Oneshot: The Horseshoe Lake Incident - by The_Augustus

>You arrive late at class, sneaking in so as to not alert the teacher of cro-magnon. >"Anonymous!" >For fucks sake. "Is there any problem?" You try to sound smooth, only to provoke a titter from your classmates. >Why are you late?! It's the third time this week! >You were about to respond when. >Actually, I don't wanna know. Just go; sit by Sonata." He points to the blue girl on the corner of the classroom. >You walk over to your seat where you see Sonata playing on her phone. >You notice how much of a qt3.14 girl she is so you tap her shoulder. >"Uh… Yes?" >You stare each other awkwardly for five seconds before the bell rings. You have some spare time so you small-talk with her. "Hey, Sonata…" >She stores her phone in her pocket. "You're looking good today." >She smiles. >"Thanks." She stands up and then walks away. >That went… okay? >Feeling like a loser, you walk to your next assignment. >Some periods later. You find a note inside your locker. Come to the field after school, meet you there. I hope you come. If you don't arrive, I'll be mad. For realzies. --Sonata >A smile prints itself on you while wrinkling the paper under your fist. >Perhaps you aren’t such a loser after all! … >Time goes by rapidly. Two classes later, it’s after school hours. >You sprint to your destination, not wanting to upset the cute chemistry girl. >You finally reach the football field and start looking for her. >You find Sonata standing in the shadow of the bleachers; vigilantly looking at the sky while nervously digging her toes into the grass. "Hey Sonata." >"Eeep!" >She jumps into the air and twists about making a smile as she sees you. >"Anonymous! You came!" >Your reply dies on your lips as she clutches you in a hug. "Y-yeah, I came. Of... course..." >"I knew you were the one! I could tell from the moment you came into class like, literally five seconds before the bell rang. You're a total rebel!" >She looks at you in the eye with a stern expression. >"We need your help, Anonymous." "Help?" >"To defeat the invaders, of course!" >You reluctantly pull yourself free from her grip. "Are you... are you serious right now?" >"I'm supes serious, Anon. Supes serious." She thrusts a glowing ray-gun into your hands as she speaks. >An aerial phenomena passes by, eliminating the shadows of the bleachers. >You crane your neck to see the bright streaks of fire above you. >"They’re here already! We have to hurry!" >She grabs you by the hand and pulls you along. >Congratulations Anonymous, you just got yourself caught with the secret Earth defense forces. >Moral: Don't be late for class. … >Without any time to breathe she leads you into the woods. You gotta admit she has a good pair of lungs. >”Look Anon, there they are!” Pointing her finger into the sky, you look up and get blinded by poignant sun light. >Not a smart idea. “Sonata what is this? What are we doing? Who are you really?!?” >”Anon this is for realzies, we have no time for questions now!” >You two chase the aerial phenomenon that flies to the west. >It is clear that you won’t be able to catch up to it so that is a small relief. “Sonata that thing moves way too fast. We won’t catch whatever it is.” >She looks at you and displays a mischievous smile. >”Don’t worry, we have our means.” “We?” >A black Cadillac approaches you. The co-pilot opens the window to reveal the passengers. >Unsurprisingly, it was that tough wannabe Hot Topic rebel Aria and driving was the afro blonde spider-hazard-hair Adagio. >“Pop in. According to our estimates they’ll land in a sparsely populated area.” The mauve rebel exclaimes. >”Our objective is to go down there and neutralize any targets.” The curly-gold leader continues. >The sight of otherworldly wonders has frozen your body. The chills running by your neck make you bobble unconsciously. >Sonata enters the car immediately, and then she notices your hesitation. >”Agent Anonymous we have no time for bobbing. Get in the car!” >Why is this happening to you? >”Agent Anonymous?! Since when?!” Adagio asks furiously. >”Today.” Sonata replies nonchalantly. >”Not again.” Aria proceeds to rest her head on her left hand while snarking. >”You know the protocol Sonata. I swear; everytime you break the rules—“ >”But he is different!” >The girls inspect you and your hypothermia-like shivers. >”I guess so; I mean I don’t think we’ll need to lobotomize him to cooperate…” >”This isn’t time to be joking. This goes for both of you.” Adagio glares at her companions. >”I mean it. He is A REBEL!” In an effort to help your reputation, Sonata ironically kills it even further. >Both girls turn to you dumbfounded and burst into laughter; as if told about the retard that bitch slapped his teacher with a cum-stained hand. >”Okay Sonata, I needed that.” Adagio says while Sonata remains stunned. >She then gives you a piercing glare. >”As for you. You. Saw. NOTHING.” >Still barely on foot. You nod to her in hopes to avoid this mess. >”Let’s go.” The black Cadillac starts to move, chasing the UFO. >Luck seems to have smiled upon you; you won’t be dealing with whatever creepy crawlers that thing is probably filled with. >Unfortunately, Sonata has other plans. Barely, you can hear her voice coming from the drifting vehicle. >”Wait. He has my gun.” >Without wasting any second, the car stops abruptly. Seems like it ain’t quite over. >The azure girl steps out and approaches you. Smiling, she asks for her gun. >Shaking like a Ritalin overdosed autist, you return her weapon. >”Thanks Anon.” She winks her right eye before departing. >Right here your pockets burp ravioli without permission. But Sonata doesn’t seem to mind. >”Oh that’s cool! I thought I was the only one that had food in her jammies.” >She takes some of your pasta and stores it in one of her pockets. >”This will make a great lunch. See ya!” >Speechless. You stare at her with a moronic look imprinted on your face. >”Wait… >She stops midway to the Cadillac and asks. > Anon; do you even know where we are?” Quite out the blue. “…Err. No. Not exactly.” >She grabs you by your arm and pulls you to the Cadillac. >”What now?! You have your gun, leave this loser behind.” >”That is very rude Adagio.” She scolds her—uh. Superior? >”Anonymous doesn’t know where he is. What if he gets lost? Or dies of starvation? Or—“ >”The aliens probe him?” The pink brat insinuates with a malevolent chuckle. >”Ya-haw! We can’t leave him here!” >Before anyone could reply a muffled voice emanating from their radio cuts the conversation. >”Come in Dazzlers, Actual One has started pursuit of the target. We are waiting for intel on the targets.” >“Fine! Fine! He can tag along. But if he gets in our way…” Afro-gio makes a fist while extending her thumb; passing it from one side of her neck to the other. Slowly. >”Got’cha?!” Got’cha! >”Got’cha.” >”Hop in. We have no time.” >And this is why you don’t hit on the ditzy girl of your classroom. You don’t know what kind of shenanigans may unfold. >Once in, Aria briefs Sonata on their mission. >”According to HQ we are dealing with a Kennethian-class bomber escorted by two BB-class troop carriers.” She shows her a picture of one of the UFOs. >”What that means Anon, is that the invaders plan to catalyst a natural disaster and don’t want to be interrupted.” Sonata turns to you completely blind to your anxiety. >”He doesn’t need to know.” >”What did I say that Aria didn’t?” She throws her arm into the air, shrugging. >”Whatever.” Adagio sulks and continues to drive. >Aria clears her throat. >”Anyway; since the invaders came by surprise we were called to clean whatever Actual One leaves behind.” >”Any idea on the type of Aliens?” >”We assume they are Sebillians, but for all we know they could be brains in jars.” >”Please don’t remind me.” Adagio cuts in with some nausea in her voice. >”I still laugh that you decided to run straight into a wall trying to escape.” >Both girls snicker to their in-joke. >A small beat goes by. >”So Anon, got any experience with Aliens?” The driver asks. “Uh… no.” >”I know. Otherwise you wouldn’t be a civilian.” >Just who are these girls? “And what am I supposed to do?” >”Same as Sonata, stand there and look pretty.” >”Auuh! Thanks Aria.” The insult goes over her head. >”Listen Anon, you are only here because of Sonata. You’ll stay in the car and let us handle whatever is inside those UFOs. Got it?” Adagio answers in a no nonsense way. “Kay then.” >Finally, you hit into what seems to be your destination. Adagio’s pupils dilate on what she sees. >”There they are.” >She stops on a small hill overseeing the town’s lake. >You can see a strong flashing sphere floating on the middle of the lake while other two bigger objects circle around it. >”Very well.” Adagio tunes a frequency on the radio and pulls a microphone. >”Dazzlers to Actual One, I repeat Dazzlers to Actual One. Do you copy?” >A muffled response comes from the radio. >”Actual One here. Can you confirm your location?” >”We are on Horseshoe Lake. I can confirm X-ray activity is taking place here.” >As Actual One and Adagio carried their conversation. Aria opens the glove box and passes a ray-pistol to Adagio. >”How many are there?” >”Three; and it seems like they already settled. The Kennethian is in the middle of the lake.” >”Son of a bitch.” >”Look if you can’t divert them from their position I’ll contact HQ and ask for a biohazard unit. You know this is a multiple-stage raid.” >”Do you want some?” Ditzy Dusk shoves a taco on your face. “Uh, thanks. What is it made of?” >”You tell me. I made it with your pasta.” “I see…” You accept her offer. >”Very well then. Actual One out.” >”So that’s that.” Aria exclaims. >Adagio dials another frequency on the radio. >”HQ, do you copy? HQ, are you there?” >”Loud and clear.” >”Dazzlers here. We have a situation: A Kennethian-class bomber has settled in the middle of Horseshoe Lake; we will need a biohazard unit ASAP.” >Copy that. Are there any units on your area?” >”No, we don’t have backup. It would be nice if you could lend us a hand.” >”Understood. Expect a fire team along the biohazard unit. HQ out.” >Once cut, radio static proceeds to overtake the channel. >Adagio takes a look at the cartoonish ray-gun in her hand and takes a deep breath. “S-so. What now?” >”Now we wait.” Aria answers for her boss. >”Isn’t it suspenseful!” Sonata says while sporting her absent minded smile. >Times flies slowly while you eat Sonata’s taco. Whatever is it you are waiting for; it sure is taking its time. >The girls on front haven’t taken their eyes from the incandescent floating disks. >From time to time you can see Aria checking her gun’s clip, pulling it in and out while Adagio has her arms crossed, exhaling moodily every now and then. >Sonata on the other hand is just looking by every window, she just wants to get out and explore the lake. >As your wait for eternity. A savage roar cuts through the silence. >”They are here.” “Who is here?” >Adagio turns to you and smiles. >”Actual One.” >As the boisterous roar approaches, you realize that it is the sound of planes underway. >Looking through the window, you can eye some black spots coming your way. >Once near enough, you can appreciate a formation of four F-16 jets aiming at the UFOs. >The UFOs seem to detect Actual One, and two of them fly into their direction. >”You know Anon, I feel like being generous to you.” Aria peeks at you. >”How about we eavesdrop, eh?” She extends her arm a tunes some unknown frequency. >At first all you could hear was static and scratches, but as it clears it opens itself to a voice. ... ”This is Papa One, we have two BB-class objects on our view.” >”Cool ain’t it?” ”We’ll divide on two pairs. Goliath and I will take the buggy on the left, Adam and Charlie; take the one on the right. ” The strangled voice gave its orders. >”Oh my, since when did you know this?” Sonata was bitter. >”Always.” >”And you didn’t say because?” >”Because you aren’t worthy.” >”Oh yeah, well you aren’t even tough!” >As the two bickered away you were hooked on the air combat above. >The UFOs split on two directions and the F-16s were dead lock on them. As the two were about to crash into each other, the air force maneuvered around them. ”Split!” >Both groups burst to the sides of their respective UFOs. For their move, both Aliens turned to the right. >One of the flashing spheres shot what seemed to be lighting to one of the F-16. >”FUCK!” ”Charlie: Status report.” >”I’m fine for now; the hull took the impact just fine.” ”Charlie, Adam, go for the Kennethian. Goliath and I will take care of those buggies.” >”Copy that.” >The right-most jets started to accelerate to the middle of the lake while being chased by UFOs. Goliath and Papa One tried to lock the saucers under their view. >One of the jets manages to escape from the saucers and goes straight to the lake while the other one was being hunted by the Aliens. >”Charlie here. Foxtrot-1 out.” >A missile is fired into the Kennethian on the lake. >In retaliation, the Aliens shot their weaponry to Adam. The F-16 felt the lighting and began to lose altitude. >”Goddamit.” >The missile crashed into the UFO but it was a no sell. >”Foxtrot-2 and Foxtrot-3 out.” Charlie sent his regards. ”Status report Adam! Report NOW!” >Adam was about to crash when the pilot parachuted out. ”Thank God…” >The Alien over the lake was hit once more, this time by two missiles. >”Buggy #0576 down.” Charlie expresses his joy as the UFO falls into the water. >The remaining UFOs backed down from Charlie and went for the pair on their tail. ”They are coming for us. Goliath, evasive maneuvers!” >”Ay-ay!” >The Aliens shot their lightning to the pair. Barely timing it, they were able to evade the instant blast of their weaponry. >”Eat lead!” >Both planes started their countermove. They opened fire into the foreign objects as they came head to head. >After overrunning them. The jets began to turn to continue their hunt, meanwhile the saucers started to move to the lake. ”Charlie, they are flying to you. Take aggressive maneuvers.” >”Copy that.” Charlie began to U-turn into the Aliens. >As both groups closed to the middle of the lake, you could feel a lump on your throat. >”Foxtrot-4 out. “ >As the missile approached the saucer it swiftly gained altitude to escape collision. >”Dammit. I’m out of ammo.” ”It’s now or never, hit then with everything we’ve got.” >”Understood.” >The Aliens began to retaliate. But their effort was futile as the pilots evaded every shot. >”Goliath here: Foxtrot-1 and 3 out.” >The jet sends missiles to the lowermost saucer as Charlie rapidly fires to it from the front. >Once the missiles touch the UFO, it finally gives in and crashes into the water. >”Another one down!” >The last UFO decided to not have any of that and started to accelerate. ”Shit, we have runner. About to hit Mach-5.” >”Then start shooting!” >Goliath and Papa One started to boost behind the UFO and opened fire. ”Papa One here. All Foxtrots out.” >He wasn’t kidding. The jet closest to the UFO fired all its missiles into the rogue saucer. >Unable to sustain damage, it fell into the woods. >” All buggies down.” “Everyone. Status report.” >”Goliath here, no damage whatsoever. >”Charlie here, moderate damage.” ”Adam, are you there?” >”Adam here, I’ll survive. I’ll wait for the extraction team.” ”Good to know. All mission objectives complete, let’s go home boys.” … >Aria proceeds to close the channel. >”Neat. Wasn’t it?” >”Huh… Actually, yes.” Adagio seemed amused. >”Told you so.” She beams a constrained smirk as Actual One flew into the horizon. >”Anyway. >Adagio starts the Cadillac. >We need to approach it.” She follows the trail left by the downed UFO. >”Actual One to Dazzlers. Actual One to Dazzlers, do you copy?” >Aria answers the incoming transmission. >”Dazzlers here, we copy.” >”All saucers have been taken down a notch, we’ve lost one F-16 but the pilot managed to parachute before crash-landing. If you find Adam, take him with you.” >”Understood.” >”Actual One out.” >Adagio parks behind some trees as she reaches the glowing, pulsating phenomenon. >”Aria, the sunglasses.” She extends her right arm to the co-pilot. >Her humorless companion opens the glove box again and spreads the spectacles around. “So you seriously are going to fight aliens. Just like that?” >Neither Aria nor Adagio reply. “In stockings, skirts and jeans? Without any sort of protection.” The image coming to mind certainly is queer. >”The invaders stealth their way in. There was no time for preparations.” The gloomy insurgent speaks with some bleakness. >The girls start to leave the Cadillac. >”And remember Anon, stay in the car at all times.” “Yes ma’am.” >The trunk bursts open, the musical trio proceed to take a peep. >”As always, I’ll be on front.” Aria takes a belt filled with grenades and straps it on. >Adagio extends a similar belt to Sonata and promptly wears it. >”Very well, our mission is to suppress whatever tries to come out that saucer.” >Adagio informs her minions coldly. >”We are not here to breach the UFO; we are not here to be the heroines. We simply shoot at whatever comes our way. >She closes the boot. >No fancy maneuvers, we stay close. No trick shots just aim and shoot. Above all else, stick to our training. Understood?” >She glances at her allies. >”Yup.” >”Sure.” >The three put their shades on. >Adagio breathes profoundly and exhales grimly. She cocks her boxy pistol and says: >”Let’s go.” >The sirens start to walk into the direction of the derelict saucer, ready to confront the unknown. >You can faintly hear Aria say something. >”If anything happens. I want you to know that… you’re all the best.” Or something along those lines. >Both of them look at her. Sonata nods reassuringly but Adagio simply stares silently. >As for you. You can only watch as they close to the glossy object. >Squinting, you barely see the trio start leaping from rocks to small hills to trees. Slowly and carefully advancing into the UFO. >So far silence reigns unquestionably. >A small cloud boils in front of the wall of light, it seems to be smoke. >You can hear some hums, but still can’t see for shit. >Without getting out, you crouch into the co-pilot seat and open the glove bow. >There isn’t anything inside. Back on the battlefield, you can see some rays go by the cloud of smoke. >Suddenly, a brighter flash erupts in front of the already glowing saucer. >It blinds you momentarily, but as your faculties come back you can hear the Dazzlings coming back. >”They have Aria pinned. Pop smoke Sonata.” >The humming noises become louder as they near you. >When your sight returns, you appreciate a big cloud of greyish smoke. >”Flashbang!” >Instinctively you duck and cover your ears. While taking cover, you noticed that Adagio left the car keys on. >Extremely loud bangs go off. >You look again to the phenomena, but its luminosity is too strong for the naked eye. >Out of the corner of your vision, you see the odd girls are now position on a small hill in front of the saucer. Hidden behind tress, dwarf slopes and rocks. >The Aliens have pushed them back a good distance, but where exactly are they? >Looking back into the literal sky light, you can spot dots awkwardly stepping their way to the small hill. >Flamboyant flashes are interchanged from both sides, always coming close to landing but not cigar. >It is now that the Aliens can now be appreciated. >In their nakedness, you could see their smoky skin strangled against their bones, their bodies barely capable to carry their weight. >They were featureless: noseless, earless, mouthless, hairless and sexless. Completely faceless. >Standing at roughly 4 feet, their ghoulishly skeletal frames were matched by their oversized cranes which hosted their compound charcoal eyes. >Their feet resembled pawns and their stiff hands protuberated three fingers that seemed to had been clumsily fused. >Suffice to say, they were the typical Greys. Yet, to see those malevolently soulless somber eyes and those malnourished shapes was uncannily chilling. >Lost in translation, watching one of the Aliens get harpooned by lasers and then twitching futilely on the ground awakes you from hypnotic state. >The girls were slowly being pushed from the small hill. Their cover constantly melted by the strange alien weaponry. >”Sonata, your right flank!” Adagio shout at her dotty friend whom was behind a tree trunk. >Effectively, the Greys were trying to get a clear shot. But it was too late to countermove; they started to suppress her position. >”Aria, flas—” >One of the lasers lands on Adagio. >”AAAHH!” The alien had shot her sidearm, although it didn’t shatter on impact. It did scorch her right hand. >”Adagio!” >”Don’t worry about me. Deal with them!” >Unfortunately the Greys fired at Aria before she could step out. >”Negative, can’t engage!” >”GIRLS!” >The mission had gone to shit fast. This situation requires a professional. >You hop into the pilot seat and start the Cadillac. Stepping into the gas, you start to rush into the nearest Grey. >The engine echoes throughout the battlefield, attracting the attention from the Dazzlings and the Greys. >Although satisfactory, the growl of the motor is not a great battle cry. So you came with your own: [spoiler]”BEEP BEEP! Where that car at though?”[/spoiler] >”What in Starswirls?!” >You drive over the Grey that was about to flank the group. A satisfactory bump came from the impact. >”You’re INSANE Anonymous!” Adagio yells. >As the Greys lose one of their own, they fix their firepower on you. >Their rays melt through glass; the high temperature of their projectiles drying the air on its wake. >You turn the Cadillac 180°. Ready to go road kill. >”Anon duck!” A grey cloud materializes in front of you, followed by golden rays melting their way through. >Taking note of the situation, you shrink under the windscreen, evading the Grey’s pot shots. >You hear a screech coming from one of them. >“Neutralized.” >”Anon, get out the car!” Adagio orders. >Carefully, you crouch your way to the co-pilot door and then press yourself against the Cadillac’s now open door. >”Anon, catch!” One of the glowing guns lands in front of you. You take it and then ask: “What now?!” Shakily raising your voice. >”Shoot at it!” “But I’ve never held a gun!” >”Just shoot! You don’t have to land them!” >Following instructions, you peek by the melted glass to find the Grey that was behind a considerably sized rock, hunkering as much as it could. >You open fire into the thing, unable to land any shot due to your agitation. >”Keep going!” >As the constant fiery rain fell on the Grey the other girls approached it methodologically. >“Lights out!” Aria tosses like a champ. >The stun grenade lands squarely into the Grey as Sonata flanked its sorry hide. >Another inhuman growl is heard, seems like you successfully performed a turnabout. >’Well done Anonymous.’ You mentally pat yourself. >Heavily breathing. You notice how sweaty your palms have become; you put the gun on the ground and notice your trembling hands and twitchy fingers. >”Adrenaline.” “Huh?” You turn to insurgent pigtails whom is followed by her half-wit friend. >”Can you feel that rush going by your veins or the dryness in your throat? That’s adrenaline.” She speaks with a sneer on her face. >You stare at her confounded; and then you espy their current condition: Dirty, their clothes smeared by a mixture of mud and grass; though they didn’t seem to mind. >”See Aria. I told you he was a rebel!” >”Anonymous…” A flimsy yet rigid cry comes from behind them. Adagio was sauntering her way to you with a cold expression while squeezing her smoking arm to her chest. >She sighs before asking. “What did I told you Anonymous?” “To… stay in the car.” Still a bit wobbly, you reply to her. >”No, the other thing smartass.” “To… let you handle it?” >”Exactly. Don’t poke your nose where it isn’t needed.” What a bitch. >”Really Adagio?! >Aria vocalizes her disappointment. >I mean, yeah he is a creep. But if it wasn’t for him—“Adagio extends her left index finger to seal her mouth. >”I know…” Her hand fall wearily out of her lips, she follows this motion and sits next to you. >A small beat goes by. >”Anon, I believe there is flask of water under one of the seats. Could you check for me?” Haunted by her swollen red right hand, she doesn’t bother to look at you. >Clinging to some animosity, you take your time to reply. “I suppose... >You step into the car and look for the bottle. Here it is.” Then you give it to her. >Still not looking at you, Adagio hesitantly congratulates you: “Thanks for… well you know. I guess.” > She holds the container with her good hand and then pours water on the burn. >Her face twists in pain as the stream washes her fist. The three of you share alarmed glimpses. >”Does it… hurt?” >”What do you think Sonata?!” A sardonic tone carries her question. >She turns to Aria deeply worried, and then both look at her with concern. >”So… What now?” Aria asks her boss. >”What do you mean by ‘what now?’ You stick to our orders. You go patrol the object’s perimeter, shooting anything that comes your way until the fire team arrives. I’ll be fine. Just go.” >Both girls look at each other and then shake heads in disapproval. Adagio can only frown. >”What? Aren’t you going to perimeter it?” >”Look, we are not gonna leave you here. Don’t even think about it.” >”Aria is right. Friends look for each other, right Anon?” Adagio cocks her head to face you. “…You know they’re right.” She suspires sulkily. >”…Fine then. Just patrol near me. But do it!” >”Ay-ay captain.” The scatter brain nods. >”I suppose you’ll need this Anonymous.” Adagio hands you her specs. >”Whoa Adagio! I doubt that’s a good idea.” >”Got any better ones?!” Aria stays silent. “But what about your wound?” >”I’ll be fine Anonymous.” “Ma’am. That is a deep burn; I think you need to go to a hospital.” You keep pressing the issue. >”And I will. Once we get out of this mess. >She sights once more. >Now get moving.” >The girls load new clips into their zeerust laser-handguns. >With no other way out you put on Adagio’s shades and the three of you start to patrol the area. >”And don’t let anything go by your sight!” … >The three of you have spent your time overwatching the immediate area around the Cadillac. The girls decided to take front positions leaving you to look at their backs. >As you wander around these dissonant meadows, your mind wonders about. >The main issue jogging inside your head is what exactly will they do TO you? Various scenarios parade in your mind, the most disturbing being used for sinister experiments. >You tried to bring this up but you got shooshed by Aria while Sonata kept telling you that you wouldn’t suffer any major injuries. Needless to say, they weren’t very reassuring. >As you jog behind the duo, you come across a deceased Grey. >Upon closer inspection, you find its “gun” still under its grasp. Your curiosity aroused, you crouch and pry the alien weapon. >A dull grey dominates its image. Its shaft is a long, fat horizontal cylinder which tip ends in a dwarf, truncated cylindrical pyramid that glows a sickish yellow. >It did not possess sights or a magazine and its trigger was well conceived, being part of gun’s grip. >The other side of the cylinder connects to a fang shaped grip with a subtle depression. There is also an octagonal prism on the fang’s upper ending, sticking out like a valve. >When comparing them, the ray-gun has a boxy yet whimsical sci-fi appearance; by contrast; the alien blaster is plain with ergonomics added as afterthought. >While both seem functionally identical. The design philosophies behind each weapon are like day and night. >The esoteric blaster just teases your interest further. You glimpse at the girls, they haven’t noticed you snooping extraterrestrial treasures. >You breathe deeply before attempting to profane the cryptic corpse. You extend your hand to the blaster when. “Ugh. What is that?!” A metallic odor interrupts you. >You crane your neck in hopes to discover the source of the pungent scent. >Without any success, you straighten yourself and start to twist about. Then you stop turning when you catch a body crawling your way. “Freeze or I’ll shoot!” You forgot you were dealing with Aliens, retard. >”Whoa calm down! Friendly here.” The thing speaks, and then it stands up to put its hands in the air, rubbing its five fingers together. >The girls now notice the stranger. “Who are you?!” >”Adam, pilot of Actual One.” Ah, it’s that guy. You pull down your laser-arm so Adam starts to stroll to you. >The man was under a tan Nomex garment with roomy pockets spread throughout his flight suit. >He was average height but well-built with wide shoulders. His black boots flicker the holster holding a ballistic firearm on his right thigh with each step. >The visor of his bone dome hides his visage with the alien bonfire; and his most fashionable aspect is open for appreciation. >A winning combo of a Chevron plus a soul patch, with that helmet: Classic. >”I suppose you’ll be the Dazzlers?” He reaches out for a hand shake. “In a sense, yes. I’m Anonymous.” You firmly take his hand. His rubber gloves giving you a grody tingling. >Aria and Sonata near you. ”Never seen you before, so I’ll take you’re a newfriend?” >”Of Sonata’s.” Aria perks at her accomplice. >”Hi Adam! How’s your day?” >”Eventful. >A straight response. >So how come this guy is the only one in a suit?” You share a peek with Aria. “Uh, pardon me?” He shrugs. >”Well you’re MIB right? Is it because he’s a new recruit? Cuz I dunno about how the MIBs work.” >”Oh he, nah he is just a friend of mine. He isn’t even part of our group.” >”SONATA!!” Aria screams her lungs out. >”Wha-what is it Aria?!?” Adam stares at you in shock and takes his time to digest this revelation. >”I… I don’t know what to say… HQ is just gonna freak like hell over this.” >You could see “Anxiety” written all over Aria’s features. The airman just rolls his arms together. >”W-what is wrong?” Sonata seems to not get it. >”Ignore her, she’s a special child.” Aria grumps. “And what is wrong with me being here, exactly.” You cut in. >”Apart from top secret? Nothing much, I don’t think you’re dumb enough to risk your life.” You lower your shoulders as he said that. >”Son, look at me… What did you?” >”You should have seen Anon! He just, like, took our ride and hit the gas pedal and then went straight into—” Aria’s fingers violently clench Sonata’s cheeks, cutting her mid-sentence. >”Stop talking anytime.” And then frees her. Leaving her rubbing her face, puzzled at what did she mess up. >”So you went hit-and-run into the invaders?” You nod to him. He throws his arms as if asking ‘Why?’ You sigh. “They were about to get Sonata…” >”The mission went FUBAR. He disobeyed direct orders but he acted to protect us.” Aria’s got your back on this one. >The senior pilot can only look at you in disapproval. Good thing you can’t see his eyes. >”Look. Dealing with civilian is our jurisdiction; we’ll ‘talk’ this through.” That sounds very menacing to you, but she speaks with such sternness that Adam appears to buy it. >”Well, if you know what you are doing…” This is the perfect time to change topic. ”Anyway. What were you doing creeping on us?” So you took it. >”What can I say. There is so much light this visor can reflect.” He taps the visor with his index. “No. I mean, why come to the UFO when it’s infested with aliens?” >”Ah ya mean X-rays? Well I was told that the Dazzlers, that is the MIB, were here.” “Even though you could have been ambushed?” You raise an eyebrow. >”That’s why I was crawling.” Adam notes Aria intensively scrutinizing his thighs. >”Anything in your mind, miss?” >”You wouldn’t happen to carry some ointment in one of those pockets. Correct?” >He shakes his head. ”Sorry miss.” >”Yeah, why would anything nice happen?” She crosses her arms and frowns. >”If I may ask. What do you need it for?” “We have a wounded.” >“Really?! Where?” You point your finger to the vehicle less than 11 yards away. >”That… DAMN! Are those holes…?” He glances at you and then proceeds to put his hands on his nape as he whistles. >”You’re either really brave or really dumb, but any way, kudos kid.” >Adam just went silent for some considerable time, letting his imagination fill in the gaps. >”Hey… You wouldn’t happen to have a radio?” He takes an interrogation stance. ”Yes. Yes we do.” >”Why?” >”To contact HQ, know how long they’ll take to get here and call my boys.” Now that he mentions it, backup has surely taken its time. >”Meh why not. Follow me.” The moody missy leads the way. >The trio march their way to the ugly car sitting on the horizon. You take another view to the exotic machine you were previously paying heed to. >Feeling as if a revelation slipped you by, you exhale shallowly before catching up to the group. … >To keep vision under such shiny scenery is strenuous. That’s what Adagio has noticed these past minutes as she tried to track her team safeguarding this crash site. >Still pressed against the now metallic Swiss cheese, she has been feeling her blisters-ridded extremity being gently caressed by autumn’s peaceful winds. >Listening for footsteps, she hears you and company approach the Cadillac. >Nervously she peeps over the car’s door and is relieved to see it’s just her companions. >”Here she is. She’s Adagio, you could say she’s my commander.” Aria introduces pilot Adam to her superior. >”Oh plasma wound… I’m sorry to see that.” He expresses his condolences. >”Oh my God! Adagio are you okay?” Sonata notices how progressively worse her wound has become. >”I’ll be alright, don’t worry. And you, your name was…?” >”Sorry miss; I’m Adam from Actual One.” Adagio blinks as she recognizes his name. >”So you found him on the field?” >“More like Anon found him.” >”I see Sonata… >She eyes you momentarily. >So what brings you here Adam?” >”Heard you’ve got a radio?” >”Step inside.” The man nods and takes the co-pilot seat. >He tunes in a frequency and starts to talk. “HQ do you copy? HQ, are you there?” >”HQ here. Who is this?” A raspy reply comes from the radio. >”This is Adam Airforce, member of Actual One. I’ve met the Dazzlers on the crash site and we’re waiting for an extraction team. Do you copy?” >”Adam! Papa One here, you’ve got us worried sick, dog!” >”Sup Methuselah. How are things on base?” >”Same old, same old… Any reason why you called?” >”Can’t I just call in unannounced?” >”Is this an X-ray? Cuz the Adam I know isn’t such a knucklehead.” >”Screw you old man!” The man on the other end laughs. >As the airmen carry on a familiar scent assails you back with a vengeance. This time you plan to find its origin. >”…So when can we expect the extraction?” >”We saw them coming your way like ten minutes ago, should be there in no time.” >”Wait, extraction or backup?” >”Both.” >The Dazzlings take notice of this.”Wha-?” >”Didn’t ya hear? There was a leak of sorts so both teams will be there simultaneously.” Adam kept silent. >”Ya there?” >”…Yes, I’m here.” >”Anyway, ETA is ‘bout five minutes. Any other thing I can help you with?” Adam thinks through his options. >”Uh yes, the girls have a situation here…” >”What kind of situation?” He turns and inspects the girls’ reaction. >Sonata was blissfully unaware of the consequences she brought to others; Aria hides her poignant jitters under her usual poker face, cold sweat running under her hands. As for Adagio, she was out the loop. >”…Girls seem to have run with a tourist as the saucers arrived. He’s taggin’ along but they tell me they’ll ‘talk’.” >”That’s hardly a thing. They’re WIB, they can handle it themselves.” >”Correct. Sorry sir.” >”If that’s all then just stay put and wait for extraction. HQ out.” And with that the transmission cuts off. >”So you know.” Adagio confronts him. >”And you didn’t rat us because?” >”You heard the man, you’re WIB. Whatever that stands for?” >”Women In Black.” The trio asserts in unison startling the airman. >”Kay then I get it; besides he looks inoffensive to me… >Adam looks around for you. >Where is that kid anyway?” Nobody saw you depart on your smell quest. >You followed your nose looking for the horrid pestilence that had been nagging you. >As you effortlessly look over the ever expanding pasture the metal stink becomes stronger by the minute. Then to your dismay you find its origin. ”GUYS!!” The uneasiness of your sightings provokes you to yelp for the government personnel to heard your pleas and come by you. >Once they’re near you ask to no one in specific. “The hell is that?!” You point to the anomalous creature lying in the distance. >A pulsating, glowing horror. Its spade-shaped head horded its zircon eyes where the lights of the frightening phantom emanated from. >Its compact and deceitful torso sprouting a pair of thickset arms where its “fingers” were compromised by three long metallic nails that reflected its natural fluorescence. >This dark-colored creature seemed to have some kind of veil covering where its legs should be. >It also floated at about 6 feet above the ground; dismissing natural laws even further. Truly such perversity can only be a bad omen. >”Aria is that—” >”Holy fuck that’s a Glowhead!” She curses under half whispers and full trepidation. >Immediately she launches to you and Adam, forcing both to nestle with the ground. The poltergeist hears you and turns to your direction. >With everyone embracing the grass and cloaked from its view, the monster continues to hover passively. “The hell is a Glowhead?” You murmur to Aria. >”The meanest, most ugly thing you won’t like to meet in a dark alley. ” “That doesn’t tell me anything!” >”Aria is right Anon; those things are, like very mean and easy to anger.” >”Anon listen here. Those claws it has are not for show, it can rip a man apart in no time.” “So what, we have x-rays.” >”Anon do you smell that?” A small beats goes by. “You mean the metallic smell? Yeah.” >”That’s because that thing is made out of metal, specifically alloys that dissipate heat immediately, heat like laser rays.” You gulp on that thought. “So you’re saying—” >”Yes now shut up!” She closes your mouth forcibly. >You patiently wait for it to leave but it doesn’t seem like the case. Adam starts to backpedal slowly, you three follow him carefully. >Without provocation, the creature discharges a banshee shriek. Its shriveling screams sends shivers that slide on your spine. >The artic dread pumping through your veins overtakes your body freezing it on the spot. Fortunately its shrill are baseless, the beast continues to sail idly on the breeze, blind to the squashy band of technicolor humans below it. >In the verge of crisis you’re paralyzed by the supernatural radiance of the Braxton’s phantom. Cautiously Aria resumes backpedalling, the group follows her tactic. >You survey the invader as you evade it, you would’ve sworn it’s asleep if it wasn’t for its brightness. >Each step feels as loud as a Krakatoa’s wrath. Each step feels as long as a Venusian sunrise. Each step feels as treacherous as Judas’ schemes. Yet, each step closes you to safety. >As you backpedal you stamp over the abandoned alien blaster. The timid thump stemming from the foreign gizmo alarms the specter. >Its eyes focus on your direction, drilling a hole on your crane. The group stops walking and fixes on your current predicament. >Breathless, you fight to contain the latent shout that is quivering in your fauces. With some effort you swallow your scream. >You take a quick look at the alien carcass and locate its weapon. Hands twitching and rubbing fingers, you prepare for the worse. >The Glowhead starts to drift to you; your pupils dilate as it closes. Haphazardly you stock the ray-gun in one of your pockets. >The creature suddenly stops; then it shudders vigorously and shrills once more before facing you as its crystal eyeball turn ruby with bloodlust. Unable to hold your distress anymore, you pick the alien blaster. >”Anonymous don’t!” >You stand up with the blaster in hand. The weapon felt awkward to hold with your thumb and index wrapping painfully around the protuberating prism, leaving the middle ‘bird’ to fly. >With your hand twisting to accommodate the esoteric firearm your pinky and ring finger must somehow push the hard to reach trigger to use the blaster. >As the monster launches to you try to use your left hand to stabilize the heavy gun. Unfortunately the long barrel forces you to dip your aim as it rapidly advances. >You shoot the gun carelessly as the Glowhead nears you, hitting by mere change seconds before it can reach you but at this point it’s too late. >With dead so close at hand a quick review your life passes by. With your last seconds a final thought comes to mind. [spoiler]ㅤㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤAyy lmao ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤㅤ [/spoiler] >As those cold and metallic claws were about to rip your flesh you were pushed by an unidentified force. >Missing you, the poltergeist simply floats by, using its claws to scratch away the plasma that got soldered on its face. >As your face eats dirt you realize that someone saved you. Twisting to see who it was you’re startled when you see Aria’s livid features. >She grabs you by your necktie and yells. ”Why are you so stupid Anonymous!” >”Anon, Aria run!” Sonata yells with worriment. >You two step up and break for the Cadillac while the Glowhead is momentarily distracted. >”Anonymous.” “What?!” You cock your head to face Aria. >”We’re even now.” She smiles for a second before returning to her usual grimness. >With nothing to reply with you just keep on sprinting. Another high pitch howl is released; the monster resumes its hunt. >You crane your neck to see the banshee soaring at an incredible pace; it’s obvious you won’t outrun it. “Fucker is coming fast!” >”Got something for it. >She quickly picks a flashbang and throws it over her shoulder. >Nobody looks back!” >The grenade hits the monster, making the object bounce and explode on its face, once the last booms clear off you look over your shoulder to meet the creature. >To your horror the Glowhead is unaffected and seems to have hastened. “Shit that did nothing!” >”WHAT?!” “Now what do?!” Aria studies your surroundings and comes with a plan. >”Sonata smoke over that hill!” >”Okay!” She throws a grenade in front of the group. A smoke screen shapes itself shortly thereafter. >”Everyone slide into the cloud and stay down!” You follow her instructions; you slide into cover and then embrace the ground. >The Glowhead cruises through the mist. Confused as to your whereabouts, it whimpers in anger. “Now what?!” You whisper to Aria. >”I-I…” She bites her lip on the topic. Then the ghoulish ghost enters the cloud again, its sanguine splendor giving it away. >Staring at it in complete silence. You see the creature slash mindlessly the thin air trying to find you. The smoke starts to clear, the tremors on your back become stronger with each slit. >Just when things have gone to shit again a familiar roar resound in the distance. “Is that…?” A loud horn is heard. “Adagio.” The frightening apparition is attracted to all the ruckus and hovers out the smoke. >Indeed. Adagio was pulling the same antics as you. >The Glowhead shrieks to the Cadillac before launching to it. On her side, Adagio accepts the challenge and steps the pedal. >With one good hand and no windshield, she drives determined to deal with the alien. You and the rest can only watch in apprehension as the both close into each other. >Scrunching her eyes, Adagio prepares for impact as the Glowhead readies its claws to shred the vehicle moving towards it. >Just when crashing seems imminent, Adagio kicks the break with full force and steers the Cadillac in such way that it hits the alien with the car’s rear. >The monster goes flying in a short arch and hits the ground. With the menace disoriented, you and company can only stare in awe at Adagio’s successful car stunt. >“EVERYONE GET IN THE CAR!” She commands with rigorous tone. >You and company follow and get in the ride. Adagio hops to the co-pilot site and lets Aria take her seat, although skeptic she takes the steer wheel. >She immediately hits the pedal and leaves the Glowhead to eat her dust, but the creature was far from letting you go. A chase scene ensued as the poltergeist tries to catch up to the speeding vehicle. >In desperation Adam pulls his handgun and fired into the alien through the molten rear window. Each shot sparked as it hit its metallic body, leaving miniature craters per bullet. >”God fucking dammit!” He shouts as he reloads. >Not wanting to be torn by those talons you help Adam, sadly your aim is less that useless. >”Brace up guys. I see a bumpy ride in front.” The group follows Aria’s advice and buckle up. >Sonata joins your efforts, though she is probably bandwagonning. >Aria drives directly into a deceitful path populated by tangled topography, twined trees and sharp rocks. >”HQ do you copy?! HQ are you there?!” Adagio tries to tune her superiors as Aria briskly bolts by the tangled pathway. >”HQ here. What is going on?” He opens communications with distress. >”Mission is FUBAR. I repeat mission is FUBAR, we’ve got a Glowhead pursuing us and we have no effective weaponry. Where is the fire team?! ” >”…Fire team is right there.” >”WHAT?!” Everyone shouts. >”Fire team is on Horseshoe, about to deploy near the lake. Go there or call the teams’ attention.” >”Understood.” She closes the channel. >The Glowhead manages to pluck one of its claws into the vehicle and starts to crawl into the passengers’ seats, unaffected by lasers and bullets. >”Aria to the lake!” >”Yeah I’ve got it!” She fiercely turns left and the phantom’s body follows the inertia ripping a chunk of the trunk, hanging by the edge. >”I can hear them! The engines they are here!” Aria shouts. >Desperately and futilely you keep the Glowhead under heat. Disgracefully it jumps straight into the left rear of the car sinking itself on the Cadillac. >The group screams at the alien’s surprise move. The creature shrieks once more, its crimson vision daunting you. The poltergeist tries to reach for Sonata but Adam pulls her away. >”Fuck off already!” Adam alienates the muzzle with the creature’s right garnet. >He pulls the trigger three times and by the third shot the Glowhead’s diamond had been pierced. The monster pulled off in pain as Sonata catches view of a tree in the distance. >Instinctively she pulls off the lock and kicks open the door just in time for the Glowhead to get crushed between metal and hardwood. >A high pitch wail is descried by the ghost; a strong solace hits you as you see how the monster is left behind, you inhale deeply and lay your head against the soft fabric of the back seats. >Looking around you can appreciate how everyone is hyperventilating their fear. >”You. Were. AWESOME Adagio!” Sonata declares wholeheartedly as she rests her body against the leather seats. >”You can thanks Anonymous, he gave me the idea.” >”Is this… Is this what being a MIB is like?” He asks to nobody in particular, still panting. >”Wanna trade?” Adagio gives him suggestion. >”No thanks I’ll stick to the sky.” She chuckles. >Finally as you hit the lake you reach backup. You cautiously observe the mountainous aircrafts loudly spinning their proprotors which nascent from their main body, poking out like arms. The curious branching reminds you of Man’s Minotaur. >The warlike-crafts’ arms ended in huge engines that seem to be able to tilt if needed, the machine looked like a breed of helicopter and airplane. >Aria parks in front of the TLZ and watches the soldiers disembark the laded Phalanx; a warm soothing wave hits everyone as the military approaches. >The sixteen men squadron was fielded with beige-colored standard Kevlar body vests, shoulder and knee pads along normal military garments. Their helmets were hybrids of gas masks and common combat headwear with a little LED stick to their right temple. >They proudly displayed an anti-Xenomorph insignia on their chests, graven with an austere font as they approached you with a variety of ballistic marksman/sniper rifles, anti-tank bazookas, light machine guns and laser-ray sized rifles and pistols along cow-sized backpacks. >They arrange a perimeter around the wizened vehicle. Then one of the operatives nears Aria while carrying a laser-ray rifle. You also notice she has a portable radio in her breast pocket. >”Sup ma’am, I’m ‘Kitty’ Dust of Strike Six. We’ve heard you’ve got the crash site under control?” She asks as she inspects the defaced Cadillac. >”Yes we are the Dazzlers, WIB.” She’s still horrified. >”May I ask what exactly happened?” >”Mission went critical… twice. The first time our commander was wounded. >She points at Adagio’s burn. >Second time we’ve got a Glowhead on our tail, but we escaped unharmed… the car didn’t.” >”I can see that. >The veiled commander cleans her throat. >Corporal ‘Loki’, Corporal ‘Septic’ we’ve got a plasma burn!” >The recruits sprint to Dust. >”The rest stay in position, we’ve got X-rays in the area!” >”Yes Commander Dust?” >”She needs medical assistance, evaluate her injury.” ‘Kitty’ points a finger to Adagio. >”Yes ma’am!” >”If you could please step out so our staff can heal you?” Adagio does as she is told. >The doctors lead her to lie down on the grass and inspect her extremity. >”As for you. >She seems to look at the pilot. >You must be Adam, correct?” She says with a strange intonation. >”Yes ma’am.” >”Why don’t you accompany our pilot? I’m sure he dislikes being alone.” She speaks sardonically. >Adam chuckles. “Will do.” >You open the door next to you and step out to let him through since the airman can’t use the other one due to the severe dents that have permanently shut it down. >”Sargent ‘Geronimo’, Corporal ‘Zulu’, to me!” Her subordinates close to her. >”Take this man back to the air.” She points to the humongous craft. >”Ay-ay!” And so Adam is escorted into the belly of the beast. >The commander inspects you and the girls one more time and then takes another look to the vehicle. >”SNAFU, uh?” Aria outlines a smug look and sniggles. >As Adagio receives treatment you inquiry over the airborne Leviathans that have begun to extract the UFOs inside the lake. Roping their extremities, the flying machines lift the saucers back into surface. >You also notice a group of people wearing hazmat suits on the other shore of the lake. You could see they carried abnormal instruments but couldn’t for the life of you figure what exactly they were. >”HQ to Dazzlers. Dazzlers do you copy?” The radio suddenly comes to life. >”Dazzlers here, we copy.” >”Transmission cut abruptly. Report your current situation.” >”We met Strike Six; we fulfilled our mission and are about to go home.” >”Thank the heavens.” >”Requesting checkpoint from the MIB.” >”Oh yeah I almost forget. >The man in the radio proceeds to give Aria a set of geographical coordinates. >Ya got that?!” >”Loud and clear HQ.” >”Dazzlers we’ve got a request, could you pass me Adam?” >”Negative he is already inside an extraction ship.” >”That’s a relief…” >”Anything else HQ?” >”Nothing else Dazzlers. HQ out.” >The colossal airplane that had gobbled Adam starts to lift off. A voice comes from Commander Dust’s walkie-talkie. >”Strike Six—” >”And Adam here.” >”…Moving to overwatch.” With an annoyed tone the pilot finishes his sentence. >”Copy that.” ‘Kitty’ replies as her medics stop harassing Adagio and let her go. They approach their commander to share their findings. >”Status report.” >”Second degree burn, we applied antibiotic ointment on her; fortunately the blisters are intact so no need for bandaging or further cleaning. We also doubt she’ll need skin grafting.” >”She’ll live. She just needs to move her fingers to prevent further swelling and rinse periodically. She can also remove dead skin but she must do so carefully.” >Adagio steps back into the car. “Good to hear, now resume positions.” Her combat medics sprint to their previous spots. >One of the titanic airships is now in front of the battalion, about to deliver one of the UFOs to the military branch for breaching. >Everyone take position. GO! GO! GO!” >Her men sprint near the future drop zone of the saucer looking for tactical points from which to attack. Before joining them ‘Kitty’ takes one last word to you. >”I bet it must have been an intense day. >The group nods. >Well it’s now over; we’ll take it up from here. Godspeed!” She gives you a two-finger salute and breaks for her team. The girls can only exhale in respite before departing to their rendezvous point. >The aircraft drops the flying saucer making the earth quake under its weight. That was the last thing you saw from Strike Six before they ventured into the unknown. … >As you reach civilization nighttime has already conquered the heavens with its milky miniature nickels. The way home has actually been pleasurable, the strong rush of emotions had opened the usually enigmatic nature of these girls. >You’ll have never guessed that Aria had a room filled with plushies she had earned on carnivals or that she is a big fan of baseball. Most importantly you found out the name of her favorite: “Mr. Quivers the Tootsie Hoot.” >It was quite queer to know that Sonata had culinary abilities comparable to a professional chef; she could cook international dishes at whim. Ranging from pastas to tortillas to pies to ramen to croissants, whenever she was dealing with meat or wheat, she could make it. >Most importantly, although you figured that Adagio could boogie-woogie her way into Soul Train you could have never for the life of you guessed that she had spent her time studying car stunts as part of her training. No wonder she pulled that out. >The day may have turned your world upside down, but with good company, you could face whatever galactic force that is creeping to Earff. >It was about now that you notice the familiar streetlights and buildings. Aria nears a white house and parks close to it; you recognize it within the blink of an eye. “Wait what are we doing in my house?” >”Sorry Anonymous, but as much of a ‘hoot’ this was… >Aria glares at her with a blush in her cheeks. >You aren’t a MIB, at least not for now.” “For now?” Your eyes sparkle with hope, it’s probably the hormones in your system but enrolling with MIB sounds exciting. >”Yeah, you don’t seem like such a bad guy.” Aria says reluctantly. >”So that means that we can stay with Anon!” Sonata could barely contain her joy. >”First I must bring this out to our boss, but I don’t see why not.” >”YAAAAAY!!” She then squashes you under her grip, preventing any pasta projectiles with extreme prejudice. >”Sonata why don’t you escort Anon to his house? I bet he must be really tired.” >”Great idea Adagio, let’s go Anon.” She grabs your hand and pulls savagely. >”But first… >She opens the glove box to reveal a long silver cylinder. >Take this with you Sonata.” >The girls petrify upon seeing the curious piece of plastic in her hand. >”B-But Adagio didn’t you say—” >”Now. Now. What’s up with the long face Sonata, this is just a standard MIB receiver.” “Receiver?” >”Yeah that’s how we contact you.” Aria cuts in. >”See Sonata must have confused this with something else, right?” >This smells like a trap. Fortunately Sonata is a bad liar, she won’t play along. >”Y-Yeah. My bad.” She says a bit embarrassed. Guess it was a mix up. >”Now be a good girl and accompany the gentleman.” >”Y-Yeah, sure.” She takes the funny looking long cylinder. >Before you could walk to your house Adagio confers you a last request. “Oh Anon, would you give me my shades back?” “Sure.” You hand them back, she compliments you and waves you goodbye. >You approach your house. It feels good to finally reach home >Without turning, you engage Sonata in a conversation. “You know Sonata, at first I thought your friends were the typical teenage brats, you know what I mean right? >You reach the main door and start to fiddle for your keys. I mean these tweet addicts that have social media implanted into their head, always checking for updates and making stupid selfies. >You take a brief pause to open the door. I even thought you were like so but at least you were lighthearted and funny. Not to mention a good chef, apparently. >You store your keys back to your pockets, and a bit embarrassed, you continue talking. Anyway, this may sound awkward but… I really enjoyed our time together.” >You take a look at her; she seems to try to tell you something. “Oh yeah the ray-gun! >You look through your pockets but find nothing. I suppose it must be on the Cadillac…” >“…I’m sorry.” Sonata says timidly. “Ugh?” >”I’m sorry.” She holds the bizarre bar in front of you and then the cylinder opens to reveal a red dot. Sonata presses an unseen button on the back of the object and before you knew it the world is engulfed by light. >You lose your consciousness and drop to the floor. … [spoiler]“But why?! You said we could keep him?!”[/spoiler] [spoiler]“Sonata—”[/spoiler] [spoiler]“He saved us from being turned into goo!”[/spoiler] [spoiler]“Sonata—”[/spoiler] [spoiler]“Aria just told us she liked him, and so did you! Why are you—”[/spoiler] [spoiler]“Sonata!!”[/spoiler] [spoiler]“…”[/spoiler] [spoiler]“You know the protocol Sonata. I swear; eveytime you break the rules we play the same charade. When will you learn…?”[/spoiler] [spoiler]“…”[/spoiler] [spoiler]“Just be grateful that Adam didn’t tell on us. We can always file a fake name, otherwise MIB will relocate him.[/spoiler] [spoiler]“…” [/spoiler] [spoiler]Now I know you’ll like to befriend him but promise me Sonata. Promise me that you will never talk to him again.”[/spoiler] [spoiler]“…I. I don’t know.”[/spoiler] [spoiler]“…C’mon, hop in. We have some errands to do.”[/spoiler] … >The alarm clock fires up in the morning, dancing all over your nightstand before you rapidly punch it and shut it up. >You take a shower and shiver in the cold water, you swear you’ll fix the boiler today and as any other day you follow with your routine, you remove the neckbeard that grows back erryday, no matter how meticulously you shave it is always back by the next morning. >As any other day you get yourself dressed with your usual attire: Jet suit, white shirt, underwear, red necktie, black shoes, pants, you ponder upon wearing a hat or not and like any other day you decline. Perhaps one of these days you will wear one, but not today. >As you make breakfast you put the TV on the news channel for the weather report, as any other day you use the news time to make your usual breakfast: a simple cereal. You remind yourself that it is healthier than the ramen you used to eat some years ago. >Unlike any other day however, this time a special report calls your attention: ”Thank you Gregg, on other news rangers found a red tide spreading in Horseshoe Lake today, experts say that the temperature rising from the last few days has been a contributor on this phenomenon. Though according to local fishermen, the lake was pristine during daytime yesterday, there is also a rumor that unidentified paramilitary forces were in the area before this event unfolded. Local police is investigating these allegations but according to official statements these rumors were spread by a group of pranksters.” >Well that sucks. You had plans to go fishing this weekend but it seems like they’ll have to be postpone for an indeterminate amount of time. >You finish your cereal and turn off the TV. You scrutinize your backpack and once everything is in order you take the bus to Canterlot High. … >The first class goes by agonizingly slow; amusingly Flash managed to get detention by irritating the teacher like he does every other day. >The bell rings and on your way to your next assignment your nose feels irritated and your throat swells. Feeling as if you catch the flu you went to the nursery. >While visiting the nurse you cross paths with Adagio, you see that she had a bandage on her swollen red right hand. Feeling a bit nosy you ask her: “What happened to you?” You ask with sincere concern. >She grumps something in between her teeth and continues her way, not wanting to give you the time of the day. Bitch. >Resuming your own business you turn to the school nurse and asked her what’s wrong. >She recommends some allergy pills, you take the pills and move on with schedule, and next class happens to be: Chemistry. Just dandy. >For once in a long while you arrive just in time. Captain Ahab diffuses some sarcastic sentiments to you but you just wave the old fart off. >As his class was about to end someone knocks on the door. >”Come in!” A blue girl enters the classroom. >”Miss Sonata, why are you late for class?” >”I’m sorry. I think I’ve got a cold.” Her red runny nose and ill sore voice don’t lie. >”Uh that’s understandable.” The bell goes off immediately. >”I’m sorry for getting late.” Although she’s sick, she still looks like a cutie. >”No worries just promise me it won’t happen again. Class you’re dismissed.” Your classmates start to disperse to their next assignments. >Like any other day, you try to get a word with that qt3.14 ponytail girl but you lose her in the crowd. There is always tomorrow, you repeat that to yourself every day. >You go to your locker and find a mysterious note inside. Come to the field after school, meet you there. I hope you come. If you don’t arrive, I’ll be mad. For realizes. --Sonata. >You raise an eyebrow upon reading the note. On one hand why would she send you this letter if you haven’t spoke at all? > On the other, who the fuck cares she wants to talk you in private. Besides, it is only polite to answer her request. >You continue with your day anxiously waiting for school to be over. When afterhours finally arrive you sprint to your destination. Not wanting to upset the cute chemistry girl. >You look for Sonata under the shadow of the bleachers but you can’t find her, though you do spot one of her friends in the football field. >It was Aria and she was practicing her pitching. It looked like she had brought a pitching target net that returned the ball by way of rebound. >Funnily enough you can’t picture her as a baseball player, even though she is right there in the deserted field throwing curves in front of you. You just can’t believe what you see. >Now that you think about it… Aria’s locker is in the same hallway as yours. >Maybe that letter was not meant for you after all. Embarrassed, you give Sonata the benefit of the doubt and wait for her. Perhaps she does want to talk to you, r-right? >Eventually, as minutes turned into hours Aria finishes practicing and leaves the campus. You figure you both got ditched by Sonata so you leave after her. >An uneasy deja vú hits you as you look into the evening sky. You can’t pinpoint exactly what it is but you feel as if you’ve already being here looking for Sonata yesterday. >It is now that you realize that Sonata had the flu, no wonder she didn’t show up. You feel retarded now. >Anyway with that weight lifted off your shoulders you leave Canterlot High both disappointed and confused. >Though before leaving, you reassure yourself that tomorrow you’ll talk to that qt3.14 blue chemistry girl. This time you’ll do it for real. CREDITS SONG: DEVELOP FOR TELEVISION BY.........Lauren Faust WRITTEN BY...........Anonymous & Neil deGrease EDITED BY.................Giorgio A. Tsoukalos PUBLISHED BY............................./mlp/ --FIN--