Adventures in Adulthood (Completed) - by BG9

You walk into the bar >It was finally time to prove to Adagio that you were an adult, not some stupid kid >You could do adult things >What did adults do anyway? >Damn it Sonata! You're an adult, you know exactly what they do! >You walk into the bar, flashing your fake ID saying that you were 21 when, in fact, you were only 15 >In human years anyway, so technically you weren't lying >You sit at the bar and order some bear >Adults drink beer right? >Of course they do >And Adagio thought you were just a little kid >You put the glass to your lips and almost instantly spit it out, getting a few giggles from those around >How did people drink this stuff!? >It was like you were drinking gasoline! >Just then a man walks over to you "Why don't you try something a little more flavorful. Waiter? Can you get her a daiquiri?" >You smile >This guy seemed nice >The waiter comes back with a strawberry daiquiri and you take a sip >It was like a fruit smoothie! >You furiously sucked it down "Easy with those. The tough thing about fruity drinks is since they don't taste like alcohol they can get your drunk quick. What's your name baby?" >You blushed and giggled >Nobody called you baby before >Except for Aria when she was making fun of you "I'm... I'm Sonata..." >You said it so quietly it could barely be heard amidst the music "I'm Anon E. Mouse. What do you say we blow this joint and do something really fun?" >The bartender rolls his eyes >You couldn't figure out why though >Maybe he wanted to have a sleep over or something! "U-um... sure." >You were getting so flustered. You could barely even form a coherent sentence. >He bows and holds his hand out "M'lady." >You couldn't stop giggling >You take his hand and walk out of the bar >It was too loud in there anyway "So what's this 'fun' thing you wanna do? Is it a game or something?" >Anon looks at you a bit confused, but goes along with it "Yeah. A really fun one. Now hop in my car." >You get inside his shitty car >It smelled like ass >He revs up the engine and puts his arm around you, the same way Adagio did whenever she got super cuddly >But unlike with Adagio it made you feel really funny >You couldn't explain the feeling >You felt a really hot feeling 'down there' >He starts to drive and you sit there in a nervous silence, not knowing what to say >The car drives to a small driveway and you both get out "S-so... what are we doing...? Are we having a sleep over?" "Yes. But it's an adult kind of sleep over, if you're interested." >The real intention completely going over your head, you agree and go inside the house >It smelled just like his car >ass >You follow him into the bedroom and sit on his bed when he does something completely unexpected >Your lips become locked in a kiss >Your first kiss >Your face goes beet red as your try to hid the embarrassment and a giant smile goes across your face "I.. I really like adult sleep overs" >He smiles back at you "Oh yeah? Well you're really going to like this." >Anon takes of his shirt and the warm feeling in your crotch becomes even warmer >His abs >His fucking abs >He then starts to unbuckle his pants and his takes them off >You see something poking out of his underwear >Did he have something in his vagina or something? >Boys are so weird >He starts to make out with you again and his hands drift down to your butt >You breathing picks up and the feeling in your crotch becomes burning hot >But not like fire >It actually felt really good >You felt all tingly down there too >Usually people touching your butt would make your run but for some reason your really liked how he did it >Just then he starts to pull up your shirt and you yank it back down "W-what are you doing?" "Having an adult sleep over. You are an adult aren't you?" >You look down, still insecure about your body >No one, not even dagi, had ever seen you naked before >But if being naked was what being an adult meant, you would do it "Yes" >He smiles "Good. Then we can have some fun" >He peels your shirt off and you cover your bare chest >You were still too small to wear a bra but you were starting to blossom into your womanly form >You chest is rising up and down in a rapid motion >He places his hands on your tummy, the thing poking out of his vagina poking your leg >It felt remarkably life like, like it was actually part of him >He starts to kiss your naked upper half >Each kiss felt like an explosion of joy >You had never felt like this before >You were so excited, you wanted more >You put your hands to your sides, exposing your bare, just barely blossoming breasts and Anon seizes the opening >You places his hands on them and tenderly massages them >You let out a long loud moan and instantly put your hand to your mouth >Where the hell did that come from? "Ohhh~ I see you liked that huh? Well then you'll really like this." >He puts his lips to your nipple and playfully nibbles on them >It was making you go wild >Instinctively you put your hands on your privates and just rub >You were panting like a worn out dog "You're a sensitive little girl huh? Well what do you say we move to the main course?" >You look at him, you cheeks completely flushed and your mind going blank "Y-yeah." >He gets up and takes his underwear off to reveal a surprise >It was a vagina at all >You get up and look at it with child like curiosity >You put your hand on it and pull hard, thinking he attached it to his vagina that he didn't have "Ouch! Sonata what are you doing!?" >You look confused "Where's your vagina? Why do you have this weird thing on top of it?" >You yank at it again and he yelps in pain "S-Sonata stop! It's not on top of a vagina. Sweetie boys don't have vagina's. You didn't know that?" "They don't?" "You really are sheltered aren't you?" >You look down "It's fine Sonata. It's fine. I'll guide you through the entire time." >He slowly starts to yank down your skirt and you just watch >To your horror, there was a large wet patch on your crotch >Was that warm feeling you peeing!? >You quickly cover it up, embarrassed beyond belief "Why are you covering it?" "W-well..." "You think you pee'd didn't you?" >You put your head down in shame "That's not pee Sonata. Let me show you." >Anon pulls down your soaked through panties to reveal you womanhood covered in a sticky liquid >You put your hand on it and watch as a line of your ooze comes up with your finger >What was this stuff? "This is good Sonata. It means you're excited." "R-really?" "Yeah. It's called getting wet for obvious reasons. It happens to girls when they're about to engage in sex." >Sex? >Where you really ready? "Now let's keep going, if you're up to it" >You think for a moment and nod "Y-yeah" >Anon puts his head down and takes a sip from the crystal chalice >It felt so weird with his tongue moving around in there, like some kind of big worm >All the same, it felt amazing >You start to moan a bit and clutch the bed with your hands, barely able to contain your pleasure >You could feel your thighs and butt becoming wet with your hot sticky stuff >You must be really excited now >He really starts going to town and you feel like you're about to explode >You start to move your hips in time with the motion of his tongue until finally you scream >You bounce wildly and your entire body convulses as you begin to have your first ever orgasm >You were shooting your liquid all over the place >You went for at least a minute straight before finally calming down >You were panting hard "T-that was amazing. Let's do it again!" >You should have been tired after that, but it only made you want it more >Anon smiles "Alright. Now that we got that out of the way, time for phase 3" >Anon lubes up his cock and presses it against your soaking wet baby cave >Just him touching you with his rock hard rod is almost enough to send you back into orgasm "Man you're sensitive. I only poked you." >You couldn't control your breathing anymore >You couldn't even think straight >Only your body was doing the thinking now >And all it wanted was his cock deep inside you >You get ready and Anon press his dick into you >All of pleasure is gone in a flash as you are met with a searing pain "You're really tight too. I can hardly fit." "T-tight?" "Yes Sonata. Your vagina is a bit tight which is why it's painful. Just relax a bit." >You do as you're told and he presses it in a bit further only to have you clench in pain again >Even as wet as you were, you were tighter than a nun's bible >It was like trying to fit a semi in straw >You wince "Just relax Sonata." >You do as you're told and slowly he pushes himself all the way inside you >You felt so full >He starts to gently thrust in and out and while it still stung a bit, it felt so good >He starts making out with you and you follow suit, sloppy moving your tongue around his mouth and wrapping your legs around his waist >You could feel it >The explosion was about to happen again "A-Anon... it's going to happen again." "I am too." >You both move faster, you moaning louder and louder until it finally happens "Sonata!" "Anon!" >In that instant you both orgasm with powerful force >It didn't even matter that your puss was screaming in agony >You wanted him >He viciously pounds against your hips and you pound right back, wet slaps echoing in the dark >That's when you felt a hot liquid shoot inside you >It felt awesome >So warm and gooey >He pulls out and you look down at your stuff >A hot, sticky white liquid is pouring down your thigh >He had so much you couldn't even keep it in >You both fall to either side of the bed, sweaty, wet, and tired "That... was amazing" "Indeed it was." >You both snuggle up close to your hot naked bodies not knowing what lay in store the next day >You wake up as the sun cracks through the darkness >You can still feel his goo leaking out of you >You slowly worm you way out and put your clothes back on >You couldn't believe it >A boy actually saw you... naked >You pull your panties around your waist and fumble around with your bra >Bras were so hard >You hated wearing them but Adagio insisted you did >You feel a cold chill run down your spine >Adagio! >You told her you'd be home by 10! >You pull your phone out of your pants >7 missed calls and over 30 text messages! >You were in so much trouble >You swear you could hear her yelling from here >You quickly put the rest of your clothes on and rush outside, eventually finding a taxi >You were originally going to spend this money on alcohol but thankfully you didn't have too >You take the cab home and walk inside the house >Just as you open the door Adagio walks past you, clearly in the middle of pacing in worry >She looks at you for a moment and her eyes fill with anger >You cower as if you're about to get beaten >Here it comes >Just then you feel her arms wrap around you and hear crying "I... I was so worried." >You hug her back "Sorry Adagio. I just lost track of time." "What were you doing out there? You're not hurt are you?" >She smells you "And.. why do you smell like that?" "I went to be an adult! I met this really nice boy and we did this sex thing!" >Adagio turns whiter than a ghost "You what?" "Sex! It was super fun!" >Adagio goes back, completely speechless >She started furiously texting on her phone "D-did I do something wrong..?" "No.. no.. it's just. Don't worry. I'm telling Aria to come home. And to get a few things. Just.. sit over there" >Adagio looks like she's on the verge of tears, again >You look down guilty >She said you did nothing wrong, but clearly that wasn't true >She sits down next to you "He didn't force you to do anything did he?" >You shake your head "He didn't do things you didn't want him too?" >You shake your head again >She breathes a sigh of relief "Ok. Good." >She hugs you really tight "I'm just glad you're safe. Please don't do that ever again." >After a little while Aria comes back >She has tears in her eyes "L-loser!" >She tosses a bad next to you and it has a weird device inside of it "Ok. Sonata I need you to pee on this stick." >You blush "B-but why?" "Just do it ok. It's important." >Aria just stands there, her eyes hot and red and her fist shaking "I swear if he did that... I'll kill him with my own two hands..." >You go to the bathroom and pee on the stick >After a while, the blank white space shows a picture on it >You run out and show Adagio >He face is one of defeat >She puts her head in her hands >There was a plus on it >Though you didn't know it, you were now a mother >Aria gets the drift from Dagi's reaction "So now what." >There is a long silence "I don't know Aria. I don't know." >You finally can't take it anymore and shout "Would you two tell me what's going on already!? What the heck did I do!? I just wanted to be an adult for once so you wouldn't call me a baby anymore!" >You look towards Aria, who looks as if a bullet just struck her chest >Tears finally start to roll down her face as she realizes who prompted you to go on the journey >Adagio motions to you "Listen closely Sonata. You're pregnant." "Pregwhat?" >Adagio tells you everything, sperm, egg, baby and all >You just stare with your mouth agape, not knowing what to do with all of this knowledge >You were a mom now >A real mom >You put you hand on your abdomen >You should feel scared >You should feel angry >But you actually felt happy >Adagio looks at you "So... now that I've told you all of that... how do you feel?" >You look down and think about it "I'm scared. But... at the same time I actually kind of like it. The thought of nurturing life. All we've ever done is take life... but now I'm going to create it." >The two come close to you and hug you tightly "We'll be here for you Sonata. If you ever need us, just ask. We'll do this together." >And the three comforted her through her long pregancy, sharing laughs, joy and tears >Little did they know that human sperm was not compatible with the siren eggs inside them and the baby came out dead and completely deformed, scaring all three for life and driving Sonata to suicide >The end >have nice day FiN