Swimming Lessons (Anon~Sonata, NSFW) - by superkeaton

>Be the lone flatscan at Celestia's School for the Gifted >Goddamn paperwork mixups >Be eatin' lunch (grilled cheese, aw ye), headphones in, generally ignoring the weirdness around you in some vain attempt to clasp onto your threadbare sanity >You didn't wanna accidentally see the inside of Trixie's hat again >A man can only cry so much blood in his life, y'dig? >Suddenly, a shadow casts itself across you downcast vision, sending off all sorts of warning bells in your head https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yGfQak-q9M [Embed] >A glance up reveals... a girl? >Not just any girl, but Sonata Dusk, one of the Dazzlings, a trio of infamous girls that you'd heard used to be supervillains >Uh oh. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQI1Fvp6rBw [Embed] >She's smiling with her mouth closed and gives you a small wave as she sits down beside you, making her pink miniskirt ride up and reveal soft blue skin and thick thighs you want to die on >Eyes up, boy! >You yanks the cords on your earbuds so hard you think you might be deaf before addressing her "Ah, um, h-hey there. What's up?" >Smooth, dude >Apparently, watching you spill you spaghetti tickles her fancy, because she covers her her mouth and lets out a giggle that stops your heart >F-Fuq, 2qt4u >When her laughter dies down, her entrancing magenta eyes focus on yours, half-lidded, pulling herself closer to you >Oh god, what was happening!? >Inches from your face, she suddenly pushes a crumpled up piece of notebook paper into your clammy hands before breaking off >You can only stare in bewilderment as she rushes back to who you can only guess are Aria Blaze and Adagio Dazzle, her whole body wiggling in a dangerously cute way, rejoining her decidedly unenthused companions >She turn to flash you another toothless smile, shooting you a wink and a peace sign >HNNG >What the fuck...? >You uncrumple the ball of paper which simply reads >"B @ the school pool 2n-<3te @ m-<3dn-<3te, k? 4 reelzees" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zeeq2fYbfGY [Embed] >Be a stupid motherfucker with zero survival instincts >Maybe that was your secret power, being suicidally retarded >You're standing in the hallway outside the school's indoor pool >From here, you can see the lights are on, shining through the cracks in the double-doors >A glance at your phone reads 11:53 PM >Still time to back out >.... >You can't believe you're doing this >You used to think you were smarter than falling for the obvious trap of being lured to your doom by a cute former-villainess >This was the kind of shit that your dad would pull! >There couldn't /be/ a worse example to follow!! >But here you are. >... >11:56 >Fuck. >You start walking to the doors >Slowly, you become aware of a soft, melodic humming, getting louder with each step >The "song" reaches its crescendo when you hand grips the usually-locked doorknob, opening it with a soft click >Steeling yourself, you step inside, mentally prepared for whatever nightmare horrorshow awaits >Instead it's... silent? >You look around, shutting the door behind you >Aside from the lights being on in the middle of the night and the doors being unlocked, there's nothing out of the ordinary >Just a totally empty indoor pool >Yeah, not creepy at all >Where's Sonata? >Was this some random prank? "Uh? Sonata? Hello? Anyone?" >Your voice echoes as light glimmers off the water and sparkles on the blank white walls and ceiling >Huh >12:01 AM >You figure that you can give it a few minutes, maybe she's just running late? >Taking a seat against the wall, you start scrolling through your phone to pass the time >'Splash' "Whuddufuq!?" >Your head shoots up, scanning the water >Ripples... >Setting your phone aside, you creep closer, meeting the edge of the pool's shallow end >What the fuck was that..? >Hang on, you swore you saw something >Gotta get closer >You lean over on your hands and knees, face inches from the water's surface >There it was again! "Huh-?" >"Hi Anon~!" >You swear something nonsensical at a pitch you didn't think your voice could reach >Falling back on your ass, you stare, wide-eyed >It's Sonata! >B-But her skin shimmers with little scales, and she has fins instead of ears! >And she's totally topless! >For some reason, that thought sticks with you much more that the fact that you're trapped in a room with a fishgirl >She seems to realize that your stunned silence isn't just from her arrival and she lowers herself, hiding her perky breasts behind the lip of the pool, supporting herself with her crossed arms >Sonata grins like the cat that caught the canary and now you understand why she never showed her teeth while smiling >Those plump lips concealed rows of shark-like teeth >Her predatory nature is only enhanced by the long, dark-blue tail that silently stirs the water behind her >For someone who's a fish, she sure acts more like a cat >"Omigosh, you totally came! Like, I was super worried that you'd get spooked and not show but you totes did!" >That... is not the voice you expected from your potential murderer >Murderess >Whatever >She sound like... a bubbly valley girl >As you contemplate, she keeps jawing (kek) >"Dagi told me I was a total wuss for not talking to you straight up and Aria called me The Worst and said you wouldn't show and I was like "Nuh uh! He's super brave and cute and nice and stuff, he'll totes show" and then you did!" " >She finally breaks off to look at you, clearly waiting for your input "I, uh... th-that so?" >Her head bobs rapidly as she nods, ponytail flicking water this way and that >"For REALZIES!" >Cheeks puff up as she pouts, tail splashing angrily >"They are such... jerks!" >As quickly as her anger game, it was gone, and those mermerizing eyes were staring back into yours >U-Unf >"So, wanna be my boyfriend?" >/That/ snaps you out of your daze "H-Huh?" >A haughty, and terrifying, grin decorates her pretty face as Sonata leans back, giving you a show of her breasts >"I mean, can't really blame you. I'm pretty hot, right? But most guys get scared off by Dagi and Aria, so I figured I'd just hook a new bee-eff instead of waiting. Bet you feel pretty lucky that I picked you, huh?" >This chick was crazy >And hot >"So, you gonna get in the water or what?" "Habuhwuh?" >She keeps totally throwing you off your game! What is /with/ her!? >Sonata just nods sagely >"Yeah, I mean, how else are we gonna fuck? I don't wanna waste a second with my new boyfriend!" >Oh god >Do... do you really wanna do this? >.... >The stirring in your pants says yes >And if you say no and run, there's no way she won't throw a fit and tell the other two >Judging by their reputations, they'd tear you apart, just for the hell of it >Giving them a reason to hate you? >A shiver goes down your spine >Okay, yeah, that seals it >You stand up and start undressing, tossing aside you shirt and jacket, kicking away you jeans while Sonata "Ooh's" and "Aaah's" excitedly >You've gotta do it >You're gonna fuck this mermaid >When you're down to your boxers, you hesitate, looking to Sonata to judge her reaction >Oh wow, she's practically salivating, eyes laser-focused on your bulge as her too-long tongue hangs out from between those bear-trap teeth >Sonata catches you looking and quickly wipes the drool away with her forearm, head turning away from you as she tries to look aloof >A strange sense of pride fills your chest >Most girls at Celestia's weren't interested in you >But here you were, with a pretty cute girl eyeing you like a slab of prime meat >And she was hungry >Tugging off your boxers, you start making your way toward the steps leading down into the shallow end of the pool, Sonata following your every movement with her eyes >Or, well, the movement of a certain part of you, at least >The water was, thankfully, warm, though you still shiver when it meets your hips >Sonata swims up to meet you, her movements varying between excited and almost shy >Aw, cute >Still, as you watch her long, graceful tail sway in the water, you have to ask... "So, um... how do we....?" >"Oh!" >Her cheeks burn purple, realizing where your question was going >The eternal Mermaid Problem >'How do you fuck something that has a fish-tail from the waist down?' >"U-Um, how about you, like, sit on the steps in the water and I'll... ride you..." >Her voice squeaks, making your heart ache >Goddamn, something so scary should not be so cute >You do as she suggests, the head of your dick bobbing just under the surface, but you put an arm out to stop her from just bum-rushing you "Can, ah, can we take this kind of slow? I've never..." >Your admission of virginity doesn't slow her down at all >If anything, it turns her on even more, as you swiftly find yourself with a lapfull of surprisingly smooth mermaid booty and a mouthful of /really/ surprisingly long mermaid tongue >You struggle to keep pace with her, feeling her powerful tail wiggle and grind against your groin as it wraps around your waist, kissing back gingerly as her maw dominates your mouth >Sonata pulls back, a sloppy strand of saliva connecting your lips before she licks it away, her arms resting on your shoulders for leverage as her hips lift and circle, trying to force your deviant dick into her mutant muff >After a few near-misses, your frustration gets the better of you and you line yourself up, surprising her with your boldness as you seize the initiative, pulling her mouth back to yours by her ponytail and forcing her hips down, sliding in completely >Oh god, it feels like a fucking sauna! >Were all girls like this, or was it just a mermaid thing!? >Sonata's hungry mouth swallows your moans as the balance of power swings back in her favor, not wasting a moment >Using muscles you were pretty sure no other girl had, she starts rolling her hips, riding and squeezing you like a silk vice >Her lips pull away from yours, filling your vision with her terrifying grin as she bounces >"Am I your first? G-Good! Cause you're mine now, f-for realzies~" >You're in not position to argue, clinging to her hips for stability as she rocks your world >It's a struggle, fighting off your orgasm against her heat and tightness, and you are /definitely/ losing >Sonata doesn't look like she's doing much better, her cheeks flushed and little breathy moans escaping her lips as her bouncing picks up its pace >Her moans get louder , and you might be imagining things, but it almost sounds like she's going up a musical scale the louder she gets >"L-L-Lah-ah! TI! D-D-" >Holy shit, she is! >Before long, you're near your peak and can't hold it off anymore, your groan drowned out by Sonata's lyrical wail, her spasming cunt squeezing every last drop of cum from your dick >Every muscle in your body goes limp as you slump back, Sonata curling up against your chest with her head tucked under your chin, the pair of you panting and gasping for air >For a moment there, you could have sworn that you could see music >That's when the door swings open >"Well well well, what do we have here, Aria?" >"A couple of lovebirds, Adagio~" >Oh no. >Sonata's grip on you tightens as you turn to face her two cohorts as they stand above you on either side >"Seems like little miss brainless's scheme actually worked~" >Adagio seems entirely too pleased with this a mocking smirk on her face to match Aria's vicious grin >Sonata perks up from your chest, glaring up at the two of them >"I-I told you it would work! Anon's my boyfriend now, see? For realzies!" >You let them talk, struggling not to make a sound and hoping weakly that they'd just forget you were there >A splash of water makes you flinch, and before you know it, Sonata's flanked by a transformed Adagio and Aria, naked and grinning toothily >"Well, we're, aha, happy for you, Sonata, but how can we be sure that he's good enough for you to keep?" >"Oh yes, Aria, I agree, we have to make sure." >Adagio closes in, wrapping an arm around Sonata's shoulder and saddling up close, her heavy breasts bobbing in the water >"Besides." >The two of them speak together, a threatening harmony that makes your spine shiver and your traitorous dick twitch back to life >"Sisters share everything~"