You love Momma... Right? (Aria+Incest) - by HypeAholic

>Be teenager Anon Blaze >You were currently at home working on homework in your bedroom >It was a quiet night, you were waiting on your mother to return home from wherever she was >She has some... Issues. >Ever since your aunts left, she just hasn't been the same >She handled it pretty well when your father left, your aunts supported and cared for her well >They always seemed to get into fights, but you know that they loved each other >Although, recently your mother and your aunts got into a huge fight >Over what, you weren't sure, probably something ridiculous >Your mother always seemed to like picking fights with Sonata, but this was something else >There was no end to the yelling, you had to endure most of it at night, while your head was under your pillow >It got so intense, they vowed never to speak to each other again >It's been a couple of months now >Your mother hasn't taken it very well... >She was probably out at some bar getting drunk, or fucking some stranger >*SLAM* >"Anooon, I'm *hic* hooooome..." >Speak of the devil >You put what you were working on away, and make your way to the front door >As you near the front, you can hear your mother continue to call you >"Anoooon, where are you? Mommy is waiting on you...~" "Uhg..." >You really hope this is just a phase and you get your mean and sober mother back soon >You really can't handle much more of this >When you reach the door you can finally see your wreck of a mother >Her hair was a complete mess, it was undone from her normal double ponytail and completely frizzed >She smelled like a bar obviously, you could smell the alcohol on her breath from just a couple of feet away >She was leaning against the door, when she sees you a big smile forms on her face >"Oh...*hic* There you are! Mommy missed you so much!" >She shambles over to you and throws her arms around you >You awkwardly return the drunken hug "Uh... I missed you too?" >She seems satisfied with this statement, as she pulls back to look at you >Right before she plants a big sloppy kiss on your lips >You gag a little from the smell and taste of alcohol >You didn't like it, and you fight against the embrace and push her off of you "What the hell, Mom?!" >She stumbles a little bit from the push before giggling like a school girl >"Hehehehe...." >"C'mon baby... You know momma loooooves you...." >She attempts to go in for another hug, but she ends up just stumbling and nearly falling over >You catch her before she faceplants into the floor "Mom, you're drunk. Maybe you should go to bed." >You hold her up and she leans on you for support >"No... I'm not*hic*... drunk..." >Yeah, like you'll believe that "C'mon Mom, I'm going to put you to bed okay?" "Mmmmhph..." >You'll just take that as an affirmative >You begin to try to help her get to her room, she can barely walk by herself >After about 5 feet of her trying to walk she looks like she's about to puke >You stop to make sure she's not about to ruin your set of clothes "Whoa whoa whoa, you okay Mom?" >She swallows before responding >"Yeah... Im okay." >You don't really believe that either >You breathe a heavy sigh before picking her up, bridal style >She was obviously confused >"Honneyyy... What ar-*hic* are you doin..?" "Carrying you, because you can hardly walk, you silly drunk." >She doesn't seem to complain, and just resigns to laying in your arms as you walk with her >She's actually lighter than she seems, you can pick her up with little effort >As you carry her, she attempts to talk, but what she says just comes out as little drunken mumbles >It's actually quite cute >You pass your room, and head for hers >As you do this, she grabs your shirt and you stop >"Anon..." >She's probably just going to be spouting more drunken nonsense >But you listen anyway "Yeah?" >She takes a moment to collect her thoughts >They must be in a mess >After a minute she's finally able to form a sentence >"Can... Can I sleep with you tonight, sweetie?" >Well, thats not what you were expecting >Then again, you weren't sure what you were expecting out of your drunk mother >It wasn't an unreasonable request, and you probably should keep an eye on her anyway "Yeah, okay mom, you can sleep with me." >She gives you the best non-drunk looking smile she can muster >You walk back to your room and walk through the open door >You cleaned your room today >Usually it's a mess, and your mom notices >"Oh honey... Did you clean your room?" >She leans up and gives you another drunken kiss, this time just on the cheek >You ignore her remark and walk over to your bed, before pulling back the covers >You carefully slip your purple mother in between the sheets >She gets comfy and snuggles into your pillow >"Mmmmm" >You give another sigh, this time of contentment >You walk to the nearby light switch and darken the room >You let your eyes adjust to the dark before moving to the other side of your bed >Your mother turns to face you as you crawl into the covers >You try to make this as least awkward as possible, and make sure to give yourself and her plenty of space >After you crawl in, you make sure to face away from your mom >She pouts a little at this and crawls closer to you >You were surprised when you feel a pair of hands start to explore your back >You give out a little yelp at the contact >"Oh*hic*, Sweetie... It's been a while since you've slept with mommy..." >Yeah, you haven't done it since you were a little kid >On occasion she'd let you sleep with her, if you had a nightmare >You haven't done it in years though >Her warm hands continue to explore your back, brushing over your spine and shoulders and sometimes traveling down to your lower back near your waist >It didn't feel bad, actually it felt nice >If a bit strange >You don't tell her to stop >After a minute, she wraps her hands around you in an embrace >"Hehehe..." >What is she doing now? >She pulls you further into the covers with her, so both of you are now in the middle of the bed "Mom, what are you doing?" >She giggles furiously >"Snuggling with my baby boy..." >She starts to lay a bunch of drunken kisses on the back of your head and neck >It feels weird and you try to wiggle out of your mother's hold "Mom, stop. This is weird!" >"What? You know your mommy looooves you~" "Uhhhhg!!!" >You try desperately to wiggle out of your mother's hold but she's persistent >Every time you try to move away, she just holds you tighter >She was squishing you at this point >You have a new battle plan >Instead of moving away, you try to back into her and slide down her body, out of her arms >All you end up doing is moving down slightly before she grabs your head and hugs it tightly >You would have been fine with this, if she wasn't squishing your skull into her breasts >You try to say something, but her arms were covering your mouth, so all you can manage is grunts and muffled protests >"Hmmmm? Whats that Anon? I can't hear yooou~" >Your attempts at escape are renewed and you are able to pry her arms off of your head before scrambling out of bed, slightly flustered "Mom, what the hell?!?" >You turn around to give her the best angry face you can muster, but what you see stops you >You expected to see your mother laughing at you, but what you see is completely different >"*Sniff* Anon... Why do you hate me...? *sniff*" >Was she.... Crying? >"I know that..*hic* Im mean to you sometimes...*sniff* But you know I don't mean it, right? I... I love you so much...*sniff*" >What is she even talking about? >Yeah, she was full on crying now >"Anon...*Sob* I... I love you!" >What "It's okay Mom, I know you do." >You get back on the bed and pull your mother up and into a hug >She can't even properly speak, all she can manage drunken hiccups and gasps through the sobs >She pulls on you tightly, like if she didn't hold you close enough she might never be able to hold you again >"Why...*gasp* everyone... *sob* Hate me...?" "Nobody hates you, Mom." >She shakes her head and cries even harder >"Adagio...*Hic*Sonata... Even your father left me... *Sob* Everyone I care about hates me..!" >Suddenly, she looks up to you, as if she's had a revelation >She looks into your eyes with fear >"Anon please*Sob*... don't leave me too! I... I love you!" >Yeah, she's completely gone "I'm not going to leave you, mom." >She's not even listening to you now, she's getting hysterical >"You*Hic*... You Hate me too... Don't you? Please don't*Gasp*... leave me too... Oh god...You're going to*Hic*... leave me just like your father aren't you?" >She pushes you down into the bed "Mom!" >"Anon... Please don't leave me, I love you... You love me too right?!?" "Of cour-" >"I'll prove it to you, I'll prove that I love you! You'll love me too right?!?" "Mom ca-" >You're cut off when she connects her lips to yours >You'd push her off, or yell at her or... Something >You're extremely stunned, your body was just not listening to you right now >You're even more stunned when she slips her tongue in your mouth >You don't want this, it's wrong >You can't really think straight right now, your brain was in a haze >You can taste the alcohol on her lips >She starts to straddle you and rub her body along up and down yours while making out with you >You don't even do anything >You don't resist >You don't protest >You don't even try not to like the feeling >You just do... Nothing >Do you... Yep, thats an erection in your pants >You were getting turned on by your own mother >What the fuck is wrong with you >She stops violating your face and begins rubbing her's against yours >You can feel her hand travel down your body... >It reaches your pants and you feel your mother grab your shaft through the fabric "Ah..." >She giggles an evil little laugh >"Oh Anon... I knew you loved me...~" >You were about to say something else, but your mother silences you again by planting her lips on yours >"Shhhh... Let momma take care of this..." >Holy fuck >She glides down your body, and reaches your pants >She plays with your erection through your pants for a moment, eliciting an impatient moan from you >She gives another giggle before she starts to undo your pant's hold on you >She undoes the button, and slowly unzips your zipper >After that, she nearly rips off your pants >It surprises you how eager she was >She hungrily eyes the tent that had formed in your underwear >"Oh... What's this Anon? You're such a dirty boy, thinking about your mother in this way...~" >You didn't want to! >She made you! She... "I..." >"It's okay, Honey. I'll fix this and then'll we'll love each other for forever, I know it~" >She very gently peels your last article of clothing off of your legs >As soon as it's free from it's prison, your little man comes springing out >A few drops of precum come flying out and land on your mother's face >She doesn't seem to mind though, because as soon as she can she swallows your erection whole "Ah...!" >She doesn't waste any time, and begins bobbing her head up and down, your shaft gliding in and out of her throat >You couldn't resist the feeling for very long, and start thrusting into her mouth as she bobs >You were essentially fucking her mouth at this point >She seems happy to let you do so, as you begin thrusting harder she just relaxes her muscles and lets you fuck her throat to your contentment >This was so wrong >But it just felt too good, the pleasure was unimaginable >You keep repeating the process of lifting your mother's head off of your dick, and then slamming it back inside of her throat >She'd gag every once in a while, but otherwise would let you do whatever you wanted to her >As you were having your way with her mouth, she begins undressing herself, taking off her jacket and stripping from her shirt >She breasts come bouncing out in her bra as you violate her throat >You couldn't really see them from this angle, but you can feel their mass pressing against your groin as they slam down into you >You were close >You can feel yourself tensing >Your balls couldn't handle the pressure anymore as you thrust your mother's head one last time downward, burying your throbbing shaft down her throat >You can feel stream after stream shoot down her throat and into her waiting stomach >You see the small little bumps travel down her neck to sate her thirst >You collapse back down onto the mattress >Your mother was still attached to your groin >She slowly slides off of you, leaving a couple trails of saliva >She looks at you before hungrily licking her lips and then opening them >Holy shit, she swallowed every drop >"C'mom sweetie... We're only getting started..." >"Mommy wants to show you how much she loooves you...~" >Finally she climbs off of you and lays on her back >She's exposing her rear to you, her legs were pointed towards the ceiling, her arms lay sprawled above her >She was still wearing pants, but you could already start to see a damp spot start to form where her panties would be >Someone's excited >"Come and get it, big boy...~" >She doesn't need to tell you twice >You crawl forward eagerly and grab her waist, pulling her towards you >"Hehehe..." >You ignore her giggling as you quickly undo her belt, and then her zipper and button of her pants >You bring her legs back down so you could maneuver more easily >Finally you are able to slide her pants down >She was absolutely soaking wet, a couple of strands of fluid connected her panties to her pants as you slide them off >Holy shit "Holy shit..." >"Hehehe... Are you surprised, Sweetie..? I'm ready for you...~" >With shaky hands, you grab the waistband of your mother's panties >You take a deep breath, before revealing her motherly entrance >You don't wait a minute before you dive face first into it >"Ohhh!!! Anon!!!~" >You begin swirling your tongue around inside, taking in her taste and putting it to memory >She tasted of a sweet wine, and she smelled like a vineyard >You loved it >You continue to eat her juices, lapping it up like a hungry dog >"Ahhhhhh....!!!" >Your mother clamps down on your head and enwraps your head in her legs >"Deeper!!!" >You follow her demands as your tongue travels even deeper into her cave >She smothered your face in her cunt, much of her juice coated your face as you continued to drink her sweet nectar >You want it all, as you lap it up she just makes more and more >"AHHHH!!!" >She grabs your hair and her legs squeeze your head with a crushing pressure >A flood of juices come rushing out of her cooch, which you swallow happily >After she's calmed down, she releases you from her legs and lets go of your hair >She's breathing heavily, her mind must be in a shitfest at this point >You aren't going to give her any rest though as you pull her closer to you >She gasps as she feels the length of your shaft rub up against her entrance >You rub along it, examining the place where you were born from >You were made in here >Were you ready to venture back in? >Yes, yes you were. >You prod the entrance with your tip before thrusting fully inside, earning you a moan of pleasure from your mother >You hold her legs for leverage as you begin sliding your shaft in and out of her soaking wet pussy >Her breasts start bouncing as you begin to pick up speed >You quickly lean down to undo her bra, freeing those beautiful humps from their prison >They were perky, not too big but still fairly big as you would expect from her motherly figure >She had slightly small nipples, you bend down and give one a good suckle >She continues to moan in response >8/10 would consider titty fuck >You continue to pick up the pace, your speed increasing after every thrust >The slapping of flesh got louder and louder, as did your mother's moans of pleasure >As you begin to thrust even deeper, your mother wraps her legs around you, trying to keep you inside of her >Every time you pull out, she tries desperately to pull you back into her, helping you slam back into her moist tunnel >Her warm insides milked you, it was very hot and wet, you glided in and out almost without effort >Your mother screams as you mercilessly fuck her >"Oh! *slap*Oh!*slap* Oh! YeeEeeeeEeessSsssS.... That's it! Fuck mommy!" >Finally the pleasure starts to consume you >You can't think, all you can do is thrust as the pleasure climbs higher and higher >Your mother's screams only add to the pleasure factor >You can feel a familiar pressure begin to build in your balls as you continue thrusting >You don't think as you thrust one last time, slamming as hard and deep as you can into your mother's cunt >She moans in ecstasy as you fill her womb continuously with stream after stream of your baby batter >Finally you can feel your fatigue catch up with you as you collapse on top of your mother, with your erection still buried inside of her >She drunkenly giggles as she wraps you up in her arms, bringing you in for a naked hug >You tiredly return the hug as you try to catch your breath >Finally your mother speaks to you >"You love momma, don't you Anon?" >You nod "I...I love momma..." >She giggles again >"Good~" >She comfortingly rubs your back as you lay atop of her >Finally when your strength returns, you pull your mother with you, back into the covers >"Hehehe... Wanna snuggle, Sweetie?" >All you can do is nod >She begins to snuggle into you to get warm >You make sure the covers were doing their job, and cover both of you in blankets >You didn't even really care if this will be awkward tomorrow, you were tired, and it didn't really seem to matter to you as the warmth of your mother's body starts to make you feel drowsy >"I... I love you Anon..." >She plants a kiss on your forehead "Mmmmm..." >All you could focus on was her, as you start to drift away, off into slumber >And all you can hear, is your mother's whispers, telling you that she loves you >And if you could, you would tell her that you love her too >But luckily for you >She already knows The End?