Sonata's Siren Vagina - by spomeg

>Tonight is the night >You are Anon: Cervix Pounder >Actually, that's not entirely accurate >You're actually a perma-virgin, and you've never seen a vagina before >Apparently that was a turn on for some girls, since Sonata invited you over to her apartment after finding out >You heard she was asking every guy in school, which normally would have set off some red flags for you >However, your lower head won over your upper one, and here you stand on her doorstep >A few moments after knocking on the door, Sonata comes to greet you dressed in her normal school clothes >Wasting no time, she quickly drags you by the hand into her bedroom, though you are able to catch a glimpse of Adagio and Aria peeking at you from behind the couch in their strangely ocean-themed living room >Seriously, how many fish tanks do three girls need? >As you dismiss that question from your mind, you turn around to see Sonata sitting on her bed >"Well? You know you're not supposed to keep a girl waiting, right?" she calls teasingly to you >You scramble over to her and sit stiffly beside her on the bed "W-what are we going to do on the bed?" you stammer out, hope coloring your voice >Instead of responding with words, Sonata swiftly bridges the slight gap between you, bringing the both of your lips together >You give a slight start at first, but then relax into the kiss >That is, until Sonata's hand moves yours up to her breast >You pull away from the kiss with a look of shock on your face and look towards the girl sitting across you for confirmation about what just happened >Again, she declines to answer with words, simply quirking an eyebrow at you as if daring you to question what she wants >Keeping your hand on her breast, you initiate the kiss this time, doubling the force behind it >Sonata gives a low hum in delight as she matches your intensity >Deciding to be a bit more brazen, you grab down slightly with the hand clutching her breast and begin to massage it >You're so lost in the sensation that you barely even realize it when Sonata's tongue fully invades your mouth >After a few more minutes of this, with small gaps so that the two of you can catch your breath, Sonata pulls away more forcefully >She quickly pulls her shirt over her head, leaving only her bra covering her chest >"Come on, you too!" she tells you as she slips out of her skirt >You rush to comply, leaving yourself in only your boxers as Sonata strips down to her bra and panties >She slowly turns her back to you, arching it to emphasize the clasp that taunts you >You don't need to be told what to do this time, and you manage to unhook her bra on the first try >Sonata spins back around to face you, and your eyes can't help but roam over her body >She's perfect: perky breasts, probably D-cups, with a flat stomach and slender hips >Giggling slightly at your dumbstruck look, she guides your hands to her panties before settling hers on the waistband of your boxers >You match Sonata in bringing your hands down, exposing the both of you completely >Sonata rests her hands on your shoulders and pushes you to your knees as she sits down on the edge of the bed, putting you at eye-level with her crotch >It's not what you expected, to say the least >Two rigid flaps of skin seem to extend from the point where her legs meet, forming a tightly sealed entrance >Reaching out to touch them, you find they're as hard as your fingernail >You know that Sonata can still feel it, though, because of the slight moan she gave at your touch >Seeing that small drops of fluid are leaking out from the crevasse, you attempt to slide your fingers into her >The process isn't as gentle as you'd hoped, and you needed to do some minor prying with your fingers in order to get her gates to stay open >Sonata doesn't seem so much bothered by it as impatient, so you decide to head on with full force >You swiftly wiggle your index and middle finger into Sonata, attempting to go as deep as you can >She lets out a harsh gasp at your forwardness, and you look up to her to see if you've done something wrong >The half-lidded stare she gives you in response serves to dash all your fears >With your confidence increased, you keep thrusting your fingers in and out of her pussy, idly considering that it's much slimier than you would have expected >Sonata's pleasure seems to have plateaued, so you decide to switch tactics >You remove your fingers, ignoring Sonata's whimper at their withdrawal, and plant your face deeper between her thighs >"D-don't tease me, Anon", you hear from above as you breath on her hard gates in preparation >Deciding that you should probably heed her request, you bring your tongue to her opening >The taste almost makes you physically recoil >You'd heard the jokes about fish before, but never did you think they would be so literal >You try, and fail, to ignore the taste as you extend your tongue further into Sonata's pussy >She's panting much harder now and, in an attempt to get her to finish quicker, you softly rub her clitoris as you continue your oral ministrations; flicking your tongue all around inside her >It seems to do the trick, as Sonata screams out your name and a flood of the viscous, fish-tasting liquid spills onto your face >Just as you attempt to catch your breath after spending so long down there, her hand grabs yours and hoists you up onto the bed and on top of her >Sonata is much more aggressive with her kissing now, almost to the point of ferocity, but you're thankful that she manages to clean out the majority of the fish-taste from your mouth >The lust-filled look she gazes up you with leaves no room for interpretation, and neither do her hands spreading to the opening to her pussy as wide as possible >You've been rock-hard for a while now, so you do what comes naturally and rear back before attempting to plunge in >Your aim strikes true, and you're soon buried to the hilt in Sonata >The viscosity of her vaginal fluids helps to lubricate and speed up your thrusts, though you have to be careful to not slip out of her >That soon ceases to be a problem once Sonata matches your rhythm and moves her hips in time with yours >Placing your hands back on her breasts, you tweak her nipples slightly and see her pupils dilate >You continue to play with her nipples as you feel her pussy gradually clamp down harder on your dick >You can feel yourself get close to finishing, and you can only hope that Sonata is too >Her pussy contracts hard, squeezing your cock like a vice, as Sonata lets out an ear-piercing moan >You can't hold yourself back from the edge any longer either, and blow your load deep inside the blue beauty beneath you >You collapse slightly, taking care not to fall on top of her, instead landing beside her on the bed >No words are spoken between you two as you share one last tender kiss before drifting off to sleep >The last thing you see before you pass out are Sonata's eyes, gazing at you with all the love that comes with post-coital bliss; though you miss the small sinister spark that hides beneath it