Fingering Aria - by Anonymous

>You are anon >You live with the Dazzlings >Right now you live with them in a very confined space >You foolishly parked Adagio in front of the TV the other day >She watched Oprah >The subject of the day was team synergy >She demanded you take them on a camping trip where you'd all do trust exercises and work together >As it turns out, the girls can be trusted to add their workload to yours >Setting up the tent, unpacking their shit, finding water, gathering up firewood and rocks, cooking, you name it >Adagio even demanded a foot massage which would had been awesome fap fuel had she not marched you all out into the wilderness till her feet blistered >You ache all over >Your thoughts turn to your dick and the only use you're willing to put it to right now >You need to piss bad >You sit up >It's pitch black all around >Open eyes, closed eyes, it makes no difference >You feel around for your flashlight >You wanted to take your cellphone with you but noooo, Adagio wouldn't let you >"You are addicted to technology" she said >"Listen to the birds instead of your music" she said >Well if the infernal cacophony of the flying little bastards sounded nice then man wouldn't have a reason to invent music of his own, now would he? >And where the hell is that damn flashlight?! >You flail your arms around in the dark >You brush a firm, fleshy lump >You hear an erotic murmur >"Mmmmm-phmmm" >Woah! >That's Aria's tit! >Heh-heh-heheh >Your inner twelve-year-old is giggling like Beavis and Butthead >Again! Do it again! >You brush the top of her breast with your hand >"Mmmmph..." >Dude! She's knocked out and totally into it! >It's a pity it's so dark >You'd love to see her expression >Aria was quite lusty, as you'd discovered >Funny story, really >You are lazy and neglectful and so you never lock your PC >One night you noticed the letters "h", "a", "r", "d", "c", "o", "k", "s" were faintly glowing in the dark >At first you called Sonata shenanigans >Sonanigans? >She was playing with fingerpaints and glitter and shit >You talked to Adagio about it >She was her pet after all, not yours >Adagio told you about Aria and her nightly habits >She also told you Aria has a rare siren condition >Her sirenhood's juices glow in the dark >It's nothing bad, unless you count the humiliation of a male swimming around the pack with his lips or dick glowing >Aria didn't copulate much because of this and as a result she was left lusty and a bitch >Glowing siren pussy juice.... >You wouldn't dare! >Would you...? >You hover your hand over her, trying to feel her breath >Her zipper is a little below the face >You find it and slowly pull it down, ever so careful so as to not wake anyone up >Hey Butthead. >What? >It's like the guy is unzipping a bodybag. >Heh he-heh >He gonna diddle her without asking. Isn't that rape? >No dude, rape is when they don't consent. Dead people like, can't consent. Totally different thing. >That's a relief. For a moment there I thought I was inside the brain of a sick fuck. >Heh he-heh >You pull the zipper down to her knees >She's one heavy sleeper >She's sleeping in her undies >You push the fabric of her underpants aside >You're guided by instict and touch >Hooo boy >Why is this labelled wrong if it feels so good? >She is soft and shaved clean >You want to eat her alive >But no fancy stuff tonight, you don't want to get caught >You caress her slit with your index finger >You are excited! >You grin like a lunatic as you bite down on your tongue >You press in with your finger and her flaps part >You have little difficulty slipping it inside almost all the way to the base >It's like her pussy is welcoming you >You briefly wonder if her inner self is as welcoming as her insides >So hot and wet >Suddenly, her walls close around your finger! >Her vagina clamps down on you hard >Ohshitohshitohshitohshit! >There goes your smile >You stay perfectly still >Because, you know, a foreign object inside a cunt is only detectable by it's movements >You close your eyes and flinch as you wait for a scream and a lynching that never comes >A few seconds later you realize how stupid you are >Aria is probably tense with sexual anticipation >You'll have to make her peak and relax before you can pull your finger out >You better be quick too >You can hardly feel your finger >How do you make a girl peak without rubbing your thing in and out vigorously? >You decide to go for the G spot >You remember reading about it in Cosmopolitan >You make a "come here" gesture with your finger >Aria draws a sharp breath and her walls squeeze your finger even more >You almost just lost your finger and people put their dicks in there?! >You do it again >Aria tenses >At least it's working >You rub her G spot again >"Mmmmm" >Okay, now you've spotted it for sure >You rub and tap at it repeatedly >Aria is tossing in her sleep >Her moans delight you >This is enjoyable despite it's awkwardness >You decide to take your time >She responds well >Tap... >"...Ah..." >Tap... >"...Ooooh..." >You wish you could see her cute face blush as she bites her lower lip >Taptaptaptaptaptap >"Ahm...ahm...ahm..." >She tenses up and her pussy constricts your finger fircely >Your finger makes a popping sound >"Aaaaaah!..." >Heavy breathing... >The preassure around your finger fades >You pull it out >Well I'll be >Your finger is covered in Aria's glowing goo! >It's like it's radioactive, or dipped in glowing fluo paint or something >"Heh, I am ET. I want to go home too..." >You pull Aria's underwear like it was and zip her sleeping bag up as carefully as haste allows >You need to go out before the light wakes the girls up >You take a quick look around for your flashlight >It's nowhere to be found >Whatever, you get out of the tent >You go behind the nearest tree and finally take a piss >You look a little stupid, with one hand pushing your dick down so as not to piss on your face and the other held up with your finger pointing to the sky >You are too excited to just go back to sleep >You fingerbanged Aria! >Highfive! >You clap once >Your dick is so hard, you can't shake it >You decide to masturbate to calm down instead >You fap as you sniff your finger >You finish and put some toilet paper in your underpants so your aftercum won't stain them >You get back to the tent >You get in your sleeping bag >Right, time to turn off the lights >You reach for a rag to wipe your finger clean >You stop >You put your finger in your mouth instead and lick it clean like a boss >....... >The next day you're packing up >Adagio woke up with a little gecko in her poof >"Nature is disgusting! I can't wait to get home, take a hot bubblebath and watch my shows!" >You sigh >Eh, at least Adagio has embraced Father Technology, so this trip wasn't a complete loss of time >Better than nothing, they say >"Curses Anon, aren't you finished yet? What's taking you so long?" >"That's what she said. Heyo!" >Adagio facepalms >Finally, here's your flashlight >You pick it up and throw it in a bag >You notice something is off >The flashlight... >It glows faintly