Dazzling Liaison Anonymous' Gambit - by Anonymous

>"Shut up, Anon!" "What? It'll work. You're hot enough" >The two of you were standing facing each other. >The band's 'touring bus' parked to the side of an abandoned parking lot next to some dilapidated buildings. >Aria's shaking fists were balled up and looked like they were ready to fly directly into your face. >"Not the point. We are NOT doing that!" >The purple siren crossed her arms and gave you a death stare. >The crunching of teeth on crackers interrupted the tense silence as Sonata sat on the inside of their van's side door, spectating. >"I mean, we totally could if we wanted." "See? Sonata believes in the plan." >You looked back at her in appreciation as she tossed another cracker into her mouth with a smile. >"Don't care. It's not happening. I am not going to 'seduce' some fat grease monkey for a discount!" >You looked at her defiant posture and shrugged in defeat before noticing the lack of noise from the third Dazzling. "Well I think we should ask Adagio what she thinks. She is the leader after all." >Aria growled at you like a pitbull ready to kill. "Adagio?" >The girl in question was sitting up ahead in the passengers seat, a pair of stylish looking glasses on her face as she jotted in one of her notebooks. >She looked up from her writing. >"Hmm? Yes, fine. Just keep it down will you? I'm trying to work out these lyrics... So annoying..." >Her voice trailed off as she resumed her work. >Aria blanched. >"What? Adagio are you serious? We do not need– >You stepped closer to her without trying to hide your glee. "Well that's three against one. Guess it's settled." >Sonata clapped in applause as Aria gave her trademark groan. >"Don't worry Ari, Anon got us some matching outfits yesterday that'll knock 'em dead!" >She gave a cute wink as Aria's palm met her face. >The purple and green haired grump stomped up to you and grabbed your shirt by its collar. >"I'm gonna make you pay for this." >You grinned back, taking her hands in yours. "Put it on my tab." >"You have to be kidding me!" Aria's voice roared from the inside of the tour bus. >You knocked on the side door with an air of concern. "How's it going in there?" >"Shut up Anon! I swear!" "Don't worry Ari, you look great. Really!" >"Go back to your crackers Sonata!" The two were curently getting dressed in the outfits Sonata had found yesterday with you at the mall. >This was the first step in your scheme to getting some much needed parts for their 'Misery Machine'. >Misery was all you felt these days whenever you looked under its hood. >Aria knew a few things about mechanics but even with her skills it was becoming a lost cause. >Adagio had made an attempt at crowdfunding but her sensuous style didn't quite yield the results she was used to in meat space. >At least not on that site. >So here you were. "I hope we got the right size for her." >Adagio looked over at you from the front of the vehicle. >"While I tend to reserve this level of charming for the stage I have to appreciate your quick acclimation." >You scratched your head. "Acclimation?" >"To the Siren state of mind. The seductive manipulation of your prey's desires." >Her smile was deliciously evil. >You chuckled. "Ha, no. I just wanted to get Aria into a skirt." >Adagio's smirk fell. >"Oh. I see. Well done." >The van door flew open as Sonata hopped out followed by an irate looking Aria. >They were each wearing an exact replica of a popular singing program's costume. And they looked good. "So... What do you think?" >"Shut up." "Does it fit?" >"Shut up!" "It's the same as Hatsu–" >"I know who it is!" >Aria's blush was growing by the second. >Sonata took a moment to admire herself before looking over to her leader. >"Sorry I couldn't find a third one for you Dagi! They were the only two left." >Aria rolled her eyes and growled. >"Can't imagine why." >Adagio smiled, trying to contain her laughter. >"That's alright Sonata. I forgive you." >She patted Sonata on the head as the cyan girl giggled. >Aria walked over to you, her skirt flapping slightly from the breeze. >"This had better work Anon. Because if it doesn't–" "It will I promise!" >"It's gonna end with my foot on your throat." >You gulped, doing your best not to look fazed. >Adagio sighed. >"The parts shop closes in less than a hour. Let's go girls." >She climbed back into the passengers seat with her notebooks. >Sonata pumped her fist in the air with exuberance and snickered to herself. >"Yeah! Those boys aren't gonna know what hit 'em!" >Aria just hung her head as she got behind the wheel. >How had her life come to this? >"Alright, get in." >"You too Anon." >You climbed in the back with Sonata and got situated. "Don't worry Aria. This will all be worth it." >She didn't give an answer but just turned the key in the ignition. >With a low rumble the engine came to life and you were quickly off. >Several minutes passed as you all made your way through the outskirts of Canterlot City. >You and Sonata had been playing go fish when Aria called back to you. >"Ugh. How much further Anon?" "Oh, not much further. Greasy Gasket's is just at the next." >Aria mouthed the name you mentioned with a look of disdain while Adagio reached for her phone. >"They don't have appear to have very good reviews online. Are you sure this is the place you want?" "Definitely. These guys are hurting for business which makes them easy pickings for us." >The poof grinned slyly. >"Got any fives?" You turned your attention back to Sonata. "No, but I've got three tens." >"Huh?" >Aria groaned from the front. >"We're here." >You had pulled up to a worn down looking auto shop. There were no other cars in the vicinity and no one nearby on the badly cracked pavement. Dust and rust were apparent everywhere, even from a distance. >If the lights hadn't been on a person could have mistaken it for being abandoned. "Here it is! Just as I promised!" >Adagio looked over her glassess at the store front from top to bottom. >"Well, this looks promising." >Aria scoffed. >"It's a total dump!" >She whipped her head back to look at you, intense anger radiating from her eyes. >"This is what you wanted me to get dressed up for!? Seriously." "I know it doesn't look like much, but trust me, it's a diamond in the rough." >Sonata poked her head up by the front seat with her sisters. "Huh. Looks kinda dirty." >Adagio pushed Sonata's ponytail out of her face. >"Better get going, we don't have much time. I hope you know what you're doing Anonymous." >Aria shut the engine off before opening her door when she noticed Adagio doing the same. >"You're coming too?" >Adagio gave a smug look. >"While this place looks repugnant, I'm not about to miss my little sister's performance. Don't worry, I'll be cheering through you all the way." >"Awww." >Sonata looked like she was about to tear up from this seemingly touching admission. >Aria just slammed her door behind her. >"Kill me now." >You followed the three girls to the front door and held it open for them as they each passed you. >Adagio smirking. >Sonata beaming. >And Aria who looked to be planning every detail of your imminent demise. >A small bell rung as you entered the front reception area. >A musky smell filled the room. >Old magazines covered a table next to some chairs in the waiting section to your left. >Adagio plopped herself down on one of the chairs and took out her phone. >You walked up to the front desk with Aria and Sonata in tow, the former dragging her feet as the latter was nearly skipping from excitement. >Behind the desk sat a woman who looked to be in her early to mid fifties. >The light orange complexion of her face had a weathered look from years of stress, though somewhat concealed with makeup. >Slightly darkened bags lay underneath her mascara lined brown eyes, framed by her grayish-burgundy hair. >She appeared to be filing away something in her cabinet when she noticed your entry and gazed up lazily. >"Can I help you?" >You took the lead and began to work your charm. "Good evening to you madam. We'd like to speak to the manager of your fine establishment if we could." >She leaned back in her chair as she gave your group her full attention. >Looking at each of you in turn, she stopped for moment to go over the outifts Aria and Sonata wear wearing in particular and looked back at you. >"Alright. Go ahead..." "Wait, you're Greasy Gasket?" >Her eyes shot back at you with a slightly challenging stare. >"Yes. Is that a problem?" "Well, no. I just..." >"Wasn't expecting such a beauty in a dump like this huh?" >Her face relaxed at your flustered reaction, giving a slight grin as Sonata covered her face and giggled. >You regained your composure and began your formal introduction. "Ahaha yes, right. Well, I'm Anonymous. Pleased to make your acquaintance." >"Likewise I'm sure." >You indicated to the three sirens surrounding you in turn. "And these lovely ladies are Adagio, Aria and Sonata. >Sonata gave a friendly wave and smiled while Adagio looked up from her phone and gave a courteous nod. >Aria just pouted. >Greasy Gasket just nodded before looking down at her wristwatch. >"So, what can I do ya for?" >My good woman, we have a proposition for you today. >Her expression was one of slight bemusement as she folded her arms. >"Now this I've got to hear." >"You see we are in desperate need of some automotive equipment that you have in supply. In exchange for a favorable discount we offer you a chance at reaching a wider audience via our promotion of your establishment." >Her brow furrowed as she took in your words, mulling them over. >"Promotion? What, like a sponsorship?" "Indeed!" >"And how do you plan to promote my business, if ya don't mind me askin'?" >You gave your best salesman smile. "Through our musical group, naturally!" >Her expression remained flat. >"Which is?" >With an air of pomposity you lifted both your arms in display towards the sirens. "Why, The Dazzlings of course! Surely you must have heard of them?" >She gave a cursory glance towards the girls before settling her eyes back on you. >"Sorry. Can't say I have." >Sonata look crestfallen at the response and you heard the slight sound of Adagio stiffening behind you. >Aria's frown somehow grew even worse than before, her fists clenching while she stared daggers at you. >Alright, better take it back a notch. "Well... These three are an up and coming musical sensation. Many have described their performances as 'magical'. >You took a moment to pause for dramatic effect. "In fact they just had a phenomenal showing at the Starswirl Music Festival. You must have heard of that event." >"Hmm. Yeah, probably." >She placed her hand under her chin and looked to the side pensively. >"But isn't that thing mostly attended by teenagers and hippies? Not exactly my usual customer base if ya know what I mean." >You gave a conciliatory shrug. "Maybe not all of them, certainly. But the Dazzlings' have a very diverse fanbase that appeals to a wide array of all ages. >"Oh really? I had no idea." >Her skepticism appeared to be slowly abating. >A good sign. >You leaned over the counter, lowering your voice. "And lets be honest, your average joe these days can't tell a manifold from a motor mount. The world needs experts like yourself to help keep them moving. Just like our music." >She gave a small smile at the compliment. >"Well, you won't find any argument here." >She leaned closer to your face in turn. >And what do you think it is I need?" >You stood back a bit at the unexpected question. "Uh, good publicity?" >She sat back in her chair and brushed her hair behind her ear. Her eyes half lidded now. >"You part of the band too?" >You gave a chuckle. "Me? No. I'm just their..." >You looked over to the Dazzlings beside you. >Aria's eyebrows were reaching for her forehead. >Adagio spoke up. >"Liason, so to speak. We like to keep him close by though." >A sardonic grin stretched across the mature woman's face. >"That right?" "Heh, guilty as charged." >She eyed you up and down some more as a strange look came over her face. >She shifted her sight to the girls around you. >"He's quite the devotee isn't he?" >Adagio got up from her seat, walking up behind you with her characteristic swagger. >"Oh we know all about Nonny here. He's got quite the the reputation in our industry." >You laughed half-heartedly. "A lot's changed since then, I'm in a much better place..." >Aria's face brightened at this turn in the conversation, as she started to circle around you with her sister. >"Yeah, he's always waiting on us. He really knows how to help a girl have fun." >She punctuated that last word with a soft elbow to your side. >Miss Gasket looked you up and down again, even more closely this time as she tilted her head to one side. >"Is that so?" >Adagio nodded alluringly. >"Oh, yes. The four of us are soooo tight." >You weren't sure you liked where this was going. >Aria lightly stroked your arm as she stared off dreamily. >"We probably wouldn't be able to relax if he weren't in the group." "Come on girls, I'm just–" >Sonata decided to jump in as well. >"So cool! He rules!" >Geez Sonata... >Adagio wrapped her hand around yours, placing her head on your shoulder. >Without even seeing her face you could sense the devilish leer she was wearing. >"If it's of any consideration to you, I don't even care to remember how things were before he came into our lives." >Oh boy. >"Well, well, that is interesting." >She stood up and walked around the desk to where the three girls now stood. >"I'll tell ya what. Give me a list of what ya need for your vehicle and I'll have one of my boys gather it up for you..." >In less than a second Aria whipped out a scrap of paper with all the specified items and handed it to her. >The woman put it down on her desk and shot her eyes back at you. >"And you and I can head back to my office to discuss this 'business arrangement' of ours some more. Deal?" "What?" >Adagio flung her hand towards the lady and shook it earnestly, not hiding her satisfaction in the slightest. >"Deal." "Hey, just hold on a second–" >You started to protest this arrangement before Aria pushed you forward with malicious fervor. >"Make us proud Anon." >Sonata gave you a double thumbs up as she rolled back on her heels. >"You've got this!" >The three of them headed back to the bus snickering as Greasy Gasket dragged you behind her. >Goddamn it. >[...] >Two hours and a slew of regret later, you limped out of the mechanic shop. >The girls were sitting in the bus and perked up when they heard your aproach. >Aria in particular looked as happy as could be while she held the bag of hardware in her lap. >Miss Gasket walked out the front door just as you were about to get in the bus and waved. >"Feel free to come back when you need something else, yeah?" >Adagio looked over at you and then smiled knowingly at her. >"Oh, we will. It was a pleasure doing business with you Miss Gasket. Right Anonymous?" >You grumbled in reply. "Mmm." >Miss Gasket winked back. >"Pleasure was all mine." >Truer words had never been spoken. >Aria looked back at you in the rearview mirror as you got in, pure conceit in her eyes. >"You were right Anon. That WAS worth it." >You slammed the door behind you and sat down. >Sonata patted you on the back. >"Thanks Nonny! We owe you one." "Don't mention it. Ever." >She had a puzzled look on her face before looking over at her sisters. >"I'm kinda hungry. Hey Dagi, can we get some fish tacos on the way back?" >You practically gagged at the mention of the food. "Ugh. Why do you always have to think with your stomach Sonata?" >"What? You should try 'em some time!" >All three roared in laughter as the bus pulled off onto the street. >What a life. END