Dear Adagio - by Scootal00

>"You make me feel so constricted in this house! You never let me out with friends, you never take into consideration on how I feel, and you always cling to me when you have your drunk episodes! I can't take it anymore!" >You clung to your whiskey bottle like a baby while trying to reach out to your only daughter A-adagio, please wai- >"No! I don't wanna hear it! I've had it with your attitude and- well, MAYBE MOM WOULD STILL BE HERE IF YOU KNEW HOW TO BE A PARENT!" >After saying this, Adagio quickly put her hand over her mouth with a surprised expression >Her heavy words brought you down to your knees, tears streaming down your face >With such a rush of emotions, Adagio could let out the only words that she could think of >"UGH, I HATE YOU!" >Adagios words formed into a knife and drove itself straight into your chest >At least, that's what it felt like to you right now >And with that, the door slammed shut >You stared at the door for hours with a worn and broken expression dripping from your face >The only actions that come to your mind are to take a swig from your bottle, smash up the entire place, or go after her >But her words seemed to have nailed you to the floor >It felt impossible to stand on your feet >All you could do and really felt like doing was cry >And that's what you did, the bottle slipping from your hand onto the floor >You curl up into a ball and sob to yourself >Memories come flooding in >You and Adagio reading stories with her on your lap >Watching old movies together with her crying into your shoulder when the sad parts came >You telling her everything would be alright >The first time she called you... >Daddy... >What was that thing you used to say to her right before bed when she was a child? >Oh yeah I'm gonna protect my little girl... >You bring a hand up to your head Nothing will ever harm her... >You drift closer and closer into sleep You'll be save with me... >Slowly, your red, tear stained eyes close shut My dear sweet little Adagio... ~ >The morning sun came through the window >It shone right into your face >You open your eyes slowly >What happened last night? >Oh. >Adagio... >Your only daughter, the only one you loved in your life, walked out last night >I HATE YOU >Her last words before she stormed out >Fuck... >What else did she say? >She talked about her mother >You stretched your muscles and pulled yourself up from the ground >You wish you could tell her the truth about her mother, but you're afraid it'll break her heart too much >She was an unemotional woman, never cared about you, Adagio, or even herself >So much in fact that she decided to take her own life >Her reason being, "If I'm dead then it's not my problem" >She never wanted Adagio in the first place, so why should she have to take care of something she didn't even want? >You dragged yourself to the kitchen and pulled out a frozen breakfast TV dinner thing >The only way you could tell Adagio is if you put the blame on yourself instead of her being the reason >You sigh to yourself, throwing your breakfast in the microwave >Maybe Adagio was right though >You've started to become dependent on her >Whenever she tried to leave it felt like she would be gone forever >You tried your best to be that cheerful and loving dad for years, but over time all the bills and the death of Adagios mother caught up with you >It left you as an empty husk of yourself >Night of drinking and crying into your daughters shoulders are mostly what occurred throughout the days >You never took into consideration on how seeing her own father like this made her feel >But it's too late now >She's gone, and for all you know, she'll never come back >Money was always tight, so there wasn't really much for her to come back for >You sat at the table with your hands on your head >How could you have let it get this bad? >Maybe you should go out and look for her >She did leave with that boyfriend of hers, and you know where he lives >But scenarios started popping into your head >'What are you even doing here? can't you realize that she is sick of you?' >'Leave me alone! I don't even wanna see you again!' >It's all too much to bear >Your breakfast finishes with a ding, but you don't even want to get up right now >But all of a sudden, you hear the doorbell ring >No way... >You leap out of your chair and make a mad dash to your door >You grab the handle with nearly enough force to break it and wildly swing it open Adagi-! >Nothing... >You look around but saw only your run down front lawn >But you swear you heard... >Maybe... maybe your just being paranoid >There's no way she'd come back to such a sad sack of shit >You sigh and put your head down >But something small catches your eye >There's... a letter? >You pick up the letter and open it >"Look behind you" >What? >You turn around >In a split second, your view is obfuscated by orange and you're brought to the ground >There's only one girl you know who can knock you flat on your ass A...adag- >"OH DADDY I'M SOSOSOSOSO SOOOO SORRY ABOUT EVERYTHING I SAID I LOVE YOU DADDY PLEASEDON'THATEMEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE" >It only took you a second to realize who was >Right after that second, you squeezed your loving assailant with all your heart Adagio please... I want you to know that I love you, so, soooo much... >Adagio gripped your shirt and cried into your chest And I'm sorry... I never realized how hard I made it for you... >You held her as close as you could and cried I just hope you can forgive me... >She brought her face from your chest to look you in the eyes >"*Sniffle* Of course daddy... I'm sorry too, about everything I said last night! I don't know what came over me b-but... *Snifflesniffle*" >She just couldn't get out the words anymore and went back to crying in your chest >You petted her hair and told her what came from your heart I promise, things are gonna be different now, you'll be safe with me... >You kiss her forehead and hold her tight My dear, sweet Adagio... ~ End