A Dazzling Christmas (Fluff) - by Uh-hmmm

> Be Anon, marooned on an ice floe > It's been days since you last had human contact, and > "Let's help him up, Sonata." > Two sets of slender arms lift you up and you wobble on your ice skates "Ah, thanks girls." > Adagio smirks > "You know, you should have said you didn't know how to skate." > You try to move forward, but your foot slips and you grimace as they catch you again "Yeah, well I saw how excited you three were, and I didn't want to hold you all back." > Sonata leans over and gives you a peck on the cheek > "Aw, you're a sweet guy. For realsies." > Adagio hums in evil contemplation > "You know, Aria needs to be sweeter, she didn't even come over to pick you up." > You have a bad feeling about this > Sonata grins > "Maybe his sweetness will rub off on her?" > "What a wonderful idea!" > With that they start skating, dragging you behind them as you struggle to stay upright "Uh, girls, this is a bad idea..." > They ignore you and go faster > You whimper > Then they let go, and you focus on just keeping your skates straight > You collide with a soft bundle of swearing and growling > The two of you slide until you gently hit the wall > Aria glares up at you > "When you're done humping my shattered body, could you get off?" > You roll off and to the side "Sorry! It's the other two, they did this. Um. Are you alright?" > She slowly gets up, using the wall for support > You sort of follow her example, just with more slipping and scrambling > "Yeah, I'm fine, just a little thirsty." "Oh, that's good. We can-" > "Thirsty for revenge." > You sigh "Of course." > Aria grabs your hand and drags you off onto the ice > You begin to suspect that she was an Olympic speed skater in a previous life > Even though she is towing you behind her, she's gaining on the other two as they flee > With a wordless cry of triumph, she hurls you onward, and tackles Adagio > You manage an inarticulate yelp before you bowl her over > You roll off of her with a groan "Aria sends her regards." > Sonata giggles as she helps you up > "She can be so nice sometimes!" > As the four of you slowly get to your feet, an official comes skating over > "Look, it's the holiday season, so I'm only going to give you a warning. No horseplay on the ice, got it?" > Adagio nods seriously > "We understand, it was just a bit of youthful high spirits. We'll be good from now on." > The official seems barely satisfied by that answer, and skates off with a frown > The girls break down laughing once he's out of sight > You just sigh and wobble > You pull into the parking space for your apartment, the sirens all in the back > (They tend to fight too much over shotgun if you let them) > You slowly get out of the car, aching somewhat from the exertion and collisions from earlier > Sonata holds your hand sweetly as the other two disappear into the apartment > "Thanks for coming with us, it was a lot of fun!" > You give her hand a squeeze "No problem, I enjoyed it too...eventually." > She giggles > The four of you sit on the couch, under a blanket, and sip from mugs of hot chocolate > Sonata leans against you on your left, and Aria from your right > Purple grump smiles grimly at the claymation movie > "That's right, no one wants to see your damn mutant nose. Father of the year, right there." > You meet Adagio's gaze on the other side of the grump, and perform a synchronised eye-roll > You get rather drowsy, with a belly full of hot chocolate and two warm girls leaning against you > Adagio smiles tolerantly and collects the empty mugs and carries them off to the kitchen > Sonata pulls a lever on the side, the couch reclines, and your feet are lifted up on a foot rest > Well, you know where you are sleeping tonight > Apparently the girls do too, because they snuggle up to your arms > Adagio comes back, and makes a face at the new development > She lifts up the edge of the blanket by your feet and crawls under and up to your chest > She lays her head on your chest, and wriggles a bit before getting comfortable "Comfy?" > You get two little contented sighs, and a grunt "Goodnight, girls." > "Goodnight!" > " 'Night." > And another grunt > You smile fondly as you sink into sleep > It's dark when you wake up > Something feels off > Siren roll call: > Adagio: On your chest > Aria: Right arm > Sonata: Gone > Tom Servo > Crooooooowwwww > Then you hear what woke you up in the first place > "Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas" > Maybe if you stay very still... > Sonata's face looms out of the dark > "You're awake!" "Agh!" > Your startled yelp awakens the other two > Adagio gives you a sleepy glare before resolutely resting her head back on your chest > Aria rolls over and curses > "It's two in the fucking morning. Go back to sleep, Sonata." > "But it's Christmas!" "Then take your stocking to your room, and have fun over there." > "But I want to cuddle~" Bluey whines "And we want to sleep. You can't always get what you want." > Sonata pouts, then brightens up > She grabs her stocking and then slips back under the blanket, scooting her backside up against you > Adagio gives you another sleepy glare > "Having fun down there?" "Sorry, hand full of butt right now." > "Yeah yeah, just let me sleep alright?" "Understood." > Your consciousness fades to the sound of candy being unwrapped > You wake up again, this time with pale winter sunlight shining through the window > Sonata sits at the base of the tree, obsessively stacking and restacking the presents > From the smell in the air, Adagio is making something like pancakes, or maybe french toast > That leaves Aria, still asleep > At some point, she stretched an arm across you, and her face is pressed against your pectoral > You shift a little, charmed by her sweet embrace > At that slight movement, she nuzzles her face against your chest > Goddamn, she's cute when she sleeps > She must have sensed that thought, because her eyes blink open > Aria turns a confused, sleepy gaze at you "Morning." > "Mm." > She blinks a few more times and looks around > Purple slump frowns and exhales through her nose > She tries to get up, but then she just falls back in your chest > "Sonata's the worst." > You give her a light back scratch with one hand "Whatever you say." > She hums in pleasure at your ministrations, it almost sounds like a cat purring > After a few more minutes of just lying there, she stretches against you, also not unlike a cat > As Aria gets up, she takes the blanket with her for a robe "Hey!" > She glances at you > "Oh, right." > She pats your head > "Good pillow." > You feel oddly flattered > Then she wanders off towards the kitchen > You rub your arms in the slightly chilly morning, then walk over to Sonata "Merry Christmas, Bluey." > She jumps up and gives you a big hug > "Merry Christmas Anon!" > You hug her back, savoring the warmth > Then she breaks free and drags you to the kitchen > Adagio looks up as you enter > Dat apron > "Merry Christmas, Anon. Have you ever had crepes before?" "M'christmas, and I don't think so. Is that what those are?" > There is a large pile of what looks like a cross between a tortilla and a pancake > You grab a plate as she explains it to you > "There's a bit more egg than in your normal pancake, and the batter's thinner. What you do is spread some sour cream, powdered sugar, and some fruit, and roll it up." > You follow Sonata's example as she assembles the dish "Sorta like a dessert burrito?" > "I suppose." "Sounds good. Thank you, Adagio." > She flips a crepe and smiles at you "You're welcome. Oh, and don't wait for me, I'm just going to cook a few more, then I'll join you three." > You cut into the roll, spearing a it with your fork > A bit of strawberry syrup drips onto your plate, carrying a bit of sugar and sour cream with it > You quickly slide the morsel into your mouth and chew > It's surprisingly good, a nice balance of sour, sweet, and tart > You swallow "Hey, this is pretty good! You have my compliments, chef Dazzling." > Adagio performs a bow, a wry smile on her face > "You're too kind." > You're on your second crepe when she joins you > After five, you're too stuffed to even consider the candy in your stocking > Sonata is bouncing in her chair, looking at each of you with bright eyes > "Is it present time yet?" > Aria cricks her neck > "Might as well be." > Adagio hesitates a moment, her eyes on the dirty dishes on the table "It is Christmas. We can do chores later." > Adagio stands up decisively > "Very well, let's open our presents." > Despite her show of reluctance, you notice she isn't any slower than the other two about leaving the kitchen > As you enter the living room, Sonata flags you down to your pile of presents > You say pile, but it's only three, money is a little tight in the Dazzling-Mous household > Adagio clears her throat > "We'll each open one, alright?" > General nodding > At some subtle cue, the four of you tear into the wrapping paper > Your first present is... > You open the small box to find a pad of ten hand-written coupons > "Good for 1 free hug from Sonata Dusk. This coupon is non-trans-fer-able, for realsies." > You are pretty sure you can get Sonata hugs whenever anyhow, but this is pretty cute, so you don't mind > You look around to see everyone else's gifts > Sonata is happily putting on some snowflake patterned knee-high blue socks > Aria is looking unimpressed with a stack of temporary tattoos, but you see a hint of a smile on her lips > Adagio is sniffing at a largish bottle of shampoo > She gives you a questioning glance "Yes?" > "This was pretty expensive, wasn't it?" > It was "Don't worry about it. Do you like it?" > She trails her fingers across the label, considering > "Yes, I do. Thank you, Anon." > The other two turn curious gazes at her, and she stares right back > "Now for the second gift, girls and boy." > Whatever interest they had is gone as they focus on their next acquisition > Your box is heavy, and rattles a little > You open to find... > You immediately scowl at Aria, who glances at her pad of coupons "Handcuffs, really?" > She gives you a predatory grin > "I thought I might teach you some restraint." > You hold your ground, if just barely > She can be so intimidating when she's sexy, and vice versa "I suppose I can practice using them on you." > Her grin widens > "Just try it." > You hear a thump off to the side > Sonata is happily clamped onto a struggling Adagio, a stuffed penguin sandwiched between them "Lucky penguin." > Adagio scowls at you > "I could use some help here!" > You tear off one of your coupons "Sonata, I'm using a hug coupon right now." > She gives Adagio a final squeeze, then latches onto you, holding you tight > You hug her back as best you can "Adagio give you something nice?" > Bluey looks up at you with shining eyes > "It's the best! Look at penny!" > She shoves the nearly spherical penguin doll in your face "Oh, that is very nice." > "Mmhmm!" > Adagio recovers her breath, setting aside what you suspect to be yet another set of handmade coupons > After another quick hug, Sonata scampers back to her last present > After a round of nods, the wrapping paper flies > ... > It's a collar > A dog collar > With a leash > You look up to see Adagio trying on a black choker with a silver brooch > You hold up the dog collar "Did I miss the memo about a merry dominatrix Christmas?" > Adagio adjusts her new necklace and gives you a sweet smile > "Don't worry, we love your gifts too. I suppose Aria and I just happened to think of you along the same lines." > You sigh theatrically "I may be needing Sonata's hug coupons more than I thought, this year." > You hear a pop > Sonata gazes in wonder as the little hemisphere of rubber jumps high into the air > "This is amazing! Thanks Anon!" > Adagio gives you a sidelong glance > "A cat toy? Really?" > You shrug "She seems to like it." > You are suddenly forced onto your back, and your vision is filled with the face of a horse > "Do you think this is funny?" > The horse growls with Aria's voice > ... "Pfffft ha ha ha! Yes!" > She whips off the horse head and glares at you > You don't care, you're still laughing > Sonata sidles up to Aria > "Can I see it?" > Aria hesitantly hands it over > Bluey dons the mask slowly, and you are reminded of a certain lord Vader > She turns this way and that, the muzzle collapsing and wobbling under the torque > "Wow, I can't see a thing in here..." > Aria just stares, her lips trembling > Sonata starts crawling, heading directly for Adagio > Princess Poof tries to back away, but she hits the couch > Blueberry's horse lips hit Adagio's face head on, collapsing under the pressure > "Mwah!" > Aria fails to conceal her smile at Agent Orange's disgusted expression "See? It is funny." > Purple grump's smile turns into a scowl, and she punches you, admittedly somewhat lightly > "Whatever." > For the rest of the morning, Aria tries for a full sleeve of tattoos, Sonata alternates between cuddling her new friend and playing with the cat toy, and Adagio takes a long bath > You content yourself with cleaning up the dishes and throwing away the wrapping paper > It's not the most extravagant life you lead, but it is dazzling in its own way