Anon gets a taste of Purple - by PavementEggs

>Sunday Night 12:45am >You've been dating Aria for about a year now >You both compliment each other emotionally and physically >But there's one area of Arias body you love but have been wary to travel to >Her perfect round butt,her purple pucker,her caboose >You've admired it ever since you started dating but you never got in >Its not like she was stopping you thought >She WANTED some ass play but you've been to much of a punk >You make excuses like “But baby you poop from there” >Or “I dont want to get hepatitis baby” >But tonight stop being a pussy >You went out and bought Enema laxative for Aria on the way here >You've also been studying up on analingus in preparation >Sunday Night 1:18am >Arias been in the shower get herself cleaned up >You hear the shower faucet turn off,some fumbling and then the bathroom door open > In the door frame of your gf’s room you see her in red laced dress “How do I look loser” >Aria says with a blush as she twirls around to show off the dress >There's a curtain for the back and front door >”You look gorgeous” >Aria slowly walks over to and straddles you >She pushes you down onto the bed and you start kissing >You suck her plump lips and move you hands on her waist >Lower >You hands caress her butt >Its firm and round your fingers melt into them like a memory foam mattress >You feel Arias moist tongue stroke your neck as she takes you hand and places it right on her anus >Taking the hint you use your middle finger to poke and prod at her anal entrance >It twitches and pulses as you trace circles around it slowly >As you begin to slide you finger inside loud moans bang against your ear drums >Your finger is joint deep inside of her when you start sliding it in and out >Every time your finger exist Aria a small pop sound is heard >You turn your head to the ceiling only to be greeted with a with Arias sweaty face blowing her warm breath at you >You ring finger is next gain entry to Arias pucker >When both fingers are inside and moving Arias face changes from breathing rapidly to gritting teeth >Probably should have applied the lube first > Get out from under Aria and walk to your bag taking out the lubricant >Aria seemingly reads your mind and puts the pillow under her while raising her ass “Now this might me a little cold okay?” >”Just do it already” >Aria tried to yell but it end up sounding like more of breathless whine >She moves the curtain on her dress away from her ass to reveal it in all its glory >Your stunned at all that could be covered the lass dress before >You open the lube and drip it on Arias round ass >The translucent lube looks like amazing on her purple canvas >You begin to rub the lube on her butt in a circle motion >Aria shakes as the lube is indeed cold >You massage it into every nook and cranny of her fanny making sure to get it all >Her skin is so smooth and sleek like a latex pillow >You lift up her cheeks and get under them with the lube >The lubricant glides down to her twitching pucker >Your middle and index finger immediately start spreading the lube on her anus >Aria lets out a loud shriek and her ass hoops up and twitches >You think she came just from that >You grab Arias waist as you plant soft kisses on her ass >You suck the soft skin of butt tasting a bit of the lube but not stopping >Licking her bosom you trace the area of it over and over until you make it to her anus again >Your tongue starts from the base then pulls up so you whole tongue can taste her >Using the tip of your tongue you flicker her pucker rapidly and prod the entrance >Its wet and tastes sweet. >Opening you mouth wide you suckly her anus creating vacuum like suction >With both hands on her cheeks you begins nibbling her hole lightly >To lightly it seems because Aria starts to complain “Dont just nibble Anon. I'm not Sonata you can be rough with me.” >Aria reaches your head your forces you face an mouth on her ass >Your mouth now fully of Aria sucks Aria with as much force as you can muster >Your tongue moves so fast you could lick he like off her anus >But even that must not be enough because Aria pushes you off “Lay down Anon” >Aria motions to the spot she was just laying on >You look at spot on bed noticing drool wear Arias mouth must have been and lay down “Okay now close you eyes honey” >You oblige >The next thing you know Arias ass is slammed down on your face “Now eat like a good boy” >Aria begins gyrating her hips on your face >Your tongue squirms around until it finds Arias twitching asshole >The weight of her ass and the motions of her hips almost force your tongue inside her >You suck her anus and tease it until it finally opens for you >Arias insides are wet her juice leaking on your face like a broken faucet >Her gyrating picks up and her moans grew loud >Your tongue can feel the vibrations when she moans >You start scraping out her insides with your tongue >Every time you do she twitches and tightens her asshole around your tongue >Sunday 3:37 “Yes Anon keep going!!” >Fucking hell >Your enjoying this but the weight feels like it's going to make your head burst >You use all your strength to lift Aria off of you and into your arms >You carry her over to a desk in her room and drop her down >You take off your shirt and undo the bottom keeping Arias dress together >This reveals her stiff nipples and tender breasts >Your mouth goes for her chest and her hands go for your shorts >She undoes them revealing your stiff member >Your middle and index finger go straight for her asshole in an attempt to finish this >You introduce your pointer finger to Arias anus and start piston pumping her moist hole “Shit Anon that hurts” >Aria murmurs drunk off ecstasy >She bites down on your shoulder and claws your back bringing you closer >Her bare feet find your member and she wastes no time stroking it “How do my feet feel Anon?” >You don't respond you focus on not plowing your load >The souls of Arias feet are heavenly >There smooth but you can feel callus like bumps >Your gonna blow >You move your fingers faster at piston speeds >The only sounds coming from Aria now are moans >Shes drooling on your shoulder and her feet work as become sloppy >The desk is shaking rapidly and Arias anus is viper tight on your fingers >You force your fingers out with a loud *POP* “What gi..veeSs” >Arias sentence is scrambled and cut off as you slam your throbbing penis inside her asshole >You cum instantly and with great force >The desk jerks back as Aria climaxes soon after. >Her arms wrap around you and you stumble your way to the bed carrying her keeping your bodies joined > You both lay exhausted >Tiny “I love you”s escape Arias mouth as she and you drift to sleep