The Babysitters Dick (Kidanon + Trapdagio) - by DazzlingAnon

I swear I'll get around to proofreading and fixing the horrible grammar mistakes... Eventually... Probably... Maybe. >Just got home from school >The folks are out of town until tomorrow >Yay! The means I get to hang out with the Dazzlings >"Alright anon, Adagio will be here soon" >Wait what "But mooooooom, I don't like Adagio, she's so strict!" >"Good" >Mom, why are you such a big fat poopyhead? >There's a ring at the door >Dad goes to open it >There she is, in all her poofiness >That poofiness is a lie, behind it is nothing but rules >Dad: "Thank you for showing up on such short notice" >Dagi: "No problem Mr. Mous" >Mom: "Now anon, you behave yourself around Adagio, understand? She's the boss." >Dagi: "Everything will be fine Mrs. Mous, I'll take good care of anon, you guys have fun on your trip" >Parents leave >Watch the car drive off, I know what comes next... >"Alright, you know the drill, go clean your room, I'll call you down when supper is ready." "I... Uh... Already cleaned my room" >Nope, she wasn't buying that one bit "Fine..." >Big stupid poofyhead >I hate cleaning my room >It's so dirty it takes forever! >Why do I have to clean it? >Finally, after what seemed like all night the final fold to the sheets was made >She's not gonna be able to yell at me with a room like this >"Anon, dinner is ready" >Well, Dagi might be a big stupid poof, but she makes some mean grub >Gonna get me some of that >Run down the stairs as fast as I can >Oh no! Dagi is standing right there! >"Anon! What did I tell you about running down stairs" >I don't have time for this, I'm hungry! "I should never do it" >"Don't you roll your eyes at me! Get back up there and do it again young man!" >Why? I ran to get down here faster! This is wasting too much time. >If I die of starvation because of this your gonna be in soooooooo much trouble >"See, now wouldn't it have been faster if you just walked down the first time? Now" "Yes Dagi, can we eat now" >She crossed her arms and began tapping her foot "Can we PLEASE eat now?" >"Yes, yes we can" >How could someone who's so mean be such a good cook >It just doesn't make any sense >But here we were, sitting at the table eating spaghetti that the Italians would call "okay" >"So anon, how was school?" "If waf gweh, meh-" >"Anon, swallow before you speak" >Nag nag nag >Why don't you find a new hobby Adagio? "It was great, me and pipsqueak found a funny balloon in the ravine!" >Dagi's eyes widened a bit >"What do you mean by funny?..." "Well it had all this yogurt in it, Pipsqueak even ate some" >Dagi is just silent >At one point her fork slips out of her hand >"Y-you didn't eat any of it, did you?" "No, Pipsqueak said it tasted gross so I decided not to" >"Oh thank goodness!" "Wha? Why is that good, was the yogurt bad" >"Yes anon, it was bad, it was very bad. You shouldn't just go picking up things in the ravine... You shouldn't be in the ravine at all without supervision! I swear you're just like Sonata" "Oh, can Sonata babysit me next time?" >"After what happened last time! I don't think so, now go clean your plate anon" "But Dagiiiiiiiiiiii" >"Do you want to watch a little TV before bed or do you just want to go straight to bed" >I swear she's actually an evil monster in disguise >I have to admit Dagi isn't all bad >She does let me watch whatever I want during TV time >And her poof is pretty comfy to lean against >"So anon, what do you want to watch?" >Oh oh oh! I know exactly what to watch >I start to run up to my room, only to start fast walking when Dagi yells at me again >Get into my room and reach under the bed >There it was, that old VHS my dad kept in his sock drawer >Now it the perfect opportunity to figure out what's on it >Probably some super awesome movie that he wants to hog all to himself >I bet it's rated PG-13! >Fast walk back down to Dagi "I wanna watch this" >Dagi takes the tape, looking at it from all angles >"Anon, what is 'this' exactly?" >Think fast anon, if you tell her the truth there's no way she'll let you watch it "It's the recording I made of... Mons of poke." >Adagio just shrugs and shoves it in the player >Is it even rewinded completely? I don't think Dagi even knows how a VHS works >How do I know how it works for that matter? I'm a kid. >Plot convenience, that's why >Well, moment of truth! >Press play Dagi, press play! >Suddenly assaulted by strange images of a woman playing some weird game of leapfrog with a man >Why are they naked? Is this some kind of special version? >Then again why is neither of them jumping over the other? >All these questions and more to be answered in the next episode of- >Dagi quickly grabs me by the face, covering my eyes as she fumbles with the remote >Eventually she manages to turn the TV off >"ANON!" >Ah, she looks really mad! Her face is absolutely red >Hold on, what's that thing in her shorts? >It almost looked like a candy bar or something... >"That was completely inappropriate, and you lied to me too?! You are in so much trouble young ma-" >I couldn't hold back my curiosity any longer, I had to know >I reached out and grabbed whatever that thing bouncing around there was >Wow, it felt wear, like some kind of small pole or something >But then suddenly my cheek hurt, bad >I fell backwards, quickly scooting away from Dagi >Oh man she looked mad, like, scary mad >"Anon! You little-" >I wasn't sticking around to find out what she had in store for me >I got up and started booking it to my room >What wasn't I moving? >Oh no! She got me! >"Anon! Don't you run away from me!" >She was screaming right into my ear >I didn't know what else to do, I was scared, so I started crying >I'm not a wimp I swear! >Dagi's face seemed to soften up a bit when she saw the waterworks >"Anon..." >I wanted to say something, but I was too busy shaking in her grip >"Anon, it's... It's alright, I'm not angry" >"It's just... You can't touch people like that. You should always ask before you touch somewhere they might not want to be touched, do you understand that anon." >I nodded, still crying >Dagi pulled my into a hug, it felt nice... >Except for the weird thing poking me >"I'm so sorry I hit you anon, can you forgive me" >She pulled me away, holding my shoulders while looking at me with a kind smile >I wiped away some of the tears and smiled back "Y-yeah..." >Dagi seemed to get even happier "So... Can I touch that thing in your pants?" >"What! No anon!" >Dagi didn't look happy any longer "Why not?" >"Because I said no!" "Please?..." >"No" >5 minutes later >"Fine! One finger! Just one, understand anon?" >I quickly nodded as she walked over to the couch and sat down >I hopped up beside her and reached forward >Poke.jpg >Wow, this thing was weird >It felt hard at first but if you pressed down on it hard enough it almost seemed soft >Dagi made a weird noise when I poked it too hard though, maybe it hurt her, I should be more gentle >tracing my figures down I discover something weird >It almost feels like a large pair of nards >Why would Dagi have nards though? I thought girls didn't have nards >Probably better not to dwell on it >Start tracing up to see where this thing leads >Dagi keeps making those weird moaning noises, weird, I'm being as gentle as I can >Once I get high enough it feels like the pole stops >There's some kind of bulb on it >Finger keeps tracing up >Wow, why's it all wet up here? >"A-Alright anon, that's enough" >What? No, I still have so many questions "But Dagiiiiiiiii!" >Dagi looks down at my finger then back at me >"You're really enjoying yourself, aren't you?" >She twiddles her thumbs a bit >"Alright, fine, pull it out" "What?" >"Lower my shorts" >Oh, okay >I quickly did as she asked >Though it seemed like her shorts got caught on the poll or something >"Just pull a little harder anon" >I gave one big tug >Suddenly the "pole" just sprang out, slapping against Dagi's stomach >Wow, it looked almost like a peepee, only really big and hard >I went to poke it again >Wow! It moved! >"Hey anon" >I looked up at Dagi >She looked tired, her eyes were all droopy >"You know what would be really fun? If you wrapped your hands around it, got a good feel for it" >I guess I couldn't argue with that, I would get a better feel with my whole hand >I tried grabbing the whole thing but my figures were too short to wrap all the way around it >So I just grabbed the other side with my other hand >"Good anon, now move your hands up and down" >Alright >This thing seemed real loose, the skin on it easily slip up and down with my hands >The weirdest part though is that the more I moved my hands, the more of that weird wet stuff came out of the tip >Dagi was breathing pretty heavy now for some reason, was this exhausting or something? >"A-anon, want to have a taste?" "Ewww, Dagi, it looks gross" >"No, anon, I promise it tastes very sweet, just give it a little lick to see if you like it." >Well, I guess a little lick couldn't hurt, right? >It smelled funny >I slowly lowered my face to the pink bulb >Man, whatever that wet stuff was it was coming out like crazy >My whole hands were getting covered in it >It was so slimy and weird >Well, maybe it tasted good, Dagi said it did >I stuck out my tongue and quickly flicked it against the tip >Dagi practically jumped out of her seat when I did, rubbing a bit more against my tongue than I planned >Ewww! It was all slimy!... >And very tasty actually >She was right! It was sweet! >"L-Like it anon?" "Yeah Dagi, it's yummy!" >"Well, help yourself" >Don't mind if I do! >I stuck my tongue out again and took a nice big lick >It was almost like the more you had in your mouth the better it got >Dagi seemed to get herself under control, she still jumped and gasped whenever I licked it but not as much as last time >I couldn't get enough to this stuff >But eventually it started running out... >"Anon, keep moving your hands and suck on it, more will come out!" >Oh yeah, that made sense >I started working the poll harder and faster, trying to squeeze as much of Dagi's... Whatever that stuff was out of her >While doing this I pressed my lips against the hole, sucking as hard as I could >A little bit more was coming out, but not as much as I would like >Then I felt hands on the sides of my head >Before I knew it Dagi pulled my head down and thrust her hips up >Now that tip was completely in my mouth >"Lick around it anon! I want to feel your tongue everywhere!" >Well she was nice enough to give me a treat before bed, I guess I should do what she says >I tried licking her, but my mouth was just so full >The bulb was huge, it was almost impossible to move my tongue around it >I think I was doing something bad, because Dagi kept yelling and gasping like she was in pain >"Anon, look at me!" >Dagi was staring down at me, biting her lips with those same tired eyes >"Don't stop anon, I'm so..." >Ow! >Dagi, why are you thrusting into my mouth like this, it kind hurts! >But she said don't stop, so I kept moving my hands and tongue >Finally she pushed my head down and thrust her hips up >Burst after burst of that slimy sweat goo shot right into my throat and mouth, filling it completely >It was good, but there was so much of it that it was leaking out the corners of my mouth >Finally Dagi pulled my head off and slumped down on the couch >Man, she looked exhausted >Oh well, at least I got this... Pudding? >I swallowed it all down, using my finger to get the few strands of it on my chin into my mouth >"Hey, anon, come here" >I climbed up on top of the sofa, sitting next to Dagi >She didn't seem to want me so far away though, before could say anything she pulled me into another hug >It sure was comfy though >"Hey... Anon?..." "Yeah Dagi?" >"Y-you enjoyed that right? You never felt wrong doing it and wanted me to stop?" "Nope, it was tons of fun, and tasty too!" >Dagi smiled >"Good... Anon, you can't tell anyone about this, okay, not even your parents, this is a secret little thing just between you and me" "Okay Dagi, just you and me" >I fell asleep right there hugging Dagi >"Oh anon, I think we're going to start having a lot more fun together..." The end