleur? Why. "Alright Hoity, I'll look to it now that you reminded me." >"The Dazzlings are on the way, defend yourself, kill her if you have to, sir. We cannot risk loosing you and get Canterlot to it's ashes." >You closed the phone and stood in silence. >You could hear Fleur's footsteps two rooms away. >This gave you enough time to sneak your way past her. "Oh, I'm listening, Hoity, I need to know this story." >With this said, Fleur will know you're still listening. >Thank yourself for wearing socks in-doors, perfect sound isolation. >Sneaking past the open door, you rushed up the stairs and into the master bedroom. "Now where did I put it?" >Looking through your room, you eyes your safe. "Briliant!" >You ran up to it and did the combination. "5-3-1-1-2" >"Oh honey~" "Bollocks. Uh, just a minute darling, I need to change!" >"Mind if I take a peak~? This will take just a second!" >No you won't you bitch." >As you opened the safe, you took out your revolver, quickly loading all six rounds in *Creeeeaaak* "Oh, Fleur, I didn't knew you we're coming in." >You stood up and pointed your gun at her. >She was holding your precious hunting knife. "Might I ask, what are you doing with my knife!?" >She stopped, clearly surprised by your gun. >"Darling! I wanted to show you that your handle is broken!" "My handle got fixed two weeks ago." >You couldn't believe that she'll kill you with your own praised possession. "Put the knife down, now." >"But honey, you don't need to point your gun at me, do you want me to get hurt?" >She came closer slowly, the knife lowering. >You don't believe a bloody word she's saying. "I know what you're up to, and it won't work." >"Shame, because I thought we had a stable relationship, too bad that I'll be a widow!" >She began to sprint towards you, knife aiming up at your chest. "No you won't." *Click* - [Adagio] - >You raced on the streets to get to Fancy Pants's place, avoiding multiple cars along the way. "Come on, come on!" >Once you reach the gate, you drove through it, reaching the door. "Quickly, let's go!" >Stepping out of the car, you made your way to the door. *BANG!* >Oh no... >It's too late! >You pushed forward and kicked the door open, you and the girls rushing up the stairs to the bedroom. "Fleur!" >Kicking the door open, you pointed your Colt, only to find the body of the wife fallen on the carpet, bleeding heavily from her chest. >Fancy Pants stood straight next to his safe, his gun smoking. "Sir! Are you alright?" >He looked up, nodding. >"Never been better, could have been better..." >You rested your arm, knowing the danger passed. >Glad that it wasn't him on the floor right now.