Colours - by Anonymous

>"Ahhh...ahh, ahh...ahhhh, ahhh" >A girl with black hair sings in her apartment facing the window >"Ahhh...ahh, ahh...ahhh, ahhhh..." >You don't think you've ever heard something so beautiful in your whole life >Your apartment is right next to hers and your only encounters were in the elevator >You've never been able to see her face clearly though >She never leaves without her hooded coat >She never lifts her head >She never speaks >At least not in company >"Ahhh...ahh, ahh...ahhh, ahh..." >But now there she is, staring out through the open panes >Now you could see her face >Not that you cared in the least at that moment >For all you could see, feel and taste, was her sadness >"Ahhh...ahh, ahh...ahhhh, ahhh" >Now that you can, it's difficult to explain but...basically, >She decanted her very emotions in you >And their respective memories >Like throwing a balloon full of water, perfectly aimed to a real thin and long container >Making it so that the balloon falls and slides right into it before exploding, filling the recipient with an sudden surge of pressure >It didn't take more than a second for it to fill you ------------- Blue, purple and yellow "Hey, do you know what is Adagio doing? She's been out in the building's terrace the WHOLE day" >"Ugh, just get out of my room. And be quiet, your annoying voice pierces through my thickest headphones" "MMmh- I still think we should talk to her, she's been acting strange since the Rainboo-" >"Get - OUT of MY - ROOM" "Well, there was no need to close the door so violently!" ------------- Blue and brown "Aria? Aria! Hey! Open up please!" >"What?" "I have a surprise for you!" >"I don't need any more of them" "What?" >"Nothing. Just tell me what you want" "Oh you won't be so grumpy once your learn I WON THE RAFFLE!" >"...oh well that's great I guess, go buy yourself a teddy bear or something" "No silly! I won the tickets to Detrot! Now we can afford to pay a visit to Adagio!" >"..." "You where she left without telling us a year ago remember?" >"Oh right, Detrot...he" "Aria? Aren't you excited? We can finally see her again, come on" >"Hehe...heheha..hahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" "Aria? Are you-" >"YES I'M PERFECT OF COURSE HAHA! I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVEN'T THOUGHT THAT BEFORE! YOU'RE A GENIUS!" "Am I?" >"OF COURSE OF COURSE! IN FACT I'M SO ANXIOUS I'L- WE'LL BE GOING RIGHT NOW" "What? But the tickets are fo-" >"I'LL GO GET THE CAR" >Brown grabs keys >Brown suddenly stops >Brown slowly walks to the door and opens it >Brown doesn't look back while saying >"Be right back" --------------- Blue-ish >Night >Blue-ish opens the door of her apartment >Moonlight enters through the windows >No noise but the rubbing of her clothes >Blue-ish slowly walks to brown's room >Empty >Blue-ish opens the drawer brown forbade her >Tons of newspapers fall >Blue-ish recognizes yellow in some of them >She doesn't need to read them >Blue-ish goes back to the hall >Blue-ish undresses, throwing the dark clothes aside >Blue-ish kneels to look at newspaper on the floor >Blue-ish recognizes Purple, a bridge, and a huge question mark >Newspaper from three days ago >Blue-ish stays kneeled >Tears wet the carpet --------- >The girl with dark hair is looking at you from her open window >Her eyes are red >But she still hasn't stopped her singing >Then the heaving pain in your chest becomes unbearable >You sag helplessly, hitting the floor with your head >You can't even feel it ----------- Nothing >You wake up next morning >Take a couple of aspirins >Put your shirt and jeans to wash >Do the dishes >Have breakfast >Take a bath >Stop the mobile's alarm >Prepare for work >Take the elevator >It's empty >You wake up next morning >Do the dishes >Have breakfast >Take a bath >Stop the mobile's alarm >Prepare for work >Take the elevator >It's empty >You wake up at the sunrise >Have breakfast >Stop the mobile's alarm >Prepare for work >Take the elevator >It's empty >You don't wake up 'cause you didn't sleep >Stop the mobile's alarm >Take the elevator >It's empty >That same day you come back from work and something stops you >You turn around to face the door of your only neighbour in the floor >There's a note: "You won't see me anymore near this building, I've gone away to look for help, you wouldn't believe me if I told you where. But do not worry, I'm strong, stronger than my friends, and I won't choose that way. Thanks good sir, for hearing me. Thanks and sorry." >That night your sleep was deep and peaceful. THE END